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Way of the Heart, Lesson Twelve: Question Three

You had mentioned you’re coming through 2,003, or so, other people. And there have been several people out there claiming to have channeled St. Germain. And we have been told by Jonah that nobody does channel St. Germain. They only receive thought forms. So the question is: Are there people out there who are authentically channeling our mutual friend, St. Germain?


You’re asking what is called a technological, philosophical question. You are doing what is called the “mincing of words.” It is the effect that matters.

We would suggest here for you that This One, my friend who was once my — almost my – executioner… that, indeed, is symbolic for you. For who do you perceive as your executioner? That One communicates with many. For That One has long since learned to assume responsibility for those assigned to Him. That One does communicate through thought forms to a multitude of beings. That One, by the way, still pops in and manifests a body whenever He wishes – just to spend a few moments on a park bench with an old friend. This One lives in complete unlimitedness.

Therefore, to the degree that those minds receiving This One’s thought forms are continually at work keeping their garden well-cultivated and free of egoism do, indeed, reflect very accurately that which This One would seek to transmit. As you would understand that which you are calling channeling, in which This One’s consciousness blends with the temporarily-crystallized form that you call a certain individual, in order to speak through the mind, the mental field, the language structure of that one to others, This One, my friend, does indeed do that, from time to time. But as you would perceive it, the number of those through whom that effective blending is occurring is very, very small. We would say that you could count the number as less than the fingers on two hands.

But there are a multitude who receive This One’s thought forms, and a multitude who do a very, very good job of transmitting those thought pictures, those images, those thoughts, into a language that conveys His message to those in your world. Does that help you in that regard?

Response: Much.

Jeshua: Always what matters is this: Anyone who serves as what your world is now referring to as a channel has the very same work in front of them, constantly, that anyone does — the work of constant self-cultivation, surrender, allowing, trusting, letting go, letting go of egoic consciousness, letting go of need for specialness, staying in observation of how one is truly being. Surrendering, surrendering, surrendering.

I’m not the maker and the doer.

I’m not the one who knows anything.

I need nothing from anyone.

Who do I need to let off the hook?

How deeply can I master forgiveness?

And all of the rest. That is primary. And, in fact, the relationship, such as the one between my beloved brother and myself, is one that accentuates the need for that one to practice these things.

We would also say here that it is possible, and Germain is one of these who can overcome the impediments within the consciousness of another to get their thought form well planted, well received. So it’s kind of a mutual thing. The channel must always be involved in the same work that everyone’s involved in, because everyone is a channel. And nothing is manifested through them, save the frequencies that they are allowing to make a home in their mind … those that channel my beloved friend, as you would call Him, as St. Germain … although, where we abide, sometimes we joke about the “saint” part of that. Now, those that are channeling Him, then, are no different than you. They need to keep doing their own inner work. Their goal should not be to rest, but to continually desire to be the embodiment of Christ Itself. Not to rest on their laurels, so to speak.

At the same time, rest assured that we are capable of ensuring that the purity of that vibration be maintained. Because, when it isn’t, we simply pull away. If egoic consciousness begins to take root in any channel, we simply, shall we say, “put it on a shelf” and wait until later. And it is only you who can discern whether what is being spoken is flowing from us or is merely the repetition of a record that has already been implanted in that one. Then they’ve reached a certain limit of their own growth and we have departed. And you are well aware of that. It is a vibration that you sense, even in the cellular structure of the body.

Does that help you in regard to that question?

Response: Yes. Thank you.

Jeshua: Indeed. So have you any other questions?

Response: No.

Jeshua: Rest assured, unto you we would say that, in the weeks to come, a multitude of questions you did not know exist will come into the surface of the consciousness.

Response: I’m sure.

Jeshua: For only one reason: so that you can embrace them with the answers that you already know. And, thereby, be freed of the past.

Response: Amen.

Jeshua: Very well then, as you have spoken: Amen.

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