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Way of the Heart, Lesson Eleven: Question Two

I understand that the path of the poor and oppressed is their path. However, when and how will they understand, comprehend, that they are not victims? And how can they, too, participate in embracing ascension? Do we have a responsibility to bring the message, help them spiritually and physically to throw off the bonds? I feel a need to share the Love. How is this to be done?


Beloved friend, when you look upon one who you would perceive as poor, hungry or oppressed, first pause and look within yourself. What part of you is feeling poor? What part of you perceives yourself as hungry? Where within your own being do you feel oppressed? And then take steps to rectify these perceptions by healing your life of their energies. When you look, then, upon another again, always cultivate first the ability to see the very essence of their soul. For they are pure consciousness, pure divinity. They are like a sunbeam to the sun, yet given perfect free will choice. Their journey has been as long as yours and as varied. Therefore, when you look upon them, see them in, and held by, the Light of God.

Why is this important? It is not just mental gymnastics. For, as you see another, you will see yourself. And as you see yourself, so, too, will your brother come to see you. If you wish to help another be lifted up out of their misperception that suffering is a requirement, then be you, therefore, committed to being the embodiment of one who has awakened to the Truth and lives it, who breathes it, who acts it, who thinks it, who talks it without ceasing!

Now, when will they come, those that you perceive to be oppressed? And rest assured, in any given moment, when you look upon who’s sitting by the wall on the sidewalk with a little tin cup, saying,

I need some money,

you need only go within and ask the Holy Spirit,

Is it appropriate, now, for me to render any form of service to this, my brother or sister?

The answer will not be hidden from you.

Again, that returns us to the point of not thinking for yourself. But turning all decision over to the one Teacher and Guide given unto you, the bridge between the Love of the Father and the place of your soul: the Holy Spirit. When will they arise from their slumber? Beloved friend, when did you arise from yours? You may not remember that hour and that day, but there was a moment from within your consciousness — it may not even have been in this incarnation — when something changed, and a decision was made not to accept limitation, not to accept the pain and the guilt of perceiving yourself as separate from the Source of your creation.

Therefore, know well that not you, no one, not even I, can force another to arise. And no one can do it for another. You can, of course, listen to the Comforter’s guidance, so that Love is extended through you appropriately in each and every moment. And then, release yourself from being attached to that extension, whatever it may be — whether it be a golden coin, or a meal, or a new Mercedes. It doesn’t matter. It might be just a gentle smile. For as you choose to extend Love, by first abiding in the Reality that you are the presence of Love, having been made in God’s image, you provide for your brother or sister the opportunity to recognize the presence of Love and decide anew for him or herself.

And if you’re guided to feed them, then prepare them a meal. Let them eat it, but be not attached to the fruit of that meal. See their essence, love them, and live your life in fulfillment. Far too many seek to assist others when all it does is truly oppress them, because it does not empower them to take responsibility for the choices that they have made and the effects that have come from them.

Do not just give money indiscriminately to those that say,

Oh, I’m broke. Do you have an extra $5?

Go within and ask,

Am I just in my neediness to be a helper and a fixer? Can I surrender this and just ask Holy Spirit, “What would you have me do or say? I am completely unattached to my need to be of service.”

When will they arise and know ascension? When they decide to, just like you did. And how can you extend Love? Beloved friend, by giving that Love first to yourself. For, if you are not fed deeply, you cannot feed another. Therefore, lay up for yourselves treasures which are in Heaven. That is, cultivate higher consciousness. Cleanse and purify your communication device, the body. Make it as radiant and as beautiful and as healthy as you wish it to be. Create abundance in your own life. Feel rich and wealthy in God’s Love, so that your cup can organically and naturally overflow.

If there are two that are hungry, it is wise that one arise and learn to feed himself. Then the Holy Spirit can use your gifts, use your power, to assist in genuine service to others.

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