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Way of the Heart, Lesson Ten: Question Two

I recently saw a friend’s heart with my inner eye. And the symbol was a beautiful Cross of Light. I would like you to elaborate on the symbology of the cross.


Again, as we have shared many times, the cross symbolizes this: The vertical axis symbolizes the union of Creator and Created, of eternity descending into Creation or into time. The horizontal axis represents the extension in both directions; that is, that which embraces all of time — the past, the future. The horizontal plane is the plane of the Earth, the plane of space and time, the plane of created manifestation. The vertical axis represents, also, the pathway of ascending or turning your attention away from the horizontal axis, in order to access the guidance of the Comforter, the Mind of God, Herself. And to bring that Light, to bring that vision, to bring that Truth, down to the Heart where it can then be extended as far as from the east to the west — to join eternity with the things of time. And, thereby, to transform what has appeared to be the imprisoning of space and time.

As you would look, then, upon the friend and see this cross, it means, then, that this one has begun to awaken to that consciousness; that it’s not about living unconsciously, whereby the things on the horizontal plane dictate your reactions and your choices. But rather, it is to quietly go within, to receive vision and guidance, and then to learn how to translate that into the horizontal plane.

This cross is also the symbol of the Christed Consciousness, which is exactly That Mind that is committed and dedicated, not to escaping creation into some formless abyss, but rather, to access the Mind of God the Love of God, and to descend it, to bring it down into the mind — into the human mind, the human body — in order to extend it, to create in a different way … not a fearful-based way, not a survival-based way, but a way based on revelation and vision and the willingness to receive the perfectly unlimited Thoughts of God, and then to extend them.

You can begin to look upon anyone in that way. Simply tune into their heart, which is their core or their essential vibrational pattern. And simply ask,

Well, Holy Spirit, is the Cross of Light awakened within them? And if so, to what degree?

And you will find that you can come to see it that quickly. And then you’ll know who to spend your energy with and who not to. Not out of judgment, but out of recognition that you can’t put the Cross there yourself. You can only learn to recognize where it has awakened in others. And those are the beings you want to, shall we say, dance with as brothers and sisters upon this plane. Does that make sense for you?

Response: Yes.

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