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Way of the Heart, Lesson Nine: Question One

Is it necessary, Jeshua, to go to the other aspects of ourselves and ask forgiveness for errors that we feel we have made?


This is a very, very good question. I am glad you have asked it. In fact, I want to make a suggestion to you that you transcribe that question and the answer that I am to give you and send it to this, my beloved brother and his mate, and mention to them that I have suggested that it would be most appropriate to include this question and answer in their next communication with their friends.

Now, is it necessary to go to those aspects of ourselves and ask forgiveness, those voices within the mind? Is it necessary to go to them in order to bring about some form of healing? Now listen very carefully. There is, in Truth, nothing which is necessary in itself. There’s not something etched in stone that must be achieved in order for healing to occur, except complete and unconditional self-acceptance. The way in which each mind arrives at that goal will be unique and somewhat different. And why is this so? Because each mind uses its freedom of power, its freedom of consciousness, to create a spiral that took it seemingly away from its deep sense of perfect union with God.

If you could imagine many strands of thread suddenly unraveling from a central ball of thread, and they all seemed to go off in their own way and their own direction, that would be like the many minds which have split apart from the One Mind of the Son of God. And therefore, they find themselves seemingly at the end of that thread, somewhere out there in the vast space of Mind wanting to come home. And then, they begin to create their pathway back to God.

As the mind does that, it is actually using the very thing which is the Kingdom of Heaven, which is your union with God. You are using the power of consciousness to create perceptions of yourself, and all that you see around you, to make the journey home. An idea comes into the mind and you move in that direction. And it seems to work for a while. And then, you have to go to a different idea, a deeper idea. Everyone is doing that. And so, they are literally creating their pathway home, not quite recognizing that what they are seeking is the very power to create, with which they are creating their pathway home.

So, at any time, there can be the miracle of miracles, the quantum leap, that transcends time, because the mind can suddenly understand and get all that it needs to do and understand is to accept itself, and it is already home. Generally, there are glimmers of that. And so there are little quantum leaps, little accelerations in which old ideas and perceptions are discarded as self-acceptance deepens.

Again, for you, as well as for many, there seemed to be stages at which accessing the different voices that you have made, in your attempt to fragment yourself from God, can then be perfectly appropriate, perfectly empowering — and even, it will seem to appear, necessary from where you are, as you come up that strand of thread on your way back to perfect union.

So, for each mind, then, it is necessary to go within and truly be honest.

What am I feeling?

I keep sensing that I haven’t forgiven myself, or this thing, or that thing.

I feel this voice keeps calling to me that says, “You’re not good enough. You’re not good enough.”

If those voices keep calling, something keeps calling for your attention. Then that can be best accepted as your way home. It may be different from someone else, but that’s irrelevant, since comparison and contrast is a tendency of the egoic mind and not the Mind of Christ.

Merely observe what is occurring for you. And then allow yourself to take whatever action is necessary to help bring about that healing that keeps calling to you. Ultimately, all healing is the healing of the perception of illusions. So yes, the voice that is calling to you is an illusion, a chimera. It’s an echo of an old something that never really happened. But within the great dream of separation itself, it is rather senseless to be in denial about it.

Therefore, beloved friend, for you we would say, yes. Because these voices call you and because you have a feeling, even in your body, that you haven’t totally come to self-forgiveness, then, by turning your attention — playfully and innocently — and listening to those voices that are echoing to you (the very places within yourself to which you have not extended forgiveness), this will bring those voices to the surface. Then, have a dialogue with them as if they were a separate entity.

And then, learn to wrap your arms of forgiveness around those parts. This is an important aspect of your unique pathway home to the ball of thread sitting in the middle of the Heart of God. This is true for everyone. There cannot be denial. There cannot be comparison, analysis, judgment. There can only be acceptance, allowance, embracing, trusting, feeling — until that One Mind finds its way to bring the ship into the harbor. No one can do it for you. However, you can have many friends, such as me, who will assist you in the way that you have chosen.

Does all of that make sense for you?

Response: I will send it to Jon Marc and Anastasia.

Jeshua: Indeed. I would appreciate this, as it serves in the bigger picture of the thread that is being interwoven now between many who have been called, and many who will be called, to join in this adventure which is called the energy of the Shanti Christo. Think of it this way: As the One Mind fragmented into many points of Light, in one corner of the Universe there were a few hundred thousand points of Light that said,

Well, we spun out together, we might as well spin back together!

Response: That’s precious. I’ve wanted to ask you that question for a long time.

Jeshua: Yes, I know. Did you know that the question that seems to be resisted in the mind is exactly the doorway being presented by the soul to the conscious mind through which one takes its next leap up the thread back to the Heart of God? That is why the questions that come up from the depth of the Mind are of utmost importance. And you can train the Mind to observe the question itself and go,

Ah! This is a doorway coming up for me. I wonder what it is that is within the question? What does the question that is coming up from the depth of my being reveal to me? What does it conceal from me? What energy is beginning to shift in me now?

The question always reflects what’s coming up from the depth of the Mind itself, to be learned, to be integrated, to be transcended.

There! Now you have something to consider from time to time.

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