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Way of the Heart, Lesson Seven: Question Five

Question Five: There are two religious movements dear to me that I’ve seen growing over the past twenty years. These are the Christian Pentecostal and the New Age. How have you been an influence in their growth and development, and how do you feel about them now? If you had the opportunity to address these groups, what message would you desire to communicate to them?


First, I’ve been instrumental because I subsidize their marketing. [Laughter] And you laugh, but I mean that quite literally. Hmm! There were many, there are many even in this room that would say,

Those are two movements dear to your heart that seem rather wide apart.

And this is important because the form is always secondary. The healing of the separation from God, melting into genuine forgiveness, the willingness to merely let Love live where once there was a little tiny gnat, insisting on its own ideas — this is what matters. In this way, then, a pathway that genuinely seems to carry one to the recognition of the Truth and, therefore, sets them free, is equal to any other path, regardless of the “external decorations” that come with such paths. Indeed, beloved friend, enjoy what you do of each of these paths. Appreciate them. And walk on.

If I were to assemble everyone that represents each of the groups you’ve recognized and stated, what would I say unto them? The same thing:

Only Love is Real.

God is but Love.

You are God’s Creation. Therefore, your Reality is Love.

Now go and live from your Self, that your Self might give Love to this world.

Don’t look ahead to tomorrow. For the time spoken of is now for any mind that decides that this is so.

Look not for a savior to come from the clouds. For I am with you always. And I dwell within your heart, where, in fact, you dwell as well, hanging out in your living room as friends having a cup of tea.

I would say unto each of them:

See not difference in one another, but see merely the distinctiveness of a pathway through Life, in which Love can be remembered and lived.

And if that would not be sufficient for them, I would suggest that they seek yet another path.

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