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Way of the Heart, Lesson Seven: Question Three

How can we bring to light unconscious blocks that keep us from manifesting our heart’s desire?


The answer is not as difficult as it may seem, for these blocks are merely various forms of the decision against peace. Therefore, look well and notice how you truly feel in any given moment, not necessarily what you’re telling yourself. Is peace present? If it is, and something seems to be coming into your attention, you may rest assured that the Holy Spirit is asking you to bring the Light of Love to something that requires healing — without asking you to identify it as your own. We spoke of that the other evening.

You can not bring to Light what needs to be healed, since you do not know what healing truly is. Learn to know what true healing is, and what requires healing will present itself to you. And true healing is the decision for peace — not the denial of feeling. For peace is like an ocean which embraces all waves that may appear. One simple thing is all you need do:

Am I truly at peace in this moment?

If the answer is no, you need only ask,

What is in need of healing that peace might be restored?

It will not be hidden from you. Willing to put that into practice?

Response: Absolutely!

Jeshua: Now when you make such a statement, there are those of us who say,

Oh, well! I’ll bring you some of my “case load.”

When there were stories written about me that said I took on the sins of the world, and when you hear of masters or teachers who transmute the sins of their students, just think of that as “karmic case loads.” And when one says unto us,

I’m willing to do all of this. I’m going to put this into practice — absolutely!

Ah, well! We’ve found a possible “employee.” You’ll never be given more than you are capable of transmuting. And, of course, you can always quit and look for another line of work!

Does the answer make sense to you?

Response: Yes, it does. Thank you.

Jeshua: Thank you for asking. It signals the desire for the answer.

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