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Way of the Heart, Lesson Seven: Question Two

What is the difference between a twin flame and soul mate? Please describe the importance of bringing two whole people to a relationship and maintaining uniqueness while creating synergy.


It would not be appropriate to say that you can create synergy. Nor would it be appropriate to say that you can create genuine individuality. What you can create and cultivate is the willingness to be wholly committed to allowing every last trace or obstacle to the presence of Love to be dissolved from within you. Synergy and genuine individuality arise from your devotion to being unceasingly open and receptive to the Love of God. Like a flower bursts forth from a seed well planted, both individuality and synergy in a holy relationship, which is where only synergy can be found… these things arise from the receiving of Love, the allowing of Love, the remembrance of that Love.

What is the difference between what are called twin flames and soul mates? First, the only difference is a matter of definition. The concept of twin flame was given by a friend of mine as a way of assisting minds to see that there is an aspect of them that is uniquely and profoundly linked to something that is as much them as the self they think they are is, that has become fragmented, that what was whole became apparently fragmented, and, therefore, mind becomes imbalanced.

The idea was to create a story line in which the mind, so attuned to seeking for fulfillment outside of itself, would, at least, begin to desire that which symbolizes the movement into wholeness, the linking together of the male and female energies within the consciousness. At the risk, of course, that some minds would actually believe that to discover and find one’s twin flame requires finding another personality in a body. And yet, because in Reality that fragmentation has never occurred, you need not go any further, in Truth, than your own awareness, your own beingness, to discover that that one is still within you. And you can not be separate from that one at all.

It may be that in the field of time, you, as a consciousness, will need to have the experience of attracting one who seems to be in another body, so that you can come together. But that is more the fruit of your belief that you are the body than of some objective reality. For in Reality, the Truth is one. Separation does not exist. Period.

And for soul mates? Same story. It can be appropriate to use those terms to describe to some minds what they’re experiencing, as a way of giving and understanding that allows them to relax and get on with it. It is also true that within the drama of the dream of separation, there are souls — fragments of awareness, if you will — that have danced together and played together and have never lost the sense of union or love with, and for, one another. And therefore, over a period of time and the creation of specialness, those seeming two souls spark something within one another. They recognize the Truth in the core of the other, because they never really lost it, as they may have successfully lost it in other relationships. And, therefore, it is . . . hmm-m . . . it occasionally happens when two such that are on the path of awakening require coming back together, in space and time, to spark, to re-spark the commitment necessary to heal the sense of separation and to awaken from the delusion that a separate self has ever existed.

This means that you are not in need of anyone to be whole. It also means that when you discover that wholeness within yourself, you will be free, if you wish, to enter into relationship with anyone you might choose, and who would choose you. Hopefully, it will come from a place of holiness and freedom, and not fear and specialness. For the latter leads to pain that must yet be healed. The former leads to ongoing creativity and enjoyment.

It is only when two who are whole come together, having looked within and truly understood that there is no lack and, therefore, no need, that the power of creativity can flow through that entity. And any such committed relationship creates another entity, and gives birth to that which reflects the Truth, so that it can be seen by others who abide in space and time.

Do not attach specialness to the concept of twin flame or soul mate. If anything, remember that your soul mate is your Creator. Everybody else is your friend.

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