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Way of the Heart, Lesson Six: Question Two

Can you speak about the need, or lack of need, to work directly with the dark side, both on the physical and astral plane?


Jeshua Yes, I can do that. [Pause]

Will you?

Jeshua That is another matter.

Indeed, beloved friend, first look well and understand the place within that would draw a line and decide what is light and what is dark. For remember that suffering comes from a split mind, a mind that sees conflict, division, separation. If it is true that only Love heals — and I assure you that it is — can you look upon what you have called darkness and discover the light within it by shining light upon it? Are there dark forces in the realm of experience, within the realm of Creation, as you know it? Yes, but I do not mean by this that there is a force separate from you or separate from the reach of God’s Love that holds the power to direct, influence, or control you in any way. Darkness … As the journey that you’re on begins to end, you will come to see that darkness is nothing more than a part of your own beingness which has been neglected and not loved. For when you love what you perceive as darkness, you reclaim it as a part of yourself. And by loving it, you transform it. And the power you had given it by separating it from you, returns to you where it truly abides.

Is there a difference between what could be called darkness in the realm in which you live and move and have your being, seemingly as a body in space and time, and that which you call the astral realms? No! Everything exists right where you are. For you abide as fully on those realms as you do sitting on the floor in this moment. An astral realm is made such only because you have withdrawn your awareness of it and sought to constrict it merely into the physical dimension. Therefore, peering out from within a body, it looks like there is another dimension, that you choose to call the astral realm, where things are hidden from your view. They’re not hidden at all. They are merely inaccessible if you use the apparatus of the physical eyes. But if you use the eye within, nothing is hidden.

What is astral and what energies abide therein are, therefore, nothing more than that which abides within your own consciousness, your own mind. And what is the way of working and dealing with those dark forces? Where you are in your third-dimensional experience as a body-mind requires only that you look lovingly upon your brother or your sister, that you touch them, if you will, with your words, with your smile, with the tips of your fingers, with the words you speak, so that Love is extended and forgiveness given. For those many forces and beings that seem to reside in realms unseen, called by many an astral realm, the strategy, if you will, is perfectly identical. It is one and the same thing, because only Love can heal.

Think well upon what is given unto you in this answer. Contemplate it deeply. Within three weeks’ time, given the current momentum of your mind, you will begin to have some rather interesting revelations. You will literally feel the mind, shall we say, being rewired, shifting to a whole new level of perception, understanding, and natural ability. For what seems to be unseen on the astral realms … you will then begin to move in the direction of seeing it as clearly as you do the hand before your face. Pleasant journeys!

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