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Way of the Heart, Lesson Two: Question Two

Please comment on Mary and the messages that are being published recently as coming from her.


Indeed, beloved friend, do you have volumes for me to fill? Do you have hours to listen to me speak? For in Truth, I could utilize the whole of time to speak with Love of the One that was known as my mother, who remains always an intimate part of myself. For we remain, of course, in perfect communication.

This One, as a soul, chose to allow, to agree to enter into, the drama of my own incarnation into the world. This One was therefore put into a position to bring up within Her everything unlike Love, to look at the very habits of being a mother and to transcend those habits, in order to serve a bigger picture. That incarnation was the one in which She perfected Her own awakening, Her own commitment to what is far beyond each individual’s consciousness. That One lives even as I live. And That One has never ceased to follow The Way of the Heart — that Way which is perfected when the consciousness knows,

I live, yet not I, but That which is the Creation of my Father: The Christed Consciousness, alone, lives through me.

She is extremely active in what you call your current time frame. She is speaking unto many. The appearances that have been recorded by what you call the grand authority of the Church, these appearances are not anyone’s imagination. And they will, indeed, increase. The messages She is giving, we should say those to whom She is seeking to communicate, require that Her message be given in such a way that is somewhat different than the way in which I’m formulating the message that I’m giving to you through this channel. And why? Because the wise teacher learns the language of the student, the temperament, the space of consciousness in which they are, and then speaks in terms that can be understood.

And so, She speaks of Earth changes. She speaks of the Love of God. She speaks a language to many that you may not prefer, but others do. And yet, there is an art and a skill and a purpose. And Her entire purpose is the same as mine: to cultivate within anyone who will listen the realigning of their perceptions so that they can heal their sense of separation from God and return to the Truth of Love, and worthiness, and power, and Grace. To awaken, in other words.

There are many who claim to channel Her who do not. And if you pay attention to the vibration you feel, in the books you might read or the tapes you may listen to or what have you, you’ll always know Her presence because there will be a softness, there will be a gentleness, there will be a quality of perfect mothering, if you will, in which you feel like you just want to lay your head upon Her breast and dissolve away into the bliss of Love.

Those that are not communicating Her, but would love you to believe they are, you’ll always detect some kind of constriction, some sense of egoic energy, some sense of fear over the future:

You better do this.
This is going to happen.
There’s no way to get around it.

Those kinds of statements do not come from Her at all.

And, indeed, as I did then, This One I love deeply, and look upon as a radiant example of what consciousness can be.

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