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Way of the Heart, Lesson One: Question Two

Would you please comment on the role of sexuality and sexual expression for those of us committed to a path of spiritual evolution?


Well, indeed, beloved friend, if you would be committed to a role of genuine spirituality, you must put that which is called, I believe, the chastity belt upon the body. You must separate yourself from all those who seem to elicit little tickles of sensations in your body. Hmm. You must banish from yourself all thought of another body next to yours. Hmm. And if these things arise, by all means, whip yourself! Hmm!

Beloved friend, I’ve said many times that all events are neutral, all experiences are neutral. They will be, therefore, precisely what you choose them to be. Sexuality … In your world, most minds take this to mean that there is some sort of juxtapositioning of physical bodies, some groping of the hands, and the lips, and the tongues, and what have you. But, indeed, this is only the outer reflection, or the symbolic expression, of the energies being held within the mind.

It is most appropriate to say that all of Creation is an act of sexuality. It is an expression of energy which wishes to birth forth with great passion — Creation! And all relationships between two bodies, or between the moon and the sun, between the Earth and the sky — all forms of relationship are inherently the same. They hold within themselves the promise, and the purpose, and the challenge of discovering the unity between the two or the three or the ten. It doesn’t matter.

Therefore, sexuality, as you understand it in your world, is only what you will choose it to be. It does not, necessarily, accelerate your awakening. And it does not, necessarily, impede it. What you approach with sanctity and purity of heart, what you approach in every relationship, what you approach from the recognition that Creation streams forth only from the Mind of God and, therefore, the Light of Love, the presence of Christ is present in that one before whom you stand or, perhaps, whom you lay next to. What you approach with sanctity is sanctified. What you approach with secretness, what you approach with neediness, is demoralized and destroyed.

I would say unto you, beloved friend, you cannot transcend what is not first embraced. Therefore, search the soul well, to see if there is any fear of the great intimacy and vulnerability that can be experienced in sexuality. Is there something in you conflicted that is not allowing you to truly drink in the beauty of the physical form of another, to pause over every curve and every dimple, and even every little hair upon the body? Can you see within this grand Mystery? Can you pause long enough to lose the false self? Can you sanctify the touching of flesh? For I say unto you, you are the creator of what you experience.

Sexuality is a grand thing! Let no one tell you that I avoided it when I was a man. After all, that’s the whole point. I was, after all, a man. But I sanctified it to keep it holy. And sexuality can be experienced in its totality merely by looking into the eyes of another and setting yourself aside, and asking only to see the Face of Christ. For sexuality, the great longing within humanity, is to find some method, some way to transcend the fear, the guilt, the deep contraction which is ego, to find some way to slip through the cracks and experience some momentary bliss of the unity of Oneness.

But I say unto you, cultivate the Reality of your Oneness within yourself. And, indeed, you will find that all relationships, whether you be with a body, with a blade of grass, or with the wind that touches your skin, will feel like a sexual experience, as long as the body lasts. Let then, this energy fill you. Feel the bliss and the pleasure and the joy of sensuality and sexuality. See it happening all over the place on your planet because, without it, the planet wouldn’t even exist.

Beloved friend, have you not ever watched little children who run naked through the fields and play with their genitals without the least bit of thought? They derive from it a moment of pleasure and occasionally, they may touch each other. There is no judgment in this. There is only innocence. And the adults look and go,

Oh, isn’t that cute?

And some of them go,

Oh! Oh my God! Charlie, please, cover that up! You can’t do that!


Mary, put your dress back down!

Why? What is the adult afraid of, if not Life itself?

And make not of sexuality a specialness, but rather, cultivate within it the sanctified state of consciousness in which you are deliberately choosing to set aside yourself, to let Christ love Christ. Sexuality is a rather good thing, if you choose to use the power of your beingness to sanctify it, that it may be holy. For what is holy gives rise to wholeness. And what is fragmented through fear, through guilt, through neediness, through mere lust, what is thus fragmented leads to fragmentation within one’s consciousness.

Bless sexuality. Let it become sanctified. And set aside all of those incarnations you held as a nun in monasteries, listening to false ideas out of someone else’s fear of the body. It is only a communication device. What would you, therefore, choose to communicate through your experience of sexuality?

Be at peace, beloved friend, and while the body lasts my suggestion to you would be: Enjoy it!

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