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Way of the Heart, Lesson One: Question One

What motivates you? How does an enlightened person move throughout his or her day? Apparently you have moved into a state of Oneness with Source, yet you still have a distinct, unique personality. You are still a Self, yet you are also One with God. Can you describe what this state is like for us?


Beloved friend. What motivates me? Worldly accolades. Being hung on so many walls in so many churches across the world. Hmm… All of the many priests and ministers who make a very good living professing to teach my teaching, although they teach fear, and guilt, and judgment. Hmm. What motivates me? The bets that I have placed with my “comrades in arms,” who often believe that I’m wasting my time with humanity. For there are, indeed, many Masters in many dimensions that wouldn’t touch this plane with a ten-thousand foot pole. And yet, I say unto you, beloved friend, I speak somewhat tongue-in-cheek, although I don’t have one.

What motivates me is what must come to motivate you when the Christ Mind is awakened within your being, and has come to outshine any other possibility. For what will motivate you is the deep appreciation for the Grace that has healed your mind, the great Mystery from which you have arisen, that somehow reaches into your illusions and brings you Home. You know not how. Love of your Creator will motivate you as you become more and more empty of self, empty of fear, empty of the need to survive, empty of everything unlike Love, and more and more conformed to the instrument of peace.

Beloved friend, what motivates me is the very fact that you exist, and that, at times, within you, your soul has cried out to come Home. And because my Father has brought me home, because I know how perfect it is, how can I not extend myself to you? So to my many comrades, who seem to wish to avoid ever taking on the human experience, I simply, politely, nod my non-physical head and say,

Well yes, but you see, I know that no one goes Home until everyone goes Home.

I am merely your brother. And I seem to have gone ahead of you a little while. And yet, I say this unto you, The Way of the Heart must cultivate within you — and will — the recognition that there is no one and nothing outside of you, and that only Love has the power to heal. And, therefore, everyone that comes into your life is an aspect of your savior, teaching you to cultivate the forgiveness, and the patience, and the willingness to hear not the voice of ego within you, but to trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all matters, regardless of how insane it may seem to the world. What motivates me is the Grace that released me from all illusion, even as that Grace is already at work accomplishing the same within you.

What does it mean to go through the day in an enlightened state? I would be happy to tell you, only I have no days, for a day is a function of time. Time is something I no longer know anything about. It is not something that pervades my beingness. I abide only in what is eternal. And when fear has been completely uprooted from within your beingness, you, too, will know timelessness. There is a message in that answer. I hope you’re listening.

Beloved friend, what is it like to be One with the Source of all Creation, and yet to hold an individuated consciousness? Why not ask yourself? You know perfectly well. For in Reality, you are One with the Source. And again, as the message of this hour has shared, you are acting from your infinite perfection at all times, to call qualities of experience, qualities of energy to yourself. That is exactly what I do. The only difference is, I have chosen to call only that of the highest possible vibrations, while you are choosing to say to yourself and to me,

Well, yes, yes. All that bliss stuff is fine, but I’d still like to get a little taste of drama and suffering. I just want to make sure I’ve got this down before I leave this plane.

In all respects, the choosing mechanism within you is equal to that within me. Therefore, understand well, if you would know what it means to know you are One with your Creator, while yet exhibiting an individuality, simply begin to observe your own mind, your own choices, your own experiences, with perfect innocence, constantly reminding yourself that the Truth is true always. As a sunbeam can never escape the sun, as a wave can never escape the ocean, you remain as you are created to be. And you are given infinite and perfect freedom, because you are made in the image of God.

Therefore, beloved friend, consider well what you would desire and what your intention will be. Ask yourself, moment to moment,

What am I truly committed unto? For what I am committed to is the focus of my intention. And the intention that I focus on brings to me the fulfillment of my desire. And what I am experiencing, like it or not, is always the effect of my desire.

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