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The Way of Mastery

Hang on a sec…

by Alan Cohen

Do you believe that God would speak to you? I find it amazing that we base all of the world religions on the transmissions of people to whom God has spoken, but when one of our contemporaries announces that the word of Spirit has been written in his heart, we are prone to crossexamine him about his credentials or wonder if he is an acid casualty from the 60’s. Jesus said, “A prophet is never accepted in his own town,” and I believe that prophets are also rarely acknowledged in their own time. Like great artists and musicians, most true channels of God’s word have to wait until they are dead to be appreciated. How willing we are to accept the truth at a distance! As Saint Augustine petitioned the Lord, “Give me a spiritual life but not just yet!”

Abraham Heschel entitled one of his great books God in Search of Man. The Great Source is always reaching out for people who are moved by the spirit of love rather than fear. And blessed are those who are willing to hear the teachings of peace and pass their inspirations along to the world with courage and confidence. Would that more of us trusted the voice of healing and honored its gifts in action.

Jayem is such a one. He is a man who has opened himself to guidance from a higher plane, and set the principles and feeling of his revelations to paper for others to share. Surely the words that have been given him are for all of us.

My deep appreciation for the words of Jeshua rests in the great gentleness, wisdom, and clarity embodied in these lessons. Jeshua is a teacher of deep compassion, strength and uncompromising intention to discern the illusions that bind us from the reality that heals us. He advises us, “Ask not for salvation. Ask, instead, that you awaken from every last trace of belief that you have ever been separate from God.”

Jeshua’s teachings embody the most important element for real spiritual progress: practicality. The Holy Spirit’s guidance is always immediate, usable, and efficient. Spiritual advice is valuable only to the extent that it can be lived, and Jeshua honors the beauty of life as a spiritual awakener. “Your moment-to-moment experience is the path to your enlightenment” is an affirmation that can transform the most painful experience into a gift from God. Jeshua also advises us to “allow, allow, allow,” which opens the door for the life force of healing to move us beyond our limited beliefs about what is good or bad. “The way is easy, and without effort. For that which comes of effort is of your world, and not of Me.”

In short, Jeshua is a masterful teacher with a gentle balance of wisdom of the intellect and the heart. One could take nearly any passage in the letters and meditate on it as a doorway to healing. Jeshua demonstrates that simplicity and mastery are not contradictory; they are one.

There is yet another element of this gift of a book that endears it to me even more deeply. It is Jayem’s candid recording of his personal inner process as he began to receive the material and record and share it. Here we are invited to follow along the journey of a man who struggled with his role as a recorder of truth from above. “Who, me?” was a recurrent question with which he grappled. We see his evolution from early doubts and shyness to the knowingness that he is fulfilling an important function that far transcends his human ego.

This element of The Jeshua Letters is especially poignant, for in it Jayem represents all of us as we open to being channels and servants of Spirit in our own way. There is a part of our mind that wonders if God could actually be choosing us to perform a particular mission. We may not be recording inspired words or teaching metaphysical principles, but surely each of us has been chosen to bring light to the world in a particular fashion. Our route may be music or dance or art or mothering. The form is not as important as the fact that there is a gift each of us has been designated to bring, and our willingness to deliver it is a key factor in the power and scope with which we will present it.

I suggest that you approach this important volume with an attitude of meditation rather than logical scrutiny. There is great logic of Spirit here, but that logic is not confined to rational understanding. More often Spirit speaks to our inner knowingness. There is a poetry here that must not be missed. The words should be savored and absorbed in quietude with a receptive heart. Imagine that Jeshua is speaking directly to you, and you will find your message.

Let The Jeshua Letters be an inspiration for you to become a vessel of Spirit in your own right. Jeshua would probably agree that we have had enough students, and it is time for more masters. The purpose of this book is not to create more dependence on entities outside ourselves, but to turn within and there find the master we have been seeking.

My blessings are with Jayem on this great and noble gift, and to you in receiving the great truths herein.

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