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Hang on a sec…

As I write to you now, sitting at my desk on the veranda of our temple room at Alam Cinta Ashram in Ubud, Bali, it strikes me that there are really only two things that really ever occur.

First, it is most extraordinary that the Dream of Separation can occur at all. I refer to this as the ‘great cosmic quirk’.

The second is this, and it is infinitely more extraordinary: help is sent that we can awaken from the Dream and fully abide in the self evident Truth of Who We Really Are, alive, awake, free of suffering and fully co-creating with the Divine extending the Good, the Holy, and the Beautiful. I refer to this as the Seamless Life, free of efforting, buoyant in the Grace Stream, where miracles are natural, and all things radiant in the light of Love. And it begins the very second any being sincerely asks for the help that will indeed set the soul free!

The Jeshua Letters truly does contain the Truth that sets all things free, for I have seen that following Him has lived me into the realization by which I dare to say that this simple book of few words contains the power, wisdom, and deep Truth capable of moving the mountain that matters: the heap of illusions we have cast round ourselves and projected outward to make the world!

I can promise you that it is not a book to be read once, but a universally possible experience to be lived into. It probably won’t take you as long as me, as I cannot fathom anyone with greater resistance and clever avoidance strategies as me!

Its been 23 years since these Letters were scribed during the initial period of my actual encounter with Jeshua. I have come to realize the extraordinary truth that Jeshua (the man) was, and is, the actual ‘incarnation’ of God, showing us our true nature, our True Self. And you, dear reader, are precisely what He is.

There simply is no way to understand the secret of His Gospel, the secret of Life itself, until one makes this final journey from the illusion of Separation, a journey that shatters the little self and the world altogether, into the radiant, eternal presence of the Real World, where all is held lovingly in the extraordinary Truth that God is everywhere apparent, and Love is winning, all the time! Quite simply, one rests in the illumination that God IS.

I could not have known when I first fearfully consented to write this book, - then kicked and screamed as it miraculously became publicly shared - what would ensue. Nor can anyone know what God will create through them when they take this final leap of faith, and set as their one task the salvation of Awakening.

The Jeshua Material is, frankly, astounding in its richness, its depth of wisdom, and its unique power to transform consciousness into the Remembrance of Christ, Who is alone the Existence of our very existence. Thousands have been touched, healed and transformed through the body of material and real, living PathWay he has carved for us all. Please peruse our website at www.wayofmastery.com to see just how rich the PathWay truly is.

He led me to discover the deeper dynamics of just how this Dream really occurs, and what is necessary to unravel it profoundly. He led me to understand the power of the breath, and how our birth dynamics recapitulate the patterns of the soul caught in its dream as the prodigal son. He also led me deeply into study and contemplation of His biblical teachings in His own original language, Aramaic. He took me to the heights of meditation, and to the depths of my soul’s angst, riddled with ancient guilt that fear had kept shielded.

And so I have learned that Love truly does heal, and Love alone. And in discovering the power of Love within me to embrace all things, I have awakened fully and permanently to the field of Love that suffuses all things; Heaven is, right here, right now.

This fourth edition not surprisingly comes at a time when I can confidently know that His master plan for this Work - painstakingly developing over these many years - is now coming to fruition. He once said that the purpose of this Work was to carve a living pathway by which the soul can truly be supported through the states and stages from illusion to awakening in Christ Mind; no small task!

As you might notice, the word “Way” is prevalent in His teachings. Only recently did I learn that the very first groups that formed around Him referred to His teachings as…the Way! Along with the global dissemination of these teachings, Insight Groups are blossoming everywhere. Seminars, retreats and teacher training programs are emerging, and other teachers are emerging that I am honoured to call ‘Friend’ in the deepest sense of the word.

And you, dear reader, are the key. Heaven is incomplete without you to fulfill your role which is the same as mine, and also His; to be the living testament to the Truth, shining powerfully and magnetically the Reality of Love, and love is God. And to have great fun in doing so!

Unlike the limited expression - a mere step in the dawning of humanity’s awakening - of orthodox Christianity, which adopted the perspective that Jeshua alone is the ‘begotten Son of God’. His authentic gospel has always awaited this time, this epoch, to begin to be revealed, and accepted. His gospel is both extraordinary, and utterly simple, simply because only Truth, really ever is. And it is this:

The Son is one, without a second.
You (all of us) are as I AM.
Only God IS.

Nothing can arise by accident. That you have dared to read a book like this can only mean it is time, your time, as it was once mine, and once His. Your time to dare to fully remember; your time to shed the veils of the Dream and come fully and finally into that peace that is light years beyond the mind’s feeble capacity to understand. Your time to realize peace by being ‘born again’ into, and as, the presence of it, and in your presence, the world is healed.

May the mystical Reality of Christ Mind come to suffuse, permeate, and alone be extended through you as Creation rests gently into its fulfilment.

May this occur beyond all dreams of loss, threat, and the need for useless defence, as we come to see with Him what He once demonstrated in the field of space and time, and has patiently been guiding us to all along:

You look not upon another,
For you see only your Self.

May we now live as one act of living devotion, our creations extending only the Good, the Holy, and the Beautiful, as we become what we are created to be, the Living Word, and fulfil the greatest pathway possible:

Love one another,
as I have first loved you.

In forever gratitude to the reflection of my Self (and yours) that has come ceaselessly into my useless dreams until all darkness has been dissolved: Jeshua ben Joseph, who asks only to be known as Friend of the Heart, and Brother to the world.

Jayem (Jon Marc),
Alam Cinta Ashram,
Ubud, Bali

December, 2011

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