The Way of Mastery

  • Given by Jeshua, the historical Jesus
  • A series of monthly channeled lessons (and more)
  • Packed with meaning, no hyperbole, no meaningless words
  • From out of this world - literally

Way of the Heart

Lesson 1

I come not for myself, but for you. I come not to teach you but to love you…

~ Jeshua WOH Lesson 1 (p2)

…until you choose, from the depth of your own being, to set aside every illusion you have ever given credence to, and to remember the Truth which alone is true…

…For indeed, in that hour, there is a transcendence of all that knows limitation. There is a transcendence of all that knows coming and going, birth and death. There is but the Mind of Christ within which each of us, as a spark of Divine Light, as a sunbeam to the sun, rests eternally in perfect communion and communication, always…

…Now of course, the great secret is that, that is the state of your reality. That in each and every moment, you abide in perfect communion with the whole of creation…

I come to where you choose to be.

If you would choose to open that place within the heart and the mind in which you can communicate with me directly, I will meet you there as well.

What is important by way of our beginning:

Your experience is always the effect of where you choose to focus the attention of your consciousness.

This is Axiom 1, a major theme of WOM

This is a description of how life works.


Consciousness is unlimited forever, embracing all the many dimensions of creation.

You abide in that which embraces all things, in all ways, and at all times. And in Truth, you do not know separation, birth or death, gain or loss.

Creation of Experience

Perception of Meaning

We abide in Infinite Freedom within consciousness.

Equality of Creation

In each and every moment, then, you cannot be a victim of what you see and nothing is outside of you. What you experience you have directly and deliberately called to yourself.

It is all but experience, my friends, and no choice for experience is ever above the choice of another. There is nothing better than, less than, more holy, more great. It is all equal.

There is only choice and it is equally granted.

~ Judas

Self Judgment

What if you don’t like what you have called to yourself…

For then, you have called to yourself the experience of being in judgment of yourself.

Merely look with the wonder of a child and see what it feels like and ask yourself,

Is this an energy I wish to continue in, or would I choose something else?

The Voice of Spirit

When all possible choices within the dream of separation have been made there emerges the still, quiet Voice of Spirit.

…whispering of the one Truth and the one Reality, the one Love, the one Peace, the one bliss that is continual.


Then the soul begins to turn from the things of this created world, it begins to withdraw its identification with the vibrational frequencies it had only meant to play with and then took seriously.

For it is seriousness within the mind which is the creation of ego, and it is great seriousness that holds the vibrations of what you would no longer experience within the field of your soul.

The Thought of Perfect Love in Form

As you, as the soul, choose to withdraw the value you have placed upon all things, as you realize that you can surrender into something that seems beyond you…

You become more and more of what your Father created you to be, the Thought of Perfect Love in form, a simple vehicle through which that Love of Spirit can shine forth.

Your Only Task

Your only task becomes the cleaning of your windows, the polishing of your floors, the weeding of your garden, so that that light can pour forth unimpeded.

Both Saint and Sinner

You have been both saint and sinner, and your happiness and your unhappiness happiness been merely an effect of where you would choose to place your attention.

Your Experience

In each and every moment, what you are experiencing in the realm of your emotions and mind, and the effects within the body, are there because you, from your infinite freedom, have simply selected that experience, that energy, to focus your attention on, so that you can see what the effects are.

The Insanity

The insanity that you experience as your pain and suffering and your seeking and your dramas, comes only from your mistaken choice to become identified with what arises in the field of your awareness.

The Way of the Heart

Pathway of Awakening

The first step in awakening is to allow into the mind the thought, the axiom, the Truth that nothing which you are experiencing is caused by anything outside of you. You experience only the effects of your own choice.

From Judas

Love is the backdrop, the eternal infinite power of potential from which we can create. There is no limit on what we can create. That is the power of Love that holds us. We are vast beyond measure and in that we can create infinitely, yet the backdrop remains. That backdrop is a Love that allows, trusts, and holds all things.

All that is desired to be experienced, whether it is experienced as love or evil, it is all a matter of choice. The desire flowing into a choice for what do I truly want to experience.

~ Judas

What is the Way of the Heart

That pathway that cultivates within you the decision to turn your attention upon your own mind, upon your own behavior, upon what is true and real for you, moment to moment. To study it, to consider it, to feel it, to breathe the Light of Spirit through it, and to constantly retrain the mind so that it assumes complete responsiblity in each moment.

Why is This Necessary?

Without it there can be no peace and you cannot transcend the false identifications that you have choosen.

You need to come to the point where you say to yourself,

I’ve done this to myself. I did it. I must correct it. No one is to blame. The World is innocent.

The Way of the Heart

  • The way unknown to the world
  • Unknown to many who would call themselves Spiritual Teachers
  • The way that was taught to Jeshua
  • Brings about the reversal of every thought you have ever had about any one or any thing
  • That way alone where you come to rest in the Perfect Peace from which you have sprung forth
  • Pathway of truthfulness
  • A way of releasing every hope and wish to be special
  • Cultivate the art of the simplicity of empty-headedness and not-knowingness
  • Where all things and all events become aspects of your meditation and prayer

The Goal

To establish, once again within you, the Truth that is true always:

Not my will, but Thine be done. For of myself, I do nothing. But my Father does all things through me.

The Way of the Heart, not the Intellect

The Heart is that which feels all things, embraces all things, trusts all things, allows all things. The Heart is that in which the soul rests eternally. The Heart is that which is beyond space and time and is that spark of Light in the Mind of God, which is called Christ. And only in That will you find the peace that you seek.

The Intellect

  • The intellect was never designed to be your master. It was designed to be the humble, and very stupid servant of the Awakened Heart.
  • The intellect does not know anything except the trivialities that you have shoved into it, like garbage into a garbage can.
  • The intellect can never bring the healing of the Heart that is the Atonement. It can only be utilized to argue against the insane perceptions you are used to, so that you might come to see that perhaps there is a greater good in giving up your insistence on treating the intellect as your god.


Imagine a state of being in which you walk through the world looking like everyone else and yet you are spacious within, you are empty within.

You desire nothing though you allow desire to move through you and recognize it as the Voice of the Father guiding your personality, emotions and even the body, to the experiences through which the tapestry of the Atonement is being woven.

And you trust the complete flow of that.

For in Truth, that mind that trusts the Source of its creation allows all things, trusts all things, embraces all things, and transcends all things.

Only God’s Plan Will Work

Whenever you feel frustration and anxiety, it is because you have decided not to trust the Truth. And the Truth is this:

Only God’s plan for salvation can work for you. Your way must always fail, for your way begins with the illusory and insane assumption that you are a separate being from the Mind of God and must, therefore, direct your own course.


It requires great humility to accept the first step of the path:

I have done all this; I must undo it. But I have no idea how I did this. Therefore I must surrender to something else.

No Ordinary Moments

What if the very life you are living, what if everything was being directly sent to you of your Father, because your Father knows what is necessary to unravel within your consciousness to allow you to awaken? What if the very things you are resisting are the very stepping stones to your homecoming? What if you achieved a maturity along this pathway in which you were finally willing to let things be just as they are?


To awaken means to have journeyed nowhere. It means to have arrived at a goal that has never changed.

Awakening is only remembrance. Remembrance is an idea that vibrates through the whole field of your beingness, so that even the cells of the body awaken and relax into the Truth that is true always.

How Judas Said It

WOM is a tool, one among many, that can guide us to remembering the Truth of our being. Not just with the brain and the mind, so to speak, but remembering it with every fiber of our being. From your heart, from your belly, from love itself. That is why we are called here to come together to strengthen our own knowing, the one knowing, and as we remember - all beings remember.

~ Judas


If you would make your commitment to trusting your Creator for having set before you a pathway that can, indeed, lead you home, you will, indeed, arrive at home.

But commitment means that you don’t get to leave the room when the shouting begins.

Take Responsibility

Eventually each soul must find its way into The Way of the Heart, and come to the Truth that it’s time to take responsibility, to learn to cultivate the ability to look upon the deep and vicious blackness of what I have called ego, and begin to bring Light back to it by simply observing your own mind, your own behavior, your own reactions with a sense of innocence and childlikeness.

The Way of the Heart

The Way of the Heart is a way of cultivating the decision to become identified with the Light that can shine away all darkness - not by fighting with it, but by recognizing it, embracing it as your own creation, and choosing again.

The Way of the Heart is the way that I teach.

Dance with the Devil

Along this pathway this year:

You’re going to learn how to shake hands with the devil, and to do a little jig with him, and recognize his face to be your own. For when you can dance with the darkness that you have created, that darkness is transformed into an angel.
And Light abides with Light.

Dance Often, Rejoice, Play Often

In this year, bring up within yourself everything unworthy of the Mind of Christ - every thought of scarcity, every sense of unworthiness, every fear. Let them come up, look at them, embrace them, transmute them through your own love of self and through your honesty.