Jeshua has given the following suggestions about how to “listen” to the recordings or transcripts of these Lessons.

  1. Select a separate ‘Way of’ notebook with a cover that has meaning for you, and a pen that you love; use them only for this work. Keep your notebook in a sacred space (such as on your altar, if you have one) wherever you live.

  2. Always settle down, relax and allow the breath to flow deeply and fully before you start listening to the recordings or reading the transcripts.

  3. Allow the words to simply land within you, without any effort to understand all of this information at once.

  4. Notice which passages cause feelings to arise within your being.

  5. Make selective notes and identify in your ‘Way of’ notebook those passages which touch your feeling nature.

  6. Later (or on a different day) copy the passages from your notebook which elicited a strong feeling. Write them several times on a separate sheet of paper in a state of innocence and playfulness.

  7. Whenever a question is asked it is useful to pause and reflect on it, before moving on.

These Lessons were first given with the intention of each being lived with, and deeply absorbed, for at least thirty days. In reality you will find that each Lesson keeps teaching you, and taking you further into your own spiritual awakening!

Listen to each recording or read the Lesson several times in different locations at different times of the day. Stay with each Lesson until you feel complete with it.

Doing the exercises as given is also very important. Many of these exercises are the same ones that were given to Jeshua by his Essene elders over 2000 years ago.

Feel free to use these suggestions as you wish, but most of all have fun with the material.