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Now we begin.

Greetings unto you, beloved and holy children of Light divine. In Truth it is with great joy that I come forth to abide with you, and yet I come forth unto you always and I abide with you always, for there is not a place nor a time that I am not. I am but your brother and I am but your friend. I am not above you and I am never apart from you. I am indeed the holy and only begotten Son of God, Son meaning offspring of, and if I be this — and rest assured that I am — then so, too, are you the offspring of Light, of Love, of what has been called God, that which I have chosen to call “Abba” or Father. And if you are the holy offspring of Light divine and if I am that holy offspring of Light divine, it means that in Truth we share one Mind and one Heart, and we are created before the foundations of all worlds. And because this is the Truth and because it is the essence of our only reality, there cannot be a time or a place that I am unavailable to you or to anyone. And there cannot be a time and a place, if you would receive it, that you are not available to everyone.

Do you come, then, to see and to understand that because we share that one Mind and that one Heart that is the only begotten offspring of God and His only creation, never have you been limited by space and time? You can’t ignore the grandness of your being. You can shut yourself off from it. You can look upon only one part of it, but you can never separate yourself from all that you are created to be. There has never in Truth been a time that any one of us has ever been born or will ever die.

Now, surely that sounds like madness — but it is the Truth. That which is alive within you, that which is alive about you has been alive since before the foundations of the world, and that which is alive about you will remain long after this world has ceased to be. And if you would receive it as a thought to be contemplated, as a thought, a suggestion, and even as a reality: all worlds have arisen within you, and we share together equally in the creation of all things that have come forth. And never, never has there been a time or place in which separation has been the Truth. The appearances of bodies that rise in the field of time and pass away do not limit the Truth of the reality we share.

God is but Love and God creates only that which mirrors His/Her likeness. And that means that regardless of any thought you have ever held about yourself or about anyone, regardless of any perception the world has tried to teach you about yourself and your nature, you remain perfectly complete and whole, by grace if you will, because you are created in the likeness of God. And God is without form, boundless, eternal. There is not a place that God begins and a place that God ends, and you arise within that field which is Love.

If that is true — and I assure you that it is — what then seems to separate the mind? The perception you hold of yourself in which you would see yourself as separate from God. In Truth, that doesn’t matter. And yet, many of you know what it means to spend hours, weeks, years, lifetimes perhaps, trying to find that source of that feeling of separation from God, thinking that, with the mind, “If only I can grasp it, then I might figure out and understand what the nature of reality is all about, and then I will find joy and I will find peace because I will have grasped some eternal piece of information about myself, and because I have grasped it, I will have certainty.”

Just the opposite is true. And why? This is very, very important: you have never been separate from God. If you exist in this moment, you are at one with all that God is, now. And if you would search into some distant past to find the cause of your feeling of separation, you are knowing, looking to the only place it could be found: a choice, a choice held in the fullness of your being here and now – not created in some distant past though it may appear that way, but a choice made now.

If you must look to the past, if you must look to the future to discover that source of separation and overcome it, it means that the Love of God is not present for you here, and yet there is only the Love of God. And that means that right here in this small but beautiful home, filled with love, here in this moment in the silence between two words that you seem to hear being uttered through this bag of dust, right here is where you make the choice: the choice to remember the Truth of who you are and to claim it. To allow it to be lived through you as you. The choice to be but the presence of Love, here, now. And if the choice is made here and now, it can be made in the next moment and the next, and it can become an everlasting choice. The choice to be but the presence of Love is based on the simple concept of the truth you did not create, that you cannot tarnish or get rid of, that has been with you since before the foundations of the world. And the Atonement — what I have called the Atonement — is completed in you quite simply when you simply acknowledge that “I and my Father are one.”

If you don’t like those words, make up some others, as long as it carries the knowingness. For the grand source of your being which is but Love is present with you now and will not forsake you.

I came into this world as a man and I walked as others do, and the whole purpose was not truly to save anyone from their sins but rather to demonstrate that the illusion of separation from God does at no time limit the Truth of your being, to demonstrate that death is not real and that separation in any of its forms simply does not exist.

I came only as a friend and as a brother. And in those days to call someone “friend” wasn’t done lightly — although it was imbued with great Light. To call someone a friend meant that you were willing to see in them your equal. You were willing to look past what you would call the personality. You would look past perhaps their insane perceptions, their fearful thoughts, their hurtful behaviors to see the great ray of Light which shines forth in the Mind of Christ and lives within their heart, waiting to be rediscovered. To call someone a friend meant that you were willing to commit yourself in relationship to them eternally — not for a week, not for an hour, not for thirty—five years of a nice marriage, but for eternity.

And, therefore, I came forth as your friend to demonstrate to you the Truth not only of my being but of yours. And if you would well receive it, I’ve never gone anywhere. The world did not succeed in getting rid of me, and I am not limited at any time in whom I would come and speak with. I can abide with you at any time. You need only prepare a place for me and I will come and abide with you.

Now, what does that take? Well, first of all, you must go unto a high mountain top, find a cave, place the bag of dust within it, speak to no one for at least twenty—three years, do many complicated meditation techniques, flog the body and never, never engage in what you call the sexual intimacy. Eat only one grain of rice every four days and remember never to sleep. Then, if you’re very good, I might choose to come and call you “friend.”


Well, a lot of you have tried those things, and some of you know perfectly well that you have had experiences that don’t exist in this specific time frame in which you’ve about tried all the things you could. Is that not true?

Did it ever work? What, then, does work? What is it that takes the mind that final step and brings it to the threshold of the Kingdom of Heaven, in which the remembrance of your unity and the presence of God within you blossoms forth and brings the dove of peace to descend upon your heart? What is it, then, that opens that part of your mind to the holiness that has been placed within it by God Him/Herself when you were created?

The choice. The quiet and simple choice to relinquish your grip upon your perception of yourself as a separate being. To relinquish your grip upon your shame and your guilt and your sense of failure. Your willingness to relinquish your grip on your perceptions of what the world is and what it is for. To throw open the shutters of the heart and say, “Okay, all I want is the Love of God.” And indeed, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and with that choice everything is made new.

When the mind is brought to silence — not artificially, but genuinely because you’ve chosen to withdraw the value you have placed upon perceptions that have never worked — and when you rest in the quiet place of the Holy of Holies, the quiet of the heart, there indeed I will come and abide with you as your friend and as your brother. And, you see, I’m simply one who loves having a lot of friends. And I spend all of my time — although I don’t really have any of that — communicating with anyone who would choose to lay aside all perceptions of themselves and of me, and say, “My God, it just might be true that separation doesn’t exist, and that means my mind is joined with the mind of Jeshua, the one the world has called Christ. And perhaps I can become so outrageous as to think that, sitting right here on my couch, I can chat with him,”

That would be outrageous to some who want to believe that I am somewhere far off and difficult to find. Where am 1? If I am not limited by space and time — and I assure you that I am not — I am wherever you allow me to be. I am wherever you allow me to be, and in the silence of the heart, rest assured, there can be no barriers that could ever separate us.

And right here on Kauai you could experience a gentle and simple union of friendship with one that seemed to walk upon this plane two thousand years ago. Of course. Because you are not the body and you have never been limited by it. Right where you are, right where you sit, right now, it is the body that sits within the field of mind. And that field is far more who you are than the body could ever hope to be.

Is it, then, a limitation? No. Is it something to be flogged again? No. The body truly has but one purpose and one function: to serve as the means to communicate unconditional love, to serve as a means to communicate the Truth. Not through what you call the preaching, not through what you call the belief systems, but in the simple act of looking upon your brother or sister right where they are in that moment, wherever you are, and choosing to see and to know the Truth that you are joined with them and your intimacy cannot be shaken. It was created by God before the foundations of the world. And that is why each relationship is the most precious blessing you have. Not because the body of another might stay with you for thirty or forty or fifty years. That’s not its preciousness. Because the relationship truly occurs between minds that choose to see from the foundation of Truth. To look into the physical eyes and then begin to look with a deeper sight that sees the great ray of Light called Christ that abides in the gentleness of that person’s heart. To choose to look past all of the perceptions you may have ever held and to know, to know, that the one in front of you is your savior because they are offering you the opportunity to extend the unconditional Love of God.

Now, if that is true — and I assure you that it is — it means that you cannot possibly have an ordinary moment — but you can believe you are having ordinary moments. You can look past that moment of relationship. You can look past the moment that’s occurring right now. But right next to you, right next to you, there is sitting your savior, and all you need do is turn your head and look upon them and see with the eyes of love and you have remembered your Creator and your Source and you have given to them the grandest of gifts that possibly could be given: the gift of love that forgives all things, looks beyond all things and recognizes only the Truth of what can be lived in and through that friend.

Can you feel the blessing of that? The power of that? Wherever you are, it is never taken from you. Wherever you are in that moment, you have the greatest blessing of life: to recognize the Truth by seeing it in the one in front of you, even if they don’t want to see it in themselves.

That is how the threshold of the Kingdom is crossed. It will not occur fifty years from now. It will not occur ten thousand years from now. It did not occur for you when I made my choice. It occurs when you make yours: to sit back and actually be willing to let go of fear and to entertain a thought that the world might say is totally insane — entertain the thought, “Perhaps I am but Light. Perhaps I am but the presence of Love. Perhaps I can relearn how to be only the presence of Love no matter the circumstances that seem to arise around me. Perhaps those circumstances are not there to punish me or to limit me, but perhaps they are there because they need me to bring love to them, that set of circumstances. Just perhaps, the Truth has always remained true.”

Many of you know what it means to seek God. You’ve done a very good job of that. Some of you know what it means to puff yourself up with pride for all of the techniques you’ve mastered on your way to God. You know what that feels like. “Boy, that was a tough meditation technique. I’m glad I got it down. That fast was very long and hard, but I stuck it out. I must be really moving along my pathway to God.” And then in the next moment you pick up a newspaper and you don’t like who got elected President, and that fast {clapping}, you extended judgment and you don’t even notice it.

The end of seeking is upon us now. The end of seeking is upon us now. Now, that which has been called the last days is indeed descending upon this plane, and many of you have felt the acceleration that has been occurring for some time, seemingly by quantum leaps lately. Many of you felt great stirrings to come to this island — called an island because it’s surrounded by water. It is just a mountain rising above so it can be noticed.

Many of you know that sense of acceleration — like you have to get to a certain place and you know you have to be there but you don’t know why. Trust that Voice. And some of you know the pain of being confronted by the need to shift what you call relationships or careers; all kinds of manners of forms of life. Rest assured that there is a Guidance available to you always, and what seems to stand between you and the enactment of it is only your fear that you have no right to listen to the guidance of your own heart.

How, then, to know? It is really quite simple. When you are at peace and when you’ve been willing to set aside all of your own perceptions and concerns about a situation and have asked of the one Comforter that I’ve sent unto you, called the Holy Spirit, the answer will not be hidden. And when you are not attached to the fruit of the answer given, but in faith you are willing to trust that it comes from the peace within you, rest assured that the movement you enact in life will always serve the highest and best for everyone — always, without fail.

You see, there is a part of your mind that is identical to mine. There is a part of your mind that contains what has been called the Holy Spirit — Wholeness, placed there by God Him/Herself as the bridge that reminds you of your union with God. And when you rest upon that Bridge, and when you learn to rest upon that Bridge with every breath, the guidance that He will bring you — She will bring you, if you prefer — is always without error. It may seem confounding to the ego, but that’s not the point, and it will reveal itself as having been without error. The whole purpose of time, the whole purpose of time, the whole purpose of time was not to get anywhere, not to gain anything, but to remember the Truth of what has always been: to allow that guidance that is given to you gently to be your guide in all things. And that is how you always know that you are doing what has been called the will of God. It is not a stern will. It is just a gentle will that wants you to extend your love in all of your creations so that it serves the remembrance of the union of Father and Son in the minds of everyone that you meet.

The end of seeking is upon us. The time of remembrance is well at hand. The time of remembrance is well at hand, and if you choose to remember, in this moment, you have remembered for the world. And if you choose to remember with me in the next moment, we begin to enlighten the world. You cannot be separate from anyone at anytime. It is impossible. And when you let Light come into your mind, when you choose to be the one to view things differently, to trust the flow of life, to trust the Love from which life itself arises, to acknowledge in your own mind that you are created in Love and, therefore, Love abides with you now, you choose to be that one. You are the one that uplifts the world and enlightens it, and you make it easier for your brother and your sister to make the choice with you.

That is the great change that is descending upon this plane. There will come a day when the age of what you might call the age of masters and messiahs and teachers will be finished and then we can just simply play with you. We can dance with you as equals and you will no longer put us on a pedestal above you or apart from you. You will see that that Mind is shared equally by us.

Would you choose in his hour to let the end of seeking be upon your own mind? To know that you can trust that the Bridge lies within you and that when you have a decision that must be made, turn it over. Do not cling to it. Place it on the altar of your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to “Direct me in the way that serves the Atonement, that serves the will of my Father, for I know not which way to turn, but You are given unto me as my guide.” And that gentle Voice will indeed come to guide you, and great fruit will arise from the choice that you make to follow the gentle Voice that is with you always.

So, that’s really about it. I have never come to say anything new. How could I? The Truth has been with us and shared among us since before the foundations of all worlds. You have not come to suffer this world. You have not come to what you call, “work out your karma” — though you may choose to perceive it in that way and, therefore, that is the experience you will have. You can learn through pain or you can learn through joy. It’s really up to you. And I know some of you thought I chose to learn through pain. It was not painful.

I have come in this hour, specifically in this hour, to share with you that there is a grand drama, of course — and many of you are well aware of this — a grand drama being enacted and carried out. See, if you bear with me for just a moment, a little story.

Once upon a time there was a grand and glorious child that played and laughed and romped in his father’s precious kingdom, and all of the meadows of that kingdom were given unto the child to play in, and the clouds that passed by were so beautiful and the air was gentle upon his skin. One day the child had a sudden thought to try something he hadn’t tried. “What would it be like if I were to lay myself down in this meadow and sleep? I’m safe in the meadow. It shouldn’t be such a big deal. I’ve never needed sleep before but I’ll give it a try.” He lay down and in his sleep he thought, “What if I could dream my own creations? Instead of just playing in my father’s kingdom, I’ll dream up my own. Let me see, if my father dreams or creates only unity and only love, if I want to create unlike him so that it’s a different kind of creation, I’ll have to create or dream up creations that are not lovely. If my father creates only that which is unified, I will have to create that which mirrors separation. And it’s just a dream. It’ll be harmless. I can wake up whenever I want.”

And so the dream began, and one holy gentle child closed his/her eyes and began indeed to dream of creations unlike those that flow forth from the Mind of God, Who is but Love, and there arose a thought in the midst of a dream. And at that thought the holy child of God forgot to laugh and took it seriously. The thought was the thought of guilt, that “I have somehow sinned against all that Love is.” And with that seriousness, a veil began to drop, well within the dream, but taken seriously. One thought at which the holy Son of God failed to laugh.

And if you would receive it, that thought has been as the foundation of the myriad worlds that have been made manifest, in which strife and suffering and death seem to arise, in which all form of insanity that you have ever seen has come forth. But from the very moment that that child lay down in the meadow to dream, already the Bridge was given unto the child, placed there by God Him/Herself, the Bridge of holiness that rests in the mind of the dreaming child. And from the moment time began, there has been conflict. Many of you have felt this. You know what I am talking about in your own minds: the conflict between the part of the mind that seems doubtful, filled with fear, perhaps a little self—loathing, and a part of you that always seems to know what’s going on.

From that moment, from that very moment, all of the creations that have arisen within that dream have been used by the Holy Spirit as the very means to gently nudge the child back to wakefulness. Everything. Without fail. It means that even this hour, somehow, something in your mind asks you to come to this home in this hour. Can you appreciate, can you appreciate the grand complexity but the simple power that brought all of us together for just a few hours? That’s rather incredible.

And what is occurring is that there is an acceleration in the process of the waking up of the child, and that waking up occurs seemingly in each individual mind because you have believed in individual minds, and for no other reason. As you have made your separation from God in the field of time, in the field of the appearance of separation, so, too, is that field translated into the means whereby the holy child of God awakens beyond the thought of separation, beyond the thought of multiple minds, and Christ is returned to union with God. That is what is going on in this plane. It’s the only thing that’s ever been going on in this plane and it will be completed.

Your journey, your journey to God, your journey into the simple choice that right now you can allow the end of seeking to be upon you, your journey is identical to everyone’s journey on this plane. Not in form, but in essence. Well, that means your journey is identical to mine. The forms, yes, have been different. The time frame seems to be different but there is no one in this room that has not known persecution and crucifixion. There is no one in this room who hasn’t been laughed at and had at least metaphorical stones thrown at you. There is no one in this room that has not had direct revelation and communication with God. And your lives mirror one another’s as they do mine. The choice is the same for you as it was for me: to choose to acknowledge within yourself that you are not the worlds, that you abide in the Mind of God.

You see, that choice, that choice is exactly the same for everyone. Everyone.

*Do our dreams play a role in this? *

Make no division between what you call your dreams. Make no division between what you call your dreams that occur while the body sleeps at night and that which you perceive through the physical eyes as you walk through your day. If you see separation, if you see creations that are born in time and fade away in time, rest assured you behold the outcome of the dream, and your reality lies just beyond that and yet within you. It is not with the physical eyes that you can see the essence of what is true. It takes what is called inner sight, the sight that comes with the flowering of the heart.

Do your dreams help you? Of course they do. The dreams while the body sleeps assist you. The dreams while you are what you call being awake assist you equally. You will value what you believe is a system — you more than someone else — but it is you that has expended the value, and if you say, “The dreams that I have while the body sleeps are very important and I want to learn from them,” rest assured guidance will come to you in many forms. It will come in the form of those that you would perceive as not having bodies. It will come to you while you sleep. You will uncannily run into somebody in a store somewhere who just happens to do that kind of work and you will feel attracted to being with them, A certain book will come to you that seems to assist you in your journey.

Rest assured, all of that comes because you are the one that has chosen to place value on that form of learning and there are many forms because nothing can fail to awaken the holy Son of God who dwells within you – that everything you offer to God becomes the means whereby you awaken from the dream of separation.

You see, I made a choice to give over the dream of death to my Father, and He utilized it through the Holy Spirit to teach me that death is not real. It’s really all the crucifixion and resurrection was about. But that was still part of my learning, and it is not something you have to repeat. Unless, of course, you want to.

Precious friend, look well then upon your dreams. Allow yourself to know what you do know: that yes, they do reveal to you the essence of what the mind values, what the mind holds fear about. But I would ask you to take this just as a suggestion: allow the value that you extend to your dreams, your curiosity about them, to be expanded so that you begin to see all of the events of your waking day with the same curiosity, the same watchfulness, the same value. “What does this moment teach me? How am I reacting to it? What choice must I be making to feel what I feel now?” It’s a rather good thing to do.

Therefore, I am not minimizing the dreams that you would have while the body sleeps. I’m just saying that they are the same. They equally reveal to you that which can awaken you, but it is because you have cxtended that value. It’s like going into one of your… {End of tape.}

…holds value and all during the day you use the power of the mind to decide what you will extend your value to. What holds meaning? What is bringing the blessing of the gift to you? And if you become too wrapped up in the red one, you won’t see the value of the blue ones and the yellow ones. And that is why I asked you just to gently expand your willingness to realize that from the moment you awaken in the morning until the moment you awaken in the next morning, every little experience brings a blessing for you. Everything.

Is it all a dream? Yes. Does that make it not worthwhile? No. Does it mean that you just say, “Well, it’s just a dream and therefore I’ll ignore how I’m feeling about this or that”? No, not at all. Look at it as a dream that brings a blessing that helps you to awaken from the dream. And when you can embrace every moment of your dreams and extend your forgiveness and love to them, and when you can feel safe in looking upon all things that your dreams mirror back to you, very gently you will begin to transcend whatever limits they seem to have brought to you. Fear will abate and you will take that step into the presence of peace, and that peace will come to your dreams. It will come to the cells of the body. It will come to the mind. And in the midst of all activities you will be simply the presence of one who is awake.

Look lovingly, precious friend, upon all of your dream. Embrace it and give thanks for it because it is your way home. Does that help?

Yes. Yes, it does.

Happy dreams.

Thank you.

Is all of this making sense to you?

Now, part of the dream, the process of this child’s awakening, in which he will simply open his eyes and go, “My God, I’ve never left the meadow in the first place,” and his Father/Mother will smile and say, “Yes, it was just all a dream and here you are,” part of it — how to say this — within the dream and the experience of time, there have been created in your perceptions, certain worlds that have arisen on this plane in which the remembrance of the integration of the mind and heart was lived. Some of you know of a certain timeframe and land that was called Lemuria. Where we abide — and by that I mean only in the physical sense with these little bodies — is in that area where a great continent, a great civilization, if you will, once flourished. That which you call the Kauai was a place within that continent that was held as very sacred, You could say it was like a hub, and because consciousness choose this place as a sacred land in which certain temples were built, it became imbued with a deep, what you would call, spirituality. And many of you know that even the insanity of your modern world has never quite snuffed it out and many of you in this room have felt called… let’s not call it called; let’s say, pulled in the heart, to be here. Is that not true? As if you couldn’t resist it if you wanted to. It is because it is familiar to you, and in your own dreams and in your own journeys, you have known this place before.

And what is occurring now is that there is a call. A cosmic Western Union person has sent out the telegram and said, “Hey, you were there once before. Why don’t you come back? We could use you.” And there is indeed, in the initial stages of it, a calling back together of those that share a like vision, share a like mind and like heart and share a certain history. And you all know that you know you recognize your own. Isn’t that true?

A feeling of familiarity with someone whose name you don’t even know yet? And when you begin to talk to each other, you realize, “Yes, my God, yes, I felt called here.” “Well, me, too.” And there’s just a sense of connection. Those numbers are going to grow, and there are many that will come from what you call the far reaches of this planet, many different countries, and you will recognize them.

For in part of the dream, those places, if you will, that have represented a time of perfect peace and perfect union will again begin to be restored. Why? Because it then creates the mirror that shows the mind of humanity the Truth. The mirror is being recreated, and what you call Kauai has a very important role to play in that.

Part of that which was called the wind that just blew was part of the process of clearing out what I believe some of you would call the auric field, the consciousness of this island, to make room for some change. And so, of course, the first thing you must all do is quit whatever you are doing and get a government job, create your own political party, set your own agendas, take control.


It’s never worked before. All that it requires is exactly what I have sought to share with you: the willingness to trust the guidance that speaks gently in the quiet of your heart. Look around you in this moment, and those of you that feel and know the depth of what I am sharing with you in these moments, look around you because many of your brothers and sisters are with you even now.

Why not get to know each other? Why not begin to expand what you call the celebrations that occasionally go on here in small pockets and begin to help others transcend what appear to be the limits of group affiliation and begin to let your numbers join in the swell, so that you celebrate together on a very regular basis. And notice I didn’t say anything about getting together and discussing what’s wrong. Getting together to celebrate, to celebrate the Light and the Love and the peace that Christ is, and that golden Light that descends like a dove upon this plane, touching any mind and any heart that would but welcome it. And begin to put aside any perception of differences about ideologies or ideas or beliefs — none of it gets you anywhere — but coming together to celebrate the Truth that you share one Mind and one Heart. That Heart is the Love of God, and that is the only thing that holds any value at all.

You see, by doing that you will create an energy. It will be like beginning to turn up the rheostat, and the Light will begin to grow brighter and brighter, and certain friends that you haven’t seen for what you might call a long time are going to be awakened in their dreams with a sudden thought, “Kauai. I can’t get Kauai out of my mind. Okay, okay. I’ll go.” As soon as they make that choice, a weight is going to be lifted from them. The joy will begin to descend, a lightness will come and many of them, even when their little airplanes come close, when they see the mountain tops, will begin to feel that they are coming home even if they’ve never physically seen the place in this life.

They need you to welcome them. It’s not just happening here, of course. There are many such places. For, you see, you all have what is called a lineage, a history you’ve created in your dramas and in your journeys. You have created time frames, experiences in which you’ve heard the Word of God in its many different forms. You begin to create ties and you’ve bound yourself to other souls. You’ve had many similar journeys. You’ve created resonances.

And what will be occurring in the years to come is a quick acceleration of what we will call a polarization in which minds are making choices: “Where am I going to be and what am I going to stand for?”

It is a time of great movement, a time of upheaval upon your plane. Remain in your clarity and know your guidance comes to you in the quiet of your heart where there the Holy Spirit speaks to you. And that One’s guidance never errs.

If you are here, there is a reason for it. If you are called to be here for just a week or a month at a time, there’s a reason for it. Would you, then, do that one thing? And if you would well receive it, this is really what I came to deliver to you in this hour: would you be willing to create a consistent time of celebration in which you opened your arms and your hearts and your minds and let the Love of God pour forth through you to embrace one another and the growing numbers of those that will come? You will see that the time of seeking has ended and the time of celebrating the Truth is upon us, on Earth as it already is in Heaven.

Would you be willing to do that?


I know it’s tough duty.

{Laughter & comments.}


You see, many have wondered… there’s a little verse in what you call the Bible, in which it is reported that I said to my friends that someone thought should be called disciples, that unto them it was given to know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven. To those that are without, it is given in parables so that hearing they might not hear and in seeing they might not see.

You think about it. How could such talk come from the mind of one who is supposedly awake and embraces his brother and sister as himself? Indeed, I said that unto you it is given to know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven. I never said that there was anyone on the outside.

It does make sense, doesn’t it?

There are those that choose not to hear. And indeed they will because the end of the journey is certain. The weight of separation finally becomes too much weight to bear for every soul. Some of you know what that weight feels like, and it’s time to release it.

Rest assured that if you are here but for the first time witnessing such a bizarre display, it is not by accident, because a part of you has cried out to awaken and to heal and to come back into integration and balance. And with that call that has come from the depth of your soul, you have been guided. And you will be guided always.

Though you see it not, when the soul first cries out, “Enough. Show me the way. Where is Truth? I relinquish my grip,” {clapping hands} just like that, the Holy Spirit wakes up and says, “Well, it’s about time. Now, make a left—hand turn. Now, go right. Pause. Go talk to that person over there.” And you suddenly find yourself feeling like you just can’t constrain yourself. You just have to introduce yourself to a stranger. And all the while you are being guided toward your own awakening.

And when I said that many are called but few are chosen, I did not say that God sends out the call and then decides if you are worthy. Many are called but few are chosen because they choose themselves. Do you see the difference? The choice is always given you to awaken.

The greatest of gifts that you can give now is equal to any gift that I ever gave to the world. It is equal to any gift I ever gave the world and is equal to it in value and in radiance and in beauty and in Truth. It is the gift of your being awake, unwilling to tolerate error in yourself for another moment, saying, “No, no more games. I’m not going to go through this world and pretend that I am separate from God. I am going to live the Truth that I know is within me because nothing else matters.”

That is the greatest gift. And I implore you and I ask you as your friend and as your brother, please give it. Give it with each breath. Just take a nice deep inhale right now and breathe out any intolerance and error in yourself and say, “Yes, I must be that one because I exist and I am held lovingly in the Mind of God. There has been no loss and nothing to atone for, and those that I love are with me eternally because my Mind embraces the whole of creation.”

It does feel a little lighter, doesn’t it? How are you doing?


Would you like to stand and stretch the legs and let the bag of dust move a bit?


{Stretch break.}

Sorry to disturb you.

You never disturb me.

Did you not feel me just now when you were in the other room?

I feel you always.

Old friend, can you let that cat out of the bag?


Indeed. In the field of time we have known one another for a great length of time. Is that not true?


And you know that you have indeed been called home.

Oh, yes.

And you have known for some time that somehow I had a role to play in the weaving of the tapestry that would be created here. Is that not true?


Well, what you call the “voila!” Now, I want to suggest to you, the times that we have been speaking of here tonight — that is, the times of celebration — visions that you’ve had concerning this, it’s time to really begin to bring them into being. Does that make sense to you?


So, why not have what you call a kick—off celebration in which the invitation goes out to all who will indeed hear — and you know who they are — to come to abide with you with your very, very old friend who is also the mate now, again. And to come with this clarity. It is nothing new, as you know. It is just a clarity that has been exposed. The telegram has been sent out now to come together to truly celebrate the Truth of what is unfolding, to begin to create that vortex, as you would call it, of energy so that all minds and all hearts, so called, begin to resonate with it very deeply. What do you think?

*My dear friend. You know I love you dearly, and I’ve been in service always and it is time and the call has gone out and everyone here has heard it at one level or another and it is very ready. Very very ready. Thank you for coming. Thank you for being here now. Thank you for choosing to speak so that those that need to hear can hear. *

Precious friend, you know I can’t be anywhere else, and you also know I’ve never stopped speaking. I just choose ears that choose to hear. Indeed.

So, it will be a grand celebration. Much singing, much laughter, much dancing, much playing, and not a thought or grain of seriousness. Indeed, it will be a feeling that will come back. It’s already within you, but it will come back within you — as well as within others — of ancient times in which you have danced together and I have been with you.

And I would share with you that there will not be any such gathering — you know as I say this, it’s not for you because you already know this — there will not be any such gathering that I will not come and abide in that celebration.

This I know well.

Celebration Director.

I accept.

It’s soon time to speak to the one on whose land you are living, to speak deeply from the heart, for the time frame that I’ve spoken to you about is at hand now and it’s time to begin speaking from the heart of an ancient vision that was once given unto that one. She has been waylaid and has been veiled by some fears and some hurts. To reach out and to embrace the heart of that one and to gently allow a remembrance to occur. Speak unto her that I remember her also and that the time is at hand.

Thank you.

If it were given unto me to have what you call as a body, I would probably bring it to this island. Indeed.

Is anything on your mind?


Yes, there is. Joy.

Joy. Yes, of course, you little mind reader, you.


Am I little or is your mind little?

Yes, yes. Bring me up here; put me on the spot.

Isn’t it time to know it’s safe to be there and this time there will be no persecution?

Uh huh.

Now, many of you felt a sigh of relief because many of you have tasted persecution. There have been times you’ve pushed the river. The wrong time. This time there will not be persecution. Regardless of the belief systems, regardless of nationalities and all of that nonsense, what is occurring now is that the collective mind of mankind is beginning to simmer and the lid that has been on the kettle is beginning to shake and rattle a bit. And as it shakes and rattles, the Light begins to come in. It’s so close, and it really wants to blow the lid off. And it’s only love and celebration that can do that.

Very soon now that will simply be beyond the age of theologies, beyond the age of philosophies. What is being reborn is what some have called the Garden of Eden, if you will — time when mankind walked with God and knew it and didn’t need a row of textbooks to prove it. And the grand cathedral will be found in the hearts of everyone. Celebration and gratitude, celebration and gratitude are now the steppingstones that begin to lift the lid off the kettle. Not philosophies, not ideas, not theologies. Love itself and only Love. So, have a good time.

Within the next six months to a year of your time, there will most probably be arriving on this island some that come from far distant lands. We speak here primarily of two or three in particular who will very well—grounded in Spirit. They will bring certain gifts that will help to expand the work that will arise here. Now, I say “probably” because — don’t let anybody kid you — there’s always free will and things need to be brought into place, but there’s already communication going on with those minds from myself and through some others, as they step back into alignment with visions that they have had since they were children. Most probably you will see them arrive in the time frame that I have spoken unto you of. And that’s enough of that.

Indeed, let the one on whose land you now live, let her know how deeply I love her. Not one thought she has ever held, not one experience has ever in any way, shape or form served to taint that love. And I give it to her now as fully as I have ever offered it. There is, indeed, a purpose and a reason that she’s chosen this incarnation and all of the complexities that placed her in the position that she’s in. There’s a part of her that knows it. Let your love and your embrace of her provide the safety to release the veils of that remembrance. Fair enough?


Well, doing what is called the will of God is good work if you can get it. The great blessing is, you can’t help but get it. So, thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.


So, I am done.

I am with you always. There cannot be separation between you and myself. There cannot be. No thought you’ve ever held, no perception of yourself can separate you from the Love of God, and I am merely one who once walked upon this plane and completed the very thing that you are completing: the Atonement, the recognition that you really are, after all, exactly what God created you to be. Indeed, that makes us friends.

I love you, and I will stay and abide with you in this hour in this place as long as you want if you have what are called questions, for as long as the gracious owners allow. And she was wondering, she was wondering how could she ever receive objective validation for her deep inner sense of connectedness with me? What better way than to pop into her own house? Indeed.

So, celebrate well because, you see, that yet is the secret to the Kingdom of Heaven that I shared with my friends; sing, laugh, dance and play every day and allow outrageousness to be your style. Outrageousness doesn’t mean that you offend anybody. Outrageousness means that you become so, so outrageous as to simply acknowledge in your heart that you are the holy child of God. No more and certainly no less. That is outrageous in the eyes of the world that believes in struggle and loss and pain and fear and death. When you become so outrageous as to throw such perceptions out the window and to acknowledge that only love is real, that is what it means to be outrageous.

Ready to give it a try?

Yes. Uh huh.

You had to think about it?


So, do you have questions or would you rather just do all you can to hug each other to death, to life? It’s really up to you.

I guess it’s going to be hugs.

Beloved friend, for longer than you know, I have waited for the age to descend upon this Earth in which the ending of questions is manifested because the knowingness of Truth is established in every heart.

When Truth is come, indeed the Truth that sets you free even as it set me free, what else is left to do but love and dance and embrace your brothers and your sisters, to celebrate the Truth that you are here not to suffer the world but to bear witness to the Light that enlightens the world? That is your only purpose and function, and we share it. And yes, I know that means I’m no longer special.

All right.

Thank God.



With great love I leave you, and yet I depart not from you but merely borrow the mind and body, if you will, to make something invisible that is available to you always for the asking. The simple asking.

Great is my love for you who have chosen to come again to the field of space and time because you have loved the world so much that you have given unto it yourself, the holy child of God. “For God so loved the world that He gave forth His only begotten Son.” Well, who do you think you are?

You are the one that He has sent forth to bring Light to the world, and I love you for your willingness to do it. It is not given unto me in this timeframe to have a body, and it will never be given unto me to have a body. It’s not necessary. And when you begin to hear some rumors and stories of someone on the other side of the planet who is the incarnation of Christ, remember, the Kingdom of Heaven dwells within you and that is where I abide – in your heart, with you always.

Therefore, peace be unto the holy and only begotten children of Light divine, who sing and dance and play and laugh together and enlighten the world because the Truth is in them and it is awake.

Peace, therefore, be unto you always. The day comes when the things of Heaven shall be wed with the things of Earth and Truth will be extended as far as from the East to the West. That’s all the cross ever meant. Peace. Peace be unto you always.


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