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Hang on a sec…

Again, and as always, greetings unto you, beloved and holy children of God. Indeed greetings unto you, my brothers and my sisters, for in truth I look upon you and see no distance between us. I look upon you only with love. I look upon you and receive the blessing of your countenance, your perfection, your radiance, the unique gifts of your own unique journeys.

Can you then well receive, that I come forth to abide with you as a friend, and as your brother, and as long as you desire it, as a guide, and as a teacher? But my teaching is never designed to have you lean on me. It is not designed to have you become dependent upon me. Rather, I seek in whatever way I can to teach you that which is beyond the teaching itself. To teach you that you are the one that you seek, that you are the one who is already equal to all that I am or ever could be. For well there is within you the power to be the truth that sets the world free.

You do not need to climb a high mountain in order to bless this world. You do not need to accomplish anything that the world can see. Rather, that one that is awakened to the reality that only love is real, that one that is awakened to the truth that I and My Father are one, seeks not to ascend the highest peak, but to descend. To take up a rightful place at the side of those who journey still through the labyrinths of illusion, for illusion is the cause of all pain. Illusion, the source of all suffering. And because your brother and your sister is yourself, that one that truly loves God seeks not to ascend in the clouds, as they once said of me, but rather to discover a way in which to impart the simplicity of the lesson of love. And seeks ways to be seen, to be noticed, to be heard, in such a way that those who are calling for love can receive it.

Teaching, then, is an art and not a science. And as you teach, you must learn. It is a law of consciousness, a law of spirit. What you teach, you learn instantly, and what you teach consistently, you learn repeatedly, until what you have learned permeates the field of your awareness so completely that no shadow can steal across the vast expanse of that which you are.

Here then is the great glory and the gift of your world. For while time seems to remain for you - and indeed, it will remain until you’ve forgiven the past and release the future, and have chosen to learn to abide where God is, now. As you abide in that place and realize that time, the experience of this world and each and every form of relationship that emerges in the field of your awareness, is a perfect and divine gift given unto you for you, the Holy Son of God - being neither male nor female - to learn ever more deeply to teach only love.

That is the only purpose time has. For when you choose to be that one who teaches only love and embraces each situation not as the world would teach you to embrace it, but as truth teaches you to embrace it. Not as something you’re doing in order to survive into tomorrow, but as an opportunity to seize with the fullness of your spirit and your consciousness, to learn to be the embodiment of love. To realize that you, you are the one for whom the stars have been set in the heavens! You are the one for whom your planet spins. You are the one for whom this universe has existed for a very long time. You are the one for whom all appearances have been given to you, to create the opportunity for you to accept the gift God has given you - your existence as Christ - and to choose to put that reality into practice. To learn in the field of time that which directs you to what is timeless, and indeed what comes from what is timeless.

For here is the great completion of what some have called the mystical ascent of the soul. Here the completion of all spiritual unfolding. Here is the culmination and the secret of what you would hear termed in your world ascension, for ascension is merely the remembrance of what has already occurred by grace. You cannot achieve it. It’s been done for you by the love and grace of God. Ascension, then, is completed when you allow the depth of your identity as a unique individual to settle into the Heart - with a capital H. That Heart through which the Holy Spirit speaks, through which love is extended, through which kindness flowers forth, freedom radiates, and peace is given to the world. When you indeed come to rest in that Heart, the mind will become your perfect servant, and it will never be filled with conflict again. Period. At any time.

And when you abide in that Heart, you will know that the great culmination of this remarkable process, this journey from the dream of separation to the dream of awakening into the reality of what has always been, is not the end of time but the transformation of time. For creation will never die. Creation is extension, and extension requires some quality of time. Rather than an escape then, rather than a completion of some sort, as you come to rest in that Heart, to live peacefully and fearlessly, whole and complete in your perfect union with God, the unconflicted mind serves you perfectly. And you will always know where to go, what to do, what to say. No big deal, no effort.

Then you have become the cross of light. The vertical axis means merely that which connects the things of time to the things of eternity. Vertical axis. Because you abide at the Heart, you extend that recognition as far as from the east to the west, in the field of time itself. And you are liberated. You are liberated right where you are. Even if it seems to be that you find yourself in a body upon Planet Earth, for the body is not a barrier to truth, and the world cannot imprison you. This would be to give illusion reality.

Come to understand, then, that what I sought to teach, not through necessarily my words, but through my life, my experiences, including my death, and my willingness to remain with you always, is to teach only love. And love embraces all things, trusts all things, enfolds all things in wisdom, and thereby transcends all things without ceasing. When you fully awaken to realize you have nowhere to go and nothing to achieve, and this moment - just as you find it - is the perfection of Heaven, you will know the freedom that I have sought to guide you to. You will have come wholly to where I am. And you will recognize that you are in perfect communication with me at all times.

Seek then not to journey some-where. But seek to embrace the place in which you find yourself in each and every moment. For the body being what it is, for the physical dimension being what it is, you will be in flux and flow constantly. Just try to sit down in a chair and see if you can stay there for three days. “No problem, I can do that. All I have to do is ignore my bladder, or hunger.”

So understand that while this body lasts, you will be in ceaseless motion. You cannot be in any other way. But freedom comes when you are willing to embrace the body as the body. Not to deny it, not to hate it, not to feel imprisoned by it, not to place your happiness upon its losing ten pounds, or changing the color of the hair. But rather, the body becomes exactly what it is. A temporary, neutral event which you can choose to use as a means for teaching only love in a way that can be seen by the world.

What is the world but the perception that the body is real, and that there’s something called spirit, but we haven’t been able to find it yet? When you come to rest in that Heart, and abide as that cross of light, fully aligned and in union with the mind of God, the Heart of God, and freed from your resistance to time, to embodiment, so that you are constantly extending your creations in the horizontal plane of time. When you abide in that place, you will know what Eternity is. You will be Eternity embodied. And though others may look upon you and think “Well, that’s just Mary. That’s just Jane. That’s just Fred. I’ve known them for my whole life,” rest assured, the same was said about me. “Is that not the son of Joseph the carpenter? What wisdom could possibly be coming from him?” The same wisdom that can flow through you. The same love given of my Father to each of us equally. The same wisdom that flows from the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and will speak through any mind that simply releases the delusion of believing that this world means anything. And all appearances, all relationships, all moments, have been given over entirely to the purpose of the healing of God’s Son. Please remember, Son simply means “offspring of, to spring forth from.”

Time then is no longer a prison. And Heaven comes to be perceived as spread across the face of the earth. And each step you take, you know that you walk in the Kingdom. Every breath you breathe is sanctified by your holiness, because you have received it without resistance. And each relationship, each moment of each relationship, has been sanctified by the holiness of your commitment to teach only love. And perhaps above all, each moment of relationship with yourself has become sanctified. So that in each moment of relationship with yourself, you are teaching yourself only love.

You have begotten many worlds. You have begotten many universes. Verily I say unto you, each time you think a thought you have set into motion a web of energy, a web of relationships that is creation itself. How important then, is your thought? You need only look around yourself. For everything that your physical eyes show you, whether you’re sitting in your living room, in your automobile, in this room with these friends, everything you see is the direct result of the thoughts you have been willing to give permission to making a home in your mind. Everything that you have ever experienced has come not because it was forced upon you, but because you called it to yourself just as you have called this very moment to yourself.

By being in this room in this hour, you have collapsed all webs of relationships that could have had a different conclusion, a different completion or effect. You have done that. Your birth into this world was the effect of your freely-chosen, your freely-made decision, to attract, to coalesce around you, a certain field of energy. You call it your parents, your culture, your timeframe, your planet, your universe, your dimension. You remain, forevermore, perfectly free spirit. Made in the image of God. Given the self-same power to create. And you have never, ever once succeeded in ceasing to create. It’s not even remotely possible. You don’t even get to take a break. You’re always creating and you always will be!

The only decision then is “What do I want?” That sounds rather selfish, I know, in your world. You’re not supposed to talk that way. “What do I want?” I speak not to the egoic mind that is reacting from fear, and then seeks relationships to console itself. Relationships with persons, relationships with substances, and all of the rest. Everything is relationship. But I speak of that I that is the focal point, the essence of your consciousness, the essence of your being, that spark of divinity, that ray of light that is as a sunbeam to the sun. That cannot be destroyed. That is made of the same substance of that which birthed you. That which I have called Abba.

How will you choose to become familiar with, to be in relationship with, that ray of light that is the power of your very consciousness? How will you utilize it in each moment? For in each moment, you are literally birthing your experience.

And it’s all okay. Any experience you have ever had is perfectly okay. In no time and in no moment have you ever failed. You have created. You have added to the creation that is the universe. You have never failed. Can you hear that? Can you really, honestly, truthfully hear with your soul that you have never failed? It’s impossible. Now, it’s not impossible for someone else to judge you as having failed. That’s their free use of consciousness. And in that moment, they’re like one that has held the guillotine above their own head and judged you and dropped it upon themselves. That is what judgment does. You have never failed, and you never will fail. The only thing that it is wise to consider is this. “Do I wish to continue this creation? Or do I wish to choose anew?” Do you see how different that is from those that would teach you about sin, and about guilt, and about failure, and about wretchedness? And about unworthiness? Powerlessness? Who can take your power from you? No one! You can only choose how you will use it.

So in your most wretched hours, you have been a perfectly powerful creator. And you are free to continue that line of creation as long as you want. To extend it on the horizontal plane of time for lifetimes, if you wish. It could be what you call in your world - what is your saying here? - crying in your glass of beer for ten thousand lifetimes, and never leave the bar. Hmm. Do you know that there are many beings, sparks of divinity which you call souls, that are not currently in embodied form as you know it, who are exactly living that experience? Who have been locked into some perception and have been there for eons. They even show up in your physical dimension sometimes. They’re called ghosts, locked into some tiny little place of creation, and they’ve been there a long time. But love can release them.

Recently, I suggested to this my beloved brother, and indeed unto his mate and friend, that it would be wise to journey to a certain State they call the Kansas. And I suggested to them that it would be good to drive, although they didn’t quite realize it was me mentioning this. I wanted them to experience something. Recently, you had what is called a bit of an explosion in your Oklahoma that destroyed a large building and many beings died. The vast majority of them are still there. Because no one has taken the time to go to that place, to contact those souls, to speak to them as though you’re right in front of them, to let them know a transition has occurred, and it’s okay. That if they will only look above themselves, they will see a light, and that it’s safe to journey to that light. It’s safe to release, and to entrust their family, their friends, their children, their coworkers, their pets, to the care of those still embodied. That they are safe and free to release this dimension. And I sent them there because I wanted them to feel palpably, as you would say, the reality of that. That a soul can be locked in an experience at the moment of death, and stay that way for a very long time. Until what happens? Someone who has awakened to a deeper understanding, who wants to teach only love so that they may learn it, reaches back metaphorically, and allows themselves to become a channel for that wisdom that knows how to release the soul from its bondage.

So I want to suggest to you this evening that all of you, before you rest your head on the pillow, say one thing in your mind, “I am not just this. It’s only the body that is resting in this bed. It emerges out of myself, out of my divinity. I am free to go anywhere at any time - {snaps fingers} - that fast.” How long does it take to pick a thought? And I want very much for you to have the experience of putting yourself in what you call the Oklahoma, and go to that place. And you’ll know you’re there, trust me. You will feel the pain and the sorrow, the depression, the sadness, the fear, the anguish. And simply say within yourself, “Father, who would you have me help in this moment?” And then observe what comes into the field of your awareness. It may be an adult, it may be a man, it may be a woman, maybe a child. - {snaps fingers} - Be right there.

It’s that easy. It’s that quick. And as you abide with them, let that image of whoever that is, be there. Don’t let the mind say “Well, this is just hogwash. This must be imagination.” There is no such thing as imagination! There is only awareness of what you are creating and experiencing, whether it be in this dimension or another. Therefore be there. And simply look upon that one, surround them with light, and speak to them as though they were right in front of you physically. You can even open the physical mouth if you wish to, to help kind of ground it. Let them know that they are pure spirit. Let them know that it is safe to release the world they knew. And that if they will simply turn their gaze skyward, so to speak, they will begin to see a pinprick of light far above them. And if they give themselves permission to let go, for they have not failed, they can begin to move to that light. And there will be someone to greet them, to help them understand what has occurred and bring them into a deeper dimension of knowledge.

There are, by the way, some of you in this room who, you could say, this is your night job anyway. You do it in what do you call your dream state. Sometimes you awaken and you know who you are, and you realize you had a dream about someone, but you can’t for the life of you figure out where on earth that connection ever came from. You’re already doing it. This is just the process of deliberately doing it.

Please! Help me release my brothers and sisters who are yet standing on floors that no longer exist, of a building that was shattered by one insane thought. That is what you’re here for. To teach only love. To participate in the healing of the Son. And if you think for one moment that your life is too ordinary, stop fooling yourself. You can be a street sweeper, and in the middle of your 11 o’clock appointment to sweep up the papers in front of the courthouse, you can be healing the mind of what your world would call the criminals and the judges who are meeting on the 10th floor of the building, by simply allowing yourself to be with them in just the way that I’ve described.

The body never imprisons you! Only you can imprison you, by choosing to think that you are less than what you are created to be. The body? A temporary teaching and learning device, it arises in one tiny corner of an infinite number of dimensions in which you are already having complete experience now. How many of you have thought “Well, it would be really nice to journey to Tahiti for vacation, and also be in Paris at the same time.” You can do that. You are doing that multi-dimensionally already. So why not embrace this tiny, little miniscule corner of your creation? See how utterly harmless it is. And yet see how rich it is in the potential for you to deepen your knowledge of what love is. Stop believing the mumbo jumbo of the world, and start using your time to extend and teach love.

You have an interesting word in your language - boredom. Boredom can only be the denial of the truth of who you are. And you can heal a multitude without ever lifting your buttocks from the chair. You are not ordinary and no life is ordinary, or belittling. And why? Because there’s only one life, a life lived in the light of truth. That’s all there is. Why not get on with it?

So when next you watch the mind trying to seduce you into believing there’s something you must do to get closer to God, drop it immediately and ask “How can I serve, right now, the extension of love? Who needs to be blessed? Who needs to be thought of? Who needs to be held? Who needs to be called?” If you start giving yourself to the extension of love, your days will be so filled that you won’t even notice time at all. You won’t be harried or stressed. You will be fulfilled beyond measure. And conversely, or paradoxically, what will occur in your consciousness, your experience of time, is that you are living in timelessness. Why? Because you’re so committed to teaching only love that you know you’re in the right place at the right time. “And this is the moment in which I can relax into the truth of who I am. And remember my purpose. I am the extension of God’s love, the thought of love in form. I have no needs. I have no lacks. I have no past, and I have no future. I am now forever one with God. Who can I love? Who can I love? Who can I love?”

I would not say these things to you, if it was not so. I would not say these things to you if they did not come from the depth of my own experience, learned while yet I lived in and as a body. And it was that learning that carried me through the dimension of death into a deliberate and conscious knowing of my absolute unlimitedness, so that I could experience the great delight of blessing the whole of creation in every moment, and being in loving relationship with all dimensions at once. The only thing that therefore is preventing you from knowing that is that you’re still letting yourself use the power of consciousness to waste time by perceiving yourself as unworthy, in lack, not knowledgeable enough, not the right connections. Do you see? Every time you let your mind wallow in that, you have your reward. Whether you like it or not, is another issue.

Seize time every moment! How can I teach love right now? Well, I’m in the middle of the desert and there’s no one for miles. Hmm. Perhaps it would be wise to go to a different dimension. And just shift your thought. Why look for someone that’s linked to a body? Is that the only way you can teach love? Those grand brothers and sisters whose bodies were destroyed as the result of one insane thought in your Oklahoma would deeply appreciate it if you would look beyond bodies, to find someone to bless and love. There are beings around you right now in this room, around what you call the body. There are an infinite number of dimensions and this room is filled. There’s no space left. Filled with souls, consciousnesses, sparks of divinity, intelligence. Not only are you never alone, but you never have anything called privacy.


So what are you trying to get away with, in your private moments? Comical sometimes. “I’m sooo alone.”


“Nobody loves me. I could never bless the world how Jeshua does it.”

Verily I say unto you, you have your reward. You’ve created it in that moment. And you can live in what the world calls squalor, you can live in what some would call here, your little houses of cardboard in the alleys of your big cities. And there, with the rain hitting the top of that cardboard and leaking down and through the walls into the concrete and making your butt feel a little cold and wet, you can know perfect peace and be totally absorbed with extending love to the fullness of creation. And that means that there’s no excuse for waiting until tomorrow, when a better job comes along. Or, oh, here’s a good one in your world, “If only my soulmate would show up.”


You want to find your soul mate? Open your eyes and look around.

Well, perhaps a new wardrobe would do it…

How many ways have you cleverly created to delay putting into action, the truth of what you are? Quite a few of them, isn’t there? And in any moment when you believe that you are bored, when you have what you call idleness… There’s no such thing as idleness! You are totally constantly involved in creativity and creation. You’re a non-union worker who gets no breaks.


And you are paid immediately for every creation. Immediately! The only step that remains is simply this… What do I want? What will this moment be for? I decree it. I create it. I bring it into being. And I reap the harvest. That’s all there is. There is nothing else. And why? Because you are a perfectly free being, abiding in the free mind of God, Who places no demands upon you what so ever.

Though the mind of God would ask that you consider being happy. That’s all. To consider being happy. And to lay up your treasure not where moth and dust corrupt and thieves break through to steal, but to lay up your treasures which are of Heaven. What is Heaven? Consciousness, creativity, extension, and love. The decision to heal, to dissolve in peace. That is the great gift of time. The perfect freedom in which you abide. There is no such thing as prison. There is no such thing as separation.

And as my sister said unto you earlier today, “When will you believe?”

I love you, because I know who you are. I love you because - and listen well - I love you because I learned to love myself unconditionally. Which can only take you into unlimitedness. You, you are that one for whom all things have been created, set in place. You are the one supported by your beautiful and precious Mother Earth, who gives you the very body that you utilize. Let us hope you utilize it well. You are the one for whom the bird sings each morning. You are the one for whom the clouds dance in multi-colors at your sunsets. You are the one for whom the one known as my mother continues to teach only love, to anyone who will listen. You are the one. You are the one for whom each blade of grass grows from the soil, to remind you of the beauty of life. To remind you that that same beauty is in you now.

Claim it. Own it. Nurture it. Treasure it. Learn indeed, beloved friends, to love yourself as your Father has first loved you and always loves you. See your innocence and your perfection. See the totality of your incredible creativity in each moment and with each breath. And when you have truly loved yourself wholly and unconditionally, so wholly and unconditionally that you will not tolerate holding on to anything unlike love in your consciousness at all, and you will do whatever it takes to dissolve it - and you’ll have a good time doing it - and when you have come to wholly love yourself, you will be where I am, instantaneously.

No, the body may not vibrate into light and the 60,000 people that live in your Santa Fe won’t go “Oooh, aaah!” You’ll get no press. No movie will be made about you for the television. You will simply be free. And you will walk in the world but not of it, and only the perfectly enlightened will know the truth of who you are. But you will know. And you will never be without the bliss of knowing that “I and My Father are one. And all that I do is my Father’s Will. That where my mind ends, His begins.” And the created and the Creator is so intimately linked that one cannot tell where one begins and the other ends. And yet you will always know the humility of knowing that you are the created - by something so infinite and vast that I could only think to call it “Abba.”

Be you therefore that which you are, and begin your ministry now. Bless this world with your holiness. Shine the light of your truth upon it. Be the one willing to lead the way, in your relationships, in your life, right where you are. And you may rest assured that if something needs to change, when you are abiding in that place, you won’t be able to prevent it. It will come like a miracle borne in the wings of a dove, dropped into your lap effortlessly. Effort is of your world, and has no part in the Kingdom.

And if you’re struggling to leave something you don’t like, perhaps that very struggle is chaining you to it. Turn again and embrace it with the fullness of love that you can bring in each moment. You just might find that what seemed to be your prison has been the pathway that has set you free. And where you will go you cannot know, but there are many, many, many, many mansions in my Father’s Kingdom. Worlds without end.

And already, let us say, you’ve been assigned. And there are a multitude of beings who are waiting for you to lead them. And as you claim the Atonement for yourself, they will find you, just as you have found me, perhaps through this, my beloved brother. I did not have to seek for you. Because I have awakened, and grown in the fullness of my father’s love, you have found me. And just in that way, there are many that are already assigned to you, waiting for you to welcome love, into and as the truth of your being.

What is your work in the world? To awaken, to accept the Atonement, to surrender the illusion that there’s anywhere to go. To accept that not of yourself, but of the Father’s love, you can do all things. And your pathway will be set before you.

I come to bring my friends to myself that they might know the truth of who they are, and stretch their arms and Heart wide, to accept those friends waiting for them to lead them. Where then can you teach love? Open your eyes to the place in which you find yourself, and just do it.

So, in closing, then, understand well that I keep my word. I once said, I am with you always. There is no room for conjecture, doubt or argument. It is simply the way it is. And that which you have called the Shanti Christo will indeed know the touch of my hand. Not just mine. For we come to serve and to support and to join with any endeavor to extend the holy, the good, and the beautiful, that miracles might be seen by those who don’t believe in them. And by so seeing them, their Hearts can be touched and their minds awaken, their souls uplifted, and their journey home can begin.

So rest assured, you will indeed see miracles through this expression. Not because I’ve demanded it of you, but because a vision was received. Because it was received, and planted in good soil, I have come to play with you. And I will play without ceasing, until Heaven is spread across the face of this most precious, precious planet. Even this planet that I was once taught to call my Mother.

Therefore, indeed, know I am with you always. Laugh, sing, dance, play, celebrate, love, hug, caress, kiss, touch, remind, speak the truth, and support one another. For without relationship, there is no Kingdom.

Thank you, then, for your time. Thank you for your willingness to heal the Son of God. Rest assured, I am going nowhere. Because you are where I want to be. Because you are my Father’s creation. And I love you.

Be you therefore at peace always. Embrace this world and thereby heal it.


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