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Now we begin.

Greetings unto you, beloved and holy Children of Light divine. In Truth it is a great joy, great joy, that I come forth to abide with you in this rather odd way — even as you have chosen to come forth and to abide with me and to set aside the whole of the world, to set aside the whole of your affairs to journey for just this short time to be with one another and to abide with me.

Therefore, it is with great joy that I come forth to abide with you, for I cannot come unto anyone save those that would choose to open the door of the heart for just a little bit and give me access unto it. I come with great joy because I love you and I have always loved you, and I have looked upon you and I have seen naught but the great ray of Light that you are created to be that outshines the body, that outshines this world and yet, for a time, has believed that it could be limited by the world. Nothing could be further from the Truth.

You have always remained as you were created to be. You have always remained as our Father has created us to be and, therefore, I come forth from that place that is at perfect peace and of perfect Light and perfect Love, that place that we share eternally, because the holy Son of God, the holy offspring of Light divine, is but the presence of Love. And if I am but that — and I assure you that I am — so, too, are you and no journey through space and time can ever separate you from the essence of the Truth that sets you free. And it is a Truth given unto you that can set you free now, in this moment, and at any moment. And there can never be, never be, a set of circumstances that can separate you from the Truth because that Truth is who you are. It does indeed outshine the body. It does indeed outshine every experience you’ve ever known. It does indeed abide fully within you now, here in this moment.

And if you would well receive it, you need only learn this simple process of looking not with physical eyes but with the eyes given unto you of God — and those eyes rest in your heart. And by looking with those eyes upon all that you see, you will come to embrace all things, to trust all things, to allow all things, to love all things and to outshine the limitations that they seem to be expressing, until indeed this world is returned to its rightful place as the creation of the offspring of God.

Many of you have heard it said that you have come to learn certain lessons; you have experienced what is called karma. And yet, I say this unto you: there is ultimately but one lesson that needs to be learned and it is simply this: there is nothing outside of you, and the Kingdom of Heaven dwells in its fullness and its glory and its perfection and its radiance right where you are. And when you have learned that lesson, the heart opens and it begins to feel safe — safe because it knows it abides in a world that can- not tarnish it and cannot limit it — and in that safety, the Love that you are, the Love that I am, the Love that created us to be as one, begins to radiate out, embracing the whole of creation that has been viewed as separate from one’s self, and it begins to bring it home again.

Therefore, understand well, that you will learn many, many lessons until you decide that there is only one worth learning: “There is nothing outside of me.” My precious brother, my precious sister, do not exist outside in my heart, in my mind. They come forth from within me, and I embrace them now in this most seemingly ordinary of moments. And because I embrace them without judgment, without fear, and by looking beyond the body, by looking beyond the personality, by looking beyond what is called the history — and even the history of the soul — I behold the great and radiant ray of Light that shines eternally in the Mind of God. And God is but Love. And because I see that ray of Light in my brother and sister, I have given unto them the greatest of gifts, the greatest of gifts: the gift of the opportunity to release, to relinquish identification, the shame and the guilt and the failure, limitation, the fear, and to choose anew with me to embrace the divine right that is the essence of all that alone is real. And nothing real can ever be threatened. And if you would well receive it, nothing unreal exists.

A rather interesting statement. “What do you mean, it’s not real?” I mean exactly that. “Nothing unreal exists and nothing real can be threatened.” You are God’s only creation, His only creation — Her only creation, if you will. God doesn’t matter how you address Him, Her. You are His only creation. If God created only that which is made in His, Her image, and God is eternal and changeless, there’s never been a time that Love has not existed and there will never be a time that Love will cease to be. And you are that reality.

When I came forth as a man upon this plane some two thousand years ago, I came — and I hope you are listening very, very carefully to this — I came for exactly the same reason that you have come into this very life: not to suffer the world, not to identify with its insanity, its limitations, but indeed to bring forth the fullness of Christ and live it. To choose to become so outrageous that you dare your own mind to say, “I and my Father are One, so what’s the big deal?” And to live it no matter what. To demonstrate first to yourself and, therefore, to the world that there are no sets of circumstances that can separate you from your choice to be at peace, and to allow the extension of Love through every cell of this glorious temple given unto you by the precious and Holy Earth, your Mother — for the body is but a means of communication.

It is really much like what you would call or know as a grand crystal. It receives frequencies and it sends them out. And the thing that determines what frequency will pour forth through the cells of the body, what frequencies will shine forth through the eyes, is what you call the mind. It’s like a little dial. And because you are made in the image of God, that which is given unto you eternally is the power to choose, and that power is never in any way, shape or form taken from you. It is never taken from you. And through the thoughts you choose to hold, you decide what frequency you are going to turn the dial to. And that frequency begins to express itself in what you have been taught to call reality. It’s not reality at all. You call it a dream. You call it… I believe you might call it a hologram. What is outside of you — which includes the body — is not what is real and yet, there is nothing outside of you.

It arises within the field of the one and holy Mind of Christ, the Mind that you share as the essence of your Truth and your reality. Look, then, not to discover Love, but seek only to become aware of the ways in which you have created obstacles within the mind to the gentle presence of the Love that is within you eternally.

Awakening comes not through striving but through allowing. Not through reaching but in relinquishing. Not through judgment but through forgiveness. Not through seeking but through being. And right now in this moment there is no distance whatsoever, no distance whatsoever, between you and the fullness of the Mind of Christ — because it is you.

Look well, then, in just this one moment. What thoughts are in the mind? If it arises, “Well, this must be nonsense. After all, I’ve been struggling, I’ve been meditating. I’ve been praying. I’ve never quite gotten it. How then could that mind be the essence of my reality? It’s like using my hand and trying to grasp my hand. I keep grasping but I don’t quite get it.” That thought, that thought, comes to the mind only because you have chosen to allow it. You turn the dial to the station or to the frequency marked “self-doubt”. Do you know that one?

That is how close the Kingdom truly is. To begin to notice that it is, indeed, mind that has created ten thousand worlds, ten thousand solar systems, a multitude of levels. It has created time itself and all that arises in time. And that mind is in each of us equally, and the power to choose what thought, what vision will be allowed by mind to be manifest in the body and therefore extended outwardly, that power is with you now as it is with me. The only difference that could be perceived, in the field of space and time, is that as a man I chose to accept the Atonement for myself and learned to hold that thought consistently, whereas some of you forget now and then. Sometimes I know it feels like you are forgetting for a long “then”.

But what occurs in that moment when you seem to have forgotten that sense of unity? It is merely because at the level of mind you have identified yourself with an illusion. You have identified yourself with a frequency of thought that would create the illusion that you are the body, that you are therefore subject to space and time, that there are others outside of you who you cannot trust or embrace and Love, that the world is reality and its perceptions must dictate to you. For the vision you hold for yourself and the world — this interesting little hologram of limited and often wholly insane thoughts, taken to be quite real and quite sane — has been set up by you only for but one reason: to see if you’ll buy into it. To see if you’ll buy into it. It is called “The fall from grace”.

It did not occur just at some point when time began. It occurs in each moment when the power of the Mind of Christ, given freely unto you and held within you eternally by God in yourself, is used in that freedom to tune to the frequency of separation. That means that with each breath you breathe, you are re-enacting that moment that seems to have taken place so long ago, and the holy Son of God — to use my terms; feel free to translate it as you need to — when the holy Son of God entertained a thought and forgot to laugh.

Think about it. When does the world feel most real to you? Is it not when there is a heaviness upon you? When you seem to be struggling with things? Isn’t that, that sense that tells you that the experience is real? And at times when there’s been an ecstatic lightness and a gentleness, a sense of miraculous freedom…

ln those time of gentleness when the flow is so effortless, has not the thought arisen, “Oh, it’s just so incredible, it is unreal”?

The Truth of the Kingdom is diametrically opposed to the truths of the world. What the world calls reality is unreality, and what the world calls unreality is quite real. And if you were to sit in one of your coffee shops tomorrow morning, cross your legs and shout out at the top of your lungs, “I and my Father are One. Isn’t it grand?” the eyebrows would rise. Some might move away from you. And if you were to follow that Truth with uproarious laughter, in which you looked at all the arisings and passings away of just this day and remember to laugh — not at anybody, but laughing because none of it can touch or taint or harm or limit the holy Child of God — they will probably move even further away.

And yet, in your laughter, and yet in your acknowledgment, you have chosen to use the power of the Mind of Christ to remember the Truth. And each time you do that, the Truth has set you free. And when you remember consistently, the shadows born of separation, dissolve in the depths of the Mind and the light of union with Love outshines all things. And even sitting in a coffee shop, you can smile and participate in the passing drama of raising the cup to the lips of “the body”, which you have now learned is not who you really are and sip your coffee, and the holy Child of God puts the cup down, leaves a tip on the table and walks out. And those that have moved away from you have only done so in body because only in this dimension can there be the perception of separation.

You have embraced everyone there. You’ve embraced them with the Love that has enlightened the mind and the heart because you’ve chosen to use your power to remember the Truth, and to remember that no set of circumstances can ever take that from you.

When I walked upon this earth, when I walked with many of you — and in a far deeper sense, you could say when I walked with all of you, I made a simple choice. You have heard many, many stories about me. Some quite accurate. Some extremely creative and imaginative. Some have even dared to say that I was born enlightened. If I was born perfectly enlightened, that would make me a freak in the world and who would need to listen to me? But if I did not experience the pain of rejection, the darkness of self-doubt, the struggle of “Armageddon” that occurs within the mind, then nothing I ever did and nothing I have ever said has ever meant anything because who could identify with it?

Well, indeed I have known persecution and I have known rejection. Try being born through a woman and the story’s already gotten out that it wasn’t through the usual means. You think you’ve stood out in a crowd. And indeed, I had teachers who came to me when I was very young and said I had a mission to be prepared for, and rest assured I said, “Who, me? It cannot be me. Don’t ask me to rise above my brothers and sisters. It’s too frightening.”

Do you know that feeling? Has it not touched each and every one of you? “Do not ask me to rise above the crowd. Do not ask me to think differently than the world appears to want me to think. I’ll just find a way to fit right in.”

How many times have you gone to sleep at night and felt a weight of something you couldn’t quite see, or couldn’t quite touch, upon your heart and upon your mind? A sense of restlessness, a sense of frustration, a sense of not quite being alive yet? “Something’s around the corner but I haven’t found it yet.” Do you know that feeling?

It doesn’t seem to be too rare in this plane. Can you understand in this moment that the feelings you have had were not unknown to me? And that is why I am indeed your friend and your brother. And in ancient days to call someone a friend was not taken lightly — though it was filled with Light. It meant… to call one a friend meant that you were choosing to look upon that soul and no matter what, no matter the circumstances, you would see only the Light of Christ in them and you would hold them in the highest Light possible, even when they didn’t have the strength to hold themselves there, and you would not place a single judgment, not a single judgment upon them for anything at any time.

Indeed, understand well, I come as your friend, and the world has never been able to get me to see anything less than the fullness of Love in you. And I have watched you as you have dreamt a million dreams. I have watched you as you have created dramas of pain and suffering and lack and limitation. I have watched you as you have striven to heal the world without receiving healing for yourself. I’ve watched you as you’ve striven to give but not to receive. I have watched you in your anguish and I have visited you in your sleep. And if you would well receive it: I have visited some of you on street corners for, you see, space and time are no big deal. And indeed, it is possible to manifest the appearance of a physical form and have a chat. And there have been times— and there are a few of you here, that if you just would have turned around after you walked away, you would have wondered where that person went.

I have never, in a sense, left this world. I have, however, transcended this world. Space and time are not a limitation to me. What I want to share with you — and if you leave here with only this one thought, it will serve you well and miracles will flow from it — if space and time are not a limitation for me, rest assured, that right now, they are not a limitation for you, because what is given unto the holy Son of God is given equally and without measure. And though you seem to be hearing words that pour forth through one of these bags of dust that you all seem to identify with, rest assured the mind that inspires those words is the very Mind that you are — that you are — and, therefore we come together not to seek knowledge, not to strive to overcome, but, if you would receive it, that which is coming to be born upon this plane is the end of seeking, the time of celebration, the end of crucifixion. And what is crucifixion but the perception of separation from all that God is, and God is but Love. And the rebirthing through remembrance is the resurrection.

I made a choice as a man, just as each of you in your own way make choices every day. And some of you well know what it means to feel like you are being crucified through the experiences of the world. If you have your April 15th, that’s a common time. You have experiences in which those that you love seem to lead you through what is called death, and the anguish comes not because they have left you — because they have not — but because for a moment you unwittingly identified with the perception that who that being is, is the body, subject, seemingly, to death. And loss comes, then, not because loss occurs in reality but because you have misidentified reality with an illusion.

And the choice that I made as a man was to be so outrageous as to believe that I could demonstrate to the world that it is not real. And if one of my teachers would have said to me when I was very young, “Guess what you’re going to be doing?” they would have never found me again. It was not until very, very late in the game that it became evident to me what I was being asked to do. What was welling up from within my heart — and you all know the same feeling; it’s really not fundamentally any different than feeling a welling up to pack up your bags and leave your comfortable home and move to some island out in the middle of an ocean. The same feelings come, don’t they? “Is this going to work? What’s it going to be like when I do it?” And do you not call upon the same Love that I called upon? “Just be with me through this.” And indeed, I demonstrated that death is not real, that even the body itself can be resurrected and ascended into a form of Light, if you will, because it is Light. That which creates this thing is really nothing more than Light. You’ve made a thousand of them and none of them have really been you.

What if in this moment you are willing to entertain the thought that right now you are the one creating all of these bodies? It’s a novel concept for some. What if it were possible right now to look around the room and to relinquish the habit of fear that keeps you from resting your eyes in union with another’s, who you think is a stranger? Know you that feeling?

What if you were willing in this moment to acknowledge that the Light you see in them is your own Light looking back at you? What if you were willing to look upon every brother and sister, indeed upon every cloud that passes by through the sky, upon every sparkling diamond created as the sunlight touches the sea around this island, if you were to listen to every note that the bird sings, and realize that that Light is shimmering back at you and the Light is your own? Now, that would be outrageous. And dare to sit in your coffee shop and tell your brothers the Truth: “We, indeed, are one, and I love the Light that lives within you because I have acknowledged that it is within me.”

I wonder what would happen in this plane if just a handful were truly willing to live that Truth? Do you think it might affect things?

You see, there was a time when I simply chose to turn the dial to the audacious choice of saying, “I and my Father are One. That makes me God’s Child. And of myself I do nothing, but through me my Father can do all things. I’m going to be crazy enough to get out of the way, so that He might do it.” And He said, “Right, prove it.” So, in a very manner of speaking, I said, “Just watch.” And a certain drama unfolded, misperceived by many, but not by me. I said unto my friends, ‘“Where I go you cannot yet come, and indeed the day and the hour will come and I will return and I will bring you to where I am.”

Could it be that that time is at hand?

And a demonstration was made, and it was revealed to a Mind that we share together that death is not real and that beyond the world of bodies, beyond the world of separation, a shimmering Light, radiant in its splendor, is the Truth that we share, and it is the essence alone of what is real. You cannot be threatened.

Indeed, the age of the end of seeking is upon us now. That is why there is a proliferation of what you call masters. I prefer to call them friends. It does make sense, doesn’t it? If you call them a master, you have already given them just a little bit…to the world’s perception, that there is someone apart from you and above you. And those of you that have learned to use that word, whether in relationship to me or any of my other friends, begin to call them friends and begin to feel each time you call upon them a sense of equality. It’s very, very important because, as you tune the frequency, the dial of the mind, you’ll experience what you have chosen. You see its effects and you forget that you made the choice. And when someone looks upon me or another friend and perceives them as being somehow further along in the game, high above them and far removed from them, in their mind they have already chosen to set it up that way. And you always experience what you choose to believe.

Therefore, in your meditations and in your prayers, and hopefully in the midst of your dancing and your singing, and your laughing and your playing, think upon me. Think about any of the friends you’ve come to know well and remember that they are as you are, and you are as they are. For in reality your equality and your union with them has never been shaken and has never, in Truth, been lost.

It’s very, very important to do that. Do not invoke a master above you, but invite a friend of equal heart to reside with you. But you can have some fun doing that. You can say, “Jeshua, get your buns over here.”

{Loud laughter}

Why not? So, when next there is what you call a Sunday and the people drive their automobiles to those buildings they call their churches, why not join them? You could all go as a group. Pick one out and have some fun.

And in unison, sitting in the front of the pews. Why do they call them pews?


If I had to approach my Father the way that some religions have created, I’d call it a “pew” myself.


Sit there in unison and say, “Okay, Jeshua, gets your buns down here now.” I will gladly do so. Is it not time to release the false piety? Is it not time for the changes to come so that you recognize that where you are, your temple is with you? It resides within your heart, and every loving thought is, therefore, the Truth that sets you free in every moment. Every moment is, indeed, the beginning of something quite new and yet something very ancient and eternal. Return to the simplicity of Love that embraces all things, allows all things, extends forgiveness — not because there has been judgment, but forgiveness because you’ve recognized that you once entertained a thought in the mind of separation and forgot to laugh at it, and so you’ve forgiven yourself and the Truth has been remembered.

Now, the end of seeking is upon this plane. The time of remembrance begins to blossom. It is what you could call the Spring of the year. And you can all do this if you would like or you can just take my word for it, but you can very easily step back from this drama and you can look upon all the aspects of the shared mind called humanity and you can see that it’s much like water boiling, and just underneath the surface of the lid — it’s been dormant for a while; the lid seems to have been quite tightly closed — something is bubbling. Something is churning. The lid shakes and rattles a little bit and creates the appearance of some volatility, even physically in the air. What is really occurring is that the holy Son of God is being remembered in all minds. That is the stirring. It presses forth — and some of you know what that feels like. You also know what it feels like to try to keep the lid on. Does it not create great stress and tension even in the body?

Uh huh.

Just let the lid be blown off. Receive. When you walk down one of your streets, the world would teach you to see yourself and everyone around you the way the world has taught you to see yourself and everyone around you. But you can begin to put this into practice easily. When you walk down one of your streets, stop for just a moment. Stop right in your tracks. Take a nice deep breath. Let the breath go and really see who it is that is around you. And in each of your brothers and sisters there is no such thing as a stranger, and that mind, that brother and that sister — rest assured, this is true — is crying out in their own way with what they know how to do, they are crying out for somebody to live the Truth for them. If you could receive it now, perhaps nothing gives me greater passion than to share the simplicity that your relationship is the means for the world’s salvation. Gone is the age of disappearing into some cave high in the mountains, seeking enlightenment.

Very rapidly there is dying the age in which enlightened friends have had to go to caves high in the mountains just to stay safe. And it’s time to bring it down, down, down to this plane — when you are buying your groceries, putting the gasoline in the automobile. By the way, it’s not going to be all that much longer when that will be something of antiquity.

Now is the time for you to remember that you have not come to suffer the world. You’ve come to enlighten the world. And that which enlightens the world is the presence of Love, and that Love is in you now, right now. And you can give it to whomever you choose — and only you can withhold it.

Can you think of a circumstance that might be a legitimate reason for you to withhold your Love?

No. If they don’t want it. If it’s not reciprocated.

Reciprocated? It is God who loves you. Love, which alone is real, is reciprocated with you before each breath and each thought that you think. They may not seemingly want it, but is that a legitimate circumstance for withholding it? For indeed, does not the sun — and I’m changing a little old verse — does not the sun shine upon all things, both the just and the unjust? And if your Father would not withhold good from you, no matter what, would you withhold it from the world?

Fear, it comes as a veil and a block. It comes only because of the habit of identifying with something that has been past. That is what fear is, and yet, fear itself can be the greatest of blessings given unto you when you recognize that fear does not truly touch the holy Mind of Christ that dwells within you and that if you are in a moment in which fear is arising, there’s a reason for it because nothing happens by accident. If you are in a seeming circumstance in which fear comes up, you are being presented with the opportunity to use the power of your own mind to choose anew, because the energies of that moment you have experienced ten thousand times before. To live in this world, this plane, in this lifetime or another, rest assured the energies of that moment have been felt by you ten thousand times, and it will be felt again ten thousand more times until you choose to walk through it.

All of you, all of us, have had what are called rings of fear. When you went to your kindergarten for your first day, you walked through a ring of fear and you let go of your mother’s hand, even though fear was there. And the second you did that, “My goodness, there are a lot of friends to make.” And you began to play. And as long as you were allowing it to flow, it was timeless and it was good. That same quality of experience is exactly what seems to separate you from enlightenment or salvation. And the means to that place that some of you have sought rather ingeniously for several lifetimes — very interesting dramas, by the way — it’s right where you are in every moment. There is a bridge, you see, presented unto you with every breath you breathe, every thought you think. Right where you are in the most ordinary of circumstances — quite frankly, there is no such thing — right there, your bridge is before you. And if you will be willing to be so outrageous and seemingly so insane as to let go of fear to extend Love, you will discover the joy that you once felt when you let go of your mother’s hand and turned and walked into the classroom with the strangers.

Fear, fear itself is the thought of separation from God. Fear itself is the thought of separation from God, and it does not occur at any time save now. And you’ve experienced — indeed, you couldn’t count them — the moments of renouncement, in which you have believed that that sense of fear is real and that it had to dictate to you the choices you would make.

Are you beginning to see what we are seeking to share here in this? Your monasteries are all around you, and the bridge to Heaven, if you will, is never any further than just one thought.

When I walked in this world, I would often go to my teachers when I was young and I could always come up with some reason, some set of circumstances, and I would say, ‘Well, I’m understanding what you are saying and yes, I feel this union, but there are these other times.” You know that feeling?

Please understand there are no other times. How do I know that? I chose to bring forth a demonstration — call it the demonstration of all demonstrations — a demonstration that included every death with pain that the human mind could ever imagine or create: rejection, persecution, crucifixion, even bodily to be stripped and beaten, mocked, laughed at, separated from those who loved me, watching those who loved me fall into a state of depression and confusion and fear and turn away from me — they thought — to feel indeed that which is called the nails pounded through the hands and the feet. Now, you can’t get much more extreme than that. If you really want to awaken, that’s what you have to do. Just kidding.


And yet, I learned in that moment how to walk through the ring of fear and to extend Love constantly, no matter what. I want to share a story with you. It’s not too commonly known. It didn’t make your history books. But there was one who was sent to participate in my crucifixion, and as he knelt beside me and placed a nail in the palm of my hand and began to raise the mallet, he made a mistake. He looked at me and I at him as a friend. I saw the great ray of Light shimmering radiantly, outshining the body, outshining the mind, outshining his own perceptions. I touched that core of Christ within him and he felt it. And, looking into my eyes, in a second, he saw the reflection of his own Truth, and without a word, he dropped the mallet, he let go of the nail and he walked away.

That being set out on a journey. That being went through a lot of pain. A lot of old guilt and shame came up because it wasn’t the first time he’d been the one sent to pound the nails. He travelled to distant lands and he began to learn. Through many lifetimes he learned, and in his own way that one has been a grand teacher. That one has learned not to be limited by space and time, and this experience of a lifetime is one that this one has never talked about with anybody, not even his clearest of channels and friends, if you will. But some of you know who it is and some of you will learn who it is. No, I’m not going to tell you.

But rest assured, that one is a friend who has learned of his equality and never ceases working to awaken and to heal anyone who will listen. This one’s not in physical form, no, and will not be. No need to.

Now, what does all of that mean? It means first, that when you go to your grocery store and the clerk fails to give you the right change, you can still extend Love. It means that when your employer says, “Guess what. We’re cutting back. It’s been nice knowing you,” you can extend Love and accept the perfection of that moment that is beginning to open a new door.

Think of any set of circumstances you have ever experienced and imagine the worst that could ever possibly come and rest assured, you will never find a set of circumstances that holds the power to steal from you the power to use the mind to choose Love. It also means that as you give, you receive, and to he that gives all — she that gives all—all will be given. To those that withhold all, even the little that they have will be taken from them. Not by a God who is cruel and keeps track and score, but because it’s a law of the universe. If you don’t water your flowers, they die. While to water them is to extend the Love of Christ to your brother and unto your sister in all circumstances.

Does that mean you put up with all of their insanity? No. It means you love them so much that if they choose to refuse the extension of Love, you allow that, too. And if you have to, you shake their dust from your sandals, not out of judgment, but out of the quiet and simple recognition that you don’t have to push the river, because just around the corner there just might be somebody who will receive it. Because you are the holy Child of God, you are worthy of extending your Love to those who can receive it. You are not asked to suffer at the hands of those who would deny the Light of Love. That old story is over now.

How is the world going to become a happy place if you don’t choose to be happy first? Rest assured there are countless of your brothers and sisters just dying, literally, who are waiting for you to choose to be the one that no longer tolerates error in themselves and chooses to be so happy, so joyous, so outrageous as to allow the fullness of the Light within you to be lived through you, no matter what.

Become so crazy that you jump off the cliff. Let the breezes carry you where they will, because you can trust them. You will be borne on wings of Love itself. Some of you know perfectly well what I’m talking about — some of you to different degrees. Trust Love. Trust Love to be present for you in all moments. Trust the Truth that sets all things free. Separation does not exist and your Father knows all things that you have need of if you will but ask — a pure heart that chooses to remember Truth — not to cry out unto God, “Please, if You’ve got time….” Stand in the strength of your Truth and throw your palms upward toward Heaven and decree that it will be so. “Holy Father, I dare You to overwhelm me with joy and with laughter and with friendship, with abundance, with health” — whatever you want. “Give it to me and give it to me now! This time I will receive it and I will extend it.”

So, you see, it’s really very simple. I have come, just as many of my friends are coming through some of you, through many that you’ve known and heard of. We come because the time is at hand. And we come to any mind and any heart that would just throw the shutter off a quarter of an inch and let us get our big toes in.

We come unto anyone who is willing to say, “That’s it. I don’t know the way and I don’t have to, but I’m ready to receive it. I’m ready to throw off the shackles of the world. And if I have to move to the Mojavi Desert to do it, so what. I will trust that that Guidance” — what I have called the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, whose guidance never errs — “will always inform me. And if there’s an event that I need to come to, and if there’s an opportunity just around the corner, I will choose to be the one who seeks first the Kingdom of Heaven, having heard and received absolutely.”

Guidance. Guidance is available to everyone at all times. And wherever you are, the only distance between you and me, between you and any of our friends who you feel an alignment with, the only distance is the width of a thought. If you ever tried to measure the width of a thought…And when the mind says, “Oh, no, it must be difficult. It’s gotta be harder than this,” remember that that thought itself is a thought born of a world created to express the perception of separation from God. That thought is wholly an illusion.

So, you see, I didn’t achieve union with God and then go about and proclaim it. I proclaimed it and then shared it. Does that make sense to you?

Now, what is all of this proliferation of these friends — channeling, you call it — through anybody who is willing to allow it to take place? What on earth is going on? We need you as much as you ever needed us. We need you because when we come and whisper in the dreams of our brothers and sisters who believe in the dimensions of the body as being the finality of their reality, the whisper we shout to create circumstances ought to get their attention — and it does for a moment — and then the old programing comes back.

There’s some of you that know what’s that like. “Well, I had this dream, and in this dream this master appeared to me” — friend, excuse me — “and it was like I was in this incredible temple and it was just the most amazing thing, but, you know, now that the day has gone on, I really can’t remember what we shared.” All that’s happened is that you’ve allow the programming of the mind to say, “No, that was a dream. Now you’re dealing with reality.” And so you shifted your attention, the energy of the mind, and created a separation that drops a veil.

Now, we need you as much as you ever needed us because you are the one whom your brothers and sisters believe is real. Does that make sense? After all, if they run into you in the street, they are going to bounce back and say, “You must be real. I just ran into your body.”

You see, teaching is an art. It requires that the teacher look and go, “Omph, the student speaks French. If I try to communicate in Italian, it’s not going to work.” Your world is a world in which the prevalent belief has been that bodies are somehow the final reality, that there is a wall of separation, and that minds, of course, exist within this thing you call a skull and, therefore, you can have something called a private thought. I am sorry to disappoint you.

And the point is, everybody knows these things. How many times have you thought about a friend and the phone rings and it’s them? “Oh, my goodness, what a coincidence.” But your brother and sister who believes that the world of the body is its reality needs you, because you seem to be yet within the body and, therefore, right where you are, you are the one who can walk and talk and extend Love in a way that is visible and can be felt by those around you, until they learn to feel from a different level, until they learn to see with different eyes — as many of you have learned to feel or to see. You, therefore, are the bridge that I talked about earlier. You are the bridge sent to this world, the bridge that can link the mind of your brother or sister who yet believes that they are separate from God, and can link them to the Love of God by demonstrating that it is alive within you.

That is what I meant when I said that the life that you are living holds a purpose which is identical to the life that was given unto me which seems to have made headlines. If you could feel that, truly feel it— and if it seems too difficult, just play the game of entertaining the thought that maybe it’s true — “what would that then mean in my life? What things would I need to allow to be released from my mind? What obstacles to the presence of Love would need to be released?”

“What if I were to awaken tomorrow morning and say to myself, ‘I am here to extend Love. I am the perfect and enlightened and awakened holy Child of God. I am a great ray of Light that far outshines all worlds, and I cannot help but be that which I am created to be. I am, therefore, the presence of Love. This and this alone is the choice that I make?” If you want to borrow my old words, “Not my will but Thine be done.”

What if you were to set aside all the perceptions you’ve ever been taught about who you are and what the world is for, and began to allow a different voice to teach you? What is this moment for? It will not be hidden from you, because they are all the same. This moment is for the extension of Love that can bring the miracle of the Atonement to the world. And a great shift indeed comes, and some of you have felt it. It seems indeed outrageous at first, to sit on the edge of your bed in the morning and put your feet on the carpet or on the floor and go, “My God, this body isn’t me. It’s a tool for communicating the Truth. It has been given unto me by my precious and Holy Mother, this Earth, given unto me as a temple to be loved and to be honored. And it’s for no other purpose than to extend the Love of Christ, that the world might remember that Heaven might again be born on Earth.”

What, then, is the purpose of the world? To demonstrate that it cannot be a barrier to Heaven. That all things can be translated through Love. And no one can do it but you. No one can do it but us — for there is no one who is alone. And all power under Heaven and Earth is given unto you to choose anew with each moment — even though it seems so insane to be but the presence of Love and to choose to listen to that Guidance that comes, not from seemingly outside, but from within the depth of your own heart. And that Guidance will bring you the strength to trust in Him.

I have, indeed, not come back — a bit of a misnomer since I never really left — but I have not come back to be the saviour of the world. And most of you are aware of that. I have come back to celebrate the rebirthing, the remembrance of the holy Son of God, the Christ Mind that dwells within all hearts and all minds, so that we can dance and play and sing and laugh together as equals. To look into each other’s eyes — and here I mean both on the physical plane and all of the non-physical planes as well because your heart can see them all in the twinkling of an eye — so that the whole of creation again dances together as one.

I have come — and most particularly in this evening — to share with you that the end of seeking is upon us. It will not be much longer when the age of teachers will have passed. I mean by this the teachers that most of you know about; that is, the age of teachers where someone has been selected and set apart, called highly enlightened — after all, they did it to me, too — and wisdom comes from them. The age of teaching will continue until every brother and sister’s voice is raised with ours. But the teaching will change because there will be a proliferation in numbers, if you will, of those that know the Truth and live it.

And indeed, the day is not far off when you will come to sit with me — with any one of the two thousand and three friends through whom I’m doing a similar work as I am doing right now in this hour — and you will come not with questions, you will come not because you seek, but you will come and abide with me and not a word will be spoken. There will be a Light that shines so brightly, recognized equally by all, and simply the holy Child of God, the Christ eternal, will dance with itself and the world will join us in our dancing. Let there be no doubt about this.

For the fulfillment of all things will come to pass, that each miracle, each miracle, shortens the need for time itself — because time is nothing more than a learning device, and once you get it, what do you need time for? When you, my equals, choose to be in the presence of Love, to look inside and say, “You know, I don’t need to suffer any longer. I allow unlimitedness to be lived through me. Father, Mother God, put this bag of dust wherever You want it,” when you choose to join with me in that, you have extended the miracle of the potential for Atonement to the whole of the world.

Each time you join with me and say, “That’s right. I am but the presence of Love,” though you may not see it, you have touched all minds. All minds. That’s what’s creating the acceleration and the quickening. The ripples are growing in number because somewhere a long time ago one mind chose to awaken. It occurred far before I had my lifetime upon this plane. But because it happened, I, too, was able to choose the Atonement. I simply got more press.

Now, because I got more press, I am in charge of the Atonement. And you all know what that means. You know what it’s like even in your world. If the whole world says somebody’s really got it, who do they listen to? And so, God in Her infinite wisdom, said, “You know, if they are going to deny it in themselves and project it on to you, you’ve got the job.” And it’s good work if you can get it. And you can.

I am, indeed, in charge of Atonement. All it means is that within the drama of the beautiful and holy Child of God, that obviously held a thought and dreamed a dream at which he forgot to laugh, and thus proliferated separation upon separation upon separation, world upon world upon world, it just means that within that drama in this world, I have come to signify the Atonement itself because I lived it and demonstrated it. And because the world has given me that authority, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, knows how to use what is offered. And that is all I meant when I said, “Not my will but Thine.” And if my Father would have said, “Go be a street sweeper,” I would have started sweeping streets.

Something else was given unto me. You were given to me, and I have never left you and I will never forsake you. No, it doesn’t mean you have to profess belief in me, but it does mean you need to acknowledge belief in yourself.

Indeed, I love you as I have always loved you. What comes to pass cannot be put into words, and the words of this world are words that have come forth from the perception of separation. At best they can point to; they can inspire. They can never wholly describe. Only direct experience can do that. And I have said it a thousand times and I’ll say it a thousand more, there will indeed come an age upon this world in which Christ has been returned to every heart and every mind, the dream of separation has been forgotten and all things are at peace, and the holy Son of God has awakened from the thought at which he once failed to laugh.

Will it come quickly? Oh, yes, because miracles shorten the need for time. All it takes is your willingness to tune your dial, to remember to use time constructively. And the only constructive use is to remember. “Yes, I can re-tune my dial to a frequency of Love. I can re-tune my dial to a thought that says, ‘I am one with all of creation, and by Your guidance it will come because I have decreed it to be so.’”

Many technologies are going to begin, shall we say, to be showered upon you, technologies that will touch every dimension of your experience. And this world cannot prevent, shall we say, the weaving of the tapestry in its perfect time.

Fear not the destruction of this Earth. It will not occur because you are choosing to be part of the solution. Every loving thought is true and every loving thought heals. There is nothing outside of you and separation does not exist.

Therefore, when you look upon your brother or sister and see naught but the face of Christ and when your thoughts about them are filled with Love, you have healed and uplifted the world. When a million minds see nothing but the face of Christ everywhere they look, how quickly will those upon whom they look awaken and join them?

Some of you know the feeling lately, a bit of acceleration going on. It’s just getting started. So in the end, this is the great and difficult task you have. Yes, you know what I’m about to say: Sing, laugh, dance, and play in each and every day. Some of you I have said that to a thousand times. Never let one day go by in which you forget to do these things. If the body is sick, do it anyway. If you just lost the job, do it anyway. It is very, very, important because, you see, Heaven is a place, if you will, of perfect life and perfect joy. And what changes the frequencies of the cells of your body? The thoughts you choose to tune your dial to. When you choose thoughts of joy, joy descends upon you, and that joy is like a frequency. The faster it begins to spin within you, the more it magnetizes to you that of like frequency. Does that make sense to you?

So when things aren’t going well and miracles aren’t flowing, don’t look outside of yourself. Take time out from the world and dance. Dance and sing and play every time you feel alone, every time you feel persecuted. Call somebody who will receive your Love. If you don’t know anybody, it’s about time you found somebody. You have those things that are yellow. The pages, ‘The Yellow Pages’.

If you are here to extend Love, to feel that joy that comes from communion with your brother and sister, if it’s not going well, why not just sit down with your telephone and start dialing numbers until you find somebody that will receive that Love. Now, I know it’s a complicated technique. It requires lifetimes of meditation. You have to do it on a perfectly empty stomach…

{Loud laughter}

Or you can do it where you want to. Why not? Love. Love alone heals. No technique you’ve ever been taught can bring Love about, but every technique you’ve ever learned can be empowered when you bring your Love to it.

It’s what I meant when I said, “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.” Never sit once again to meditate to try to get to Heaven. Bring Heaven to your meditation. Some of you very, very quickly are going to go to different friends, teachers, and suddenly something is going to shift. No, you are not going to get up and walk away or throw tomatoes, but in your sitting there you are going to realize something has changed in you, and you realize that the seeker has been laid to rest and you are there because Spirit has asked you to be there, to help hold the frequency and uphold the energy and join in communion with a friend whom you appreciate and is to be loved. Does that make sense to you?


Some of you have tried to come unto me for many, many lifetimes. I’ve never denied you, though you’ve denied me. Only now in this time frame, if you will, which you experience again by your wholly free choice, you have learned, “Jeshua is my friend and my brother, not my saviour. Thank God.”

So, many changes are coming to this plane. Change is, after all, the nature of this plane because there was an ancient time in which it was created to be a creation unlike those of God. But nothing is outside of the reach of the Love of God, and all that fearful minds have sought to create have become translated into the very means that propel the mind to seek the Truth. And if you would but join me for a moment and step back and see the whole expanse of time and all worlds that have ever arisen and passed away, you will see that it’s all been one turning, one universe, if you will, one drama of believing in separation and returning unto union. And every moment of every experience has served the process of your returning.

And the one thing I want to leave you with before we take what you call a break — what do you break when you break? — one thing I want to leave you with is this: nothing arises by accident. Each and every one of you have received an invitation to be here. Yes, there were a few more that had invitations but chose not to open them this time.

Because you’ve opened the invitation, I want to share with you that in the depth of your soul, no matter how unwitting or unconscious it may seem to have been, you have chosen to come to the threshold of the Kingdom, at which there is but one choice to be made: the choice to be awake. The choice that here and now you will choose with me to share in the Atonement and to release the past, because it is gone, to release the hurts and the limitations that you think you must still learn something from, to say you are worthy of a life in the Kingdom of Heaven and you will choose that and that alone, and anybody that refuses to honor the Light that you are, you shake their dust from your sandals and walk with me to God.

That is now the blessing of the gift I come to give you this evening — for I am but a messenger sent of my Father, Whose Love is above all things — to share with you the reality that we live as grace: you are whole now and we are together now, and because you are my friends, you are the one Light of this world, and because we walk together, we walk with certainty and the end of the journey comes quickly. Walk, then, with great strength and great joy. And if you would know your Father’s will for you, believe and ask, and be willing to receive. This world is not your home, but while it lasts, it will be translated into that which reflects the Truth that has already set you free.

And the time that remains is given unto you, is given unto you that you might allow me to work miracles through you, because it is by seeing them through you, touching the lives of others, that you must then come to acknowledge that the miracle has occurred within you, do you see? And what else could time be for but save to embrace miracles? Why not cut loose and let miracles become your guide — by being so outrageous as to believe that you and your Father are One?

You are the Light of this world, and your light shines with every loving thought. Your numbers are going to be growing within this little speck of dust out in the ocean. It used to be one ancient land. Indeed.

So, how are you all doing?

Great. Real good.

Now, I know that most of you have not heard anything that’s new. There’s never been anything that’s new. God created what is true and what is real and what is changeless: you, the holy Offspring of Love Itself, and your Light shines forever, unbounded, eternal. You have no beginning and you have no end. Use time, then, to remember. And when you are in your coffee shop, when you are in your monastery, if ever the thought should arise, “I don’t know if I have the strength to do this” — whatever “this” is — I say this unto you with great Truth: I will give unto you my strength until yours is as certain as mine because I’ve learned that as I give it away, it grows even within me tenfold.

So, the circuits are never overloaded and I come only to be your friend. So let the bodies have a little break. If you choose to return — and I want to emphasize, “if you choose”, because, if you would accept it, nothing ever occurs in your life without your total free acknowledgement and acceptance. You are the one that chooses all the things that you have experienced. So if you choose to return after the break of a few minutes, then if you have questions, we will entertain them together — because no question is ever for just one person anyway and every question that somehow finds its answer among us uplifts and heals all of us. So, we’ll be doing things just a little bit differently. I think you might find it rather interesting. So enjoy your break. And as you are taking them, when you go into what you call your little bathrooms, remember, we are not separate one from another.

{Loud laughter}

I will see you when you return.

Great, then, are the blessings that indeed we share together. Great are the blessings extended unto us of this our precious and Holy Mother, this Earth. Great are the blessings that are extended unto us of the One that I have called, “Abba,” Father. So much so that the union of these two brings forth but a state of blessing so that each moment is sacred and each place on which the holy Child of God walks is indeed holy ground. And wherever two or more are gathered in the name of One who is but the presence of Love in form, Christ eternal, we are together as one. Wherever two or three come together in that recognition that only Love is real, the whole of creation is lifted.

What then is there left to do but to celebrate together, to laugh, to dance, to play together? Possibly to entertain questions that teach us nothing new and the answers reveal nothing that we have not known before. But the process itself — some of you understand this — the process itself sometimes, perhaps even often, brings forth questions that are asked for someone who is not physically present and the answer given is given to them because separation does not exist.

I said earlier that there were some who had received the invitation but have chosen not to open it, and yet a part of them has opened it and though the body hasn’t been physically brought to this location, part of them is tuned in. So understand well that when a question comes to your mind suddenly, it could be for you. It might not be. Are you willing, then, to ask it for those that may not even be present? And yet, every question asked and the answer that will come forth from us serves gently in the dissolution of the veils that would keep the holy Child of God separate from God. Every question and every answer. And if the world be uplifted, then we are uplifted as well. Does all of that make sense to you?

Yes. So, let us begin. Do you have any questions?

Yes, I do. Jeshua, I’m always looking for guidance and I don’t hear voices. I don’t see visions that I am aware of.

I’m glad you qualified that.

But when I’m with people or when I am in a place where my heart is open, I know l am in the right place and the right people. When l notice something beautiful. Those are the kinds of things that make me feel like I’m walking in the right direction — like green lights on the street, a place to park in a busy area. But last month I got shingles, which you know is like an old person’s disease and ever since I’ve been trying to understand what that’s about. Is there any meaning in that for me? And it’s affected one of my eyes and that hasn’t gone away. I need help understanding that. And also, is there something I should be doing?

It is simply an act of punishment by an angry God.


Beloved friend, are there not times in which you notice that you do feel like an old person?


You see, in a group like this, we can’t let you get by with just a silent internal agreement. And are there not at times things that you would not look upon, that you wish you didn’t need to see?

Such as what?

At one level, what you would call it injustice, insanity, lack of mindfulness, senseless pain and suffering. But in Truth, beloved friend, much closer to home, are there not at times things that you would perceive you would not want to look upon within yourself? Moments in which there is a frailty and a fear? Moments in which an old voice seems to come back to you, in which you begin to doubt the safety, shall we say, of the universe in which you live, in which you begin to doubt yourself? Is that not true?


Do these moments not come often seemingly uncaused by the set of circumstances around you? They just seem to well up in the midst of even your busiest of moments?

Precious friend, the moments, in which you are recognizing what you have called here in this hour, of beauty, these moments are growing, are they not?


Was there not a time when you feared you might never behold or feel or see that which was truly beautiful?

Yes, definitely.

There is yet within you — and its roots are very old — there is yet within you a pattern in which — and you’ve well voiced it though you haven’t quite heard what you, yourself said — in which, when you are, shall we say, with a certain group of people or certain sets of circumstances, the heart can be open and you behold that which is beautiful and you feel that perhaps you’ve been guided there and you are in the right place. But there is yet a pattern within you when things get a little bit sticky and when you look out upon this world and behold some of the insanities that go on, there is a place within you that is fearful of allowing the heart to truly be open even in those moments. Know you that feeling?


Time to let that one be healed. That which has been called the sickness that has come to the experience of late speaks to you of those times in which you have felt yourself to be as an old person, one who has weights upon the shoulders so that the body stoops, and what you haven’t been willing to look at wholly is this pattern, this pattern that sometimes creeps in, that you would perceive — if you were to look at it completely and wholly — just initially you would perceive it as an inability on your part to let the heart be open and vulnerable even though the circumstances may not feel safe. Isn’t safety one of the issues that you’ve had?

Now, there is then in the depth of the mind the belief or the perception that if you were to look upon this block, this fear, this vulnerability, that you would then look upon it and need to make a judgment about your unworthiness. That is, a sense of, “I knew I couldn’t do it. I must not be worthy.” Do you see?

Now, as you have begun to allow healing to come, over the past few years indeed — and the relationship you are now in was a major step in your own process of choosing healing; and we are not saying anything to you that you don’t know.


As you have allowed those moments of the beautiful to come to you, it is like allowing a little bit more Light, a little bit more Light to come into the room of the heart. Now, Light’s an interesting thing because as it builds, as its momentum builds, it kind of takes on its own life and it doesn’t want to leave a stone unturned. It wants to bring Light underneath every piece of furniture. It wants to somehow get underneath the carpets. It wants to fill the whole room with Light, and so it begins to bring up for you, if you are willing to look at it, things that are representing in your life the places where you are keeping a few shadows back from yourself. The sickness says to you that the momentum of Light that is growing within you wants also to shine itself on this most deep strata, if you will, of the obstacles to the presence of Love that have been within the mind: a fear of a lack of safety that then gets translated in the mind as a weakness, a lack of strength, a lack of ability to be wholly loving.

Now, I want to share with you first, that that perception is entirely erroneous but it is one that you have carried, and you’ve carried it deeply and so it has left its mark upon you and upon your experience. We both know that in times past you have felt that you have never fared well in circumstances where, according to your perception, there has been a lack of safety. Huh?


Precious and holy friend, there is no lack of strength within you, and the power and the ability and the grace to throw open the shutters of the heart even when the mind is perceiving lack of safety, that strength is within you. The sickness that has come to the body speaks of the conflict that is yet within the mind. Look well, then, upon that which seems fearful yet within you. Begin to bring the wholeness of the Mind of Christ to that. How do you do it?

No, you don’t have to rush out and create a whole lot of circumstances to make you feel unsafe. What you can do is to begin to bring into your meditation memories of those times when you have not felt safe and have felt yourself contract and hold back, in which your fear at times has caused you virtually, shall we say, to run from the circumstance. Go back to those times and hold them lovingly in your meditation. Shine your Light upon them. As the memories come back, even the body will change. That is, you will have some shortness of breath — which is always a sign of giving into fear and tension. Be with that memory and relive it. See it in its entirety and make a different choice in the memory itself.

In other words, re-script, would be a another way of putting it, until you feel — not just see or not just think, but you feel — a change within your beingness as you look upon that memory. Feel how great it feels to allow the heart to be open, to be filled with Love, to be vulnerable even in the midst of those circumstances that have elicited the kind of fear that we are talking about.

This in itself will begin a process that will create a momentum of shifting and healing a very deep place in the mind that you’ve not quite been willing to, shall we say, to turn and look at head on because of the pattern of believing that there is something fearful and overwhelming there. In this sense, it is that underlying gnawing feeling that “I’m not quite enough.” Do you know that feeling?

I do.

Are you willing to give that a try?


Now, I have said to you that I will give you my strength until yours is as certain as mine. You will not look upon those memories alone. All you need do is think on me as you begin that process in your meditation and I will assist you in, shall we say, reshuffling the cards of the deck. This will, then, begin to mirror itself to you as your life continues to set the stage for certain experiences that could be deemed as fearful, as non-beautiful, but what will happen is that you will begin to catch that you are making a different choice — not deliberately with the mind, but that you will recognize that, “Somehow the choice must have been made differently because I am reacting differently.” And a recognition of the strength that is truthfully within you will begin to dawn. You’re not far off, beloved friend, from the glorious recognition that you are safe always and the strength is within you.

Does that help?

A few years ago you would not have asked the question. What you would have done in your mind, you would have said, “Yes, I was sick. Yeah, well, it’s getting better now.” Do you see? But this time you have asked the question. You asked from the depth of your being, “Okay, now what’s really going on here?” Do you see? It is already a sign that the Light is getting in, causing the stirrings, causing the healings to come.

I’ve been kind of impatient.

Ah, remember patience means to make power slowly and certainly. Thank God, Leonardo da Vinci was not impatient. Thank God, God was not impatient when He created you as the Thought of perfect Love in form. Much healing will soon come to the depth of your mind, and with that will come healing to the body if you want it. And if it gets to be too much, just have your mate take you dancing.

Is there anything more you would like to talk about?

I think that’s enough for now. Is there anything more you want to tell me?

Everything. And, beloved friend, I will tell you everything.

Thanks, Jeshua.

Thank you. It is not of great value to speak if there’s no one willing to listen. Indeed.

Hello, Jeshua.


The last time I talked with you in the group like this, you mentioned to me I would see myself as waiting along the road. I have about three questions tonight. The first one is: the program that we’re are all involved with, that Karen brought to Hawaii — has brought here, and we are all involved with — my heart and the reception that I’ve been getting from you directly is that this is an answer and will assist many of us. The next question I have for myself…well, the question is: would you please shed some light on that… inspiration for the work that I am doing and going to do, what is the next step for me? Also, I’d like assistance with writing the book that I know I’m to be writing. I’ve been finding it difficult to be at peace the last few months in the restructuring that’s going on. And the other question that I have is: when is my mate coming out? I don’t usually ask it in that way but if you could shed light on that — and I know it’s a matter of processing and preparing, which I have been doing — I would very much like to receive.

The mate will come when you are finished, what you call, processing, and you will be finished when you are willing to make a new choice: to begin to give up the perception that you must process or purify that which is already untainted.

Now, your statement, questions that you have laid out in order were done so because there is a part of you that knows that they will flow in that order. Now, that program that you are talking about is indeed a stepping-stone. What it does fundamentally is this: it presents an opportunity for others to let go of limited perceptions of how abundance can come.

Yes. Yes, we found that.

For instance, without hard work and struggle — my, my, my — and indeed with fun and with joy. As you focus your attention on that, it will bring up for you some things that can then be healed, certain perceptions, certain limitations you’ve held about yourself and about abundance. When this begins to be cleared within you, you’ll find that the writing simply is going to flow. You won’t be able to put it off and assistance will come. It will be there with you as you do the writing. Do you see?


Now, that first step is the next step in the work that you are going to be doing because it clears some things that are a little muddled. It creates what you call, taking the pressure off, and as the writing then flowers, then you will see that there is, shall we say, a new river flowing through you, and very naturally and effortlessly certain forms of work within this blossom like flowers. When this occurs, it is time to make room in half the closet.

Now, do you see then how your statements laid out exactly what is going to be unfolding for you?

Yes, thank you.

So, as they say, first things first.

So this program, as I received it, is a priority in conjunction with what else I’m doing? Because I’m involved with another program at this time. It’s a little more complex.


You know what it is. So, thank you. That’s confirmation. And am I to remain on Oahu for another few years or…?

More than likely it will be better seen as a matter of months than years. I say more than likely because it depends on the completion of the first step. Do you see?


There is another dot in the water that will beckon to you. It does beckon to you.

Yes, but I ignore it.

Yes. It would not be the right time.

Hello, Jeshua. I feel like I have come to this planet to network, to bring different strands together, to weave a tapestry of people and consciousness and ideas to help bring in the new paradise, and things have been going well here in Hawaii, but now this other opportunity is opening up in New York and I’ve been asking for some clear guidance as to which direction to go in, and I’m not sure. I’m sort of leaning in the direction of going to New York, and yet my heart is still attached to being here. So I’m wondering if you can give me some guidance on that?

First of all, you cannot go there without taking here with you and that which calls you to that location should best be seen as an interim step and will not be in any sense your final destination. Down the road you will indeed find yourself spending the majority of your time in places such as this as opposed to places such as that.

Now, rather than allowing conflict to come to the mind for right now, or any time in the future, rather than wrestling for guidance about which way to go and noticing the conflict in the heart because of the attachment in the heart to this very ancient homeland of yours, let your attention be on doing the weaving that you’ve been doing, bringing into manifestation certain levels of abundance that will then provide some breathing room, some freedom. When you think about this possible journey opportunity in a place that seems so far away in more ways than one, just let it be there.

In other words, I am asking you to set aside the need to come to a conclusion. To put aside the restlessness and the conflict, and just notice, “Something’s speaking to me. Okay, that’s fine.” Then let your attention for right now, especially, be wholly on the weaving of the tapestry that’s going on. That will be the foundation, the springboard, that will bring the clarity to you in the right time. The momentum within you is to indeed go to that place. It would not be appropriate to go, shall we say, immediately. And yet, the time frame need not be very long. A couple of months. It will come to take place as you allow the conflict that has been going on in the mind to be set aside and just to recognize all things are unfolding perfectly, trust where you are, and that the whole of your attention joyfully be on the weaving of the tapestry. You know what we are speaking of there.

Now, the opportunity in that place is going to bring forth to you much good. In this sense, the good is that much healing, much clearing is going to occur, much strengthening within yourself. Again it should be seen as an interim kind of journey and that down the road you are going to find yourself spending the vast majority of your time and energies in places such as this, in climates such as this. You do far better, shall we say, around bodies of healing water. It’s a very subtle thing, but you need to allow the conflict to leave the mind. You see the call there. You see the opportunity there. Say, “Yes, okay.” Let the whole of your attention be on what is unfolding for you here and now. It’s very important not just for you but for many of the others.

Yes, I have that sense that I’m holding the energy and it’s important. Not only for the bringing forth of my own abundance and my own letting go of all limitations but also being tied to the community here.

Yes, it is a very necessary step. You see, what’s going to need to happen on this plane is that those involved in allowing themselves to be the bridge between the old and the new, would be one way to put it, the shift of paradigms that’s occurring, is that they are going to need to give up their lack issues and not see abundance, even material abundance, as somehow opposed to spiritual abundance. There is still going to be the need in this transition that’s occurring for those that are involved in bringing Light to the planet to be able to demonstrate to others with very ingrained beliefs that spirituality and materiality need not be opposed one unto the other. And coming into abundance, then, allows freedom in this world, as the world is for now, to begin to, shall we say, create different kinds of projects, get certain things moving and get certain things done. So abundance, giving up those lack issues, is a very important process of the awakening process that is occurring in many.

Does it help you understand that just a little?

Yes, absolutely, because I have been feeling like I have all of this work to do on this planet and yet have felt hampered by lack of money to give me the freedom to do it, and I feel like that’s finally going to be solved.

The money won’t give you the freedom to do it, but the freedom from your limitations to solve what seems to be the limitations of money will bring the freedom and the manifestation of things that you will be asked to do. Do you see?


It’s not the money that’s the limit. It’s the concepts and ideas you have held about yourself and about the world that have created a bit of a block in the realm of monies. So as you focus your attention, then, on the freedom to create joyfully, everything else will fall in place.

Thank you.

Jeshua, could I ask a couple of questions of you? First, would you like to comment on diet and the spiritual path? Most of the spiritual paths, including the Essenes that you -were a member of, advocated a vegetarian diet, but in modem spiritual paths the tendency is to allow the choice to the student. There’s the issue of karmic consequences of this and practice of compassion. Also another question is about the atonement of karmic burdens. There are some teachings that claim that you can transmute that by choice into positive energy. Other teachings say that you are innately pure so all you need to do is transcend it and, of course, there are other teachings like the Buddhist that say that somewhat like you said, the statement, “Whatever you sow you shall reap.” That means good seeds as well as bad seeds will be reaped or experienced — whether you call it belief systems or creating realities. Another question is, you speak of belief systems and concepts creating your reality. Can you comment on how to identify it, dissolve it, if it’s undesirable and create new ones which can manifest more quickly? In other words, a process which is related to your ascension…? What would it take for a Light worker to actually attain the ascension conversion into the Light body? You know, a lot of people follow many teachings and techniques, and a lot of times you find in their actual life they didn’t achieve what they taught.

That’s true. Now, that’s a very large list of questions. Now, to begin with, the greatest of diets, this is absolutely necessary, consists — and that is why this substance was channeled through mankind some time ago — consists of six cans of your ‘Cola Cola’ every morning at four a.m., followed by a box of what you call the cereals that they put in the grocery stores — the one with all the little colored dyes and the funny little shapes.

‘Lucky Charms’.

Ah, that is a good name.

Now, I was taught that the Earth provides all that the body needs because the body is the Earth itself, and that the herbs of the field shall be as one’s meat. That is still very wise counsel. Will diet enlighten you? Not at all. Will the lack of a certain diet prevent your awakening? Not at all.

However, you are here to demonstrate the wisdom of an awakened mind, and while time lasts there is but one lesson you need learn and you need demonstrate: “There is nothing outside of me.” Not a blade of grass, not a creature that walks upon this Earth, who swims in the oceans, is outside of you.

So what I want to direct your attention to is a correction of understanding that has permeated religious and spiritual circles for too long. The tradition in which I was raised, the Essene tradition, taught that man should live in harmony with Earth, with the energies of the Earth, taught that the herbs of the field are given as one’s meat. This was not done from a perception that you had to eat this way in order to get to Heaven, but rather as an expression of one’s understanding of the unity of all things and the sacredness of life.

The Earth is not outside of you. Therefore, the choices you make create effects. The Earth provides the body all that it ever needs and that which is closest to the Earth in its natural cycles is best. It is quite simple. Now, if one eats meat, are they denied entrance into Heaven? Of course not, because there is no denial. You are, indeed, pure and pristine in the state of reality.

Ascension. Ascension does not occur for those who continually seek to make it happen because they haven’t first made peace with where they are. In other words, there are many upon this plane who are still seeking to avoid being here and the ascension game is but another grand device used by the ego to try to avoid responsibility for learning the simple lesson that “There is nothing outside of one’s self.” The way that you transcend the world is to embrace and love the world. The way that you transcend the body is to embrace and love the body.

Therefore, make no moral judgment about your diet, but allow it to be as a mirror to you about what you believe about yourself and the world around you. To eat unconsciously shows you that you are carrying the belief that your thoughts have no effects. But I say unto you: there is no such thing as an idle thought. Bring mindfulness into what you are doing. Anytime you eat a substance, don’t do it with judgment and don’t do it with a pre-set standard that says somehow “This is spiritual” and “This isn’t.” But rather, look at the motivation and the unconscious habits that have brought you to that moment, and then ask of your own internal guidance, “Is this the appropriate thing for me to be doing now if my choice is to demonstrate the fullness of a mind that is awake?” Heaven forbid responsibility.

What is best and wisest for you, will reveal itself to you when you are willing to bring a simple and gentle honesty to each moment. It’s a very serious thing to do, it seems, because the world, along with the ego, will constantly try to tell you that you don’t need to be responsible. And yet, I say this unto you: the dimensions of your responsibility would paralyze you if you knew just how broad they really were. And how broad are they? There’s nothing outside of you.

The herbs of the field indeed provide all that you need simply, gently and easily. It can take some practice and some correction because the body follows suit according to what the mind has learned to do or chosen to do. So the body learns certain patterns, certain energetic patterns, and it could take some time to have the body relearn what you would teach it anew. I rarely ate more often than once a day and that meal was often quite small.

Do you need, then, to follow suit with such a program? Do you need to allow yourself to fast two days out of every week or even three or every four? No. You need only begin to relinquish your grip on unconscious habits and ask that Love be your guide in all things, and Love will gently teach you, right down to answer the question, “What substance needs to go into the body at this moment?” It’s really quite simple. So, what I advocate, then, is not attachment to a rigid form or set of beliefs or ideas but the gentle mindfulness of bringing Love and awareness back to every habit that you carry — by being gentle and loving with yourself at all times. Play with it. When next you grab a substance to eat, take just a moment, a nice deep breath and exhale, and ask, “Is this substance optimal for me in this moment?” You will get your answer.

Let wisdom teach you of itself. It is time to set aside strict adherence to any set of beliefs about anything because that requires, you see, that you come back to trust in your own internal guidance. I would say, however, that as one awakens, the desire for lightness, even in the body, begins to become paramount, and things that never seemed to bother you before, you begin to be sensitive to. Noise and crowds, certain substances that are not really helping the body to heal and rejuvenate. You begin to be far more sensitive and, therefore, it requires at times even a greater vigilance or a greater discipline, a greater level of honesty about who you are and where you are in this world.

It is very easy to use the mind to justify anything that the ego wants justified. Truth is not about justification. It’s about the desire to extend the Love of Christ in complete fullness and without any obstacles or impediments whatsoever.

Does that help you with all of those questions?

Yes. Could you address the one on identifying…dissolving the systems that don’t work…In other words, the unconscious patterns of…which new beliefs to adopt to create your reality, and I’m wondering…sometimes it’s not so easy to dissolve beliefs and unconscious patterns…?

Precious friend, if you contemplate well what I’ve shared with you, I have already answered that question: by simply bringing honesty to things that you do. It’s as if you were watching a curious movie. As you watch yourself go through the day, just watch. It is not that difficult to perceive what have been unconscious patterns. It requires only honesty and the willingness that a different voice teach you what is appropriate, and then bring correction to it.

How do you dissolve a set of inappropriate belief systems so that you can adopt a new one? To do that you must assume that the mind can choose the belief system that is appropriate for it. This age is not about seeking. It is about trusting and allowing totally the wisdom that is already in you to come to ascendancy. Often the mind will say, “This set of beliefs is not appropriate for me so, therefore, I need to get rid of it and I need to adopt this other set of beliefs that I’ve just recently learned about,” because the mind perceives that by so doing it will gain some good for itself.

That level of the mind does not know what is good for it. It is called setting aside the lower self and trusting the Higher Self to teach it what it is good for. I would ask you then, precious friend, to shift your perception from wanting to know how to dissolve one belief system and how to stick in another one, to merely focusing on the desire to awaken from every last trace of perception or belief that you’ve ever been separate from God. For the need to adopt and adapt yourself to a belief system is already a sign that you are not quite willing to trust that the guidance of grace is available to you in each moment. Each moment can be new and fresh.

As you go through your day, merely begin by acknowledging in the morning that you want to be shown those things that are unconscious in your life that are limiting the expression of Christ through you. You do not need to seek them out. They will be revealed to you. As they are revealed to you, acknowledge them and then ask of what I would call the Holy Spirit to bring the correction to your mind that will effect the appropriate change for you. Do you see how that’s different than doing it on your own? It’s very, very important. Are you willing to give that a try?

Thank you.

Did that help everyone else?


It’s a very important question. It is all too easy, you see, “Well, well, I’m just not getting enlightened but ah, there’s this group over there. I’ll run over there, and I know if I adopt those techniques, then I’ll get it.” The only technique that brings enlightenment, if you will, is the one that says, “There’s a part of me that is enlightened already. All I have to do is get out of the way. And I do that by asking of the Holy Spirit, the Higher Self” — the part of that wholeness in your own mind that always knows — to ask it in this moment, “What is it that hinders me from expressing the fullness of the Love of Christ?” It will not be hidden from you. And then to say, “I am willing to be taught anew.”

Because you are one with God already, you need only give to the Holy Spirit your willingness — just your willingness — and correction will come naturally and effortlessly and gently.

Does that help?



Jeshua, I’m from another island, a rather larger island than this one. I’m from Australia. I, like you, have chosen to do a rather nice job on this planet and I’d like to address that someday and maybe change the focus a little. One of the things that’s come to me to ask this question is, you mentioned the technology aspect. What I’m doing is setting up a world network. It’s really a new paradigm for life, the foundation for a new society, and the name I’ve been given to put to this work for this idea is “World Harmony.” Now, amongst what I’m doing, many people working with me, is the…

And there will be many more.

Yes, I’m certain. In a way, it’s the notion of perhaps getting people to join together in unison to work together to resolve some of the problems that we have created, one of which is the pollution factor. Now, when we are talking about pollution, we are talking about the air, the water and the land, and the technologies that have already been given are sufficient, I feel, to already resolve these problems. The big job I have to do is to put that together in a way where we can bring all the people together from all walks of life, including governments, including U.N.’s, including the fossil fuel companies, including the environmentalists and anybody else who might be involved, together to reach an agreement to eventually do this — to create the shift that will need to do it — and the plan is forming and I would like to meet with you, please, for some help. It is a big job and sometimes I certainly need that help.

I want first to say to you: it is not so much that you need to ask for help but to remind yourself that help is already given unto you, and the process that you are talking about is well under way in, shall we say, the cosmic laboratory and there are many who are fulfilling roles similar to yours except they don’t happen to have bodies. That is, there is much of what you would know in your world as a network or a networking being created. There are many unseen friends who are assisting in many, many ways. Many of the leaders of your world, especially in the areas of technologies, more so than in the area of your politics, are being visited much more frequently — and this is going to continue to accelerate — being visited in their dreams, in the space between their thoughts when they finally relax enough. Certain visions are beginning to be born and shared by many minds, beyond…a little bit beyond the embryonic state.

What, what puzzles me is, I’ve met so many of these people — so many of these technology people who are doing things — and we are primarily focusing on free energies. When I say that, I am not talking about solar, but I am talking about totally new concepts of energy. Water, for instance. And there are others who are working with the electromagnetic field of the Earth to produce all of the electricity we need and want without polluting the planet. Now, what seems to be happening is, these people who get these, that they seem to work for a while and then they stop working. It’s almost like the time hasn’t arrived yet for them, maybe the perception I’m getting. “Okay, I need to get this in place so that they can happen and then they will manifest.” Is that correct or am I doing this backwards?

As you know, part of what you are being asked to do is to help educate those in the old paradigms so that they can release their fears about the new. Now, the reason why some of these devices seem to stop working is directly related to the reluctance of the group mind to accept that these things could become what you would call a reality.

Now, that is what’s going to be changed, and that’s what I was actually addressing by visitations that are going on. I’m talking here specifically about those who would resist change — those who are most fearful of change although they happen to hold rather powerful positions. There is healing going on in their minds so that they can begin to entertain that change can occur without the need to fear loss. That which opens the mind to safety is looking at alternatives — not just alternatives, but whole new ways of doing things. As that energy begins to shift in the group mind, you’ll then find that these technologies not only crop up all over the place but that they work and they sustain themselves, and that the network of those who are receiving these ideas becomes stronger and stronger and closer and closer. It’s like a quickening going on in the collective mind of those involved with technologies and controlling the technologies on this planet.

You are moving wholly in the right direction with what you are doing, and for now I would simply suggest that you continue to do that with great confidence, remembering, as you do know, that you are not alone and that uncanny meetings are going to happen for you at just the right time and just the right place. You do have a part to play. It seems like a big job, but remember, you have a lot of help and it is going to happen.

Let us work on the unseen planes to shift the perceptions, to help release the fears, so that as your ideas begin to be shared there is even a greater fertile field for receiving them. That which you have called the gathering together, at this point it looks to be closer to about two and a half to three years than on the shorter side of two. That may be quickened. But rest assured, beloved friend, it is going to occur.

Yes. It’s all unfolding quite beautifully. From my perspective you could say that we are all quite happy with the progress.

What personally do I need to do for my own personal growth?


Thank you.

Except love.

Of course.

Jeshua, I keep having the feeling that I am going to be leaving here…. Is this to be for me, and if so, is there going to be a replacement for me here, in this home?

Why are you asking me about that which you already know?

Yes, you are leaving. Remember that when you follow that guidance — and you know that’s where it’s coming from; it’s not like a knee-jerk reaction — rest assured that that which flows from that kind of internal guidance always serves the highest and best for all involved. I know that’s a short and sweet answer but it’s really to the point.

Yes, you will most probably be going to be leaving, mid-year, perhaps just a little bit slightly after that.

Can you give me an idea as to when I can expect to enjoy good health?

This will begin to transpire for you certainly after, soon after your departure.

Thank you.

Jeshua, I have two unrelated questions. The first one is: how can I mend this situation where ego got in the way? I broke my own highest ethic and having injured deeply, one of my friends.

Now, to the first question: you cannot fix or amend anything. You can forgive yourself. You can allow the lesson to be learned. You can extend in wisdom the recognition to the other of your understanding of what has transpired and what you, shall we say, failed in this regard. You can ask for forgiveness, if you will, most importantly to share your deep recognition of your understanding of the situation itself and the choice that you made.

Understand, you cannot fix or mend anything at any time. The only thing that you can do is to give the past over to what I have called the Holy Spirit. Extend your forgiveness to yourself and ask for it from others, if that is appropriate, so that they see and understand your complete recognition of your understanding of what has taken place. The attempt to fix or mend is the hope to go back and erase something so that you don’t have to wholly own up to responsibility for it. It is far better just to accept it, to look at it, to extend forgiveness and to walk on.

By the way, what you call the injury is not so severe and so deep as you might perceive.

Jeshua, I am another one feeling unsafe, and I would like some assistance in feeling more safe in my working conditions, and this is in reference to bringing forth healing technologies in relation to legal requirements and licensing. I would like to have more comfort and assurance… to protect myself in the area.

Find a different world.

Okay, thank you.

In other words, beloved friend, you’ve chosen this life to be involved in this kind of a drama. It’s an important drama, yes, but you have chosen this world to act it out in, and this is still a world of not only complexities but rather insane complexities at times.

Understand that the answer you are really seeking is to be found in your recognition, in your willingness, to embrace totally the fact that you have chosen this pathway in life. Your safety will not be found out there, but rather within. As you choose to remind yourself, when these conflicts come up, that you have chosen it wholly, that you are safe now and that God is ever available to you at all times and at any moment, and when you accept also that you could just as easily walk away from it all and get a job in some little store in some small town in the middle of Kansas and you’d still be perfectly okay, you will find that the perception of these things that you are involved in begins to change and to heal, and that then is going to open a doorway to deeper guidance and greater, shall we say, creativity and a deepening sense of safety.

Does that make sense to you?

Thank you.

Now, we both know that flexibility has been an issue for you at times.

Yes. I’ve been looking for a team to help me bring forth more of the work and… How does it look to you? It feels good to me, this…



Yes. I wouldn’t know how better to describe it than what that simple…?…Continue.

Thank you.

…last year when I…I had to come home and slap myself to find if I was still here. I thought maybe I had an accident and passed over because people even in the grocery store would step on me, push me aside as if I weren’t there, wouldn’t respond if I spoke. I mean, how can these things be?

The question asked properly is, how can any of this be?

The body is not quite real. The shared perception of its solidity is nothing more than a shared hallucination. Now, you, again have chosen, shall we say, to move it to other realms at times, and your experience was given to you not to cause discomfort but to show you that indeed the body isn’t quite the primary reality. And, unbeknownst to you, you did have — actually you’ve had it more than once — you have the experience because you carry an ancient ability of shifting the energy of the mind so that you are not, shall we say, present where the cells of the body are. You have the ability to do what has been called in other cultures of making yourself invisible. Now, that doesn’t mean that you perceive as being gone, but it does drop the veil, so to speak. It’s almost like a black hole in which there is no light. Others simply aren’t aware of your presence. It creates a blind spot in their awareness to your presence. It probably won’t happen very often any more, especially after your devotional retreat.

How can those things happen? Anything can happen because the power of consciousness can create whatever it chooses to learn and manifest.

Jeshua, another couple of questions. I visited…in England, the New Jerusalem, and the story is that you, when you were on Earth, visited that area. Is that so?

Yes, with Mary Magdalene.

The other question is what I’m…I’m writing a book and I’m halfway through it, and it’s about the principles that we may be now moving into. Now, the title is something that I would like to get your perspective on. The title I felt.. I’m not sure…what it was, the title was “The Third Testament.” Is that correct?

Yes. It came to you rather suddenly, didn’t it?

It did. It did, but I said it was ego or what. The other thing is that I feel as though I didn’t write it…

Yes. Well, you ought to be writing it anonymously…

Yes, l am.

So, how are we all doing?

We are doing fine.

So, indeed. We’ll take one more question and then it would be time to come together, wrap the evening up. However, our union will not end nor will the conversations that I have with you end — though some of you will just get started.

Thank you.

I had a lot of questions when I came in and don’t feel I need to ask as many as l had on my mind, now. The last time I talked to you, I mentioned about living to about ninety, and if things continue, is that still the same or…?

It’s down to thirty-four…


Beloved friend, understand that for you, what is called the age of the body, the amount of years that you’re going to live this one out, isn’t really subject to too much change one way or the other here.


So, I guess you need to plan well for your future.

I’m supposed to meet a companion. Have I even met this person yet? Have I seen this person? Is it someone I haven’t seen at all?

Let me ask you this — and answer with a certainty of your knowingness. Have you met that person yet in physical form?

I feel I have.

Then why are you asking me?

I want to be sure.

It is a good idea to be sure. Remember, patience means to make power slowly.

Now I can ask you anything… Am I still going in the right direction?

Beloved friend, each time you choose to love yourself and to remember your worthiness, each time you remember that you hold the power within yourself to, shall we say, create the frequency, to create the vortex, that attracts like a magnet to you that which supports your view of yourself that’s being birthed within you, yes, you are moving in the right direction. Let not fear dictate your choice, but let the vision of yourself as the holy Child of God, worthy of Love and respect, of creativity and fun and joy and fulfillment, let that be your guide in all things and settle for nothing less. Move in the direction of Love: love of self, love of God, love of life. Move in that direction, beloved friend, and turn not back to look behind you.

Yes, you are moving in the right direction. Is it not the direction of loving yourself?

Sure. Will l become more at peace with…?

Yes. Will you let me help you?

Yes. Will it happen soon?

Yes. Precious friend, never fail to give me your pain when it overwhelms you. Fair enough?

Yes. {Sobbing} I love you.

I have one more thing. I want to have more dreams with Dave and stuff. Will it happen?

As you go into your sleep state, do so without the sense of struggle or a sense of reaching or striving to make that happen. But go gently into your sleep with the knowingness that all minds are joined in Love. Hold the image of that one lovingly in your mind, not holding in the sense of a rigid holding, but a gentle nurturing awareness with a smile upon your lips. Gently go off to sleep and indeed the connection will occur in what you call a dream state.

See, beloved friend, in your desire to make it happen or really wanting it, you almost kind of strangled it out of you at times. You see, the resistance… you’ve created a tension about it. Go into it very relaxed. It’s called allowing.


So, how are we all doing now?

A simple observation: there are twelve people in your audience.

Seems to happen sometimes. Yes.

So, for those of you that have stuck around, understand what that means. Understand the choices that you are already making within the soul, within your lives. Know always that I love you. Know that you are loved wholly. You cannot be separate from God and, therefore, you cannot be separate from me. I am indeed your friend and your brother. It’s perfectly okay to ring me up now and then. Indeed, I will always have the time to abide with you. You are the Light of the world. Teach, then, only Love, for that is what you are.

Peace be unto you always, even unto the end of this age. It comes far more quickly than you can imagine. Go, then, in peace.


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