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Hang on a sec…

Now we begin.

And in Truth, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. I come forth always in joy to abide with you, and indeed as I have said unto you, I am with you always. Therefore, I come forth in joy from the place within you and within me that we share eternally. That place cannot be lost to you, as it has never been lost to me, and in each moment and in each thought and with each breath as you choose - and I emphasize the word “choose” - to be but the presence of Love, you are the one through whom the Light that lights all worlds shines forth.

Does it take a great miracle for you to allow that Light to shine through you? No, it takes indeed the simplest of miracles, a miracle that has already occurred in the depth of your being and waits, not for it to occur within you, but waits on your welcome and your acknowledgement that because you are, the Love of God is made present.

You are that one sent forth in my name, even as I was sent forth in yours, for we share in one Mind and one Heart and one great and eternal Truth, and throughout all of eternity there is but the union of Father and Son, all that God is, and God’s one creation.

So, would you join with me then? Let the eyes of the body close. Release the sense of rigidity from the body and from the mind and especially from the breath, and in this moment, in just this one moment, allow yourself to set aside what you have perceived to be the worries and concerns and troubles. In just this one moment allow yourself to set aside every perception you have ever held about anyone. In just this moment allow yourself to set aside every perception you have ever held about what the world is for. And in just this one moment alone join with me in the quiet place of the heart and set there upon the altar your belief in the past, your anticipations of the future.

Release the world from your mind. Let the breath flow deeply and freely without need to constrict or to direct it. Allow it to flow through you gently and easily and use the power given unto you, not to make but to allow, to allow yourself to begin to truly join with me ? and if you believe that that must be hard, realize that that is just a perception. Set it aside. Replace it with a loving thought that teaches you communion with all that Jeshua is is simple and natural, for minds that are joined in love cannot be separate one from another.

Open, then, the shutters of the heart. Touch deeply the place of peace within you and begin to see and to feel a soft and warm and radiant Light that seems to have always been there. Touch that Light. Allow yourself to be bathed within it. Breathe that Light, allowing every obstruction, every obstacle to the presence of Love to be dissolved from the mind, from the emotions and from the body itself.

Feel me, then, as I come to abide with you now, for I am not limited. And yet I am no different than you, for the same unlimitedness is shared by us and the place of peace is not lost to us. And abiding there without trace of effort, hear then these words that come not through a mind or a body outside of you, but hear them as though they come from your own soul, through your own mind and touch your own lips: “There is nothing outside of me. My radiance knows no boundary. My purity has not been tainted. My innocence remains forever and I am embraced in the Love that is the presence of God. My Light has no beginning and it shall not have an end, and with it I embrace all things and, in embracing them, I heal them and transcend them.

“I am the one in whom my Father remains eternally well pleased. I am the one who has come into the world and the world has comprehended me not. I am come to bring Light and to reveal it to my brothers and to my sisters, for they are not outside of me, and everyone that I behold in them do I see and know myself. They are, then, my salvation. And because I give my love to them without measure, I receive the Love of Christ.

“I am that one. I am that one. I have lived the life of every being, and the Light that is Christ lives within me. Choosing Light, I light up all darkness. Choosing Love, I release all fears. And because I am awake in God’s Love, the whole of creation is uplifted in me.

“Gone the perception of the need to suffer. Gone the perception of lack and of loss. Gone the perception that I have ever been separate from Love. And because I embrace the world, the world is transformed and now is my purpose before me and the Truth of my being revealed. I come only as a friend of everyone, and because I extend my love, they are healed in my presence. And from this moment on I choose to go out no more from my Father’s holy place, and the body becomes but the means through which I make my love manifest to the world. I live, yet not I, but Christ Iives in me: one Mind, whole and complete forever. I am the Peace that must pass all understanding.

“l am the Light that lights all worlds. And because there are no boundaries, even now without moving a muscle I allow my Light to expand until it touches every heart in this one small room, for I am asked only to receive those who are sent unto me. And in receiving them, I know that I am received, and my Light heals the heaviness on all hearts. And embracing my brothers and sisters, I remember that we are but one.”

Abide, then, in that place of union and leave it not. Be not in a hurry, for where is there to go beyond this?

“Once we dreamt a dream, and for just one moment we chose to believe we were separate. But the time of dreaming is ending now, and because I choose to awaken, my brothers and sisters can awaken within me. For this am I created. For this alone am I sent forth. For this have I entered the world. For this have I suffered the world, and for this do I enlighten this world.”


And now, in this moment that is both without beginning and end, understand well that you hold the power to forgive the world, and if there is anyone or any event that you have ever known that somehow rests as a chain upon the heart, go to that event, go to that experience, go into the presence of that one within your mind and embrace them with that Light and know that you are safe right now to allow miracles to heal whatever has been in the past. Choose it, then; choose it well, for the reluctance to forgive has been the only thing that has ever blocked your awareness of the Truth and kept it from your mind and your heart. Forgiveness is the great need of this world, and you are the one who can bestow it.


And if that feels just a little difficult, remember that you are not alone because I am with you and I will indeed give you my strength until yours is as certain as mine. Take it, then. Ask it of me and it is yours.


Some of you are becoming aware in that quiet place of peace that you are indeed never alone. For even as I am with you, there are other friends who are likewise with you. Trust what you feel and what you know ? not with the mind but with the heart. Forgive, then, the world and you will have forgiven yourself. And in forgiving yourself the heart begins to open. It begins to trust in safety, and peace comes to be remembered. [Pause]

And together we are the Light that lights this world.


Begin now just to let the breath move a little more deeply in the body, as if you were just breathing in life itself, just saying “yes” to it. It is never hidden from you at any moment. It’s as though all the Love of God is in a soft, gentle golden Light, which is pouring into the very cells of your being, and yet you do nothing but receive what is rightfully yours.


So, if you would like, simply let the eyes open. However, it is perfectly okay to leave them closed since it is not with the physical eyes that the essence of what alone is real can be seen. Learn to see well with the eyes of the heart and your vision will never be clouded and will never lead you astray.

How are you doing?


Good, I believe it worked.

Rapidly indeed there comes much change and the tapestry that has been woven, that begins to bring the holy Son of God home again, is nearly completed. I have said to you many times that the miracle shortens the need for time. Therefore, in all things look not to time for the measure of how long it will take for the Atonement to be completed, but rather focus your attention on the miracle that is occurring within you and the miracle that you can allow to be extended to your brother and to your sister. Nothing else matters, save the recognition that each moment given unto you is a moment given so that you can be the Light that lights and heals this world.

Once you believed that you were something other than what you really are, but the Truth is getting out. You are miracle-workers. And though you may not have quite noticed it, but in what you chose to do together for just a few moments has indeed already loosed miracles upon the whole of mankind. It is not difficult to bring Light to the world. It requires only the willingness to deliberately set aside every perception you have ever learned about yourself that has not come from the place of peace and certainty within your own heart. For that is where the guidance of the Comforter can be found and can indeed be heard. And when you set aside those perceptions, you do not so much as recreate yourself as simply allow what you truly are to be remembered.

And each time that you choose to remember, you, little old you, are indeed the one that uplifts the whole of creation, the whole of it - every blade of grass, every wisp of cloud. You, you are the one that heals your neighbor.

The time is drawing to a close for seeking, and what is being born is the time of remembrance. Remembrance is not so much a doing as it is a grand celebration of what could never be taken from us. And indeed long have I waited for this age to be upon this plane, this world of yours. For soon the Son will no longer suffer torment of the dream of separation. For what is beginning to occur -and remember, miracles shorten the need for time, so as it occurs in one mind, it makes it easier for two and then four and soon ? what is occurring is that Mind with a capital “M,” the Mind of Christ, is being remembered in more and more what appear to be individual minds. And as you allow that process to take place within you, as you walk through that final little ring of fear and choose to set aside your perception of yourself as separate from God, when you choose (to be so outrageous as to acknowledge in your mind that you are not seeking anything because there is nothing outside of you, then the miracle will touch your heart and it will illuminate the part of the Mind of Christ given unto you, and you will indeed be all that I have ever represented to mankind. And the works that you believe I have done, these things and much more will you do. Much more. Much more. It will be like comparing one of your Mercedes to a Model-T, and you will be astounded that so much power could move through you.

What, then, does it take to experience a miracle? Only your willingness that it be allowed to occur through you and, therefore, for you. And in this evening the primary reason that I have come forth, done a little blending with this my beloved and ancient friend to share a few words with you, is to merely ask you, each and every one of you, even if you don’t understand what it means, to choose in this hour to be a miracle-worker. There is no graduate course you have to take. You need only be willing to be available.

Where, then, will you be sent to perform your miracles? Look no further than where you are. Where you are. The Light is in you and it has never been dimmed. The Light that is in me is the Light that is in. you, and very soon the recognition is going to begin to settle in to a multitude of minds and it will multiply and multiply. Illumination will return, and there will be remembered the grand and simple truth: Christ made manifest in Jeshua ben Joseph. Christ is but the aspect of my own true Self and there is nothing outside of me.

You have heard it said unto you that this world is a world of shadows. It is not just metaphor. It happens to be true. And a drama has been well played out from the moment in which we held as one mind the thought that we could be separate from God and create unlike Him. And yet, in the beginning of that one thought already was the seed of healing planted, and there is One That was sent unto us to water that seed even while we continued to dream dreams of fragmentation and fear and separation. And the seed began to stir. It began to grow. It began to sprout just a little bit at a time. And the myths and the religions and the spiritualities and the visions of Truth began to seep back into the collective mind of mankind, and as incredible as they seemed, and exterior to you as they seemed, they came forth from nowhere save within you. For you have never been born and you will never taste death, and all time frames that have ever been are contained within you, and they do not limit you.

You were there at the foundations of all worlds, and you will be where you remain to witness the final dream - a dream of remembrance, a dream of celebration, a dream of healing indeed, in which the things of fear are dissolved from the mind of the holy Son of God. And yet, that happy dream waits on your simple recognition that you are the One - the One with a capital “O” - that has been sent forth to manifest that dream, to make it visible one unto another.

Some of you will remember that when we began this work a few years ago, I made a little comment. And the comment was simply this: that I longed and looked forward to the day when my brothers and sisters would come not to seek anything from me but to abide with me and celebrate with me the Truth that the holy Son of God has awakened. The resurrection has been completed and the happy dream descends upon this world, transforming it, translating it into Heaven on Earth.

Doesn’t that seem incredible that such a thing could take place, that such a thing could be witnessed? Rest assured that the only thing that is incredible is that we could have ever believed that we were separate from God. That is what is incredible. The rest of it is just detail.

So, you see, always and always again there is but one thing, just one thing, one little lesson that needs to be learned. And once it is learned, it need only be remembered until that remembrance is with you with every breath: “There is nothing outside of me and I remain as my Father created me to be.”

As you are willing to set aside the perceptions of struggle, indeed to set aside the perceptions of loss, you will come to understand that this world has never taken anything from you. It did not take me from you. Where would I go? It did not take you from me. Where would you go?

The perceptions born with the body that have led you to believe that you are separate one from another, that perception has never ever been true. It is an illusion. And while illusions hold no power, they can seem to have the power to bind you. How, then, do you loosen it? By making a different choice. By being willing to allow insanity to come to your mind so that you look upon the world and say, “Ah ha. What I see through my physical eyes is not the real world. The real world is a world of safety. The real world is a world of perfect union in which all minds arc already joined. The real world is one in which I need do nothing, and yet all things will be done through me. The real world is a world that can be trusted.” The real world, the real world, has awakened within you.

So, that indeed is the secret that is getting out of the bag, and very rapidly there will be a movement beyond what you call the period of learning, the period of seeking, the period of struggling, a period of running amuck trying to find a different teacher because the last one didn’t fix you. And instead, you will go where you are guided, to celebrate in the heart. And you will join with those growing in numbers who have remembered with you that only Christ lives, and there will be a celebration upon this plane that will, one day, involve the whole of humanity. And then, when every voice has been raised with ours, the world will cease to be. And it will cease to be as effortlessly as it arose in the beginning as the result of a single thought, a thought shared by all minds equally. It is like being at a costume party and suddenly everybody decides to take the mask off and just be the presence of Love.

What do you think? Would it be a worthwhile party?


Will you choose to bring it into manifestation? For, you see, I cannot do it. Sorry about that. I’ve never been able to do it. Love waits on your welcome — on your welcome — and yet, it comes not from afar, for it is found to be the essence of your only reality. Love embraces all things, trusts all things, rejoices in all things. It looks beyond the appearances of the world that are but as dancing shadows and it remembers itself in the eyes of everyone, and indeed, going far, it moves not an inch. And beholding the farthest star, it touches its own essence. You are that Love and you are that Light, and if you would well receive it, you have never needed me or anyone to be your teacher. And the great surprise is: I have never taught you anything, Nothing. Not one thing have l ever taught you. All I have done is loved you, because that’s all I can do. And I have come in a countless number of forms to reveal to you only what you are. And because I see it in you, you have revealed it to me. Indeed.

Every moment, every single moment is nothing else but the opportunity for you to demonstrate that I am awake within you. Every moment is nothing but the opportunity to demonstrate that I am awake within you. Every moment, every moment is the place for miracles. And no one can bring them but you. No one. You can’t go to church and pray for them, hoping that they will drop out of the sky. You cannot possibly pray long enough or hard enough to make a miracle happen. You cannot climb enough mountains or swim enough oceans. You cannot possibly purify yourself enough to make a miracle happen. But you can relax into them.

You can begin each day by saying that “Only miracles occur for me, so I am just going to watch them today. And because I am a miracle-worker, I have learned that of myself I do nothing, but the Love that has created me does all things through me. And if I find myself in this place in this hour at this moment, it is not by accident, so I might as well relax and enjoy it.”

What, then, can you enjoy when it seems to be that the world around you is falling apart? You can enjoy the Truth. You can enjoy the Truth. You can begin to see that you’ve never truly been able to enjoy the world that has been constructed around you. You can’t seem to hold onto it long enough to enjoy it. Everything changes outside of you. But there is something changeless within you, and when you make the simple choice to join with me in enjoying that which is changeless within us, a Light begins to shine that reaches out from you and penetrates the appearances of the world around you. And that Light reveals to you what is changeless in all that you see. And what the eyes of the heart reveal to you and what illuminates your mind and brings it back to wholeness is that you see naught but the face of Christ everywhere you look.

That is the essence of what you might want to call practice: just choosing to see the face of Christ wherever you look, remembering that you are safe always because you’ve never been the body. You’ve never been some fragment of a soul, lost for eons. You have never been a Light that has been judged by the One Who created you as a great ray of Light. And if you’ve never been judged, you will never be condemned. You cannot help, you cannot help but be wholly joyous in each moment whenever you choose to remember that you are the Light that lights all worlds.

So what do you think? Is joy worth it?

Yep. Uh huh.

But if you’re feeling wholly joyous, how can you just sit there? Have you ever had that feeling where it felt like you couldn’t do anything but just sit? Now, you have all felt that at least ten thousand times. And yet, did you know that on just the other side of a new choice there lies waiting for you unbounded and unbridled joy? And yet you cannot really know that that joy is within you unless you choose to give it away.

So, that’s really very simple. It requires only that you get a little outrageous. You get a little crazy. You set aside all the perceptions you believe you must hold. For you’ve come into this room; there have been rows of chairs, and you have planted the carcass, the bag of dust, on a chair, and the world has taught you that you actually have to sit there. Indeed. So, get a little crazy and just see how quickly you can embrace each other and not leave anybody out. A big hug, a little kiss on the cheek and a lot of laughter. See how fast you can do it.

{Group moves about hugging, kissing and laughing.}

Marc: When all of that started, Jeshua asked me to open my eyes and, as I want to do at times… I rather like that space so I hesitated. So he said, “Marc, please open your eyes.”

So, how are you doing?

Great. Purr.

All right.

Could Jeshua talk about 1993?

He’s saying, “Certainly. If you believe it’s important.”

It is an important year.

What would you like to ask about it?

Well, oh dear. It’s difficult here. People are whispering “community” to me. That’s obviously a very important event that will be happening in my life in the coming year and others that wish to be involved in that. I don’t know what else I can say because you’ve already said it ? that we have to be that presence of Love and believe in miracles. So what else is there to know? But anything you can say will be great. Thank you.

I just want to share, Robin, as you were saying that…what I am experiencing is that I can still see him very, very clearly and feel him as you were sharing that, “what else is there to say?” I don’t know how he does this any more than he already is but he lit up with a great smile, with a great smile, and said, “Ah, finally.”

What must be remembered in the process that some of you are undergoing in regard to what you call community is that it is a reflection of what you are choosing deep within yourselves to bring into your life and to make manifest, first for yourselves and then by extension, and because all minds are joined, to demonstrate that to the world. It reflects to you the culmination, then, of choices that have been building for much longer than you could imagine, in which the heart begins then to choose comm-unity - which means communion - and this always requires a setting aside of the sense of a separate self. One might view that as a sacrifice, but what has never been true cannot be sacrificed.

Therefore, as you continue in this coming year, you will experience acceleration of bringing certain energies together that will allow for the manifestation at a physical level of what you are holding as a vision within your hearts. I have said to you many times that this process would require a shaking out period, for what this community will represent then is a purity of heart, a purity of intent, a purity of understanding that it is not you who are the makers and doers, but rather you are those who are choosing to allow it to be done through you.

So the shaking out period, then, has been a period in which certain minds have been confronted with the places that they have not chosen to heal within themselves, and it has also brought other minds to the recognition that that specific demonstration is not necessarily what they are called to do. But the support for it will be there and it will be growing.

As this comes into a physical manifestation, there will be many others who will begin, then, to be magnetized by what you are demonstrating and they will come virtually without your seeking them. This will then be a demonstration unto you of the simple Truth that is being birthed within you that you are not asked to do; you are only asked to be. And as you choose then to be but the presence of Love, the Light within you must necessarily radiate out, touching other minds who hold a similar vision with you and have chosen at the depth of the heart to join with you in the creation of this demonstration. Hold that understanding within you - and I speak of you as the small group of you that are choosing to take the leap off the cliff without knowing what’s around the corner. And that is a demonstration of what each soul and what each mind must do. It does require, from the perspective of separation, the willingness to leap into the unknown, to trust what seems to be unseen and to set aside the fears that have arisen from what has been seen.

Think well upon that. Trust is always trust in what is unseen and seems to be unknown. And yet, it is what is unseen and unknown that can alone be trusted, because it is the presence of God within you and God creating through His only creation: you.

So, the main thing again is let there be no seriousness in the endeavor, for that is exactly what the world has taught you. And you are asked to release the world so that the reversal of thought can be made manifest in you. If the world has been a place of seriousness, do just the opposite. Do you see? “Do you mean I have to be happy?”

Now, happiness truly comes when you finally penetrate and touch the place of knowing within you in which there is revealed that there’s never been any other true possibility.

Now, community then is never about separation because community is not about fear at all. Think not then that this community shall be a demonstration of what it means to withdraw from the world, but it will be a demonstration of how simply innocent hearts and minds can allow miracles to occur through them. And that is why I once said to you that there would not be room in this community for qualities of energy in which judgment still remain, for judgment is only separation and the insistence upon it. And that which can be revealed in this play - let’s call it play and not work - is to be a demonstration of the reversal of the thought process of the world.

Therefore, it requires singing, laughing, dancing, playing and planting the seed in the ground with great joy and gratitude for the harvest that has already come from it. So, are you ready to put all of that into action?


Yes. And yet, beloved friend, it was not so many months ago when there was a great weight of hopelessness upon your heart, is that not true?

Oh, yes. I was seriously wondering whether to give the land up; it was such a burden.

What does it feel like now?

A wonderful blessing.

What created the difference?

People. Opening the whole thing up. Just allowing. Changes in my life. Many factors have come along, but it’s just generally, I guess I’d paraphrase it as an opening up inside of me.

There, you finally got to it. Do you see how there’s still that little tendency to say, “Well, it must have been something out here that came and did this thing for me”? The reversal of the thought processes of the world reveals to you that nothing happens out here save that which is the reflection of the choice being made in the heart. So there, you’ve gotten to it.

In other words, precious friend, the weight of the hopelessness reached a point where you were not willing to tolerate it any longer. And though you don’t remember the exact moment, from the depth of the soul you simply set forth that one thought, “I choose to see things differently.” And with that, what I have called the Comforter, the one Teacher Whose guidance never errs, began to come to you long before you ever met anyone in this room, and began to set the stage for attracting you in the directions that would serve in the process of the healing and awakening necessary so that you could see revealed in your own perception the translation of a burden into a blessing.

That which is called the Holy Spirit is your servant and not your master, and the miracle cannot come until you ask for it. Because you have asked, the miracles have come. And if they are coming now at a certain rate, imagine then as you receive them and feel gratitude for them how much more acceleration you will experience. So, something opened up inside of you. And rest assured every mind in this room is thankful that it did, because as your voice is raised, beloved brother, so, too, is the voice of everyone. Remember then, always, that the greatest of gifts that you can ever give to anyone is to allow your voice to be raised in Light until it becomes only Light. And enjoy the process.

Does that make sense to you?

Thank you. Yes, it does.

Jeshua, I have a question. Jeshua, you mentioned that it is a time of purification, and a lot of old patterns and things are going to be coming up.

Going to be?

They are. Can you offer any suggestions on how to process and deal with these “negative aspects” of our self that are not, so that…ways to have better in sight for healing? For they seem very powerful and overwhelming a lot, and I lose sight of who l am in the midst of all of it and continue living in this reality. It’s been a real challenge and I need some insight.

If I say to you that you must find a way to deal with the negative aspects of yourself, I would be a liar and I would be the worst thing that could possibly happen to you.

Remember, beloved friend, there is no such thing as a negative aspect within you. And so, you see, that in the way you phrased the question you have revealed to yourself the crux of why these events, these emotions, seem to be overwhelming ? because you have chosen, unwittingly, to identify yourself with them.

Now, that sounds like a great metaphysical idea. It is, by the way, true. How, then, do you deal with it? What you are seeking to learn is how to be the presence of Love no matter what the circumstances are. In Truth, that cannot be learned tomorrow, and it is not the fruit of tolerating what is perceived as overwhelming situations. For tolerating such things may bring you to the end of their apparent manifestation, but rest assured they will return in another form. I don’t think you want that.

What is required, then, is to understand fully that only Light can get rid of darkness. Only Light. Analyzing the darkness, fearing the darkness, struggling with the darkness, tolerating it, will never get rid of it. That is what the part of the mind called the ego seeks to do so that it can cleverly find a closet to put it in. It closes the door and says, “Ah, good, now I can get on with my life.” But that is not what you are about. You have chosen to begin to allow a manifestation of certain things that have not been healed before. And what has been healed? Not the situation, for they are never quite the same. But what has not been healed is the way in which you have chosen to perceive these things, and therefore the feeling of being overwhelmed merely mirrors back to you an old pattern. You’ve felt overwhelmed before.

Beloved friend, what you are seeking to learn is how in each moment when the perception of intensity is there, to realize that right there, right in that moment, is where you need to make a new choice. Right in that moment use the power of choice given unto you ? because it’s all that’s ever been given unto you ? to turn the mind from what it perceives as intensity and ask only this question, “Where and to whom can I now extend Love?”

Turn the mind in that moment even when it feels like the ship is sinking and ask that question within yourself, “Where and to whom can I now extend Love?” Now, what will happen is that an image of someone or a name is going to pop up in your mind and with your permission, because I am your friend, I will assist with that. Do not hesitate even if it means seeming totally insane so that you are leaving that set of circumstances or putting off what it seems to be forcing you to address. Put the whole of your attention on the one who’s just come into your mind. If you can reach them on the telephone, do so. If you can go and visit them, do so. If those things aren’t available, hold them in your mind until nothing else is there and do nothing but extend love to them.

Does that seem overwhelming?


I know it seems almost a little simple - but the Truth is simple. Precious friend what is coming up for you now comes only because you’ve been willing to open a little trapdoor and let some shadows fly up. Remember that this world will never give you your happiness or your peace, and all that you have ever experienced and all that you see around you represents to you some quality of energy that you have believed must be in your life. Eventually, you see, when the mind is wholly corrected, there will be nothing but Light, a Light that outshines even the need for the body.

Now, if that is true ? and I assure you that it is ? it means that right now you are being blessed. Nobody ever said that blessings come with little roses on the packages. You are being blessed with the opportunity to make a fundamental difference in how you choose to perceive what is unfolding. The overwhelmingness comes over the old pattern of slipping into identification with it, because you have perceived in the past that if you followed the dictate of Love, it would mean loss and sacrifice.

You are not alone, and what you are undergoing right now is a very, very, very important stage in your own process of awakening. Very important. Know you that which is called initiation? Have you heard of that? Don’t minimize what’s coming up for you now. It is very much a process of initiation, is one way to look at it. Time to be a bit of a warrior, yes.

Beloved friend, you are not alone. There are going to yet be moments when it seems overwhelming. Remember that you are not alone, and if you are willing, give me all that seems overwhelming. Just give it to me. Don’t take a rain check. Just give it to me and then focus on the question that I have given to you. The world is an illusion, and there is nothing that can be lost when you make the choice for love that will not be replaced a hundredfold with that which brings you lightness and joy and peace. And if that means that the whole of the world around has to be completely reconstructed, it will be, and what it reveals to you will lead you to marvel that you could have ever felt overwhelmed. And you are that close.

Willing to give it a try?

Uh huh. Thank you very much.

Precious friend, thank you. The soul comes to the threshold of the Kingdom a million times in its journeys. And why? Because the threshold is always right there. You have chosen not to let the opportunity slip by, and you have asked from the depth of your being — we both know this is true — you have cried out in your prayers for final healing and to awaken that your gifts may truly be given to the world. Is that not true?

Uh huh.

Indeed. And so it shall be: because you have asked, you receive. Trust, precious friend, for you are not alone. And even now in this one moment you are not alone because your brothers and sisters are wholly with you in this. Indeed.


Don’t block it. And all of you, beam all the Love and all the support and all the gratitude you can. Give thanks unto this, your precious friend, because she really has chosen to awaken and to let the past be gone.


Block not the tears. Take your awareness within yourself for just a moment. Feel what is being sent to you and receive it. You are whole and you are loved.


Do you feel a gentle warmth as though it were descending upon you?


Do you notice how that warmth, at least a part of it, seems to be what you would know as touching you along the upper part of the back? Do you feel that?


Why then would you ever think that I am not with you? I am not over here where this carcass sits in a chair. l am with you and I won’t go anywhere until this is completed.

Beloved friend, haven’t you been crying out to rejoin with me?


How could you possibly hear about one simple little book? How could you possibly find yourself in the right place at the right time meet an old brother through whom the work was given? And it has all brought you to this moment because you’ve asked.

My God, prayer works.


Thank God.


Some day, beloved friend, you are going to laugh as you’ve never laughed. Yes, and I believe you have a little song or something in your world, “The Whole World Will Laugh With You.”

There, much better. Did you feel that? You just let me come in a little deeper. Don’t block it. There. There. Yes.


Marc: I’m just the telephone here. I’m here, but there’s somebody right there. This is kind of fun. He wants me to let you know he’s staying there. At least he knows how to do two things at once. {Laughter.} It’s wild.

Could you answer my question? Do l ask you or Jeshua? It’s confusing. When I had my private session with Jeshua a couple of weeks ago, I talked to him?well, anyway, first of all, a lot of incredible things have been happening to some of us since this window of Light has been opened. When I had my private session with Jeshua a couple of weeks ago, I talked to him about one of my guides. This is one of my guides. He said to call him Mark, and I asked him, who was he? He seemed to be more than just a mere guide and teacher to me, and I feel such love for him, and he said I have to find out on my own. Well, I did and I found out who he is by listening to the heart and not to the mind, and the same thing has happened to four other people just during this past week. They have connected with their soulmates or twin flames, and two of them are sitting on either side of me. Could Jeshua speak about this?

Marc: He is just standing there very quietly. He is asking me to ask you what needs to be said?

Why this is happening? I don’t know. It’s happened to five of us. I don’t know. Is this something that’s happened to a lot of people?

Marc: He wants you to consider very carefully that because it is happening to you it is, therefore, happening to everyone, and that as you followed instruction and trusted your own knowingness in your heart, likewise you know truly even now that you do not need to question what is occurring because you know what is occurring. It is called miracles.

It sure is.

Miracles do not need to be understood. They need only be celebrated. Beloved friend, you have relinquished the weight of a thousand worlds in the span of a few short weeks.

That’s for sure. It is wonderful.

And it will continue to grow in its wonder as you remember at all times that you can trust your ability within your own heart to access all that you need in any given moment. In other words, the question that has arisen within you concerning this is but the faint and dying echo of an old pattern that has tried to teach you that you could not trust your own knowingness, and yet, the miracles both within you and around you have again begun to restore to you the fact that your heart can be trusted and there is where you find the doorway that leads to life. That’s why you have been feeling so good - because life is coming back.

Love is coming back to me.

Indeed. Those are one and the same. And do you see then what I have sought to share with you must be true: because you have allowed the miracle to happen within you, it makes it easier for those on the right and left to let it happen to them as well, and as they let it happen to them, it becomes easier for you to receive yet another miracle, and the dance and the celebration of true friends goes on eternally.

Remember, then, that miracles need not be questioned. They need only be celebrated. And the celebration is the watering of the soil from which will spring miracles tenfold. So, the three of you need only dance together. Say “Yahoo” as often as you can.

Beloved friend, when you walked into this room this evening, there were several here who have known you for some time that took a second look because they felt, they recognized, not so much with the physical eyes but with the eyes of the heart, that something quite profound has shifted.

It sure has.

Is that not true of several of you? Do you see, then, you’ve given everyone the gift of your own willingness to release an insane perception and remember that the Truth is in you now. You have allowed that Truth to set you free. And because they see the radiance that begins to shine through you, they remember their own. You have given the greatest of gifts imaginable, and it’s just getting started. We will have to call you the cosmic Santa.


I am the first one that this has happened to and then just a few days later Penne and then the other three.

How about that. And then the other six and the other six thousand and then the other sixty million, and Light is remembered and Heaven comes to Earth. Indeed.

Thank you.

Jeshua, I seem to see in this process all of our minds being as one, and our abilities available to whoever needed them, whether they were twenty miles away or here, and the soulmates here and above working in conjunction, helping.


Marc: He is saying, that’s all he can really say to that. That, of course, the answer is yes.

Is that a community or a family? Isn’t it?

Of course. The Son is one. One Mind and one Heart. And that family includes everyone, but the steps to that recognition are through the remembering of those that have been made special in the process of their experience over the whole of time and so you begin by gathering first a few old friends that were once singled out of the whole within the drama. Do you see?

But by recognizing your safety and your love with them, the strength is reborn within you. Spread your wings a little further and wrap them around ultimately the whole of creation. You have indeed begun to have vision, remembrance, that all minds are joined as one. And that must mean that Christ is in you now. And it is that that the world once tried to teach you to forget.

I saw healers of every sort. And whether it was healing by talking to someone, whether it was healing by vibration, they had the ability to reach each other through their minds to help that person if they didn’t know that. It was just all there — just coming from each of us to each of us when it was needed.

Now, in reality that is what is occurring at all times. The whole process of awakening is only a process of remembering what has been eternally true. So the vision speaks both of what is and what will be demonstrated in the field of time. Because time was created basically in error as a measurement of separation, so, too, is time being translated into the means whereby the one Mind, the holy Son of God, sees reflected in the things of time the Truth about Himself. There will come a time when all gifts will be shared equally by everyone, and that indeed will mark the end of specialness and the remembrance of union.

Your vision, then, beloved friend, shows you what is true eternally and reveals to you what comes to pass. Do you see?


Yes, you do see. I said it wouldn’t be very long until I came to you and you would feel me again.


You just have to be on guard because you never know where.

Can I ask another question to go with this? Is there a responsibility in this? I get a feeling that it’s sort of a work being done. It’s not sort of a… it is a gift; it is a miracle, but it’s a part of the work of uplifting the consciousness by the Love and the joy and the openings that we grow into.

Is there responsibility in being awake? Yes. The responsibility has a tendency in the beginning of the process to seem staggering or overwhelming because it is not quite perceived clearly. The extent of your responsibility knows no boundaries. The extent of your responsibility necessarily embraces every brother and every sister, every blade of grass and the farthest stars and yet, because all minds are joined and there is nothing outside of you, the way to the meeting of that responsibility is to be at peace, to be the presence of Love right where you seem to be. When that one thing is accomplished, the responsibility of ascension has been embraced and realized.

It does not mean - responsibility - it does not mean you must become very active; you must run about and do everything that everybody else seems to be doing. Each have their part to play. And if you would know your Father’s will for you, ask, “Where am I now? And who is before me? What thought is coming to be born in my mind, pressing up from the heart? Who needs a gentle phone call and a reminder of love? Who needs my touch upon them?” And that is enough, because all minds are joined.

Is there responsibility? Oh, yes. Is it overwhelming? No, because all power under Heaven and Earth has been given to the holy Son of God. And each time you rest in peace, quietly remember that Love is your only reality. You have reached out and you have caressed and embraced the whole of creation, and to love the one that is right in front of you at that one moment with the Love of Christ is to love all equally. Thank God that’s all that’s asked.

Does that help you?

Yes. Thank you very much.

Now, it does mean that you never get to punch off the time clock and there’s no union.

Jeshua, I’d like to ask a question about the concept of grace.

Ah, if you pay enough, you can get it. Interesting word that the Church had for those things: indulgences. What do you what to know about grace?

Well, my understanding of grace is rather sketchy. It’s sort of connected to some old church teachings and so forth, but the thing I think that I’d like to find out more about is the idea that it is gifted to us. It is given freely to us without… in spite of our grasping for it. It’s along the same lines as the allowing, kind of opening up and allowing the Light to come in.

Sounds like a very good description.

I’d like to personally know about grace in my life. How’s that?

Are you sure?

Well, yeah. I’m working on allowing. It’s kind of an oxymoron.

Allowing is indeed the key that opens the floodgate of grace. And yet, allowing is not a doing in the normal sense. It is mastered when every attempt to make or do or create what you perceive will be your highest good has utterly failed you and you begin to set aside the perception of the doer and the maker. The key of allowing is the key that unlocks Heaven, and yet you do not place the key within the lock. It is placed there for you by none other than God.

Allowing, then, is the process in which you relinquish the key back to the One Who has given it to you, with the understanding that you have never understood how to use it or what it’s for. When you give the key back, you become empty and still and you are willing to accept all things just as they are even if it means they will never change. You give up the illusion that there is anywhere to go, and even if there were, you know that you don’t know how to get there. And then you look gently upon yourself and you extend forgiveness, forgiveness, beloved friend.

You relinquish the attempt called effort. You give up the concept of working on it. That is what forgiveness in this sense means. And in your own way, you allow the Father to know that you are simply empty and, if it is His will, you will remain empty for all of eternity because it no longer matters.

Some have called that the dark night of the soul, and it will be if you choose to view that from a fearful perspective. But if you just allow yourself to do it and say, “What the heck. Nothing else has worked. So I’Il just give it up and give the heart back to God.” He will take the key from you, place it in the lock and turn the key. And the door opens of its own accord because that’s what it’s made for. And then Light indeed comes to fill the place that has been emptied of every trace of the perception and belief that you must make or do or accomplish your salvation.

Willing to stop trying? Are you willing to stop trying?

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.

Good. Then do simply this one thing: tonight when you rest your head upon your pillow, do what I have just described to you. Not in the hopes that it is going to work, but do it because you truly understand that there is nothing else that can be done. Nothing. And then just go off to sleep. And I give you this promise: certain miracles will begin to appear, certain shifts will begin to be felt within you. Trust them. What you are asking for is not far from you.

However, there is one condition. You’ll need to receive it. Fair trade?

Fair trade. Thank you.

Beloved friend, you have no idea right now what you have just let loose. You have no idea truly of what you have just in this moment released from your countenance. But you will.

Thank you.

Don’t thank me. Of my self I do nothing. Indeed. So.

Jeshua, my beloved brother, Cliff, asked me to ask you a question for him. And what he asked was, how he can best serve in his life in the future?

Marc: He is asking me just to say to you, Howard, that when you talk to Cliff, let him know that because he has asked, not from the curiosity of the mind but from the purity of the heart, that the past is released from him and that he need do only this simple thing: if in each day he will simply turn inside and ask of Jeshua what he would have him do that day, he will begin to establish quite rapidly the ability to communicate with him. And that process will be strengthened so that in the day that he is what he would be perceiving as being released, it will very much so be a release. The bond between Cliff and Jeshua has been made and has been strengthened because of his willingness to ask the question. It does not come from the mind. It comes from the heart. And because it is asked from there, it is already answered and he will hear that answer each time he turns within and merely thinks upon Jeshua and asks.

Thank you.

Jeshua, I had several things happen to me this last week, just within a few days, and it must be this window. A piece of artwork was given to me and I felt an aura off of it…messages. And then I got a letter from some friends who had moved out of the area. They had a child that had the same birth condition as me, the spina bifida, and the child died suddenly in surgery and there was no medical reason for the death that any autopsy could find. And I cried about it. And then I went into the bathroom; I was getting up looking into my little shelf on my back and I had this strange premonition that I shed my body. I’m just trying to understand. I’ve been to see the orthopedist in the middle of December and he said that all three parts of my muscle are working and he feels it’s coming back. This miracle was occurring within me, with all sorts of things going on from the Reiki and my perceptions. Can you help me understand what is happening with this little girl dying with no medical cause and my sorrow over that and my feeling I shed my body?

Beloved friend, there are a few things going on for you here. First, remember always that in reality death does not exist. That one that you would perceive as a child bas not died and has not gone anywhere. The experience you had following this recognition or this news, what you have called the shedding of the body, was an experience in which, for a moment, you kind of slid through the door and released the perception you have held about yourself as being only the body. Much more than just having the concept or the thought, you experienced it.

It wasn’t just a thought.

No. Now, the former then, the event of what you would perceive as this death, triggered and helped you move into that place. Why? Because when you learned the news, it struck a place of compassion within you. It also struck a place of a sense of kinship and familiarity with the child.

She was beautiful.

Yes. And you, as what you would perceive as a soul, longed to be able to convey your love to that child. Now, the death then served in helping you realize that the only way to do that was to surrender your perception of yourself as being the body, and you did indeed, in that little moment, communicate your love to that one, that mind. For just a moment. And that’s, after all, all it takes. You joined with that one in that place that is eternally real, beyond the appearance of separation that is revealed to you through the physical eyes, through the physical senses. Now, it didn’t necessarily last very long, because you noticed that something felt different. Do you see? And so the perception began to come back. But that’s okay because once you’ve slid through such a door, it becomes easier and easier, and that in itself will accelerate the healing of the body. Do you see how it all ties together?

Yes. It’s part of the miracle process in healing my body.


I perceived myself as a soul that doesn’t really live within my body.

Not just a perception, an experience.

Yeah, that’s what it was. It wasn’t a thought. I was like I shed it.

Just like you can have a thought about what it means to stand in a downpour or you can stand in it.

Right. Okay.

Now, remember, hold that child in your heart. Think about her. And when you think about her, allow that feeling to come back to you the feeling in the heart of compassion and of the desire to extend and communicate love. It will be very helpful.

Thank you.

But it’s only helpful if you want miracles to continue.

I do. Thank you.

Good choice.

I sent her parents a card, but I don’t know if they will be ready for me to share that.

No, they are not ready yet.

I didn’t think so. Thank you.

Marc: Well, how’s everybody doing?



Great but tired.

Great but tired, huh.

I have another question.

Marc: He’s suggesting that we… let’s spend some time together here. Just move your chairs so that you can sit facing somebody. Anybody will do.

[Group breaks into dyads.]

Marc: Does everybody have somebody? It might be nice if we have a couple of triads to make it a duo. Better be careful over there. A lot of miracles seem to happen with those.

That’s why I moved.

Marc: So just let yourself take a few good deep breaths, and really allow yourself to look into the eyes of the person in front of you.

Let the shoulders relax. It doesn’t take effort. And as you look into the eyes of your partner, truly allow every thought of the past to be gone. Let yourself feel as though there is absolutely nowhere to go. There isn’t anything to achieve. There are no burdens. And begin to allow a feeling of penetration to occur through the eyes as if there is only Light, just Light, radiant, shining.


And if things seem to begin to change a little, just allow it as if there were no perception or image of this being in front of you that you had to hold on to.


And then gently within yourself simply begin to repeat: “I see only myself. I see only Christ.” And as that continues, just allow all the Light and the Love you know that Christ has to radiate through your eyes and to be given to the one before you.


“I see only myself. I see only Christ.”


Feel that Light just expanding, growing, radiating. Feel the sense of joy it begins to bring.


And remaining in that very special and sacred place, take just a few moments to use the gift of your words to say to the one in front of you, “Thank you for all that you are.” Whatever feels appropriate for you, just express it from the depth of your being.

[Group shares with each other.]

Don’t resist hugs if it feels like a good idea.

Okay. So let’s close things up tonight. Let’s move the chairs aside.

[The group made a close-knit circle, hugging each other, singing along with music from a tape by John Astin.]

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