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Now we begin.

Indeed, greetings unto you, beloved and holy children of Light divine. It is in Truth with great joy that I come forth to abide with you, as I hope it is with joy that you have chosen in this hour to come forth and abide with me. Indeed, as always, I come from that place of perfect peace and of perfect Love and, therefore, I come forth from that place that abides within you in its entirety even now. And I come forth as always, your brother and your friend, to mirror back to you what is necessarily within you always. Because I come from Love, I abide with you in Love and I extend only that Love that has been likewise extended unto me from before time is — the same Love that holds you gently in the Mind of God forever. And as always, I come forth to celebrate with you the joy of relationship — the joy and simplicity of relationship. For when I look upon you, I know my union with God. Just as you can know yours when you choose to look upon one another and see just beyond the limitation of the body, see just beyond the construct of thoughts that have seemingly formed a personality with its dreams and with its fears, with its conflicts and with its glories, to see a Light that shines so brightly.

To look beyond these things and to see the Light that the one in front of you is. To see that great ray of Light held lovingly in the Mind of God. To see that which is eternal and of perfect peace and of perfect wisdom. In your brother or sister is revealed to you the presence of God. And know well that when you choose to set aside the perceptions brought to you of this world and see only the Light and Love of Christ that shines brightly in and as a soul of the one in front of you, you must then acknowledge that that same Light is already reborn within you — because it takes one to see one.

And that is why relationship is your salvation, and that is why the blessing of a brother and sister — whether they be deemed someone you’ve known or someone you would call as a stranger — the blessing of your brother or sister in your life in this moment is a blessing of the highest order. And they come forth to offer to you — you — the opportunity to transcend any limitation or any limited thought you have ever held about yourself and about what the world is for. They come to you as a messenger from God, no matter the form, no matter the circumstances. And it is given unto you the power to see beyond circumstance, to behold the face of Christ.

And in seeing that and in choosing that, you then offer to them the gift of a holy relationship, one that is not based on giving and getting in the usual sense of the term, but one based on recognition of a Truth that is eternal, unshakable, unchanging forever.

I have learned to look upon you and to see without wavering the great ray of Light that you are. And I see that in that Light there are many gifts to be given unto this world by first being offered to the Holy Spirit, Who alone will be able to teach you how to utilize your gifts to serve the awakening of this world, and that is why I come forth with great joy to abide with you. For when I look upon you, indeed I see the face of Christ. I, therefore, know myself, and I know that I and my Father are one because that union is the life and the Light that I see in you as the Truth of your only reality.

It’s not a bad way, by the way, to go through the day - learning to look upon everyone and seeing only the face of Christ. Yes, it does mean that in some circumstances they will look at you and your eyes are beaming and there is a smile on your face, but the circumstances of the world will tell them that’s a rather odd response and they will say, “What have you been drinking?” And you can say, “The sweetest elixir that has ever been created.”

If the world, if the world can be likened unto a certain frequency, a certain vibration, moving along in a certain way, and that vibration seems to speak of conflict and limitation and lack and doubt, and there is something within you that wants to move beyond that, a voice beginning to awaken whispers to you in the depth of your being, “There must be another way. I do not know what it is but I know that it must exist because it presses upon me as I sleep. It comes between the space of my thoughts.” Something pressing forth that says, “Indeed, there must be another way.” Something that presses forth as a voice that says that the perceptions of the world are wholly insane and that the world is nothing more than an idea. If this indeed occurs within you and you look upon the world and you look upon the one with whom you are abiding in this moment or whatever moment you choose, and you feel this kind of vibration that’s always been there and it doesn’t seem to change, how will it change unless you become so outrageous as to be the one that will choose to think differently? How can a new thought break through the veil of limitation that is this world? How can a ray of Light begin to penetrate darkness unless one mind, in whatever circumstance you find yourself in, chooses to behold things differently and becomes so outrageous as to think a different thought?

It is not possible for Light to come to darkness by choosing to identify with the perceptions that have created the darkness itself, and yet, the power of your mind, given freely unto the holy and only Son of God, the power of your mind is such that there cannot be an idle thought. And if you would choose to open a little place and ask the Holy Spirit, by whatever term you want to use, to bring forth into your mind a higher thought, a more encompassing thought, a freeing thought, a healing thought, a thought of vision and capability and ability, a thought that seems to contradict the teaching of the world, it will come. And it need not wait on tomorrow or next week or next year. Because you are one with God, there is a part of your mind in perfect union with Christ always.

There is a part of your mind that is indeed in union and communion with that unspeakable place from which all great vision comes forth as a gentle gift to enlighten and heal your mind and then to be extended into the world. And that communion is never taken from you in any circumstance. And that then that brings Light to this world can only be one thing. It does not come from a saviour above you or apart from you. It’s not going to come in the year two thousand and forty-seven. It can only come now in the most ordinary of moments. And it comes to you - to you - wherever you are when you remember to ask, “Holy Spirit, l know that I can see things differently. Therefore, teach me, and teach me anew. Where the world would choose strife, I choose peace. Where the world would choose limitation, I choose that which is unlimited forever. And where the world insists on being what is being called by philosophers, realistic, I choose to be idealistic.”

And why? Because the Truth is, the world has never been anything but an idea. If you would well receive it, even the body is an idea. The notion of space and time that would seem to show you separation, even this is an idea.

Therefore, be idealistic in all things. For, you see, ideas are not only powerful, they are precious and they are a blessing. An idea is the only thing that you can extend and share that when you do this, it grows in strength. If you would give another a material item, you indeed have given it up and no longer possess it. But to share with another an idea that begins to lift the mind out of the vibration that the world has been caught up in — it is called a rut, or hell — is to give forth something that can only be strengthened and returned to embrace you.

Be you, therefore, idealistic in all circumstances, learning to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit that will whisper to you with gentle nudges or perhaps with a loud shout, “What is the highest idea that can be brought to this moment? How can we look upon things differently?” It will not be hidden from you.

Holy relationship, from my perspective, is everything. Holy relationship is everything, and holy relationship takes place when you have extended to your brother or sister your willingness to relinquish your own perceptions of who you are, who they are and what this circumstance is for. Holy relationship blossoms because you have been willing to share the outrageous idea that the mind of the world has never known what anything is for. And when you do that, you allow the one in front of you the opportunity to put down the masks, to let go of the veils, to let go of the patterns of attack and defense, and to choose to become with you, vulnerable, vulnerable to the receiving of a new idea, and hence, a new perception.

Holy relationship rests and waits on your choice for gentleness, for gentleness in which you look upon another and release the world that you have believed in — the world of attack, the need for defense, the belief that anything of value can be taken from you — and in your gentleness, in your humility — and this is what it means to be meek — in your meekness you offer with open palms to the one in front of you the opportunity to choose anew.

And if you would well receive it, there is no one who walks in this world who is not crying out every moment of the day for an opportunity to let down the masks and to be vulnerable, to feel safe with someone willing to extend a different idea, willing to look upon them without a trace of judgment, willing to look upon them only with the eyes of love and acceptance and great patience. And Love waits on their welcome. And when another welcomes it, they have joined you in holy relationship, and together, together in that moment you have transcended the world and you have brought Light to it, and the whole of creation has been uplifted because you have joined in the miracle of the atonement.

And what I want to share with you just briefly this evening is that this world has but one purpose — only one — not two, not three, not a dozen. It has one purpose, and that purpose is the Atonement, the awakening of the Son, the awakening of the Christ consciousness in every mind and every heart. Everything that takes place will either serve the voice of the ego that creates the illusions of further separation or it will serve the Voice of the Holy Spirit, Who knows how to use it to bring healing and union.

The choice then is always, “In this circumstance with what is presented to me now, what choice do I make?” That is the power of the mind that you carry with you at all times and it is never taken from you. The power of choice. And that is why there can be no such thing as an idle thought because you are using the power of the mind to generate this world.

“Which voice in this moment matters to me? The voice that says I might be attacked and, therefore, should feel threatened and must defend myself by attacking first?” Or the Voice of the Holy Spirit that suddenly reminds you that this circumstance is offered to you as a blessing, for it will present to you energies that you have been confronted or challenged with before in which you made a different choice and listened to the voice of the ego and therefore created for yourself, and for others perhaps, pain, a sense of lack of fulfillment, and so it is presented yet as an opportunity for you to hear only the Voice of the Holy Spirit Who speaks but for love. And when you choose that Voice, your circumstances are immediately transformed and you begin to see in them a value that was heretofore set aside. And gradually, through practice — and it does require some practice — you begin to see that something rather interesting is going on in this plane. It really never did come into existence for what you had been taught it was for. It really does carry only one purpose: the Atonement, the awakening of the Sonship, so that Christ can live and dwell fully in every mind and every heart. And when you begin to see that, your perceptions of yourself must necessarily change.

No longer do you look upon yourself as one who must strive to create security in the world of the body, that you are not here to suffer your karmic debt, so they say, that all along, that all along in the midst of all of your circumstances, there has been a quiet Voice given unto you, placed there by God, Him/Herself, Who asks only that you be what you are created to be and that your life be utilized for the only thing life in this world can be utilized for: the extension of love, the gifting of forgiveness.

You are the channel, if you will, of the Light that would come to enlighten this world. And then you must set aside the last fragment of the way in which the ego would seek to keep you separate from God, and that last fragment is this: to see that you are equal to me and to any so-called master that has ever come forth from the Mind of God, that you are made of one substance with me and with all awakened minds, if you will, and that your Light and your purpose is exactly the same as mine and that, therefore, I am but your equal, and because you cannot be separate from me, I must be available to you as a friend and as a brother in all circumstances — to see that you are really are the Word made flesh, sent to dwell among mankind merely to love mankind, to love the Christ in the one who has been sent unto you in whatever moment you happen to remember all of this so that they can realize that they have the freedom to make a different choice.

You are sent, then, to be the one who anchors a new idea — which is really an old idea, an eternal idea, an unshakable and unchangeable idea. You are sent unto this world to be as a great ray of Light that chooses not to see limitation in anyone or in anything. To see indeed the highest and the best that can be imagined and to hold them in that Light until they have the strength to hold themselves in it as well. To look with a gentle smile upon everyone and to know that the Love of God surrounds and permeates and is present in its fullness now and here, and that only the Voice that speaks for the Love of God holds any value and any merit.

I want to share with some of you — this is something that others here have heard, but I want to say it again because it is a thought — remember, a thought is an idea, and if I share it, it will only be strengthened in me — the only difference that exists between me and you is a difference of appearance in time. And time is not even real anyway. And the difference is but this: I have simply learned how to have nothing in my mind but the Love of God, while at times you choose to entertain other thoughts. That is the only difference. And what closes the gap that never was is your willingness to truly understand the power that you have over every moment of your experience because you have the power to think a different thought. And no power under Heaven and Earth has ever succeeded in taking that from you though, at times, you have chosen to give it away - but, to do so is a thought.

“This one holds power over me; therefore, I must think as they think.” That itself is a thought. And you have used the power of your infinite freedom to hear a voice that is not the voice for God. The gap, the only gap that can exist between me and you is the gap of a simple choice: to hear the Voice for Love and to acknowledge that you are as God created you to be, and no matter how hard you try, you’re never going to change it.

That being true, you might as well just accept the fact that you are not a body, that you are not limited by space and time. You might as well begin to entertain a whole different set of ideas than those that the world would teach you, even if it feels strange, like putting on a new pair of shoes for the first time. To entertain the outrageous thought that you are a great ray of Light, shining eternally in the Mind of God, Who is but Love, Who radiates so brightly that It has within Itself the power to bring the gift of the Atonement to everyone that you behold.

Now, in some circles, that would be called sacrilegious. Not in the circle of Truth. Ideas indeed grow in strength as they are shared, and because an idea was once given unto me as a ray of Light piercing darkness — a thought of the perfect Atonement, the awakening of the Sonship and the return of Heaven to Earth — and because I fancied the idea, I became a mind, a ray of Light, just like you, that became wholly identified with that one idea and gave over my life, that is, my existence as Light itself, to the service of the manifestation of that one idea. And from that moment on, what has been called as the dove descended upon me. Every thought has been in alignment with that which the Holy Spirit would share with me. Every event, every decision serves only that one idea, and I have never ceased in holding that idea. And the whole of my purpose as your friend, the whole of my purpose is to simply extend that idea to any mind that would receive it and make it their own by using the power of their mind to choose for the Voice for Love.

Indeed, I have stood at the door and knocked, and some have let me in and others have put earplugs in and pulled the covers over the head. It’s perfectly okay. And why? The upholding of this world — and I speak here collectively as well as individually — the upholding of a world of illusion requires great energy. It requires great striving and great struggle. It wears the body out. It wears the mind out. And it is not a lot of fun.

Sooner or later it is inevitable that every mind will grow weary of the effort to maintain the illusion of separation, and when that weariness descends, I celebrate. And when the darkness seems to be the heaviest and you lament that you have lost your way, and you finally give up the ghost and throw in the towel, guess who comes knocking? Because now there is a place for me to enter.

I have said before that I can outwait anyone because I do not have time and I have no weight upon my beingness. I abide simply as a great ray of Light held lovingly in the Mind of God, waiting for everyone — everyone — to become weary of the effort that it takes to remain separate from God.

So when the weariness is upon your heart, remember you have just triggered a cosmic party. Not at your expense, but in remembrance of the Truth that is within you. You could say all the heavenly hosts sing and dance a jig and rush to meet you where you are. And once, once the weight of the world, once the weight of the illusion of separation has finally brought you to the place where you say, “It just can’t take it anymore. That’s it,” you may rest assured that a new journey can begin, and that new journey has a destination that has never changed. And your reaching it is absolutely inevitable. It is the only goal that you will ever reach that is inevitable because it is a goal that has nothing to do with time and it has nothing to do with efforting or striving or earning. It is a goal that is achieved because you have given your willingness to something unseen. You have given your willingness to the Holy Spirit. Call it by whatever name you want — He/She/It/That doesn’t really care — you’ve given your willingness to be guided and to be taught anew who you are and what the world is for. You have returned to the innocence of a child, and therein is the entrance to Heaven,

And your gifts, the abilities that you have created throughout all of your journeys, will gently be transformed and used by the Holy Spirit to bring Light to the Sonship. And part of that process is in recognizing that you have not known how to use your gifts. Part of that process is recognizing that you can’t see how they are going to be used. And so you have to take a little leap of faith and trust, trust that indeed you’ll be supported, for your Father already knows all that you have need of. And the heart and the mind that has relinquished its own perceptions and even in the midst of its fear gives that fear back to the Holy Spirit, that mind and that heart will be transformed into a vehicle and a tool through which miracles will occur, through which love will be extended in a form that is appropriate. That then, you see, is the choice that is always upon you:

To allow yourself to stop the world, which means to stop your identification with the whirling of thoughts that seem to flow through it, step aside and say, “No, I’m not those thoughts.” And to be willing to say, “Not my will but Thine. Whoever the heck You are. I have not known how to love my brothers and sisters. I have not known how to be in peace at all times. I have not known what the world is for, but I thought I did. But based on my own ideas, everything I did somehow crumbled to dust. Even the grandest of wealth that I created somehow left me, and everything that I created in time somehow crumbled to dust. My creations have not lasted. Perhaps there is another way.”

Rebirth, awakening, begins to flower with that gentle choice: the extension of your willingness to rest in innocence that you might learn anew, that you give over every moment of time and every experience and remain humble, knowing that all that you will be asked to teach is teaching you, because nothing occurs on this plane that does not serve the Atonement of the Sonship. And each moment, each moment becomes as the pathway that leads you from the world to the Kingdom, from fear to love, from doubt to certainty, from lament to celebration and to joy. And indeed, from the illusion of the world of separation to the reality of union with God. And it all rests, all of it, rests on the power of choice: your choice freely made at all times and in all circumstances.

It has never been true, you see, that you must live ten thousand lifetimes and slowly, if you work at it, you’ll work out your karmic debts and come to a place where God is willing to listen to you. For though that which is called karma is powerful — if you choose to believe in it — grace is far more powerful. And grace cuts through karma in an instant.

I want you to join with me now for just a moment and truly allow the mind to settle down. Set aside your attempts to analyze the words that you’ve heard and the words that you will hear. Let them come as a gentle sound that needs no analysis and no judgment.

And allow yourself the freedom right now to begin perceiving yourself as an infinite ray of Light. Remember, it doesn’t take effort and striving. Just allow it to come in whatever way that comes to you. Begin to see that the essence of that great ray of Light is something made in the image of God. The perfect freedom to choose. The power to create.

And give yourself permission to look upon this one life that you have called your own and allow memories and images to come — childhood, adolescence, the first kiss, perhaps the first time you stole a candy bar from the neighbor’s store. All of the little sins. The grandiose visions of yourself. The dreams of worldly power. And especially all the times that you have judged yourself as not being enough, as having failed. Begin to see that through it all, without exception, the one thing that has always been constant is your complete and absolute freedom to choose what thought you would hold in the mind about yourself and about the world. See and embrace that that is the only thing that has ever been constant and certain.

Now, select just one memory and let it be a memory that you have judged as a time in which you failed or perhaps in which you perceived yourself as being hurt or having something taken from you, in which you didn’t receive what you believed you needed, perhaps in which you perceive you hurt another or failed to live up to your expectations or somebody else’s, one memory that doesn’t really create a perfectly pleasant feeling, and just look at it. Just look at it.

And imagine that you could do so with the same kind of an attitude with which you would watch a leaf fall from a tree outside your window. It’s not right or wrong. It just is.

And look at the drama of that one memory. And as you look upon it as though you were somewhere far above and removed from it, ask yourself this one question, “What must I have believed about myself to react with the feelings of the behavior that I chose? What is it that I must have believed about myself to have experienced what I experienced?”


And now, as you look upon that memory, let a new thought come and the thought is simply this: “I am free always to choose a different thought. I do so now.” And as you look upon that memory, choose what would be called the opposite of the thought that you seemed to have chosen once long ago. Choose to see yourself perhaps at peace. Perhaps remembering that nothing can be taken from you in this world and that you as a great ray of Light cannot be harmed at any time. And if it was anger or judgment of someone else, see yourself choosing to look upon them with a smile and with love and with forgiveness. In other words, change the image you are seeing by choosing different thoughts, thoughts that bring you peace.

Remember, don’t struggle with it. Allow it.


And now as you look upon that memory, see it becoming lighter and lighter, as though the rays of the sun were descending to pierce the darkness and enveloping you and whoever is in that scene with you. See everyone as smiling and as making a different choice. And then let this thought be felt within your mind: “My presence blesses this experience. My presence brings Light to the world. My blessing heals this moment, now.”

And now let that image begin to dissolve from your inner eye and just feel peace. Just feel the power given unto you always to choose for the Voice for Love: “I am the Light that is come into this world. I choose the thought of Love and remember that I am the child of God always.”

Now, allowing that feeling to be with you so gently and so easily — not really created or earned, but simply remembered — if your eyes are closed — the physical ones — let them begin to open but keep part of your attention, if you will, on that quality of peace.

So, how did that feel?

Good. Peaceful.

It’s okay to let the vocal chords work now.

It felt healing.

Did you feel lighter?


Is there something wrong with feeling lighter?

No, it’s great. Thank you.

And the rest of you, did you get that feeling of how this image within your mind can change, so that it feels different to you? I want you to understand something that is very, very important: time is not real. Though the body would lead you to believe that there is something called a progression through time, simultaneity is perhaps the closest we can come here. But when you choose to look lovingly upon what you would call or designate as the past and bring the Light and the Love of Christ to it, you bring healing not only to your mind but you offer it to anyone and everyone who was involved in that drama — whatever it was, is — with you, and they will feel the extension of your forgiveness and your love and the newness of your choice, because all minds are joined. It is impossible to be separate one from another. Absolutely, irrevocably.

Now, they may not want to accept it, but that’s okay. For remember that it takes effort to deny Light. It takes great effort to choose judgment over forgiveness, and every judgmental thought has the effect of dropping a sword upon the head of the one who would judge. It is like wanting to throw rotten tomatoes at you because of something they think you did in the past, and every time they throw it, it hits the back of their own head. They’ll get it. Sooner or later the weight of separation, the weight of holding on to the past will be too much and, like you, they will choose to hear a different voice. They will begin to rest in innocence and, just like with you, the one Teacher Whose guidance never errs will come to correct their misperceptions and to bring healing to their mind. And it will come more quickly because you have first offered it to them — make no mistake about it — and you just utilized the infinite power of your mind to uplift and heal the whole of creation, the Sonship. You did just now in that little one—minute exercise. You uplifted and healed the Sonship by being willing to be outrageous, to entertain the thought that you could look upon the past and actually change your perceptions of it. You had to entertain the belief that you not locked into something because it happened yesterday. You allowed a new idea to unlock a potential that has always been with you, and if we can do that together here, rest assured that you can do it wherever you are in any moment and in any circumstance.

That is the Light that is come into the world and the world has not comprehended it. The world has not understood the great power of the mind, but you just used it. And so, I’ve tricked you a little because now that you know you can do that, you have no excuse. You simply have choices to make. Choices. Choose, then, for the Voice for Love and you have chosen with me, and you have chosen to look upon the world in the very same way exactly that I was taught to see the world new: through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. And when you choose with me, you become of one Mind and of one Heart with me, and we begin to participate in that which is called the Mind of Christ. And Christ is but the form, the offspring of that which the Father is.

And when you think and perceive with me, we are thinking as the Mind of God thinks, and we learn together that every loving thought is true and everything else is but a cry for help and healing. There is no other definition or description. Every loving thought is true because it a reflection of the thought of God. Everything else is but a cry for help and healing that emerges from a mind, or many minds that are still caught in the drama of the illusion of separation and ask only for someone to extend their hand and to bring to them a new idea. And each time you think a loving thought, you empower yourself to be the hands, to be the eyes, and to be the voice of the One Who brings the message of grace.

You become in that moment exactly what you call your Christian religion has made of me. Exactly. So much so that you could fit right into an image of me and nobody could tell the difference. You become the Word made flesh, and that is the power of your reality.

The idea given to me, seemingly in the past, was the idea that the Sonship could be raised as one Voice, echoing in a grand chorus, the Voice for Love. And only Love is real. Therefore, the idea is of a happy world in which only reality is chosen and only reality is reflected in space and time. And why? Because you’ve used the power of the mind, and have used it to look out upon the world of separation and strife and struggle and birth and death, so that it can reflect back to you the perception that your beliefs about the world must be true because there it is. The world will be translated into that which reflects back to you even in space and time your reality as the Sonship, as God’s only creation.

The seeing of the happy dream in every mind and heart signals the final completion of the purpose of time itself. For when you see the face of Christ in your brother and in your sister, you will know that it requires the eyes of Christ to see that face, and you will know that your redeemer lives because Christ has come to not only live in you but to live as you. And this dream will be translated into that which mirrors perfectly the vision of Christ. And then the purpose of this world will be completed.

That is the idea, the idea given unto me. It is the only idea that has ever been real. And to bring that idea into your consciousness, lo let the ray of that Light penetrate into your mind, is the wisest use of the power of your mind that you could possibly ever find, for it will correct every perception that you have ever held about yourself or the world, and you will find your gifts being formulated in new ways. You will find that you have an unseen Teacher revealing to you what you are ready to learn, and your life begins to be guided by a Voice that is not your own until the voice you have called your own is heard no longer. What I have called the ego is simply dissolved, and your mind knows perfect peace without conflict and without error.

You are miracle workers, and right where you are — wherever that happens to be — you have the means to bring the miracle and to offer it to the world by simply practicing the choice for love. What technique could offer you greater freedom? What magical means could ever, ever bring to you that which the choice for love can bring to you? What amount of seeking and striving could ever replace the power of being the presence of Love right where you are? For if this world is but an idea — and I assure you that it is — if space and time are not real anyway, you already abide in the one place that you need to find, and the tools that you have searched for throughout lifetimes are already in your possession: the power to choose which voice you will hear. And when you recognize that this world can never take that power from you, every last trace of ever having been a victim of anyone or anything will dissolve away from you. Every ancient hatred will be translated into a present love and every perceived threat of attack will become as a reminder of the laughter of freedom.

That is where it’s all to be found: that you choose to stop in the midst of any circumstance and ask yourself, “Am I feeling at peace right now? If not, I must have chosen wrongly with the power of my mind. Holy Spirit, teach me anew. I choose now to make a different choice.” And whenever boredom comes upon the mind, remember you have countless memories that you can shine the Light of Christ on.

So when next you feel like turning on your television, turn on your own and just sit quietly and extend love to every soap opera you have created.

When l look upon you, I don’t see limitation at all. I see Light and I see incredible love. I see compassion for all living things. I see the desire to be whole and to be complete and to be at peace. I see that some of you seem to have relinquished your misperceptions perhaps more than others, but the same Light is shared by all of you and it is the Light that is in me as well.

Remember then, always, that I cannot be apart from you in any situation, for, if you would well receive it, my lifetime is yours. It merely reflected to you the only thing that has ever been true about you. And you will remember yourself as you honor, not my physical life, not the crucifixion, but as you honor the reality of the resurrection and all that it means and can teach you. In this way you honor me not as a saviour above you but as your friend. And that, after all, is all I’ve ever asked to be: to walk with you on the way that you go because I know that the way that you walk is helping to lead the whole of creation to God and, therefore, I will quite happily walk with you.

l an indeed with you always and I love you for the Light that you are. Let it shine. Don’t hold back. Let the seams burst and trust. Trust because you are safe. You are safe. You are safe always. Yes, the body can become a little hungry at times. It can get a little tired at times. So what? You are safe. You’ve cast off tired bodies a thousand times like a piece of lint off your shoulder.

Why not choose to focus the whole of the power of your mind on being the joyful presence of Love, letting each moment just be an opportunity to remember to make that choice? Why not be the one in whom your brother and sister can witness the reality of the resurrection? What else is there to do? A question well worth considering.

Do you not feel the quality of silence that seems to have descended upon us? Can you accept that it comes only because you have chosen to recognize this simple and eternal Truth, carried by the words that have been carefully chosen to reflect that Truth that you already know back to you: that you have used the power of your mind in this hour to remember? And unto you it is given to remember whenever you choose to, and that choice is the Light that brings miracles to this world. And every miracle extended to another shortens the need for time.

It speeds up the painting of the happy dream. And that is why wherever you are, wherever you are, never think that you are somehow not able to participate in the grand adventure of the awakening of the Sonship. Some of you have carried thoughts that two thousand years ago the events that I participated in really had a great value but the washing of your dishes now does not hold equal value. Ever had that feeling?

“Well, somebody else is doing really great things and I’m just a peon. What can I ever do?” Rest assured that anytime you stop and look upon exactly what you are doing, that moment is of equal power and value to any moment that I ever experienced when I walked as a man upon this world. You are not separate at any time from any one, and in the midst of what you call your ordinary moments — it is almost a contradiction in terms, by the way — in the midst of even what you would perceive as your most ordinary of moments, you hold the power of choice to bring Light to this world: through your choice to remember and hear only the Voice for Love.

And each such choice is a choice that I celebrate as your friend, and each time you make that choice, I am standing right next to you. That’s one of the benefits of not having a body, you see.

I love the great ray of Light that we are. And because we choose to remember, Light is descending as a gentle dove upon all minds even now and the happy dream is already being painted.

Can you comprehend what it will look like? Some of you have had visions. In the end, it can’t even be uttered but you can try to imagine what it would be like if tomorrow at twelve—thirteen p.m. suddenly a sound was heard gently within each and every mind, a sound at once familiar, a sound seemingly forgotten, the note of an ancient melody, a song of perfect peace. And the veil is gently lifted and each mind remembers itself as a reflection of the one Mind of Christ, in which the Sonship, like that, is returned to perfect union with God, Who is but Love, and every mind realizes that infinite wisdom and power is given unto it. Imagine such a moment because that moment will be known upon thus Earth.

The power of that moment cannot in anywise be fully comprehended, and the healing that will come from it will embrace the whole of creation itself and it shall become as it was in the beginning: the mere overflowing of God’s Love seen and recognized by every blade of grass and every mind of mankind. And if that sounds like a pipedream, take a close look around you because you behold nothing but a dream.

That idea is being strengthened rapidly because countless minds are choosing to hold it as their own. It is, therefore, the power of your minds that is bringing the salvation, the Atonement to this world. There has been a proliferation of what you call communication with friends such as myself. Why? Not because we ripped your veils off and threw ourselves upon you, but because the collective consciousness of mankind has been willing to entertain a new idea, and that is what has thrown open the floodgates. And as they say in your language, you haven’t seen anything yet.

I want to close this section of our gathering this evening with just this one thought: that is, the only thing that ever confronts you in any moment is the choice of which voice you will choose to heed. Which idea will you allow to become as your own? Thoughts of attack and defense, thoughts of fear and limitation merely perpetuate a dream that is like a record that has been played over and over: it’s got a lot of scratches in it now and has become quite mundane and boring. The choice for the Voice for Love allows you to entertain thoughts of your unlimitedness. It begins to allow you to be taught how your gifts can be utilized in new ways. And that power of choice is what you carry with you with every breath. That is the only lesson you need ever learn. “There is nothing outside of me and all that I see is a reflection of choice.”

And, once again, I extend the gentle invitation to you to join with me in the recognition that the one Teacher given unto us from before the foundations of time is available to you always as it was available to me. Guidance is indeed yours for the asking: guidance given gently to a heart that chooses first to remember the Kingdom of its perfect union with God. For in peace and in stillness is the Voice of the Holy One heard and remembered. Silence, then, for the seeker of a reality once known and seemingly lost. Silence is the threshold to this wisdom divine. Silence is already within you, requiring only your gentle acknowledgement that there is nothing outside of you, that you are one with Love.

And, you see, when you remember that, there is nothing left to do but celebrate! To laugh, to sing, to dance, to play, to go, “Oh, my goodness.”

So, it does bring a bit of laughter, doesn’t it?

{Jeshua chuckles.}

So, with that, let the bodies take a bit of a break. See if you can use the power of your mind {snapping fingers} that fast as you take the break to bring lightness, to bring joy, to bring celebration, to bring the embraces, shake the body around a bit. Why not? Realize that right now this is a microcosm of the world and you are free to create and be whatever you want. Choose wisely. And in about ten of your minutes we will continue and we will do what you call the… what do they call it? Questions and answers. Now, I have shared with you that when you ask a question, what I do, although you can’t see me because you actually think I’m in this body, I run out around the corner of the building to a little window where the Holy Spirit sits with one of those little visors with green plastic on it, with the sleeves rolled up, and I say, “Look, this one wants an answer to this question. What is it?” And the Holy Spirit goes, “Jeshua, because I love you, I’ll go get it for you. I know it’s here somewhere.” So, He closes His little window and He says, “I’ll be back in just a second,” and because there’s no time, it takes no time. The Holy Spirit sneaks out through the back door, climbs into your heart, goes, “Ah, there it is, on this shell, dusts off the cobwebs, brings it back, opens the little window and hands it to me, and I deliver it to you.


So, now the cat is out of the bag. I’m not wiser than you. I just know where to shop.


Do you collect coupons, too?

I stored up a lot of… what did they call them? Green stamps.

So enjoy your little break. Peace be unto you whom I have loved from before the foundations of the world and whom I will love until the whole of creation celebrates its return to the Heart of God. Amen.


This experience never ceases to blow me away, is the simplest way of putting it. On this last little trip that we had, we had a couple of sleepless nights — red—eye flights and all of that kind of stuff — and a lot of work that we did in the Bay area, and when we went to Kauai, Jeshua had given us very explicit instructions, “Do nothing and rest.” And we said, “Yeah, we’ll get around to it.” And we pretty much let ourselves get busy with this, that and the other thing, and at least personally I could feel this kind of conflict starting to get created. There was some part of me that knew l just needed to rest but another part of me wasn’t taking the time to do that. And so, right before I left Kauai, I started to get this cold. And when we left Kauai, we had like four or five days of just hecticness and not much time for sleep nor for anything else, so we just felt, “Oh, God, here we go.” I was getting really worn down, and so we came home to immediately start moving and you all probably know what that can be like. And so I could just see myself getting more and more kind of worn down.

Thank God for Micro—clusters and Spirulina. Give me enough to get by here. And so today, I have to confess, I finally took a break, and I was lying on the couch and I probably looked like warmed— over death and I said, “You know, if it were up to me l think l’d stay home tonight.” And so I was lying on the couch and I said, “Jeshua, you better really be there strong tonight because I’m not.”

I get a little that way with him sometimes. I had this thing… So I want to rest but I can’t quite sleep so I do kind of a little mantra and I don’t really sleep, I just kind of go back to this little repetitive sound and it helps me rest and relax a bit. But in the midst of it, things got quiet and I just heard him, and he reminded me of something that he told me when all of this started five years ago. He said, “I will always join with you whenever you choose to make yourself available to do this work.” And he said, “That was true then and it remains true today.” I went, “Good, I’m glad.”

I guess what I wanted to share with you was that as I went out to take a little break, go use the rest room, I realized how much better I felt than l have felt in the last week. and it just was another opportunity for me, I think, to learn the lesson that he really is always available. He’s told me time and again, “There aren’t any circumstances, nothing special you have to do except be willing,” I guess. And it just imprinted on me, I guess, again. It was like, “That really is true.” I know he’s said it to me a thousand times in the last five years, patiently. It just really imprinted on me again, “It really is true. There aren’t any circumstances in which he can’t get through.”

Does that make sense? I mean, not just for me but obviously for anybody. Yeah, so it blows me away. So, thank you. I just for some reason felt the urge to share that.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. I mean, I go through my things, you know.

It’s nice to hear that.

Well, I have all kinds of….

One’s enough.

Yeah, that’s enough.

Nobody has cursed him out more often than I have. Well, maybe Anastasia, yeah. She’s a little more vocal than I am.

I’m trying not to.

I don’t know how many times I’ve cursed at him for daring not to have a body. “You don’t know what it’s…” Of course, he knows what it’s like.

Anyway, so I’ll just close my eyes again here for a few moments and we will see what happens and….

See if he has anything to say.

Yeah, and I guess this is a question session so if you have questions, anything is fair game. I don’t know if he will answer it, but anything’s fair game to ask.

How have things changed with you? Jeshua said there is a shift coming through you and you are to be more consciously aware of what’s going on. How do you see the change in that?

How I felt the change, might be a better way. I heard everything that was said tonight very clearly as if I was sitting in the audience. I was watching and listening. It’s changed in the sense that I no longer feel at all any… I feel his presence but there is not like a momentous shift of frequencies or energy. I mean, there are things that go on but it’s…I don’t know how to describe it. It just feels, “Oh, yeah, okay.” And I…

Like more integrated?

Yeah, it’s very integrated. It’s almost so integrated that I’m still getting used to it, the integration like, “It’s this simple?” I notice during the course of the day now I can be having conversations with people and I’m quite aware of him in a very easy way, as if he is suggesting to me what to say, but there is no real shift in the… I’ve noticed that the other person may not even notice that it wasn’t my thought. Well, maybe they have and they are being polite, saying, “I know that’s not Marc.” I don’t know, but there is… it’s a physiological thing, too, that it’s just very, very gentle and easy.

When you are like that with Jeshua, do you know where you leave off and he begins? It sounds like that’s kind of melding together.

That’s a heck of a good question. Let’s say there is an awareness. How do l answer that question? There are times when I don’t feel any distinction. That is, I don’t know, there’s just… instead of two different minds, there is just “mind” being shared and yet, he has his own calling card and I always… that is, there is still awareness in me, “Oh, yeah, Jeshua’s here.”

Well, that’s a demonstration of what he always says to us: that all minds are joined.

Uh huh, yeah. They are, they really are all joined. And there are some minds at times I wish I wasn’t joined with.


That’s not true. But it has definitely shifted and changed since he made that statement a few months ago. There are times, I confess, when I liked it better the other way because I know it’s taking me into another level of responsibility with the work, and it was very nice. You can get pretty addicted to a major kind of a shift in which basically you leave this plane, and it’s really nice to hang out where there is all this light and color and frequency, and let somebody else do the thing. But it is a difficult thing to describe because I don’t think our language is set up to talk about that kind of thing. You know. But it is very, very gentle and very easy now with him. And I am more aware of the presence of others that are with him. Does that help?

Okay, well, we’ll see.

{Marc goes into silence for a period of time.}

He’s saying that we can begin now.

Jeshua, do you remember a couple of months ago when I asked you about my son and his mate and this pregnancy that was unplanned and that they were all upset about? I know you remember.

Diana, I can see him smiling and he’s sharing a thought, “No, my memory is quite poor.”

I think I said that more for other people’s purpose than for his. Since Annette lost the baby this last week, there is a certain grief in our household now and I have been able to say to them that I know that the soul that was going to be this child is perfectly safe. But, of course, like most anyone, they don’t understand why this happened. Is there anything you could say that I could take home on tape that would be some comfort to them?

What I can share with you to be taken home on your tape is not necessarily that which will comfort them in the way that they would seek. What I can share with you is that this experience can offer the opportunity for them to begin to examine the ways in which thought, the nature of the mind and its power, affect what is manifest and what transpires.

There is the need within them to come to a deeper understanding that all minds are joined from far before the periods of manifestation begin. The tumult which you have termed as the “unwantedness” of this experience was already a manifestation of communication going on at deep levels in which, as souls, they were choosing to allow perceptions of fear and limitation to dictate to them the decision that their ability to extend love would not be sufficient. Therefore, communication was going on between the souls involved.

What has come up is not merely grief, but underneath the grief there is guilt. And what I would share with them is that the guilt need not be. The event that has brought a termination of this potential manifestation carries with it not one thing to be guilty about. It has been by design, by the communication of all souls involved at a very deep level, to make different choices.

I would ask you to share with them that once again comfort can only be found through the desire to truly understand what reality is, they would call it, what reality is and what it is for and to learn that life is eternal and that nothing need be feared. This event, then, is providing for them the opportunity to look at deeply—held patterns of guilt in the mind and to release them by seeing that guilt is always unnecessary and unjustified.

It could have presented a different form of lessons had the manifestation occurred, but because the choice was different, it then provides a different opportunity in terms of learning a lesson. And, for them both, it is to look at this deep pattern of placing guilt upon themselves for what they would perceive to be failure. There has been no failure in this; only communication and choice.

Thank you.

Hello there, my friend. How are you?

He’s laughing.

Better be. Well, this past month has brought just incredible changes. Incredible. Such a newness. I’ve made the inner choices to do things in a completely new way and it’s almost… it’s completely overwhelming to the mind because I have no idea how to go about effecting my end of the changing and creating my end of things because it’s so new and such a new way of doing things that I’m not used to it and I have no idea what’s going on. I’ve been meditating on it for a while and all I can feel is just a newness and the need to do things in a new way, and it is something I’m not used to.

He just said to me, “It has always taken rather incredible circumstances to bring this one to the point of knowing that he does not know.”

Yeah, it’s been a long time.

He’s having a lot of fun with it, whatever you are going through.

Yeah, it is.

Let’s see. He wants to share that the value of your question, of course, isn’t meant just for you.

I know that.

That it brings up the pattern that is held in every mind that seeks to grow, seeks to learn, and the tendency in the mind is to believe that it can effect the changes that the heart desires by doing things in the way that it is accustomed to and that true growth — vertical growth — is not just a horizontal change of circumstance but it is, in fact, a leap into a new mode of knowing, a new modus operandi, I believe it is called, in which you are forced — that’s how it will feel to you — you are forced to rely on a wisdom that seems to not be your own, that you will have to relinquish all of the ways that you have used to effect change, to control the circumstances of your life. And that is disconcerting. And it is disconcerting to the ego.

Uh huh.

And remember that the whole purpose of all experience is the Atonement, the dissolution of identification with ego. The ego relies only on what is past and what it knows even when what it knows doesn’t work.

Therefore, allow me to remind you that what is transpiring for you can only come as a result of your willingness to be taught in a new way things that are within you that have been forgotten. The wisdom, then, that will carry you through this period into what seems to be new is the wisdom that will guide you with great certainty.

As you meditate upon this then, do not so much as ask or seek for answers, but use the time of that meditation to remember that the answer is necessarily in you now. That will allow the mind to settle down to a deeper place of peace and there the answers will begin to show themselves. In the end, then, this experience is going to take you to a deeper level of trust in a Voice that is not your own.

Yeah, I’ve definitely been feeling that. Also, what do you think of Simon and Schuster?

What you are talking about in relationship to this company does carry at this point a probability of manifesting. However, it will require that both of you involved in this project begin to utilize time to witness over the mind so that doubt does not assail you. What will be presented for both of you in the coming days and weeks are thoughts born of the world and not of the Kingdom that would lead you to feel that surely this large company is too unreachable and far above the project that you would offer. This is then to believe in the difficulty or a hierarchy, if you will, of difficulty in miracles.

The work will be published nonetheless. And at this point in time, with the momentum of all the things involved, there is a very high probability that the firm you have mentioned will, in fact, carry this project to the public.

Now, if you ask me what I think of Simon and Schuster, I would say to you, “I don’t.” I merely look upon the energies involved in that creation and answer your question by running over to my friend at the window.

Of course He knew what I meant by that.

Yes. Within about three to four months of your time there will be a rapid crystallization, if you will, around this project.

Done. Thanks.

Beloved brother, I want to say thank you for your love and support in assisting me with all the changes that have been happening in my life since last I’ve been in your presence in this way, and I would like to hear, perhaps, something that you could share with me from your perspective of all the changes that have been manifesting and changing in my life and how wonderful things have been unfolding after all the heavy drama that has played out. And the question I have is pertaining to last evening: a group of us got together down in Olympia and there was a beloved sister who channeled through some Pleaidean energy called “The Illumines.” They were talking about that there is an aspect of the DNA structure that makes up us, that ten strands of DNA that were severed ‘way back when, and I wondered if you could elaborate more on this aspect and how that applies to the Atonement, or re—integrating that aspect of the DNA, and how that applies with what’s being taught by you, as well?

First, I want to share with you that before you picked up the microphone, the reception of your thankfulness and gratitude had already occurred. And each time during these past few months that you have extended that gratitude to me, rest assured that it has been acknowledged and received — but you already knew that.

Now, it is indeed very important that the missing strands be found and re—integrated, so I’m going to give you a directive to spend your time with what you call a microscope, and I want you to run around the planet, looking for the missing strands so that you can re—integrate them.


Now, I have shared with you that there is a process that is occurring in the field of time that is a process whereby the unhappy dream of separation is being translated into the happy dream of the remembrance of the union that has always been.

That process includes necessarily change because the mind of mankind, inhering in the illusion of separation, has believed in the world of change. That is, it lies within the realm of possibility that everyone on this plane, right now, could, in fact, remember the Truth, and the illusion of separation that has birthed space and time would simply be gone. The mind of mankind cannot quite fathom the safety of, shall we say, dropping physicality quite so quickly.

Therefore, there is a process that takes place seemingly in time whereby the unhappy dream is translated into a happy dream. This relates to the Atonement in a very simple way. It is not at any time appropriate to place the notion of the Atonement in some purely abstract mental field that is separate from what you call the physical dimension because, in fact, there is only Mind. And that is what I mean when I say there is nothing outside of you. Even physicality, the whole of creation is like a thought, an idea.

To understand and receive the Atonement then, it must be witnessed in a way that can be understood by the mind that is accustomed to physicality, to time, to bodies. What you call your DNA is, in fact, going through some change. The model that would be presented, demonstrating that some long—missing strands become re—integrated, is quite appropriate and quite valid. The very DNA structure, which carries the intelligence and the blueprint — which is really just to carry forth the ideas you keep insisting on — is going through change. So that when I spoke earlier and said that when you allow this new idea to come and penetrate the darkness of the mind so that it becomes your idea, it must necessarily mean that the whole of your experience, the whole realm of it, is affected. That must necessarily include the very foundations of the physical body which manifests the choice you make as to which voice you will bear.

When you choose to hear only the Voice for Love and follow it, not only does change begin to occur in your normal everyday life, it also begins to occur at a cellular level and even beneath that at the level of DNA itself. Another way of putting it is to say that grace and its descent leaves no stones unturned.

Therefore, part of the happy dream will be changes in the subtle physiology of the human being, and this will be manifested primarily in the return of what are called psychic abilities, so that gifts that seem to be only the domain of some will become the domain of all — clairvoyance, clairaudience, all of those things, all of the supernatural gifts that some masters seem to have manifested: the ability to walk on water, the ability to heal. All of these things will become gifts shared by everyone.

That requires a restructuring of the apparatus through which Love is extended so that it doesn’t blow a fuse. Do you understand that?

Yes, I do. Thank you.

However, this will happen for everyone but you.


Jeshua, this is on the very same subject. In the last two weeks l read two books, the most recent of which is a book about the Pleaidians, and I found myself so uncomfortable with its content that about a third of the way through I just felt like I had to put it down because it seems to confuse me. And my sense of it is that I do best living your teachings and that adding this other isn’t appropriate for me right now just because it does create all of that confusion. Would you go along with that?

No, I would far prefer that you remain in a high state of confusion and conflict at all times.

Beloved friend, what matters here essentially in what you have shared is that teaching is always an art. It requires a receptivity on the part of the student and it requires that the teaching be given in such a way that it can be received by the student.

Now, without getting into it here, because we have done that before in the past, there are reasons why you find a particular receptivity and an ability to learn through the way that I teach, through the very use of the words. In just the same way there are reasons why other minds, other souls, can “Hear” with a capital “H” what would be taught to them coming through different prisms, if you will, so that it may be seemingly presented in a way that is very odd to you but to another mind suddenly the lights begin to go on. There are reasons for that. I summarize that, calling it one’s lineage, and that can be honored.

The main thing here at all times is simply this: when something comes to you that would purport to teach or guide you, you need do but one thing. And that is to go within and ask, “Does this method allow me to remain in peace?” It doesn’t mean that it won’t push you or challenge you, but “Does it feel in the depth of my being to be unconflicted?” Do you see? You can tell, as you did, by simply feeling the quality of an energy that is produced in you as you pick up a book or listen to a so—called teacher. Whatever you do, you can tell if it’s appropriate for your pathway. It doesn’t mean that your pathway is better. It just means that it’s your pathway. And ultimately the purpose for all teaching that is coming from many what you call masters — I prefer to call them friends — the purpose remains singular: the Atonement. To bring mankind back into union with the Mind of God. To bring mankind back into the fold of creation. To return the lost sheep to the flock, if you will.

The souls, the minds that inhabit seemingly bodies in this plane come from many realms and come from a long history of experiences in which they have formulated within themselves constructs. Those constructs will allow teaching to come in some forms but not in others.

Therefore, the wise teacher looks upon the student and merely asks, “Which door can I get through and into the living room?” Do you see? My teaching is indeed your way home. Therefore, you need only trust your heart and follow it.

There are many who would probably… what you call the regurgitation, if they were to hear such terms as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. They need a teaching that comes in a different form. And as you learn to truly celebrate the pathway of each and every soul, you accelerate your own journey home. Celebrate always the many ways there are in which the Holy Spirit calls out to the sleeping child. For well does He know what will be heard and what will be rejected.

Thank you so much.

My name is Bill, and first of all I would like to just mention how much I appreciate this opportunity to talk with you directly tonight. Throughout my whole life I have been a very healthy person, and two months ago it was determined that I had a very serious problem that needed immediate surgery. So this was done and I came through it fine. But I’m left with the feeling that there was a lesson there for me and I can’t seem to get the answer as, number one, was there a lesson? Number two, what was it? I haven’t been able to get this from my spirit guide, so my question to you is, was this experience something that was a lesson for ne or was it merely just a balancing of my positive and negative energies?

First, beloved friend, I want to share with you that the only way to speak with me directly is to truly acknowledge that separation does not exist and that all minds are joined, and that, therefore, wherever you are, I am available to you.

Secondly, there was no lesson in this because, you see, it all happened by accident.


Now, I say that because I know that you know better. You do know what the lesson was. It speaks to the question of what we’ll call here by the word ‘mortality” — the limitation of the body to keep you safe. As long as there is a conflict in mind in which you would yet hold onto the thin veil of separation from God, the body has been made the home of the ego. It seems to rule it, and at times cruelly. The body can likewise become not the home but the tool of the awakened mind. And if you listen carefully to what I just shared with you, there is much to be learned by the way I formulated the answer.

The body can never be the home of the awakened mind because an awakened mind has already transcended the limitation of identification with and as the body. It, in a sense, says, “Come to the mountain peak” and beholds that everything that it sees is contained within it. There has yet been carried within you, beloved friend, a trace of belief that the body is you and in some way is your home, that it can therefore be kept safe through your will, through your desire and through your thoughts, and yes, that is true. But what you are being compelled to do now is to take a next step: to begin to identify yourself with the awakened mind that cannot find its home in the body, that begins to look beyond the coming and going of the body and sees that it is simply a tool at the disposal of Light for no other purpose than the extension of Love.

You are being pushed just a little to begin to see beyond one of the few remaining misperceptions that you have habitually carried, and you are very close to it. And the way that you will make that shift is to begin the practice of acknowledging that you are a finder and not a seeker.

The perceptual shift that is required for you to practice that will itself align you, if you will, with an awakened identity — completely — not just inconsistently but completely. Therefore, the illness presented you with a surprise that pushed against a comfort zone, and it came because you as a soul are in fact ready to begin the process of taking the final step: the step that requires that you put off the cloak of seeking and put on the cloak of acknowledging that you have found. “I am awake now’ — even if it doesn’t feel that way. It is that acknowledgement that will rearrange the final traces of some misperceptions so that your identity with an awakened mind becomes constant.

Did it have a lesson, then, to teach? Just a little one. And you are going to learn it. The body is not your home, and there is a difference between believing that as an intellectual concept and living it in every fiber of your being. To truly have a perceptual shift, it almost feels physiological, if you will, in which you absolutely know that you do not abide in the body at all but that the body abides in you and requires your thought to exist at all and that it has no other purpose than to be used by an awakened mind to extend the Light and the Love that brings healing to this world. And rest assured that the body is going to serve you, and it will last just as long as it needs to. And the hour and the day will come when you are going to put it aside for the final time. What are you putting aside? An idea and nothing more. An idea that it will have simply… you will have outgrown. And it is not far off now. Not the putting off the body, but the shift of the perception that will then carry you into that manifestation with great case and with great peace.

You have already long since found what you have been seeking, and now the time of acknowledgment is upon you. Something to ponder.

Jeshua, I need to ask something of you. I have this problem… I don’t know if it’s a problem or not, but I’m moving and there is a lot of question in my heart as to whether I should move next door to my relatives, relatives that are kind of disenchanted about my moving next to them, and it’s a very good opportunity for me monetary—wise, and I think just peace—wise that I should be there. I have a feeling in my heart, but there is conflict as to whether I should move, and I would like to just ask what you think about that?

Peace and conflict cannot exist in the same mind at the same time. You have in your statement shared and revealed that at times there is a momentary peace but there is a conflict. This means, beloved friend, that you need to look more deeply at the motivations for making such a move. For if peace is the foundation for any decision, there is no conflict at all. None. If there is conflict, it is a sign that you need to look anew at the motivations for making such a decision that you would call a move. Conflict is always a sign that you are not choosing to hear deeply the voice of wisdom within you. Now, that does not mean that if you listen more deeply that you’ll change your mind and won’t move. That’s not what we are talking about. We are talking utilizing conflict for what it is. It is always a sign that there is something deeper to be looked at.

That something deeper is not difficult to find. It requires only your willingness to re—examine gently your motivations, and you can do that with the technique that we utilized in the first part of our gathering: to put the decision to move into the mind’s eye and to look upon it disinterestedly, dispassionately, and to ask yourself, “What must I be believing to want to make such a choice? What is the part that attracts me? And what is the part that elicits the sense of conflict?” It will be revealed to you, and that will teach you more deeply about some basic constructs, ideas, thought patterns that you are holding as a foundation for making decisions.

Ultimately, the only foundation for decision is this: “Do I feel peace?” And if the heart does not know peace, deeply — that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some fears, some questions about what needs to take place detail—wise — but if the heart is completely at peace and unconflicted, then you can rest assured that the decision is flowing with your Father’s will for you.

The essence, then, for you is this: peace and conflict cannot exist in the same mind at the same time. Your purpose and your function is to be at peace. Therefore, look well at the motivations for making this decision until it is revealed to you what aspect seems to bring peace and what brings the conflict? Does that make sense to you?

Yes, it does. Thank you.

Jeshua, did God create darkness?


Simple question, simple answer. God created one thing, if you will: the holy Son of God, the holy offspring of God, that which is an offspring of Light. And Light is but Love. Darkness is not a creation of God. You could say that God creates only that which is changeless. And to ponder that one simple statement over a period of time will reveal to you how many beliefs you may have taken upon yourself as your own given to you by an insane world. If God creates only that which is changeless, what is it that He creates?



You! The you that is not the body. The you that has never known birth or death. You. And then you can look around through the physical eyes and ask what you see that is changeless? What you see that is changeless is the creation of God. What you see that is changeable and forever changing is not the creation of God. It requires a bit of a radical shift but an important one. Does that help you, beloved friend?

Thank you very much.

Jeshua, my name is Nancy. It is nice to see you again.

Well put.

There have been times where I can be doing anything and I hear from a distance a sound that comes into my head and kind of just swells up my head or fills up my head and then pops and I don’t hear it anymore or I don’t feel it anymore. I find it quite annoying because it even stops me from thinking when this happens. And I don’t know whether this is something that I’m wanting to feel joy about or that it is something that I want to put the white Light in front of me to protect me from getting it.

Now, your answer is found for you already in exactly the way that you described this experience. It annoys you because it stops you from thinking. Remember this well: only the ego can be annoyed. Therefore, the thought that is based on separation is always annoyed when that which would still its voice descends upon you, because, when thinking is stopped, a new doorway can open and you can begin to step through it into what you might call another realm of knowing, another realm of experience, another realm of communion and communication. The thought about putting up a white Light as a shield against it can only come from the mind that has chosen to perceive through fear. For where there is not fear, what would you defend against? And in perfect Love there is no fear nor reason for it.

Now, the sound that is coming that you have perceived as a sound, as a vibration, it’s coming to you because it has an important role to play for you. It is indeed stopping the mind, and in this sense for you it is beginning to stop your identification with what we will call here the mind of this world, because this world is not your home. Your lineage is somewhere else. And there are certain friends — and I emphasize the word “friends” — who know how to use the vibration of sound to interrupt the momentum or the patterns that have been created in the mind of their friends who’ve come here to check this plane out and become a bit mesmerized by it.

I want you to trust the sound. When it comes, let yourself be stopped and just say, “Okay. I am safe always.” It does not come from a dark force. It does not come to menace or to harm you, but it does come as a beginning of a wake—up call. Trust it. Right now, that’s all I can say. Please trust it. Are you willing to give that a try?

Yes. Is it different than what we hear about the electromagnetic waves?


Okay, thank you.

I’d like to ask a similar question. For about ten years now I’ve been having these vibrations that come over me at night, and the strange thing about them is they virtually paralyze my body. And I was told that it was some sort of seizure or something like that and I didn’t believe that, so since she brought up this question, I thought I’d ask mine.

In your case it is a curse requiring a lot of medicine.


I thought so.

When this vibration comes over you, what do you notice is your first reaction or your first thought or your first feeling about it?

When it first happened, I thought… actually, I had a great fear that I was going to die, and then it persisted and then I started just allowing it to be, and I was never… I never suffered any ill effects from it so I just allowed it to happen. And even when it was at its most intense and it sounded like a train going by, I just allowed it to continue, so maybe that is what I learned: to just allow it to occur.

And you’re still here and you have not died.

I want you to remember that the body represents, in a sense, the home of the ego. The ego is but that conglomeration or constructs of thoughts that make up the perception of limitation, the perception of life and death. As the soul chooses to awaken and remember itself, change must necessarily affect the body itself. There are what could be called levels or dimensions of the body that really aren’t very physical at all. You could call them subtle bodies, if you want.

The vibration that comes, then, is a part of the process that could best simply be described here as a reorganization or restructuring of your subtle bodies, the bodies where thought is just becoming matter. A very refined, refined level.

Now, we both know that during the process from the first time this occurred to now you have also been undergoing what could be called processes of spiritual awakening, have you not? A process of seeking. A process of desiring to grow and to awaken?

That’s correct.

It is not by accident that you find those two linked together. You have indeed chosen wisely to notice, to trust and to allow. It has already been, at that level, an important initiation for you because the vibration brought up the thought in the limited mind, “This is something I can’t control. What if it kills me? What if it changes me? What if it destroys me?” And, of course, the “me” it refers to is the body, and you are not the body.

Your decision, then, is in the power of the mind to choose: to choose to allow is what carried you into another realm, another dimension, in which your awakening could accelerate, and that is what’s been occurring for you for some time now.

When the vibration comes, simply don’t allow it but also welcome it as you would the kindest of friends. Truly feel it. Truly let yourself dissolve into it. Become one with it and see it as restructuring the very fundamental level of thought that has constructed for you the perceptions of yourself as a limited being in space and time. You could say the vibration comes from God. You could say it comes from your Self with a capital “S”. It can be trusted and it can be embraced.

Rest assured, precious friend, you won’t die.

Thank you very much.

But you might live even more greatly.

Hello. My name is Theresa, and for quite a while I have had visitors — I don’t know what else to call them — coming to me in… yes, that too; I’ve had two. But I’ve had besides the UFO there has been other visitors and I don’t know what their intent is. I don’t know if they are trying to tell something. There is definitely a purpose, but I don’t know for what.

I want to share with you, beloved friend, as you’ve heard me mention a few times this evening, the term lineage. You are also one whose lineage can be traced and found to have, shall we say, habits, roots, if you will, in other worlds and in other dimensions. Those that are coming to you are friends, quite benign in nature, quite loving and rather wise. The dimension from which they come is not physical in a strict sense. That is, when you move from point A to point B, you take your physical body and you move it to point B. You haven’t really left physicality. You are still in this dimension.

For them to come here, it requires a bit of a different leap. It requires a down—grading, a down—shifting of frequency to move from a dimension that is far more of light and color than it is physicality to come into this dimension where they can be noticed by you.

The purpose is already being fulfilled, and I want to share with you that it is best that you give up the desire, the impatience to know and understand, to grasp the purpose. You may rest assured that they are coming to you far more often than the conscious mind is aware of and that communication is occurring. They are recreating the link. They are doing the rewiring so the communication can occur. For, as this plane begins to go through some shifts and changes, the tendency will be to lose that connection. So you could say they are just bolstering things up a bit. They’ve come for you because it is time. Not come to rip you out of this dimension, but they’ve come as friends to support you, to be with you, to surround you, by the way, with their presence and their love. They are friends. There will be a time that communication, as you understand it, will begin to occur far more easily — or more consciously — and you’ll be able to direct that communication at will.

But, for now, let the worker bees do their work.

Thank you.

Hello. Glad to meet you. I was told some time ago that my guide… I had known my guide… and when I asked to have this person described by the lady who was telling me this, I recognized who she was talking about. Now, is this a real fact or is it just something this woman thought up?

Facts can only be real. Now, when it was described to you, there was “Recognition” — and I want to emphasize that term by using a capital “R—ecognition” — within you and that recognition was immediate, was it not?

I don’t think so. You know the situation a little bit, but I remembered this woman.

The recognition was immediate. The reluctance to receive it is what required some thinking.

It was a bit of a shock.


To know that I had known her.

Yes. Shock can only come when the mind has drawn the blinds and created a limited view of what is real, so that when reality presents itself, it’s a shock to that construct. Does that make sense to you?

Now, is it a real fact? In the way that you are using this term, it would be appropriate to say, yes, that it wasn’t a fantasy made up in this other one’s mind. It was seen by that one, seen by the eye that transcends the body. And yes, consider it a real fact and just accept it. Let it teach you that there’s more to Heaven than meets the eye. It’s good to be shocked, you see.

Hi, it’s Lisa. I’ve been feeling a bit of overwhelm at all the things I’m feeling. Coming up in all my dreams now is stuff I need to kind of get done sometime in this lifetime. As I was coming over tonight I was just trying to… well, some things were coming in about needing to have a nonprofit vehicle for this idea of creating sacred space all over the world so that it would be easy to kind of keep track of or whatever, and that brought to mind again the idea or the feeling — whatever it is — that came up when Lindia offered me the initiation into the Shay’s ministry and so… what’s my question? What’s my question you ask?

Can you trust your own vision? Can you trust your own connection? Can you trust your own ability to fulfil what is presented to you? Can you trust that you, beloved friend, are linked to that Infinite Mind that knows best how to weave the tapestry that awakens the Sonship? Can you possibly fulfil your role in the Atonement? Is that not your question?

That’s my question.

Lucky guess.


Yes, of course.

Precious friend, you cannot fail. You cannot fail to complete your role in the Atonement. And why? Because the purpose has been placed within you by God Herself. I thought you would like that.

You cannot fail because of who you really are. The overwhelm is actually nothing more than the process of being stretched out of the habit of being identified with a frail and limited self that you have never really ever been,

I have shared with you before that you carry great compassion and great wisdom. Your heart is pure and open. And a heart that is pure and open is linked constantly to the Mind of God. Yes, you. Can you then fail the task appointed to you? It is impossible. Your perception of the task will change, but the task itself does not. You are already participating with other minds whom you have not even yet met in body in the creation of sacred sites. Let’s call it bringing the sacredness back to Earth — places that will serve for healing and for celebration. And rest assured the answer to your question is the same thing as the key to the power to bring about the completion of your part in the Atonement. You can trust your guidance impeccably at all times because of your link through the purity of your heart with the Mind of God.

See then the correlation, the dancing, the weaving that something could be presented to you that fulfills very nicely that which is called the legalities of your world: nonprofit. Let us hope that is not taken too literally.

Precious friend, as you open, truly open, to be willing to let your role in the Atonement be completed, you will continue to be confronted with the need to relinquish your perception of yourself as a frail and limited and impotent sell and to claim with dignity the power that lies within you. It is the same power that is within me — the same power — and all that I have done you also can and will do.

The tendency within you is, as you go through your day in your relationships with others in this world, is to tend to act out of a perception of yourself as someone who is overwhelmed, struggling to understand, and maybe not really capable of ever really completing the journey. You have taught yourself to present yourself to others as someone who is trying to understand and who does not know. What is pressing against your heart is going to demand, very lovingly, that you begin the conscious and deliberate practice of making a different choice in each of your relationships — and I do mean each of them — in which you stand firm, not rigid, but firmly based in the fact that you do know that your heart is pure and that you love God above all things and that you are here to serve the Atonement, and nothing else is the whole purpose of your being, And we both know that you know that. And each time that you have sought to deny it so that you can conform yourself to the perceptions you’ve learned to carry about yourself, you have felt unhappy and it has troubled your sleep.

It is time, precious friend, to arise from the ashes of a dream that didn’t need to be dreamt. To stand firm in your love and your compassion and your Light and your beauty, to share with others that you do know what is taking place on this planet, and if it’s all up to you, it will be done, and others can join you if they want. Time to stand with power and with certainty and to proclaim it to others. “Yes, I know why I am on this planet and I won’t stop until I see the birthing of Heaven on Earth, and I’d love to have you join me because I know who dwells in me: Christ.” Or the Christess, if you prefer.

That, beloved friend, is what’s overwhelming you. What’s pressing forth in you is forcing you to recognize that you need to give up the habit of mind of presenting yourself as someone who doesn’t know but is struggling to learn, to replace it with the truth that you know — forgive the language — damn well what the Truth is.

In short, I’m just suggesting to you as a friend that it’s time to no longer tolerate error in yourself by feigning to be what you are not. You do know. And your link to the Mind of God is very clear, and all power given unto you to complete your role in the Atonement. Trust the changes that have been and will continue. Trust the support that is offered in love, for you will not do without and all that you need will come to you. Merely give back to God that little bit of willingness, your consent that the Atonement be demonstrated through you. And that’s enough.

Thank you.

Did I answer “the” question?

Yeah, and you… a lot more came up to but we’ll talk about that later. Thanks.

I’ve comprehended everything I’ve heard tonight except one idea, and that has to do with God didn’t create darkness.

Would you like to comprehend it?

I’m curious as to where it came from. And what came to my mind was that if He didn’t’, then there is something wrong with it.

Hmm, that is a very interesting thought.

Although I would prefer to say that it is not that there is something wrong with darkness but rather that limitation does not befit the holy offspring of God and can be relinquished. Do you see the difference?

Where, then, do you think, if God did not create darkness, where do you think it came from?

That was my question. Well, I don’t believe it came from an evil force.

That is good. I don’t either.

Then another question I have is, since we live for infinity and since it is inevitable that we will reach a state of Atonement, is there an urgency or an agenda somewhere that has to hurry us along or can we relax and enjoy the ride?

It will be most appropriate to say that by relaxing and enjoying the ride you speed up the completion of the agenda.


Yes, it is.

Thank you.

Ask yourself that question: “If God did not create darkness, where did it come from?” Just let the question be with you, and relax and enjoy the ride and it will reveal to you… the simple asking of the question will bring revelations to you. Fair enough?

Thank you.

Hello, my name is Stephen. I find it difficult to accept what I perhaps consider or am being shown is my place in the Atonement and involves maybe contacting certain people that I feel I have reached out to. Should I go to these people and confirm them or not? And therefore expose it to the world for the sake of the world?

You are never asked to go to anyone and confront them. You are asked to go to certain ones and to choose to see them differently so that you do not see that they need someone or something to fix them, so that you see that you are not the one to fix them. You are asked only to go so that you can learn that what you teach is teaching you. So that when you reach out to them it is an extension — not the insistence that they hear, communicate, receive what you would perceive they should receive. Rather to go to them and to see them as innocent, as free and as awake. Go to them, go to them remembering that what you teach is teaching you and will allow a completion and a healing to come within your mind. It then creates a stage of freedom so that your journey can unfold. Go to them and ask that you be allowed and helped to see them differently, and that is enough. Worth a try?

Hi, I’m Nancy, and I have a similar question to something that was said earlier regarding being frustrated and angry at the place that I’m at. {pause}… and being able to find peace… I’m not sure what my question is. Maybe a little bit of advice on where, how you can reach that instead of searching and searching?

Don’t fight with this conflict that you’re feeling right now. It’s okay. There’s nowhere you can be that can offer you any greater safety than to be right here right now. Don’t fight the discomfort.

But it’s been going on for a long time. It’s just trying to find your place where you should be and giving, and finding my right place to give.

The resistance has been going on for a long time, too. And that’s why I suggest to you: don’t resist it, that uncomfortableness, that feeling that you are not in the right place. That you are not giving. Things keep repeating themselves. You are completely safe right here and right now to choose to really let yourself feel, to feel that uncomfortableness. And that’s the one thing that you haven’t allowed yourself to do yet. But it’s the feeling of it that can allow you the movement that you’ve been praying for. You are loved more deeply than you know, more deeply than you’ll ever be able to comprehend with the mind. There are gifts that you do have to offer to this world and there are many times that you offer gifts but you don’t recognize it. And that comes from a very old pattern of unworthiness. Somehow you haven’t been enough. And it’s been with you, as you said, for a very long time.

The feeling of that unworthiness is there with you right now and it’s pressing out, but you’ve learned how to draw a veil, even in the body, so there’s a feeling of constriction and tightness. If it were given to me, I would just take it from you. But you have to give it. And right now in this room you are safe because you are surrounded by friends who know that you are worthy. The peace you are seeking is on just the other side of a choice to truly let yourself feel certain feelings of anger, frustration, that you’ve not quite allowed yourself to feel wholly. You’ve tried to block them off because you perceive that that is a statement that somehow you are failing, that you are not being who you should be. Do you see?

The appropriate pathway for you — and if it means seeking out someone to help you with it — is to really dive into those feelings. And when you do, they are going to bring up some memories. It’s safe. It’s totally safe. And I want to suggest to you that there is one sitting in the row right behind you there who could do much to help you really feel and know that you’re safe to do that. Your Light even right now shines very beautifully. And those memories, those experiences, really haven’t dimmed it. They’ve only dimmed your recognition of it. I’m going to ask that you do me and everyone in this room a favor and give yourself permission to really feel what you’ve been blocking. It need not be in this moment — although it could be — but to choose to take whatever steps to do that. Because when you do that, you help all of us heal. We need your courage to choose for the voice for peace. It’s very close.

As you look at this pattern that has been repeating, the mind will tell you that because it’s been going on, it must, therefore, continue and you are helpless to change it. What you have attempted hasn’t worked because there’s a part of you that has been fearful of really feeling what’s there that needs to be felt. Does that make sense to you?

I keep hoping it goes away.

It will. But the way out is through. You see, the thought, “I pray for it to go away. I hope it will go away,” is actually an affirmation of its power to control you. Do you see? To hope that it goes away comes from a mind that is fearful of the very thing that needs to be felt. And I want to share with you that you have that strength and that Light to embrace and feel it, because in the end you cannot… nobody can transcend what they have not first embraced — and that means to feel it deeply. That’s where you’ll find the doorway to your peace.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know I felt so much until tonight. But thank you, very much.

You might want to talk to the one who is in the row behind you there.

A lot of things have been happening that are really wonderful lately, and I’m really appreciative of that, Jeshua. There is a possibility of a job, possibility of fixing up my home, possibility of wonderful miracles happening but I’ve been wanting for months to ask you about my son, Justin. He has what’s labeled as “attention deficit disorder” in educational circles or whatever. He always had a hard time going through school, with low self—esteem and low GPA, but he was always too bright to qualify for special help, and so he thought finally now he’s going to get this help through an agency to go to school and they turned him down because he’s again, you know, not low enough to qualify. He’s too bright. And he’s frustrated and he’s…. I’m trying to encourage him to go out and find a job, and I think he’s feeling a lot of things going on within him, and I guess I’d like to understand it. I know he has to work through this himself, but it’s like he’s eighteen and he needs to become independent and not dependent upon me. I was wondering if you would have any… could help me to understand the situation? Is this a short attention span or is there emotional things going on here? And I know, he’s separated because he’s a teenager, too. I’m getting frustrated in dealing with him. Real frustrated at this point.

Fear of responsibility.

Is that it?

It is a fear that this one came into this life with. You could almost say that there was a reluctance to slide again into physical incarnation, would be one way of saying it. And this fear, this reluctance to assume complete responsibility for all that this one thinks and feels has, in fact, created what could be called a little bit of a shortage in the wires.

Uh huh. It’s a mental brain function…. How can I help? How can I? I’m not quite sure.

You need very much to communicate and quickly.

Yeah, yeah. I’m trying.

You need to simply share that. But understand, it’s still not up to you. You need to share what I just shared with you. Just look him in the eye and repeat what I shared with you. “You carry a fear of truly claiming responsibility for all that you think and all that you feel. And without making that choice, what you feel is not ever going to change.”

He has so much potential. He wants to be a photojournalist and he wants to go to school, and I’d like to help him with the whole thing.

The ability is within him to, shall we say, effect a subtle rewiring.

That’s what I… is that possible?

Of course.

I should believe that. After all, I’m going through miracles myself.

You, of all, should ask.

I know. My leg is coming back and it’s really wonderful.

Yes. By the way, he’s watching with close attention to see whether or not this will continue for you — since, you see, it does involve the rewiring.

For me, yeah.


I know it’s going to be implanted.

And that demonstrates the miracle that is possible to him.

He’s real sensitive.

Oh, yes.

Incredibly sensitive.

Now, I wish I could offer you greater advice, but at this point that is all that you can extend to him because the choice must come from him to make that subtle little choice, that little bit of shift that says, “I am responsible for what I feel and for what I think. And only there will I have the strength to ever get out of this rut.”

He’s feeling like he’s in a corner and how is he going to go to school and do this…?

It will be when there is the true decision to claim responsibility.

For himself? And if he doesn’t…?

Stuff him in a drawer.


Yes. While you continue to do the same thing for yourself.

… it just gets overwhelming with him. Actually, my seven year old is easier.

Very much so.

Okay, I appreciate that.

Now, because you’ve brought it up, I can promise you that through your willingness to repeat what I’ve shared with him, that I will also be seeking to make some inroads.



Bring in his spirit helpers. I appreciate that. I do need some help with it.

Healing occurs, though, only to the degree that there is a willingness.

For him?


Yeah, I think he’s got a lot of forgiving to do for things that have happened in his life.

Very much so, and the forgiveness is tied, the lack of forgiveness is tied to the refusal to assume responsibility.

So he needs to forgive people in his life before he can take on…? I think I’ve talked to him about that. It’s real hard for him to do.

The forgiveness… the forgiveness comes out of the decision to assume responsibility.


To see, “I am not a victim of the world I see.”

Well, that’s the way he feels right now.

Exactly. That is called being in hell.


And the choice is always between hell and Heaven.

Well, so, he’s watching the fact that I am… this miracle is happening with my leg and my body… to see.


And then if it does, then maybe he’ll take the responsibility to have a miracle happen within his life.


I try to get him to come here and he won’t. I don’t want to force it, you know.

It would be kicking and screaming at this point.

No, that’s not right. Okay. I’ll try to help him to learn to forgive so he can take responsibility.

You cannot help him learn. You can only be the demonstration of one who assumes responsibility and has extended forgiveness.

Yeah. I hear what you’re saying. Okay. I really appreciate it. Wonderful things are happening in my life. Thank you.


About two thousand years ago you came to show that death was not the end of the Spirit. And when you ascended and assumed the body for the second time… is the Second Coming something that’s going to be manifested by you in a physical body or is this more of an illusion toward where, after two thousand years — it seems like people go through these cycles for two thousand years or something — where we perhaps… I’ve noticed the movement is getting larger where people or humankind seems to be more interested in knowingness of the Spirit and becoming in touch with their Spirit. Are you going to manifest a body for the Second Coming or is that a misunderstanding that people have handed down?

I’m going to manifest a body on the steps of the Vatican with a neon placard around my neck, “Jeshua ben Joseph, Holy and only Son of God, Christ eternal. I hope you have repented.”


Precious friend, the first coming was a demonstration in a language that the minds of mankind could understand: a being outside of themselves, seemingly, who demonstrated a different way of being. The Second Coming is the maturing or the integration of that knowledge into the hearts and minds of everyone. Am I going to manifest a body? Oh, yes. But a body in the sense of a community of minds and hearts that share the same vision with me and who recognize that they live, yet not they, but Christ lives in them. The Second Coming is the awakening of what could be called the Christed consciousness in mankind. The awakening of the Sonship.

So, yes, it has been a… actually, it’s not been a misunderstanding at all. It’s been a very clear use of the power of the mind to choose a belief that salvation comes in a form external to one’s self. That is always the decision to put off completing the Atonement within one’s self. Do you see?

Yes. Thank you.

I’m going to ask a question since I haven’t asked one for nine months. I have about fifty—four questions I’ll ask you through this form. Okay? One question is for my friend, Terry. I owe him one. He wanted to know about the Bible talking about the graven images and how that came about and what it means?

A graven image is an idol. A graven image is something, in a sense, etched into stone within the mind of the one who would perceive it and place value upon it, and the “it” that is being valued is a substitute for the union of Father and Son.

When it is said to “make no graven images,” it means to remember that this world of change is unreal and, therefore, not to cling to your perceptions of what is real and what the world is for, but to constantly practice the relinquishing of your own thoughts and your own ideas so that the Idea held in the Mind of God can again come to replace it.

Where did it arise from? It arose from the mind of mankind. It arose in minds that began to catch on to the Truth and sought to teach others the way to freedom: to make no graven image. What needs to be done, however, is to consider the many ways in which the ego makes graven images every day. For they are not just statues. They are not just temples. They are not just pictures or thoughts or concepts of God that are graven images.

When you place value on that which changes, has a beginning in time and ends in time, and cling to it as though it could give you safety or fulfillment in any way, you have made a graven image and created a substitute for God. Ultimately, the greatest of graven images is your identification with the body itself.

Say this unto my old friend: ask him to make not a single graven image in one hour and he will know and understand the meaning of the term. That will give him something to occupy his time with. Does that help?

Yeah. All right, now I’m down to question number fifty—two. We’ll go backwards. I’m just kidding. The only other question I was going to ask you tonight was if you wanted to put your stamp of approval or add anything to this little inkling or vision I had with my partners, Dale and Sandra? You know what I’m talking about.

What good — listen well — what good has my stamp of approval ever made? What has it ever done?

Nothing. No, I’m just kidding,

It’s not kidding. It’s the truth.

Yes, master.

When any mind looks to me for a stamp of approval, all it has done is delayed the moment when they need to walk through that final ring of fear and decide whether they will give it their stamp of approval. Do you see?

It is asking them then, as it is asking you in this situation, to remember that you are linked always to the Mind of God and that you must trust your own knowingness, and to hear, if you will, my approval as a friend within your own knowingness. And when you reach the point when there are no more “what ifs…” that arise and you are willing to set aside the need to receive affirmation from anyone outside yourself and when you can rest at peace with what you know and act on it, you will know the meaning of the Truth that sets you free.

Okay. Well, I know it’s going to manifest, so is it going to be nineteen ninety—three or nineteen ninety—four? Can you just give me… I want to peek around the corner. I know the momentum’s for this year, but I’m just… I want a better idea of when the fullness of it will….

And I am going to suggest to you that you make contact with these that you’ve mentioned. Tell them what you know. Talk to them as though it was already concluded and decided, and then ask them, “Well, shall it be 1993 or 1994?”


Do you see the difference?

Um huh.

And at the same time, by doing that, you are going to prod their minds to recognize that a decision, a contract, if you will, is already long since signed and it’s time to really move into enacting it, Does that make sense to you?

It makes perfect sense.

Now, don’t you dare say, “Jeshua said…” Tell them you say.

Yes, master. That’s a joke. Okay. And what time are they going to call me tomorrow to tell me we can move into our house?

By three o’clock.

Good. Thanks, I can pack in the morning. Does anybody else have any questions?

{Marc returns.}

A few hardy souls stuck around. How are you all doing?


Let’s go dancing.

So, a good place to wrap it up.

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