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Hang on a sec…

Now we begin.

Indeed, greetings unto you once again, beloved and holy Children of Light divine. In Truth, I come forth and abide with you because I am you, I am that Love that was with the Father before all things, and indeed you were with me even then. But, of course, “then” wasn’t a “then,” was it?

And in Truth, I have come forth to abide with you as your friend and your brother, and as a mirror that can reflect back to you whatever you choose to see projected from yourself into that mirror.

Therefore, if you would see the holy Son of God in me, you will in Truth see it in yourself. For all that I am is but your servant and I come with only a gentle reminder: you are the Word made flesh. You are the one sent to bring Light to the world and, indeed, when you choose to be who you are, you are the Light of the world.

Therefore, I come and ask you to join with me in the transformation of this world from a world that is wholly insane, as it is governed by fear, into a world that is sane because it has awakened to the Truth of Love, a world that is insane now because it sees from the soil of separation, and a world that shall be translated into the Kingdom of Heaven because it sees that separation is illusion.

Many of you have heard me say this single message time and time again, but how often in each of your days, as you walk through your days, do you look upon your brothers and sisters and see only the body that seems to be a distance from you and would block from your perception and understanding the Truth that all minds are eternally joined and there is no distance between you and your brother and sister?

Now, if that is true — and I will assure you that it is — it means that though you seem to be sitting there looking at this thing that you call a body going through a certain set of motions, its lips moving and sound coming out thereof, let me assure you that where you are in Truth is where I am and there is no distance between us.

What, then, creates that wall? Nothing more than the choice to hold on to a perception that you have brought into being, and through that perception you have believed that the world the body would show you must be primary. But from my perspective, what is wholly illusory can hardly be said to be primary. Therefore, when I look upon you, I see not your body. I see the holy Mind of Christ. I see that Heart which is pure and meek and knows the Truth of Love and knows that it is eternally safe always. I know who you are and I choose to tolerate in myself no other perception than the one that shows me the Truth of your being.

Now, I have come unto many of you and yet you have flailed your arms and have shouted back in my face, “I am unworthy of being loved. I am but this body and I have sinned greatly.” And in the midst of your shouting and screaming, I have never budged, for I see only the Christ in you and I will hold that vision of you in my mind until you make a simple choice: to see yourself through the eyes with which I see you always, to join with me and look upon your past and know that it no longer exists. For your Father has never created you to carry the burden of the past you have made in error. But He has created you to come forth in this moment and be the Love of God extended in this world.

Where, then, can you find peace? Where can you find the sanctity sought by the soul since the beginning of time? You cannot find it if you would hide in your caves. You cannot find it if you would imprison yourself within the perception that you come to believe about yourself in the world. But you can find it in the extension of Love through you to your brother and to your sister. Wherever two are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them and the world is translated into Heaven.

Therefore, when you know loneliness, when you know doubt, when you feel fear and uncertainty, when it seems your direction is lost unto you, make great haste and find someone to give your Love to. Not the profane love of your world, but the sacred Love which is the presence of God within you. Find someone into whose eyes you can look and practice seeing only the Light of Christ. For when you practice seeing Christ in another, you will perfect your ability to know that Christ, dwells within you.

You could say I am simply one who has learned to put that into practice constantly, for never do I cease in seeking out hearts and minds that would open themselves to me and choose to join with me in holy communion, in an instant that is beyond time, and in a communion so deep and pure that the world disappears. Herein lies the peace that passes all understanding, and yet, what I bring to you and give to you freely must still be taken and received inside yourself.

Would you not take and drink from the cup that I would extend unto you? For though the world would teach you that you have sinned, that you have fallen short and that you must always strive to be better the next day than you were the last, I say this unto you: when you give up the perceptions of the world and when you see and come to recognize that you rest in the arms of your Father always, and when you truly learn the meaning of the term, “relax,” you will allow the Truth of your being to begin to shine, and it will re-direct your course. You might find that it will shake up your foundations a bit. Trust it. For Love alone heals and Love alone is the salvation of this world.

I love you and I come forth with this rather lengthy greeting to once again say this and this alone: I love you because you are Love and I join with you because I can’t think of any greater place to be than with the Mind of Christ, given to my brothers and sisters of my Father since before time began. You have never lost it and you cannot be separated from it.

But, as most of you know, you can perhaps choose to forget it for awhile. You cannot lose it. You have never lost the Kingdom. It is within you and closer to you than your own breath. And yet, to accomplish the purpose of a course of life, you will need to be willing to give up and to examine every value that you have ever held.

Now, this seems like an easy thing to do when you look at the positive ones. It can become, seemingly, a challenge when you look at what you would perceive to be the negative ones. And we get right to it because the most negative of values that you have cherished is the one that holds that you are not of value, that you are unworthy to be loved by God. And, therefore, you have separated yourself from Him in your mind and taken on a deep fear of God.

It is not darkness that the human mind fears it is Light. The human mind knows how to dwell in darkness, but can it dwell in Light that is infinite, unbounded, without measure and holding all of the power of God within it? That is what you possess, and it is the only possession given unto you and the only one that will remain throughout eternity.

Can you claim your power? Can you truly understand that you are the only begotten Son of God, filled with grace and power and Light and wisdom, and wherever you are the Kingdom can come to Earth? Ah, that’s the question. Can you claim that power? And when faced with doubt, when faced with fear, and when you look out and see what seems to be the chaos of the forever changing world, can you remember that that perception is there only because you created it to begin with, out of your infinite power? And if you can see a world gone awry, you can see one corrected when you choose to hold the highest of visions within you, and by so doing, learn to never tolerate within yourself anything less than the highest vision that the Holy Spirit can extend to you. And I might add, that’s a very high vision.

And yet, it is the same, that the Holy Spirit would extend unto everyone who would but for just a moment turn their hearts and mind from the noise and din of the world, having set aside all false perceptions on the altar of the heart, and turn gently to hear the quiet voice of the one Teacher sent to you of your Father. For when you chose to sleep and journey forth from the Kingdom, already the bridge that leads you home was re-created for you. With the very first thought you ever held that you have sinned and that you have fallen short, that you are not quite all that you know you ought to be, with that one thought, already the means to correct it has been given. You are standing upon that bridge in this moment, and the wisdom and the forgiveness and the Light of the Holy Spirit, dwells within your heart and is as a jewel that rests in the very palm of your hand.

You could say that the greatest of spiritual techniques is to simply practice wrapping your fingers around that jewel, with every thought you think and with every breath you breathe. And the mind then becomes corrected and the heart becomes the master. The mind becomes the servant and it serves only the highest vision of Truth, of goodness, of wisdom and of power and of transformation.

And if you are to be what your Father has sent you to be, indeed every aspect of your life must necessarily be transcended. You are not powerless. You are not weak. Lack cannot exist in the Kingdom, and the only reason that it yet seems to remain in some of your lives is because you insist that it do so.

Now, though I seem to speak to you with a bit of a degree of seriousness, actually it comes with great gaiety and laughter, for if anyone here can hear the Truth of what I am saying, you must rejoice because you are free and unbounded. You are eternal and nothing can limit you. You are the one who has the power to choose a thought that limits you or unlimits you. Therefore, the power by which you choose is always unlimited, and that is the Truth of your being.

So, a bit of a lengthy greeting. How are you all doing tonight? Good.

Is it indeed worth your time to come to this location? What is it that yet compels you to do so? Look around in this moment, and though the eyes of the physical bodies see other bodies, please look just beyond them and see your holy brother and your holy sister your equal. For in Truth, when you look upon another, you can be perceived as either both being guilty or both being innocent. But you cannot be innocent and your brother or sister guilty. That creates inequality and in the Kingdom inequality does not exist.

Can you then look upon one another and though you seem to see the image of a body, can you know that that body is really quite illusory? Your scientists have told you that it contains more space than solid matter anyway. And the little electrons are constantly being exchanged with other molecules many miles from the body itself. So where is the body, except in the perception you choose to hold? And you will have it for only the twinkling of an eye, but you remain eternally.

Therefore, holy Son of God, never seek to die. Never seek to limit yourself in body, in mind, or in emotion, or in power, or in creativity, because you are eternal and your Father is never going to let you die.

So, if that is true — and I assure you that it is — the only sane choice that yet remains to be made is to choose to claim the power of the Kingdom of the Son of God and allow it to be lived through you, to live for vision, not for the world you have been taught to see — a world that would teach you that you must survive and that you must be fearful one of another. Let the mind be translated into vision and act only on that. And all that you have ever believed you need will be provided for you, when first you choose to serve the Light of Christ that dwells within you.

Now, that takes a certain bit of something called, “the leaping off the cliff.” You cannot enter the Kingdom and leave one foot behind you in the world until you find out what it’s like, so that then the mind can say, “Ah well, I think I’ll drag the other leg with me now.”

In Truth, you will be either within it or outside of it. And there are some of you in this room who well have I watched play the certain game of jumping over the fence almost with every breath. “I am in the Kingdom, wholly. Well, perhaps I’ll go back to the other side. Let me beat myself a bit longer and when I am tired of that I will leap back into the Kingdom. And when conditions around me are just right, indeed, then, I will leap because I will know that it is safe.” The world around you will be perceived and experienced by you directly as wholly safe, wholly abundant and wholly supportive of you when first you leap and choose to remain in the Kingdom.

The world teaches you to put the cart before the horse, and yet I say unto you: you cannot come to where I am unless you choose to put the horse in front of the cart. What is that horse but the Mind of Christ that dwells within you. It will drag the body behind, knowing that it is only a tool for communication. So, you see, you can take the cart of the body and the emotions and the lower aspect of the mind and you can fill it with a radiant Light of Christ, so that as the horse pulls that cart faster and faster and faster, you can simply be like what you call the Santa Claus and reach back into the cart and give your Light to your brothers and sisters.

But when you try to put the cart in front of the horse, great struggle comes, great conflict. The wheels of the cart don’t quite go where they ought to and the horse itself seems to be weighted down because the cart is yet filled with erroneous and wholly insane perceptions.

Therefore, choose with me now to take that leap into the Kingdom, for in Truth, I come and I call you for there is a work to be done. This world is crying out to know again the peace of the Kingdom and you are the ones who have come to bring it. You, are the ones that have come to bring it. You are, each and every one of you, a soul unlimited and eternal. You are like a light and indeed you are Light. And if you ever want to know who you are, don’t look on your birth certificate.

Look within your heart and see a Light that shines so brightly that it seems to expand throughout all of the universes and extends even beyond that, a Light that extends so far and shines so bright that the world cannot look upon it and you cannot find its circumference or its end. That is who you are.

Some of you in your prayer and meditation have suddenly beheld a radiance of light that has blinded you, and you have contracted and turned away. When next it comes, rest into it and it will settle in, and it will become the vision of yourself. You are Light and you have come to be a Light that shines in the world.

Would you, then, put a bushel basket over it? And what is that basket made of but all of the perceptions you have been taught from “day one”. “You are only a body, Johnny. Listen to your mother and father and do as you are told. You are not as creative as you think. And be fearful and don’t forget to lock your doors. You are very limited and if you want to be accepted, you are going to have to conform yourself to thinking the way everybody else does.”

Are you willing to risk pushing other people’s buttons? Are you willing to risk being judged at times? Are you willing to risk the rejection of others? Are you willing to risk what it takes to taste the freedom of your being and to extend the Love of God into this world?


Sometimes. When you are feeling worthy and lovable.

Do you see the connection between the two, Matthew?

Of course.

Have you chosen in this week to be more often lovable and worthy?


How does it feel?

Okay. No, it feels great. I feel very good.

Indeed, and there were some who noticed when you entered into this temple this evening that there has been, indeed, a shift within you. There is a greater sense of presence, and there are some in this room who can see Light emitted through the body and have seen that your Light is a little brighter than it was last week. You have felt it during the week.

Now, the great paradox is that as your Light shines more brightly, the times that you choose to constrict yourself are going to be even more painful.

I’ll wait a little. Thank you. But it is only my own choice.

Exactly. And it can only be more painful because you notice it more deeply and you see the insanity of the choice. And, therefore, the pain will simply propel you to choose more quickly to allow more of your Light to shine.

I already am. So, thank you. And I thank everyone here and I thank myself.

Awakening is a very interesting thing because when it comes, it seems to come most often in subtle ways — a little change here, week to week — and yet, it is possible to abide in, shall we call it, a place of consciousness in which you can watch the shift that occurs in the mind or heart of another soul, and from that perspective to see not a subtle shift at all, but to see that a soul has chosen to release the need to go through what you would call lifetimes, and has chosen to take the leap of faith and to simply be a greater brightness of Light. It is a beautiful thing to behold.

That is why it is so important in your world — which means through the body and through the verbal language — when you look upon your brother or sister and you detect even the smallest positive change, express your gratitude to them for what they have chosen to do. Let no small feat go unnoticed and unrecognized.

Now, if you understood truly how profound of an effect it is when any soul makes just what seems to be a little shift, you would be on your knees at their feet, because, you see, when your brother or sister chooses to come out of their shell just a little bit more that their Light might be extended, they have uplifted you and saved you lifetimes, because all minds are joined. And you cannot think a thought that does not effect the whole of mankind.

Now, if my mind is joined with you and even in this moment you choose in any way that you might place the thought in the mind or feel it within the body, to choose to let yourself release whatever seems to be limiting you, or when you say to the Holy Spirit, “I am quite tired of it. You heal it. Let the Light of Christ shine in me more brightly,” I come to your heart and give thanks to you because you have uplifted me and I will never cease in extending my gratitude to you.

Now, the world has taught you to believe in separation and that the good that another brings forth has no affect on you. Indeed, many in your world feel jealousy and contempt when another is successful, finds a cure for cancer, brings flowers to the sick. Every act of life is to be cherished and gratitude should be extended for every good thing that is expressed through the minds of mankind. And what you perceive as negative things need only be forgiven and forgotten. This is very, very, very important. For when you hold judgment toward your brother or sister for any small thing, or when you hold your political parties in judgment, or those that would mistakenly dump the oil into your oceans in judgment, you have just filled up a place with darkness that could instead come to be filled with Light. It is your forgiveness that allows darkness to be dissolved that Light might come and fill it. Love and fear cannot abide together. Forgiveness and judgment cannot abide together. Heaven and Earth cannot abide together until you, the holy Son of God, choose to extend your forgiveness to the world and to yourself with every moment, that the darkness might be dissolved and Light might come. That is how powerful you are, and wherever you hold judgment, it is you and you alone that is choosing to insist that Light not be allowed to radiate more brightly in this world. And what you deny your brother, you have already denied to yourself.

Does that make sense to everyone?

Jeshua, I have a little internal argument going on with myself on this subject because it doesn’t mean that we do not need to take any responsibility, for example, voting out people in our government who are dishonest? Or, when we see somebody has committed a physical crime against another? I can almost understand forgiving that person but it does seem as though we have to be responsible enough to try to put into positions of leadership people who are honest and honorable. Can we do both: what you said and what I said?

Beloved friend, the conflict within the mind is because of the habit of creating a duality where there is none. To extend forgiveness does not mean what your world has taken it to mean. It does not mean passivity in which you sit in front of your televisions and say, “Oh, well, I forgive the government but now I am going to watch my TV programs.”

When you extend forgiveness, you understand that your brother is yourself and that, therefore, you are the one responsible for bringing Light to this world. But by what means will you select their replacement for the one who seems to continually insist on doing things, as you say in your example, dishonestly? If you turn to the Holy Spirit and ask for guidance and ask from the power of the Christ within you collectively that one come forth who abides in an honest nature, one will come forth. But all too often the mind simply reacts, “I judge this one’s actions as being below what I want to see happen. Therefore, I will vote for the next person.” Indeed, take responsibility in your world.

You see, we are talking here, Diana, about what we spoke of earlier between stillness and activity. You see the connection?


Once we talked about meditation and coming to that point of deep stillness, and you asked the question, did you not, about how can you know when it is time to stop being still and time to act?

Oh, yes, I remember.

Now, listen. This is really the same. It is always time to extend forgiveness and it is always time to act to bring Light to the world. Therefore, those who are engaged in activities within your political structures, so to speak, to try to reform government and make it make a little more sense, that is a good and laudable work. But those who would bring peace through political means have to still make sure that they are coming from peace. For you cannot create peace around you until there is peace within you. That is when silence and activity, forgiveness and responsibility merge as one. And if one performs a physical act of harm upon another, of course, take action and separate them from your brothers and sisters, but not out of judgment, but out of seeing that something has gone awry and that there is one who is crying for help. And then extend the help unto him that he might be healed and rejoin the family of Christ, understanding well that his brother he has harmed is himself. Healing should always be the primary concern and never punishment or judgment. Because, quite simply, he whom you have judged has just then become your judge. You have judged yourself through your judgment of another.

How can you be worthy of Love while your brother is not? That is to create inequality and specialness. It is to set yourself apart from your brother and to say, “I am worthy because I perceive myself as good and you are unworthy because I perceive you as bad.”

That means you are choosing to see with the eyes of the ego and not with the eyes of God. For God sees your brother and yourself as equals always, and He knows that only Love can heal. To extend Love requires activity.

Does that help you?

Oh, thank you so much, Jeshua. That really helped a lot.

Ah, I get an “A” for the evening.

An “A plus”.

So, you see, you can take action to correct the imbalances that might come because a fearful mind will always act insanely. And you can do that out of service, not out of judgment, not out of fear and not out of guilt, but do it because you are choosing to be the vehicle in that situation that brings sanity back to chaos. And when the dust is settled, then to help healing because the holiest of places on Earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present Love.

Jeshua, will that always work? If the person isn’t willing to receive, then what?

You keep extending Love. Not passively, not naively, for in Truth, you are never asked to be irresponsible toward yourself. Actually you must become wholly responsible to your Self with a capital “S” before you can truly become effective at extending Love. Now, does it work if another is wholly unwilling to receive it? I can say this to you: it will work in the end because the resistance to Love will know an end. No mind can truly, throughout eternity, resist the healing grace of your Father’s Love. Through the eyes of your body, it might seem to be the case that your brother or sister has gone through the whole of their physical life and entered the death, called the death of the body, and has been resistant to healing all along. But remember that there is no death and healing must necessarily come to every soul that your Father has created, because He has created every soul to live in His image and to extend it.

So, if it seems that you are helpless in helping another to heal, do not think ever that it is your responsibility to heal. It is only your responsibility to extend Love, and it may come to pass that the extension of that Love requires you to move your physical body elsewhere and to get on with it.

For indeed, as many as there are that would resist Love, beloved friend, right around the corner is someone who is crying out to be touched by your presence, and is asking and has been praying for God to send a messenger to them. As many as would receive me, unto them I gave power to become the Sons of the living God, and to as many as rejected me, I turned away, knowing that sooner or later they will be back. Do the same.

Does that help?

Yes, I am reminded of what I had forgotten.


Thank you.

So, you see, the most powerfully effective of the masters that come to abide with you or who awaken amongst you are those that extend the Love of Christ wholly to themselves first. For what can you give to another when your own cup is empty? Many of you have been taught that you are to extend service and Love but certainly it is a sign of great arrogance to love yourself. Therefore, to be the pious servant of God means to take on the cloak of believing that you are but a sinful creature. And yet, I come unto you and say that is to make yourself weak.

It is like asking the Light of the Son to come through a light bulb whose filament is broken. Strengthen the filament and purify it. Be that strong light bulb through which the Light of the Son can shine into this world. And how do you strengthen it? By holding yourself in the Love of Christ always and seeing and knowing that you are sinless in the eyes of your Father. The past, even what was said thirty seconds ago, does not exist. You are loved always and you have never sinned.

Now, is the moment in which the Son of God can arise within you and be extended to this world. Now, is that moment upon you. Now, is where eternity is to be found and known and loved and extended. You are the Light of the world and the Light cannot shine unless you choose to do it now.

Now, the challenge then is to translate every mundane and normal moment of your experience into that “eternal now” that we just described. When you are feeling a little tired and a little beaten by the weight of the world, and you stop at your corner grocery store and you buy some bread and some soup for your evening meal, and you walk up to the counter and you let your chin rest on your chest and your shoulders droop, you have just walked by the most sacred places on Earth: the opportunity for you to express the strength and the radiance of the Love of Christ and to extend it to your brother or sister, who happens to be taking your golden coins on the other side of the counter and is probably feeling about as defeated as you are.

Therein lies the challenge and therein lies the door to freedom. That is how close you are in every moment. If it is Love that heals, and if it is true that Love exists only when it is extended, can you come to see that in every moment that you do nothing else but look for someone to extend your Love to, you have found the door that must lead you to your own healing and your own freedom? For sanctity can only be found in sharing the gift of salvation. It cannot be hoarded up within you. And each time you fail to extend it, you have depleted it in yourself.

Well, Jeshua, I have a situation that has arisen. I have a brother who is calling for help and has borrowed my checkbook and written a few checks. I am asking for you to help me with the highest vision. I could extend love to him, which I have and do. I can go to the bank and they would replace the money but they would also want to send him to the “motel”. I know that my brother is calling for help, so would you help me?

This one has carried a very deep fear for a very long time. Now, what this one perceives he is fearful of, is not what he is fearful of. It is not the world around him that creates the fear, but what is beginning to bubble up and has been bubbling up throughout the course of this lifetime is that deep and primary fear of God, though he would not, of course, see it in those terms. He, therefore, struggles and is in great conflict and has created a situation in which he believes he is wholly hopeless and lives in lack, and therefore reaches out to bring some sense of order to his life, through what could be perceived as a devious means or a hurtful means.

So, how then to help this one? Go unto him and make sure there are no distractions and that, indeed, you will abide face to face and look directly into this one’s eyes. Perceive the heart that lies beyond the fear. Do not speak to the personality of the body but ask the soul directly whether or not he is ready to do the work required to become the master of his life, and of his emotions and especially of his mind and his false perceptions.

Now, this is very, very important for you. Do not only listen to the answer but feel the energy behind the answer. Do you understand what I mean by that?


And in that very moment, Matthew, you hold the power to be perfectly clear whether or not this one genuinely, if his answer is “yes”, genuinely wants to get it together. If you detect what you feel in your heart to be that this one yet insists on avoiding getting it together, remember what has been taught to you: nothing remains in the mind save what the mind draws to itself because it wants it to be there. That means that if this one, in Truth, is not desirous of healing and change, it means that there is a part of this one that is yet insisting on wanting to be weak, to see chaos around him and therefore to justify acting in what we will call here devious means to try to keep order in his life. If that is the case, though this may sound a bit harsh, the greatest of gifts you could give him is to go to the bank and report the problem.

You are not responsible for what we will call here a karma chosen by others. You are only responsible to extend Love. But what brings healing is part and parcel of another soul’s choice. That is how free they are, and you must see that freedom in your brother always. For to try to protect him from certain consequences is not necessarily the extension of Love.

But if he is, in Truth, desirous of change, then of course, you can be there to help him because he will be making a choice not to draw, say, more hurtful consequences upon himself. In either case, precious friend, based on what you truly detect in the energy that comes from the heart even beneath the words, whatever you therefore choose to do, let that guidance come from the Holy Spirit and you will know that you are extending the Love in the form that is requested and insisted upon by your brother.

Is that clear for you?


I know it isn’t easy but, you see, this lesson is also yours or it would not have arisen for you. And the lesson for you, precious friend, is to see your brother as equal unto everyone that you see around you and equal to yourself, and to remember that the only thing that is really happening is that souls are choosing to heal. They have chosen certain dramas and to get in the way of that drama is not necessarily an act of Love. To let them know there are other choices, yes, but you cannot make the choice for another. That is to take away the freedom given to them by God when they were created in His image as infinite freedom.

Does that help?

Very much, thank you.

Do you see the lesson for you?

I am not responsible for other people’s choices.


And that I need to just keep blessing.

Yes, and do not create specialness in any brother or sister by trying to take on responsibility in order to save one from certain consequences. For, you see, when you begin to do that, if you are truly going to live as the Son of God, you are going to have to take on responsibility for everybody.

I’ll pass.

Good idea. Better to leave it up to God.

He does a far better job.

Thank God for that.

So, how are we all doing with this?

Fine. Great.

Are you seeing how every question asked serves far more than the one who has asked the question?


Therefore, hold those who ask questions with gratitude because they have helped to uplift you as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if you would get your teachers of the “little ones” to embed that idea in children? That when they ask a question, they are serving everyone in their classroom. A lot more of those little hands would go up.

So, have you any questions?

I do.

I know.

It’s about my ex-husband, the father of my first son. On October 29th he committed suicide, and I always heard that when you commit suicide, you are earthbound in a lower astral plane until your natural life span would have been up. And he was also really heavily addicted to drugs, and I was just kind of wondering if that’s true or has he gone into the Light or what?

Well, you see, it’s like this: first of all, there is no such thing as death. You can take the cloak of the body and try to hang it in your closet, so to speak, along with all of the other cloaks that you’ve hung up over the course of many lifetimes. But death has not occurred. The consciousness and the perceptions, that were held in the soul that chooses that action, have not necessarily changed at all. You see, there cannot be an escape from waking up.

The only choice is to choose to utilize life as the process whereby you will learn to let the mind be corrected, so that perception is translated into knowledge and is no longer insane. Has this one done what you call, “go to the Light”? And I know what you mean by that. No. And yet, that Light must necessarily already reside within him, waiting for his choice to turn from his insane perceptions and to ask the Light to dissolve their darkness.

Is it true that when one commits suicide they are going to hang out in some hotel room called the “astral realm”, and they are going to be there for a certain amount of years that would, therefore, match the amount of years that they would have had to be in physical form? No, because beyond the body, time doesn’t quite mean the same thing.

However, where suicide has been done and because the perceptions still remain, and in this case specifically, the soul simply takes on embodiment again and will draw to itself certain sets of circumstances. They may not be identical — of course not — but the energies that are represented and brought to the soul will be the same, so that new choices can be made. That is why it is easy to get on a treadmill called, “being in hell”, making the same choices again and again and again, and that is what hell is. It means being in a rut.

And there are many souls that spin their wheels for many lifetimes and seem to make very little progress. And yet, there is something that has been given of God — and thank God for it. It is called a miracle. And it comes through grace. So that even though one has been perceived to have been the worst among men, a murderer and a thief, even in the last moment of the body’s life, the soul can make a new choice and can receive the grace of the miracle by choosing to see the Mind of Christ that necessarily dwells within, and to extend forgiveness to the world and unto himself and to receive that grace that brings healing.

Now, that means that the miracle is a device given by God and it serves but one purpose: it shortens the need for time. You can be a miracle-bringer when you hold this one in your prayer and meditation. Surround him in the Light of Christ. Think not that because this one has put the cloak of the body in the closet that this one is far from you. Where can one mind hide from another when Mind is infinite and everywhere present? Hold this one in your meditation and send Love to him. Let him know that it is safe to make new choices, that he need not carry the pain and the anguish and the guilt that that one came into his last physical incarnation with, and that was the very source that gave forth the symptoms of addiction to drugs and behaviors that were at times hurtful, that culminated in hanging up the cloak of the body.

Now, if that soul allows itself to be touched by the Light and grace that you allow to be extended through you, it is very possible that the taking on of another physical form would not be required, in the sense that it won’t have to come back and face all of those energies again. However, what usually happens is that the soul, whether in physical form or out of it, when it receives the Light and the grace of Love, and feels the depth of healing that melts the darkness that has enshrouded the heart, out of joy and out of gratitude it will often choose physical form again because it sees that it failed to extend Love the last time and it wants an opportunity to do that.

Does all of that help a little?

I’ll do that.

It’s a good thing to do.

Death separates no one from anyone because you are not the body. You are Spirit. Spirit is infinite. It has never been born and it can never die. That is why I said earlier: “Seek not to die, Holy Son of God, but seek to let the Love of God live through you as powerfully as God created it to do so.” Mankind is not so much afraid of darkness as it of its own Light.

“What will it really feel like if I become so infinitely powerful? Boy, will my world change. And what will the Joneses next door think?” They might get a little jealous, you see, because when the mind is habituated to darkness you all know this — if you’ve been in a dark room all night and somebody suddenly turns the light on, the first thing you do is cover your eyes, pull the blankets over you and yell at your spouse, “Turn that thing off!” It is just a symbol of what happens when any soul chooses to awaken. In fact, the Joneses might become so upset that they will try to crucify you.

That was a cheery thought.

Oh, so you give them the body. Nothing lost.

Or they will sell their house and move, like my neighbors.

The funny thing, when you truly begin to choose the freedom that allows the Light of Christ to arise and to shine through you, indeed, those that have known you in darkness and still choose darkness will begin to feel quite uncomfortable and indeed will move out of your life.

But if darkness leaves, perhaps it leaves an opening for Light, and you will find new friends attracted to you that resonate more deeply with the Light you’ve chosen to be.

Jeshua, in the ‘Course in Miracles’ you talked about the — at least I think you used the word — terror that one comes to face with when they start to awaken, because their guilt is right there in front of them, and then you say that it would indeed be very hard if it were not so heavily reinforced. Would you talk a little bit on that, about that terror you are talking about and the reinforcement?

That was all gibberish. I was drunk that day.


Too much of that good wine?

Anyone here ever felt a little terror?

Oh, yes. A lot.

A lot? Count it all joy, then. For a little terror means you are only awakening a little

Now, let us use this simple analogy. You have chosen to live in a room with your windows closed and the curtains pulled. And your eyes have adapted to the darkness so that you seem to no longer stumble and bumble your way through. You know where the bed is and you know where your favorite book is and you know where the pencil lies upon the desk. And because you have adapted yourself, constricted down to live in this dank little dark world, you’ve become rather accustomed to it. But, you see, something interesting happens. When the soul truly has achieved that deepest, darkest life, something starts to press against it. It seems to come up from an unknown place within. It seems to nudge the soul that something is amiss. But the soul has lived in darkness, so much so, that it cannot even remember Light. The word does not exist in its vocabulary. But something is pressing. Is it a ghost in the room? You could say so. The Self begins to press upon the soul because darkness cannot be kept forever. Light must inevitably be reborn.

And as that Light begins to emerge, initially it may not be quite so bad. A small little sliver of Light seems to come just underneath the edge of the curtain, and it comes for just a moment, and the soul reaches up and lowers the curtain just enough to block it. But Light has come and it has pierced the darkness, gently, easily, almost imperceptibly. And then Light begins to come again. “What is this?” the soul says. It almost has a mind of its own. It seems to find its own way of creeping through the cracks in the walls and under the doors. And so you go to the door and you place a large towel to try to block the Light, and you go and you try to shut the curtains down a little more, and you become much more active, running to all the places in which Light seems to be creeping in.

As that Light begins to grow, there is a point at which the soul recognizes that there is a battle now going on. “I am used to darkness. This is my room and my world and I have built it and I will not allow Light in.” Now, it doesn’t quite see that it is like a gnat floating on the tip of a pin and the Light fills the vastness of the universe around it, and so it shouts from its little room, “I will not allow Light in. I am the master of my kingdom.”

Now, the Light is so bright and so vast, it doesn’t even notice the soul’s dark kingdom. And it presses against the insane and illusory walls it has created and it threatens to demolish those walls, and so the soul struggles. And boy, does it put up a fight. Some of you in this room are well aware that you have been putting up that struggle for lifetimes. Actually that’s what lifetimes are; the attempt to keep Light out.

Now, there comes a point where the terror of which I speak in ‘The Course’ becomes so great because the soul recognizes that this is a battle of life and death. It believes it lives but has become such a servant of death that it battles against Life. It is called in your Bible, “Armageddon”. It takes place within the soul. It is the battle between the forces of light and dark, good and evil, and all of the rest. The soul has chosen darkness, become habituated to it, and now cannot stand Light. That is the terror, precious friend, that makes it seem at times as though the walls are crumbling, and they are — as they must.

And yet, just outside of the walls is a Master Builder made of Light itself, that is just coming gently, saying, “Here, precious friend, let me remove this insane wall you have built and I will build you the most gorgeous temple you could have ever imagined, filled with jewels and abundance and love and joy, and I shall return you to the royalty you were created to be.”

And the soul says, “Oh, no. I’m not worthy of that. So if you try to tear down my wall, I am going to build it up again.” And every time Love is extended unto you through the holy messengers of God, you have a hard time receiving it.

Is all of this making sense to you?


Is it bringing clarification?


Beloved friend, when that terror comes, though it can seem difficult, you hold the power to recognize what is really going on. The small corner of your mind that is as a gnat imprisoned in an illusory world, living on the tip of a pin, shouting at the Light that fills the universe, that small corner of your mind is simply preoccupying your attention. That is what creates the terror. It is, at that moment, it is most important to remind yourself that you are loved and the Holy Spirit makes no mistakes. “Holy Father, let there be Light.” And all that you have perceived and all that you have thought and all that you have felt yourself to be, is indeed being reconstructed by the Master Builder who knows whose image you were created in and longs only to restore you to that image.

So it does feel like death because, in this sense, it is. It is the releasing of your attention from a small corner of your mind that you took to be the whole of yourself. That feels uncomfortable at first, and that is why so many so often turn around and run from it, back into habits that they believe have kept them safe before. But, you see, that process of running into the wall of Light and then retreating will happen only so often until the soul finally grows tired, and finally it will say, “I give up the dream of the dreamer himself.’’ And indeed death comes: the only true death, that from the ashes of that death the Holy Spirit reconstructs a master, a saviour of the world, one who is the incarnation of the Word made flesh, who comes to walk and dwell among mankind and bring the Light and grace of God with every word, with every thought and with every deed.

Let the walls crumble. The speed with which they do so is entirely your choice. Love only Light. For when you want only Light, you will see yourself to be only Light, and you will extend only Light to your brothers and sisters. And then indeed, beloved friend, you will have walked through the final fire and you will have come to where I am, and you shall be, together with me, the Light of the world.

So, you see, give thanks for that quality of terror that seems to come to the soul. Gratitude for terror is an interesting thought. Remember, you are never alone. In your terror, remember me and I am with you. I cannot release you from it, but by abiding with you, you can feel the safety that you truly possess, and you will find in me the strength to continue until your own strength is equal to mine and you need me no longer.

Walking through the terror of the crumbling of the walls that have been made in error over lifetimes because the choice has been made in the depth of your soul, so that time, this time around, truly be used constructively — and you know what that means.

Keep it up. It’s a good show to watch.

Jeshua, I have a question. When do you know when it is time to let go of the past and forget those who have disturbed your life?

Precious Child sent of God to this world, you will know when it is time when inwardly within yourself, not out of compulsion, not out of the belief that you must forgive, but out of the deep inward knowingness that it is time to release the drama that has brought certain lessons to you. It is time, beloved friend, when you decree that the time is now. That time can be in this moment, if you decree it, to extend forgiveness to those that have brought disturbance to your life, for in Truth, the disturbance has only come from their own cries for help and their own misunderstanding of who they are and who you always are. You are loved wholly and you have never sinned. And no scar can remain upon the holy Child of God you are.

And when you, precious one, choose within yourself that the time is now to extend your forgiveness to the world and to yourself, if only for delaying your extension of forgiveness, then indeed the Holy One will come to you and healing will come rapidly. For, precious and ancient friend, you have come to this world not to suffer, but you have chosen — and please listen well — you have chosen to take on certain experiences so that you could, in Truth, learn deep compassion for those who have been hurt by others, to understand that dimension of experience, because you have a function and a purpose in this world. And it is to help others find their way to healing.

You have been a healer many times and in many forms. And out of your compassion and your love, you have allowed aspects of your life to become, in a sense, like a sacrifice so that you could learn what it means to feel that pain and that confusion. But from that you will again re-awaken and choose to bring the power of your Light back unto your consciousness. And as you go through this life, if you would but keep your eye on the Holy Spirit that is with you always and whose guidance will never err, you will find that your life becomes transformed into the life of one who touches the lives of many. And through the work you will find yourself doing, many will find their own door- way to healing.

You, beloved friend, Light a powerful Light for this world. I love you greatly and I have loved you always. And I am available to you in any moment that you choose to turn your attention to me.

For I say this unto you — and though this may seem like a bit of an overload — you could say that the last friend you talked to before you took on the intention of being a child in a human body once again, to bring these lessons to you, the last one you talked to before you left home, was me. And I whispered to you then that I would be with you always and when it was time for you to begin your process of forgiving and healing, so that what you learn can become what you extend and teach others, that indeed I would call you to me and, beloved friend, think it not by accident that we sit together in this room. For I have whispered unto you, and I have called to you, and in your soul you have heard because we have never been out of communication there. The time is at hand to gently begin the forgiveness of what you have spoken.

You are a very wise soul and you have a lot of power. Great compassion is the gift that you bring to give to mankind. I have loved you always and I see only the radiance of your Light. And I extend my hand unto you and ask you to join with me again, even as it was joined with me in the time that we walked together upon this Earth, and our hands were united before you chose this life in this point of space and time.

Thank you for picking up the phone and choosing to come. I am not telling you that you must suddenly extend your forgiveness. I am simply gently reminding you that now you are free to begin to make the choice whenever you want, and I will be with you as you begin to make that choice because you will be stepping into the arena of learning about the power that comes through forgiveness. The steps are delicate at times and, as you learn them, you will then be able to teach them, because you will be a demonstration of one who has received the grace of forgiveness and extended it to the world.

I give this unto you as prophecy: there will be no obstacles before you, for I will be with you and I shall correct them before you arrive at them, and your life will serve far many more than you could ever hope to imagine.

I love you and I have loved you always. Remember that. This world can take nothing of reality from you, but you have come to give your reality to it by helping others heal. You are a gift to this world and everyone in this room holds you in great gratitude.

So, how does that grab you?

I don’t know right now.

That is good, for when the mind has been stymied, the Truth that the heart knows can again begin to be felt.


Thank you. I want you to know that you are safe wherever you are, and especially in this family you are indeed wholly loved and wholly safe. And there is not one in this room that you cannot turn to as a friend whenever you need them.

Isn’t that right?

Right. Yes.

Welcome home. So, my suggestion is at this point that we allow the carcasses to take a break. And, of course, you know we are a little anxious to see if Tom has done his homework.

How are we all doing?

Fine. Let’s take a break.

Indeed, as always, use your break not only to stretch the carcass but to stretch the heart a little and extend your radiance to your brother and sister. Give them a bit of a hug. Know that I love you, and if you need to journey home now, do so with great safety because you abide in safety.

Know that I love you, and please take it with you even if all you want to do is put it into your glove box until you need it. Those of you that wish to return, indeed, come forth in a few moments and I, too, will again come forth. Although, in Truth, I never go anywhere, so how can I come forth? I simply allow myself to join with the mind of my beloved brother, who steps aside slightly and allows me to activate this form simply to make it visible and heard to you what I am whispering to you all the time anyway.

Now we begin.

And so, once again I seem to come forth through this physical form to speak unto you who seem to be separated from me by something you call the distance between bodies. Once again I remind you of what I spoke earlier: I come only to use this body as a means of communication to speak to those of you whom I have loved always, who yet, at times, seem to forget that bodies are not obstacles to communication between minds and hearts that love.

Now, when I said earlier that when you want only Love, you will see nothing else, and when you want only Light, you will see nothing else, it means that when you abide in that state, you will no longer be blocked by the perception that there is distance between you and God. Think well what that would mean; to live every moment, even within time, knowing that there is no distance between where you are and where your Father dwells. It’s a rather nice place to be and I highly recommend it.

And if there is not any distance between where you are and where your Father dwells, then, in Truth, there can be no distance between where you are and where I dwell. And if there be not distance between us, there is not distance between you and the Holy Spirit. That means, precious friends, that the Holy Trinity is where you are whenever you choose to remember the Truth of your being. You are the union of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are that Light that was there before time began and it’s the only place you have ever been.

So the correction that is called “salvation” is not a correction that moves you a distance from point “A” to point “Z”. It is, in Truth, a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed because you have never left it. And the goal must be changeless for your Father has not created that which changes. But out of your own infinite creativity, you have been the ones to create a world that seems to go through change, and yet when you withdraw your attention from the world and turn to see the Light that dwells within you, you will again remember what is changeless. And beholding that Light, you will know that your Father dwells within you and then, indeed, the words that the world have given to me shall become yours: “I and my Father are One. And I dwell in the house of God forever.”

Whenever you pick up what you know as your Holy Scripture, or when you hold one of the transcripts lovingly prepared by a few of God’s servants and given unto you with Love, when you read the words therein and wholly come to see and understand that the words on those transcripts or the words within your Scriptures that seem to be ascribed to me, are your words that come from your heart, then indeed, the journey without distance will have come to an end. And you will look upon me, whether I seem to come in the guise of speaking to you through this form or whether you look upon me as every blade of grass and every sparkling diamond of the angel of sunlight upon the waters of this globe, however you see me, whether it be with your inner sight that sees beyond human form, however you choose to look upon me, you will know that you see only yourself.

That is why when I speak to you and the heart is quiet and the mind is open, what I say to you rings of a Truth that you know. Even when I speak to you of ancient times and something resonates within you, how could that happen if you didn’t already know it to be the Truth? Because you are that Truth. There is not a moment you have ever experienced that is not at your fingertips, whether it was yesterday or ten thousand years ago, whether it was upon this plane or another. Nothing is hidden unto you when you claim your power as the holy and only begotten Son of God, who knows all things, embraces all things, allows all things, trusts all things and loves all things because he sees himself as all things. And when you have that power — which is only a choice to acknowledge it — you will no longer feel compelled to drive your automobile to any city to meet another who can facilitate what you already know to be true.


Sorry about that.

I knew you were going to bring that up. I knew you would, all day.

What, you didn’t drive to Seattle to ask if I was going to bring it up?

It could have saved me seventy-five dollars.

Precious and ancient friend.


If you have spent seventy-five of your golden coins to truly remember that you hold the power to access your own knowingness, is it not a small price to pay?

Yes. Speaking of ancient times… Now we are getting to it.

I’ve met a lot of people up here and in California that were in that ancient time and I think it’s rather curious that… so why am I the only one who has seemed to switch sexes?

Well, now, perhaps we could wait here while you drive your vehicle to some city north of here and ask for guidance in finding the answer.

Why is it that in this incarnation you have donned the cloak of a certain kind of body that has a certain kind of plumbing, that is different than that which you took as your attire in that incarnation when you walked with me as one who was called a disciple of Christ? Why the switch?


I am asking you.

Now, you know well from the source of your power why you have chosen to be in female form. What is the reason?

To get to be in my power in a female form because I haven’t in the past.

Who told you that?

It just feels like it.

Where does it feel like it?

In my inner being.

From the very core of your being.

Uh huh.

Beyond all shadow of doubt. Beyond the limits of what would seem to be reasonable. Just quiet knowingness. Is that a fair description?

I don’t know.

Yes, you do. Precious friend, well have you spoken as the reason why you have chosen to come in female form in this incarnation, which, as you well know because I have spoken with you before, is your last. You have chosen this incarnation to indeed continue what you asked for in the next level so that you can heal all ancient wounds and come once again into the totality of your being, which is the holy union of Father and Son, and then your work, upon this plane, will have been completed. In my Father’s house are many mansions and I am afraid you won’t get to rest very long.

Now, if that is the reason you have come forth, and if indeed when I have spoken unto you as you have meditated in your mountains and appeared to you and said, “Time to go home,” you well know now which home I was talking about. And if that it is true and it is time, indeed, to come into your power and to bring it into what you perceive as female form and thereby healing those ancient wounds, when you say to me that you don’t know, you are choosing not to complete the very thing you have already chosen to complete. And every time it is presented unto you, whether or not you will choose to be in your power or to give it away, understand that in that moment a great opportunity is being presented to you by a universe that loves you and has created the circumstances so that you can choose anew. And every time you choose to be in that power, you will have healed a wound that has held you back.

Now, let me ask you again. Does that knowingness not come from the core of your being, beyond all doubt and question?


That is how easy your healing can be. Takes no shouting from the mountain tops. It is just the quiet acknowledgement that, you know what you know, because you are who you are. Okay?

Thank you for bringing up the question.

Now, unto the rest of you: did all of that make sense?

Yes. Yes.

Do you see the importance of it for yourselves?


Jeshua, in what you were saying to Anastasia, are you telling us that the reason we are in the bodies we are in right now is because of our choice to heal ancient wounds?

Of course not; it’s all by accident. You are just a victim.


Well, I sort of felt like part of it was directed at all of us, but parts of it were specifically directed to Anastasia.

Yes, to both.

The language of your world is not quite adequate for speaking clearly and directly to this issue because two things are going on at once. You’ve chosen to take on the perception that you are someone who abides in a certain form. You have drawn certain dramas to yourself and all of them have echoed to you opportunities to make the shift we spoke of before we took the break: the shift that allows the miracle to come and to heal all ancient wounds that you have known in a similar form before. When the miracle comes, what some of you know as karma instantly dissolves. It is no longer a weight upon the heart.

That is why I said it is necessary to be willing to question every value you have ever held. For each and every one upon this plane, right where they are and as they are, is choosing to value some perception or belief. What is it?

And if you would look upon another with judgment or be fearful, in this case of men, because you are a woman, you might do yourself some good to look to see the source of that judgment and fear. It has been there before and it’s being presented so you can make a new choice. So, yes, that is true, but at the very same time simultaneously, in reality — not in the drama that you miscreated or brought forth in error — in reality you are the Light of the Son of God being neither male nor female but transcending all such dualities, and you are sent to be the Light of the world. So, you see, when you choose to allow ancient wounds to be healed, the only thing that can be left is the recognition of the vision of the whole Mind and Heart of Christ that you have always been. And right where you are even the body is transformed into the vehicle that serves only to communicate the Mind of Christ to this world.

Does that make sense to you?


So, how do you heal ancient wounds?

Well, it’s very, very difficult. You will need a very good therapist, one quite good at taking you back, and back, and back, and helping you relive the drama of all of your hurts and all of your pains so that you can analyze them, and then spend the next forty-seven years doing your best to fix them, all the time saying to yourself, of course, that, “I am not whole. Otherwise I wouldn’t need to be fixed, and this is a lot of hard work.” Or you can choose to focus on the Light of Christ that dwells within you and reidentify the mind only with the whole Mind of Christ. And it will naturally dissolve every trace of darkness that you believe you have carried with you. For how can you find Light by rummaging around in darkness?

The reason it is dark is because you can’t find the Light there. Why not turn to the Light and let the Light dissolve the darkness?

That is why I have said unto you: whenever you feel doubt or know fear, turn to that Light within you. It is the whole purpose of that ancient prayer: “Holy Father, let there be Light.” And when you come to want nothing but Light, you will behold nothing but Light. And you will look around and you will marvel, “Where did the darkness go? It’s a miracle!” And indeed, it is. It is called grace, and it dissolves the very need for time and the drama born from the illusion that you have ever been separate from God.

Though all worlds arise and pass away and all of the drama is contained within them, you are not going to move an inch. You are changeless and you are eternal. You are the Light in which all worlds arise and pass away.

Does that help a little?


Only a little?

Well, I sort of was leading into something that I think is very closely related. It is right on the same subject. When we in this lifetime… all of us have relationships, whether they are family relationships or friends or lovers or whatever. A lot of us are curious to know whether we live repeated lives interacting with the same souls in one form or another.

What do you think?

It makes sense to me that we do.

Now, this is very important. In the process of waking up, of allowing that Light that surrounds the small little bit of your mind that is no larger than the tip of a pin that would shout at the vastness of space around it that is filled with the Mind of Christ, in that process, as you well know, perceptions seem to change, do they not? That is, you are seeing things and yourself in a way today that you did not a year ago. Correct?

Now, perceptions can change. Knowledge does not. So, when you look upon a concept that creates a perception that makes sense to the mind and helps you organize or understand your own journey, don’t mistake the menu for the meal.

In other words, that perception was not with you at some point prior. Then it came and it helped you organize your new understanding, the growth of your Light. It means that there also must come a time when you will transcend even that perception. You see the progression?

Yeah, I have a sense of it, but it kind of ties in to a couple of weeks ago when I was telling you that I was concerned about my father and my one son, and what you said to me was I can’t know the needs of another soul, what they need to go through in this lifetime, and all I can do is extend my Love. I am getting a little mixed up with that, and yet having this idea that we’ve been connected in other lives… and I guess I am still thinking I need to do something because we have been connected through time.

So you have to make up or fix things that went awry before?

Precious friend, within the use of your concept, it makes sense to say that yes, you incarnate with souls that you have known before.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can ever know what your brother needs. In this sense, the brother is that soul whoever it might be. But there is one Teacher who will always work through you and reveal to you what your brother needs if you would but ask. But that requires you set aside your own perceptions and your own knowingness and that, after all, is what the journey is all about. Because, in the beginning, you brought forth all the worlds in error that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just means it was in error because you said to your Father, ‘‘I am separate from You and I want to create my own world. I will be the doer and the maker.’’ Therefore, the whole journey is about giving up your own perceptions and allowing the one Teacher to restore your mind to wholeness.

Now, there is really no confusion between those two issues. You can incarnate forty-three trillion times with the same soul and yet, right now in this moment, you in your sense of being a separate self, cannot know what your brother needs. But there is One whom you can ask. And through you will be extended what your brother needs and that one Teacher that would extend that through you, never makes an error. But it requires that you are willing to set aside all of your perceptions, to be empty and marvelous, that you might be filled by the Spirit of God.

Does that help a little?


Now, everything I want to say to you is this: it makes no sense at all to talk about incarnating over and over with some special souls, not with others. Now, did I just contradict myself?

Probably not.

It is a matter of levels of perception, until you see that all levels are illusory, too. You have been with every soul always. There is no one that you see on this plane that you don’t know because, you see, when those little walls of darkness are thoroughly dissolved, you will see that the Son of God is One. And you have never looked upon another. You have seen only yourself. And when you are willing to see Christ as the Self in front of you, thereby seeing and knowing that Christ is the Self within you, how could you do anything but extend Love? Without needing to make the other something special so that you get something from them that you believe you cannot get somewhere else, because you are not going to be caught up with getting anything at all. You’ll be far too busy giving.

Is that why we created families on this earth plane and loving relationships — or not loving relationships in one way or another? We did this in error because we did not understand that we were all one anyway?

You chose to set aside your own knowingness that the Son of God is One. “I am separate from my Father. I am alone. I must therefore make worlds in which I can find my safety. And I will proliferate myself that I might become many, that I might hide from the Light of my Father’s gaze.” And that one Light appears to have fragmented into many points of Light, all assuming the cloak of guilt born from the soil of separation, and from that soil many different kinds of rather odd little plants have grown forth. And you have created special relationships in order to try to find what you believe you lack, and you have done that in many forms and guises with one another a million times.

Therefore, when you look upon another and upon yourself as being nothing special at all, or when you look upon yourself and everybody else as being equally special specialness is gone. There is no more hierarchy or a choice saying, “This soul is more valuable to me than another. You are good. You are not quite so good. I’ll call you every day. I’ll call you every other month. I will love you. You, I might hold in my prayers once every week.”

Because you come to see that all selves are your Self. Therefore, “Inasmuch as you do it unto the least of these my brethren, you’ve done it unto me.” Think about what that simple teaching means. Anytime you extend Love, you have done it unto Christ. And because you are Christ, whatever you do unto your brother you’ve done unto yourself. Where you hold another in judgment, you have judged yourself. Where you extend forgiveness to another, you have forgiven yourself. Where you are in fear of another, it is because you have chosen to fear yourself, and where you love your brother unconditionally, you have loved yourself with the Light of Christ.

That is why I have said earlier that the sanctity that you are seeking can only be found in sharing the Mind of Christ with your brother or sister. Inasmuch as you have done it unto anyone, you’ve done it unto me. And you are who I am.

Therefore, what you want — express — and it will come back to you tenfold. Some of you know what it’s like to get back the uncomfortable things you’ve extended.

Does that help?

Oh, yes.

Worth the price of admission?

Every week I come and every week everything becomes more clear.

Oh, heavens, we can’t have that. The drama will end.

Thank you very much.

Precious Light of God, I cannot possibly extend unto you with words all that you are worth and that our Father’s Kingdom contains. And yet, He has placed it on the altar of your heart and He has said unto you, “Come, take all of it. You are the one for whom I have created all universes. Embrace My abundance and make it your very own: of joy, of friendship, of wealth, of health, of laughter, of play, of service. Embrace all worlds and all planets and stars. Know that the oceans are yours, and you are never going to run out of them because you are the Son in whom I am well pleased. I have created you in My image and I am but Love.” That is what the Father says to you in every moment.

And, therefore, He says it unto each and every one of us. And the only difference that can be found between where I am and where you perceive yourself to be, is that somewhere along the line Love hit me over the head so hard that I got the message. And I chose to make it my own, and my Father made me the Light of the world. And because I completed my part of the Atonement as a man in form in this Earth, He has put me in charge of the Atonement and I work ceaselessly to do nothing but this: to serve you because you are the one I love above all things. You are the one I love eternally. You are the one I will never abandon. I want you to be with me where I am, and I want it more than anything this world could ever offer.

That is why I set aside the world. That is why I chose to use the very perceptions of your world to create a demonstration of the simple Truth that there is no death and that “I and my Father are One.” And because I demonstrated that I had overcome death, it means that there is no thought, no action, no world you could ever create or get lost in that could ever hope to separate my Love from you. Because, you see, I have learned to do a simple thing: to love you as my Father has loved me. That’s so simple. It really is.

And when you embrace the Truth that you are free and that your salvation is already completed on Earth as it is in Heaven, you will be touched by that grace and that miracle, and you will be moved and you will be transformed and the dreamer will be laid down into the dust of the ground, and the servant of God will be reborn and all that you see, and all that you say and all that you do will serve but one purpose: to join me in extending the miracle of the Atonement. When you have been graced by the miracle of salvation, there is nothing left to do but to be one who extends miracles. And it is your Love upon which they ride.

Would you not join with me? Would you not place your hand within mine and join your heart with mine, that two might become one as was in the beginning, and walk with me through a world transfigured into the very arena in which the Son of God re-awakens to his only Truth? Become with me, then, the teachers of God, thinking not you need be perfect before you teach. For the teacher of God is perfected by teaching the Kingdom of Heaven.

“But how can I teach what I do not yet know?” Ask the one Teacher who is with you always and He will teach through you what needs to be taught. And as He teaches it through you, you must necessarily learn it. Put the horse in front of the cart. Teach what you most want to learn and you will become what you teach.

So, that’s the little secret: you don’t get from there to here by trying to struggle. You get from there to here by learning through practice to acknowledge, with every thought, that you are here. That is what heals all ancient wounds. They will fall away from you because darkness cannot stand up to the presence of Light.

So, how are we all doing?

Great. Fine.

Jeshua, I would like to express my gratitude for my homework assignment.

I was just getting ready to ask you how it was going.

It was a very interesting week. I went home that night and tried— tried, that’s not a good word. I went home and called you in to help me release my habit that I was working on. For those that weren’t here last week: I was using my story about how everything was going wrong or I didn’t have enough time to do things to get attention and that’s what I wanted to release. So three times I called you in and I dozed off, and I kept thinking I should have stayed awake or I should have had some feeling or whatever. So finally after the third time, I just let it go. But what happened all week long is that I had no desire to tell any negative story or to claim that I didn’t have time enough or anything along that line. But I did find myself wanting to share the stories of the abundance that was working in my life and all of the ways that the Father was taking care of me. And it turned out to be a very joyous week.

And so, Celia?


Have you not experienced directly that the miracle often comes as a thief in the night, stealing the cobwebs of dreams now outgrown? Where did they go? They are simply gone.

Right. And all I had to do was ask. Oh, that’s a novel idea. I’ve done that once or twice.

Now, beloved friend, did you not also notice that in your enthusiasm to share only those positive stories of the abundance that was being worked in your life, did you not also notice that it was not in order to draw something to you but to extend and plant a seed in others’ minds that they might begin to release their own limitations?

Yes, very much so. I completely forgot about myself or trying to get anything from it.

And you noticed the difference of quality between those two actions?

Oh, yes.

So did everyone around you.

Good. So, let us see how Tom has done with his homework assignment.

Well, I spent a lot of time in meditation. If I spent as much lime in doing a Sunday lesson as I did trying to answer your question, I’d have fabulous lessons on Sundays. But then, they are anyway.


Very good.

I spent a lot of time reading ‘Ezekiel’, ‘The Book of Urantia’, the work of ‘Ramtha’, and asking for your help but I — kind of like Cecilia — I couldn’t seem to be aware of it and yet I sensed it. I had dreams that I couldn’t quite understand. The question I asked was about Jehovah, Yahweh and Id. We have dramas in our life. Of course, dramas come from the belief in separation. And we are in a very heavy density here and a lot of times people wonder how we got here. And when God contemplated Himself, it was almost like He moved down a level and there were all of these entities in other dimensions.

And the entities I was concerned with were Jehovah, Yahweh and Id. My understanding is that the Jehovah entity — once you feel separate from God, you kind of take on an individual personality and create your own drama — Jehovah had a war with the god Id. And the people of Id, of course, went into their planet and Jehovah blew it up, which was the planet Maldek. Many of the asteroids and comets and garbage we have floating around our universe are the result of the wars of the heavens.

The god Id was a very peaceful god. The god Yahweh was a very loving god, and Jehovah loved to be worshipped. Now, this sounds like separation but it is all us. That’s the awareness I’ve been coming to all week: that in our fragmentation, the gods decided to experiment more with the physical dimensions and that’s how many of us got here. Most of us actually came from the Pleiades from the, I would call it the house of Yahweh. And Jehovah came to this planet Earth. He didn’t come to it but he was, if you read the ‘Book of Ezekiel’, where he is speaking through Ezekiel, he just wants to be worshipped and he is very vindictive. Remember, he is God and he is part of you and he is out of Love, and yet, the belief in separation is one of vindictiveness.

The entity Yahweh took some of the people from the Pleiades and they settled in Egypt, and Ratabin, the first great pharaoh, who had a lot to do with the pyramids — the pyramids were a physical symbol of a reminder of the Christ that indwells within each one of us. And so, we even see to this day the conflict between the Egyptians and the Israelites and… I’m getting off track. But anyway, Ezekiel writes a lot about the god Jehovah and on his Aeroships. He talks about the wheels within wheels and the great power of the lasers. The Dead Sea was once a great city, and it was totally eradicated because the people would not worship Jehovah.

Well, the god Yahweh, let me rephrase that, the entity Yahweh — because we are all gods — a lot of his people or those surrounding him were annihilated in this war of the worlds, and he came with the brotherhood — the Great White Brotherhood — and so they were concerned about shifting or raising the consciousness of this planet, and so it is from the house of Yahweh that they brought forth Jeshua ben Joseph. And so he came to the house of Israel to teach only Love because Jehovah was the god of vindictiveness. The teachings of Jeshua were a total switch to what these people knew and it was really to call everyone back to their oneness.

That’s what I’ve been working on this week.

So, therefore, I brought a new Covenant.


And yet, it was only a return to the Truth of our one being. And indeed, well has he spoken, and remember what I have said unto you: all worlds arise within you. The wars between gods, the creations of families of mankind upon this plane, the various lineages that seem to attract certain kinds of consciousness, all of it has come forth from you. The whole thing is a dream and a drama. And I have come forth and have been sent of my Father to knock on the door of your heart and ask you to join me and awaken from the grand cosmic drama that proliferates the perception of separation and therefore creates all worlds. And yet, how is this to be done? By translating first unhappy dreams into happy dreams.

You are at a stage that many would call the evolution of your planet and of human consciousness in which the wheel is turning, the turning of the age. And the turning of the age is the turning away from dreams of separation and strife and pain; unhappy dreams toward a happy dream, a dream in which mankind will once again walk upon this earth in total union with the Holy Mother that this Earth is, and the one Mind of Christ will be seen and recognized in everyone. And that Mind of Christ will therefore look beyond bodies and will release the unhappy dream brought into being.

And indeed, the new Covenant will be established on Earth as it is already in Heaven. And when that has been completed, which some of you have heard to be a thousand years of peace, when that is completed — and it doesn’t mean an actual thousand years of peace, but a point of time; the duration won’t matter — when that has been completed, even the purpose of this world will have been completed. Gone will be the need for bodies and for dramas. Nothing can be spoken of that time because it transcends everything born in the world of duality and separation. And yet, what I am talking about is what you already are.

Can you come to shift your perception and see that your mind does not reside within your body? It is not the same thing as the brain. The brain is just a transmitter and receiver of what the mind sends unto it. The body arises within the mind, and yet, the mind is infinite in its extension. You cannot be separate from your brother or sister. And what you extend or project to them, you have extended or projected to yourself. Only Love can be extended. Only fear can be projected. And every hateful thought or hurtful judgment is the projection of fear upon yourself. It pushes you away from the Kingdom you seek. Every loving thought is the extension of the Truth of who you are to you who dwells in and as your brother or sister. And what you therefore extend, indeed, you receive.

Therefore, teach only Love. For by teaching it you will remember that that is what you are. Never limit the miracles that I can extend through you. For when I extend them through you because you allow me, you will see their effects and thereby you will know that the miracle has already been received by you. Extend only Love and you will know, once again, the Truth of who you are. There is no other way. No amount of meditation and prayer will do it. No amount of intellectual debating will do it. No amount of good works will do it if they are done in order to win Heaven for you. But when you know that you are the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and that the union of Father and Son dwells within you as your Heart, good works will be extended through you, but you will not claim them as your own.

And when another comes to you out of adoration, you will look into their eyes and extend only Love to them, and you will say, “Of myself, I do nothing. My Father does all things through me because I am empty of every trace of illusion that I have ever been separate from Him.”

Be, therefore, that which you are and you are the Light of this world. Be, therefore, empty and therefore be filled with the Truth of Christ. It begins to make sense, doesn’t it?

Every loving thought that you extend, every loving action that is the result of loving thought is indeed the will of your Father extended through the Son as the co-creator with God. And every loving gesture, whether it be a physical action or a thought, uplifts the whole of creation. That is how powerful you are, right where you sit.

There is not a child that lives on the opposite side of this earth that you do not affect with every thought you think. No one can be separate from you, no one. And if you would live as the master you were sent to be, then when another would seem to attack you, send only Love. And when another would judge you, send only Love. And when another would despise you or use you, send only Love. Because with what measure you mete to another, it shall be meted back unto you tenfold. Every moment is an opportunity to extend Love, and when you choose to be only that, you receive the healing you have sought. And as you receive it, you become the power that overcomes death and you become the one who extends salvation to the world.

I hope you are seeing that. That is what I sought to demonstrate: though I was chastised, beaten and crucified, I extended only Love and thereby transcended the drama of life and death and the imprisonment of the flesh. Therefore, in your world, though you believe you know tribulation, be of good cheer for I have overcome the world, and if I have overcome it, so, too, shall you. And the essence of everything I taught my disciples — though I prefer to use the word, “friends” — is this simple secret: in all things extend only Love because it is Love that embraces and transcends all things of this world. You cannot escape the vortex of this world as long as you hold a single judgment about it. But in the extension of Love, you, too, shall overcome death, and you shall take up your abode where I am and you shall join with me in the Atonement, until the entire Sonship is again awakened as the Truth: the only begotten offspring of God. It’s good work if you can get it and I recommend that you apply.

For, you see, there won’t ever be any layoffs and there is always an infinite abundance of work to be done. Right where you are extend Love and you will have overcome the world, because the world, by definition, is the fear of God’s Love.

Therefore, be joyous and celebrate. Rejoice in every moment. Learn to dance and to play with every breath. Don’t take yourself seriously. Everytime you do that, you have decreed that you are something special and therefore you are different than your brother or sister.

So, rather brings the mind to silence, doesn’t it?

Tell us more about taking ourselves seriously. What is going on when we do that?

It is a very serious affair.


Now, when you take yourself seriously…remember that small part of the mind that is like the head of a pin or the tip of a pin?

The pesky part?

You have simply taken your attention away from the Mind of Christ and focused it as narrowly as you can with your infinite creativity, and you have seen the small, little, tiny dark room and you have said, “Ah, my kingdom!”

That’s what happens when we take ourselves too seriously?


Do you know, masters have always seemed as though they are just a little bit crazy. So, let yourself become even crazier. Become a fool for the Love of God. Of course, who will perceive you as a fool but those that are taking themselves seriously.

At the church I went to, one time there was a guest from India and he was some kind of master and he giggled all the time. He did say a few things but mostly he giggled. Is that what you are describing?


Have I not said unto you that when I walked upon this plane, never a day went by in which we failed to sing and laugh and dance and play? There are some here who remember that.

And nobody who wrote the Bible put that in there. So they must not have thought it was very important.

Well, you could say it was there in the originals but it got edited out so it would have a better rating.

They left out a lot of good stuff.

When guilty minds take the Gospel, they must necessarily translate it into something heavy, and serious, and complex because they must project what they believe about themselves.

Makes sense.

Now, actually one could take the Holy Bible and have nothing but blank pages and in the middle of one page there is writing on it, and it says only this: “You are Christ. Get on with it.”

When you understand that Jehovah, and Yahweh, and Id, and Diana, and Sean Philip, and Jeshua, and Tom, and Judith, and your President Bush are all aspects of a drama that you are dreaming, what else can you do but laugh?

After all, we’ve tried everything.

It seems to me if we were truly one, then we would have no names.

We have one name.

It would seem that if you were truly one, you would have never brought this drama into being, and yet you did out of the infinite freedom given unto the Son, who is created in the image of his Father, who is infinite creativity and Love.

Now, remember well that the drama is winding down. Name and form is just part of what was brought into being, much like a wave rises from the ocean and then will sink back into it. There will be a time — to use that language — in which name and form is not necessary. And you have experienced that whenever you joined with any brother or sister in the Mind of Christ: you have forgotten entirely that either you or they ever had a name, and in that moment you have looked beyond the body. It’s possible actually to achieve the ability in which, when you join with another in the Mind of Christ, you can actually see the body dissolve into Light. Some of you have had that experience. Think what’s going to happen when the entire Sonship sees all name and form dissolve into Light.

And yet, you must necessarily be eternally One because what God created is changeless. You have simply superimposed a mistaken perception that seems to break things up into pieces over the field of that oneness or that Light. Another analogy is of simply taking a prism and placing it in front of the Light of Christ, and as you have shown it through that limited form you have created, it seems to have broken up into many different colors all with its own unique vibration. But the Light remains one.

Everytime you get caught up with complexity, return to the simplicity of the changeless Light of Christ. That is why I said earlier that when you sit in meditation, see that Light until you are again identified as only that Light. And the day will come when Light is seen so constantly within you that you won’t be able to see anything but Light around you.

And then the works that I have done will be far surpassed by the works that you will do. Because, you see, miracles grow exponentially as the numbers of those minds choosing to extend them grows.

One Christed consciousness alone can seem to work many miracles amongst minds that are asleep. What will it be like when there are a thousand and ten thousand and ten million, all extending the perfect Love of God?

Jeshua, in ‘Mary’s Message to the World’, I was reading there that there was a number like a hundred and forty-four thousand that have the seal of God. Is that a metaphor?

Yes. Some people take that quite literally.

Some people take the body literally and the world literally. It is only a metaphor. If it were to be taken literally, it would mean that some can be in and the rest have to be out. And that has got to be a totally insane conclusion.

She also goes into a lot of detail about Earth changes. I feel it could create a lot of fear in people when they read that. And when we are talking about Earth changes in here, it is more or less… you haven’t gone into any details. I think it is good.

Thank you.

So, I guess there must be a reason why that’s happening&hhellip; to address the consciousness of those people that need to hear that?

You all know what it’s like to need a swift kick in the butt to get moving. Sometimes fear seems to be a great stimulus. But if you look upon it, you can instantly know whether you need that or not. You have looked upon that and have seen that you don’t need it. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. And even that simply needs to be loved.

The awakened Son of God is always right where he is supposed to be and cannot be otherwise. What, then, needs to be feared?


Jeshua, I know I am asking a lot of questions tonight, but would you bear with me for one more?

No, I have no patience.

Are our souls individually identifiable within the oneness? Because it feels like if we are all going to be One, there is just going to be this big blob of Light and how do you give a big blob of Light other assignments to do in other worlds?! mean, it seems important. I guess if it’s the ego talking, so be it. But it seems important to me to be able to identify myself out of the One.


Is that just all ego?

What needs to know that it can identify itself?

Well, Jeshua, you are you. I mean, we recognize you as Jeshua. Your personality, your beingness or… you know what I mean?

I have an idea. You are a recognizable entity, and I am sure for people who believe in the teachings of other great masters, they believe in the beingness of their entities. So there does seem to be individuality there.

Beloved friend, when you are well beyond the need for personal identification, you will know that you abide eternally. Again language will always fail you, but direct revelation will teach you. You are the One and you are the many. You are One in Christ, and yet, you are you.

Now, when I retire for the evening and go back to join my buddies, we sit around and we laugh a lot. We see nothing but the Light of Christ in one another, and yet, in that infinite creativity, we can delight, can delight in assuming the taking on of a form of individuation so that we can enjoy laughing about it.

It is called, “magic”. It is like waving a wand and making something appear, and yet the whole time you know that it’s one with the very substance of nothingness out of which it was made. And it is only there to serve a purpose. Yet, I say this to you: all masters that appear in any form, including myself, come only because there is yet a need. But when the Sonship has awakened, the need for masters is finished. The need for everything is finished. Then, indeed, Light returns to Light. But Light is the very substance of consciousness and awareness and God will contemplate Himself as He is and was in the beginning. The mind cannot in any way, shape or form understand what that is like. But that Mind that has gone beyond the need to think and analyze and simply rests in the quiet of the Heart of the Christ, knows directly what it’s like to be the one that is that Light and yet be able to assume individuated form for no other reason than the joy of extending the Love of God.

Your Father creates eternally. You are His creation, and when you abide wholly as a co-creator in the Mind of God, every one of your creations is a reflection of the perfect Love of God. That requires the appearance of individuation and yet, paradoxically, there is no one there. Of myself, I do nothing because I am empty. Because I am empty, I am filled by the Love and Light of God. And when He decrees that I be no more, even my individuation will cease to be. But I will not lose a single thing because I am far beyond the need for personal identification. Because I am free of it, I can truly be who I am. Because you are not yet choosing to be free of it, you are limiting yourself in what you can express as the soul who currently has a body personality known as Diana.

Do you see?

Thinking you are only this, you limit what you are from being expressed through you. That is why I have said earlier: you must be willing to question every value you hold, including the value you have given to holding on to the limited image that you have created of yourself. “Why am I holding on to a limited perspective? What is the value I have given that? Why do I cling to it?”

Not out of guilt. Don’t beat yourself up. Just look at it. Reason with it. Is it still valuable to be limited or not?

Does that help?

Yes, thank you very much.

It is not a question that has ever entered anyone else’s mind in this room.

How are you doing, Edith? {Edith is changing a tape}

Fine. Fumbling.

I will let you in on a little secret: never think you are fumbling. Just think that you are dancing.

Okay. I was dancing one of them in.

There. It is the best kind.

So then, are we still all awake?


Beginning to fade away. The mind never sleeps. And when you rest your head upon your pillow tonight, think of the stars that shine in the heavens above you, for they represent those points of Light that are the presence of every soul. Contemplate them and dwell in that Light, and ask your Holy Father to take you to His abode and He will translate you, once again, into that Light. It will carry you by the light of the stars to His Heart, and there He will teach you and there He will heal you, and as Cecilia has witnessed to you, there and there alone the miracle is extended unto you that brings healing and makes all of the difference in the world. Go with the stars to the abode of your Father tonight when you rest your head upon the pillow. Let the Light carry you to Him. And whenever you feel separate from Him, contemplate the light of the stars in heaven. You are a star in Heaven.

So, know each and every one of you that I love you greatly, and when you are sad, I dance and rejoice just to keep you from sinking completely. And when you choose to dance with me, oh, my goodness, it is a beautiful thing.

And well have I spoken to some of you, that the day will come when I will utilize this form and I will dance with you. Make no doubt about it: that day is coming.

Jeshua, we were out there last Wednesday, planting holy seeds, and we did our little healing there and I was wondering, is there anything else we can do?

Just this: remember not to start anything until you have joined together. Unite your power in the Mind of Christ before you lift a single shovel or reach your fingers into the earth. You would do well to sit upon the Earth rather than stand. Get down so that you can feel her. Fair enough?

Uh huh.

One other thing: when you form a circle to do that and join hands, if each of you would visualize the Truth that I am in the midst of your circle — because I am — you will feel an energy begin to circulate within that circle, and you will know when to let go of each others’ hands and set about the work.

What do you think? Sound like fun?

There. So, I give each and every one of you thanks for setting aside the world long enough to honor me with your presence. I give thanks unto you. You have no idea how unceasingly I express gratitude to my Father for all that you are, right where you are and as you are. The Love I have for you cannot be measured or be put into words. Please understand that when I said to you, ‘‘I am with you always,” I meant it. Not as a burden because I am perfect and you are a sinful creature. I am with you because I love you. I am your friend and I am your brother, and I rejoice in nothing more than simply wanting to play with you as your friend and as your brother. Let your mind so join with mine that there is no distance between us and no thought of forgetting the holy union of the Sonship.

I am available to you wherever you are, whenever you are. You can talk to me at any time, and I will listen and I will answer. And then you will come to learn what finally this, my beloved brother, is learning: your body is not yours. It belongs to the Mind of Christ. And when you become Mind or Spirit or Heart, and join with me, together we can utilize that physical body given unto you of your precious and Holy Mother, this Earth, to serve the Atonement, and we will do it together.

So, if you want, learn to hang out with me. It’s a nice place.

Be at peace in all things. Rejoice in all things. Embrace and love all things, and you will feel yourself being embraced and loved.

So, go in peace this evening. Remember the stars when you rest your head upon your pillow and just gently remind yourself, “I am loved to death by my Father.” And thank God for that.

Peace be unto you, and again I give thanks to you and I am honored that you have chosen to give up everything else in this world to simply sit in chairs and hang out with me and with one another.

This, therefore, is the most holy place on Earth, for you have chosen to come together and to share the sanctity of Christ, who dwells among you and within you. Therefore, you must be the Light that lights this world, and I give my thanks to you eternally because you have made that choice.

Peace be unto you, my precious brothers and sisters.


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