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Hang on a sec…

Now we begin.

Indeed, once again, beloved and holy Children of Light divine, please understand that when I say it is with great joy that I come forth to abide with you, I mean it. It is with great joy that I come forth to abide with you, and I celebrate the opportunity extended to me of my Father to come forth and participate with you in this work. For it is not me that brings this work into being, but we who bring it into being.

Therefore, I am but your equal. I am but your brother and I am eternally your friend. How can I not experience joy in the participation of the work of the Atonement of the holy and only begotten Son of God? That work goes on without ceasing, and it has been set about since first the thought was held, “Would that I would create unlike my Father. Would that I would become many. Would that I would create world upon world upon world upon world.”

Indeed, you all know well what separation from God feels like. But from that first moment the bridge has been created that I have called the Holy Spirit, and even I, as a man, had need of completing my part in the Atonement: to come forth and take upon myself the cloak of humanity just as you have, to feel doubt, to feel fear but to make a different choice. And in the end of all seeking that is what we come to: to make a new choice, a choice that would bring forth and manifest a world that shows us not separation, but a world that reflects our perfect and eternal union with all that our Father is. A world in which the Son of God walks as one — though there may be many bodies, yes indeed, but for a short time each mind in perfect remembrance that the Son of God is one and that limitation, the worlds that have been born of fear, need not be.

Precious friends, it is with great joy that I come forth to abide with you in this manner — though I abide with you always, if you will but turn to hear me. And that joy comes because I know perfectly well the direction that the drama of the dream is taking.

For already in the beginning was the end certain. And though you seemed to have experienced much travail, much suffering, in Truth you have but touched all the places Christ is not, so that you could learn again of Him and learn anew. Where, then, is the one called Christ? In me? Yes. Fully in me? Yes. But in that fullness there is not a trace that is found in me that is not in you.

Herein lies Truth. Herein lies peace. Herein lies the reality that you have sought, forgetting that you could never have possibly left it. If God is but Love, and I assure you that He is; if God is but Love, and I assure you that She is, (do you feel better now?); if God is but Love, and I assure you that that Mystery is Love — then never has the Son journeyed forth. Never has the Son suffered. Never has the Son truly sought the Kingdom for he abides eternally within it always.

And anyone who begins to open to that supernal Light begins to see that there is something interesting just beyond the veil of appearances: a peace that is eternal, a joy unlimited, a knowingness that cannot be put into words. And as that Light begins to break through the shadows that have been created in the mind, so it awakens to its reality and knows it is but a great ray of Light sent forth of Christ. And that Light is one with Christ and that Light is in you now. Now.

You have heard me say to you before, that you do not so much abide within the body, as that the body arises within you. And part of the quickening of the drama that is unfolding will involve more and more minds, if you will, opening to the clear experience, not just a philosophical idea, but the direct and clear experience that what they are is far vaster than one single little carcass, one bag of dust — that indeed it is possible in consciousness to realize that all forms of life arise within you, that you are that Mind, that field of Light called Christ in which all of creation has occurred. And if you are that Mind, rest assured you have never been born and you have never tasted death.

How then can you be separate from anyone that you have ever loved? For Mind is eternal and unlimited, and where you choose to extend the Love of Christ to the soul before you, whoever that is, rest assured that you join with them forever, and in that joining, you — “little old you” — are the one that has extended the peace that passes all understanding. You are the one that has brought the Light that heals this world.

Therefore, understand well when I say it is with great joy that I come forth to abide with you. For I abide not in this body. I merely animate it. And I animate it only because this my beloved brother has learned, perhaps by default, to get out of the way and become passive enough to allow to allow to allow that Mystery which is God to work through this physical form; to release identification as being this body; to see that it is but an instrument through which peace can be extended. It is an instrument through which Christ would live.

Therefore, indeed, that which I do through this form, I do only with the complete acknowledgement, trust and willingness of this my ancient friend. And if I can come and work through this mind and body to do what you call create a few miracles now and then, what stops that from happening through you? Nothing. Nothing except a little bit of resistance. Just a little bit of resistance born of the continuation of your belief that you are the body

But I say unto you: never have you lived within a body. You are eternal and unbounded forever, and all that is required is that you give unto me just a little willingness and I will come and take up my abode with you and together, as a partnership, if you will, the body can then be utilized simply as a vehicle through which peace is extended, through which vision is allowed to be lived — not a vision that you will create, not a vision that you will make or whether you will do, but a vision born not of the world, a vision that is an extension of the creation of God, given of the Holy Spirit to be extended through you.

And you come to realize that what you call life — Life — what you do every morning from the moment you are aware that you are awake and until you go to sleep at night — all it is is the movement of Christ into the world in a way that brings peace and Light and healing to it. And you become but the perfect servant of all that your Father created you to be.

And you will no longer doubt, wherever you are or whatever set of circumstances you are in, because you will know that you are where you have been asked to be — not by a stern taskmaster, but by Love. By Love. And all it requires is your willingness to allow the miracles to be lived through you. The form of those miracles may be many and varied, and as there is no order of difficulty in miracles, there is no order of difference between the quality of the forms miracles take.

There have been — and well have I witnessed this — many minds that have been quite jealous of this my beloved brother and have wanted to know why I, Jeshua ben Joseph, didn’t come through them. After all, they worked so hard for so long. That is one reason why it hasn’t occurred.

For only when you are willing to surrender every last bit of attachment to yourself as the doer or the maker or the one who deserves more than another, only then can peace descend. Only when the heart has been made pure by realizing that there is nothing you can do of your own to accomplish that peace, then I can come to you. When you are willing, truly willing, to be available no matter what it takes, no matter what form it might take, but just to be available and to be willing then miracles can be extended through you.

I come unto you with great joy, for it is given unto me for a little while in each of these evenings when we gather together to blend with a physical form just enough to communicate through it to you. And indeed I hear the sounds through the ears of this body. I feel the breeze that would touch the skin and I, too, remember the great joy of walking upon this blessed Earth with the temple given to me by her, the Holy Mother. A temple which I always honored. A temple for which I gave thanks daily. A temple which I nurtured and loved and never despised. And indeed, precious and holy friends, I celebrate with you the opportunity that you are given, given out of Love, to be able to experience the beauty of this precious Earth, who speaks to you so eloquently of union, of harmony, of nurturance, of support. For the Earth provides all that you could possibly need and then some, and asks only that you treat her gently.

You are not separate from her while yet you seem to live in this world. Love her, then. Honor her, for the gifts she gives to you are blessings.

I have suggested in the past that you might want to consider changing a few little habits, habits of unconsciousness, habits that have been learned over time, habits that steal from you a moment of eternal joy. And it takes such little effort to change a habit just a little bit. To perhaps arise, just one day out of a week, early enough to feel the way the light of the sun begins to caress the Earth in the early morning. To feel how the subtleties of energies begin to change. To quiet the mind and open the heart and to receive that solar light deep into the cells of the body. To feel the way the birds begin to announce the coming of the day, how the wind moves through the leaves of the tree, how the dew upon the grasses glisten with joy and you can hear their song if you will but listen.

How to feel that you are one with all of creation. That is a blessing indeed, a blessing and a treasure, and it takes so little — just a bit of willingness to say before you rest your head upon the pillow, “Tomorrow would be a good day to greet the coming of the sun. Holy Spirit, awaken me and I will make haste and arise before the thoughts I have learned from the world tell me: “Oh, no, I better make sure I get one more hour’s sleep or I’ll be hell at work!”

Oh, precious friends, the glories that are extended unto you, the wisdom that surrounds you, ready to speak to you at all times. It takes only the willingness to turn your attention from the ears that hear only the world to those inner ears, if you will: the awareness in the heart that opens you, opens you to the whole of creation, to all that exists, that dances and sings and laughs in perfect harmony. And the energies that surround you can bring the body and the emotions into perfect harmony and perfect health whenever you are willing to receive them.

Think not that you do not have the time. Think not that you do not have the energy. Your willingness to do it will give you the energy. And never think that there is anything that can limit you from extending your Love. Nothing, nothing can prevent a holy Son of God from radiating his Light, and his Love, and his laughter, and his gratitude, and his joy — nothing except the freedom to use the power given unto you to identify with the limited and fearful thoughts that are born not of the Kingdom but of the world. That’s it.

The world is not your prison at all. It does not control you. You do. Which choice, then, would you make in each moment? Love or fear? It always comes down to that.

That hour of the morning just before the first rays of light come to caress the body of this Earth, that is a precious hour. It is a time in which there is quiet. And you could say that a window is opened, a window between you and the whole of this cosmos. I speak not of just the physical cosmos but of all dimensions, and it is there, given to you freely.

When I walked upon this Earth, yes, it took some discipline but I had some very good teachers that would not tolerate error in me and I learned, I learned to align myself with the energies of that time of the day. And there was not once, not once that I failed to be awake and to be aware at that time.

For I knew that the light of the sun was but a symbol of the Light of the presence of my Father coming to caress me, coming to fill me, coming to empower me. Indeed, beloved friends, think not that magic must be found through complex means and in some other worlds. For where you are is in the Kingdom of Heaven, now. And though you abide not so much in the body, you can experience through it in this dimension the same degree of fullness of God’s presence as you can in any dimension anywhere.

Nothing is hidden to you ever, and the whole of the Kingdom waits for you to make a quiet choice in the depth of your heart. “I will live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me that life that is already with my Father, since before time is. And I surrender my identification with the thoughts of the world, and from this moment forward I think only the thoughts of Christ. I walk in the walk of Christ and I extend only the Love of Christ.”

And in doing that, of course, guess who you become? Christ. Christ made manifest to a world that has fallen asleep. That power is in you even now. Even now that power is within you and, precious friend, is it not time to truly set aside the limitation born of fear? To acknowledge that within you lies all power to accomplish all things? And in Truth I come and I would work through you. Never limit the miracles I can work through you, and as you allow me to do them through you, you will know that they must have been done to you. And I come and I knock upon your door. Just a little telegram.

Thank you.


Does that same telegram apply to my roommate, Debbie?

You could put it this way: I will deliver that telegram to anyone who wants to receive it. But within the drama there is timing for all things, a timing because Mind has chosen to use its infinite power to believe it to be separate from God. That creates the drama called the ego, and off you go in a grand chase, trying to find your enlightenment. “Where did I leave it this time? Ah, I know. I’ll be a yogi in India, fourteen or fifteen incarnations there ought to do it. Ah, it’s not there anyway. I might as well become a successful banker in New York. The heck with this spiritual life. I think I’ll just have a good time.” And off and off you go, and so we wait — waiting for that little window to appear in which for just a moment you set aside your own strivings and you finally say in whatever way it comes to you, “It’s not working. I haven’t found it. And all that I have sought to create of my own accord has never kept me safe. It always changes. It slips between the cracks. Maybe I’ll just give up trying.” And then a little window of willingness appears and guess who sticks their big foot in?

Indeed, precious friend, that telegram is extended unto the one of whom you speak as well. There grows within that one, rapidly now, a movement toward the genuine willingness of which I speak, a willingness that will bring in that one an opportunity to truly heal and to release the past, an opportunity to throw off the shackles of fear and to realize that if I am not allowed to live in her, there is no life. And you know perfectly well that when I say, “I”, I am certainly not referring to the fact that I, Jeshua ben Joseph, will come and squeeze some form into hers. But “I” as what I have come to be: the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. For I am unlimited forever and I claim no identity with any specific form, and yet, I am free to create form at will. And I speak only of my life as Jeshua ben Joseph because it gives a point of contact with my friends. Does that make sense to you?


Extend unto her my love and my blessings. Remind her that I am with her always. Now you get to be the messenger.


Ah, in you there is a Light that shines so brightly. So radiantly. It has never been limited by anything. Nothing. Every fear you have ever known has come from the world and not from your true Mind. Every doubt has been but a pattern of perception learned in an insane world. And wherever you are, it is given unto you to claim the power to take care of whatever needs to be taken care of. And as you become willing to be the servant of Christ, you will find that you will sacrifice nothing. You will only relearn what truly has value and meaning. And as you do so, what you think you are giving up is given up gladly because correction has come to the mind and you see that it never held value.

It may be a relationship. It may be a home. It might even be the life of the body. But what you will do is become realigned with that which does hold meaning and that which does hold value, and you will find that to walk in the way that I would give unto you requires no sacrifice. It does require a willingness to embrace all that is eternal and all that outshines the world, to realize that there is nobody home, save Christ. There is nobody in that carcass. Nobody. It’s just been a thought in the mind and the mind transcends the body. A little gnat shouting at the vastness of space, believing that the body is your home and that it can keep you safe, and that if you can become conformed to this tiny little world, you might find something called peace.

From my perspective, what you call your world is like a spinning vortex about the size of a thimble. And you have been trying to squeeze yourself into its forms over and over again. And all around that little spinning vortex lies a supernal Light unlimited. And when you rest into it, you are peace itself.

Does the body die? Not necessarily, but it does become translated. No longer is it yours at all. It is only a vehicle through which Christ extends Love.

So, you see, are you going to die and incarnate again? No, you’ve never done that anyway, but you might continue the dream of incarnation. Will you forget the Kingdom only to seek it again? No, but you might choose to continue the dream of the seeker. And yet, so close to you, so close to you is the opportunity to surrender the dream of the dreamer. To become so bold and outrageous as to proclaim, “What the heck, I’ve tried everything else. I think I’ll see what it is like just to say that Christ lives here and only Christ.”

You don’t have to know what that means or what it will feel like. It is your willingness and your proclamation that allows Christ to correct the perceptions of the mind so that you will see revealed right where you are Christ. And then you will laugh with me and say, “Ah, I’ve learned how to live as Christ. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I just learned to choose in each moment to release every judgmental thought and to replace it with a loving thought. Whenever fear arose, I replaced it with Love. Whenever doubt arose, I said, ‘Ah, ah, there is no place for you here.’ And I chose the certainty of my union with God.” And through that simple practice, the mind becomes illuminated with the Light that it truly is: Christ eternal.

Beloved friends, the hour is at hand. There are many, many changes coming to your world. And yet, if they come to your world so that you see them out there, it means they must have come to the consciousness of mankind first, a consciousness that you participate in and cannot be separate from for a moment.

Therefore, imagine if there has been born within you a vision of a planet of peace, of a world no longer spinning in its madness, a world in which everyone is greeted and treated as a brother and a sister of equality, a world in which nobody knows hunger, or being cold, or being damp because of the rain that falls because they have no roof. If that vision touches your heart, can you not already see that at some point you have made the choice to open to the Light of Christ? And that Light is working through you and that’s what’s bringing all the changes and all the magic and all the miracles to your life: because you chose to say, “Yes,” to say, “Yes,” to Christ and “No” to the world.

You chose to be so outrageous and so bold as to declare that this whole thing has been made up, and it can be unmade and recreated, and perhaps you’ve come to realize that in you is the power that made it all up anyway. And so, through you a new vision can be born, and that is what this time is all about. You are no longer going through time just to get through it. You are choosing to translate time into the means by which the Kingdom of Heaven would be made manifest again upon this Earth. That is who you are. That is what you are about and that is why you are here.

And all it takes is the willingness to loosen the shackles from your heart, to see that your true family is everyone who hears and receives the Word of God and lives it. Gone is that error of thinking that the Word of God is something serious and heavy. Nonsense. It’s always been nonsense, by the way. Always.

The Word of God is a joyful melody sung through the heart of your presence, and it sings with perfect unity and unlimited possibility. The Word of God the Word of God is your breath and your existence.

Therefore, if you breathe, you are the Word of God made flesh. And the great miracle is that even when you forget that, you do not change the Word of God at all. You simply hide it from your awareness. And if you have hidden yourself from it, you can turn again to it at any moment.

I come, therefore, with great joy, great joy. Because I can abide with my brothers and sisters who have been with me since before time began. And I come to share with you, not bodies in space, but minds that are joined in Love. And if you would receive it, my embrace and my touch is no further from you than your willingness to receive it now. So, why not take a moment or two and within yourself — you don’t have to speak out loud; trust me, I’ll hear — why not let go of all the seriousness and all the perceptions you may have learned of me, and just say, “Hello”? Try saying, “Hello, old friend.”

And breathe that friendship into every cell of the body. There has never been anything that makes this my beloved brother special and you not special. And I am as close to you now as I have ever been to anyone. I love you, and all that is required is your willingness to receive my friendship — so that I can delight in playing with you as you live your life, freely, in peace, in the world but no longer of it. And we walk together on the way that we have chosen, and it is a choice made from before the advent of time itself.

And I will give you my strength until yours is as certain as mine. And then it becomes mine, and we become blended so deeply that wherever you are you know that I walk with you and that what you do in this world you never do alone. Indeed, “Hello to you, too.”


So, was that a difficult thing to do? Did anyone notice in that process how peaceful this room became? Did anyone feel that it was absolutely impossible to say “Hello” to me? Some of you felt a little bit uncomfortable. It was that quality of energy of, “I hope nobody’s watching me do this.” Why not? Isn’t it time to let them watch?

The world thinks that you cannot communicate with this enigma that was known as Jeshua ben Joseph. The world is insane. Why would you listen to it?

Often, in lightness, I have made some suggestions to you but really just beneath them there was a great deal of sincerity. You see, it takes your willingness in the field of space and time to manifest your outrageousness. That’s called walking through a ring of fear.

I have suggested to some that they stand on a counter in one of your malls and let everybody know that they are the Son of God. I’ve suggested that you just stand in front of a grocery clerk and have a little chat with me and then look them in the eye and say, “Oh, I’m just talking to Jeshua.” Why not?

If your brothers and sisters who are still asleep in this world are spinning in a little, tiny, fearful vortex that’s really no bigger than a thimble and about as powerful, and you come and you allow this body to be the vehicle that speaks a language they can understand — in other words, they see you — and you come and allow that body to be used for a moment’s outrageousness, why would you doubt that I would fail? Why would you think that I would fail to use that little opportunity that you have created? For when you do that, you see, you stop their mind for just a split second. For just a moment there is an opening in the spinning vortex, and I am rather adept at sticking my toe in the door.

Do you see what great service you can extend to your brothers and sisters? Even to walk up to a perfect stranger because suddenly you get the impulse to do so, and you put your hand on their shoulder. You say, “How would you like to talk to Christ?” And then smile and walk away.

Though you can’t see it with your eyes, because all minds are joined you have helped open the door. It doesn’t take long sermons. The day of sermons is coming to a close. No more preaching and waving something called The Bible, saying, “You’d better get it right or you might be damned forever.” The time for outrageousness and simplicity and laughter and dancing, as a way to pry open the door, is quickly coming to this planet of yours.

The shift that is occurring is going to allow you to learn that you can come home to God through great joy, and it is a whole lot more fun than trying to get there through pain and suffering and seriousness.

So, in my joy, I ask you to be willing to become a little bit more outrageous. Now, if you have some stuffy neighbors around the home that you live in, wait until they are outside mowing their lawns and then make sure you have no shoes upon your feet. Ideally, ideally if you really want to be outrageous, you will wear the finest of the gowns that you have — those that flow and are filled with many colors — and you will run outside with your arms open and throw yourself down in the grass and say, “Shhh, everybody listen.” And they will say, “What are you doing?”

“Jeshua told me he was going to talk to me through this blade of grass. Come listen.” And then become very sincere. Say, “Oh, I didn’t mean to disturb you,” and walk back into your house. It takes outrageousness to stop the mind. And when the mind is stopped, Light can penetrate it. And you can go back inside and have a good laugh. And just turn your attention to me and say, “Well, I think we’ve done good.”

I am come to play with you. To play at re-manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I do not ask for grim reapers. I ask for players. Players. Dreamers. Not dreamers in the way that have made this world, but dreamers in the sense that you are willing to let vision lead your life, so that you become a little bit giddy and you go, “Ha, I really don’t know where all this is going but what the heck.”

Some of you know what that feels like. Some of you are just beginning to open to it. Some of you have rather mastered it. Talk to a master that is one who has decided, “Oh, what the heck” and they will tell you that when you truly allow that to happen, you will experience miracles everyday. Every single day. They will also let you know that if miracles aren’t coming, it’s time to stop and take a look: where have you become serious? Where has perhaps a little bit of fear crept in? And then, of course, a true master learns how to change that back into laughter and off they go again, skipping down the street.

Beloved friends, there is a reason why every time I come to you I say, “ It is in joy that I come to abide with you.” I have never said that it is in a really deep seriousness that I come to you.

God is but Love and Love is but Light, purified of the heaviness of this insane world. Light is forever joyful and abides in that supernal knowingness. None of this has ever been serious. None of it. Not a single relationship you have ever had. Not a lost job. Death has never been a serious affair, for a very good reason: there is no such thing as death.

So there you have it: to become dancers and players, to stop being “makers and doers” and to become “allowers”. It is said that peace will come to this world when the feminine is reborn, when the Goddess returns. Now, you all know that when you dance, male and female, it is the male that seems to lead and the female kind of allows. And yet, there is great power, as you know, by being the one who allows. Is that not true? And the dance cannot occur without that allowing.

And in that metaphor your Father is asking you to reclaim that part of the soul. It is feminine, if you will. That is the Goddess within you. That is the energy that trusts all things and can allow all things because you are the one that completes the dance, and without you, your Father can’t even get off of his age-old throne. Without you without you the Love that is God cannot be extended. It’s really that simple. Why do you think He created you?

It is the Son that is the great ray of Light, and a ray shines outward. It doesn’t contract back upon itself in fear. That’s becoming a black hole. A ray of Light extends itself outward forever. And the extension of your Love and your beingness is what brings the presence of the Father into creation and form. And that’s how simple it is: to understand that in each day if you wake up and you are aware of yourself as lying in a bed, looking through physical eyes, just begin to remember that your purpose is not to perceive yourself as a prisoner of that body. Your purpose is to use it as a vehicle for extending Love.

If others actually want to think that you are that body, that’s perfectly okay. They will figure it out, too, sooner or later. And you can dance through this world, pretending like you are a body, but allowing yourself to remember you are that infinite Light — the only purpose of which is to be the presence of Love. That’s all.

And with that simplicity the Kingdom is remembered within you, and through your remembrance you allow your brothers and sisters to remember more easily. And as they begin to remember, the quickening occurs. Each act of remembrance is a miracle that shortens the need for time. Therefore, think it not a complex thing when I have said that, even in this generation, the Kingdom of Heaven can be reborn upon this, your precious Earth.

Let no one tell you that that is impossible. For what can be impossible to the holy Son of God?

Indeed, when next you speak of your visions, your planet healed, and somebody says, “That’s a little too grandiose, much too complex,” look them right in the eye and tolerate no error in yourself. Look them right in the eye and say, “Listen, my friend, nothing is impossible to the holy Son of God and that is who we are. Are you ready to claim it with me?” After all, that’s really the only question to ask, isn’t it? And if they say, “No,” love them and turn and share your vision with another.

Now, what will happen when person “A” that says, “No”, sits in the wings while you go around and find ten or twelve or fifty or a thousand that say, “Yes”, and the light begins to radiate brighter and brighter? And the one that said, “No”, begins to see that after all there is something going on and maybe it’s safe to join the dance.

Well, I don’t know about you but I don’t have anything else to do. And when you truly understand that right where you are, right where you are and as you are — a being that seems to be in a body on this planet with what you call a history; that is really just a collection of thoughts, a future to look forward to with anxiety; that’s just a collection of thoughts — when you come to understand that right where you are you don’t have anything else to do either, then you’ll begin to make some room and you will say, “Father, live in me and live through me. I do not know what a single thing is for, but I know that You do. Let’s get on with it. I am here and I will not leave here until this world has been translated once again into the Kingdom of Heaven. And with every breath I take and every thought I think, everyone that I come into contact with will know that there is something special about me — not that I am above them, but they will know that there is a Light in me, a Light that is shining through the pores of even this body. And I will look them in the eye and I will never from this moment see anyone but the face of Christ before me.”

And in seeing that face of Christ, because all minds are joined, the signal will have been sent to that mind, “It’s okay now. Wake up.”

All of you know what it feels like to go through a day in which when you lay your head on the pillow there is a disturbance. Somehow sleep doesn’t come peacefully. Something’s just a little amok. And if you want to find the source of it, truly the source of all restlessness, you will find that in that day, somehow unwittingly, you allowed yourself to be conformed to the thinking of the world.

Perhaps when you ran into your mailman, you simply played the worldly role. In some way in that day you allowed yourself to be conformed to the thoughts of the world, and that is what creates the uneasiness that seems to steal your sleep at least disturb it a little bit. In some way a teacher was brought to you to mirror some old pattern to see if you would be willing to walk through it, and you contracted — perhaps to gain acceptance of family or friends, just because that’s how they are used to you being. In some way, you conformed yourself to the thoughts of the world.

Now if that is true — and I assure you that it is — it means that there are truly no sets of circumstances that can affect you. Always and forever that effect is the result of the choice you have made with the power given unto you directly by God. “Here, I give you consciousness. Use it as you will. You can create with Me or you can separate yourself from Me.”

Imagine, then, what it would be like if you were to choose to live one day, just one day, in which you resolved to be the presence of peace and to not be conformed to the thinking of the world for even one moment. And when somebody speaks a negative thought, you stop. You look them in the eye. Put your hand on their shoulder and say, “You know, I’ve simply decided there is no point in that. I know that Love heals all things. In Love is perfect peace, and if you will look into my eyes, you will realize that I have made the choice to be the presence of Love. And I would love it if you would join me.” It might be worth a try.

Now, some of you have tried similar things but when the response isn’t as you want it to be, then you say, “It doesn’t work. The world is real.” No, it isn’t. No, it is not. Remember that if you are present right where you are, there is a purpose for it. Not one thing unfolds by accident in the lives of the teachers of God. You cannot help but be in the right place at the right time, when first you have chosen to serve the Atonement, is one way to put it. Soon it will be time to translate even that language into something much more along the lines of, “when first you have chosen to dance in the Kingdom and to be the presence of the Grand Dancer.” Even the word “Atonement” still carries a little bit too much heaviness because of what has been done to it by the minds of mankind.

I said to a friend of mine that came to see me I know that sounds a little odd but — came to talk with me in this manner, and I told her that I was going to begin to be a little more forceful, a little more direct. And it is because there is a need. And the need is this: I need you. I need you desperately. I need you because I love this world. I love my brothers and sisters. And as free as I am, I can’t shout in everyone’s ear because far too many yet believe that they can only hear what comes through another body. And those that hear me talk to them in their dreams, go, “That must be my imagination.”

I need you to let that thing you call your carcass become a loudspeaker, if you will. To become a crystal through which there is transmitted the Light, the vibration of Christ. I need you to be what I was when I walked upon this planet: a little bit crazy, a little bit outrageous and a lot of fun.

Now, I want you to know that there are some things you are not required to do.

Thank goodness.

Indeed. No more purposes for heavy wooden crosses. I would rather that you delight in driving in a nice new automobile with your air-conditioning rather than dealing with the heat of the Middle East. And if you want to eat a little bit of ice cream, please go ahead and do so. But above all, above all — dance, play, sing and laugh. Be so outrageous that you feel like you are going to float from the Earth.

This world is crying out for somebody to take things lightly and to be the presence of Light. Why not have some fun with it? To go up to a perfect stranger and say, “Guess what?” And they will say, “What?”

“Did you know that nobody’s here but Christ?” Why not? What are you afraid of? That the world mind might call you crazy? Now, that is a joke.

What do you think, Philip, are we getting it across?

Oh, yes.

What if they don’t get it?

They will get it eventually.

So, many of you know that I have suggested that during this drama there are some, what we shall call, “windows of Light” that appear, some quickenings of energy, for those that choose to participate in them. And I have suggested that around the time of the Winter Solstice there will be another such window. Obviously God is available in His fullness at all times, but within this drama there are certain activations occurring and the word is going to go out to many, to gather together at a very sacred spot at that time. But I want you to know, not one trace of seriousness will be allowed.

Is the place already chosen?

Always the doubter of what you know. Now, imagine gathering say, about this time on a Friday evening and remaining together until in your afternoon on a Sunday and never allowing one trace of seriousness.

It won’t be the only place such a gathering is occurring. There are seven other such places, on what you would perceive as distant points on the planet. Some of those points don’t even know yet that things called telephones exist. But I’ll let you in on a secret: they know they don’t need them.

Now, imagine that that gathering is like turning a whole lot of bodies and minds into one crystal purified of the weight of seriousness. That is like dusting your windows so light can shine through it, and just like when light strikes a crystal, it bounces off in many directions, and that is the whole point. That is the whole point. It won’t take serious meditations. It will take laughter and dancing and singing and play. It will take hugging and loving and healing and forgiving. It will take the release of history from your being, setting aside every trace of your personal past. It will take willingness.

Now, is it by accident that over the last few weeks I seemed to have been talking about willingness over and over? I must be very forgetful. Actually, to tell you the Truth, I am probably the most forgetful being in the universe because as soon as I deliver the message the Holy Spirit would give unto me to transmit through this body and mind, I forget all about it.

You see, you only hold on to things because your trust in God isn’t quite clear yet. Does that make sense to you?


“If I don’t remember, who will? Maybe God will forget. Doesn’t He take a vacation? What if somebody broke into His throne room and stole my file?”


“On the other hand, I don’t want Him to see it anyway because I know what’s in it.”


“What a predicament I am in. I don’t want Him to forget the file. I don’t want Him to remember the file. Ah, woe is me.”

God is the one authority that does not keep a file on you. Your past does not exist. It has never existed. Your past has never existed, except when you insist on clinging to it.

Now, there is an interesting thing about clinging to the past: it drags your consciousness backwards into the slower vibration — that would be a better way of putting it, I guess — the slower vibration that you seem to be caught up in then.

Does that make sense to you?


Have you ever tried to fit shoe boxes, full of a thousand incarnations worth of history, through the eye of a needle? It doesn’t work. You can’t take it with you. The eye of the needle is only big enough for Christ to pass through.

So, indeed, it will be a rather interesting gathering. First to see who is willing to be there, and who is willing to live for that length of time without a past and without a future. Try that for just an hour.

I want to let you in on something. Still after all this time, this my beloved brother is given to a little bit of doubt now and then about what the heck he is doing and why. And he wonders if this being, Jeshua and his friends, are really going to show up. Anyone ever had that feeling? “I wonder if God is going to show up for me?”

There is only one way to find out. You call it in your world, “Walking your talk.” Are you willing to simply move forward, demanding that I always show up? Are you willing to surrender every situation to me? Isn’t that really what it is all about? For when you are willing to surrender every situation to me, you are really saying to yourself, “I am willing to allow only Christ to be present in this situation.”

What you are doing is setting aside the little gnat shouting at the vastness of space. You are taking the whole of the cosmos and putting it back in the lap of God. And that is why every moment, every single moment of your experience is so precious a gift to you. It never deserves your laments. It never deserves your impatience or your judgment. Every moment of your experience is given to you as an opportunity for you to give it to me. That’s what it’s for.

Have I not said unto you that the Holy Spirit has translated everything that has been made in error, space and time, into the very means that will lead the Son back to the Kingdom? That’s how it happens when you are willing to relinquish your own thoughts and ideas about what a moment is for and just give it to me. And you will witness how that moment is used to create miracles. And because you have witnessed them, you will know that they have been done through you and, therefore, to you.

And oh, how hard it can seem to relinquish your grip on illusions. To be willing to say, “You take it. I’m done.” To actually allow your life, that you really believe you possess, to truly allow it to be used by Something and Someone you can’t even see? Oh, my goodness, that is outrageousness. To give up the attempt to be the doer and the maker. To give up the dream of the dreamer.

Oh, beloved friends, holy brothers and sisters, not only must you be willing to say, “I live, but not I, but Christ lives in me,” you need to be willing to see that nobody has ever lived there except Christ. No one. The contraction which is a little gnat called the ego has never truly existed. Never.

An awakened mind, a master, is one who knows that, and that’s why they can go lightly in the world, and that’s why they are very humble, and that’s why they know they have never accomplished anything, and that’s why they know that grace is real.

And if they do great things, you will never get them to take credit for it. They might smile and say, “Thank you”, but even in that moment they have already given it to the True Doer and the True Maker. And what greater freedom could there ever be than to know that of yourself you do nothing? But that through you, through you, the Father can do all things — including translating this tiny little vortex into the vastness of the Kingdom of Heaven.

So, there you have it. If you have been listening, you know I have been giving you a few homework assignments.

Time is short and you had better beware — {chuckling} — you’d better be aware. Time is short indeed because it doesn’t exist.

If there is any area of your life that needs some cleaning up, set about and get it done. Think of it as putting out the cookies and milk on Christmas Eve.

Do you remember when your parents said, “Santa is coming.” And though it was late, you made sure that the cookies and the milk were there. And if you clean up those little corners of your life that you have been avoiding — perhaps you need to communicate with someone to share your true feelings, to extend your forgiveness, to throw yourself at their feet and ask for theirs — whatever it is, set about and get it done because Santa is coming.

But, paradoxically, he can’t come until the cookies and milk have been set out. And that is what I mean when I say that God needs you as much as you need God. You are the ones that are in the classroom. You are here on this plane. You are the ones who are here to take the actions necessary to get the cookies and milk on the table. And do it first in your own mind. Don’t fear anything; just go and get it done. Any unfinished business, finish it. Finish it. Be done with it and a new Light will begin to move through you. Let it carry you where it will and you will know that you are in the right place at the right time.

And though you seemed to have been moved to Missouri, rest assured you are still as close to your brothers and sisters in Christ — to use that form of language — as you have ever been. For there is no such thing as separation between minds that love. Trust the Holy Spirit to work out the details of Santa’s coming.

You are only asked to be the presence of happiness. To be the presence of peace. To be the presence of the one who no longer tolerates error in their thought, their perceptions or their deeds. That’s all.

In short, all you are asked to do is live as though you are not an ego. Now, that sounds almost simplistic, but it’s very powerful. If you would just stop in any moment when you are about to become angry or give judgment or be fearful, and ask yourself, “Would such a response be characteristic of the ego or of Christ?” I would be willing to bet that you won’t have a difficult time in knowing which camp to stick that in.

And that tells you something very important about you. If truly and honestly you always can know which camp such a choice might belong in, it means that you are that mind that sees clearly always. It tells you that you must be Christ if you can discern the characteristics of living in Christ. And no one has to tell you what they are. And in that recognition there is great freedom and great power.

So, we are all done with the ego stuff.

It should be fun from now on.


How are you all doing?

Okay. Fine.

Has the evening telegram been worth reading?

Yes. Yes.

What are you going to do with it tomorrow?

Rejoice. Celebrate.

Ah, so that if I come and knock at three-thirty in the morning…

Can we go back to sleep again?

Of course.

It doesn’t get light until six-thirty.

Beloved friend, remember I talked about the hour before the very first, soft and gentle, and almost undiscernible rays begin to touch the Earth, and it will be up to you to discern when that hour is. From that perspective, sunrise is the middle of the day.

Indeed. Now, if you were seven years old and I said, “If you would just get up at that time and celebrate… Feel the dew of the grasses beneath your feet… Roll around and sing and dance a little bit… If you do that, Santa will come,” you can bet…


Therefore, become again as little children. Why not? Haven’t you grown tired of making yourself grow up over and over and over and over again? It’s not really a lot of fun to become serious.

I, on the other hand, am always very serious.

So, would you join me in what you might call a little bit of a meditation?

Okay, the first prerequisite is you have to leave the body.

Very good.

Imagine now that it is that hour, and you have arisen from your bed while the world yet sleeps, so unaware that a precious and sacred window begins to open: that your willingness has awakened you. Without shoes upon the feet you stepped outdoors to feel the coolness of the grass on the soles of your feet.

There is a gentle breeze blowing. Very, very gentle, much more like a caress, and there is great stillness and all around what appears to be darkness. And deep within the core of your being, begin to open your heart, being willing to be vulnerable to the sacred moment.

You raise your arms, palms heavenward, knowing that as you open the palms it symbolizes your willingness to receive, to allow the angel of air, the presence of the Holy Spirit that would breathe life into you, to come deeply into each and every cell of the body as a gift of life, honoring the gift that your Mother has given unto you called the temple of the body.

A smile begins to touch your lips. You allow the eyes to gently close and you begin to feel a subtle feeling that first begins to touch the palms of the hands. A subtle energy that seems to run down the arms, and as you surrender into it, it simply grows. You begin to feel it enter through the body from all directions.

Allow it. Receive it deeply. Feel it penetrate the bones of the body. Every organ filled with a subtle tingling, a movement of gentle energy. And as the breath continues to move like a river of life through you, the heart feels warmer and warmer, expanding, opening. Then you begin to feel a warmth there deepening, deepening.

And not with physical eyes you begin to see the rising of the sun, but it is a little different. Golden Light indeed, but its quality is so soft, and it seems to be penetrating you and enveloping you. And the energy begins to quicken, gently. The recognition dawns that Love is embracing you. The energy of gratitude begins at the soles of your feet and begins to move upward. You feel as though the Holy Mother is speaking your name alone, bringing the gifts of Her presence and of Her Light.

And the Light of that sun seen with the eyes of the heart appears to be above you now, the Light descending gently like a dove, the energies given of the Holy Mother moving upward through every cell of the body. And they meet and they merge and they wed in the core of your heart. And lightness comes and the smile grows ever brighter.

Perhaps a tear begins to come to the corner of the eye. And you know that you are with your Father. And you know that in you in the core of your heart, now, in this moment – Life, Christ is birthed.

Gratitude overwhelms you, pours out through your emotions, even through the body. “I am at peace. I am healed and I am whole. Holy Father, now there is Light. And I am that Light.”

And now a warmth again begins to touch the body. As you gently begin to open the eyes, you see that the first rays of the physical sun have begun to touch this Earth, symbolizing the coming of Light to you.

The Light begins to touch the Earth at your feet. Faint shadows begin to give way to crystal clear forms, and you see the dew upon the grasses. You begin to be aware that the birds, once hidden, now begin to sing. And the breeze is a little stronger, as though it were dancing with the leaves of the trees. And the Light of your Father continues to descend upon you, and the Love of your Earthly Mother continues to rise through you. And the light of the physical sun bathes the body in warmth, and indeed there is Light and there is Life. It is in you. It is around you. It is you.

And gently then, in the core of your being, a Voice, once seemingly forgotten, is heard. “This is my beloved child in whom I am well pleased.” And you know the Voice speaks to you of you. And all things are made new.

And in gratitude you say unto your Father and unto your Earthly Mother, “This one day do I give unto you in joy, out of gratitude for the life that You have given me and the grace that has released my past and brought me the peace of God. This one day, I live, awakened to the Christ I am. And this one day is enough. Holy Father, I am Light.”

And gently, in that knowingness, with a smile upon your face, you turn and you enter your abode again, and you make your choices of what you will do with that day from that moment on. But each choice is made with gladness, with simplicity and with quiet joy.

You have chosen to come home again to the Kingdom from which you have truly never journeyed forth. Peace pervades your being. And only one desire is born: the desire to be the presence of happiness and to allow Love to be extended through you, without obstacle, without barrier.

You are all that I am. You are the presence of the Second Coming of Christ, who lives now always in you. Thank you, Heavenly Father. Thank you, Earthly Mother. Thank you, Holy Son of God.


And indeed the Kingdom of Heaven is as a jewel that has been placed in the palm of your hand and no one can take it from you.

Know well, then, that you are here on this plane at this time to choose to be the presence of Love. To transcend history. To be the Kingdom of Heaven. And you will know your true family. You will know your true family, and it is made up of everyone who has made that choice within themselves to no longer seek the Kingdom but to be the finder of it. No longer to seek to find me but to walk with me, now.

Herein lies the peace of God. Herein the end of a journey that is not. Herein you abide with me together, and we, together, abide in our Heavenly Father: one union without beginning and without end. And while it is given unto you to experience the fields of space and time for just a little while longer, be you therefore glad because you can only awaken to your own call. And there is no one present in this room who has not heard that call and who has not chosen to move toward it and to embrace it.

How can I fail to come to you with great joy? Indeed.

Tonight, let there be no need of questions, for in this certain peace all questions are answered. You are the answer to every question. You are the bringers and the bearers of Light. Therefore, let your Light so shine before mankind that no sunglasses ever created can keep it from touching his eyes.

Indeed. And let not this evening pass away until each of you has chosen to take at least a moment to embrace one another. Bring a little outrageousness into it. Nothing solemn. And some of you, rest assured that if you choose to take this meditation and manifest it tomorrow morning, I give you my promise that I will be with you. And my promise is true and always kept because I say nothing to you save that which is given me of my Father to say to you.

If you wish to bypass manifesting that meditation tomorrow morning, please remember not to whip yourself for it. But if some of you feel nudged, just remember that you left the door open.

Indeed, my peace I give unto you and my Love I would give unto you always. You are the first-born of God. Begotten, not made. And you remain eternally of one substance with all that God is — and God is but Love. Therefore, so are you.

Be, therefore, at peace and love one another as our Father has first loved us. Peace be unto the outrageous Children of God.

Speaking of outrageousness, “So long for now!”

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