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Now, we begin.

I have come unto you many times. I have sought to express unto you my deep and unfathomable and, in Truth, eternal love for all that you are. I have spoken unto you that I see not so much the body but I see the great ray of Light that seemingly animates the body and cries out to be allowed to express itself in its fullness through the guise of the body. Not in order to prove itself. Not in order to gain Heaven, but out of compassion to be allowed by the small part of the mind that you have thought you are, to be allowed from the base of compassion to bring itself and give itself unto the world, to allow every moment and every thought and every deed and every vision and every dream, every moment of existence, to be imbued with the clarity of thought, a clarity of purpose, knowledge, and no longer false perceptions, to be imbued with the presence of the Love that God is, to joyously be expressed and to be given. That Light is who you are. And that Light is the Light that I see. That Light is the Light to which I have come for a thousand lifetimes. I have knocked upon the door of that Light and said, “Yes, it is okay. Just press a little harder. Eventually they will let you in.”

And indeed that small part of the mind that you have restricted yourself to, must eventually be dissolved. And how? By your willingness. Your willingness to ask the Holy Spirit that the Bridge between you as the Holy Son of God and God Himself open that window, open that door and allow that Light to flood your being, to bring Light into every dark corner and every shadow that you have tried to hold back, so that you can keep yourself believing that you are unworthy of being the presence of Love and living above all fear and all limitation and all doubt.

And I have watched you through a thousand lifetimes come unto the threshold of the Kingdom, so close, so close, only to allow one thought to again steal across the mind: “No, no, no. I can’t possibly be the Son of God. That was left up to Jeshua. Somehow I know, no matter what is said, no matter what is done or how many miracles come into my life, no matter how often I feel the descent of grace upon me, I know there is yet some place within me that is guilty of some sort of unpardonable sin, and therefore I must hold back a small part of myself and become identified with it.”

And so you oscillate constantly between your dreams and your prayers of opening and your fear of that opening, which leads you to constrict into but a small point of the Light you truly are, and all the angels of Heaven, if you would well receive it, feel a tinge of sadness. The Earth feels the sadness and, if you would well receive it, the brothers and sisters who even now are with you also feel the tinge of sadness because they need you as much as you have ever needed them. They need you to be the one who says, “No longer will I lie down in the bed of crucifixion, but I choose in this hour to stand in the resurrection.”

Do you know what it means to exist? It means to stand up out of nothingness. Out of nothingness. To stand up and say, “Okay. I might as well be here. And where am I if I am not in the Holy Mind of God, embraced by a warm and fuzzy blanket called Love? What am I if I am not choosing to be the presence of Love? What is the purpose and function of my being if I am not allowing myself to open unto unfathomable vision? To serve the rebirth of Light upon this plane? To bring Heaven to Earth?” Not to escape the Earth. Not to find some magical means by which you can flit about, become so light that you ascend the body and laugh at everybody left behind. But to choose to see that indeed you walk in a very magical kingdom. You walk in a kingdom that is a construct made from the energy of thought itself, and you are sharing in this great construct with your brothers and sisters who have created it with you. And your only purpose and function is to be happy.

To realize that where you are is not in the body at all. But where you are has never tasted birth and cannot know death. That the body is exactly that: it is the body. Not your body. The body. And through you, through the body, through its personality, a great Light can shine forth at any time you decide to allow it.

I have come unto you for so long now and said, “I’m sorry, but there are no magical techniques. There is only a simple choice to be made. To sit down in the quietness of your own beingness, your own existence, and to realize the simplicity of the Truth that must be: ‘I and my Father are one. I have never been who I thought I was. I’m not this body at all. The small part of my mind that has thrown up the smoke screens of fear, in Truth, has no part in me.’”

I have come unto you. I have cried out unto you as you stood at the threshold of the Kingdom and reached out my hand in a million ways, not just through this communication, but also in your dreams, while you drive your automobiles, in the midst of your relationships. In every moment you can conceive I have extended my hand to you and said, “Come. Come to where I am. It’s not far. It is not far at all.”

Heaven must exist right here where you are now at this moment, or it exists nowhere. It is where I abide, and the whole jist of my Gospel has been eternally that it is where you abide also — even when you believe you don’t. That, you see, is the great trick. That is the paradox that brings illumination back to the mind. When you are willing to concede your needless sense of struggle, when you are ready to embrace the Truth that where you are now, Heaven is, because you are the one who chooses to be awake, now, in whatever moment the world throws at you, “I choose to be awake. Therefore, I will teach only Love because that is what I am. I will not choose to look upon strife. I will not draw it to myself.” And that does not mean that while you are in the world you never see strife. It just means that you don’t identify with it. “And I will choose to walk this world a little lighter because I am Light. And I will allow the Holy Spirit to use each moment of my life as a way through which there can be communicated the remembrance of Truth.”

What if? What if you were willing to acknowledge that there is absolutely nothing for you to do save to allow love to be extended through you? What if you were to accept that there is absolutely nowhere to go, nothing to achieve save to be willing to join with me in serving the atonement, the awakening of the mind of the Son of God? What if right now, right now, as you look upon your life, you were to acknowledge that it has been fueled by a kind of searching, a searching that has become so habitual that you have convinced yourself that surely Heaven must be just around the corner. “And when I have squeezed out every last piece of emotional baggage of my being, then God will smile on me.”

What if you were to acknowledge that the Truth about you cannot be dimmed by the body, by space and time, by any trauma you have ever experienced? And that indeed to stand at the threshold of the Kingdom of Heaven — which is merely the remembrance of where you are always — requires only that you abandon fear and choose love?

To stand up, to exist, means to acknowledge that somebody on this plane has to stand up for a new vision and to live it. To be willing to be the presence of Love and to never need to cower before anyone. To look even a perfect stranger — and we all know that there is no such thing — in the eyes, and when they complain, when they lament, when they say, “No, it’s impossible. I can’t change my life’s conditions. I’m too weak. I’m too poor” — there’s this excuse and that excuse — look them in the eye and say, “That’s a bunch of nonsense.” Not because you are judging them, but because you see the Light of Christ that is just behind the limited set of beliefs that they have chosen to be identified with. And if you have to nudge them just a little bit and perhaps they hate you for it, so what? Would you conform yourself so that all illusion can love you or would you choose to love the Light of Christ that lies just behind every appearance of lack and incapability and doubt?

I have said to you a thousand times that what you teach will teach you. And if you choose to be a miracle worker, miracles will necessarily transform your life. That means you don’t have to get there before you begin. That by choosing to begin now, in this day and in every hour, to be the presence of Christ, you will learn what it means to be that presence.

There is no other way. There is absolutely no other way that works. There is not a single set of skills you can master that will ever enlighten you. But you can bring your Light to whatever skills the Holy Spirit would ask you to learn and use in this world by acknowledging first, “I and my Father are One. And the perception of struggle, the perception of doubt, indeed the perception of fear is wholly unreal and touches not the Holy Son of God.”

Now, I know that that brings up fear. Does it not? Can you feel it? “Gulp. If I accept what Jeshua is saying, I have no choice but to give up the game of separation and acknowledge right here, in front of God and everybody, that I am awake, that I simply will not tolerate error in myself again.”

That is the eye of the needle. That is the crack between two worlds. That is the quantum leap that brings you home again. That is the simple choice that takes you from just on that side of the threshold of Heaven and brings you fully into the midst of the Kingdom, and you realize you haven’t had to fix a thing. But you have indeed become humble because the holy Son of God always knows that of himself he does nothing. But the Father through him, does all these things.

Gone is the dream of the dreamer. Gone the hope of being the doer. All things are given back to God, and in the place of the dreamer there arises the perfect servant of Love and of Light. It doesn’t even really know how it all happens. They are just willing to be the presence of Love and to become available. You never know what you might find yourself doing once you have truly made that choice.

Are you willing to risk it? Is that not what it’s really all about? Are you willing to risk truly every last trace of your hold, your grip on the ego, which is the thought of separation from God? “Oh, my God, what would happen in my life if I were to sit down, look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘I am awake’? I couldn’t possibly be anything but awake. And if I am awake, I know that all minds are joined in love. Because I love Jeshua, I can certainly talk to him.

So, I know that was a rather interesting greeting. But there were some who desperately need just to get the little laser shot of Truth because, you see, the mind, the ego constantly wants to play games. Constantly. That’s what the ego is — it is a game. It’s like turning on your television set and instead of watching a comedy, you watch a drama with sickness and disease and death and fear and egos beating up on one another because they believe they live in lack and if they give up all they have received, they won’t have anything. “So I’d better hoard it and store it all up.” When just the opposite is true.

And indeed if you do not find avenues through which you can give the grace and love that you have received, and you cannot choose to find the avenues and find the ways to give away all you have received, what you have is taken from you. Not by an evil God that sits outside of you and goes, “Tsk, tsk.” But you relinquish it. And the tree of life within you withers and dies, and the mind will project the cause of that outside of itself.

“Surely it was a set of circumstances. If only my maid hadn’t left me. It was inflation; that’s what did it. Why did they let those Democrats get in again?’ There’s always something, isn’t there: Another excuse to delay existing. Think about it. There’s always an excuse to delay existing. And the only way to exist is to be real. And the only way to be real is to accept that you are the holy Son of God, here and now, and everything else is a fantasy, a delusion, based on a habit of fear. Everything.

All power is given unto you to attract to yourself the means whereby you can extend the Love of God into the world. They are all around you in every moment. And that is the turning about in the seat of the soul. The Greeks used to call it metanoia. That is the turning about that has to be chosen, simply chosen.

“I choose to be awake,” and that is what will make all the difference in the world — because you, all of you, and me, together, choose to be awake. That’s all. Then, you see, what happens is that I no longer have to walk with you, trying to shout in your ear. We can lock arms and skip down the path together.

Ah, love, sweet love. Love. Indeed, it rides on every breath you breathe and desires to be heard with every spoken word. Love is indeed the alpha and omega of all things. Love is the essence of all that is real, and the only thing that is real is you. Therefore, you are that Love that was there in the beginning with me, is now and ever shall be, a Love that wholly outshines the body and the frailties of this wholly insane world, that cries out to see the demonstration, the demonstration that it is possible to do things in a different way.

One of the habits of the ego is to turn a deaf ear toward the cries of your brothers and sisters. The cries when they are hungry physically. The cries when they feel abused and rejected. Yes, all of those levels of insanity. But the cry that I am addressing here is the cry that comes up in every soul and is constantly going on. It is like a siren, and it’s been going on for so long you become a little deaf to it. It’s the cry that says, “Will somebody please tell me it’s okay to be awake? Will somebody tell me it’s okay to feel safe? Will somebody teach me that only by being vulnerable, by choosing to be the presence of Love, can I find my safety?”

I’ve said unto you that I need to hire you, in a way. You see, so many of your brothers and sisters have been so programmed to believe that only the body is real and what is outside its boundaries must not exist. And so I come to them and oh, my God, how I come to them. I come to them in their dreams. I whisper to them. If you want to know the Truth of it — and I haven’t shared this with you yet — I have materialized a form in which to talk to someone more times that you could possibly ever count if you sat down for a hundred years and did nothing but count. I have come to so many, and they have seen visions of me and in the very next moment they said, “No, had to be my imagination.” Some of you know what that’s like.

So, I’ve taken out a classified ad and I said, “Wanted: Servants of Light. Those who have become willing to be my eyes. To be my hands. To be my heart. To be my physical appearance in this world.” And I have asked only one thing: just be willing to join with me and to trust me. I know what your brother and sister needs all the time. And I have explained to you how I know that. It’s not because I’m smart. It’s because I finally figured out two thousand years ago that if I go to the Holy Spirit and ask, the Holy Spirit will tell me.

And I have said to you in a rather metaphorically and joking way, but it’s much closer to the Truth than you know, when I ask what someone needs, the Holy Spirit races around and sneaks in the back door of their heart, pulls out what they need and brings it back to me, and then I show it to them. And they go, “Jeshua, what a miracle. What a miracle. How did you know that?” And the Truth is, I didn’t until it was asked.

Now, if the Holy Spirit can do that for me, it can certainly do it for you. I indeed need you to answer my classified ad and to come to work — which is really play, by the way — and to sit down with me and to look out upon all of this world, indeed to look out upon every world you have ever constructed and tried to wrap around yourself, to look upon all of them and go, “Oh, that’s just a harmless sideshow going on. What was I ever frightened of?” Even the body isn’t real. It’s a hologram. It doesn’t even have existence apart from the value you place upon it. And yet, for a little while, because it has been constructed out of infinite possibility, I can indeed teach you how to use the body anew so that it becomes the perfect means through which love is extended and taught and therefore, received by the mind and heart that is willing to be retaught.

It is so simple. So incredibly simple and, of course, that’s what makes it difficult. Because the world believes in struggle. Because the world teaches you — and the part of the mind called the ego is the world mind –—teaches you that it must take effort and it must be complex. It must be very difficult indeed to ever become so purified that the grace of God would descend upon you like a dove and a voice from Heaven would shout, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am eternally well pleased.” “Boy, that must happen to very special beings, but it will never happen to me.”

So what happens is this: your Father’s been shouting that through all of eternity as He looks at you and the Holy Spirit says, “Dad, this one isn’t quite willing to get it yet. What should we do?” And the Father knows the answer and tells the Holy Spirit, “Weave a tapestry with everything that they create — every thought, every action, every deed. Let them pretend that they are running around getting somewhere in all of their seeking, in all of their striving, in all of their lamenting, and secretly weave a tapestry out of everything they construct so that without their even knowing it, they will be brought back to the Holy of Holies, the place of peace within in which they can again relearn that the only choice that must be made is the choice between love and fear.

And, rest assured, when the tapestry has been woven, the Holy Spirit has brought you back face to face with God. He will take the last step for you. You don’t even have to do that. He will do it for you.

Now listen very carefully. I have said unto you that time, time is given unto you so that you might use it constructively. And the only constructive use of time is the practice of being the presence of one who is awake to their reality as Love. That means that from the moment you realize you are awake until the moment you think you’ve fallen asleep — only the body does that, by the way –— every single tick of your clock is the greatest of blessings you could ever receive. And why? Time has been constructed as a device to separate you from eternity but it has been translated for you into the tapestry that returns you to all that is eternal. And when you really get that, when you really truly get it, something wells up within you called gratitude. Do you know that feeling?

I know what it means to feel gratitude when you have enough golden coins to pay the bills. I know what it means to feel gratitude. I see it happening in your minds when the weather is just right. I know what it means for you to be willing to feel gratitude when you get the date you’ve always wanted. There are a thousand other times, special times, when you’ve allowed yourself to touch gratitude.

When you really understand the blessing of time — that it is not a prison at all — then every breath you breathe comes forth from an incredible gratitude because you’ve finally gotten it. It’s just a game. “All I’m asked to do is practice being the presence of Love. To be unlimited. To realize that I can’t be limited. All I have to do is say, ‘Holy Spirit, what do you want me to do today?’” And then set about to do it. And if a vision begins to be born in you, “Pack up your bags and move to this other place,” why not go?

Fear of loss? “What will I lose if I leave these things behind me, these roots that I believe have kept me safe?” You will lose nothing. “Leave my friends? You mean, venture out into the big world? What will I lose?” A limitation. A friend of the heart is never lost.

I learned that if I gave up the body, I wouldn’t lose anything either. And, after all, is not the body the one thing that you continue to insist upon identifying with?

Has it ever kept you safe? Has the body ever, ever, ever, brought you the perfect intimacy of a holy instant? Have you ever experienced through the senses, through the use of the body what we will call here eternal satisfaction? Have you ever fed the body so that it’s no longer hungry? Darn thing, you have to keep feeding it.

Has any adornment upon the body ever truly won the overwhelming approval of everyone you share this planet with? Has the making of a muscle so that it is bigger than it was a year ago, has that ever given you the acceptance you would like? You rise in the morning, you pamper it. You feed it. You clothe it. You construct an entire world around it, and then you busy yourself from nine to five, five days a week — and sometimes longer — so that you can feed it, clothe it, and house it and pamper it a little bit. Has the body ever presented you with the gift of grace? They might be questions worth asking.

Now, of course, therefore, the conclusion is this: hate the body. Despise it. Beat it. Flog it. Some of you have done that before. Whip it into shape and keep hating it. Always see it as imperfect, so work on it a little harder. No, that’s not the conclusion, but it is the conclusion some minds reach. “Since I’m not the body I’ll just ignore the darned thing.”

Great error. The great error in all of your spiritual traditions has been this: That the whole goal is to somehow find a means whereby you can escape the body, for the body is the symbol of the ego. It is the symbol of time itself. The point is not to ascend; the point is to realize that ascension has already been completed because the holy Son of God has never left the Kingdom of Heaven. The whole point of the game is descension. To descend, to bring the Light and the Love that you are and to utilize the body as a means through which you communicate Light and Love. And that requires that you embrace the body just for what it is and not for anything else: as a means given unto you for a very short time whereby you can relearn how to radiate Light and Love into this world that believes that bodies are the final definition of reality. And if you shine enough Light and enough love through it, other minds can begin to get the message that there is life after the body. There is life beyond the body even now. And there can then be a process of awakening.

The point I am trying to make right now is this: I have sought to find a thousand ways to get the idea across that you cannot transcend what you do not embrace and love. That does not mean that you try to add inches of muscle to the body — unless, of course, you enjoy that. It means that you allow your perceptions of the body and of what the world is for to be corrected, and that requires your willingness to take all of your perceptions, lay them on a tray and give them back to the Holy Spirit and just say, “you know, I haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe I should read the directions.”

And indeed correction does come and you begin to look upon the body — “The body,” not “My body” — The body, and you sit back from a perspective in which you realize you are Light. You go, “Oh, what an interesting toy this is. If I press this button and do that, I can activate Light in the cells and they can actually shine from the body. If I do this and do that and do this, I can radiate so much Light through my eyes that people will actually stop and wonder what on earth hit them. Ooh, this sounds like fun.” And the body begins to be something that no longer is seen as a prison, something that limits you. And you can look at what it means to be in this world as if you have just come to a costume party.

You see that everybody else seems to be playing the game of believing that the body is real, and you can look and see that so many minds are enshrouded with seriousness. They actually believe that life requires struggle and strain and lack and all of the rest of the things that represent limitation. And you can become so outrageous because you’ve thrown away all of your own perceptions and you are beginning to be retaught. You can begin to be the one who lives just the opposite of the way the world would try to teach you to live.

You can become one who joins the ranks of those who have chosen to exist. And to exist does not mean to just get by. It means to be the radiant presence of outflowing Love and joy and dance and laughter and play and vision and contribution and service and love, love, love, love.

That’s what the world is waiting for. Gone is the time — and please hear what I am about to say — very quickly gone will be the time for me to come even in this way, because if I do not go away, the Comforter cannot come unto you.

Therefore, cling not unto me for you do not know the day and the hour in which my Father will say unto me, “That’s enough now. Either they live it or they don’t”

“Whew! But Jeshua, I thought you said that you would be with me always?” Well, of course I will. But you are going to have to come to where I am to realize it.

So now is as good a time as any. Right now. Right now. Are you willing right now just to take ten of your precious seconds and acknowledge in your own mind, “I am that one in whom my Father is eternally well pleased and all things are possible for me, because I am not the doer at all”?

Now, that means that from this moment forward you can never go to a single workshop, unless you do so from the perspective now healed that you are the holy Son of God, and obviously the Holy Spirit wants you to be there or you wouldn’t be there, and all you are there for is to polish up a few skills so that you can become like a laser and bring the Light of Christ and give it to the world. Never again out of a perception that there is something you lack.

And never again to believe that whether the friend you are with is me or some other teacher that they are somehow other than who you are. And to honor them for being willing to play the role of teacher so that you get to play the role of what seems to be the student. And the whole purpose of teaching is that the student becomes as the teacher is. Otherwise, there is no point.

Time comes quickly now when this world is going to cry out for masters, not seekers. The time will indeed also come – and I am certainly not coming from fear when I say this – the time is also coming when this Earth, the vibration of it simply won’t be such that anything but masters will be able to be here at all.

Question: Jeshua, I need a new job.

If you have outgrown the one you have had, why does that mean you need another one?

I think I’d like another one to play at.

That would be different than the last job.

For sure.

What if the traditional sense of a job was a wholly insane one?

We are talking about perception. The mind believes it must have a job in order to survive — that is, to keep the body in survival — so it accepts or receives impressions that says, “A job is a place of imprisonment. I can’t possibly be happy here so I’ll run and get another one.” But, of course, you just take the same perceptions with you and nothing really changes.

Therefore, beloved friend, remember that what you decree is. Do not say that you need another job. But instead ask that the means might be brought to you so that you might be a servant of the atonement. Now, that doesn’t mean a lot of serious stuff. It means indeed play — that you can allow yourself to, shall we say, abide in a different frequency than in the past, recognizing that while it pays the bills and all of that, your real purpose is to practice being the presence of Love, to nudge other minds to begin to think in an unlimited way. To be the one through whom the Holy Spirit brings gently correction to your brothers and sisters, to their minds.

Say not that you need another job because that implies it must be like the one you had before — which means it implies the quality of beingness that you carried within the mind while you were there.

Ask instead for a field in which you can play at a higher frequency, if you will, with minds that are resonating with greater freedom within themselves.

That sounds really inviting. Higher frequencies.

Indeed. Be careful how you wrap up the package of your desire.

This constant vigilance is kind of exhausting, you know?

Only because you bring effort into it. There is no need for effort. All that it requires is that, “This day I will be the witness of my thoughts. How am I thinking my thoughts? What words am I choosing when I speak?” The word is very powerful indeed.

To be vigilant does not require effort as much as it asks the relinquishment of effort. It requires only that you watch. It’s actually the easiest thing you could possibly do. But you’ve taught the mind to be sidetracked, and it becomes sidetracked — please listen to this very carefully — the mind becomes sidetracked every time you let yourself believe that what is occurring out there on the screen of your life is something that is real and independent of your own mind. Do you see?

It doesn’t matter what the event is around you. What matters is, are you aware of how you are choosing to think about it? And when you come to see that there is nothing outside of you, that it really is all in your head — except that the mind is not in the head — then a great power begins to be reborn in you and you begin to realize that by reconstructing the foundation within the mind, what is projected out there must necessarily change. And when there are enough awakened minds that are doing just that, the world that you have been taught is real out there, the real world will be different.

If the mind can construct a world that reflects separation, it can indeed construct that which reflects union with God. Your philosophers call that being an idealist. Well, I should certainly hope so, since everything is the reflection of an idea. You might as well just admit it and begin indeed to turn the attention of the world from trying to conquer outer space and turn it so that it begins to understand the power of mind itself.

The further your scientists go out, the more they are returned to what is within. Your physicists in this century have indeed learned that the more they try to plumb the depths of matter, the more they run right into their own mind. Talk about chasing your own tail.

Now, if it is true for the greatest minds within your realms of science, it is obviously true for you, too. You never see anything save that which you construct in your mind. The day comes when you begin to realize just how staggering of a Truth that is because it includes the body itself. And to use time constructively is to be vigilant in observing how you are allowing the mind to work, to begin to see the patterns that create limitation and lack and fear and hurt and judgment and all of the rest, and begin to interrupt them at their inception and make other choices.

If I am feeling hurt, the correction is to extend love. If I am feeling lack, the correction is to extend love. If I am feeling rejected, the correction is to extend love. Because to do so you must return to your right-mindedness in which you remember, “I am the holy Son of God. I cannot indeed be hurt. I cannot know pain and I cannot taste death. I am the Thought of Love in form and I am held perfect and safe now.” Love indeed heals all things. Nothing else works. It’s the cosmic salve.

And each time hurt seems to continue; you are only experiencing the choice you have made in the mind to insist that it continue. There is no other Truth. That‘s it. Your mind is perfectly healthy at all times. Perfectly healthy. You may choose to use it in an unhealthy way but the power of choice is never taken from anyone at any time.

Does that make sense?

Yes, is does, but Jeshua, when I am vigilant and I see the pattern of negativity that I have allowed to run my life, it seems as though throughout my entire day I am constantly calling myself up short because I’ve gone back to that old habit, and I am saying to myself, “No, you don’t need to think that way any more.” And sometimes at the end of a day when I’ve had to do that a lot, I am really whipped. It’s physically exhausting to me, and you sound as though I can do it more quietly or something and I am not quite getting that.

Now, let’s take a look at what you just said, since what the Son decrees the Son experiences. You have stated and therefore created a perception that when you are vigilant and you notice you’ve been allowing some negative perspective, some limited perspective to, in a sense, guide you, to own you, that when you notice it, you are then constantly calling yourself up short. That is, you are berating and judging yourself, are you not?


There is the source of the error. When you see whatever it is you happen to see in your perception, your perspective, that is limiting you, a strand of negativity — however you want to label that it doesn’t matter — when you see it, there is only one cure: laugh your buns off at it.

Because it is not part of the reality of who you are. You will never kill the ego. You will only love it to death, by withdrawing the value you place upon it. “Oh, my God, there I go again. What a jerk I am.”

Oh, that’s me.

No, that’s not you.

Or, that has been me.

No, that has not been you.

Okay. It just doesn’t exist.

You are the presence of the Thought of Love in form. You are unbounded and eternal. There has never been a time that you have not existed as the Thought held lovingly in the Mind of God. Your reality knows no boundaries. It knows neither beginning nor end and therefore, you have never tasted birth nor death. You cannot possibly have ever sinned against God. You are indeed loved wholly, and the Light shines in you as completely in this moment as the Light has ever shined in me. That Light you are. And to be vigilant means that in each moment when you watch the movie and the ego seems to creep in to the mind, you simply retrain the mind to notice that that’s not a part of you and you have a very good laugh because the drama has become a comedy, and then you choose anew.

Don’t make a transition by thinking you have beat yourself into love. Just be love. The constructive use of time — which is the only use there is of it — is to choose to be the presence of love. Each time the thought comes into the mind that “There I go again. I’ve blown it. What a jerk I am,” that is part of the same voice that has created the strand of negativity trying to seduce you, trying to say, “No, no, don’t let me die. I’ve been in control of you for so long.” And all you need do is withdraw your value from it and choose anew. And have a good laugh while you are doing it.

Jeshua, that really helps a lot. Thank you very much.

I’ll send you a bill.

Okay. More bills.

Do you know what the bill will look like? The bill will have the names of brothers and sisters you may not have even met yet, and they will be sent to you so that you can be their teacher. For as you learn and as that awakening process deepens, your ability to be responsible also broadens, and then the Holy Spirit sends unto you those who need to receive what you have learned. And if you do not give all that has been given unto you, even that begins to be withdrawn because it dries up within you. And if you do not give all that you have received, you cannot know that your Redeemer lives, and that Redeemer is the face of Christ that dwells within you now. And that is why in giving, you receive, and to give all means that you receive all.

The only difference between us is that two thousand years ago I figured that one out. If I give all that my Father has given me, I will receive it eternally.

It’s like liking chocolate ice cream so much that you want to have it all the time, and you finally peer behind the scenes and you realize that the way the universe works is that you keep giving it away and that’s how more gets delivered to your door. Do you see? You give away a pint and they bring you a gallon. Your Father’s going, “Oh, thank you so much for giving that away. You are finally understanding what it means, what you are supposed to be doing with love and with intelligence and with vision, with inspiration, with compassion. Oh, indeed, with all the power of Heaven and Earth. You are finally getting it. So here you are; I am going to give you more of it.” And you turn around and you go, “Oh my goodness. Here comes more. What do I do with it? Oops, I’m not going to keep it. I am going to go give it away. Oops, here comes even more. Wow, what a fun game this is. The more I give away, the more I receive.”

You could call it, in your culture, being addicted to love. What do you think?

I think it’s a great idea.

Just a moment; that’s a very good word. It is an idea because you are an idea. Ideas are extended as you choose to receive them and be identified with them. The only way to be awake is to choose to identify your self as one who is awake and no longer tolerates error within yourself. By choosing to draw the idea of being awake to yourself and identifying with it, you become the presence of that idea.

It has well been said that everything in this dimension is channeled. It’s a representation of an idea. So, you see, you can go to one of your malls tomorrow and just walk up to people and say, “What idea are you being today?”

Now, that sounds a little lighthearted, and it is because the heart is filled with Light. But it’s also the Truth. “What idea am I being now? Am I being a Thought of Love in form or am I being a scum-bucket?” I do love that term. I know where my beloved brother found it.

Beloved friend — and the rest of you know that obviously these questions asked are your very own — eventually then the last trace of ego vanishes from the mind. You don’t even feel when that last trace leaves. You simply notice that it has been absent for a while and the Holy Spirit has crept into your dreams and stolen the cobwebs of shadows outgrown, and there is naught but the presence of a mind that is wholly corrected and a heart that rests at peace. And each time a thought seems to press against you, “Oh, gosh, the body is so beat. How am I ever going to get all these things done?” without any effort at all you remember, “Oh, I’m not even in this world. I’m just the presence of Love. If I choose to take the day off, it’ll be done tomorrow. And I’ll take the day off because I’ve learned to ask the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all things. And if I hear the thought, ‘Take the day off; go fishing,’ you will find me fishing.”

That is what it means when I said that the wind blows as it does and you cannot know where it comes from or where it’s going, and so is everyone born of the Spirit because they no longer mistrust the gentle voice of guidance given unto everyone wholly and without measure.

And it feels rather nice just to be awake because nothing any longer obstructs your perception, and you look out upon a world that is indeed wholly safe and you know because the world is harmless, you can live the fullness of the Light and Love that is longing to descend through you into the world. Gone are every last traces of fear. Gone, every doubt. Replaced by a perfect certainty and a constant state of laughter. Because the whole thing has taken but a moment, and you have become that mind that I once demonstrated to the world. You have learned what my old friend, Paul, learned when he tried to tell his friends, “Just let that mind be in you that was in our Lord, Christ Jesus.” That’s all.

Let the whole-mindedness of Christ be in you and that is all. And then indeed you walk much lighter in this world and you smile a lot, and even when you notice you are not smiling, a little bit of laughter comes up because you are just watching a little game called the ego and you are not even identified with it anymore. And you look upon your brothers and sisters and they sense a softness in you. They sense an acceptance. They sense that there is nothing they have to do to earn your love. You just accept them as they are because you see the Light that shines in them. And that is the Light that you embrace. That is the Light you talk to, though they think you are talking to their mind, their lower mind. That is the Light that you worship and give thanks for. That is the Light that you dance with. And they will know it, for they will walk around the corner and see you and something makes them turn and look at you twice. “I don’t even know what it is, but something…” The soul has recognized a reflection of its own Truth. And without raising a hand you will have brought the miracle of grace because you have chosen to throw off the shackles of the world and to be the living demonstration of one who is awake.

Does that require standing on a soapbox? There are no brass bands that have to play, because only the ego needs those things. There is just the presence of Love right where you thought you were. Indeed.

Now, in the last few moments have you felt a peace descending upon you?

Seems to happen every time the Holy Spirit whispers to me, “Go and use the mind of your ancient friend and brother and speak the Truth.” And the peace comes not because I bring it, but because that part of you that knows the Truth recognizes it and acknowledges it within yourself. That is what brings peace to the world. And that is what it means to be gathered in my name.

You are the Thought of Love in form. You, right where you are. You are free to change your lifestyle anytime you want. Free to give up struggle. Free to create unlimitedness if you want. Free to join with higher frequencies — if you want to use that kind of terminology – that are now descending into the minds of mankind. Free at anytime to take up your cross and follow me. And as you know, my cross is made of Light and it brings joy to the world.

Question: Jeshua, I have a problem, which I want to ask you for a little help with. There are three of us that go to a prison and there is a man there who keeps writing me these letters, and he evidently is projecting a lot onto me. I can’t quite get it through to this man that we are just friends. I love him as a friend and I don’t want to hurt him. How can I deal with this? Can you help me?

Now, precious friend, can you see how this situation is mirroring what has been rather much a lifelong pattern? That is, when an energy is projected upon you, not just in this specific way, but in which other minds would perceive that there is something that they need from you, that it has always brought up within you the sense that you are responsible for somehow finding a way to fulfill what they need, and if you cannot, or if you feel you cannot, it brings up within you a sense of guilt or failure?


Well, that was a good guess.

Now, if that is true — and we both know it is — it means that this situation is also your blessing, to look at that pattern of perception. You need not try to find its source in some ancient childhood experience in which you were punished for eating your Cheerios with your left hand. But rather, in seeing that you are being presented with an opportunity to put into practice the Truth that when you abide in your integrity and in your Truth, you cannot possibly harm anyone. That you are not responsible for being the one who fulfills the needs projected upon you by fearful minds, by confused minds.

We are striking to the core here, aren’t we?

Yes, we are.

That is what I meant when I said you can help yourself. I can’t wave a magic wand and make that one disappear, and I wouldn’t want to because it is really good for you. But you can stand in the integrity of your Truth and communicate to this one very, very clearly — and, quite frankly, I would suggest a bit strongly — that this is the way it is and this ceases now. Do you see?


Now, does that not bring up a little “gulp”?


And yet, do you realize just behind that whole pattern lies a power waiting to be born in you?

To claim responsibility for your rights in time, to draw the boundaries so that your Light can be like a laser and not be dissipated by the thought or perception that somehow you are responsible for being the salve of everybody’s perceptions of wounds? Sometimes the greatest of gifts you can give to someone is to insist on absolute responsibility within them for what they think, what they feel, and what they do. That your friendship and love is never in question, but the form it takes requires impeccable integrity on that one’s part because, you see, that has been part of that one’s problem: this constant projection of fantasy that blurs the lines. Quite frankly, that’s why that one is where that one is.

Therefore, can you see then how every time an event takes place it confronts you with the need to grow, to be the strength of the one who is awake and realizes their own worthiness? What you teach also teaches your brother or your sister, and everything serves the awakening of the Sonship. It’s healing. You are being given a grand, grand gift. Hold it in your hand. Don’t lose this precious moment.

I am going to ask you indeed to write to this one in no uncertain terms, and when you do it, really let the feeling come up within you, not of anger; of power. Power of certainty and integrity. “This is who I am. This is what I offer you. Do not step on it because that will only show me that you are not willing to assume responsibility for true friendship and holy relationship, and therefore I will have no choice but to withdraw it and give it to somebody else.”

Let that one know that you are totally worthy of being absolutely respected at all times and in all ways and that this is the last time that these words will need to be spoken. What do you think?

That sounds right. It sounds good in my heart.

Do you see how it will also heal what your culture would call part of a wounded little girl?

Yes, I think I do.

So, flex the muscles of the heart.

Now, once again, precious friend, you asked me a question and I raced over to the window and said, “Holy Spirit, you are not going off duty yet, are you?” He said, “No, no. I’ll hang around if you want me to. “I said, “Would you mind?” “No problem. I’ve got it.” Out through the back door of the office, a little army crawl through the grasses, sneaking into the back door of your heart. “Ah, this is what she needs to do.” Pulls it back out. Fills it out on a piece of paper and said, “here’s the prescription.”

So I took it and said, “Well, okay.” And I spoke to this my beloved brother who, by the way, when we do this is, shall we say, elsewhere than where you might think he is. Because, you see, all that I do I always use as a teaching tool for him — that is, the mind, the Light that is him — so that he can someday learn to do these things on his own. I said, “Look, this is the prescription the Holy Spirit has given to me. Now, I am just going to kick some ideas loose in that mind field of yours, create a few sentences so that I can deliver the prescription to our friend.”

That is why it strikes the chord deeply. The answer came from within you. And the only difference is that you already knew the answer but a part of you was fearful of receiving it and acting upon it. Is that not true?

That’s right. I had a dear friend share the same thing with me and…but I just really needed to have you share with me.

I am your friend and I am your brother and I am your servant, as was your dear friend who told you basically the same thing. So happy letter writing.

Question: I really need to ask you something for my son and his girlfriend. I told him I would do it if there was an opportunity. It seems that there is a little soul who insists on coming to them whether they are ready for it or not. And they’ve really been in an uproar for the last week or two. And I told them what you said about their souls have an agreement before they are ever born, that their own souls agreed to have this child even if they don’t remember it consciously. Their souls agreed and that even though this seems like the most inconvenient time, it’s going to turn out to be a real blessing. And, Jeshua, even though sometimes they raise their eyebrows because I’m here, they see that I am getting happier and lighter, and so even though they’re still a little skeptical… they asked me if I would ask you about this.

First, do you see how this represents what I prophesied for you?

The teacher part?

As you become lighter, other souls begin to be attracted — though they may go kicking and screaming, they still find themselves drawn to asking you, in this case, to be one who goes and gets the message. Eventually they’ll ask you for the message.

Now, you will know that of yourself you can do nothing, and you’ll slide over to the window and ask the Holy Spirit the way I do it. And then the student becomes the teacher. He who drinks from my mouth becomes as I am and I become that one — a blending so deep. And why? Because the identification with the ego is relinquished and only the Mind of Christ shines.

That is what it is all about. I am not here to perpetuate the perception of separation between you or anyone and myself. I am here to eradicate it.

Now, about that little one. All souls are the same size.

And yet the soul has no dimensions. It doesn’t take up space at all. It cannot be measured. Now, the only thing within them that feels like this is the worst possible time is the part of them unwilling to acknowledge the Truth of who they are, that all power to deal with whatever situations may arise must necessarily be within them. They are just not yet at a point where they are really truly ready to own up to the fact of reality that nothing happens by accident and everything brings a blessing and a teaching.

This, then, seeks to be made manifest because a part of them has been asking for something that will push them beyond the limits that they have become identified with. You could say an experience that is going to ask them to — how do you put it? — either you do or you get off the pot.

It is not coming by accident. Now, they can lament. They can believe they are weak. They can believe they cannot find solutions. They can believe they cannot rise to the occasion. That doesn’t change the Truth on iota. Tell them to stop lamenting and start celebrating. Time to start realizing that the power is in them. They have attracted it to themselves and, therefore, this little soul comes as a grand teacher. “What, you mean we have to heal our perceptions and become the powerful beings we were created to be?” Powerful, responsible, loving, kind, efficient. “You mean we have to grow up?”

Of course they are not going to like that, but it can’t be helped. I am not here to pamper egos. I am here to help everyone see that all power under Heaven and Earth is given to everyone, and there is no problem that is given to anyone without also the ability to find the solution. And that process is the process whereby each soul comes to realize the infinite strength and power that lies within it. All problems are gifts — when they are accepted and embraced.

Now, please do say unto them: I know they have all that they need because the Light and the Love with which the Father has created them are still within them. Please let them know that if only they choose to look upon this as a great blessing, if they only choose to look upon it as an opportunity to relinquish their fears and judgments of them- selves, so much healing will come to each of them that even in a year’s time they will look back and not even recognize who they think they are now.

Please tell them. Please tell them that for the sake of that grand One Who loves them beyond all of creation: to seize this opportunity and awaken from the guilt and the self-judgment that has been the only thing that seems to be keeping a damper upon them. I know that the Light is in them and I long to see them accept it within themselves. Fair enough?

Question: I’ve got a little knot in my stomach of fear of even asking a question so I think I’ve got to do it to get over the whole step of feeling fear and inadequacy, because in listening to you and what you say, I know that there is no question that I can ask you that I don’t know the answer to myself. So perhaps in formulating a question to put forth to you, it is just going to help me understand my own way of what’s going on. I realize from what you say that dilemmas that are created in our lives are there to be blessed and to be thanked and to learn from, and I have in my living environment created such a perplexing, trying reality. I think this is part of what’s pushed me off of the… I’ll call it the diving board of the quantum leap, and I kind of feel like I am staggering to the end and to where my soul wants to head first, go into that quantum dive total- ly trusting of Spirit. I kind of feel like I am slipping off feet first, and I’ve got a lot of fear and I’ve got a lot of reservations of making that fall or making that jump. And a lot of it is concerned with that ego issue with making sure that as I am coming into that awareness that I am the living expression of the Love that I am. And I wondered if perhaps you could just share forth to me some things that might help me to understand that? If anything I said made sense?

Please understand that everyone awakens to their own call. You are indeed awakening to that call. Beyond intellectual ideas, beyond the use of words and concepts there is a part of you that some months ago began to shift into a willingness to live the experience that the concepts point to. You are now undergoing what could be called a crucifixion. It’s kind of fun, isn’t it? Just kidding….

Now, you have described it rather well: a little slipping and sliding. You feel that if you could just dive head first, it would go much more gently, but something in you wants to throw your feet in the way. Now, please receive this then: as you have made the belief that you are separate from God, so, too, have you constructed the drama, if you will, by which you will choose awakening. Each soul does that. I cannot relieve that process form you but I can assure you that on just this side of the experience you are now undergoing — it need not last long — there lies the peace that passes all understanding and the rebirth of a strength carried by one who was well on his way to being nothing but a teacher of God. You had a certain experience a very long time ago, and the experience was really an initiation and a test, if you will. But it got you. And there arose a sense of doubt and a feeling of guilt and of failure, and it began to turn you away. It began to turn you inside out a bit. And you have carried the weight of that perception for awhile. And what you are undergoing now represents certain kinds of energies that were present in that experience where you made a mistake in choice.

Therefore, the way to complete the dive is to continue to hold all things that are unfolding with deep gratitude and — and this is very, very important — recognize that the choice you made a long time ago, in a sense, is being presented to you — situations –—so that you can choose anew, and the choice requires your willingness to trust wholly that indeed all things could be taken from you and all that does is free you. It will return you to the path that you were on once upon a time. For your mission and your purpose is indeed to be the teacher of God.

I ask you indeed to trust the eye of the needle that is before you now. And if you are willing to step or to dive, to trust each day as it unfolds by remembering only to return love, to be at peace. And I can indeed assure you that something quite beautiful will begin to blossom on just the other side of the eye of that needle.

Beloved friend, as I say this unto you, there is yet a bit of resistance within you at wholly accepting the profundity of what I am sharing. What you are undergoing is not unlike crucifixion. And if you are willing to look upon all things through the eyes of love, and if you are willing indeed, just be willing to relinquish everything you have ever thought, believed or possessed, every friend you have ever thought you’ve had, if you are willing to relinquish the whole of the world, on just the other side of that choice is the completion of the dive.

Okay, so they’ll only give you a three. So what? Let the dive be completed. Just the other side of that begins the rebirth of the purpose for which you have indeed chosen rebirth in this world. The time of your firing, you know, your final — shall we call it a purification? — is upon you. You cannot solve it. You cannot change it. You cannot fix it. You can only allow it. I know that it feels like the allowing of death to occur — and it is. But it is the death of everything that you have carried because of an ancient perception that somehow you had failed and, therefore, carried guilt upon yourself.

Which I still feel very much from that past incarnation, too. And I know at least to love it, but yet there is still that fear that arises within that jump — because I felt like I let you down once before.

I know.

But it still comes up.

Precious friend, rest assured, if you had let me down, I couldn’t be here now.

I understand that. It’s just how I feel right this second.

I know. And what I’m sharing with you is that dive requires that you allow the fear to be there while you make a different choice. “I am loved wholly and I have not sinned. There has been no judgment or condemnation. I have not failed my ancient friend.” If you try to get rid of the fear first, the dive will not be completed. Dive into the midst of it and carry with you the jewel of Truth. I am with you always and, the appearances of your experiences not withstanding; there can be no separation between us.

Thank you.

And if you think your strength is waning at any moment, remember what I taught you then: all you have to do is raise your hand and say, “Give me about a pound of your strength.” And I will deliver it to you gift-wrapped. And indeed, precious friend, I love you. I am with you always and I will give you my strength until yours is once again as certain as mine. I have long waited for just this hour. Kind of like I had to say to the Holy Spirit, “Look, I know you’re a good tapestry weaver but let’s get on with it here.” Indeed.

Thank you, brother.

Question: Jeshua, I’ve gone through a lot of changes lately and I am really grateful for them but… most of them… but I can’t seem to feel the Holy Spirit or anything. I feel sort of… I don’t know. Like I don’t know if it’s resistance even. I know that things are going to be taken care of. I know that I am growing, but I can’t feel the Holy Spirit. Do you know what I mean? I don’t know if I should do something or if I’m resisting or what it is that’s going on. Does that make any sense?

Well, you’ve just been a bad girl and you are being punished by being sent to your room without dinner. And I’m afraid we are going to have to leave you glass empty for quite some time until you learn better.

Beloved friend, what would it feel like to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit?

It feels perfect. I know where I am. I’m balanced. I know it just feels perfect. I don’t know how to explain it more than that.

Are you willing to acknowledge that right here in this moment you are balanced and you are whole and you are perfectly safe?


How does that feel?

I’m sort of trying to feel it.

There is the problem.


Beloved friend, do you not feel the volatility that is going on in the body right now.


Do you notice how the breath itself has become a bit chaotic?

Un huh.


I can’t.

If you don’t choose to breathe, you die. So you might as well breathe.

I feel like a part of me is dying.

Good. Breathe anyway. Do you feel that welling up that seems to be beginning about in the area of the solar plexus up through the chest?

Uh huh.

It is a very ancient fear. I am with you and I am with you now. Do not think that because you look upon this physical form and you hear certain words coming out of it that I am somehow limited to it. I am just pulling the strings. I am with you and I am beside you, now. And I want you to be my breath. Give that body to me by breathing breath for me. You notice how the thought arises, “I can’t”?

Uh huh.

But is it not lessening?

Yes, it is.

Breathe, beloved friend. I need your breath. Breathe life for me. Feel that breath like a ray of Light. It gently begins to descend down the center of the body through the solar plexus. See it like a gentle ray of light that comes to dissolve the mists of the morning. Let the breath rise within you that its Light might descend through every ancient fear. Breathe for me. Be my breath. Let the body soften.

Precious friend, as you breathe, without needing to know the source of that ancient wound, give it to me. Within yourself just relinquish it. Give it to me. I love you and I need you. Breathe for me. Let the breath come now even more deeply and a little faster, as if you could just drink it in. And as you exhale, begin to create a little vibration as if you were just sighing within yourself. Hmmmm. Breathe for me. Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmm.

As the thought arises, “I don’t know how to give this to you,” remember that you don’t have to know how. Just be willing to give it to me. I have a few friends who know how to take it from you. Hmmmm. You are loved so deeply. I have not left you and I will not. Please be my breath.

Those around you now are indeed your friends and there is not a thought of persecution, not a trace of judgment. Indeed. It is safe now to be simply loved.

There, do you feel that starting to change? Indeed. Trust the tears. Trust them and allow them. Each tear is a thousand ancient hurts, just welling up to be released from the place you’ve stored them. Breathe for me. Your breath gives me life, and I need you as much as you have ever needed me.

Radiant and beautiful soul, the past is taken from you and its weight need not accompany you any longer. Oh, indeed, you are so loved by those who surround you now, there is no place for hurt to enter in. There will not be persecution as you choose to live the Light and the power and the love that you are. The experiences of persecution are over now. Breathe.

Each evening and each morning give yourself just five minutes in which you breathe in that way. And I meant what I said: “You are breathing for me and giving me life.” Feel that Light descend to the very depth and core of you being, and as you do so, remember you are loved wholly.

Your heart’s desires are worthy of being manifested and lived, and by so doing, a thousand minds are going to be touched and healed, and I will never be further than the width of a thought away because I love you as deeply as I know you have always loved me.

The tears are an extremely sweet blessing. Think not that your willingness to allow them has not also touched and healed and uplifted every mind, every brother and sister who is with you now. Nothing takes greater strength than to allow an old hurt to be released. And each time you choose to breathe and to remember how loved you are, you uplift the whole of the Sonship. And I give unto you my thanks for your willingness to breathe.

Though it seems a simple thing, rest assured, I speak not just to hear a voice with words. Each time that you do that, you are healing the Sonship. You are making it easier for your brother to complete his three-point dive. Indeed.

This world no longer holds the power to ever create a veil between us. Rest assured that in this hour you have lifted your hand and our fingertips have touched. And mine are coated with a certain kind of glue and once you’re stuck, you’re stuck. Indeed.

There. There. If you can, tomorrow, be very gently with yourself. The mind is going to tend to say, “Well, I have this to do and that to do.” At least through a majority of the day, unto at least the early afternoon, as much as you can just do nothing. Save breathe, of course. Just be gentle. Nurture yourself.

A bit of a rest after…what you call post-surgery. Indeed. Thank you for your courage. Quite frankly, right now, there are a lot of others who would like to say thank you, too. It’s okay.

Thank you, Jeshua from my heart.

Some minds dream of what they think are grand and glorious things. A long time ago I learned there is no greater job than just to be a messenger of the Heart and to deliver my Father’s Love to my friends. To some, well…. it doesn’t pay well. The hours are long and eternal, but the rewards are priceless because you are priceless.

Love, sweet love. The Love that heals all things cannot be created. It can only be allowed. Therefore, indeed, with allowance are all worlds transcended and all ancient hurts released. With love freedom is reborn. With love joy returns. With love are all things made new again. With love do you become indeed the Light that lights this world.

Oh, beloved and holy friends, in whom our Father has always remained eternally well pleased, you are His only creation. You are the Thought of Love in form.

Be you therefore, at peace in all things, and remember always you are the ones who are indeed allowing the things of Heaven to be wed with the things of Earth, that the Light of Christ might be extended as far as from the East to the West. Be you, therefore, the completion of the atonement and you are the Light that lights all worlds.


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