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The Way of Mastery

Hang on a sec…

Jeshua: How are you all doing?

Those present: Great. Good.

Jeshua: Has this evening been worth your while?

Those present: Yes! Oh, yes!

Jeshua: Well, I hope so. You’re the one that created it! If it is not worth it, then you wasted your time.

Hm. So, please understand that I am not within this body, just as you’re not within yours. The body emerges out of your own awareness, it is within you. I cannot be localized here as opposed to there. I did that once, and found it quite unfulfilling. ‘Tis called a body.

I love you. And any of you do not yet truly know how deep that Love is. You’ve only begun to touch upon the enormity and the depth of the Love that I feel for you, because that Love is the Love of the Father who calls Himself back to Himself in and as you.

If you try to comprehend the vastness of your physical universe, and then compare that to the depth and width of my Love for you, it is like taking a grain of sand from the beaches of your world, and say: “Here, this is all the sand in the world.”

I love you so much, that I can’t even imagine wanting to be anywhere where you are not. And I will never cease in giving you my strength until yours is as certain as mine.

I know Who You Are. And you can’t fool me. Be you, therefore, the Light that you are by choosing to teach only love, by choosing to use time constructively, to become the master of the only thing that exists: the Mind. And you are, wherever you are, the Light that lights this world while it lasts. What else could you possibly find that will be better to do? You need go nowhere to redeem this world. Merely turn each moment over and ask:

What would you have me do? Oh, call Mary. OK. Ride a horse. OK. Have some ice cream. OK.

Hm. Thank you. And when I say thank you to you, I mean it. It takes great courage to choose the unique form of attention called incarnation into this, the most insane dimension of Creation that exists in order to translate it into that which reflects Reality. That is why you come. Look no further to find your purpose. You know perfectly well what it is. So get on with it! And never think you are alone. This is maybe horrific to some, there is no such thing as privacy. [Audience laughter] Hm. And when next you’re doing that which is called the making of love, know that the whole universe is watching. [Audience laughter] Some beings are saying you know her body wasn’t so bad. [Audience laughter] Hm. Hm.

So, go you therefore into your evening, but do this one little thing, just for the fun of it. When you rest your head upon your pillow, let your last thought be this:

It is true. I and my Father are One. And now would Christ sleep.

Peace be unto you always, precious and holy and innocent and guiltless Child of God who is but Love.


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