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Hang on a sec…

Question 7: Jeshua, I’ve been sitting here asking…

Jeshua: No, I’ve changed my mind. [Audience laughter]

Questioner: [Laughter] I’ve had a lot of questions, and I’ve narrowed it down to one. In A Course in Miracles what is meant by “the Father will take the final step”?

Jeshua: That’s a very good question. I don’t know where that one came from. [Audience laughter]

Never let anyone tell you that A Course in Miracles is purely a rational spirituality. There’s much of mystery within it, much of poetry, much of mysticism. It must be this way, because again, words, no matter how they are structured, are symbols of symbols which are hopefully effective reflections of Reality. And no symbol, word or idea, can comprehend, wrap itself around Reality.

When I shared the thought with Helen that “the Father will take the final step”, there were many levels of meaning contained, hidden, veiled in that statement. Why? Remember always, that A Course in Miracles was given within the context of the students involved. Therefore, teaching is an art, and not a science. When to nudge, when not to nudge, when to lay it on the line, when to be a little sneaky. [Audience laughter] Hm.

I could not say to Helen at that time that as correction comes to the depth of the mind, there is a point when the self one thought one was is revealed to be only God. The entire language of the Course then is based on a fundamental duality between Creator and Created, Spirit/matter. This was a language that she could understand and accept without it causing fear.

Therefore, to say “the Father will take the final step” allowed her to continue the process, and by the way we would say here that she was a bit of a stickler [audience laughter], it was like walking on what you call cosmic eggshells to make sure that I did not upset her.

Now, when I said “the Father will take the final step for you”, that allowed her not to be fearful for she had not yet truly completely healed her own armageddon over the form of the universal curriculum called christianity that she experienced early in this life. It kept in place within her mind the perspective that there is an internal gulf between Creator and Created. At the same time I simply told her the Truth. Of course “the Father will take the final step for you”. The final step is the complete realization that there is only God, that the one doing the stepping is the one toward whom you wish to step. Hm. ‘Tis something to consider now.

Grace comes from yourself, for I and my Father are One. You cannot tell where the Son begins and the Father ends. Who can find such a boundary? In Truth, it does not exist. We speak this way only because teaching is an art. And communication without the creation of fear is always the goal.

Helen could accept that statement. Had I said to her: “Look, it’s very simple [audience laughter], you think you’re something you’re not, and there’s only God. Wake up!” There would be no A Course in Miracles. [Audience laughter]

And for you, too, the Father will take the final step. Merely love yourself, and illusions will dissolve from the mind, from the emotions, from the body - gently, lovingly, following a path that you have set amidst the stars. The end of the journey is certain. For the One you walk toward is doing the walking, and That One knows the way. Through you, indeed.

Thank you, sweet and benevolent soul, for your Light is a blessing to all who know you. Time to accept it. [Audience laughter] Hm.

When next you’ll see one of your friends, just go: “I know, I know, I’m a blessing.” [Audience laughter]

Questioner: There’s a lot of them here, so they can help me practice.

Jeshua: Indeed. So, since the final step is the final step, that’s a good place to end.

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