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Hang on a sec…

Question 6: Jeshua, my heart is pounding, and I guess I need to hear it from you, too. And I wanna know what blocks me from using my artistic ability to capture you.

Jeshua: Beloved friend, if you seek to capture me, I will prevent you from using it. [Audience laughter] Hm.

If you allow that communication to transpire, and then express it, you know that you will have created something that can be seen by others, and it triggers an old fear by which someone in the world can point and say: “She’s one of them. I believe she’s part of that Essene community where this saviour of the world came from that we’ve just got rid of.”

Fear not persecution this time around! Therefore, beloved friend, if you would well entertain it, I would be most pleased to - shall we say - sneak into the corners of your awareness in order to - how shall we say this - transport an image into your awareness that will stay with you, and can be easily translated through the artistic medium.

If it’s OK with you, I mean it’s OK with me, if it’s OK with you, you can put it into your closet.

Questioner: [Laughter] I don’t think so.

Jeshua: Indeed. Beloved friend, it is just an old fear. Where once you felt you needed to conceal a certain relationship, so that you aren’t marked.

Questioner: I, too, have been with you many times.

Jeshua: Indeed. Rest assured, in this timeframe there’s no secret police, so to speak, seeking you out, and persecution will not occur.

Questioner: Thank you. Please, be with me in that art room!

Jeshua: Very well. [Audience laughter]

Questioner: Well, you have a lot of places to go.

Jeshua: When one knows they are thoroughly unlimited, there is no place they cannot be. And when one has mastered fear, there is no place one would not want to be. Just something to consider. Hm. I will be with you.

So, we will entertain one more question.

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