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Hang on a sec…

Question 5: Hi Jeshua.

Jeshua: It’s about time.

Questioner: [Laughter] I have lots of questions, but there’s one…

Jeshua: Do you?

Questioner: I guess, they do come up from time to time, and then they do seem to get answered. But so nice to have you here, because it’s quicker this way, it seems. [Audience laughter]

Jeshua: Beloved friend, I’m always here. It is you that goes away. [Audience laughter]

Questioner: [Laughter] Fair enough. The last time I talked to you, I talked to you on the telephone, and… well… no… [Laughter]

Jeshua: Don’t tell anybody! [Audience laughter]

Questioner: [Laughter] And I happened to mention that I was writing something…

Jeshua: Happened to mention?

Questioner: It’s a very important thing that came up.

Jeshua: Yes.

Questioner: And I said that I was writing something, and I was feeling doubts that it was very important, and that my feeling was: why bother when obviously there are more important things being written, and who knows who might read it? So… you became very… well, you said very clearly in a very assertive voice that everything that people do… well, that this was soul work, in other words, that this was a piece of art or whatever, and it was soul work, and that it was very important to finish it. And as I remember, the one reason it was important was that “you didn’t want to have to come back and finish it another time perhaps”. And also that it didn’t matter if anyone read it or not. So I continued, and finished some stories expecting in some way that at the end of it I would feel, you know, excited or that I had created something, you know, special, or whatever… Well, I’ve had a few little feelings like that. But at the same time…

Jeshua: Heaven forbid that they should grow into large feelings…

Questioner: [Laughter] That’s my next question actually… When obviously doubts come up, because one feels that the ego is speaking when one is writing as opposed to the deeper sense of Spirit… I guess my feeling has been that if it were deep Spirit, I would have an incredible joy of completion. And obviously I’m looking for ways… I don’t wanna just write from an ego place, I wanna write what’s true, and I wanna write with the feeling that in a sense something’s coming through me, which does happen, you know, at times. But is there a way for me and others - for people who write or create, whatever - to be more in touch with allowing that to happen? I mean I know there’s meditation and etc, but is there something, is there some other way? Something that I haven’t been able to open up in myself?

Jeshua: For you there is no hope. [Audience laughter] You might as well throw in the towel. And someone, have so much you call hemlock to give to this one! Hm. I’ll make sure that my Father erases your name out of the Book of Life. After all, you’re certainly not capable of bringing through anything remotely resembling Spirit or Love. [Audience laughter] Ahhh… A scourge upon the Earth. [Audience laughter]

Questioner: [Laughter] You said that whatever I ask for, I would receive. You said that quite a few times. And I’ve been asking, I have been receiving lots of things, I don’t wanna say that… you know, that’s not what I’m saying. I really do feel wonderful basically and blessed. It’s this one little thing… [Audience laughter]

Jeshua: It’s always something. One thing after another. [Audience laughter]

And that way, beloved friend, you can keep the feeling little. A feeling of Reality and of Truth.

Beloved friend, it is soul work. The greatest soul work, the content of soul work regardless of the form is Self-Love. Complete Self-Acceptance. The recognition that only the Truth is true. That your gift, your desire to take a blank piece of paper, and form words as symbols of that which point to a Reality beyond themselves, beyond the power of the mind to ever truly comprehend it intellectually, that which sets the heart soaring, that which touches the hardness of the mind, that which brings a lesson to remember Love.

That gift, some would call it, you’ve cultivated over multitude of lifetimes out of the huge huge compassionate heart, that so loves this Earth and every being who walks upon it, flies above it, crawls upon it, or swims in its waters, that if you could, you would stretch even that physical body wide enough to give them all a home to live in. You, oh, compassionate one, have cultivated that gift, and you can only mock yourself by not letting it be utilized to express the good, the holy and the beautiful, that you know - and we both know that you know -, is the Truth of your being.

You’re yet struggling with the fear of what would transpire if you fully accepted that only the Truth can be true, and you withdrew the value you placed upon your belief that you must remain little and small within yourself in order to be accepted by the world. That is the creation of the tension and the struggle.

Now, I let you in on a little secret. The opinion of the world, which is a collection of the insane thoughts, does not hold very much merit. But the Truth, that you know to be true, holds all merit. Therefore, write as though your life depended on it! And Life will more and more inform the form of your stories and your sharings so that the words which are symbols of ideas will more and more reflect the Reality that you know perfectly well is true.

The only question here is: When will you decide to live it? By releasing the perception that you must dim your Light in order not to offend the insane. Hm.

Write, beloved friend! Dance, beloved friend! Ride upon your horses, beloved friend!

Questioner: [Laughter]

Jeshua: And enjoy the hell out of all of it! [Audience laughter] Do not fear your passion! Do not fear your aliveness! Show it forth to the world! Stop hiding your Light under a bushel! Become a little what you call crazy in the head, as though the opinions of the world meant nothing! Let yourself be a little giddy, light-headed! Let the body dance! Go and find a waterfall, take off the clothes, and dance and sing in the waterfall! You know, you love those things. [Questioner laughter] And then go back and sit and look at that blank piece of paper, and recognize that Christ is looking at that paper! And Christ loves, loves to create forms that reflect the good, the holy and the beautiful. Not in order to be approved of, but out of the sheer delight of extending the Reality of God’s Love.

Christ, you see, is that energy which will create the good, the holy and the beautiful simply for Christ’s delight. And you and how many others in this room block that from occurring because they hold the thought that perhaps no one will notice. You can notice. And when you notice it fully - listen well -, when you step into the willingness to create the good, the holy and the beautiful for yourself, not giving - what is this word? - a hoot whether anybody else on the planet ever knows about it, you’ll be tapping into the supreme secret that there’s no way in Reality that it cannot be noticed, because all minds are joined. And when you write and extend your love and your beauty and thoroughly enjoy it, it is impossible for other minds to be unaffected.

Therefore, the sage transforms the world without ever leaving his room. Hm. Except perhaps to ride the horse [Questioner laughter] or to what you call “the making love”, the dancing. In other words, beloved friend, enough is enough! [Questioner laughter] You have to pardon the levity here, we’ve known each other a very long time.

Are you willing to love yourself so much that you give up expending energy creating the perception of doubt in order to keep your Light small out of fear of what someone else might think?

Questioner: Great question.

Jeshua: ‘Tis the only question. You know the answer. It’s just a question of when you’ll answer by saying: Screw the small stuff! You know, it’s one way to say it. [Questioner laughter]

Questioner: I do need to hear it. I did need to hear it tonight. So I thank you.

Jeshua: Hm. I will send you a bill later. [Questioner laughter] Rest assured, beloved friend, you just never know, who’s going to show up to help form the words on the page.

Questioner: Exactly. And now that’s my next question. Haha. Just come and be there with me, just looking over one shoulder.

Jeshua: I see if I can have it scheduled into my…

Questioner: … busy busy schedule… [laughing, and speaking at the same time with Jeshua]

Jeshua: … itinerary.

Questioner: Thank you, Jeshua. I do love you very much.

Jeshua: I know that, beloved friend. When will you be willing to accept how deeply I love you? Hm.

Questioner: Now.

Jeshua: Very good idea. [Audience laughter]

Questioner: Thank you.

Jeshua: Hm. Have you thought you could escape me by skipping into another timeframe or two?

Questioner: Haha. Not on your life!

Jeshua: Hm. Right. [Audience laughter] Hm.

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