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Hang on a sec…

Question 4: Hey.

Jeshua: Hello.

Questioner: I have a question.

Jeshua: Long time, no see. [Audience laughter]

Questioner: Yeah. I have a question about my body. I’ve read in the Essene Gospel of Peace that…

Jeshua: All lies, don’t believe them. Just kidding.

Questioner: … that we need to purify our bodies, and keep our blood clean, and then I read in A Course in Miracles that the body’s not real, and that the mind creates the discomfort in it. And a lot of drama that I’ve had in my life has been around illness and my body. And I’m a bit confused as to how to heal what I’m experiencing right now which has just been chronic for years… And if it’s not one thing, it’s another. And if that goes away, it’s another.

Jeshua: Beloved friend, what is the manifestation of dis-ease keeping you from?

Questioner: Peace and joy.

Jeshua: Hm. As I said a few moments ago, when you want only Love, you will see nothing else. Even in the body. Therefore, look well, beloved friend, for beneath the surface of your awareness, there is a conflict within the soul about its very worthiness to have peace and joy. There is a struggle within the soul, armageddon between the part that would want it and the part that seems to have its grip on you, that says no, you’re not yet proven yourself worthy. You have erred in the past, and therefore carry a certain guilt. That guilt keeps you from allowing the peace and joy to enter into the field of your being, and thereby bring about the correction of the body that you would desire. There is a pattern in the mind that keeps the energy or the vibration of disease in your consciousness.

Healing will occur when you’ve withdrawn all valuation you have placed upon disease. And as long as you perceive that there is something within you that justifies a sense of guilt, a sense of failure, you will keep valuing dis-ease as a way to reflect back to you the truth of your guilt. This guilt is deeply embedded, I don’t mean by that to frighten you, saying it’s underneath 40 tons of concrete, it just means that it’s old, and it has been pushed down.

There is a feeling that comes up for you from time to time, you feel it generally right about in this area of the body, it is a very old sadness. Give yourself permission when next it comes to set aside everything, and give yourself permission to abide with and feel that sadness. It is called embracing it, it’s a feeling in your world because you have a body, that is to embrace what is unlike Love within you. And by doing so, that guilt will begin to dissolve as a weight within your field of energy, your field of being or awareness.

Disease has served you, in the sense that it is kept in place the deeply held belief that your guilt is justified. As you come then to the decision to love yourself, to truly understand that you have never sinned, and you have never failed anyone at anytime, that you indeed remain wholly loved, wholly loving and wholly lovable, the guilt will be dissolved from the mind, and the body will begin to reflect the change that has occurred. Listen carefully to those 3 words: you are loved, you are loving and you are lovable.

As you go to your home this evening, say those words over in your mind, and discover the one that is the hardest to accept, and there is your doorway to the guilt. One of those words is a symbol of an idea of something which is very real, that is difficult for you to truly accept into your being. There, beloved friend, is a very important doorway for you. And as you choose to discover it - and please listen carefully -, I will come and abide with you, we will go through that doorway together, and that which is the guilt held as an ancient sadness in the depth of the soul will come to be wholly dissolved from within your being. I am your friend, and I will walk with you, because I love you, and I recognize your lovability.

Therefore, look well, and simply decide, you don’t have to know how to do it yet, just make the decision that it is time to heal an ancient sadness that has birthed the residue of guilt from which disease is merely the reflection that the guilt is justified. Indeed it is time to heal. And something within you knows this now, or you would never have come to this place this evening. There is a part of you that knows that you know me and I know you. Accept what you feel in the depth of your being. You’ve known me before, you’ll know me again. And I am your friend. And it is time to heal, so it’s no longer one thing after another, but just one thing.

Indeed. I love you. I love you.

I feel it would be important here to let you know that once you invite me in, I’m like the guest who comes and does not leave. [Audience laughter] But I’m not such a bad guy. [Audience laughter] And I will never demand anything of you, save the opportunity for you to release the grip deep in the heart so that I can enjoy loving you. For only Love heals.

Blessings. My blessings I give to my ancient sister. Be you, therefore, at peace, and I will be knocking. Fair enough?

Questioner: Thank you.

Jeshua: Hm. Beloved friend, thank you for the courage to come here this evening, in front of all these other minds, admit the truth that you are tired of the weight of an ancient guilt and sadness. That ensures that healing occurs. Hm. You are courageous, one. You do not yet know the depth of your courage, but you will. Hm.

So, I’ll be seeing you. [Audience laughter] Hm. Indeed.

By the way, I do look forward to the day when all questions have been answered. [Audience laughter] Not because they are a burden, but when you realize that all your doubts have been solved, and all questions have been answered, it simply means that you’ll know that you’re Christ, and that the dream you’ve chosen to dream no longer holds any value. And then we can - what is your term here? -, then we can truly begin to rock and roll. [Audience laughter] Rock and roll. Hm. Hm. I do love your language, it is rather fun. [Audience laughter]

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