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Question 3: What is the link between the answer that you gave and social problems or planetary problems like overpopulation or the spoiling of the planet’s resources? What I heard you say brings personal peace but what happens to the physical world that we’re in?

Jeshua: Beloved friend, as you make the decision for personal peace, remember that you are indeed joined to all expressions of Creation. You are inseparably linked to what you call your planet, your beloved Earth.

Now, imagine that your awareness is like an ocean or a pond, when you drop a pebble into it, it creates a ripple. When you drop the pebble of the choice for peace into the pond of your c-word consciousness [audience laughter], you send a ripple out.

Now, if you create a sound through what is called the megaphone, and the pebble is dropped once, that is you sing a certain note, it creates a ripple, a sound effect, it goes out and has so much power, and then it finally seems to drift away. But if you keep singing the same note over and over, a momentum or a wave is created, and that ripple, that sound effect goes farther and farther and farther and more and more powerfully. That ripple touches everything, everything in Creation.

Currently, as you look out through your eyes, and look out upon the world, you see an interesting mixture of beauty and insanity, of Love and fear. You’re literally watching an armageddon being manifested through human consciousness.

When I walked upon this planet of yours, it was not easy to awaken. Why? Because most minds were sending out ripples of fear. It created a density that was much more difficult to get through, but the quickening that has occured on your planet from the time that I was a man until the time that you exist, has been quite phenomenal. Today there are minds that are awakening daily. And I don’t just mean getting a little insight, I mean awakening. That creates an acceleration in the way that a new ripple, if you will, the Reality-ripple, is being sent out through this ocean you call Creation.

Yes. Currently there are children who are starved to death by the time this evening is done, because the world-mind believes not only that there’s no way to do anything, but that nobody’s responsible. Nobody wants to take it on. There are toxins being dumped into rivers and oceans. Absolutely true. These things are the reflection of the toxicity that has been settling in the past into many human minds, since the world is a reflection of what awareness or consciousness has allowed itself to value.

The connection between your personal peace, your decision to be the embodiment of Love and what is occurring in what appears to be outside of you, cannot be possibly overstated. It is crucial because there is nothing outside of you. As you choose - regardless of what you see around you - to be the embodiment of Peace, to practice forgiveness, to look lovingly and to find the essence, the sanity, the Christ Mind in everyone, regardless of what they seem to be doing, you are sending out a ripple that touches that mind.

And because there are many many many beings awakening daily now, there will be a point, what I believe your scientists call a critical mass… Hm. How about a loving mass? That’s much better. Hm. [Audience laughter] A loving mess will be reached - and please, listen carefully -, there will be a transition that occurs, that affects literally, you will see in other words in the waters, in the air, in your forests, in the lives of your children. And it will occur in the twinkling of an eye [snaps fingers]. Because that’s how experience happens: ripples are sent out, when the momentum is enough, bang [snaps fingers], experience takes place.

The wave that is now occurring on your planet, is growing by leaps and bounds, it can no longer be slowed, and it cannot be prevented. Your political parties are going to go into obsolescence.

A participant: Thank God. [Audience laughter]

Jeshua: Hm. And there will be a day on this planet when those who have been given the power and the responsibility to direct the large guns and bombs, will look upon their creations and simply withdraw their value from them. They may have never picked up A Course in Miracles, they may have never what you call “the standing on the head”, they will awaken because a loving mass has chosen to awaken previously. And just like that, it will occur within them. And they will look upon their creations and realize: This is not what I want. And the war will cease, because the consciousness, the awareness that is shared by the One Mind, will have become wholly committed to a different thought. A thought held in unity, a thought that desires only the reflection of the extension of Love.

It is not what you call “pie in the sky”. It is the natural outcome of the correction of how the mind is used. Your decision for personal peace is critical.

Therefore, when you look upon what you call the logger who has just cut down what you call the old growth tree, love the tree for the beauty it brought, find the essence of the one who is called the logger, and love that one. That is what is critical.

And when one performs an insane act on this planet, remember, that it is only a cry for help and healing. No act, which has been an unloving act, has ever been done from a loving place. It has been done because the soul of that one simply sees no other way to cry out for the attention required so that healing can begin.

Somebody must make the decision for Love. Fortunately, this room is filled with the multitude who understand that, and that definitely includes you.

Therefore, beloved friend, please, cultivate your personal peace, even as you act lovingly in the world. You’ll know where to be, what causes to be a part of, what action to take. But see it not as a fight against something, for that only ensures that the opponent will always remain. See it as an opportunity to teach only Love, and thereby learn that only Love is real. And the ripples that you create, you cannot begin to comprehend the effects of them. Give everything to the creation of those ripples within the field of your personal peace.

The Earth is an entity just like you. It is a consciousness and awareness filled with Love. Nothing that mankind could ever do, could possibly destroy the life of this Earth. That is like a tiny little fly thinking that it has the power to destroy the horse upon whom it’s riding. It is only because the horse has tolerance and love for the fly, that the fly gets to be there in the first place. [Audience laughter] This Earth is a great loving being who knows exactly what to do to maintain itself. Its compassion is great.

And the waters of the Earth will run purely, and the skies will be clean, and no child will starve. That wave of probability cannot be stopped now. The dream of separation is playing itself out.

Simply focus on Love. And thereby take up your rightful place as part of the solution, instead of part of the problem. You’re doing rather well, too, beloved friend. Simply continue to know that you are worthy of Peace.

Does that help you in that regard?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

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