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Hang on a sec…

Question 2: May I ask a question?

Jeshua: Absolutely not. [Audience laughter]

Questioner: Yeah, thank you, this isn’t a question. Thank you for being here, and somehow contacting me, and sort of getting me here.

Jeshua: It took quite a lot of doing.

Questioner: I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true. I’ve got sort of what to me is kind of a central question, and I am not sure exactly how to phrase it. I guess my question is: why all this pain? Why all this… I’ve heard the stories of separation, and even that the separation is a positive creative act, an expression of our creativity to imagine ourselves as alone and all that… But still there’s the idea that well, geez if we can even conceive of the idea of asking a question about pain, how does that reconcile with an all-loving God? I know this question sounds simpler, the way I am putting it, than the way I thought about it, but maybe you can answer it anyhow… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt, I remembered how I wanted to ask it. How does it serve God, for what sake is it to Him that we’ve imagined all this, that we have gone through all this illusion, and if there’s no sake, then what the hell is going on? [Audience laughter]

Jeshua: Beloved friend, the answer to the question what does all of this pain do for God, what’s it all about, is this: it does absolutely nothing for God, and He did not create it. God’s Creation is You. Not you as you know yourself or think yourself to be a particular body-mind, who has unique forms of experience that are perceived and judged as painful, insufferable. This world is not God’s Creation. You are. And the You that Is You is Spirit. Infinite, unbounded freedom to create and experience. That is God’s only Creation, You.

This world - please, listen carefully - holds no value or purpose except that which the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, the Bridge back to God can bring to it. Illusion can have no meaning until Love translates it into that which can serve the awakening of God’s Creation, You - which is really just an act of turning your attention from perceptions and ideas and beliefs that are untrue toward the decision to accept the Truth that is true always, and to begin to use the power of the mind, the power of your being to extend from yourself only the good, the holy and the beautiful.

A thought of self-judgement is like a disturbance in an infinite field of possibilities that creates a distortion, and twists the extension of energy. And you experience the outcome of it. You are free to use time constructively, not to wonder why things are as they seem to be, but to discover how they can be created differently.

For instance, it makes not a very good use of time to ask why the ego, rather ask:

How can I utilize time differently so that only Love is extended to me, and only Love is allowed to settle into the field of my being, into my mind, that I accept nothing but Love?

Imagine by way of a picture if you were a field of energy and your real boundary was about here, all around the body - actually it’s much much much bigger than that -, what if you decided that anything that comes to touch the entrance to your energy field which is unlike Love, doesn’t get to come in, and only Love can come, and also only Love can be extended out. Gradually, the whole nature of your experience would be transformed.

This process of transforming the mind, renewing the mind, begins with one decision:

I have no idea what’s going on here, I don’t know where it all came from, but I’m going to assume complete responsibility for how I choose to use my mind.

To be vigilant about what thoughts you choose to think. To will yourself in a sense to direct the mind toward only loving thoughts. To cultivate it on a daily basis, and to trust that the universe is going to show up in a way that’s certainly going to challenge you to do what you say you are committed to.

Here, beloved friend, is the certainty of the end of all pain. For when the mind wants only Love, it will see nothing else. And it will see beyond all boundaries that seem to separate this dimension from another which seems to separate you from the ones that you love. All feelings of loss will disappear, and you will know that only Love is real. You will literally embrace in your - pardon the use of the language - consciousness [audience laughter], in your awareness, in your beingness you will embrace the infinity of dimensions of Creation that are even now present. You will know that there’s nothing outside of you. And you will know that only Love is real. Pain will no longer be a possibility in the field of your awareness. But that does not come by the act of someone else doing something to you, it comes from assuming responsibility for no other reason than this: it’s the only way to change it.

Again, spending time wondering why it is and how it got here is a waste of time. It will nearly keep you sitting in the same spot of consciousness. Rather, decide what it is you want. You could say that the greatest of questions that you could ever ask yourself is this:

What do I truly want?

And know that it’s perfectly OK to have what you want. You will come to want only Love, for nothing else can satisfy the soul.

And when Love is thoroughly established, you will see and experience nothing else. And paradoxically that state of awareness is possible right here, now. It’s not that you have to leave this world, and go somewhere else to get it. It is essential to get it here. For the body is not what you think it is. The world is not what you’ve been taught to think it is. There is something else present right here that can be perceived and known, it’s called the real world in which pain no longer exists. The body arises, it passes away, events occur, and yet awareness is never pained by any of it. It is too busy being the Presence of Love. And that is what must be cultivated. That is what requires utmost responsibility and commitment and Self-Love.

To go through the day, asking only:

How am I choosing to use this moment? To love myself, to allow healing to occur, to look into the eyes of another and bless them with the Presence of Christ, or to convince myself that there’s something amiss.

Consciousness is everything, and out of it immediately [snaps fingers] you create what you call reality. You’ll discover, beloved friend, the Power and the Majesty within you as you come to see that by changing a thought you change your world.

Within you is the power to awaken to Love, to act only from Love, to see only Love, to feel only Love, to be the embodiment and the presence of only Love. And then you will one day look back upon an old memory of something you once called pain, and you will chuckle within yourself and say: Wow, I am pretty amazing! Once upon a time I convinced myself that something besides Love was real.

The journey from there to there is a journey without distance to a perfect remembrance of what has never changed. Call it the spiritual journey, if you will, call it the journey of mastery, it goes by many names, it is a journey that everyone must undertake sooner or later. You can delay it, but the journey will be taken. Why not begin now by simply deciding not to waste the power of consciousness looking for answers to questions that in themselves change nothing? But ask only:

What do I truly want?

And if it is an end of pain, then turn it into the positive by saying:

I want only Love, and I choose to be as a wise farmer who cultivates the garden of my own awareness so that only the seeds of Love are planted, and what is planted in good season will indeed bear forth great fruit.

Plant the seeds, beloved friend, of only loving thoughts and it will come to pass that you will reap the harvest. Hm.

That was a very very important question to ask, not just for you. So thank you.

Questioner: Thank you for your answer.

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