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Question 1: Well, this is a question that’s bothered me ever since I read this statement in the Course, and every time the expression consciousness was used tonight, I still had that same questioning. The statement in the Course that concerns me says “consciousness is an ego function”. And yet it seems to me that we talk all the time about a God Consciousness and a Christ Consciousness, and so if we are talking about a God Consciousness and a Christ Consciousness, I can’t somehow reconcile that statement in the Course that “consciousness is an ego function”.

Jeshua: Beloved friend, that simply makes God the ultimate ego trip. [Audience laughter]

First, reconciliation between forms of the universal curriculum is not always possible, for reconciliation would require that each form of the universal curriculum use the same terminology, and use terminology in the same way. Remember always, that words are symbols of symbols, and therefore are twice removed from Reality. Words are symbols of ideas, words can be used and must be used in this dimension to direct the mind toward ideas which more clearly reflect Reality, but ideas themselves are not Reality. Therefore, place value on the Reality toward which ideas and words about ideas would direct you.

Love, for example, is a word. It is a symbol of an idea which is a reflection of a Reality which is beyond form. For Reality is content. If you struggle to reconcile the form of the universal curriculum - which I did in fact help to give, called A Course in Miracles, with terminology that maybe utilized here or elsewhere -, you have actually caused yourself to waste time. Time which could be better spent in that which “love” is a symbol of. By being the Presence of that which extends the good, the holy and the beautiful.

If it were not necessary to present the universal curriculum in a multitude of forms, there would have only been one text ever written, and it would have occurred several thousands and thousands of years ago, and no other form of teaching would have ever arisen. But in the fragmentation of the One into the many, levels of consciousness are created. Each mind can be reached through certain vibrations which are words which represent ideas, and each mind has a certain language which is all its own. Therefore, the wise teacher learns to speak the language of the student, in order to convey or to communicate the Truth.

When A Course in Miracles was given, it was given in the context of the students. Hm? Therefore, the universal curriculum and its content were structured into a form that could best serve the needs of the students. And those that have resonated deeply with A Course in Miracles and gained great insight and healing from it, are merely those who are in close resonance with the minds of the students who first received it.

Likewise, I do not choose my channels wrongly, nor do I err at the structure of language that is used through them. And why? Because although I participated in the creation of A Course in Miracles as a teaching device, I’m well aware that not everyone will receive that form, and because my desire is to join with my brothers and sisters, I seek out modalities of communication that allow me to reach out to more minds.

“Consciousness is a function of the ego.” Within the context of A Course in Miracles this is perfectly consistent. Consciousness is a word which is related to an idea that reflects something about Reality. Again, beloved friend, whether with the Course or any other form of the curriculum, do not place as much emphasis on the form, but rather on the content to which it would direct you. The purpose of A Course in Miracles is to leave you in the Hands of your Internal Teacher, your union with the Holy Spirit. In this sense then, your curriculum begins where the teaching device of the Course leaves you. It is not designed to answer every question a Teacher of God will have, for only your Internal Teacher can do so. No form of the curriculum could ever hope to be conclusive enough to satisfy an answer to every question. For this would place the source of your guidance outside of you.

Therefore, simply relax the struggle to reconcile terminology, but rather learn to feel - as you do very well - the content toward which it directs you, and then live from that Reality. And the Holy Spirit will guide you and the use of what terminology can convey the Truth to a brother or to a sister.

Does that help you in regard to that question?

Questioner: Mm, thank you very much.

Jeshua: Thank you very much.

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