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The Way of Mastery

Hang on a sec…

Now we begin.

Indeed, greetings unto you, beloved and holy and precious friends. Indeed, greet­ings unto you, holy children of Light divine. I come forth with great joy to abide with you because I love you, and the joy comes from the simple fact that when I look upon you, I see naught but Light. I see naught but the face of Christ. I see unlimited potential, unlimited compassion, unlimited love, unlimited peace. These things are the characteristics of your only reality.

Indeed, I look beyond the body and I look beyond the history of your perceptions and constructs that you have created about yourself and what the world is for, and I see the Light that shines forever radiantly transcending this world and all worlds, and I see the Light you are that is already together with me from before the foundation of all worlds, and I see the Light that participates with me in the atonement of the momentary dream of separation between the Holy Father and His precious and only creation: you.

Now, if you are listening carefully, that should strike you as a little odd that indeed you are participating with me from that place of perfect union with God in the very process of atoning your own perception that you are separate from God. And that is why I have said you will awaken to your own call—not mine and not another teacher’s, not another master’s. You always awaken to your own call.

But because the call comes from the place in you that is of Truth, and it is a place that you have perhaps repressed and can no longer believe abides within you, what you do, you see, is that you reach your left hand out and you give a little telegram to me and you say,

Jeshua, deliver this telegram to me and make sure I get the message. And then indeed I will begin to awaken from my own dream.

And since I don’t have much else to do these days, I take the telegram and I look at it and I notice the date and the hour; and because I love you, indeed I come to you in that hour and I whisper to you in the quiet of your heart,

Precious friend, the time for awakening is now.

And there comes then a stirring in the depth of your heart and the depth of your soul, and a new journey begins. Not a journey deeper into dreams but a journey that begins to lift you from all dreams.

And in part of that process you will believe that someone has come a-knocking upon your heart and perhaps they have forced their way upon you just a little bit, but indeed it is not true. For awakening can only come from absolute freedom. Therefore, indeed, if you can acknowledge that you have begun the process of awakening, give yourself credit because you have heard your own call.

Does all of that make sense to you?

It is very, very important. And why? Because the small part of the mind that you have mistakenly become identified with, that I have called the ego, would lead you to believe that you are powerless and therefore need the constructs born of the ego, born of the very perception of separation from God, to find your way in life, indeed to keep you safe. And the ego would tell you that you are the body, that you are subject to birth and suffering and death.

The ego would cleverly lead you to believe that there might be some other masters that have somehow “managed” ascension and no longer participate in this realm, and the ego will tell you it’s okay to wish that you could accomplish that, and at the very same time it will whisper into your other ear,

But you know you really can’t because you are weak and you are frail. You are far too busy and, after all, you’ve been a wretched, sinful creature.

That somehow, somewhere, you have failed; and because of that you know that you cannot awaken.

But it’s okay; go ahead, struggle to do so if you want. And each time you seem to come close, the voice of the ego rears its head and says,

No, no, no. It’s not okay to receive that much joy.

And so you begin to contract the heart yet again because it is a pattern learned in the mind, and, if you would receive it, you have been operating under the guise of an illusion in which you have struggled to free the heart, and as it opens up you then contracted; and when you contract, it feels like you because you are used to it. And that is how dreams become comfortable—but it does not change them into reality. They remain eternally an illusion.

And the Truth of your being is that Light that I see shining in you radiantly at all times, the Light in which the Truth of your being resides in perfect safety—perfect safety and perfect peace—and unto you is given all power under Heaven and Earth to allow that Light you are to descend, to become incarnated, if you will, to shine out through even the cells of the body, to radiate your Light out into this world.

And why is that important? Because you have believed that you were something other than that Light. You will not learn the Truth of your beingness until you are willing to allow that Light to shine through you so that you can see the miracles it begins to create­ in your life, so that it will shine upon your brothers and sisters and show you the reality of their being, not what the ego would have you believe of them. And as you see those miracles pop up in front of your eyes, you then must acknowledge that the Light is in you now—the Light that heals your perception and shows you not time, but eternity; not an unsafe world but a world that is perfectly safe, and it is safe because your Light is in it.

When I look upon you, I see a great ray of Light that has no beginning and cannot know an end. I see a great ray of Light. Its strands shine out, embracing and touch­ing the furthest stars, embracing and touching all the multifarious planes of creation, and there are many of them. I see a Light that embraces the whole of all things that have ever arisen and will ever pass away. I see a Light that shines forth from the Mind of my Holy Father, made in His image and, therefore, one with Him eternally. I see a Light comprised of compassion and grace and ease and power and creativity.

For indeed you are created to create like God, and that is why every loving cre­ation is eternal and every loving thought is true. And why? Because God is but Love and His only creation is you. And Love can only beget that which is lovely. That is the one and simple fact that you must come to re-member, to re-cognize: that if you exist at all, you must be the presence of Love. And if you are that Love, right now, here in this room, you are free to begin the process of releasing—or perhaps even ending—the dream in which a host of thoughts have arisen that have mistakenly distracted you into believing that you are something less than the holy Son of God.

I have said to you many times that the greatest of keys to the Kingdom is the key of allowing. For allowing requires trust. Allowing requires vulnerability. Allowing requires that you let the Holy Spirit bring correction to your mind and you no longer strive to make that happen, and as you begin to rest into the key of allowing, peace begins to descend even into the cells of the body, and you find that you react differently. You smile even in the midst of situations that used to create such havoc within the mind. And you will look upon your brother or your sister and even if they are casting stones at you, you will marvel at the great Light that shines just beneath their awareness of themselves. And indeed you will know the great liberation that comes when suddenly the shutters are thrown open and you realize

My God, it’s true. I am that Light. I am that Light I have been seeking for countless lifetimes. I am that Light and I am that Light, now.

And then, you see, the body itself begins to be freed up a bit, for you will no longer be trying to stuff your emotions into the little pockets of cells, saying,

Hold on to this stuff. I don’t want to look at it.

Instead, you will say,

Okay, open the hatch and let it out.

And it will begin to bubble up, for, you see, when Light comes to shine upon shadows, it stirs them up and they will run like crazy, trying to find a corner to hide in; but there is no longer a corner, for even the body becomes filled with Light and the shadows of past memories and old emotions begin to be released. But instead of fearing them, you embrace them. You embrace them, knowing—knowing—that as you love what you have feared, you embrace it and you therefore transcend it.

That is why ultimately, you see, healing occurs only in the mind. And what is healed? The perception that fear must be feared. Fear itself is an illusion. It doesn’t mean you don’t experience it. Much of what you call your dreams, when you awaken in the morning you would say,

Well, that was unreal. It was just a dream.

Fear is no different, and if you would well receive it, fear is the foundation of all dreams— all dreams of time, all dreams of separation, all dreams of anguish find themselves rooted in fear.

But when you allow, when you truly are willing to allow the Light you are to shine upon all shadows born of illusion, you know that in you there is a power to say,

I am open. Bring them forth. Throw open the hatches.

And you will look at the memories that you may carry of times you have failed, of times you have hurt and been hurt, and you will say,

Oh, look at that. Yes, I can feel that. I remember that one—boy was I ever into it then.

And you’ll shine your Light on it and you will extend forgiveness to yourself, and the shadow itself becomes dissolved into the Light that shines upon it.

Light added to Light only increases your radiance. And after a while the momentum­ gets going so fast that you can’t stop the process. There is no weekend off. And at any time when things begin to flood up—and many of you know what I am talking about—always continue to shine your Light on whatever arises within you. Do not become identified­ with the thoughts of fear and the thoughts of limitation and the thoughts of loss. That is the voice of the ego saying,

No, no, no. Don’t identify yourself with Light just yet. I fear my own demise of power.

Just there, just there is the greatest of blessings given to you, given to you of the Father who loves you: The freedom that can never be taken from you, the freedom of your choice—the freedom of your choice to look upon all things that arise with the Love of Christ.

All loving thoughts are true. Everything else is an appeal for help and healing. Even within yourself. And so, when that voice within you—some of you occasionally know what this is like—rears its head and says,

No, no, you can’t do it. Don’t leap off the cliff,

love it and realize that voice is not yours. If you need to, you can imagine that a stranger has slipped in, in the middle of the night, and is sitting in your living room, believing now that that home belongs to the stranger. And that stranger is the voice that would have you believe that you are other than what you are created to be: The thought of perfect Love in form.

Love cannot be accomplished. It cannot be gained. It cannot even truly be fashioned. Love cannot be found because it is not an object outside of yourself. It cannot be created for it has always been. Love waits in certainty. Love waits in patience for the holy Son of God, who has but dreamed the dream of separation, to rest for just a moment and to be willing to choose anew, to turn from the roar and the din of the world—and the world is not outside of your own mind—to choose again to touch the place of perfect­ peace and of grace. And there Love shines. And to look upon the face of Love is to see and know your Self.

And in the end of all seeking and in the end of all striving, the awakened Son rejoices and laughs uproariously and says,

My goodness, what a good dream I’ve had. But now the time of wakefulness is upon me.

And for a little while you seem to find yourself yet in space and time, and you look down at the hands of “the” body formerly called “your” body and you marvel. You look at the body anew. For what seemed to be something that was always filled with conflict between a place that imprisoned you and a place you hoped to find safety, the thing that you don’t even understand what it is, has been translated—translated into a beautiful and holy temple, translated into nothing­ more, nothing less, than a simple means through which the awakened Mind of Christ extends love to the parts of himself formerly perceived as strangers and friends, brothers and sisters, so that the wholeness, the whole Mind of Christ might awaken and merge back together into its own reality.

Now that happens to you more often than you give yourself credit for.

When you set aside every fear, when you set aside every need, when you set aside believing that you know what your needs are, when you are willing to just stop judging your brother and for a moment you look into someone’s eyes and you embrace eternity—and everyone in this room knows what that is like because you’ve done it a million times; no matter how fleeting, you have done it a million times—and that moment of no thought and no time in which the two fragments that seem to be separated by bodies become one and the Light of Love shines through the eyes, for indeed the eyes are the window of the soul, and those sparks of Love meet. Not a love that craves. Not a love that needs attachment, but a Love that recognizes Love.

That is called the Holy Instant and it makes all things new. And that is why your relationship to your brother and sister is the most incredible blessing, the most precious possession you can ever have. Each moment of relationship provides you with the opportunity to choose holiness and not specialness. Love instead of fear. Forgiveness instead of judgment.

And because you look upon your brother and because you look upon your sister and you realize they are the means of your salvation, you will no longer tolerate error in yourself, and you will look upon them and see the face of Christ. You will learn to look past the body, to look past time and history. You will learn to discern that radiant Light which shines in them as it shines in you. And then you will learn the magic involved in the simplicity of this teaching: You will learn what you choose to teach, and in teaching you must learn it for yourself.

That is why there is no time to lose. Each moment is the opportunity for awakening. Each moment the opportunity for healing, that the things of time that have seemed to be a burden upon you and upon your brother can be placed aside and the mantle of peace, like a gentle dove, can descend upon you, wrapping you in the shawl of a perfect Love, bringing such joy to your being that you cannot find words to describe it and no way to contain it. And you finally realize,

I don’t have any choice. I have to give it away. My Father keeps pouring so much of it into me, it just keeps picking up the speed. I just have to keep giving it away.

And then the miracle has occurred.

Gone is the seeker. Gone is the one who needs. Reborn is the finder. Reborn is the one who gives, who lets the Light of Christ shine so radiantly within them with every breath and within every thought and with every word and with every deed that they themselves marvel at the miracles that unfold. And you begin to dance through time, and you see that the Holy Spirit has translated it into a magical kingdom in which every day is filled with the grace of miracles. And every day is a little better than the one before, and the only thing you need to pay attention to is to simply watch so that you don’t become a little contracted against the on-flowing tidal wave of joy that descends to light up your mind and your heart and even the cells of your body.

You have a saying in your language,

Let it rip.

See, you must understand that when I walked upon this plane the language that I was given to use was rather serious for the most part—rather formalized—and so there were some limitations in how the Gospel could be expressed; at least when words were used, but not when there was dancing and laughter and singing and rejoicing and embracing.

Unto you it is given in this day and in this hour to truly look around you and see,

All that I need for my salvation, all that I need for my awakening is presented to me here. For here is my brother and my sister who has walked together with me since before time is, given to me of God. And as I love them, I love the One who has sent me forth. And as I love them, I honor them. And as I honor them, I learn to honor the Son that dwells within my own heart.

And in honoring that Son, the Atonement is completed on Earth as it is already completed in Heaven. And Heaven is your home.

Delight—listen well—delight in the blessings of time and see not a single moment as that which would imprison you. For there is nothing outside of you, while within you is the absolute freedom of choice, given wholly and never earned, in which you can look upon the things of time, each event that time seems to require of you, and you can bring the blessing of Christ to it. You can choose to radiate instead of contract. You can choose unlimitedness instead of limitation. You can choose Love instead of fear. That is the great gift of time.

Because time was created in error, it is then translated into the means by which you awaken from time itself. Therefore, use it constructively. Realize that you live in a domain in which avoidance of relationship is absolutely impossible. Therefore, embrace your relationships, even the ones that push your buttons. For, rest assured, they are the ones given unto you in that moment—and not a year before or a year after—they are the ones that provide the very stepping stones upon which you are asked to walk so that you can pass through an old ring of fear and realize that you’ve just awakened a little more fully. And the power of the radiance of that Light you are has penetrated, incarnated, a little more deeply into the mind, and even into the body.

So, next, when someone casts stones at you, rush up and give them a kiss on the cheek. Say,

Thank you so much. My goodness gracious, now I can heal this part of myself.

Above all things, never let your vigilance slip.

I am sorry. Should I don the cloak of the savior of the world and kneel at your feet and beg forgiveness?

Oh, no. That would be a funny picture.

It would indeed. It has always been a funny picture to me that others would put the mantle of the savior of the world upon my shoulders so as to avoid responsibility for awakening themselves. And I would scratch my head and wonder,

Why would they want to do that?

when in the Truth deep within them they know that they must place the mantle upon themselves and see themselves as equal unto me, who has been sent to be only your brother and your friend.

If Christ dwells in me—and I assure you that Christ dwells in me—that same Light must dwell in you equally. For if it does not, it means that God has created a rather imbalanced creation. And whenever you have felt unbalanced, it is because you have denied the part of you that is true and real and whole and lovely—forgiven and loved wholly.

Listen well to what I have just shared with you, for there you will find the key that brings the mind gently back to peace each time you remember it … each time you remember­ it. Each moment in time when you are not wholly joyous, it is because you have forgotten the Truth about yourself. When that really begins to sink in, you are going to feel a great weight lifted from your shoulders—the weight of perceiving that what has stolen your peace has come from somewhere outside your mind. It never has.

I have been working for five years with this my beloved brother to seek to teach him one thing: there is no set of circumstances that can dictate the choice one makes between love and fear—just as there are no special circumstances you must strive for and achieve before you have the power to choose between love and fear. The choice and that power abides in you now. It is equally in a newborn child as it is within you. And the process of life, the meaning of time, is merely to create a field in which you can reawaken to the power of your own choice.

At first as you recognize it, it may not feel too good because you will look upon some of your creations and go,


That which is called “being in hell”—what some of your psychologists might call being psychotic, neurotic and all of the rest—is simply­ because a part of the mind has looked upon its creations in which it has created unlike God out of fear, and it has taken upon itself the mantle of guilt. And guilt creates a block, so you spin in the same circle over and over again. That is what hell is: it is being in a rut.

But when you look upon your creations that seem to elicit unpleasant feelings— because perhaps you see how your creations involve manipulation or control or what have you—when you look upon those things and remember the Truth that they do not leave a single trace upon the holy Mind of Christ, and when you look upon them and realize that your Father doesn’t even see them, you are free to be reborn in this moment and to allow your life to be made anew.

Oh, beloved friends, carry not the weight of the past upon you for it is gone already. It is gone already! And the heavy bag that you have been carrying upon your shoulders was removed, before you experienced it, by the Love that created you; and you have been weighed down only by illusion.

Would you not choose to join with me in casting off the bag that is no longer there? You can make a ritual of it if you would like. Indeed, go to one of your intersections, and underneath the thing that hangs from the wires that tells you when you should go and when you should stop, create a circle of precious crystals. Heap up dried branches. And in the middle of what is called the rush hour, walk as though you are burdened by a heavy bag. Drop it off of your shoulder, and then kick it into the circle and light a match. And then dance freely about your circle of precious crystals. Knock on the hoods of the automobiles of those that are honking at you and say,

Come, watch my bag burn. Come dance with me.


You might be surprised: a few will get out and do a jig with you.

In short, don’t make the process of awakening so serious.

Is it not rather interesting that seriousness is what creates the world of confusion, of pain, and it’s an illusion? Therefore, you bring the bag of seriousness to the very process whereby you think you are going to wake up, and you do your techniques, you read your texts, you memorize all of the lines, but still the bag is on your shoulder and you can’t quite figure out why it’s still there. The bag is filled with the weight of seriousness­—and joy, you see, is made of Light. Isn’t she?

And that is why whenever you are not wholly joyous, you have identified yourself with an illusion, a bag that was already removed from your shoulders in the very first moment that the holy Son of God began to fall asleep and to create the dreams of creations­ that are unlike God’s. And the Holy Father reached into your dreams and took the tiny bag from your shoulders and dropped it into the fires of purification, if you will, and throughout every incarnation you have ever lived the bag has not been there, but you have perceived that it is still with you.

And now we come to the point of what I would share with you in this hour: The Way, the way in life that speaks of perfect peace is not a way of striving. It is the way of allowing. The way in life that demonstrates the Truth of your being is not the way that the world has taught you because in it there can be no seeking. The way in life that allows the Light of Christ to incarnate right where you thought you were requires only that you put into practice the acknowledgement that you are that Light, the Word being made flesh in this moment.

That is the shift that must come to the mind. I don’t care if you practice complex spiritual techniques for ten thousand lifetimes. I don’t care if you learn how to walk on water and heal the sick. After all is said and done, there is yet one step that must be taken: your willingness to put to sleep the dream of the seeker and to be the presence of one who has found. And the trick of the course, is that the ego will say,

Well, I can’t do that because I haven’t found it yet.

And what I am saying to you is that in your choice, held in the mind, to simply say,

I and my Father are one. I am the one who has found, and that Light begins to live through me now,

that is the way that you find it—by acknowledging that you possess what you have believed you do not. Seems rather paradoxical.

I have said many times that the Truth of the Kingdom is diametrically opposed to the truth of the world.

If your world says that you must struggle, then the way of the Kingdom must be the way of ease.

If the world says you must seek, the way of the Kingdom must be that you have already found.

If the world says you are guilty, the way of the Kingdom must say there is no guilt.

If the way of the world teaches you that you are born to suffer and die, the way of the Kingdom must say that you are eternal and do not abide within the space and volume of a body.

If the way of the world says that your mind is your brain, the way of the Kingdom will say the Mind of Christ is that which radiates, animating the brain and the body so that it can serve as a means of communicating the Love of God.

If the way of the world says you are frail, the way of the Kingdom says you are the presence of eternal strength.

And if the way of the world says it’s not good to have too much fun, what do you think the Kingdom says?


Fun! Party!

That is a good phrase, “Party.”

Abide in that infinite Light of joy. Bring it down and express it to the world so that the world sees the demonstration of the Truth. So, you see, the theme of this hour is this—it is a three letter word: JOY. Joy is the theme of this hour. Joy is the theme of every moment. Joy is the reality of your being. Joy is that which infuses the cells of your body. Joy is that which seeks to radiate from the great ray of Light that you are and to descend through the crown of the head and to explode out through the very fingertips—rays of Light exploding in all directions.

Joy is that which will create laughter and smiles. Joy is that which seeks to bring lightness to the heart. Joy is that which heals. Joy is that which brings forth unlimited power to create like God. Joy— joy is the sign of an awakened heart and a corrected mind. Indeed.

And the greatest of blessings, the greatest of recognitions, is this: You cannot cre­ate the means in this world to become joyous, but you can bring the joyousness you are to the circumstances of this world; and when you do that, you are the savior of the world. You are the one sent forth of God, enlisted in what seems to be the Foreign Legion, indeed.

Can you come to touch that place of reality in you?

I want to share with you right now that part of the work that I seek to do in this world, not only through this my beloved brother but through countless others, is a correction: the healing of a deeply held perception that somebody else must be the one that the Bible is talking about. Somebody else must be the one who is the Word of God made flesh. Somebody else must be the one who is to be the Messiah … If you know that you exist, rest assured you are that one.

Who? Me?

Yes, you. Rest assured I, too, said, “Who? Me?” And then I realized­ if somebody didn’t do it, nobody would ever get it. I was the first, if you would well receive it, to complete the Atonement as a man: completely, irrevocably. And because of that, my Father has put me in charge, if you will, of the Atonement. And I come to give you the Love that you are.

You may think that somehow I give you strength, but actually I’m rather good at sleight of hand and while I am talking to you, I reach into your hip pocket and grab your strength and your love, and I bring it up and I put it back to your face and you believe,

Wow. How did this one named Jeshua do that?

Those of you that have tasted miracles because of our interaction in this form, is it not time to give yourself equal credit? For the strength and the Light that is brought forth, whatever degree of miracles of healing that have come and have been given to you, has come because you have chosen to awaken to your own call. I am just your deliv­ ery boy.

Ah. Joy.

Can you feel it? Can you feel it now? Are you willing to throw off the shackles­ of the mind and heart right now in this moment? Whether you are sitting or lying down, it makes no difference. Are you willing, indeed, to let joy radiate through the cells of the body? Are you doing it? Can you feel it?

Turn the attention of your mind as if you could look and see every cell. Just go in there and turn the knob and open the door and pour Light. Imagine, right now, you are looking down upon a body that has never been yours, and you are deciding to fill it with Light. Go ahead and do it. There is no great secret. No great technique. It’s not going to take you six months of workshops to learn how to do it.


Hmm. That’s why they call them “work-shops.” Why not have “gatherings of celebration of the Truth?” Are you doing it? Don’t sit there passively. Do it. Bring the joy in. Enlighten the cells. Let them get lighter and lighter and lighter and filled with joy. Feel how it brings the breath more deeply into the body. Feel it down to the tips of the toes.

Yes, Light. Let there be Light. Say goodbye to the shadows of the past. They are with you no longer. Light. Let there be Light. Radiate it down deeper and deeper. Feel the heart beat a little bit faster. It’s called passion for joy. Feel it. Yes! Have what you call an orgasm with joy. Bring Light and laughter and play to every moment.

[Singing] Where has all the seriousness gone? Has it been a long time in passing?

Who cares? Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

We abide together now. We are the great rays of Light that shine forth through the Mind of God, and we bring a new vision indeed to this planet and to this Earth. We are the joy. We are the Light. We are the bringers of the Gospel. We live it. We are the Truth. Look at us. Yes. We’re the ones that have burned our bags in the intersections.

If you want to keep yours…

[Loud laughter]

… go right ahead. Indeed.

That is what it’s all about. There isn’t anything you need that you do not already possess. And when you throw open the shutters of the heart and allow desire born of a pure heart to lead your way, what you thought you must fear, called passion, what you thought you must fear, called your dreams and aspirations, what you thought you must fear because it might make you stick out in the crowd will no longer be a bit of concern. Trust me. I know about sticking out in crowds.


Some of you in this room did not want me to stick out in the crowd because you feared that the world could take me from you. Surprise!

The world just freed me to be with you always, beyond all of your perceptions of birth and death, beyond your perceptions of suffering and doubt and struggle, beyond your perceptions of separation born of time. The world served my intention well, and the drama was played out and the resurrection was completed. And if you believe in me, you believe in the reflection given to the world of who you are. For the life of Jeshua ben Joseph is your own—as yours is mine. That is how intimately united we are. We share one Heart and one Mind when we rest in the Truth of the infinite and eternal joy that is the presence of the Love of God in us.

And when others say,

Lo, the Kingdom is here,

and another says,

No, the Kingdom is there,

look them in the eye and say,

No dice. The Kingdom of Heaven is within me because I am the one who chooses to be wholly joyous. I let that joy overflow so much that I cannot help but give it to the world.

And if there are those that fear joy, give it anyway. And if they can’t bear it, rest assured they will drop out of your life.

But it’s only fear that causes that to happen. But no one can flee from Light who does not turn and flee to Light. For Light surrounds them wherever they are on the path they choose to walk. If that is true—and I assure you that it is—it means that you are safe to release your hold upon your brothers and your sisters, whatever the form of relationship­ may have been. You are free to give them to me, and I will keep them safe and I will whisper to them in their dreams until they make the same choice that I made in time: to release the dream of the dreamer and to acknowledge,

I and my Father are one.

Rest assured that I will leave no one that you entrust to me. Unshackle from your heart, unshackle from yourself the weight you have carried for so long. The awakening of another is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility. Your only function, your only purpose, your only task, if you will, is to be the presence of one who has allowed correction to come to the mind so that you are forevermore the Thought of perfect and joyous Love in form. That is all that is ever asked of you. The rest is being taken care of. It’s a bit of a release, isn’t it?

[Addressing a member of the audience]. It’s about time you gave that to me. Thank you.

Wish I’d thought of it sooner.

Beloved friend, whenever you think about that Truth, you have immediately moved into what is real and eternal, and it no longer matters if you didn’t think about it earlier because in this moment all things are made new. It is called rebirth.

That little sigh that you felt released more than you know. Now, be ready for miracles.

Oh, I am. Bring them on.

Ah, yes. What then are your true dreams? For while you abide for a little while in time it is given unto you to allow unhappy dreams to be translated into happy dreams. And you will know the course that the Holy Spirit will take you on by the things that come into your life without effort. And you will know the course given to you to walk to bring you wholly to a dream of joy, as you become willing once again to become as a little child who celebrates the incredible creativity—the dreams that seem to course up through the heart.

For a child goes to what you would call a sandbox, and some image comes of an incredible castle and they are filled with such joy,

Ah, this is going to be so much fun.

They don’t go and ask somebody if it’s okay. They don’t ask somebody,

Well, do castles really exist? Is it true that I can build a foundation to sustain it?

They don’t ask for authorization of what you call building codes—they just build it. And they rejoice in every moment of the game; the game, the play. Allow yourself from this day forward to truly get in touch with your heart’s desires. Don’t fear them any longer.

Now, if you think a desire is coming up in the heart that says,

Boy, I’ve always wanted to murder that so-and-so…


I am not asking you to create chaos here. That is not your heart.

A clue.

It is a clue, indeed.

But if you dream of wealth, if you dream of service, if you dream of travel, if you dream of a new house, if you dream of a new cloak, if it feels really good and it keeps pressing, not from the mind downward but from the heart outward, why not let it flow?

The river of life lies within you. It sustains you and it carries you, and it will bring you home to the Father wholly—but only if you let it flow. Only if you let it flow. And that river is a river of joy. Indeed, with great sincerity I say unto you, “Let it rip!”


Indeed. So, how are you all doing?

Great. Yes.



Just a moment. Stand up. Now, you that just said, “Yes,” I want you to become the leader here and lead them in at least three resounding “Yeses.” And don’t let them hesitate or hold back. It must be at the top of the lungs. Feel it from the toes all the way up to the crown of the head. Those of you that were lying down have a little further to go but…

YES! More, more. YES! One more. YEEESSS!


That was energizing.

Energizing? Why would you want to be energized? Isn’t death and sluggishness much, much better?

No thanks.

Now, I have indeed watched certain minds begin to awaken to—and I believe they will enjoy this—their, I believe the word is the “piggy” nature.

[Laughter and oinking]

Now you have all seen what are called the pigs as they roll around, and the farmer says,

My God, there they are rolling around in that mud again.

A true pig realizes and perceives that they are rolling in the river and the mud of joy.

And what if you were to go to your friends tomorrow and say,

I have just gone to a great teacher who gave me the last meditation that I need to master,

and your friend says,

What is it?

and you say,

Come, come. Come to my backyard and I’ll show you.

[Loud laughter]

You can roll in the river and the mud of joy whenever you want to because this world has no power whatsoever over the Holy Son of God; and that is Truth, indeed.

And all it took was the willingness of one person to say, “Yes,” and to lead brothers and sisters in joining in that one place where the mind is one, to say “Yes,” and you felt energy and passion and joy course through the cells of your beingness. And that means wherever you are—wherever you are—that power is at the tip of your choice. Who cares where and when you decide to roll in the river of joy?

The world is a lie. Do not let it dictate to you.

Thank you, that was nicely led.

Many teachers in many ways are beginning to bring back the recognition: what it’s really all about is living from the heart. And in my language I would say that to live from your heart is to live the life of the arisen Christ. These two are one and the same.

Where, then, is the pathway that leads you from this world to the Kingdom? Look no further than your heart. What has been your secret desire? What has been your passion and your vision? The journey is what awakens the mind and joins the heart as one, so that the mind becomes the servant of the awakened heart.

Therefore, I say again, in closing—for I want you to have some time to mingle together, and when you do so be willing to share your heart’s desires with each other. Have some fun with it and do what you call the “oinking” of your dreams, yes …

Be, therefore, that which you are; and you are the Light that has come to this world; and you are the one who is the Prince of Peace; or Princess, if you insist.

In short, lighten up and get on with it.


I love you, but not in seriousness. When you are wholly joyous, rest assured I am with you. When you are not, rest assured I am with you. When you doubt yourself, rest assured I do not. And when you rest in certainty, I celebrate. And if you have ever believed that you have loved me, then truly choose to acknowledge and love the Son that dwells within your own heart and let your Light shine. For only by so doing can you in Truth honor and love me—not as someone above you, but as your brother and as your eternal playmate.

Peace be unto the wholly joyous and awakened and arisen and resurrected Christ, who blossoms forth and brings such beauty to this world that your brothers and sisters, perhaps yet sleeping, won’t be able to help but recognize that the Light is in them, too. Indeed. And Heaven comes to Earth because you choose to make the time now.

Have a good time mingling. Come up to somebody, give them a hug and say,

You know what I’ve always really wanted to manifest in my life?

And let them know. What the Son decrees begins to move into manifestation. What the Son hides is held as a light under a bushel. Decree and manifest Heaven on Earth. It’s really all you’ve ever wanted anyway. Why settle for less?

Peace be unto you whom I love from before the foundations of the world.

Peace be unto you whom I walk with and celebrate with, even when you don’t notice and forget.

Peace be unto you always.


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