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Indeed, now we begin.

Greetings unto you, beloved and holy Children of Light divine. Indeed, greetings unto you, beloved and holy and only begotten Son of God. Please know that I come with great joy to abide with you in this rather particular and peculiar way, and I come forth always in joy to abide with you, for when I look upon you, I see naught but the splendor of a Light so radiant, so vast as to already outshine all worlds, and I look upon you and see naught but myself — indeed, the holy and only begotten Son of God. And, in Truth, the Son is neither male nor female but is that offspring of Light divine. For you are made in the image of God; therefore, you reflect that which the Father is. And if God is but Love — and I assure you that He is — so, too, is Love the foundation of your reality. So, too, is Love your purpose and your function, as it is mine.

And if that foundation of your reality is a Love that far transcends all appearances, if it is indeed a Light and a Love that knows neither beginning nor end, if it is a Love that is also the foundation of my being, then we are one. Beyond all appearances. Beyond all birth and death. Beyond all comings and goings. Beyond all fears and all doubts and all longings and all laments. We remain as we are created to be: the holy and only begotten Son of God.

Therefore, understand well that I come not unto you as one who is above you, but I come to abide with you in this way to demonstrate a Truth that cannot be taken from us. For indeed where you are, I am. Where you are, I am. And the only distance that has ever existed between us is the width of a thought, and no more. What, then, would the width of a thought be? Can you measure it? No, but you can choose it.

Therefore, when you choose to abide in and as Love, you have chosen to abide with me. When you choose fear, you have chosen a thought that separates you from me. And yet, that separation does not occur in reality, although it does appear to do so within the construct that I would call your illusion. Each time that you have known fear, each time that you have tasted anger, each time you have looked out upon a world and seen a world that is unsafe, you have forgotten the home in which you abide, eternally, without end. When you look out and see yourself separate from your brother and sister, when you would look upon me and some of the very odd ideas that you have been taught about me, and have believed that I must be someone or something far removed from you, you have not chosen to look through the eyes of Love.

When in those moments when the mind has tasted stillness and the heart is open and you have extended unto yourself and unto the world the whole of your forgiveness and you have been willing to embrace and trust all, when you have touched the silence that comes from the depth of the heart, the Holy of Holies, the temple where the Son and Father abide as One, then indeed you have chosen Love. You have looked through the eyes of Love and you have looked with me upon a world that is safe, and you have looked upon your brothers and sisters and seen them like as ourselves, and you know that in Truth we walk together to God.

If God is but Love, it need not be a fearful journey. For in the end of all journeying, the Son awakens from what then appears to have been nothing more than a dream. He sees his splendor, and he sees it radiating out to embrace the whole of creation. He sees it in the smile and in the eyes of everyone that he comes into contact with. And the Son fulfills his function for he has given up living as an ego, as a separate self. And he becomes that focal point through which the Light and the radiance of Love shines forth with every thought and with every deed, and his or her creations mirror all that the Father is: Love giving of itself to touch and embrace, uplift and heal creation.

And yet the extension of that Love never leaves the Son because all things arise within the mind of the Son of God. And if that is true — and I assure you that it is — it means that when you extend Love, when you look past all of the conceptions and perceptions that the world would teach you to believe in, when you look past even the veil of the body, the veil of histories, and you see the radiance of the Light of Christ in your brother and sister, you have seen yourself. And you have embraced all that you are. You have put aside the things of dreams because the Light of day has returned.

How then can I be anywhere save with you where you are in each moment and with each breath? What then has created a world in separation? Thought. Your thought. What heals the world of separation? Thought. Your holy thought. There is but a simple choice to be made and it does not require great effort. And already the preparation is completed, and the choice is simply this: “In this moment, no matter what the circumstances might be, am I willing to choose Love or will I choose fear?” For fear begets separation and separation always brings with it a tinge of guilt. And from guilt the small part of the mind called the ego, that has taught you to believe you are separate from God, that small part of the mind that is like a gnat shouting at the vastness of space, “Pay attention to me,” that small part of the mind, to save itself from having to look upon the face of its own guilt, begins to project outward its fears and its doubts, and it finds another, it finds a world outside of itself that must be responsible for its lack of peace.

I have said before that there is really only one lesson you need to learn, and it is simply this: “There is nothing outside of you.” Nothing. All heavens and all hells arise within you, and it is given unto you with all the power beneath Heaven and Earth to choose in which domain you will abide — in Heaven, or in hell, if you will.

Everyone in this room knows what hell feels like. Everyone, everyone you see as you walk down your streets shares a common experience that you, too, have known in your own way. Each of your brothers and sisters has known the pain of abiding in hell. And hell is but a rut created in the mind in which there seems to be no escape — no hope, no faith — and Love is gone. And yet, and yet, Love remains with you waiting to be re-chosen. Waiting to be seen again. Waiting to be extended again. It cannot be taken from you, and above all, Love cannot be earned.

There isn’t a single thing you could ever possibly do to earn the Love of God. There isn’t a single technique you could ever master that would bring you to a state of being the creation of God. There is only your willingness to look closely at all aspects of your experience evenly and to see those things that reflect to you a fearful choice, perhaps a judgment. And the way that brings you to where I am, the way that would replace a fearful world with a peaceful world, is the way in which you begin the simple practice of choosing peace. What may seem a bit outrageous. No matter what takes place, within you lies the power to say, “Instead of this, I can choose peace.”

Now, how do I know that that’s true? As a man who walked once upon this plane, I, too, had need of learning what you are learning, what some of you had already learned that:” I and my Father are One”, and the appearances of this world hold no power over you, as it held no power over me. My demonstration was a bit extreme by some standards, and yet it taught me in the end the simple Truth that death is not real, that the body is not my home, that in Truth my Kingdom is not of this world. It is not of fear; it is not of doubt; it is not of limitation or weakness. My Kingdom is a kingdom of perfect peace, of unlimited wisdom and unlimited strength. Although, paradoxically, when you abide in the Kingdom, you understand the meaning of these words, “Of myself I do nothing. My Father through me does all things.” I merely get out of the way and allow Love to pour forth through every cell of my being. And I have learned that I can gain nothing from the world, and I have learned that the world can take nothing from me and that my purpose and function is to be that radiant Presence that allows Love to shine forth to touch the holy place that lives and dwells within each mind so that it, too, can awaken and look upon me and know itself. And when that happens — and you have all experienced it in fleeting moments — when two minds come together and set aside the world, a Light shines between their eyes and a Holy Instant arises. And the things of the past are forgotten, and the things of the future are of no concern, and there is a Light and a power and a Truth and a Love and a remembrance that seems to embrace those two and they are as one.

Indeed, precious friends, I have never left you. You could say that I’ve never left this plane, this world, this dimension. And I will not until you come with me. What, then, is the way? It requires great seriousness. It requires astute practice. You must keep the muscles tight at all times. You must keep the jaw set.


Don’t forget never to eat chocolate. Frankly, I wish they would have had some of that back then. You must master all ancient texts — ideally, in Aramaic. You must master all magical techniques. And don’t forget a lifetime or two locked in a solitary cell in a monastery where, of course, you must flog yourself to beat the devil out of you, wicked thing that he is.

Or you can do what I learned to do and what I taught as the secret science given to those that your world has called my disciples, though I looked at them as friends.

You can laugh at the world. You can laugh at the ego. You can let not one day pass by in which you fail to sing, laugh, dance and play and be just a little bit outrageous. You can wake up in the morning and remind yourself that right here and right now the appearances of the body and the world do not limit your union with God for one moment.

You can remember that you have not come to suffer the world. You have not come to work out your karma, I believe the word is. You have come forth for the very same reason, in this very moment, as you were sent forth in the beginning of moments to do one thing: to celebrate the Truth that “I and my Father are One” and Love is the only reality that exists. And if somebody else doesn’t believe it, demonstrate it to them by looking past their judgments, by looking past whatever clever device they might try to knock you off your center. Just love the devil out of them.

So, you see, you can imagine when I walked upon this plane that I was not well liked by those serious-minded theologians — rabbis, they were called at that time — who had a rather elaborate structure in which their egos could believe that they were somehow a rung or two up the ladder from all the commoners, and they alone had the keys to the Kingdom. And, of course, the commoners, poor wretched souls that they were, had to give away a lot of their “loot”, I believe you call it. They had to give away a lot of their souls to the rabbis, to the system of religion in that land in that place in order to have some hope that God might look upon them with favor. And if they were lucky, He just might forgive them all of their terrible sins.

And so I came along and said, ”That is utter nonsense. How could my Father forgive anyone when He has never condemned them in the first place?” How can the great Light and Mystery from which all things that are beautiful and radiant have emerged, that looks upon His one creation, the holy Son of God, and doesn’t even see the fearful dreams that you have lived, sees only the radiance of the Light and the Love that you are, waiting patiently for you to acknowledge the Truth of your reality. Can there be any judgment in that? Of course not.

Is there then room for forgiveness in God? I say unto you: there is not. For there can be forgiveness only when there has first been condemnation. And right where you are, right here and right now, no thought of guilt that you have ever held about yourself has ever been recognized by God. All He does is love you. And He waits for you to set aside the guilt that is born from your belief that you have somehow run out the back door of the Kingdom and separated yourself from Him — and that is where guilt comes from — He waits for you to set that perception aside, to throw open the shutters of the heart, to let the mind rest in peace, and just say to Him, “Okay, I’m done dreaming now. Bestow upon me the Truth of reality, for I am willing to receive what You have already given me.”

Thank God that in God there is no condemnation. And if that is true — and I assure you that it is — and if you are made in the image of God, you live in your right mind when you think like God. And you look upon your brothers and sisters and no matter what arises, even if it makes you grit your teeth for a moment, you love them. And you understand that every hurtful act and every hurtful thought really comes from fear and, therefore, is a cry for help and understanding and support and healing.

But there is something just beyond that that I want to share especially with you in this hour. For upon each of you there has been the imprint of perceptions that the experiences you have known in this world — whether you believe in one life or a million is really beside the point — the world has impressed upon you the perception and therefore the belief that you can be hurt. The body can be hurt but you are not the body. The ego, oh, indeed, the ego can be hurt in a million ways and you probably know something about that. But you are not the ego. To identify yourself with that small and harmless gnat, flitting about trying to shout at the vastness of space, trying to get all of the planets and stars to follow its orders — of course it doesn’t even notice the gnat — to identify yourself with that is to have identified yourself with an illusion.

And if you are not the body and if you are not the ego, rest assured no trace of hurt has ever remained upon the radiant heart of the Son of God — and that is who you are. And the way that you can prove that to yourself is by practicing peace and the extension of Love. For as you choose to extend and teach only Love, you must therefore learn it. And as you see the miracles that come from the extension of your Love, you must then learn the miracle has already occurred within you. For miracles do not flow forth through a mind and a heart that has not already been healed.

It’s rather important to get that. And if you see that somehow Spirit has worked through you and brought a miracle to the mind of another, in even what you might perceive as the smallest of ways, rest assured you are having reflected to you the reality that grace has already descended upon your own heart and mind and taken from it the weight of illusions: the belief in the perception of ancient scars that have been upon you that you’ve tried to work out of the body through a thousand bodies. As long as you believe that you have to work on them, they are going to continue to come up because you are creating them.

But through the practice of peace and the extension of Love, indeed every weight and every shadow will be translated into the power of Light itself. You are miracle workers, plain and simple. No manual to master. No graduate course to attend. You are miracle workers every time you think with God and extend and teach only Love. Nothing else heals. Nothing else brings miracle mindedness. And if you can do it — and I assure you that you can — that is the reason, listen carefully, that is the reason miracles were demonstrated through me: because I looked upon you and saw that the miracle had already occurred.

In the moment when the Son first held the thought of separation and seemed to cast himself from the Garden — to use that ancient story — already the Father had corrected it and a bridge was sent unto the mind of the Son that I have called the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit is only the part of your mind that is right and miracle minded and cannot be apart from you.

And in that moment separation was healed, and the way that you have journeyed is the way you have chosen and are choosing not to gain Heaven but to remember that you cannot possibly have ever left it. That which is called the spiritual adventure is the game of hide and seek. Know you that game?

How many times have you played it today? “God must be far from me. Oh, I forgot to meditate this morning. That’s it. If only I would just sit there for ten more minutes every day, I know I’d get it.” Seeking can be a fun game but there’s a better one: the game of acknowledging that you have found. The game in which you lay aside all thoughts of a hurtful past, taken from you because you’ve been willing to extend your forgiveness to yourself for ever having imagined that the world could hurt you. A new game in which you give up your thoughts and your devices for trying to control reality, and in which you simply acknowledge, “I am here as a channel of Love. And if that is true and if my Holy Father through the Holy Spirit knows how to take everything that mankind has ever created and make into it a stepping-stone that must bring the whole of creation back to Heaven, then if I want to know my Father’s will for me, I don’t have to master any texts. I don’t have to stand on my head in a corner for seven hours, chanting a thousand names of God. All I have to do is open my eyes. Where am I?”

If you are in Ashland and if you are in this room this night, you may rest assured you are exactly where the Love that is God would ask you to be — for no other purpose than to allow Love to radiate through you until it embraces the brothers and sisters who have been sent by that same Love to abide with you in this moment.

Feel it, then, and allow it. And in this moment take just a moment. Look around. Look at the one who sits next to you. Look at the one across the room. Can you let your Love embrace them? Can you see beyond the body? Can you see beyond the personality? Can you touch the place in which compassion arises because perhaps for a moment you detect a shadow of a fear or hurt, a bit of guilt, a doubt? Can you outshine even that and penetrate to the core of their being and see yourself?

Ah, indeed. I have never talked or communicated with anybody. I only talk to myself and only myself can hear me. You are as I am, and I am as you are. And indeed in this moment when we choose to set aside the roar and the din of an insane world that seems to revolve through the mind, and abide at peace, when we allow the simplicity of Love to pour forth through us and envelop everyone in this room, we have returned and the journey has ended. Peace is returned to the Mind of Christ, Who shall go out no more from the Father’s holy place.

Wrap your fingers around the jewel that rests in the palm of your hand. Take it deep within your heart and acknowledge that you are no longer a seeker because you have found. And you have found because in the deep place within you, if you would well receive it, you have created this hour in which to be presented with the opportunity to acknowledge throughout every core and fiber of your being — which, by the way, has no beginning and no end — that you are quite simply the Thought of perfect Love in form.

Never a body. Not a conglomeration of emotions. You are an idea held in perfect pristine shape in the Mind of God, and rest assured God only has loving thoughts. Can you feel that then? Right where you are feel the feet of the body on the floor. Feel, right where you are; look through the body itself. If you exist right now, you are the Son of God and there is nothing you need do to earn the Kingdom. All you need do is release your grip on one insane thought: the thought of separation, and the guilt and the fear that it has engendered that have created worlds upon worlds and complexity upon complexity, and as often as you have woven the tapestry of separation, you have worked diligently to try to unravel it. But each fearful thought seems to add yet another strand, and so you try to release it, and for a moment the Light of Heaven shines forth and then a thought arises, “Whew, I’m not worthy of that much Light. Who, me? The wholly joyous? No, no, no. If I did that, what would people say? They might frown at me for dancing in the rain.” For getting goose bumps when someone walks around the corner and you just can’t wait to hug them. Indeed.

Darkness frowns upon Light because it fears it. Be you, therefore, not conformed to the ways of the world but be you, therefore, glad with every breath, for grace has already come and the light of day is returned. It fills your soul from the top to the bottom, and through your presence, through your presence, not mine — there are too many that actually think that because I don’t have a body, they can’t see me, they can’t hear me, but they can see you and they can hear you — and through you they can learn that they can look beyond their own body and their own mind to touch the place of Truth.

You are the one sent unto this world, even as I was sent into a different one. You are the one that is the Word made flesh, that came and dwelt among mankind. And if you would receive it — and please hear this well — you, you are the one who, out of infinite compassion, has chosen to walk in the world of physicality until each of our brothers and sisters recognizes the Truth about themselves. You are the one that has come forth time and time again to be the Light of the world. And if that was ever my function, it remains eternally yours. And if it was ever my ability, it remains eternally your ability.

All power under Heaven and Earth abides within you. You are the one in whom my Father remains eternally well pleased. He loves you and He gives unto you the whole of His Kingdom: peace and wisdom and power and compassion and gentleness and strength of purpose and of certainty of a divine will.

Oh, beloved friends, the gifts are in you now. Each time you think a loving thought, each time you remember to choose Love over fear, rest assured the whole of creation dances. And every master that abides on many planes beyond this world is touched by your willingness to remember and live the Truth. For indeed you will know the Truth and the Truth has already set you free.

The great glory of the crucifixion, you see, is that it was an illusion and death is not real. Take, then, down from the walls of your mind any pictures yet remaining within you of me hanging upon a cross with my ribs sticking out, blood dripping down the forehead of the body saying, “My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me?” And join me in the resurrection, for I assure you I live.

But there’s one quirk about me. I can’t seem to get rid of it. I am addicted to having a lot of friends. Friends who will choose to dance with me. Friends who will choose to sing with me. Friends who will choose to put aside the perceptions of the world and say, “The heck with that. I think I’d just rather be the presence of Love.” And each moment that you choose that, the Light in you shines brighter and brighter. Brighter and brighter and brighter, and every ring of fear that you think still surrounds you, you will walk through with perfect ease, because it is the extension of your Love that shines so brightly that melts that ring of fear, and no obstacle will be found in your path for it will be removed before you ever reach it, if you choose to walk the wide and open and gentle path of Love.

You have heard it said that I stand at the door and knock. You might think that with some of you I have bloodied my knuckles. And that in some of you has caused a sense of guilt and you have proven to yourself, “See, I can’t even let my old friend Jeshua in. Boy, I can’t even find the doorknob anymore.”

There’s an interesting thing about time. If you believe that you exist within it and have failed somehow to open the door, rest assured because I live outside time, I can outlast you. I can wait.

Some have come to me and said, “Jeshua, thank you for your patience.” Patience is a characteristic of a mind that is yet in time. And it’s a valuable one indeed. I must confess I have no patience because I have no time. I have all of eternity, and in that safety and in that Light I have waited. I have waited long for this hour to be upon the Earth that is now. For though you perhaps see it not, just beneath the roar and din of the world, minds, what you might perceive as millions of them, are crying out. They are just about ready to remember the Word — to use that kind of language. So close. The veil is being rent from the inside out.

And actually I have come to your Ashland — where did it get that name. Ash Land? — I have come because I am on a recruiting mission. You see, I need you as much as you ever thought you needed me. Because your brothers and sisters and my brothers and sisters, even when I walk on their street with them and shout into their ear and they see a flash of someone they’ve learned to identify as Christ, and the next moment they go, “Whew. Boy, what an imagination I have. I actually thought that Christ was walking right next to me. Can you believe that?” I believe it because I was there.

But they can’t see me and they can’t hear me because they’ve learned to hear the voice of the world and they’ve forgotten what my voice sounds like. And therefore I need you. I need you to be my body, my emotions and my voice. Not as one who carries something called a Bible under their arms and goes and beats everybody with it. But as the voice of forgiveness. The voice of compassion. The voice of right-mindedness. The voice of Truth that has nothing to prove because the radiance of that voice is its own proof.

I need you to be the one that your brother and sister can see. That is why relationship in this world, relationship in this world is the greatest of blessings. Gone are the days of trying to find God by disappearing to mountain tops. Gone is the day of seeking to withdraw into some minute point of Light or something. How can you withdraw into something you’ve never left? You already are the Light you’ve been seeking.

Here now is the time of Holy Relationship, in which you choose to walk in this world and yet not be of the world, and to actually practice the outrageousness of watching the feet of a body, that you have formerly called your own, walk down the street while the mind is utterly amazed that there is nobody in it save the Love of Christ. So when you walk into your grocery store and you buy your vegetables and your chocolate, and you put them on the counter, you remember that if you would know your Father’s will for you, all you have to do is open your eyes. Who is before you? The grocery clerk who needs Love. Who needs the Love of Christ. Who doesn’t need to be saved because actually they’ve never been lost. They just think they have been. They need to feel the radiance and the warmth of Love.

Some of you in this room know what it’s like to be around what is called a master or someone called a highly enlightened being or just somebody that you can’t help but love the heck out of because every time you are around them, you feel all warm inside, and no matter what you say to them or do around them, they just smile and love you. And something in you opens in their presence and you feel safe. They are just showing you yourself. And it is given to you to be the one to deliver that to the grocery clerk or even to what you call the police officers who don’t like you speeding in the Kingdom.


Indeed. You are Light and Light ascends from this world when every trace of seriousness has been released from it — from the mind and from the heart — when you have looked well upon the mind and said, “My goodness, I’ve never figured anything out. I guess I’ll quit thinking,” and when you are willing finally to rest in the innocent vulnerability that all of you have seen in a newborn child. What is it that draws you to them? Is it not the simplicity of an innocent vulnerability that makes you put your arms around them? Rock them? And you look upon them and they at you. And in them you see no trace of judgment of you. They couldn’t care less what name you are carrying. They don’t care what kind of plumbing the body has. There is just a lot of Light shining.

And so you begin to giggle and “goo” at them a little bit. What brings that giddiness? The Holy Instant, because you sit with a master in your arms.

Indeed, become again as a little child and you have entered the Kingdom. It doesn’t mean you have to forget what your social security number is. It means you look and see a completely safe world, a safe world because nothing arises by accident and there is no separation between minds. Bodies, of course. It would be foolish for me to say that bodies can’t be separate. We all know they can. What’s incredible is that some people think that bodies can join — so you try to get them as close as you can. Bodies can never join. Only minds can. And minds join when they both abide in Love, and then Holy Relationship is established. And while yet you seem to be in this world, the body becomes a means of communicating, reflecting a reality that occurs nowhere save in the minds of God’s children. Indeed.

So, reach across to the grocery clerk and giggle and make — what do you call those? — “goo-goo” eyes at them. See in them the Child called Christ. See in them your Children. See Christ in your parents. See Christ in your friends and in what you have formerly perceived to be your enemies. For until you are willing, truly willing, to set aside the seriousness of the world and acknowledge that you had it all backward, and to look into the face — even if it means looking into your memories because they are no longer around — to look into the face of someone that you believed has hurt you, judged you, condemned you, and when you see the Light of Christ outshines even the appearance of their ego, you will learn precisely what I learned through what was called the crucifixion.

Now imagine this. Some of you think you’ve had bad days.


How would you feel if somebody forgot to feed you and then gave you some heavy wooden cross and told you you had to carry it someplace, and then once you got it there with a little bit of help from an old friend, they laid you down on it and said, “We don’t really mean anything personal here. However, we need to pound some nails through your hands and feet because we don’t want you to fall off too soon.”

And yet even then, you touched the place of power and Truth within in you, and you looked beyond the appearances and you saw the face of Christ smiling back at you — so much so that through your eyes the one pounding the nails is taken aback and for a moment sees a Light that reminds them of an ancient song that they thought they had forgotten. And a smile crosses your lips. For just one Holy Instant there’s perfect clarity between crucifiers and the one crucified. And a silence descends and peace is remembered, and one of them — they forgot this part in the Bible, by the way — one of them dropped the tools, let the head hang down and walked away.

Truth was awakened in that one and that one became a very dear brother that history has long since forgotten, and that one became a miracle worker. That one has been, shall we say, incarnated as you would perceive it in many consecutive lifetimes in which that one has served as my voice and as my body. That one has been known as a master in many lands, though in most incarnations he wasn’t really very famous. He just worked miracles.

Now, what happened to the others? Fear and guilt made them close the eyes of the heart and they continued with what they had been ordered to do. And yet, I can let you know that from that moment a new journey was begun in the soul of each of them. A seed was planted, as it is planted every time you love the Christ in your brother and sister. And the Holy Spirit comes and waters it with its magical waters, and even what you might be led to call or perceive as the darkest of souls, the most confused of minds, begins the journey of remembrance, of healing and of the release of pain and guilt.

You may never with your physical eyes see the miracles come to fruition, but each time you remember that “I and my Father are One; I am the one sent forth into this very moment — whatever it is — to bring a Light and the Love of the Kingdom of Heaven and to give it to my brother or sister with great joyousness; not with seriousness,” you have planted the seed that will inevitably flower. And you have joined with me in bringing the gift of grace back to the mind of one who felt they were unworthy of it. And rest assured if you plant that seed, I will make sure that it is watered. For while it is given unto you to be with the body for a short time, I don’t have one. And I can get around very quickly. And my garden hose stretches from one end of creation to the other, and the water supply has never been cut off. Indeed. Indeed.

What would it feel like if tomorrow you set aside just one day, just one day, to experiment? Just one day in which from the moment you arise until the moment you go to sleep you no longer tolerate the error of wrong-mindedness in yourself? It’s just a game, you see. You simply turn the channel to right-mindedness. What if tomorrow, just for the fun of it, you pretended that you are the one that God Himself sent forth to the world? That you are perfect and without sin? That there is nothing left in you that needs to be healed? That you are the Thought of perfect Love in form? If you want to pretend you are the saviour of the world, go ahead, have fun with it.

What if for one day you just tried on the role to see how it feels? Remembering, of course, that in the ‘Book of Mastery’, Chapter 1, paragraph 1, subtitle “a” it says, “The Word of God made flesh shall take upon itself no trace of seriousness and shall not forget to sing, laugh, dance and play. And shall simply be overjoyed to be the presence of Love.” Just for one day.

Indeed, I say this unto you: when you have accomplished that completely for one minute, just for one minute, one complete and whole minute, you will have started a momentum, an avalanche, a tidal wave that is indeed destined to sweep across the face of this Earth. For the unhappy dream that has been brought forth out of minds filled with fear and guilt, believing in separation, the unhappy dream is being translated into a perfectly happy dream in which this world will be the brightest reflection it can possibly be of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. You know it as a thousand years of perfect peace, is one way to talk about it. And when that moment has been completed, the purpose of time is also completed. And the things of this world will no longer hold any value, any meaning and any purpose. For it is given unto you to understand that though this world perhaps was created in error — I speak not of the trees; I speak not of the clouds; I speak not of the blessed rain and the precious soil of your Holy Mother. I speak of the world, the ideas that have been constructed within the minds of mankind, the ideas it has fabricated because of its fragmentation — that world is going to be corrected.

Time came forth with the thought of separation, and you are here now because each and every one of you knows that the time to bring time to a close is quickly coming. And I want you above all things in this evening to understand completely that you have not come to this world out of punishment, out of lack, out of something called karma that you will have to fix. You are here because you’ve already been fixed.

The sparkplugs have been changed. The oil is new. The tires have the right amount of air in them and the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the body carries only the awakened Son of God. Awakening is not difficult. It requires only your willingness to acknowledge that you are awake. You don’t have to believe it. You merely need to acknowledge it. And each time you do so, each time you do so, the spaciousness of yourheart will increase. The willingness to be wholly vulnerable with one another will blossom. And the Light of Love that has been held under a bushel made of only an erroneous thought, will shine forth in all of its splendor and glory.

Oh, come to understand then that when you choose to be the one who is awake, you extend unto the world the greatest of gifts you could ever bring, for you bring forth the demonstration of the holy union of Father and Son. And rest assured, it will be noticed.

Now, of course, when it’s noticed, some minds will go, “God, thank you”, and others will hide their eyes for a little while. You are not sent into this world to fix anybody — because you can’t. You are not sent into this world to heal anybody, because you can’t. You are sent to be the demonstration of one who has accepted healing so that in you your brother can see his reflection. His true reflection.

And while the body lasts, dance. Do a little jig every morning and every night. Call it your spiritual practice, if you will. And while you polish your crystals, precious that they are, remember that the grandest of crystals is the awakened heart in which Christ dwells, the Heart that is in you, set there by God Himself. Indeed.

‘Healing The Illusions of Hurt.’ If I came to you and gave you complex techniques, it would only reinforce the illusion that they have not already been taken from you. And if you seem yet to carry them, it’s because a small part of you has kind of chased after them and said, “No, no. Father, not yet. I don’t really know if I can let go of them just yet.”

And healing waits on your welcome. Healing waits on your welcome, the welcome of the Truth that you are whole now. And all you need do is to be willing to let the Holy Spirit, the right-mindedness within your own being, teach you anew what the meaning of relationship is for and what the purpose and function of this world truly is all about.

This is what it means to be contrite of heart, poor in Spirit. You are no longer clouded with all the riches you’ve made. The riches of fake thoughts and judgments and fears the ego’s heaped upon you and said, “There, now you are very rich.” When you become poor in Spirit, you become vulnerable and you realize that each moment is just there so that you can deepen your understanding of how to be again the presence of Love in form.

Do you need to be concerned with what to say and what to do? No, the ego is concerned with what to say and what to do because it believes that it must somehow make an impression. It must fix somebody. It must get their nod of approval. But when the mind is still and the heart is empty, you need only ask of the Holy Spirit, “What would You have me say?” and “What would You have me do?” And those of you that are involved in what is called healing work, you know what I am talking about because it works when you get out of the way. You find that you put your hand someplace and you didn’t even think about it. It just happened. And, “Oh, my goodness, I forgot to do this, this and that, and yet this incredible miracle happened.”

The Holy Spirit is the part of you that always knows what to do and what to say. Always, without fail. Be you, therefore, willing to listen. Indeed.

Can you feel that silence? It is not just because no one but me is speaking. It’s not because the bodies aren’t moving in the chairs. Can you feel that silence? Is it not the shared silence that come when the things of illusion have been set aside and Truth for a moment has been remembered? Feel it. Abide with me now. Touch the place — the Holy of Holies, in which perfect peace dwells without limitation, abiding within you as the foundation of your reality.

Feel the quality of a peace that forever passes all understanding and be glad, for the end of the journey is upon you and the holy Son of God is returned. The gift has been received. And in each moment that you are asked to abide for just a little while longer in this world, in each moment, seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and rest in the place of peace and you will know what needs to be said, what needs to be done and where to go, who to walk with. And you will know that you are never alone.

For the promise that I have given unto you remains true: “I am with you always.” And if ever you feel that your strength is waning, that a moment of doubt arises, remember this, for my word is true: I will give you the wholeness of my strength until yours is as certain as mine in every single moment that you ask for it. You don’t have to earn it because I give it freely.

And when it’s time to set aside the body and to give it back to your Holy Mother, do so with ease and with peace. Remember that you have never been the body. It’s just a tool for communication. Turn then your awareness in that moment to the great ray of Light that will seem to appear as though it were shining above you, and remember what I say in this moment: you are seeing the great ray of Light that you are, that you have always been and shall remain throughout all of eternity.

Little wonder that those that have had near-death experiences rather relish the thing — the tunnel of Light, to stand face to face with your true Self, to realize beyond all doubt that you are a great ray of Light emanating from the Mind of God Himself. And that is who you’ve always been. Always.

And if you would remember yourself in any moment, then see that great ray of Light that seems to descend like a dove and perhaps penetrates you through the crown of your head. Be you identified with Light and you are the Light of the world. Indeed.

I love you, and because I love you I come and I knock without ceasing. And my knuckles have never been bloodied — I got smart and gave up using a physical body. And to anyone who would just open the door a little tiny crack, rest assured I will rush in and sit down at your table and, boy, will we have some stories — a lot of “do you remember when?”, and a lot of laughter over the sweetest of wines you’ve ever tasted: the wine of perfect remembrance. You are loved wholly. You have never sinned and there has never been a trace of judgment upon you by the Mind of the One Who really matters.

Be you therefore at peace and understand that the only thing you are worthy of is the fullness of the Light you are, and the table has been set before you. Your Father asks you not to choose crumbs. Indeed. So.

It is a delicious silence, is it not? Let the memories come back. There are some of you in this room that know I am talking to you now. Let the memories come back. The world never succeeded in taking me from you. It simply allowed me to come closer. And rest assured, if I can manage to find a way to break through the veils of resistance in this my ancient and beloved brother’s mind, I can certainly come to you at the drop of a hat. Indeed.

You are the one. You are the one and it’s time. Many ancient members of a certain family are being gathered together. Some in some locations, some in others. It doesn’t really matter. There is no separation anyway. That which is beginning to be established in what you call your Ash Land, is, shall we say, a point of Light indeed. Some of you already know that. Some of you are going to learn it. And many of your ancient brothers and sisters have already heard the call and are thinking about, shall we say, becoming pioneers and moving westward to a place called Oregon and a little town called Ashland. Indeed.

A place of healing, of nurturance, of dance and of singing. Of community. A place surrounded by the sublime and treasured beauty of your Holy Mother. Indeed a place to be held sacred until every piece of concrete is like the steps to the greatest of cathedrals. And you will build the walls by being the ones who anchor that Light, just as others that you have known in ancient times are currently involved in similar works at many places all over this planet.

The tapestry is being woven and Light returns to Earth. And what you have waited for and what you have envisioned, what has touched you in your dreams and in your sleep, and some of you in your meditations and some of you full-blown while you are walking down your street, it is not imagination.

Do you have a role to play? Well, of course. What is it? To be the presence of Love right where you are in this moment, because when you do that, your guidance will unfailingly take you to the next. Let the Weaver weave the tapestry through you while you celebrate the rebirth of what you’ve always known in the depth of your heart. Many of you are nodding within, “Yes, that’s right. I know. I always knew that,” The time is at hand. The time is at hand. There. The telegram is delivered, and you know if you have received it.

So I am going to ask you that you take the things of this hour deep into your heart, even if the mind is kind of shuffling through the pages wondering if it’s a book you want to take home with you or not. Let the heart feel it rather than allowing the mind to think about it. And the part of your own right-mindedness will acknowledge for you if anything I have shared with you is the Truth.

I come to prove nothing. I come not to convince. I come to share good tidings of great joy. The Son re-awakens. I’m simply going to suggest that you allow yourself to have what you call a break. Only bodies can have breaks. And if you feel full, if you feel complete, if you feel baffled, it’s perfectly okay. And if you want to leave, by all means feel free to do so. In fact, I am going to ask that you just look in your own heart and understand that that guidance is there for you, and just ask if you’d rather stay or go. It makes no difference, you see, because all minds are joined, and I have to confess something that I haven’t really quite confessed before: that whenever anybody comes to one of these little gatherings, it’s not by accident, and once they come you could say that the telephone line is wired. And some have left a little baffled only to find that I keep showing up in their dreams and they can’t seem to shake me. They just haven’t quite realized that they are the one that acknowledged the desire to have the line put into their mind. That’s all. No one has ever come to this work by accident. No one. It’s not possible.

So enjoy your break, and you’ll know when it’s about time; and if you want to stay and, shall we say, chat together now that the telegram is delivered, by all means we will sit — although I don’t actually sit — and we will chat about whatever you want to chat about. Or we might just be together and hug and laugh a lot. It will be up to you.

I extend unto you my thankfulness for your presence. Not only in this hour but in all hours. I extend unto you the honor that I feel for you because you have chosen to take the final journey to God and to awaken from a longstanding dream. You have chosen to take upon yourselves the mantle of being the ones who stand awake so that others can make the same choice.

If I had a body, I would bow down before you, before your splendor and before your radiance, before your perfection and before your love and before your gifts and beauty. If you could only look with the eyes of your heart, you would surely come to realize that this friend and brother that the world has made far too much of has been bowing down before you since the moment you were created in the Mind of my Father. I relish the Love and the Light that you are and the gifts that you bring me. Just because you are. I love you, and the appearances of this world can never in any way, shape or form separate you from me. I won’t allow it.

Be at peace in all things, and remember, from peace comes the freedom to be wholly outrageous. Indeed. And the next time you eat some chocolate and somebody says, “Whew, bad stuff,” look them in the eye, throw your head back and say, “My Father gave it to me.”


Indeed. “And, boy, is it good.”

Jeshua, the tape’s about to end.

She doesn’t like to miss a word. For, you see, she has to take these tapes back to another old friend who is currently called Tom, who loves to transcribe all of these words and he doesn’t like missing a word. But when he does, he makes them up and they are usually okay.


Sometimes he catches me whispering and he gets the right one in. Sometimes he likes his own choices. Indeed. It is all rather laughable, isn’t it?

Do you see what comes from peace? Joy. Joy overflowing. And be you therefore joyous always. Laugh and sing and dance and play. You might need to after you eat your chocolate anyway. And just remember this: you have never left the Kingdom of Heaven. It isn’t possible. When the things of this world are put aside for the last time, you will smile and rejoice and you will know “I and my Father are One.”

Peace be unto you. Peace be unto you until indeed it is witnessed upon this plane: the sacred marriage of the things of Heaven with the things of Earth, that the Light of Christ might be extended as far as from the East to the West, and that is the meaning of the cross and the resurrection.

It might be good to let the Pope in on that.


Go in peace. I am with you always. No further away than the width of a thought. Amen.

Indeed, now once again we begin.

And indeed again, greetings unto you, beloved and precious friends, and now that we all know who we are, there is in Truth no need for long greetings.

I have not left you in what you call your break. It is a rather interesting word that you use. Some of you know what it means to take a break that lasts a lifetime or two.

But in the end you simply realize that freedom doesn’t really mean that you can choose whether or not to learn the only curriculum you need to learn. It simply means that it’s up to you when you will choose to learn it. And so when you take your break, a lifetime or two, nothing is really lost — just delayed.

If that is true — and I assure you that it is — it means that everything that comes to you by way of your experience has come through a consent at one level or another. It may not seem that way, of course, and you know what that feels like. But rest assured, not one thing can occur without your consent at some level.

I know that means that you have to completely abandon the thought of victimization. But I can’t help that. It is only an idea that disempowers you. Have you not learned in your own ways that each time you accept responsibility, even when you don’t understand it, for the events that have arisen in your own life and you choose to embrace them, somehow answers come? Miraculously, sometimes easily, and in the end you look back and go, “Boy, did I learn a lot from that. There’s a part of me that is even thankful for it.” That part is very precious.

When you touch the part that is thankful for whatever comes to you, when gratitude wells up within you, rest assured healing has occurred. And that means that when you can abide in the state of perpetual gratitude so that you are already giving thanks before something happens, there is nothing left to be healed.

When you can extend forgiveness to everybody for everything, even if they haven’t done it yet, you are ahead of the game. And when you can rest in gratitude for even the things that you haven’t imagined yet, oh, indeed, your joy is full. And out of that gratitude little miracles start to happen in the sense — and some of you know what I am talking about here — you get to see ahead of time what’s going to unfold.

It is only fear and the contraction of it that blocks your ability to see what some would call the future. I would simply call it tuning in to a part of the movie that’s already done. Gratitude is that aspect of energy that signals that your heart is open, that you’re receptive, that you’re trusting the whole thing, and that you acknowledge your safety. Gratitude says that right-mindedness has descended upon you and you recognize that while God has created you, you have not created God, and therefore indeed that gratitude is given forth to the Source of your being.

Gratitude is extremely powerful. Extremely powerful. The doctors and the healers of your world would do well to teach their patients — and indeed they must be patient often while doctors try to figure out what to do — they would do well to teach their patients the art of gratitude. For gratitude unlocks the ability of healing at all levels. At all levels. Gratitude actually opens the cells of the body so that the Light of Love can begin to flow again like a river. Gratitude is absolutely essential to living in the Kingdom. Absolutely essential.

And when I say become outrageous, especially become outrageous with your gratitude. Find the most mundane, perhaps the most heretofore irritating things, and actually change your energy field by getting into feeling gratitude for it. Really feeling it. Doing what you might call going and jumping off the cliff, expressing far more gratitude than the moment ought to call for. Whatever “ought” is supposed to be. And get into it until you actually feel it into every cell of your body.

Now, if you really want to have some fun with it — which you ought to do anyway — the next time that you purchase your groceries, really say, “Thank you.” Now, you are just warming the person up, so don’t get too outrageous at first. Leave the store. Come back in with the groceries, put them back on the counter. Say, “I just can’t seem to get away from this place. I just have to express my gratitude to you again.

This is amazing. This whole store is so I can come in and get whatever I want. You are there to take my money. Oh, did I give you enough? Are you sure. Well, here, let me give you a tip.” Give the person a tip. “Thank you, thank you.” Take your bags of groceries and leave. Come back in. Put them on the counter again. Say, “I can’t stay in my car. There is so much Light filling it, it just kind of sweeps me right out. I had to come back in. You are the most incredible being I have ever known. This is amazing. How do you do it? You get up, you come to this place every day just to serve me? This is incredible. Did I give you a tip? I’ll give you another one.” Pick up your groceries and leave.

Wait an extra minute. Come back again and by then, of course, you are shouting at the top of your lungs, “Could I talk to your boss? Is your supervisor here? I’ve got to… I just have to share this with somebody. Give this person a raise! This is amazing. This person brings so much Light that I can’t help but come here to buy my groceries. I am so thankful for you. This is amazing. Did I give you a tip? Here, let me give you another one.” And then take your groceries home.

Why not? Try it just once, and rest assured all the way home you will be whistling a happy tune. And those groceries, whatever it is you purchased as that which hopefully will sustain the body, will taste better than anything you’ve ever purchased in that store before. And it will be infused with your own Love and life force. So, why not give it a try?!

Perhaps we should begin having mandatory homework assignments.


Now, if you really want to have fun, get all of you together and buy your groceries at the same time.


It is not unlike some of the outrageous things I did with my friends way back when. You’ve been taught that it was a rather serious time. It was in other minds and sometimes I took on that seriousness to get the point across. But rest assured, we had more than our share of outrageous times. And I must confess that if it were given unto me to pick a body about to be in this time frame, I would be having a ball — because in your world there is an infinite array of opportunities to be wholly outrageous.

Sometime when you have the time — and I assure you you always have the time — take a look at one month of your time that you have lived and count up all the days in which you chose to do something totally outrageous and carried it out. And then look at the total. What were you doing on the other days? Being serious. And if you were being serious, and seriousness is of the world and not of the Kingdom, where were you? And if you were there, where was the Kingdom?

You’ll find that when you are in your seriousness and you know you are in the world, that’s when you feel like a seeker. And when you are in your outrageousness, your happiness, your joy, your simplicity, your trust, your compassion, that’s when you are in the Kingdom and you know that you are a finder. Now, given those two options, it is up to you to decide which holds the greater value. Indeed.

Well, enough of all of that. Now you know what to do the next time you go grocery shopping as a group.


Indeed. So I have promised you that in this hour it’s up to you. Totally up to you. And I come to abide with you as your friend and as your brother, and if I were given a body, I would kick my feet up and just be with you. And we can chat about anything you want to chat about. And if you have questions, indeed we will explore them. I don’t have any answers. What you can’t see is that whenever you ask a question I run over to my friend the Holy Spirit, given to me as the bridge to my Father, and say, “Hey, my friend wants to know this. What do you want me to tell them?” And the Holy Spirit whispers it to me. I run back and blend that thought or that idea through the mind of my beloved brother and out come certain words and you think I gave you the answer. And the other part of it is this: the Holy Spirit, when It receives the question that I have transmitted to it from you, runs full circle and sneaks in the back door of your heart, pulls out the answer, comes back and gives it to me.

In the end, this process has as its aim bringing you to the point where you recognize that right-mindedness is with you always, and when you are no longer attached to the answer in terms of what it is going to mean, what it’s going to be, when you are willing to trust, you will know that the answers you seek are always with you. And I have never said anything to anyone that has really been a surprise to their right-mindedness. It might be a surprise to their ego but not to the part of them that is in perfect alignment with the Mind of God.

So in that sense I’m just your servant and I deliver back to you what the Truth in you already knows. And at times you have needed that process because to truly hear the Truth seems to be painful until you hear it. And then, of course, it’s still up to you whether or not you will receive it and act on it. Let your own Truth live through you. That is something I can’t help you with. But I can certainly root you on.

Is all of that clear for you? Are you ready to begin?

Jeshua, I spoke with a friend today who lives in Kauai, and she asked me for many, many people on Kauai right now if you could possibly say a few words of encouragement for them. She described so well that the entire island feels like it’s gone through a spiritual winter. And if you could give some added words? I gave her words from my heart for a focus for them, right now.

Indeed. Could you feel me in a sense looking at you, waiting for you to ask your question?


Now, already these two friends over there, ancient sisters, who happen to love Kauai as much as anyone, having been there at its inception when it was a part of an ancient continent and culture called Lemuria, which, that place of it, although it wasn’t just a little island at the time, was created to be a rather sacred — some of you would call it a vortex — sacred temple. It is a very, very ancient land that is there. A very ancient energy that is there.

It’s been somewhat dormant for awhile in that regard. As you asked your question both of them were getting a little bit of a buzz in the spine and in the mind. How interesting it is that you would ask that question in Ashland when indeed things are already set in motion for the re-emergence, the rebirthing of that which is known as Kauai. And the best way to describe it would be to say that it will re-emerge as a hub of a spiritual wheel.

There will be a center created there. I speak not here particularly about a center that has walls and roofs although there will be some of that. And already there is being sent some who are very integral in establishing that center. And before you leave here, I want you to just have some fun and talk to Anastasia and make sure you have a certain being’s name and phone number to give to your friend. The tapestry is being woven.

I want to say just a few more things. A little wind has come to that land and it has created a definite… what could be perceived as a spiritual winter. But what follows winter?


Indeed. I would say unto your friend and unto many, rest assured the family is being gathered, and what is going to arise there can’t really be put into words yet, save to say this; many masters are going to begin to awaken to a call to gather there. They will be mind beings, if you will, that most of them will have mastered money. They won’t have issues with lack, and a lot of them will travel to places all over this globe and be involved in many works, and they will return to that place to be renewed, to be balanced, to be healed. And many will travel to that place even as they did a long, long time ago. I would say unto you that even the mayor of that place is already having visions and dreams, is already in alignment with what can be.

Therefore, great faith, great celebration and great joy. Let the visions descend into the minds of your friends, and there will be a tighter weaving that will take place in the next weeks and months to come. It would be very good for your friend to be in contact with the one whom Anastasia will tell you about, whose name I don’t want to mention at this time for certain energetic reasons. Thank you for the question.

Also let them know that from their perspective it could be said that there are many masters working as the laborers who are weaving the tapestry. Much remains to be set in place but all is proceeding well, and it requires their willingness to help anchor that vision. They already know that.

Do you think that will help?


Indeed. Does all of that seem surprising to anyone? Good. It’s just part of the script already written.

You know, of course, that that was one of the primary reasons you were here tonight.

Yes, Jeshua. It is fun, isn’t it?

I have a question. Earlier you mentioned time will be coming to an end. Will you be more specific about that?



Now, time itself does not exist in the Kingdom that was before time, and that’s one way to look at it. Time is that which is transcended when the mind slips between the cracks and remembers the Truth. Many of you in this room have had quite clear experiences of the timelessness, the eternality of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Time arose in an ancient beginning when the Son was one and walked with God. And in its infinite freedom the mind of the Son chose to hold one thought: “I wonder what it’s like to be separate from God?” And the Child began to dream, the Son of God began to dream a most interesting dream in which he sought to use his power to create unlike God. God creates that which is timeless and unchangeable. Therefore, to create unlike God is to create the things of time. Therefore, time was birthed with one thought, the thought of separation. And in that moment the one great Light which is the Mind of the Son, Christ, burst forth — your scientists have called it the “Big Bang”; they just didn’t know what they were talking about — in which Light became fragmented into what is perceived as many minds, all experiencing a descent into time, weaving tapestries of worlds and complexities upon complexities, seeking first to run from God and then to seek God.

What is happening is this: from the moment that explosion occurred and the dream of fragmentation and separation came into being, already the very energies of that explosion began weaving the tapestry that would eventually and inevitably bring the fragmented parts of the Mind of the holy Son of God back together to a recognition of oneness that transcends bodies, transcends physicality, transcends the things of space and time.

Therefore, time has been corrected, for the weaver of that tapestry is the Holy Spirit, Whose wisdom and guidance never errs. And the Holy Spirit uses everything every fragmented mind could ever think or create as the very means for steering that mind back to God, until the Light begins to dawn and the call to awaken is heard.

Many of you have looked at some of your past lives as you would call them and you have realized that you’ve been on this journey for awhile, doing a lot of preparatory work, healing work and all of that, getting closer and closer and closer. That happened when there was a turning about in the seat of the soul, the whisper of the Holy Spirit was heard. The call of your own soul to awake seeped through into consciousness. And you began to seek different things. You began to ask yourself questions in a new way. And you began to feel pulled, first in this direction and then in that, then into this lifetime and then into that, looking for something that you thought you knew, and then at the same time looking for something without even knowing why you are looking. And yet, something begins to compel you — and you all know that feeling.

Precious friend, in the end of perfect remembrance the things of time are put away and the purpose of time re-translated by the Holy Spirit, which is the extension of the Mind of God into the Mind of the Son, holding the thought of perfect union so that it could never be lost. Time has completed its holy purpose and the things of time are no longer valued and can then be gently put away. It is hard for the mind to comprehend that time, and yet it comes quickly.

Miracles…the purpose of a miracle is that it shortens the need for time. It is why when one is working on somebody, doing some healing work, and there is a breakthrough, it is like a quantum leap in which there is no distance traveled. You simply move from here to here, that fast. A miracle has occurred that has shortened the need for time, and that mind that has experienced the healing has saved countless lifetimes.

Because miracles shorten the need for time, you as a miracle worker are very much involved with the process of ending the need for time through the extension of your Love. And that is what creates the quickening, the acceleration that so many minds and hearts are feeling these days. It’s in the air. And yes, you would look out and see so many that don’t seem to be aware of it at all. That doesn’t matter. All minds are joined, and as one mind awakens, it makes it easier for the second. And when two are awake, numbers three through six will awaken very quickly. When all of them together awaken, seven through fifty awaken much more quickly. And that is how the Son of God returns. Not in a fiery chariot from the sky, but rebirthed in an ancient remembrance in the minds of the heretofore fragmented Son of God.

And in that day and in that hour when what you might call critical mass is achieved, there will be a sound heard. It will not be a physical sound. It will be a sound heard within the consciousness, within the soul, signaling the end of the world, the end of the need for time. But just yet there will not be calamity, as some have predicted in terms of Biblical predictions about the end of the world. But rather, the things of time themselves will be translated into that which most gloriously reflects the perfections of Heaven, so that they can be mirrored back in complete consciousness into every aspect of the Holy Mind of the Son of God. And, beholding his own splendor, the Son will be remembered in its entirety as One.

And you could say, if you want to paint a picture, that all minds will say together, “I and my Father are One and I put aside the things of this world — of fear, of doubt, of seriousness.” And there indeed will be a period of peace, of, call it dancing in the streets, in which you will play out one final dream: a dream still of bodies but of bodies that begin to be transfigured, filled, radiating more and more the Light of the Truth that the body was originally meant to conceal. And the body itself shall become a Light, and separation will be seen no more and minds will join as one beyond the reaches of space and time.

And that which has been created collapses, dissolves in a Light incomprehensible and a joy for which there are no words. Time indeed, beloved friend, will come to an end, that the things of eternity shall be remembered fully.

How, then, to speak of such a moment beyond time, when the Son has returned to his rightful place? No words can touch that. No words can touch it. But I can say that the greatest of ecstasies, the greatest of pleasures that any mind could ever experience in this world — and I would place within that category my own transfiguration — pale to insignificance to that moment when all things are returned to God and there is naught but perfect union. And Light that begets Light radiates out and fills a circle that has no circumference, neither beginning nor end.

Indeed, beloved friend, time will end, that eternity may be rebirthed completely. And it is you who will be present with me in that moment, and we will be together with all of our brothers and sisters, indeed — Light dissolving into Light beyond the comprehension of this world that has been dreamed into being from one thought: separation from God.

I hope that helps a little bit. Thank you.

Now what do you do in the meantime? Play and celebrate what comes to pass by being the one who chooses to remember now. A little ahead of everybody else. And what happens when you choose to remember? You become a miracle worker and you shorten the need for time. Your remembrance is a remembrance that is a gift to everyone seeking to remember.

So whenever you are led to feel, “What possibly could I ever do? What could I ever give anyone?” understand that you can give to this world the gift of the possibility of remembrance by being the one who remembers.

I have a question about something you said earlier about Ashland being a center of Light. I’ve been traveling for several months and found myself drawn here. I planned on staying a couple of days, and a week later I’m still here. In fact, I intended to leave a couple of times and I’ve gotten two flat tires in the last five days. So I’m getting the message that I might need to stay here. And I could use some help and encouragement with that.


Well, all I can say is that I indeed hope you’re willing to accept the message before something else has to happen.


That’s occurred to me, yes.

Just happened to feel attracted to this place, huh?



We’re all here because we want to be here.

Yes, I’ve heard that.

And you see all around you the many who felt the same call — perhaps in a different time, but they heard the call and they’ve been waiting for you. And you have awakened to your own call. You could say that once upon a time we all got together and for a moment remembered ourselves as great rays of one Light, and we saw how the drama was going to get played out and so you popped up and said, “Well, look. I’ll go to Ashland. It sounds like it might be a nice place to be then.” And I said, “Very well.” And you said, “Look, could you just ring me up when it’s time?” So I went to my secretary and said, “Could you put that down on the calendar, since I don’t have one?”

Now, the appointment book was rather full. A bit of time had to go by, and you got engrossed in reading the magazines in the waiting room — so much so that you began to fantasize that you were the characters in the stories you were reading and you forgot that you were in the waiting room and began to doze off. What happened, beloved friend, is that the bell rang and the secretary said, “Yoo hoo, you can come in now.” And you felt attracted, and it almost felt like it was somehow by accident, like, “What’s doing this?” You are, because you’ve agreed in an ancient time, and seemingly forgotten.

So, did you get your tires fixed?


Indeed. How do you like it here?

I love it here. I’ve been feeling a lot of joy and happiness since I’ve been here.

Well, we can’t have too much of that, now.

Now, the reason I asked you that is this: what you’ve just said is going to help countless, countless others understand something. Many are going to hear and read what you just said, and in it they will understand that the way that they will know where they are to be, and when they are to be there, is by noticing the quality of joy that emerges from them when they find that place, when they follow their heart’s desire and arrive where they are asked to be. So, you see, you’ve just been a miracle worker. How about that?


Indeed. Now, I can lend you my support for being here and I can tell you that indeed, beloved friend, you have listened well to the right-mindedness within you, in which all wisdom and Truth abides and in which guidance never errs. It knew how to find Ashland on a tiny point on one planet amidst a million worlds, and here you are. And I would bet that there are many sitting around you right now who are feeling the appropriateness and the rightness of your presence here and are already celebrating it. Is that not true?


Support will indeed be given. Merely open up to receive guidance, help, friendship, community. Don’t try to dampen the Love and the joy. Isn’t it about time?


Yes, indeed. So when you leave here tonight, indeed you can skip all the way home because you’ve arrived. The ship has sailed into port. Enjoy it. Trust each moment and let your gratitude lead you into the next without error. No need for any more flat tires. Does that help you with that?

Yes. Yes, thank you.

Thank you for awakening to your own call.

Little brother, peace be with you. My question is about multiple lives. You’ve spoken about people living many lives. I’ve been confronted with this question several times in the past year, and I don’t remember other lives so I simply wait until the Light comes. I’d like to hear from you on this?

Ultimately, the value of the idea of reincarnation is found in its ability with some to shift their perception so that they remember that life is eternal, without beginning and without end, that there is no such thing as death and that they far transcend just the one life that the world has tried to tell them they are. Is it necessary to remember what are perceived as past lives or other lives? No. It can be helpful in a process of healing, but it is not necessary. And this is so because that which has been brought with you unhealed from another life, if you want to use that form of language, is most certainly going on in your life where you are.

And therefore to look at what is happening in this life is to see the reflection of what has been going on in many others, both of what you might call the good and the bad. And as you correct what is going on by coming back into your right-mindedness, because time is not real and separation does not exist, you quite literally heal a thousand lives. What you heal now in this life heals a thousand lives. Don’t take the number literally, this means all of them.

When others are pursuing the desire to remember other lives, celebrate their successes. Honor their path, and yet trust your own knowingness. The mind might say, “Well, why is that happening to me and maybe I’m missing out?” You can’t possibly miss out on your own pathway home.

Your task, whether you remember your lifetimes or not, is to be the presence of the Thought of Love in form now. And when all lifetimes have been remembered, and all dramas have come back into your memory, you are still left with just that: the decision to be one who is awake, the presence of Love.

For, you see, precious friend, in the end of all seeking one discovers something that seems incredible at first, and then the most natural fact of all. And it is this: you live the life of every being. There is nothing and no one outside of you. You have never looked upon a stranger, for you have seen only yourself, and you are your brother’s keeper because you are your brother.

We talk about reincarnation and other lives because that is what the mind at that moment can work with. But that is not the end of the movie by any means. And yes, that does mean that the life of Jeshua ben Joseph is your life, an aspect of your own beingness. Yes, it’s possible for anyone to tap into that core of what could be called cosmic consciousness and actually feel what it was like to be crucified, dead and buried. It is not outside of you by any means.

That is why some of you can remember so many lives. That’s why some of you, if we could get you together, would remember the same life. Indeed. That’s what needs to be grasped. You live the life of every being. There is nothing outside of you. And it all brings you back around to now, and the simplicity of the choice to be or not to be the presence of Love, that which your Father created you to be and which you remain eternally.

So when next the question arises about multiple lives, past lives, just sit back and go, “I understand that. What’s the big deal?” And just smile and remember that each fragmented mind has woven a tapestry, to use that language again, and the Holy Spirit takes a look at it and scratches His head and goes….He doesn’t even have a head, but He would if He had one…


He says, “Well, that’s an interesting tapestry. You actually believe you’ve had all of these lives, one after the other, and look at that. That’s a bad one there. Well, we’ll just set about to create some situations in which we start to unravel the dream that you are dreaming until Light floods the mind and you look and say, ‘My God, I am all things. I am without beginning and without end. It’s true. I am that one created in the Mind of God, the holy and only begotten Son of God.’”

At that point who has need of past lives? Does that help?

Very much. It’s pretty much what I have come to on my own in the past couple of years.

What, you mean you didn’t need me?


There are others that are going to hear this tape, and I do need you, yes. For the past couple of years the focus of my work has been around the sevenfold peace.


Yeah, oh. And yet to come. And the first of the sevenfold is peace with the body, and during our break there were some people talking about eating animal flesh, and I’d like you to speak for a moment about consuming the flesh of your brothers, the cows, the goats and the chickens, if you might?

To begin with, I want to say that the eating of a vegetable is nice because they don’t scream as loudly.

{Laughter and giggling}

You hear them nonetheless.

Now, there is no judgment upon the eating of flesh. It does not and cannot separate you from God. Therefore, the shift that needs to occur is to make sure that you understand that, for instance, to become a vegetarian, to become a breathairian, to become a lightarian, you do not do these things in order to get to God. You allow them to express themselves, those changes that come, out of your devotion and love and gratitude. Out of your whole-mindedness. When you do that, not even a trace of judgment arises about the pathway of another because you come to see that the correction of diet before the mind has been corrected doesn’t really correct much at all.

When I said, “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things shall be added to you”, I meant in part that when your mind is corrected and you are awake, you will know that you can trust the guidance given unto you. And the guidance then becomes quite naturally that you feel more comfortable with that which is lighter upon the being, that requires less energy. It becomes almost a practical concern rather than a moral or a spiritual one. And then when you become willing to allow the Holy Spirit to re-teach you, you give up the need to hold on to habits you have learned from your parents, from others, and you no longer care whether you eat meat or whether you don’t.

You allow that wisdom to inform you, moment to moment, day to day. And you will find that perhaps one day it’s suddenly time to fast. And the next day, watermelon. You can’t stop thinking about watermelon. So if you are wise, you’ll go to the store and get a lot of it. The next day you might want rice and bread, what have you.

But the point is you begin to be led by a different wisdom that gently corrects the misperceptions and habits that may not necessarily be helping you in your desire to allow Light to be expressed. The critical issue is this: that there be no judgment upon anyone at anytime, because each perception of judgment actually separates you from the sevenfold peace.

When I walked upon this plane, I ate meat occasionally. I didn’t have a ‘Seven-Eleven’ to run to. And when I was with those who were eating meat, at times I ate it. I wasn’t a glutton about it, but I did eat some. But insofar as it was possible at all times, and after much time of training of the body, most often I ate one meal a day and it was a small one. It was eaten in what you call the middle of the day. I drank the purest of waters and I always blessed everything. I was taught to place my hands a few inches around things and just abide in deep gratitude until I could feel the Light enlivening that substance, bringing it into a vibration that matched my frequency. Then I ate, each bite with mindfulness and gratitude.

Indeed, precious friend, it is not by accident that the first step is peace with the body. Because, you see, the ego has used the body as a device to bolster its perception that it is separate from God. The ego is at war with the body, constantly. It’s what creates disease. To create peace with the body, first, now this is the key: remember who it is that’s creating the peace — the holy Son of God himself, who is already perfect and cannot be fixed because nothing’s wrong. Look then upon the body as a tool given to you by your precious and Holy Mother, this Earth, as a means whereby the awakened Mind of Christ can extend that Light and Love into the world in a way that it can be recognized. Love the body but do not identify with it. Love first the union of Father and Son, and from that right-mindedness you will be well guided in all things.

But if you look upon another who wants to go out and have a steak, ask within. It may be that the moment is set before you to say a few things. Not by way of judgment but by way of questions. “How do you feel when you eat that? Does it bring lightness and joy or does it tend to create heaviness so that you want to go home and go to sleep?” In that way it may be appropriate for them to begin to look at that pattern or that habit. But it’s not up to you. It’s up to the Holy Spirit, Who knows how to weave the tapestry.

The real key is: extend Love until your brother and sister embraces that Love for themselves and gives permission to the Holy Spirit to re-teach them how to do all things. And if it is necessary for them to correct, make changes in the diet, rest assured when they rest in Love, changes will come naturally. It will not be a burden and it will not be difficult.

Does all of that help you?

Thank you very much. Not to hog the microphone, but I have one more question. Public question.

Hog the microphone. Isn’t that meat?

Yes, it is. The sixth of the sevenfold peace is peace with the Earthly Mother, and our Earthly Mother is in somewhat a state of trauma right now. And it’s an aspect of the sevenfold peace I’m working on personally, and I’d like you to speak to that, to the whole planet, but to us right here.

Oh, indeed, precious brother, you have hit a soft spot within me, and indeed I would well speak to the peace that must again be reborn — peace between the Son dwelling in the dream of separation and this most precious and Holy Mother, the Earth. For indeed this Earth is a reflection of God’s Love in form. This Earth indeed supports you no matter what you do. Its Love is so grand, its beauty so sublime, that no words can contain it and nothing can limit it. The Earth is alive. The Earth is an entity that takes form much like you have, and its shape and its beauty is its quality and it is its expression of its own knowingness that God is but Love.

The Earth indeed embraces you and would give unto you secrets unimaginable and would support you in giving unto you all that you could ever need. And its bounty would be overflowing, so that man could again learn that he does not lack for anything. And in Truth the herbs of the field can become your meat. And this Earth awaits the day when the sleeping Son of God awakens entirely, and in that day and in that hour, precious friend, the waters will run clean. The airs will be purified, filled with colors that have not been seen save in an ancient memory of a time when man walked with God and knew it.

Indeed, this precious and Holy Earth loves you, and the Love is so grand, so grand that you will never fathom it. How then to make peace with this Earth? Begin by realizing that, of course, the body comes from the Earth itself, and there is nothing in this thing that you won’t find in the Earth. You are linked to the Earth. Learn to breathe the breath of the Earth. Learn to hear her sacred song. Embrace her beauty. Embrace the sublime energies of healing. Walk often with the soles of your feet without shoes upon the Earth. Feel and draw forth the power of it within the soles of your feet up to the crown of your head. And never fail whenever you have the opportunity to sit by a flowing water and let the sound thereof carry you beyond this world.

Indeed, precious brother, this Earth is the greatest blessing given to the Son of man. And peace shall be restored when peace is restored in the Mind of the Son of God.

Ah, I love this Earth and I was taught to honor her. And I was taught how to arise, how to train the body without an alarm clock, by the way, to arise before the first traces of dawn came to caress her sacred body.

And indeed I would arise and I would go forth, and I would stand with my feet upon the Earth and my hands lifted palms Heavenward, and I would feel that sacred union of the things of Heaven and the things of Earth merging as energies of Light within me, dwelling within my heart. And I sent forth rays of this perfect marriage of the things of Heaven and the things of Earth out first through every cell of the body, and I learned how in the twinkling of an eye to release every last trace of disease, disharmony and fatigue by receiving the energies of this, my precious and Holy Mother, manifested in the body of this Earth.

And I learned that Christ is born when the things of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother are wed and give birth to the awakened Christ Child. And then I would sit by a tree, and I would feel its roots as it moves deeply down into the soil and how its branches would uplift to the Light of Heaven, and I would become one with that tree. My strength became as the strength of a mighty oak. And then I would sit next to the flowing river and I would hear the sound thereof, and indeed the music was so sweet to my soul. And I would become one with that sound and it would carry me beyond this world to the domain of my precious and Heavenly Father.

Oh, indeed, the treasures of this Earth, all the treasures of this Earth. Make great haste and abide with the energies of this Earth as often as you can. What good is sleep when the power and the majesty of her energies are waiting to be given to you just before the first rays of each dawn? Indeed.

Embrace the whole of this Earth and make your peace with her. And that is accomplished when you begin by acknowledging that you are the Son of God and no one else. Then peace shall be restored between you first and the Earth, and that peace shall spread out to embrace the whole of this creation, even the farthest star.

Rest assured this Earth will not taste death at the hands of minds filled with insane ideas. Her Love and her wisdom is far too grand for that. Thank you for asking me.

Thank you, Brother. Peace be with you.

And peace be unto you, ancient brother.

Jeshua, I am part of the movement called “Starbome Unlimited,” and they have endorsed many of the things that you have said this night. Are all the teachings of Solara of this Truth that you speak and of this loving energy that you speak of?

First, precious friend who has waited so long to hear me say unto you that which indeed you have heard as a reflection of the Truth etched within your heart so very long ago, I will say unto you: the teaching of this one is one hundred percent effective for some minds. Does it reflect the Truth? Indeed it does, and in this I see not a ray of shadow. Not a ray of limitation. Is the language different? Of course, because as the tapestries of the minds of mankind have been woven, many languages have been needed. It is called the “Tower of Babel.” And so I come and babble my way and others babble their way, but we babble the same babble.


Indeed. And what I say, another might not ever hear unless they happen to be part of a certain lineage. And that teaching through that vehicle touches those that I cannot reach, just as I reach those who would never be caught dead listening to such babble.

It is all being woven by a great Light that knows how to catch the attention of every mind, and if there is one lost sheep out there that doesn’t quite get caught in the tapestries that have been woven, the languages that are being spoken, rest assured the Holy Spirit will make up a new one.


No one will be left without a pathway home. Does that help?

That answers my question. Thank you. I have one more; I have one other question. When you walked upon the Earth, you had…there was a contemporary of yours called Pollonious of Talaro, or something like that, and he did miracles the same as you. My question is, after your time, the church taught that he was the Antichrist. This I feel is false but I wanted to ask you for sure.

Well, first I just want to say that…

Epilonious of Tolara, Diana, I think was his name.

{Apollonius of Tyana}

Now, my miracles were real. He did his with mirrors.


Now, precious friend, that one was not the Antichrist. The Antichrist is the judgment placed upon that one. There have been many miracle workers, and there is nothing that I have ever done that others haven’t also done, save this: it would be appropriate to say that I was the first to complete the Atonement within myself, and because of that, responsibility for the Atonement was given unto me by my Father.

There have been many miracle workers but they had not yet allowed the true miracle to occur within themselves, as many can indeed extend healing but have difficulty receiving it. Did this one work miracles? Yes; there were others that just got lost to history.

Was the church correct in condemning? Condemnation is never correct. Only Love is real.

Right. That’s what I thought.

No, it’s what you’ve always known.


Indeed. Good to have you here and to see you again. You know my presence has been with you from time to time.

That is correct.

Yes. It wasn’t your imagination.


Now we’ve made it official.


I’d like to ask if it’s part of my tapestry or the tapestry whether I should make a physical move into Ashland and leave my current home?

Beloved friend, the weight that you have carried need not be carried any longer. Already it is been taken and removed from you and you are free to walk forward according to your knowingness and your Truth. Gone is the time of weakness. Reborn is the time of strength and the time of certainty of purpose. You will find the answer to your question not coming from me in this hour specifically, although I’ve just given an answer to a far deeper question.

It is time for you to go within and trust your knowingness. How you will know whether to do that or not has already been mirrored to you by your friend with flat tires. How you will know what the proper course of action is, let not the fear that can emerge from the ego be the final voice that you will listen to, but plumb the depths and rest in the peace in the heart. There the way will be set straight for you.

If I were to give you the answer in the form that you were hoping for, it would be of a great disservice to you at this moment. You are having what is called a bit of an initiation, and you are being asked by yourself whether or not you are going to be willing to trust and follow your knowingness

Rest assured, when in your privacy you indeed go within, if you call upon me, I will come and abide with you and you will feel my countenance upon you as you have in this evening. But I cannot give you that answer. It must be revealed within yourself for yourself. And from that will come indeed the rebirthing of a great strength that you have kept hidden from yourself out of an ancient sense of unworthiness, and that is the weight that is removed from you. Your time is upon you now.

Thank you.

Thank you for your courage. We both know what you are going through internally. Time for some shifting, time for some healing, time for some growth. Time for awakening.

I was once told in a reading that I had been with Jesus, and I was to remember that time as the laughing Jesus. I was glad to hear of your joy at that time.

It’s all a front. I’m actually very serious. Do you know the picture of me?


The artist kind of had a bit of a flashback to an ancient memory. For that one looked upon me in the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem and saw me with my head back, laughing uproariously. And I was at that time surrounded by several friends, some of what you might call disciples — what a boring word — and indeed we were being a bit outrageous. I left an imprint, and I had a little hand in activating that imprint so that that picture could begin to come back and seep into the seriousness that has been built up around me that is entirely false.

And indeed, precious friend, there is a very ancient reason why you only feel an attraction to that aspect of who I am. Indeed. Nice to see you again. The body’s a bit different. Oh, well. Are you enjoying it?

It’s had its wars but I am starting to enjoy it.

Because you are enjoying yourself.


So do me a favor. Laugh often in remembrance of me. Memories are going to begin to come back. They’ve been kept at bay because of an ancient hurt, an old fear that your friend really had been taken from you and you knew not where to look. Look no further; I am with you. It is safe to remember and to release — while you’re laughing, of course. Indeed.

So, by accident you came here.

Nobody wanted to help set up.

And live with you.


You, too. There will not be a veil of separation again. I said to you then, “Rest assured, I will come for you when the time is ready.” Voila!

I have a question. From your ministry in the Earth plane there came forward the teaching of the significance of the blood, and I would like to know the inner meaning, if there is any, to that question of the power of the blood?

Ah, yes. It has been amazing to me to watch how so many theologians have been paid so well to debate and question and try to figure it all out, and how many brothers have been angry one with another just because the other wouldn’t see it their way.

I want to share with you that there’s no big surprise, no magical, mystical element. It simply means the blood is that which flows, that which is of life, and that is all it really represents. And when you understand the significance of the blood, you understand that which flows through you and gives you life is the remembrance that Christ dwells in you. That which is of death is when the blood no longer flows, it no longer circulates, because you have forgotten the Truth of who you are. It’s really quite simple, and frankly, it was borrowed from previous times in terms of a metaphor to use. There is no great power in the blood itself. There is only power in the remembrance that it signifies the breath of life flowing through you, and that breath is the remembrance, “I and my Father are One.”

Thank you. That clears that up for me. Perhaps we should create a new Christian primer.


Jeshua, I have a question. I have confusion about how I came to be in this body, how I came to be, the significance of being here tonight, and what I can do to facilitate what I am here to do? Thank you.

First, beloved brother, the confusion comes only from the fact that there is not a clear remembrance of your having put out the call, and that’s okay. It’s really insignificant. Rest assured you are not here by accident. And you have carried with yourself for a very long time a perception that it’s for others to take the lead. It’s for others to know the things of the past and the things of the future. It’s for others to have some quality of specialness that would make them stand out in the spiritual crowd, so the speak. That within you there are no unique or powerful gifts.

Precious friend, you carry one of the greatest gifts and the power of it will begin now to blossom. It is the gift of your presence, the gift of your ability simply to be, without need of trying to get anything from the future, without need of casting judgment upon anybody, without need of feeling there is something lacking. Just your presence brings a Light that is like a beacon, and as you allow — the most important key to the Kingdom, by the way, allowing — as you allow yourself to simply acknowledge and listen well, that you need do nothing, much will begin to be done around you and through you.

My only suggestion is that you consider becoming a bit more active in communicating with the circle beginning to revolve in this area around the point of Light being created. In other words, kind of move in and set up shop. Communicate more with those that are doing things in this area. Begin to attend some meditations that are going on. Just have fun. Do all of those things. But above all, for you it is absolutely critical that you allow your, what has been called by others a mantra, to be simply this: “I need do nothing, save to just be.” That’s more than enough for now.

Put aside your confusion and rest in faith. And from faith clarity will be born, rest assured. The tendency in your mind is that, “There must be something else that I can do. What can I develop in myself?” Nothing. You need only be willing, and if you give the Holy Spirit just this much willingness, rest assured, if there’s a mountain to be moved, it will be moved. You need do nothing save remember and be at peace.

Thank you.

I’m not saying that that’s all you’ll be doing in the future.

Jeshua, I don’t really have a question. I just want to say, “Thank you.” I really appreciate the confirmation that you have made for me and the Light that you’ve brought me. Thank you.

Beloved brother, rest for just a moment. Do you not feel a peace descending upon you even now? And perhaps perceived and felt by you as a gentle warmth?

I do.

Where does it seem to be coming from? Can you sense a direction?

From behind me to my heart.

Yes. And you know that I am indeed in this very moment standing behind you. I do not come into this body and I am not limited by blending through this mind in order to activate this and communicate through words. Indeed, I am with you now and the warmth that you feel is indeed an energy being directed by me to your heart. It will begin to even deepen the healing that has been occurring all night long.

Precious friend, thank you for answering my invitation.

Thank you for answering the question I couldn’t ask.

You are welcome. Indeed.

Hi, Jeshua.


I have one question and it’s kind of a big question. I want to know what created God?

Nothing. Nothing. I have said that the holy Son of God is unlimited and that is true. And yet, that which is created has a limit in the sense that while the Son of God has been created by God, the Son of God has not created God and, therefore, remains the created.

What, then, is God? Mystery beyond all mysteries. Love beyond all Love. Light incomprehensible without beginning and without end, a Light that is present everywhere to the mind that is awake and sees. What is God? She is beauty. I thought I should get that in.


She is grace and She is compassion and She is power and wisdom indeed. She is that which flows forth and gives of Herself without measure. And out of Love overflowing creates the image of Herself as the holy Daughter of God, that which you are: great rays of Light forever and eternally pouring forth from the One Light that is never separate from the ray of Light. What has created God? Nothing. God has no beginning and no end. And in Her do you abide always, now. And this world, this world holds no power over the precious and holy offspring of God: you.

Good question.

Thank you.

Would you expand on what you said earlier about Ashland being a center of Light? I’d like to hear more about that.

Always wanting to look around the corner.


Be careful not to fall into seriousness, for if indeed this has already begun to arise seemingly without anybody directing it, you can rest assured that that same guidance will continue and not be lost unto you.

The point of Light has begun and from my perspective you could say that the Light is beginning to circulate now around that point, around that center, a little faster, a little brighter, which means it is going to start to be recognized. It is going to start to take some shape, and it will depend on the willingness of those of you gathered to begin to deliberately set aside some times to celebrate — just to get together, to play, to laugh, to extend your gratitude — and also in each of your own ways hold that frequency. Send out the message. Let those whom you think you have forgotten know that the place is secured, the feast is set and the invitations are out.

Separation between minds that love simply does not exist. And that means, as you hold that image within the mind as you meditate, as you pray, as you walk, as you wash the dishes — it doesn’t matter what you are doing — as you send that Light out that you are ready to receive them, more will begin coming, and that’s part of that process where the energies swirling around the point of Light begin to pick up speed and take on more and more form.

The primary focus is, shall we say, the anchoring of those energies, more than getting serious and building buildings and creating formal organizations. It’s past that point. There is no need for a formal organization. Let Love be your guide. It’s all going to happen. It is happening. Now, the only way you can interrupt it is to get really serious and refuse to play and to laugh and to sing and to dance, refuse to talk to each other, refuse to give each other a hug in the middle of the street; then you can delay it. But if you do the opposite, the process will accelerate.

Now, in that, beloved friend, you know well there is some very concrete instruction about what needs to be done to get around the corner. Fair enough?

Yes. Thank you.

Jeshua, I wanted to say one thing before this evening closes, and then I wanted to thank you for our assistance in the circumstances happening between Cathy and I and that your words were very healing and a very confusing, confusing experience to me.

Beloved friend, precious Child of Light divine, undefiled forever, the pure and one substance with all that God is — God is but Love — rest assured that for healing to be extended through my touch, my presence or my words, there must be a place within you ready to receive it. Healing requires two.

Be you therefore glad that you were willing to provide the place and you opened the door. I did not open it for you. I merely entered because you invited me in. That is what has brought the healing: your willingness. It was my delight and my honor to have something to do with it. And my promise unto you remains true. And it is the same promise given unto this my ancient friend that you call Cathy. For I said “Whatsoever you will ask, I will do.” And that promise I give forth unto you now. I am at your beck and call. Call upon me and I am with you, and my presence shall restore your peace because that is what you are choosing, and my strength shall become your strength, and the day will arise when you are going to be puzzled, for you are going to look and you will no longer be able to tell where you end and I begin.

Intimacy, indeed. How do you like three a.m.?

Ahh, well, it could be okay.

Perhaps we’ll move slowly toward that.

Thank you.

Would a box of chocolates help?



Now, I want to let you in on a little secret. I’m the guest that never leaves.

{Loud and long laughter}

You’ve invited me in. I love you.

Thank you.


Jeshua, how does one let go of resistance?

You can’t. But there is One Who can take it from you. The attempt to let go of resistance actually comes from the part of the mind that yet believes it is in control — that is, it can make it happen. Grace reveals the fact that not only of yourself do you not need to do anything, of yourself you can’t do anything.

Beloved friend, well have I watched your struggle with that question. It’s woken me up at times. Well, it would have, if I ever slept. Now, the one thing you haven’t done is to recognize that you can’t do it. All you need to do is give it to me. Have some fun with it. You need not bring a bunch of religious seriousness to it. Just say, “Hey, look. If you’re so hot, then take this.” Give it to me and I will unwind your fingers from around an ancient hurt and an old fear and resistance shall indeed melt away. And yet, you will not notice the day or hour when that has occurred. You will only begin to notice its effects. And then one day you are going to see what’s happened and you will be startled, and you will look around and say, “When did that happen? Where did the resistance go?”

And a certain “Thief” will have broken in in the night and will have stolen the cobwebs of shadows long since outgrown and you will only notice the absence of resistance. Fair enough?


And I’ll send you my bill later.

Thank you.

Remember, just begin the gentle practice of giving it to me. Unless, of course, you really are intent on keeping it. It is safe now. It is safe now. This time your vulnerability will not be misused by anyone. Indeed.

I honor you, and I ask all of you who have ever loved me that indeed if you would honor me, honor first the Son that dwells in your heart as fully as it dwells within mine. Be you therefore glad, for the end of the journey is at hand. We have come in this hour to the threshold of the Kingdom, and the final step is not one that we take but one that is taken for us by the One Who has sent us forth.

And in the end of all journeying an ancient journey ends and a new one begins: no longer the journey to the Kingdom but the journey within it, in which we walk hand in hand, gathering our brothers and sisters as we go with great joy and with great celebration, by merely extending the ray of Light that we are, until the whole of creation is enfolded in our Love and we return it to the One Whom we love above all created things — that which has been called my Holy Father. And God is but Love. Think you therefore with the Mind of God and extend only loving thoughts, because what you teach is indeed what you learn.

My blessings I would bestow upon you. My peace I would extend unto you. I would give it unto you. Wrap yourself up with it anytime you want. Remember, I am with you always. And yet the blessings that I would bestow are not mine to give. They are yours. And I can give them to you only if you receive them. And the peace I would wrap you with is the peace of yourself: that great ray of Light forever shining that knows no beginning and indeed will know no end.

If I live in you, you are awake; and yet, if I live in you, you are alive and it is you who lives within me. And when I look upon you, I know that which I am, and we are far closer than brother and brother and brother and sister. And someday you will come to look upon me as I look upon you. For in Truth when I look upon you, I have to ask the Holy Spirit where I end and you begin and take it on faith because I still can’t see the boundary.

Look then, and learn to see me with the very same eyes through which I see you and the Son is returned and the journey completed. Laugh, sing, dance and play and be outrageous. And in that, you have taken up your cross and followed me, for you have learned that the cross of the resurrection is made of Light. Therefore, my way is easy and without effort.

Peace be unto the holy and only begotten Son of God, who arises from an ancient sleep to fill this world with the presence of His Light. Her Light. Go in peace. I am with you always.


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