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Hang on a sec…

Now we begin.

Indeed, greetings unto you yet once again, beloved and holy children of Light divine. For in Truth you are created before time is and indeed even now you abide in that which is timeless and eternal, has never been born and will never taste death.

I know that’s confusing to the mind of the world; but indeed if you would know Truth, you must in a sense turn the back of your awareness on all perceptions and ideas that the world has sought to teach you. For the world is nothing but the reflection of the limited perception that the holy and only child of God can indeed be separate from all that our Father is. And from that belief the world that you have experienced many times has been born.

Therefore, if you would know the Truth of the Kingdom, turn the back of your consciousness to every perception the world has taught you. It is indeed the meaning of “turning the other cheek.”

It does not mean that if one would slap you on the left side, to let them slap you on the right, but rather to see and understand how the perceptions of the world have created for you—and you all know what I mean by this—the experience of being slapped on the left cheek. You know what I mean—a bit of suffering here and there, a bit of disappointment, expectations not achieved—and some of you are well aware of how many times you have gathered together the molecules of dust to form a body only to find that it has not kept you safe and, therefore, it has gone back to the dust of the ground again.

Would you be willing, would you in Truth be willing to turn the other cheek? That is, to turn away for just a moment from the perceptions born of the world and to ask that Truth be restored to you? For indeed a primary perception your world would have you learn and hold is that you already know what Truth is. That it can be measured, it can be tasted. That it is like a box that contains many other beliefs about birth and life and death, the meaning of special relationships, the hope that in the body you can find freedom. That you are here to be “the creators of your own reality” is utter nonsense. Utter and complete nonsense.

Let no one say unto you that you are here to create your reality, for you are here but to allow the expression, unimpeded, of the only reality that could ever be: The reality of the perfect and holy union of Father and child, of God and child, of Love and the extension of love.

There is no effort in this. Effort comes from resistance to the simplicity of the only Truth that can ever be: that you are but Love and that is all. And your function and your purpose rest solely in the extension of the Love you are. For indeed, as you give that love away, you will know that you have received it.

How can you create a reality that is the basis of your eternal being? You cannot. It is given unto you freely. For though you can be one with God, you have not created God. But God has created you, for the Son is the offspring of that Light of Love divine, and you find your purpose and your function and your fulfillment every time you turn the cheek away from the world, so that the head and the eyes of the heart turn with it and you behold a different Voice, a Voice that speaks softly, speaks gently, without fear, without longing, without anxiety. A Voice that does not tell you in the future you will find the peace you seek, but a Voice that whispers so gently: You are already the peace you seek.

The world cannot bring it to you and this world cannot take it from you. And yet, it is in the giving of it that you will know that you possess it eternally.

Now, what does that mean in practical terms?

It means this—and if you would contemplate this one thought daily, it will bring many shifts to your perceptions, healing to the perception. The thought is simply this: there cannot be at any time, at any place, in any dimension of this drama—this dream that some of you think is real—there cannot be a single set of circumstances that hold the power to destroy your right to choose peace. Nothing.

Not the birth and death of a child. Not the loss of a relationship. Not a bankruptcy. Not major cataclysms upon this Earth. Not a steak that has been cooked too long. Hmm. Not one thing can steal from you the freedom of the choice given unto you that rests in the essence of your mind and your heart to choose peace. Nothing. And if that is true—and I assure you that it is—it also means this: there can be no special circumstances you need to achieve before you can choose to be the peace that you seek.

Shucks. But, Jeshua, that takes the whole game away. It brings a stop to the world.

Good. Good. For in Truth, when the world is stopped—which means the mind stops spinning in its attempt to create its reality that it thinks will bring it peace, and allows itself to become as a servant of the heart, in which stillness abides and in which peace has never been lost, and through which the Love of God seeks to be extended through you like great rays of Light that would caress and enfold the whole of creation— indeed, when the mind is set at rest and it becomes the servant of the heart, then everything vanishes right before your eyes. Hardly.

And yet, it does, doesn’t it? Because what you see is an act of perception, and it could well be said that all you ever see and all that you ever experience is your reaction to what you choose to perceive is in front of you. And what you perceive is directly related to what you choose to believe. What you choose to believe.

You do not believe something because the data of the physical senses prove that it exists. Rather, the data of the physical senses reflect to you the belief you have chosen.

I cannot walk upon hot coals.


I cannot possibly walk on water.

That is nonsense, too, unless of course you believe it—in which case it would be rather wise to use a boat.

I cannot survive in this world unless I find someone to give me a job.

Do you know what it is like to be in a plane, as you would perceive it, removed from this physical plane, and to look into your culture and see these buildings that you have? For every day countless thousands of people line up to sign their name on some kind of a form so that some authority sends them a few shekels of golden coins—and you call it unemployment.

No one is unemployed save by their total free choice to be in that experience. Why? Not because there are not enough jobs to go around, but because nobody needs a job unless they believe they do. Within you there is great creativity because within you the Kingdom of Heaven lies, and there is no one on the face of this planet who cannot allow that creativity to spring forth, to break through the limitations that you have held onto for so long, and indeed find a way to contribute—to extend your love into this world—in a way that provides you with a roof over your head and food for the belly. No one.

But those who believe that there is an authority outside themselves with a greater power, will hold the belief that reality means that you find a job and you go to it from nine to five until somebody tells you that you can go home. It is just a belief, and that is all it is. And that belief creates a limitation within your own consciousness, and everything you do and experience becomes somehow enmeshed with the limitations of that one simple belief.

Does that make sense to you?

And yet, what takes place and has already occurred in several of you:

If what Jeshua is saying to me now is true, and I happen to be one who works nine to five, knowing full well here in the secrecy of my mind, I don’t really like it,

What comes up if what I am saying is true? Is it not fear?

The set of circumstances, I see, have become limiting to me. I chose them at a time when I didn’t know that another choice was available to me. Now I am beginning to learn. Now I am beginning to awaken. Oh my goodness, could I possibly let go of the belief that another must give me a job so that I can sustain myself?

The question I would ask you is simply this: what do you want?

Seems simple enough doesn’t it? What do you want? For what you want you will experience. That is the golden rule of how consciousness works and you are consciousness. You have wanted a job as much as you have wanted a physical body. As much as you have wanted special relationships. As much as you wanted to believe that you must eat a certain food three times a day every day of your life in order to sustain your health; you can’t dare change it. It all comes from a want because the perception has told you that what you are perceiving and believing can make you safe and keep you safe.

There is only one problem: the soul you are knows that it is unlimited forever, and you can deny what the soul knows only so long. True, you could deny it for lifetimes but sooner or later a movement begins, for the soul cannot be denied forever. And it will begin to press out against every belief and perception you have ever carried, and it will make you question everything you have held to be true and valuable—and yes, that will bring up the experience you call fear. But on just the other side of that narrow ring of fear there is a perception that would see it as a blessing—as a blessing that comes directly from God. For the soul presses you to examine the beliefs you have carried that have created the world of your experience, but not your reality. And the soul asks you,

Allow my wisdom into the small part of the mind that clings to the belief, and if you would but trust my guidance, I will show you how to walk through that ring of fear.

For indeed within each and every one of you lies equally what is also within me.

I am not a savior above anyone in this room, much less anyone on this planet. And if I could learn how to return and listen to that one Voice and trust It and It alone, so can you. That is why I ask you: What is it that you want?

For notice that I have never said there is something wrong with having a job. It’s a matter of the belief you carry that creates that situation for you. Are you happy? Are you contributing all that you want to contribute? Not what somebody tells you could contribute, but what you want to contribute? It is the only place you can find freedom. The only place you can access the door to freedom is in your heart, not in your mind that is full of perceptions based on limitations and separation from God.

You are already all that I am. You are unlimited forever. There are no boundaries to what can be done through you. None at all, because that bag of dust that you call yourself is just that—it’s a bag of dust called the body—and you have used the infinite power given to the Son by the Father to create body after body into shapes so that it does certain things for you. Unfortunately, it always seems to break down.

Within you, within you lies the very power to perform miracles. Ultimately, the greatest of miracles is to allow the Voice of the Holy Spirit to be your Guide in all things. Now, the Holy Spirit resides as fully within you as it does the one who sits next to you, as much as that one Teacher resides within and with me. And as you learn to turn every decision over to that Voice, to trust It without analyzing It, you will come to be nothing less but the perfect manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The perfect manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Here you realize that you are one with God and therefore, one with all of creation. There is no place else that you can understand that. You can think about it in your mind, but until you live it through your heart you don’t really understand what it means to be one with God. Indeed.

Those of you that feel there are limitations in your life, first ask of yourself,

What has this given to me? Why did I seek it out?

Not out of a sense of blame. That has nothing at all to do with it. For you have attracted unto yourself experiences for no other reason than you wanted to—you wanted to. There is no other reason. You have even chosen to be born into a world of uncertainty, of things that change, of things that seem to be chaotic, because you wanted the experience of uncertainty and chaos and madness.

And in that place within you in which you chose to create not reality but an experience called “this world”—in that place alone can you choose anew by choosing to relinquish the world you have created in error, and ask the one Teacher to release from you every limitation and block to the presence of God’s Love that dwells within you. To begin to see, to allow that one Teacher to teach you that you are unlimited forever and that indeed never once have you ever existed within a body.

Whew. My goodness, such a statement.

But, Jeshua, I know I am in this body. I can tell.

You are experiencing the effect of a perception you have chosen to believe in, and that is all. And that means you are free to choose anew, to come to see that you exist outside of the body, that the body in a sense arises within you and not the other way around; and that you animate and activate this bag of dust with every thought you think and every perception that you have held dear to yourself, so dear and so long that you have forgotten what they were.

And if that is true—and I assure you most assuredly that it is true—it means that even now you can begin to choose anew. Indeed to look out upon all that you have experienced and to acknowledge for yourself that you have never known what any of it was really for. Yes, you tried to use relationships for this; it didn’t work. You tried to use careers for that; it didn’t work.

It takes great humility to totally accept that if you are experiencing limitation in your life, it means the perceptions you have held so dear have failed you. And because they are not you, you are free to discard them at any time, to realize that perhaps after all you haven’t been your own best teacher. And you have learned perceptions without looking at the life lived by those that would teach you, and you have not seen their pain and their limitation and their confusion, and therefore you have bought the things they have sought to teach you.

Why not discard all of them and start over? Why not be willing, just for the heck of it, to trust a Voice that is wholly unseen and the hearing of which may come softly and gently as a nudge in the heart? Only after much listening does it begin to take on the shape of a voice that you can have complete conversations with. Why not? Give it a try.

What would it mean if tomorrow morning when you woke up, you looked around yourself and said,

I don’t know what a single thing is for and I am no longer under the sway of the habits of my perceptions. Holy Spirit, unseen—and I don’t even know if I really believe in You, but what the heck—what is the best thing that I can do in this moment?

Some of you will end up sitting in bed all day waiting to hear, and yet when that happens it’s because you have not acknowledged that you have heard. For every time you ask the question of the Holy Spirit, an answer is immediately given. Immediately. It requires only your willingness to hear with different ears.

It is much like turning off the stereos in your house, asking the children to sit and be quiet, waiting for the cars that are going by to complete their journey, closing the windows so no noise enters, and when all is quiet and you have released even your need or your fear or your expectations over what the answer will be, when you become and come to that place of quiet, the Voice of the Holy One rings loud and clear, like notes struck from a crystal glass.

Those of you in this room that have been putting that into practice in your own way know what I mean, because there is a resonance as the answer is given, and you know, not in the mind but in the heart. You might find that you need to get up, take a shower, get dressed and go to work. But you might just find that you need to go and find a meadow of flowers, to lie beneath the rays of the sun, to dig your fingers into the soil of this beloved and holy Earth and just say to God,

I give it all up.


I cannot possibly come to you as a brother and as a friend if I come with a prescription and a set of proscriptions about what is real, what is true and what you have to do. That would mean that the power is not in you—and I assure you that it is. If you are made in the image of God, it means that you are the reflection of perfect freedom.

Does that make sense to you?

And that is why, no matter what you have ever chosen to dream, the One I have called Abba has never interfered with your dream; because if He did He would be acknowledging that your dream is real. That would be a mistaken perception and I can assure you that our Father does not have mistaken perceptions.

Therefore He sits gently, perceiving only the purity of your being, the unlimitedness and the radiance of the Light within you, and He waits while you utilize your freedom to dream dreams of limitation and separation from God. And that means that there is no such thing as what you call (some of you) karma:

Well, I’m just here because of the result of everything I’ve thought and done, and I’m going to have to live through this in order to balance the scales.

If you decree it, it will be so.

It means that every single moment, and closer to you than your own breath, the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven resides. It does not need to be earned. It needs only to be allowed. Accept it and receive.

Now, how can that happen?

If you cling to your baseline perception and belief that you are a separate entity, that you are just this little being that has been born and will die, if you believe you are guilty of any sin whatsoever, if you believe that you really are not in union with God, then when you seek to reach for the Kingdom, you only push it away.

Therefore, to allow and to accept and to receive—and therefore to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven—requires that you begin with the perception which is indeed now translated into knowledge that you are right here and right now the holy and only child of God, that you rest in perfect union with your Father forever, that you are not the body, and that space and time is not your home. You cannot earn it because it is given freely. Only when you begin with that acknowledgement can true change come to your life. And why?

Because if you have built a world in error on the perception that you are separate from God, it means that everything you have experienced in some sense reflects or is the residue or the effect of that belief, and as you choose to take a deep swallow and walk through the ring of fear and leap into the infinite pool of union with God, the water is quite fine, the temperature is always perfect and no one cares if you wear a suit or not—how would you put a bathing suit on an infinite Light? When you choose to do that, it means that something begins to move through you called Light and it must necessarily transform every aspect of what you call your experience. So, you see, those of you that have houses and cars, if you will allow this to happen tomorrow, does it all mean they are all going to be gone and you are going to be living in a cave in the Himalayas?

Not at all. It means that the Holy Spirit will change your perception of everything you think you see and understand. And what is it translated into? No longer objects, whether they be relationships, careers or automobiles or what have you that can somehow bring pleasure or fulfillment to you, but rather they become nothing more than tools that serve the holy Son of God as he allows love to be extended through him or her and to be given to the world, until the great ray of Light within you shines so brightly that it envelops the whole of creation. And you are the one who brings it back gently and lovingly and lays it in the lap of God. You are the saviors and the salvation of all worlds.

The question remains, are you willing to allow every limiting perception to be released? Are you willing to allow that fear that really only comes from a very small part of the mind that I have described like a gnat shouting at the vastness of space, that you have unwittingly allowed yourself to believe is the real you. That is the only place fear comes up—in the mind of the gnat trying to resist the vastness of space that is filled with God’s wonder and love. Why not let the little gnat be fearful but continue to make a new choice?

You cannot rid yourself of fear and then walk on. Acknowledge that the fear is there. See what small part it plays. Acknowledge the grander reality of who you are—and then walk on. It is how one walks on water, upon hot coals. It is how you walk through the need to communicate with another when something is not going right. It is how you walk through having a limitation of golden coins. It is the key to everything. Everything.

I once said unto you that there are four very precious keys—keys to the Kingdom— and they are but simply this: desire, intention, allowance and surrender. Those keys are found as the foundation for every experience that you have ever drawn to yourself. Somewhere you have wanted it. You have held the intention of experiencing it. You have opened yourself to allow the molecules of this physical dimension to form themselves into that which will be the messengers of the experience you want, and then you have given yourself to it as a bride to a bridegroom. Unfortunately, sometimes you say,

Why did I marry you?

Desire… Do not seek to be without it but seek to understand its source. Desire is absolutely critical. Without it, there is no creation. You are the offspring of desire, the offspring of Love, which is our Father, to extend Itself infinitely. That is what has created the rays of Light called the Sons of God, and you are a ray of Light. Nothing more and nothing less. Desire, then, is always the first factor in awakening or changing anything.

Intention… OnIy when there is uncompromising intention can you begin to draw the resources to you that can begin to carry you from where you are to where you would be, whether you are talking about getting a new job or awakening to your oneness with God.

Many of you have mastered those two keys. Some of you are just beginning to see how the use of those two keys wittingly or unwittingly has always formed your experience.

But the transformation begins with the use and the subsequent mastery of the third key of allowing. When your desire has been for nothing less than the unlimitedness that comes from your acknowledgement of your union with God—total and complete remembrance of who you are in reality—and when your intention is for nothing but that, the whole of your life begins to serve as the means that will carry you through each illusion that has been blocking you.

And when your choice to become vulnerable—for indeed your safety can only be found in your choice to be vulnerable—to be innocent of heart, to acknowledge you have never known what a single thing is for, when you begin to allow that unseen Intelligence that I have called the Holy Spirit to reshape everything in your experience so that it becomes the means for your awakening, then miracles begin. Some of you know what I am talking about. Suddenly resources come to you. Masters come to your life who are well to be heeded, and indeed you don’t even know how it happened, and yet it has been the direct effect of your desire and your intention and your willingness to allow a different Teacher to teach you. And as you begin to rest in the mastery of that key of allowing, something rather magical happens that can in no way be explained completely in the languages of your world.

For allowance itself slips gently into surrender. It is nothing you have done; but out of your choice to allow, the one Teacher given of the Father takes the final step for you. And allowance becomes surrender, and in surrender the peace you are becomes manifested in every moment of your experience.

Others begin to see it and feel it and are attracted to you, and when they ask you,

How did you get to where you are?

you just shrug your shoulders and go,

Hmm, I’m not too sure. Somebody must have done it for me, because of myself I can do nothing; but I have learned that through me, my Father can do all things.

Surrender… Surrender is the state that everyone in this world truly desires above everything else but they have forgotten what it is, where it comes from, and what it would mean. For only in surrender can peace come to be known fully.

What, then, begins to change? You will look into the mirror and you will not see yourself any longer. You will not even say “my body.” You might say “a body.”

I suppose I should put some clothing on the body since there are some in this world who still actually think that to look upon a body without clothing is an embarrassing and sinful thing.

Have you ever been embarrassed by looking at the dust of the ground? Hmm. Odd perceptions.

But if somebody looks at the real me without my clothing on&hellip

No one can look at the “real” you save one who Is awakened to the Christ that dwells within them, who will look well past the body anyway.

Indeed, precious friends, something quite magical happens. It is something felt and known cognitively. That is, your perception has wholly been changed and though the body seems to move about much as it always has—or perhaps not move about, it really doesn’t matter much—there is a new intelligence if you will, an awakening that is infusing the use of that body. It no longer becomes used as something that you seek to draw power or pleasure to yourself through. It no longer becomes something that you think can keep you safe. You no longer seek to beautify it just so others will smile, so you feel you’ve been accepted—called self-worth. The body becomes nothing but a bag of dust formed by the Mind of Christ into a tool for the extension of love—not to receive love, to extend love—and only because the world in which you find yourself is totally wrapped up in believing in the reality of bodies. That is obvious.

Love can never be received through the body. Never. It can be extended through the body so that another who believes they are a body can understand or feel the reflection of that love.

But truly, love can only be received through an open heart and a quiet mind. And it will not be received from the objects of your world … it is received by the descent of grace into your heart.

For ultimately, the only relationship that is real is the holy relationship between the Son and His Father—or between the Daughter and the Goddess, if you will. I really don’t care what words you use, and I’ll let you in on a secret: my Father doesn’t care either.

Is all of this making sense to you?

It means that every time that you are not at peace, every time you know doubt, every time you taste loneliness, it is because a part of you is choosing to withhold your love. It is the only thing that is causing it. And you are choosing to listen to the little gnat shouting at space,

I can’t be happy until this person,

singled out of the whole of creation,

comes and bows down before me and says, “I love you.” Then I might choose to be happy.

While all around you there are hearts and minds crying out for you, the arisen Christ, to extend your love.

Some of you well know that in the moment you choose to set aside all your worries and concerns and be busy extending your love, suddenly all the problems go away.

Where did they go? I still have to make that mortgage payment.

It’s still there, but the reaction to it is not there. It will be taken care of as long as you are busy never allowing yourself to restrict the extension of your love. For the lack you are experience in your life is the effect and the direct result of the choices you have made previously to withhold your love.

I’m sorry, but that is the simplicity and Truth of it all. There is no other answer. It is not because of your parents. It is not because of your upbringing. It is not because you were born black in a white man’s world. It’s not because you were born a man in a woman’s world.

Jeshua, I’d like a specific example.

Of what?

Jeshua, I need some sort of concrete example here. If I am in a place where I have grown to be something that I have looked at and said, “Oh, I don’t want this.” Right at that point am I to turn away from it and start extending love?

There are two things here. First, you have created a vast generalization.

Yeah, I was trying not to be too wordy.

But, by so doing, you have overlooked the simple fact that what you experience is right in front of you. Do not make the logical mistake of extending to generalizations.

Now, that’s the first thing. By turning away—and I use the analogy or metaphor of turning the cheek from the world—I am talking about turning your consciousness from the perceptions you have chosen to believe in. It does not mean that if you are driving your car and there is someone in the wrong lane coming at you, and you say,

I don’t want this,

that all you need do is turn the other cheek. Do you see? Obviously you need to take action to correct that.

In the sense of lack you are never without knowingness about the road you are headed in. Does that make sense to you?


Therefore, to look and see the car that’s coming down the lane at you and to take corrective action means already you have turned your attention from the perceptions you have held that had begun to draw that experience to you. It may be, for instance, that money is the root of all evil, therefore I’ll live in lack because that is more spiritual.

Well, yes, it would be nice to turn the heat on in the middle of winter, but after all that would take money and money is evil.

Very well, have fun shivering.

I am speaking, precious friend, of looking at the perceptions from which your world of experience has been built. To look at it honestly and openly, not by beating yourself and saying,

Oh, my God, what have I done? What a jerk I have been. Oh, gees, I’ll never get this straight.

Not at all. Look at it with the innocence of a child. When a child in a sandbox begins to build a castle—and if you’ve seen one—they sit back and they look at it and they go,

Not right, [motion of knocking it down}

and they start over. They don’t beat themselves. They don’t go in and say,

Father, whip me for I have sinned.

They just start over.

I get confused, I think, when it comes to relationships.

You are not the only one.

I know. I know. We all have lots of trouble with relationships, but you have been teaching us especially strongly the last couple of weeks that relationships are the avenue of the greatest growth and understanding, and today I have reason to believe that someone I love very much, one of my children, has stolen from me. And things like that have happened in the past but I thought they were long past. And driving over here I was really upset for quite a few miles. It’s a good thing I have a long way to drive.

Anyway, I was really upset for quite a few miles and then I suddenly realized that I didn’t have to do this. I didn’t have to make myself upset because I didn’t decide to do the thing. Someone else decided to do the thing. I felt like what I needed to do was just let it go. But then I get confused because I feel hurt because it is someone who is my child and who I raised and loved. And I don’t want to judge him and say he is a horrible person and he will always be a horrible person, but I do feel like I need to move out of the way of this kind of treatment. I can do that without being judgmental, can’t I?

Can you?

Well, I seem to have a hard time knowing when exactly to do that—to let it go and not feel heartbroken that my son would do this to me, his mother. I want to let all that go.

Now you are beginning to get to it. Listen to what you said and say it again. What you just said.

I want to let go of this being hurt.

No, that’s not quite it. The sentence with the words “son” and “mother”…

Well, I have this feeling. I feel so badly that my son has done this to me, his mother, who loved him so.

Is that perception not the source of your hurt?

Yes. But is he not my son? Is that just my perception?

Yes. It has been said in many forms and ways that your children are never your children. They are your equal. They are a soul. They happen to have a bag of dust for awhile. Within this world, ones that come from your womb, you feed and clothe them, you nurture them. They are never yours.

That’s the first mistake of perception: to use the word “my”… it is a word of possessiveness. You cannot possess a soul. You cannot possess the body.

Is there no special bond? More special than any other bond?

When you seek a specialness of a bond in one relationship over others, you will have already decreed that you believe in separation from God and that you are in need of something that only a certain other can bring to you.

Right. That’s right.

Yes, it is. Now that doesn’t mean—I am not drawing the conclusion therefore—that you go callously in the world. Of course not. But everyone in this room has been your mother, your brother, your sister, your father, your grandparent. You name the relationship. You have all enacted them a million times.

The point here, beloved friend, is exactly the whole point of our theme tonight.

Are you willing to release every perception you have learned of the world and to allow the one Teacher to re-teach you? Your pain comes always and only as a result of how you react to your perception of what you think you see.

Does that make sense to you?


Let me give you a concrete example. I would be willing to bet that if I asked everyone in this room and everyone on the planet, if an angry or fearful or judgmental thought or perhaps a victimhood thought like, “Why me?”—if I were to ask them if such thoughts were to arise if one of your own friends kissed you on the cheek as a way of identifying them to your government, and then the government took you and tied you to a cross and then pounded nails through your hands and feet… In that experience would such thoughts arise?


Had there been a trace of identification in my mind to the perceptions that the world would believe in—that such a thing is barbaric, that it ought not be done, that it is a cruel thing and how could they do this to me, anyway? All I wanted to do was pat them on the back and love them—if one iota of such a thought would have entered my mind, the whole demonstration would have failed miserably and I would have died a death like anyone else. There would have been no resurrection, no ascension and I might not even be here to blend with this mind to communicate with you. That is how powerful your perceptions are. And your pain can come only from the soil of the perceptions you have believed are true because you believe they would bring you something that you are lacking.

There are many, many in your world who actually believe that if they come together and create a baby, that somehow the relationship will become happy. Hmm?


It usually doesn’t work!

Now, precious friend, do you see how essential this is? What you are bringing up is not just yours. The dilemma, if you will, of every single mind that has bought into this little spinning vortex called your world and gotten caught up in it—which is only to get caught up with believing certain perceptions—the relationship of a son to a mother will never, under any circumstances, hold the key to the mother’s fulfillment or peace. And we can also say it is the same for the father, of course.

The one who has stolen is not your son, but is our Father’s son. And that act is a cry for help. For in Truth an awakened, healed, sane mind knows it need never take anything. Hmm?


That is the act in itself. The hurt you are experiencing must always come from the perception that you’ve described.

How could my son do this to me, his loving mother that has done so much?

And you have.

But, precious friend, though it may seem a little confronting, I don’t mean it that way. Let me ask you this. How could you begin to hold the perception that because you have sought to extend love to another, they must repay that by behaving in a way you would conclude is an inappropriate expression of love toward you? Do you see?

I don’t think it is so much that as my question to myself is: Why would he hurt me? It’s like a deliberate hurt, as opposed to ignoring me or just going off and doing his own thing. I have not felt like I’ve held on to the children who were born through me, like I was clutching them to me.

Precious friend, clutching has nothing to do ultimately with the emotions or with the physical hands. It has to do with your perception. And the clearest indication that you have clutched is the very description you used:

Why would my son do this to his loving mother?

The hurt does not come from the act. It comes from your perception of what the act means. Do you see?

How can I let it go?

By choosing to do so. To begin to see—and this is why I have talked about vigilance— to see that when an action takes place in your experience, to notice your reaction and to see that it must come from your perception of it.

Let me give you an example. Two people are asked to stand before a crowd of ten thousand and to give a speech on the meaning of love. The first walks on—and they don’t have time to prepare, by the way—the first walks onto the stage and looks out and does what you would call the wetting of the pants…

…and has to literally be carried off the stage, stiff as a board, barely breathing. The second comes and stands on the stage and looks out on all those sea of faces and goes,

They are just like me.

Then says to the ten thousand,

I love you. That’s the meaning.

and walks off skipping and singing, and everyone stands and gives him an ovation.

Nothing has been different except their perception. Nothing at all. The situation is the same. Nobody did anything to change anything except the infinite power of one mind chose a different perception. And you have a saying in your world: “That made all the difference in the world.” The perception of separation and fear has created a lot of differences in your world.

And you are being asked now to choose a different way of seeing, a way that doesn’t ignore what’s taking place but sees through it and beyond it, to choose only peace no matter what, to understand that none of your perceptions have ever been wholly true, and that is why you need in each situation to ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the meaning of your experience. He will not keep it from you whenever you are willing first to acknowledge that you are reacting not to what happened but to your perception of what happened, and to ask it to be replaced.

There is something for you to see in this experience, something you would be asked to do in this experience for the soul—who is actually crying for help and doesn’t even know it, who lives in a state of consciousness of the virtual lack of self-worth, lack of power, is totally confused, sees the world as threatening and overwhelming; and because of his perceived powerlessness, believes that he must secretly take what he thinks will bring some pleasure. Totally insane perception. The act is a cry for help. Nothing more, nothing less. And your son has not hurt you, because your son cannot fulfill you.

The questions that you have asked and asked often, if you were to go through and lay them out one after the other since first we began to communicate, you would find that there has been a progression, a movement to subtler and subtler levels of the same question. And in this moment, beloved friend, you are getting about as close to the hub of the wheel as you can. You are just beginning to touch the place of truly seeing—that’s not thinking, that’s a seeing that involves the wholeness of your being— that your perceptions have created everything you have experienced, and your perceptions are the only thing that have been creating limitation in your life, and that you are not your perceptions. That is the great point of freedom. And you have come to understand that you are not, never have been, the thoughts of the world. You just got a little entranced with them, that’s all, and you are free even now to choose anew.

Guidance will be given in how to deal with that situation, for turning of the cheek doesn’t mean that you let the car hit you head on. It never meant that. It means that you choose to listen to another Voice rather than the reactivity of your perceptions to know how to deal with it effectively.

Sometimes dealing with it effectively means you have to turn the tables of the money-changers over rather than asking them to reconsider. And indeed, you may be asked to confront wholly this other soul who is not “your son” and to say,

I’m sorry. That’s enough. If you choose to be in a disrespectful relationship to me, you therefore cannot be in relationship to me, because I am a child of God and I am to be honored as such.

That would create a little shockwave in that one’s mind.

Are you trying to tell me… ? But you’re my mother. You are supposed to always be here, no matter what I do.

Why? Who said that was true? Do you see?

Yes, but what is the price to pay? That was coming to me just before I drove up here.

Now, do you know why it was beginning to come to you?

Yes. No. Why?

Because, as you stated earlier, you began to shift, did you not?


And that shift brought you into a place of openness where a friend of yours could begin to whisper and indeed said unto you,

You know, this would be a very good thing to bring up tonight. It will help a lot more than just yourself.

You know, I didn’t hear that part.


Are you okay with all of that so far?

Yes. Fine really, thank you.

There are a lot of others in this room that are thanking you for bringing it up.

You know, I think a lot of us have read or heard that children that come to us—and significant relationships with the opposite sex—that we might have had relationships with in past lives and we need to work out whatever problems it is that keep bringing us back together, which has always tended to stop me from saying, “Okay, that’s it. Enough is enough.” Because I felt like if I didn’t resolve whatever it was in this life, it would come haunt me in another one.

How do you resolve anything?

Forgive it? Somehow, reach some understanding that, is this an appropriate behavior and we just don’t do this to each other? I don’t know.

Stop right there. It is very important.

The statement you just made comes out of at least a loosely held perception indeed that resolution must require an agreement reached by two infinitely free minds; and that only when an agreement is reached that precipitates a change can there be a resolution. That already is to create a limitation.

What if you resolve within yourself to not participate in that energy any longer? For indeed, that which you call the drawing back of souls to keep playing the same old circles of dramas over and over—and some of you know what that’s like even in this life, you keep drawing to yourselves relationships and somehow they all have the same flavor to them—it is because something in you believes that you are supposed to draw that to you. Which means to say that you want it because you are unwilling to accept that you are worthy of the fullness of the Kingdom.

What if you were to resolve that simple perceptual error? And to understand that if that other mind wants to continue they are going to have to find somebody else to play with, because you are in a sense taking a quantum leap and only choose to allow those who resonate in the understanding of what it means to extend love—that those are the only beings you want in your life? That is not a selfish thing. That is called wisdom.

Do you see the difference there?

That’s really mind-boggling.

I hope so. For when the mind is boggled, the wisdom of the heart can begin to seep through its cracks, finally.

You mean, that no where is it written or said by God that we have to resolve all issues together? We can resolve them in our own mind and that’s enough?

It could be said that the only place you can resolve it is in your own mind. And because all minds are joined, as you heal your misperceptions you have already enlightened the weight of all minds. And you have made it easier for other minds that, in the moment it may appear that you are walking away from and they have to find somebody else to play their games with, you have given them something that they witness. And what is it? The freedom to make a different choice. And the seed becomes planted, and guess Who comes along to start watering it? So that eventually that seed will also break through the soil of the mind and begin to flower, and that mind will begin to make new choices. You may not physically see the effect of the new choices, but you will feel it at the level of the soul.

When I have said that relationships are the grandest and most significant of things you have, it is because they will reflect to you every perception you have ever held. And when you are willing to extend love to embrace the one in front of you unconditionally, without need or expectation of any kind, then you have used the very soil that you created in error—that is, bodies floating about in space—you have allowed it to become translated into the means through which you manifest the power of a new choice and therefore experience the healing of your own mind.

It takes great courage initially to begin to see that sometimes in letting go and walking away you have done the grandest thing you could do for yourself and for another. God has never etched into stone that you have to pound on each others’ heads for lifetimes. Your purpose and function is to extend love, to allow yourself to receive love.

Therefore, look well at your life—and do this honestly, of course, so that you are not falling into the trap of trying to please the gnat, but be very honest—to see:

Where am I not allowing myself to receive the beauty of God’s love and where am I withholding it?

If that means that the picture surrounding you has to be shaken up and changed, if you are moving toward love at the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you can rest assured that the changes that come serve the highest and best for everyone. I almost said “everyone concerned” but then you would think it’s just those limited minds involved in that one situation, and that is not the Truth. All minds that exist are affected by everything you think and do.

Hmm… What a responsibility. And it seems like it until you understand that all you are asked to do is to live as though you are not an ego. And the only other choice is to understand that you are just a—to use your popular word—channel for God’s love and that there is one Teacher that knows and will guide you, and Whose guidance is certain.

Fair enough?

Yes, very fair.

Does all of that help?

Yes. A lot to chew on.

Rather, just embrace it a lot. The mind likes to chew; the heart likes to swallow.

No bad. So, how are we all doing?


Look, then, around yourself. Now, just take a moment. Allow your eyes to rest with the eyes of another. If that means that three of you need to do that, that’s fine. Allow, truly allow yourself to let the bag of dust relax. Stop holding it as an armor that would separate you from your brother or sister. Block not the angel of air; it is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

It doesn’t require any talking.

Who is before you? What you are looking at is not a body. It is not a body. Allow your heart to see through your eyes and through the eyes of the one in front of you. Look deeper and deeper still. Look beyond the body. Look beyond the personality that you think is attached to that body. Look beyond any imagined or known history associated with that being, that body, that mind, that personality.

And if you would allow yourself, you can begin to see the reflection of rays of Light. Allow those rays of Light to shine ever more brightly and let the attention of your seeing be only on those rays. And if thoughts arise in the mind, they are just clouds passing through the sky. They don’t mean anything.

Look deeper still. Look without fear. Look without expectation. Look without a perception of any kind that you would cling to. And in your own way in this moment ask your Father to show you the reality of the one before you.

Is it not Love that waits to be recognized in the one before you? Is it not the Love in you that waits to be unleashed, to recognize the Love in the one in front of you?

In your vulnerability is your only safety. Let Love rejoice in the perception of Itself given wholly as a ray of Light seeded into each soul since before time is. You are that Light and you are that Love, and from Its power you can see the Truth in everyone and everything. And, right now, know that as you allow yourself to see the love in the one in front of you, you are providing healing for them because they can rest in the vulnerability required to see you as you choose to see them. And in seeing them as the holy ray of Light that is the Father’s Son, you have finally seen yourself.

Love alone is the essence of all that is real. Choose, then, love. And abandon perceptions born of fear.

Are you your brother’s keeper? Oh yes, because you are the one you see. Love them as your Father has first loved you and you are the Light that lights this world and returns the whole of creation into the hands of the One Who has sent us forth. The Kingdom of Heaven is no further from you than your choice to see your brother through the eyes of Christ.

Now, indeed because the Holy Spirit translates everything you have ever created in error, it means that even the body has already been translated. Would you not then reach out and place your hand upon the heart of the one in front of you? Indeed.

And who said miracles can’t come through you? The hand, look at the hand you think is yours. Look at it. It’s not yours. It’s made of dust. It’s nothing more than a means of communicating the Love you are. Allow, then, that infinite Love to be transmitted through your hand. Let that Light penetrate the heart of the one in front of you. Embrace the Heart of Christ … with the Love that is Christ. Let it go. Let the perceptions of separation go. Let the veil of the world go. Reclaim your innocence. Reclaim your union. We are infinite and unlimited. We are the Thought of Love in form. The world can bind us no longer, for we choose to see with different eyes, the eyes of an awakened heart that rests in vulnerability; and through us the Father does all things.

And to you who sit in front of me, you are the presence of my Redeemer and I give the fullness of my Love to you in gratitude for your beauty, your wisdom, your strength, your courage. I see you as healed and I see you as perfect and I am with you always. For though bodies can be moved from place to place, minds that join in Love cannot taste separation.

And now all things are made new again and our union is restored on Earth as it is already in Heaven, and therefore we bring Heaven to Earth with our choice to extend and teach only Love.

Indeed. Some of you are feeling some heat and warmth in the area of the heart, to put it mildly. Those of you that know how to open the inner eyes and see not just physical bodies, the room is full—helpers, guides, teachers, call them what you will; masters indeed. For wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them, and therefore we come and we will give you our strength until yours is as certain as ours. It is called friendship.

There. Now there is Light. And there is really nothing left to do except to give one another a big hug.

Now, I have a favor to ask all of you. And the favor is simply this: you need not make it public, but some of you had some rather interesting experiences just then. As you return home this evening please don’t make the mistake of saying to yourself or to another,

Oh, what Jeshua did tonight . . .

But rather say unto yourself,

Oh, what I, the holy Son of God, have allowed tonight.

For healing can only come when you use the power given unto you, even as power was given unto me, to choose to be the fountain which spreads the healing grace of Love into this world. To see no one as above you ever again, for right where you are—and this is the Truth of reality—you are not in the body. You are as much with me above this world as any master has ever been. You are as much with me now as this my beloved brother is when he allows himself to let go of the limitations of mind and therefore sees me and feels me and sits down on the bench with me. You, too, are there now.

And the only barrier—the only barrier—between you and the fullness of the miracles that would be manifested through you into this world, the only barriers are the obstacles called perceptions that you have not learned in the Kingdom but in the world.

A very good exercise to do is to sit down with a piece of paper and just begin to let yourself, allow yourself, to list perceptions you have been taught and have believed. Look at them and ask yourself,

Is that limiting?

And if the answer is yes, rest assured the Holy Spirit did not teach it to you. And then on the other side of the page draw a line and write the belief or perception that would be the antithesis of the limited belief. Not a new exercise by any means, but a very powerful one. And if it speaks to you of unlimitedness, if you allow the cells of the body to feel joy, rest assured you’ve been listening to a new Teacher.

You are already everything I ever represented to anyone, and in reality you are but a brother, a sister, a friend who comes to everyone you see in your life as a messenger from God. And God is but Love and therefore has but one message to deliver. Never limit what I can do through you, for if you would but choose to join with me—and I am but a manifestation of the Holy Spirit—understand well that there are no limitations to what I can do through you when you are willing to be the witness of miracles in your life. And when you have seen those miracles, you must then acknowledge that they have been done unto you.

No one comes save but to answer their own call to awaken. You have come unto this hour, some of you many times, some of you for the first time, but understand well the level of the soul: you have come to answer your own call, and you have chosen me to be the brother and the friend through whom you will be finally willing to receive the reflection of the Truth that lies in you. Because in a part of you, you know that there is safety in abiding with me and you have not yet extended that sense of safety to abiding with yourself.

And that is why I have said that in all things—and I give this as my promise unto you—I will give you the fullness of my strength until yours is as certain as mine. And then indeed we walk together. And where two of us have gathered together the power of Christ becomes unlimited forever.

Walk with me then with every breath, every thought, and I shall not leave you until together every mind and every heart has reawakened to the presence of Christ that dwells within us all.

Remember that miracles shorten the need for time. Think not then that together miracles cannot bring an end to the need for time itself.

And when you have chosen with me to embrace the whole of creation as your very body; when you have seen that this planet is not outside of the need of your love; when you see that your brother or sister or your sons or daughters are but aspects of your own self and need to be embraced with the Love of Christ that dwells with you, and you are the only one that can bring it to them; when you join with me in embracing the whole of all worlds that have ever arisen; then indeed together we will translate those worlds into the reflections of the Kingdom of Heaven—and time will be no more. Suffering will have been forgotten. Birth and death shall be no more.

And for a brief moment that is wholly out of time, all things will rejoice and reflect the Light of the perfection of God’s Love for His creation. And His creations will have reflected what He intended when He brought you into being, and then the purpose of creation itself will have been fulfilled and there will be naught but the Light, and Light eternal: that which is, that which was, and that which forever shall be. Heaven waits on your choice to believe it, to acknowledge it and to live it. The only barrier between your world and the Kingdom of Heaven is the choice to hold on to perceptions created not in Heaven but in the world.

And your brothers and sisters wait for you to arise from sleep and to never tolerate error in yourself again, so that you become that one who walks through this world as the presence of Love and thereby extends to everyone you see an opportunity to make a new choice. For if you would have your brother and sister awaken from the chains that bind them, you must release your own first. You are your brother’s salvation, as he is yours.

Join with me, then, on the park bench, and indeed I will come and I will talk with you whenever you want. Isn’t that right? And indeed, through you, if you are willing, we will awaken every mind of our brothers whom we love. Hmm. Why not? You’ve tried everything else.


Wherever you are, wherever you are, the fullness of the Kingdom is present. All power is given unto you in that moment to be the Light that lights the world. You may think you will have to be a little crazy at first. Perfectly okay.

It may feel like you are dreaming just a little bit. When you have been asleep dreaming this long, waking from the dream seems like a dream. Don’t let it stop you. Don’t say,

Oh, I’ve got to get my feet back on the ground. Only angels can fly.

Hmm. That’s just a perception. The angels know better.

Precious friends, let there in this evening then be no more questions that need to arise, for all questions have already been answered. And if you have come here with a question, ask it of yourself and then touch the place provided for you by the glance of your brother’s eyes and his or her hand upon your heart, and go to that place; and there the one Teacher Who also taught me is waiting for you, and there you will find the answers that you seek.

And yet, when all questions have been asked and they have all been answered, there is still but one choice left to make:

Since I am in Truth the holy child of God Himself, will I choose to live it?

I have said elsewhere that there is only one question you need ask of yourself: what do you really and truly want? When you are clear about that, everything else falls into place. What do you truly want?

Some of you know that in this evening you have already experienced or had reconfirmed for you the answer that you have always known. And when I said to those of my old buddies that some have called “disciples”—what a term of specialness that is—

Ah, yes, the grand apostles. Boy, they were chosen by God. Did you know that? Whew, maybe if I hadn’t sinned so much in my last life, God would have chosen me, too.

Saint this and Saint that. Why not Saint Judith? Why not Saint Edith? Why not Saint Marilyn? Why not Saint Hank? Why not? You are already saintly in the eyes of your Creator. You might as well live it.

What do you truly want? That is the question that requires an answer, and from it every other question and every other answer will be but servants that bring into manifestation, in and through you, the fulfillment of your heart’s desire.

Be at peace in all things, for I am with you. And the promise that I gave you then in the drama of time has never changed. I am with you always. All you have to do is open the shutters and look through the window of your perceptions and you will see me sitting on that bench—legs crossed, palms open, smiling—and you will notice that there is space on it for you. All I have ever asked is that you allow me to be a friend. No false piety is required. No great chants and no great cathedrals. You are the temple of Christ. And because I love you—because I love you—I abide in unlimitedness so that I can be with you always. I can be with all of you always, as you can be with me always. And nothing—nothing—is impossible to minds that have joined in love.

My peace I give unto you. My blessings I would shower upon you, and do. Some of you like to deflect it a little bit. That’s okay. Somebody else will pick up the spray. But I do want you to know that no matter what choice you make, I will never stop the shower of that love upon you. Sooner or later you will give up the game of the ego and accept it, and then all things shall be made new. No longer a journey to the Kingdom, but the glory of a journey within it.

Carry, then, peace in your hearts—and give it away, for in your giving you will receive. Love the world as yourself and you will have manifested the knowledge of what it means to live as though you were not an ego. Indeed.

Peace to the precious and holy and only begotten offspring of Light divine, the One that I call Abba, because that Love is so personally yours as it is mine.

Peace to the great rays of Light that shine forever and touch every comer of creation. That is who you are, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

Be, therefore, who you are and your Light will light this world, and together you will know that there has never been an order of difficulty in miracles.


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