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Hang on a sec…

Now we begin!

Hmm-mm? Was that startling? Hmm.

Indeed greetings unto you, beloved and holy children of Light Divine.

And in truth, it is truly startling. Is it not truly startling that in any given moment, the mind can find a way to believe that it is separate from God? That the mind can find a way to separate an infinitesimal part of itself from an infinite and vast flow of wisdom, and of love and of beauty and of truth, and of compassion, of caring, of fearlessness? And to take upon itself the notion, the idea, indeed the illusion, that it is separate from God, and therefore cannot choose peace, cannot choose what it would seek? From my perspective, that is very startling indeed.

And therefore, I come forth to abide with you, to bring and to share, not my love, but the love given unto us of the One who has sent us forth. For indeed, we are created as equals in the mind of God, from which we stream forth like great rays of light, bringing forth infinite creativity, infinite love, infinite compassion. All based on the simplicity of knowing that this world that you seem to see through the physical eyes is not the real world, that this world is not your home. And yet, that does not mean that by being here, you are separated from your true home. In fact, just the opposite. It means that you bring the capability of radiating that great ray of light through every cell of the body, that you might touch this world with a light that is the holy union of Father and Son - or Mother and Daughter, if you prefer.

And indeed, if we are created at the same moment, if you will, in the mind of God, therefore given unto you is the same power that was given unto me. And the journey that you take is not unlike the journey that I have taken. And what do I mean by that? Though circumstances seem to change, though you find yourself in what you call your 20th century, not much has really changed. Not much has really changed. For you meet and confront what used to be called devils every day. And you make a choice whether or not you’re going to allow those forces to master you, or whether you are going to master them. And yet, in truth, the devils have never been outside you. For the only lesson you must ultimately learn is that you see nothing outside of you. You merely project it, and therefore its source is found entirely within your own mind. And what you see then is a picture, a construct that you have chosen to make in that moment, for that day.

If this is true, and I assure you that it is, it means that something must be understood. Ultimately you must come to see that what you see constructed out in front of you, is not really being made up of everything you’ve experienced in the past. Rather, you are constructing it now, based on your perception that what must be true now, must be based on what you experienced in a prior moment. That is not the same as saying that what you see is the result of your past. If what you see, and what you’ve experienced, is the result of everything you’ve thought and believed - made up like a river flowing forth from the past into the future - it would mean that you are entirely a victim of some river of energy that just happens to be moving through the mind at the moment. And nothing further from the truth could indeed be found and discovered.

Contemplate what I’ve just shared with you. For in it lies the key to infinite power and infinite freedom. For given unto the Holy Son of God, in the moment he streamed forth as one ray of light from the mind of God, given unto him was the freedom of choice. The infinite freedom of choice. And it’s choice and choice alone that interrupts. Not the flow from the past, but the false perception that you are chained to it. Do you see the difference? Actually, it is given to anyone in the twinkling of an eye to dematerialize the body. What stops that from happening is merely the deep linkage that you have learned, to a perception that holds that the body is real, that the body is solid, and above all, that you are that body.

Now does that mean that in order to awaken, you must be able to dematerialize the body, and we’ll use that as a standard by which to judge everyone?



And we’re going to stay here tonight until everybody gets it.


Now, I make light of that. Hmm, of course not. There is no room for levity in the journey to God.


And yet if God be but Light, must not the whole journey be one from the weight of seriousness to the levity of lightness? Hmm.

Now, what I’ve just shared with you that struck the funny bone is actually quite true. If you take it to a deeper level, that indeed, it is given unto you – because you created it for yourself – to undertake a journey whereby you dissolve from the mind every last trace of perception that you are the body and that you are limited by it in any way, shape, or form. Given unto you is the journey of realizing that you are never a victim, or a prisoner, to anything that has ever occurred in the past. And that the only secret is to unlock the power of choice in this moment, where alone life is found.

And it is true. We’re all going to stay here until everyone gets it. What does that mean? Are you then a prisoner because your neighbor hasn’t gotten it? Ever felt like that? Yes. If only the government would get it. And what if they don’t get it?

And yet, what I’m gently guiding us to hear this night is to understand the shift that must come, that must come in the depth of your being. It is called the turning about in the seat of the soul, if you will, this shift that allows, that allows the great ray of light you are to begin to shine forth evermore deeply. And when it shines upon what you still believe might be the shadows that you carry, fear does not defeat you. The devils do not defeat you.

And what is that shift that must occur? It quite literally feels like a shift, because it is. It is a radical healing of perception in which you see yourself, not through the eyes of the separate ego, but through the eyes of the living Christ, the holy and only begotten Child of God, light of light, truth of truths, infinite, eternal, vast, without beginning and without end. That light through which the wisdom and love of God can be given to the world. Now, some might call that a rather radical shift of identities. And yet, the distance between the small part of the mind that has tried to fragment itself from the mind of God, and the wholeness of the mind of Christ, is a distance of choice. Only a distance of choice.

When therefore you begin to acknowledge, in the depth of your being, that all of your perceptions about yourself have been false because they’ve been limited, when you begin to see how much of them were determined by the illusory perception that you are just the body, that you are in a world, that you become the victim of everybody else’s energies around you, when you see that all of that was just a skew, if you will, on true perception, you can then begin to free yourself of this dream, by beginning to acknowledge that the light is in you, now! Right now, in this moment, that light which can bring all healing, that light which can bring all power, that light that brings you back to the peace of your union with God, is always within you now.

When you begin to make that shift, and yes, it brings up a pattern of fear because you recognize that it will mean releasing the identity of yourself as the small fragment, the small part of the mind that can gain and lose, can be victimized and can victimize, that can know hurt, that can become angry, all of those things are not who you are. And you’re going to have to be willing to release your hold on the drama of that small fragment of mind in order to become re-identified with a great ray of light that shines in the mind of God. That can bring up fear, you see, because you realize that it’s going to require you to assume total and complete responsibility for what you think, what you feel, and therefore, for the actions that flow out of what you think and what you feel. That can be a little frightening. Because after all, what if you screw up?

Can you begin to entertain the thought that surely seems madness to the world, that to the degree that you are identified only with the mind of Christ, error is not possible? And why? Because the mind of Christ is in perfect union with what I’ve called the Holy Spirit. The bridge, created and given forth, you could say, wired or plugged in to every mind. Given of the Father to the Son, from the very first moment you ever held the thought “What would it be like to be separate from God? What would it be like to create unlike my Father, to create turmoil instead of harmony, tension instead of joy, fear instead of love?” In that very moment, a bridge was created that links the creative flow of the mind of God, to you. To you. It hasn’t depended at all on anything you’ve ever done. It hasn’t depended at all on anything you’ve ever accomplished. It requires no techniques. It requires no skills that must be mastered. It’s already with you. The bridge has been built. Because the mind of Christ is linked and blended and united, if you will, with the Holy Spirit, the guidance that is available to you in every moment will guide you without error.

But the trick is in recognizing that the pathway that it would take you on, will not be a pathway that you know. It requires your willingness to set aside everything you’ve ever thought keeps you safe. It requires trust, the choice to trust something that seems to be unseen, to trust something that the little part of your mind says “No, you’re not even worthy of that. When the Father was handing out the bridges to all the fragmented parts of the mind, he skipped you. You have to do it on your own! Don’t trust that Jeshua fellow. After all, he was a radical then. He’s a radical now.”

Hmm. Jesus Christ, indeed.


And that is what in your myths have been called the journey of the hero. The willingness to trust something given unto you as a statement or a fact. Not just by me. It’s been given unto you by every master that has ever walked upon this plane, and then skipped town in order to communicate with you in different ways. Every master and every teacher has said the same thing. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. It’s within that swirling vortex of fear and confusion and convolution in the mind. It’s within that, like the eye within the hurricane that is perfectly calm and perfectly still. Can’t be touched by what whirls around it.

And you move to that eye by choosing to be vigilant, by choosing to watch the ego - the swirlingness of the mind around the true you - as if it were something that has no part in you. By looking at the thoughts that arise, and go “Oh, that’s an interesting one. There is a fear coming up Yes, that’s nice. Oh, I can feel that. Isn’t that marvelous? What a nice feeling it creates in the body, I can feel my lungs contract. I can feel the muscles tighten. It’s even just thrown my spine out of whack. Isn’t that marvelous?” And yet you choose peace. You choose peace. And you choose not to allow the reactions caused by the little part of the mind that had brought up the fear, brought up the confusion, to be your dictator any longer. You begin to be vigilant so that you watch how your tendency to choose to identify with the swirlings around the real you, keep leading you into confusion, interpersonal difficulties, lack, pain, sleepless nights, all of it. You watch the pattern of how identifying with that swirling vortex of illusion and delusion, how it has always lead you into pain every time you have given it ascendancy over your true mind.

Right down, right down to the simple fact that when something occurs around you – somebody becomes angry, something doesn’t work right – how when you identify with that little part of the mind that I have called like a gnat floating in the vastness of space, that you have given such power to, how that small part of the mind leads you into reactions and choices that only lead you to feel even more unhappy than you were before the event unfolded. And you begin to be willing to trust something else, begin to be willing to trust that no matter what occurs around you, you’re just watching a movie. That’s all it is. It holds no power.

And you begin to realize the simple truth that in all events, even the event of the mind throwing up within itself, all of the veils and smoke screens, that you can choose peace. That you can use the power of choice to move from the swirling vortex to the eye of the storm, with the peace that passes all understanding that dwells within you in its fullness, because it has been placed in your mind by God. And God creates only that which is changeless, that which is eternal. And what He creates is given freely. It need not be earned. It need only be received and utilized.

Now, does all of that make sense to you? Oh good, then we’re done.


What if you could step back for just a moment? And of course you can. What if you were to step back, to view the body that you have called your own? To view the bodies of your mates, your friends, that you have called their own? To step back and see your culture? To step further back and to see other cultures, filled with a lot of bodies and minds running around in the illusion of space and time? What if you were to step back and to see all worlds that have ever existed upon this planet, this one planet?

And what if you were to look upon all the comings and goings and to allow yourself to consider that the only thing that ever takes place, no matter the forms, is that the fragment of the whole and holy mind of the Son of God is being presented with opportunities to choose anew, to choose right-mindedness, to choose the peace that lies within that mind, instead of identifying with the projection, which is the swirling vortex it gets caught up in. What if the only thing occurring in all of space and time, is that one sleeping child is awakening? Awakening from a long-standing dream of separation from God.

What if you began to see from that free and exalted, if you will, place, that you - you - are given the freedom to bring that recognition with you. As you come back into this timeframe, into the body, into every event you experience, every event, every event that you watch others experience, comes to be seen through the eyes of the mind of Christ, who sees only Himself awakening, seeing an aspect of His own mind in the form of a brother or sister, who perhaps still wants to linger in the drama of separation. Because perhaps that mind has learned to perceive that claiming responsibility for one’s only and own reality, will mean change, will mean that no longer can anyone be blamed for anything. It will mean a recognition that it’s time to live from that quality of peace in which all power abides, in order to be the one who walks the world, even as I walked the world, choosing not to be identified with the world, but to be identified with peace, and with union with God. To be the one, to be the one, who abides in any set of circumstances as the presence of peace. Seeing beyond the veils of illusions. Seeing the light that shines in your brother or sister’s eyes - even when they don’t see it. Choosing to recognize that you live in a completely perfect universe.

And what does your word universe mean? It means one turning, one thing doing it all. An exquisite balance of energies that represent the dream, the dream of a sleeping child. And the Son, the child, stirs from that slumber, and is indeed awakening. And sometimes the muscles are a little stiff. Sometimes there’s a little bit of disorientation, and all your brother or your sister needs is your choice to be the strength they need, until they claim their own.

You see, I want you to consider that my life among you was really your very own. That my life among you, if it accomplished anything at all, was only to show you the truth that must be true for all of us. And it required that I learned to risk giving up the temptation to be identified with the habits of thought that the world would teach. It required that I touch the same place that you must touch, the place of being willing to trust something unseen. Can you come to acknowledge that in your own journeys you are intimately experiencing in your way exactly everything that I had to experience? There’s no difference. And the same choice that confronts you, is the choice that confronted me. To learn how, in all sets of circumstances, to choose to be the presence of peace. To set aside all of the perceptions of the world and to acknowledge, until that acknowledgement became constant, “I and my Father are One, and my Kingdom is not of this world. Because it is not of this world, I am at peace and I can abide within it because it holds no power over me. Death and loss are not real. And all that you can ever gain, you possess already.”

And a great ray of light that then began to shine forth in my own mind, through my mind, began to illuminate other minds. Miracles could begin to flow much more easily through it. And there was a conversion in which I, Jeshua ben Joseph - son of a rather nice fellow who chose to take on the role of father, and a very nice lady who gets around still - became converted into the presence of Christ. Because the problem, the conflict, the war, the Armageddon that takes place within you, occurred also within me. The battle between whether or not you will identify with the swirling vortex of limited perceptions of the world, or whether you will choose anew to begin to be identified only with the mind of Christ.

Now, one of the perceptions your world has taught you very well, is that it’s totally presumptuous on your part to even dare to consider the thought, blasphemous that it is, that your reality could possibly be Christ. Have you ever tried to stand up in one of your churches and say, “Well, isn’t all this really about me?” And yet, that is the choice that is before you in each and every moment. And you will continue - you will continue - to repeat moments of pain, of anger, of judgment, of fear, until you begin to learn that they are going to appear as long as you resist the practice of what I will call vigilance. The practice of choosing to identify with peace and with love, no matter what. And I speak not of just what you would call external circumstances, happening to other bodies and minds in space around you. But no matter what the mind throws up within itself, you look at it from the place of peace, and you say “My Kingdom is not of that world.” The world of fear, the world of separation, the world of doubt from which all manner of confusion comes - your Kingdom is not of that world. Your Kingdom is the very same one that is mine.

So you see, we are going to stay around until we all get it. And why? It is not possible to complete your part in the Atonement, it is not possible for you to achieve salvation - call it what you will, conversion, awakening - without recognizing that you are your brother’s keeper, because you are your brother. There is no escape. But there is transcendence, there is freedom. There is a power of love that lies within you so vast, so untapped, that you cannot even begin to imagine its grandeur. Its power! In it all laws of physics become totally meaningless. In it, birth and death are laughable. In it, pain and hurt and gain and loss become absolutely nothing. In it lies the freedom, the freedom to abide in a mind so filled with light, that you are finally able to just be right where you seem to be, because you know it is perfect. And that you’re not there for any other reason than to be the one who radiates the love and peace of God.

And you begin to dis-identify with even being the body at all. Does that mean that you don’t take care of it? Absolutely not. Just the opposite. You begin to look at it in a different way. How could these little atoms ever be brought together to form the illusion of a solid mass of flesh? It’s an incredible miracle. Incredible miracle. Because it’s been translated. The body is translated from a place of imprisonment, a place of death, to a place of life and light. And the body - the body, not your body, not my body - the body, begins to be seen as a vehicle through which the great ray of the mind of Christ can shine the light that heals the world. By healing the world in which you find yourself now, wherever that now might be. That, you see, is the path of the hero. That is the only good to seek. It is the only thing that holds any value whatsoever!

Think about that. That’s the only thing that holds any value. The only thing. To choose to be one who is awake, who looks upon all the things of the world and says, “No! Uh-huh. You’re not going to seduce me any longer. I’ve slept in your bed. The springs seem to break through the mattress. It’s a little lumpy and hard. And I don’t think I want to be your bedfellow any longer. I choose to arise from the crucifixion, and to be the Resurrection. I am awake. I am whole and I am healed now, in this moment. And I am with my brother and my sister to recognize the light in the face of Christ that dwells within them, to be the one in whom they can touch a place of such safety that the changing, the shifting of perception, begins to occur naturally within that. Not because of anything I say. But because of my love that I wrapped them in.”

Now, what happens is this, and everyone in this room knows this experience. You sit back and say, “Okay, good. I’ve got it, yes! Yes, yes, there I was. I was identifying with that vortex yesterday. Okay, right now I choose to be the peace of God. I’m going to be in this situation and I’m going to radiate love.” And so you hold the thought and you’re in that space and the situation around you… [audio missing] …that experience? That is called initiation. But the mind misperceives it. You choose to abide in peace. The small part of the mind says “Hah! No you don’t.” And it throws up a smokescreen by, shall we say, generating activities in the minds of others in your own mind, to convince you that it’s not true. This is an idea… [audio missing] …and you’ve just been deluded. And right away the old habit of identifying with that voice takes over.

Do you know that feeling? Hmmm… Now…

And then you begin to say, “I knew it wouldn’t work. I guess I’ll go somewhere else. I’ll keep searching for the magic elixir that will awaken my mind.” And yet, you’ve missed something. It is like those beings that ran about searching for something called the Holy Grail. Know you that story? All of them walked or rode or ran right past it a thousand times, failing to see the simplicity of its presence in their life. What is the Holy Grail, but that which symbolizes the power within you to choose not to identify with illusion, but with reality? When you notice that the mind has caught you again, and pulled you back into its bed, and you feel the little springs sticking up in your back, the same uncomfortable feelings, realize that you’ve been seduced. The world’s got you for a moment. And all you need to do is stand up and release the world.

The act of standing up is much like the act of resurrection, whereas crucifixion is symbolized by lying down in the bed of the world. And you can stand again and say “No. I choose peace, now. I choose to be happy.” That may not mean to have all of your needs pleased. But it means that you will choose to be happy, to begin to realize that the situations, the circumstances, are not your master. The world has never succeeded in making you happy. No mother, no father, no brother, no sister - and we’re speaking here of familial relationships - no government, no career, nothing. Nothing in this world has ever succeeded in making you happy. Why not just admit it? Why not accept it?

There’s a great power in that. There’s a power that leads to a freedom that is so vast, and so deep, and so eternal, that you can’t even imagine it. And yet that freedom is in you even now. If you would well understand, all of us in this room have used the infinite freedom in the mind of Christ to create this hour. This hour, created out of choice. And if we can come together here and set aside the insanity of separation, if we can come together and realize that we share one mind and one heart now, if we can come together and realize that our brothers and sisters that are so gathered are part of ourselves. If we can allow the heart to open, and the mind to just let go. If we can let the cells of the body relax. If we can forget about yesterday, and think not about tomorrow. If we have the power to create this moment, then we have the power to remember the peace of this moment always. Always. It cannot be taken from us. It cannot be lost.

Herein lies grace. Herein lies reality. Herein is the journey completed. Herein is a demonstration of the union of heavenly Father and earthly Mother that gives rise to the precious birth of the Christ Child. Who, while retaining the things of Heaven, seems to walk through the space and time that you experience, knowing that the world of the body is not quite real. Because it has a beginning, indeed it has an end. But we - we are the ones who have awakened. The Awakening has already occurred. It’s not even possible, no matter the age, for anyone to be in this room, with the level of the soul that doesn’t realize the truth of everything that I’ve been saying. It’s not possible.

And why? Because you attract to yourself what you choose to acknowledge within yourself, so that you can see it mirrored unto you. And the only difference between where I seem to be and where you may perceive yourself to be, is that I learned - in time - to master vigilance, to discipline the mind, so that no choice was ever made other than the choice for union with God. Whereas sometimes, you may yet be tempted to make a different choice. That is the only difference.

Indeed. Unto you it is given. Unto you it is given. Not earned. Unto you it is given to be the presence of peace. You don’t have to know how to do it. It’ll just flow through you. It requires only your willingness to be vulnerable enough to trust that there is a bridge that abides within your mind that links you always to the mind of God, from which you have come as a great ray of light. And that bridge will guide you unerringly in every moment. It only requires that your priority be being awake. That’s all. It simply takes the practice of choosing to identify the only thing of value as being your link, your connection, with the right-mindedness which is the presence of the Holy Spirit. And you will always know what action to take, what words, what feeling at any rate, what thought needs to be shared with another. It’s all within you now.

And after all is said and done, and you’ve finally chosen to recognize that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, whatever that might mean to you, there’s just a simple choice to be made. To arise in each morning and to recognize that if you are in this world, it must be the perfect place for you to practice the constancy of choice that will carry you beyond every pain, and every hurt, and even, ultimately, beyond every trace of thought that you must be a body in space and time. And the light within you will radiate so brightly that no body could ever contain it. And you will not choose to take up your residence in this classroom called space and time. Because the light of the Holy Spirit will be shining through you so brightly, that it will simply be required that you step into a different room in my Father’s mansion.

And that means that each day, each hour and each moment, is not by any means mundane. It’s not something you have to struggle to get through. It is a precious gift. Because it’s only in that moment, in just those set of circumstances, in which you can choose to heal your misidentification with old patterns by making a new choice. That’s why they keep repeating themselves.

Relationship is everything. Ultimately, the relationship between heavenly Father and earthly Mother, between the things of spirit and the things of matter, if you will. Time is simply given you that you might learn to use it constructively. And the only constructive use is the practice of the vigilance, the discipline of the mind, which simply means you’re choosing to care for yourself so much that you no longer are willing to tolerate any other choice than to be the presence of peace, to be who you are, who you are created to be.

Time and the body are really one thing. The body represents the field of time. But because you have created time, it is only in and through time that you can transcend time. And the biggest of error you can ever make is to be willing to tolerate an error of perception in which you begrudge the things of the flesh, you begrudge the circumstances in which you find yourself, because that attitude itself represents the seduction of the perceptions of the world that have swept you into its bed once again.

When you can acknowledge that each moment is perfect, you will know that there is a power within you to choose love, to choose peace, and that that’s all you’re ever asked to do. That is what begins to create, to clear the channel, if you will, so that the light of Christ that you really are, can begin to shine through the veils, the shadows, the fears, the hurts, the doubts. And they begin to dissolve. From where? Your mind. And your mind becomes illuminated. That’s what all that mystical talk means.

Every moment in which you find your button being pushed, the proper response is to give thanks. The healing response is to give thanks. The response that will move you through that ring of fear, so that you step out of the hell, the rut, of having to constantly repeat it in some form or another, is thankfulness. To hold with deep gratitude the lessons of this moment.

Now, I would not say that to you as a brother and as a friend, if I had not already had to learn it myself. I want you to understand that I made a choice as a man, in my own process of awakening. I chose. It wasn’t forced on me. It wasn’t like what you call one of your television programs, called a Mission Impossible. I chose out of myself, to take upon myself that which was called at that time, crucifixion. Because I had recognized the truth, and I wanted in some way to make a statement about that truth so dramatic that no one could fail to see it. They might fail to choose it, they might fail to follow it. But they could never fail to acknowledge it.

And I chose it to demonstrate the simplicity of the truth, that there is never a set of circumstances that holds the power to force you to become the bedfellow of the perceptions of the world. That the power of choice given to the Holy Son of God remains within you always, and your power and your freedom and your awakening, your Atonement, your salvation, call it whatever you want, abides in your willingness to use each moment to choose to be only the presence of peace, the presence of love, no matter what.

And that is how the world is overcome. That is how the past drops from you. That is how anxiety of the future dissolves. That is how time is translated into timelessness. That is how identification of yourself as the great ray of light re-establishes itself. And the whole thought process of the world that you’ve been seduced by, is wholly reversed. Fear is gone, peace has come. You no longer need to light the candle of seeking and of hope, because the light of day has returned. And where you go, goes the peace of God. And where you walk, lies the power of compassion. And wherever you find yourself, you are the one who brings light to the world.

And I want to share with you, as you are willing to practice just that, a certain quality of joy will begin to be reborn in you. It will touch a place of an ancient memory, an ancient memory that’s been much like a song. You faintly hear a few notes of it. And you know it, it’s familiar. When did I forget it? It seems so long ago. And the melody begins to come back, more and more and more and more. The quality of joy begins to suffuse every thought and every action.

And yes, to others you just look like unto themselves. You seem to be a body of personality going through space and time. But some will look a little closer. They’ll notice that you smile a little more. The softness has returned to your eyes. The tension seems to dissolve from the body itself. Things just correct. And as you continue in your practice through time, the light begins to shine brighter and brighter. And you begin to recognize something occurring in your life that you’d only imagined, or dreamed of. Miracles start occurring. Miracles! And they begin to be the stepping stones that guide you through your life. And at first you step back and go “My goodness, life doesn’t require any effort. What happened?”

The miraculous begins to be your guide. Situations that arise that you could have never imagined or never made happen. And you find yourself in the right place at the right time, connecting with the right people at the right time. It all just begins to flow. And why is that important? Why does it even have to happen? Because it’s only in seeing the miracles that Christ does through you and, shall we say, projected onto the screen of your experience, that finally teaches you that the miracle has already occurred within you. The light begins to dawn, because perception has been healed. And you begin to look out upon a totally safe world. A world that you choose to dance through, instead of to struggle through.

The light of day has come. And as miracles unfold, you begin to get a little giddy in the heart, because you know what it really means. “My God, Grace has already come! I and my Father are One! That voice is the voice that’s always told me the truth. And now I know it.”

You begin to be the being you’d always dreamed of being. You begin to realize that you are living the grandest of dreams, because you are awake. And that is the final dream that needs to be experienced in this plane of demonstration. Time has been used constructively. The Atonement is completed, and therefore the purpose of time has ended. And you slip away into eternal light. You become Christ, without block, without limitation. You. And you realize it wasn’t anything you did, save this… you learned the simple key of how to choose in each moment to be who you are, and not who the world tried to teach you you are. The whole thought process has been reversed completely in you.

And, oh indeed, then there are great adventures that await you. Can you imagine what it would be like to really wholly know that you no longer need to be in physical form? That you can join with any mind - {snaps fingers} - that fast? The things of space and time are put aside. There’s no question of birth or death. There’s nothing that brings pain. There’s only light as far as the awakened eye can see. And yet you realize you’re not alone.

You are with others who have realized the truth, and your perception of yourself is as though you were a great sea of light, in which you can still distinguish what appears to be separate minds. Imagine like you’re the ocean, and you’re able to feel and to see the waves that appear, to clearly see their distinctions, to acknowledge them, to love them. And yet, it’s somehow you feel that they are made of you, as you are made of them. And that is what it’s like to hang out in the land of masters, if you will, in which there is no separation. And a great light and a great wisdom orchestrates all that arises in you and all that you are asked to do, because there’s no separation between you and the mind of God. And that great creative force works through you perfectly, without error. You instantly know who you’re being asked to contact while they sleep, so you can kick them in the rear a little bit. It’s like a grand orchestration in which nobody misses a beat.

At the same time, you don’t have to go anywhere to join with anyone. You merely think upon them, and you are with them. Mastery! What you’ve all been seeking is only a choice away. It’s never further than a choice away. The thought you choose to hold in the mind represents the choice you have made, how you have chosen to use the power given to you freely, to choose Heaven or hell. The thought that arises in the mind represents the choice you have made. It does not dictate your feelings or your experiences. You, through the power of your choice, have dictated its arising, from which consequences flow.

Above all, I’m very, very sorry to say that no one can heal you. No one can remake your choice for you. Nobody. Yes, while you seem to be lost, you can seek out other minds and bounce yourself off of them a little bit. And they can provide for you a place of safety until you choose to no longer tolerate error in yourself. To stand up and assume total responsibility for everything you think, everything you feel, and everything that is manifested through you. That is what love really does, you see. It just embraces one who is dreaming. Just as your Father has embraced the whole of creation, the mind of the Son of God who chose to sleep and in his sleep to dream of fragmentation and separation, and yet the love of God, being what the love of God is, never changes a bit. Not a bit!

Can you imagine what it would be like to think with the mind of God? To love with the love of God? Imagine it daily. Ask yourself what it would mean in this moment, whatever it is. Make it a practice. When you’re driving down your street in your automobile, ask yourself, “What would it mean in this moment to think with the mind of God, and to love as God loves? What would I see? What would be revealed to me? How would I feel? How would even the body respond?” Begin to imagine it. Because you cannot imagine what you have not experienced. And if you can evoke in your imagination some thoughts, some feeling of what it must be like to love as God loves, to think as God thinks, and to begin to see how that touches your life, it means that the ancient memory is with you still. The memory of a time before time in which the Son dwelt together with the Father and knew it, and saw no separation between God and himself. Indeed.

If you can begin to practice the recognition that every set of circumstances is given to you as the greatest of blessings. The greatest of blessings because you’re being presented with an opportunity to choose anew. Thank God there is no condemnation! You may have made a wrong choice yesterday or ten thousand lifetimes ago. It doesn’t matter! Now, in every now, the same freedom is presented to you that was with you, in the wholeness of your mind before all of creation arose. The same opportunity to choose love instead of fear. And you can practice it, it’s perfectly safe. Give it a try. See if it fits.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to set up circumstances so people become angry with you, so that you can practice choosing peace. But if you would receive it, that is exactly what you do. “Oh, I keep seeming to screw up. I keep making the wrong choices.” It’s because you’re getting off on it! You become so enthralled with trying to get to God that you’re not quite ready just to be with God.


Hmm. Indeed. Hmm.

Holy relationship. Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven…

Note: CD recording is inaudible for 5 minutes

…and you withdraw your value from it. You simply withdraw your value, and you put it away as a child would a toy outgrown. And you realize you don’t even need to know how to be the presence of love, because the Holy Spirit is with you always. Prior to every breath you take, guidance is available. And gradually you learn there’s no other choice that needs to be made. I am love now.

It doesn’t pump the ego up because the ego has got nothing to do with it. It’s the simple, humbling recognition that reality is Love. And what is real cannot possibly be threatened in any way, shape, or form. I proved that to myself. And each of you, in your own way, has painted a picture of a drama in which you face crucifixion. But you’ve done it only that you might learn to choose Resurrection. And every day, every moment, is a great blessing. A great blessing. The greatest of blessings, because only now in this moment, can you remember the truth of who you are.

Could there be a greater good than to establish every relationship as a Holy one? And all holiness requires is for you to recognize that holiness is in you now, and it simply wants to be given. To touch the sleeping mind of the one you’re with, so that they too can make a different choice, the same choice that was with them in the beginning before time arose. And you are the only one who can offer it to them. It doesn’t mean you take on their stuff. It doesn’t mean you become responsible. You do not become responsible for anybody. Except yourself.

Indeed, the greatest gift you can give anyone is to be wholly responsible for yourself. If you don’t do that, your relationships become what you call in your world dysfunctional. And they end up causing pain and hurt and sorrow. And you will separate yourself from that relationship. And you’ll wonder what happened. And you’ll think up a million reasons why if the other person would have gotten it together, then you could have been happy.

Be happy by resting in your holiness first. And you will present to the other the only opportunity that means anything, the opportunity to join you in holy relationship.

How long should you give them? In one form or another, you will give them the same thing that I give them. As much time as they need, even if it takes lifetimes. But in another way, because right mindedness is always part of you, it is indeed possible to know when to stay physically, and when to go. And because you have learned to trust that that bridge is indeed established within you, you will know that you can take actions in this world without doubt, without fear, and without guilt. And the actions you take will always come from a peaceful and loving heart that recognizes that you no longer seek your good. But your actions reflect that which creates situations that can help others awaken.

Sometimes leaving a relationship is the greatest thing you could do. Sometimes staying is. How to know the difference? Go to a bookstore and buy a book.


There are no guidelines. There’s nowhere outside of yourself you’ll ever get an answer. And there’s nowhere outside of yourself you need to go for the answer. You know what you know. And there need be no guilt taken upon yourself for the choice in the decision to leave a relationship because another insists on refusing to assume responsibility. Indeed.

I asked you to join with me in the willingness to let each relationship become holy. There are several very key steps that must be done at all times.

The first step is this. Holy relationship requires seriousness. It requires that you grit the teeth and struggle. It requires that you act with the determination of the ego to make it work. And of course, when you go out in public, you’d better be wearing your best costume.


Or you might want to try it this way. To look into each other’s eyes, if they be friends, spouses, whatever it is, and say, “You know, we don’t know anything. Isn’t it great! We don’t know the first thing about anything. We can’t even remember how we got here!”

No one remembers the moment in which God thought you into being. And if that is true, it’s the most intimate thing that’s ever happened to you. What gives you the idea that you ever know what anything is for, if you don’t even remember the moment of your creation? If that can slip past your awareness, so can a lot of things. And if you don’t know anything, that’s what happens. You start to laugh a lot! You start to laugh at the ego and all its foibles. It’s like watching what you call your Woody Allen movies. Laurel and Hardy live within you.


Ego is a nothing! It can’t be pleased. It doesn’t want to be pleased, and that’s by definition. “I’m the ego. I cannot be pleased. But I’m going to lead you to believe that you must please me. Now spend ten thousand lifetimes trying to make it happen.”

It will never happen. And you can join together and laugh! “Boy, look at me. Wasn’t that a good one?” And you can begin to feel the lightness of the freedom of not needing to know. The vulnerability in which peace returns, in which when something arises, instead of racing about going “Well, I think we should do this. No, don’t do that. No, I said, don’t do that! We have to do it this way. Don’t you see, we’ve got to do it this way,” just go, “I don’t know. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit. Maybe he’s got an inside track.”

And so you sit and you ask and an answer doesn’t come. And then you realize, that is the Holy Spirit’s answer. You’re not getting an answer because you don’t have to do anything. Nothing’s being asked of you. Go sit in the park and enjoy the weather. Let it go for that hour or that day! When it’s time for the answer to be given, it will show up…

Note: Gap in the recording while the tape was changed.

Well, what occurs in these gatherings is that there are many levels of communication going on at the same time. And some of you know what that’s like. You hear me activating, blending with the mind of my brother – and I have become better and better at using all of the interesting mumble jumble inside this mind – to try to make some sense out of it all and use it for something of value. But at the same time, some of you know that you catch those little moments when you’re like having your own conversation with me. Do you know that feeling? It’s not your imagination.

You could almost say that this is like a ritual. It creates a field in which all of us can relax. And the other levels of communication and possibilities become open. The distractions are less. It sets the energy, it sets the mood, in which a part of you begins to open. And as I’ve said many times, if you open the door just a crack, I will definitely stick my big toe in. And that is why sometimes you feel like you’re communicating with me simultaneously. And some of you know perfectly well what it means to realize you’re having a talk with me in your dreams. In the space between two thoughts. It’s not your imagination.

I’m free, you see. I don’t have a nine-to-five job. I can show up anywhere I want. And yet, I only show up where I am invited. So indeed, if you’ve been feeling my presence in your life for a few months, pressing against your heart, it’s only because I have an invitation in my hand that said, Jeshua, would you please show up in the year 1992. Okay.

Holy relationship. Look around for just a moment. Allow your eyes to just join for just a few moments with another and make the choice within yourself…


That is rather laughable… Well, she’s made the choice to be vulnerable.

Just be with that one. And you’re safe here because the world is not here to press upon you. And just allow the truth to enter into the mind, that you’re just looking at yourself.

See the light that shines in their eyes. Let that light carry you beyond your perceptions of their body, your thoughts about their personality. If you know something of their history, it all just becomes meaningless. See the truth.

And as you abide thus, notice the feeling that comes. Perhaps just a moment’s trepidation, and as you retain that contact, you slip through the ring of fear, and the heart opens a little deeper. The shoulders drop out of the ears. The neck relaxes, the throat softens. The body always follows the mind.

Within your own mind now, as you look into the other’s eyes, just let yourself gently say, I love you.

I love you.

I love the light. I love the radiance. I love the presence.

I love the truth.

Feel gratitude for the one. The gratitude for the mirror that they offer you. It’s through their giving and their service to you, that you are transcending this world for a final time.

Begin to see that you’re only looking at yourself.

Begin to see that together, you’ve been set forth into this world to bring light to it, not to struggle with it. And you have found your brother and your sister. Just rest into that joyousness, the eye of the hurricane in which the light of peace has returned. Feel the simplicity of the truth. We and our Father are one.

Imagine that you could breathe their presence right into your heart. The truth of their presence, the truth of the light that is in them. Become vulnerable, become safe to embrace the presence by breathing that presence of your brother or sister into yourself.

And allow yourself to feel them doing the same thing, as if you could just open up and give yourself to them. Let them breathe your light in. And notice that as they do that, your light is not diminished. It grows. For indeed as you allow yourself to give, you receive. And when you give only light, you receive only light.

And now, abiding in that place of union and of safety and of peace, you don’t need to think specifics. But just give to the Holy Spirit your willingness that he take from you every misperception, every false judgment, every ancient fear that warns of hurt. Just ask the Holy Spirit to take them from you, because you relinquish the value you’ve given them.

Acknowledge that the time is at hand. And you can choose to stand up and join your brother and your sister in the Resurrection. We are the thought of love in form, given as the light that lights this world.

There is no past. There is no future. This one moment is enough. Truth is returned. Truth now becomes the foundation by which we move and think and feel.

And acknowledge within yourself that long after you’ve left this hour, in any given moment, you need only return to the experience of joining with your sister or brother to touch again the place of peace, of remembrance, of true vulnerability, of forgiveness and healing.

If you happen to be in the same physical proximity as the one you’re doing this with now, then you have the blessing of doing it every day. Not just in your mind, but physically in the field of time. But there is a link now established because your relationship is Holy, and you can draw on that power and that remembrance whenever you need to. And your brother or your sister has become the means of your salvation. Do they not then deserve your thankfulness and your gratitude?

So take just a moment now, and in your own quiet way, one unto another, extend that thankfulness and that gratitude. It might be a smile, it might be a word. It might be a hug if that’s what feels good. But acknowledge that thankfulness.

You need not go out from your Father’s holy place, the place that you have just touched and felt. Can you not feel the quality of peace that now pervades this room? You are the ones that have created it, through your willingness to be the truth and to share it one with another. And if you would well receive it, that is all you’re ever asked to do in this world. To live as though you’re not the ego, because you’re not. You are the ones who can bring peace to the world, by just being that peace. Remembering that this world is so totally harmless, it doesn’t even deserve a second thought.

Be at peace always, and indeed you have honored the Son that dwells in your heart. Thereby have you honored me. And you’ve honored the One that has sent us both forth, as equals in the mind of God. Every other choice is the choice for illusions. It is the choice for emptiness and meaninglessness. Choose therefore wisely, and honor with me the Son that dwells within our hearts equally, completely, without beginning and without end.

Holy relationship, indeed! The sacred marriage between the things of Heaven and the things of earth. The light of Christ is extended as is far from the east to the west. And you are the bringers of that light. You will never fail to be in the right place at the right time, that thankfulness and gratitude and peace be the stepping stones upon which you walk gently, with great non-seriousness. Indeed.

Hmm. Well, I suppose we could have gussied all of that up with a three week ritual of some kind to prepare you.


Ritual is only fun when you realize it doesn’t prepare you for anything. It gives you the opportunity to do what has already been accomplished within you through grace. Then it’s a dance and a celebration. You might even find yourself enjoying going to church.


Hmm. So. If you would well receive it - some of you have noticed it to varying degrees - certain doorways have opened in this evening. Continue to walk through them, by recreating them for yourself. The power is in you now to always remember the truth. I did not bring it to you. I just helped you remember. And after all, what is a brother or a friend for, if not to remind you that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you?

What I want to suggest to you is that when you leave this place and this evening, whenever that happens to be, that when you walk out through the doors, carry within yourself the idea, the notion - after all, you’re just an idea anyway - carry yourself, carry with yourself, the idea that you have just left the Temple of the Holy of Holies with a very secret key given to you by God.

The key is that you carry now the Temple of the Holy of Holies with you wherever you are. The Holy Grail is in your possession. And it requires only the practice of vigilance, the loving art of discipline, to remember that it is with you. And that the doorway to the Holy of Holies is open to you every time you teach only love through your thoughts and through your actions, demonstrating that the miracle has already occurred within you. And you will soon realize that any other choice is just a choice to pretend that you don’t know the truth. But you do. The gig is up.

And as you journey to your abodes, view the body as the body. As an interesting quirk of nature, if you will. Don’t identify with it. Actually practice, “Well, I think I’m going to put the body in this automobile. And now I think I’ll move it down the road to some house. And I’ll plop the carcass in some bed so that it can be taken care of. After all, I want to polish it a little bit so that I can communicate the great ray of light I am through it. So that when I arise in the morning, I can give thanks for the opportunity to share the light and the love of God with all of my brothers and sisters, some of whom will remember and will recognize the truth and smile with me, and others who are yet dreaming. But that’s okay. They’ll get tired of it sooner or later. And they too will play with me.”

To realize as you leave this place, you have all the time in the world. And why? Because there’s nowhere you’re going, and nothing you must gain. Think about that. When you know that you live above time, time no longer imprisons you. And gone is the anxiousness, because there’s no longer a seeker but a Finder. Time itself becomes translated into the opportunity to teach only love. And love heals. Indeed.

This is not an hour or an evening for what you would call the asking of questions. If you would well receive it, the means of answering them has already been given, and lies within you now. Nothing separates you from the truth of your knowingness. And the only thing that has ever feared that knowingness is the small little part of the mind that knows it’s going to have to give itself up. The small little fragments. So small, so harmless, that you need a cosmic microscope even to find the darn thing. It is as a nothingness and holds no power. That is the part from which fear arises. It is the part from which judgment arises, and anger. Indeed.

There is such beauty in you. It is an incredible thing to behold. And through your vigilance and through your discipline, rest assured, the hour and the day will arise when you see without any trace of obstacle whatsoever. Any trace of obstacle whatsoever, and everyone you look upon, even when you don’t have a body, will shine forth like a radiant, incredible light. And even you, the awakened mind of Christ, will marvel at the mystery that has been brought forth from the mind of God Him/Herself. Great rays of light that seem to emanate from one source, are made of the same substance, and yet somehow seem to have their own distinct beingness, and yet they all reflect one another.

Like diamonds that shine and sparkle in all directions. A million diamonds reflecting their own light one unto another. When I look upon you, that is all I see. And that is the part of you with whom I communicate. The rest of it is below us. And that means that those among you that hear my voice, that suddenly feel my presence, it means it in that moment, you are resting in the truth of your beingness because that’s the only place you can hear me. The only place. I don’t go out from my Father’s holy place. It’s a little cold out there. Every time you even have a thought of me! And if this sounds a little Christian, I’m sorry, but they had it somewhat right.


Whenever you have a thought of me, it means that you are with me in Paradise. Remember that. Remember it. Just to think about me as your brother and friend is to think about one who mirrors back to you the truth and the power that is required in you to even receive the thought of me. It means we’re on, well, equal non-footing, since we don’t have feet. It means you are with me already.

Great rays of light. Let it shine! Let it shine forth so brightly that the world can no longer turn away from its own light. Be the one that chooses to bring nothing but blessings to your brothers and sisters. Be the ones who have awakened to the great joy of total responsibility for the Atonement.

Indeed, let it shine, let laughter and song and dance and play reverberate through the cells of the body, given to you for a very short time. Indeed, be the one who is awakened to their reality, as love. And I will be with you. And I will walk with you. And if you ever for a moment lie down into the perceptions of the world, and therefore feel that you don’t have the strength to stand up, just stop what you’re doing, and remember me. That’s all. Just remember me. Give yourself permission to let me lie down with you.

And the shift will occur. And you’ll find that you stood up again. Because you have chosen to use my strength. And the day will arise when yours is as certain and as complete as mine. And that day, can be this day. Indeed.

I love you. And we are all in it together. How we’re not going anywhere, until everybody comes with us. How could anybody want to go to Heaven, and leave their brother or sister outside? It’s just not possible. Since to do that would mean you’d have to fragment yourself into two. And that’s what’s caused all the pain. Do not suffer the world any longer, but rejoice in the Resurrection that is already completed. Let miracles be your guide. Allow yourself to realize that everything that comes into your life does so for a reason. The Holy Spirit’s saying, “Here you go, use this. Don’t worry how. I’ll work through you. And I’m going to send many unto you. And through what you’re doing, I will touch their minds. Just be willing to be available.”

Indeed, there’s no greater freedom than not knowing where you’re going, or what you’re going to be doing tomorrow. The world would say “Oh! That should make you filled with anxiety.” The perceptions of the world are diametrically opposed to the truth of the Kingdom. And if you think something’s been lost in your life, it just means that there’s a space being created for something far greater. Acknowledge your willingness to receive it, and it will occur.

Your power rests in your acknowledgement that you don’t have to know how to do anything. And thank God for that.


That is what it means, you see, when you realize “Not my will but thine, O Lord, be done. I don’t know how to do anything anyway. So I might as well get the heck out of the way. And the Holy Spirit will teach me moment to moment to moment where to be, what to say, what to do.” You have been able to master the illusion that you live within a body. And if you can do that, you can do anything. You have no idea how much complexity you had to go through to convince yourself that you are separate from God. And if you can do that, trust me, you can do anything. And you can begin now.

Receive my love, as I have received yours. Receive it, as our Father has already received us. He has already restored our rightful place, and the dream of separation has already been healed. Indeed.

Peace therefore be unto each of us. Peace be unto the Holy Child of God. Peace. Peace. And from peace, great laughter, great play, great expansiveness, great light, great freedom. Indeed.

I will never leave you. The Comforter has been sent, and in this hour It has been received. And once received, It can never be taken from you again. Peace be unto you, even unto the end of this age, that quickly comes to pass because of what you choose to bring to this world.

Go then in peace. Indeed.


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