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Now, we begin.

And indeed, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. Indeed, greetings unto—you, the only begotten offspring of the Father, of the divine, of Love. In truth there can only be one Being present. In truth there can be only one Reality present. In truth there can only be what is true.

Remember then, always, that regardless of what the eyes of the body show you, you remain as you are created to be. Made indeed in the image of all that God is, and God is but Love. Made in the image of all that the divine is, and the divine is that which extends itself infinitely and eternally from its desire to reveal Love. This is why in each and every moment when Love is expressed through you, innocently, purely and without attachment or investment, you have always experienced a state of peace, a state of ease.

And in that moment, the Holy Instant, you have remembered the truth of who you are. You have seen beyond the body in that split second.You have seen beyond the distance between you and your brother or sister, and you have reveled in the bliss of perfect union. Your life has flowed, in that moment, effortlessly. It has flowed in that moment with absence of anxiety, for there is no thought of tomorrow. There is no memory clung to of the past. There is only this freedom, in which Love, the essence of your being, the essence of Spirit, the essence of all that Christ is—that essence has flowed through the perceptions once held in the mind, the patterns, some of which you might call karma. It has seeped through the blockages in the cells of the body, and the body itself has gestured in such a way that Love has been extended into the world.

It is in just such moments that the fullness of the spiritual journey is completed. For that journey is only completed in the act of remembrance of what you have always been, that which alone you must always be. In a very real sense then, there is no evolution, there are no strategies that can get you to God, except forgetting that you are separate from God. And that forgetting, that moment, again that Holy Instance that brings you into the fullness of your being, into that state of remembrance is in those moments when Love has flowed through you to the world, in any of its myriad expressions, and there has been no thought to cloud it. That thought being

I wonder what I will receive from this giving? How will I be able to shape the universe around me in order to extract what I believe I need by being loving?

In those moments of pure love, there is only perfect union, perfect innocence. Forgiveness itself cannot even enter such a moment, for there has been no condemnation.

In each and every moment then, when you choose to surrender the self and allow Love to be present, you have elected to live in the Kingdom. And you are the one who receives the joy, the enjoyment of witnessing Love’s effects. And where do you experience the effects of Love if not first in your own being?

As Love flows from Spirit through the soul, through the basics or the matrix of the persona, the personalities, as it moves through the emotional field and out through the body and into the world, you must be the first that receives it. And this is what brings us to the heart and soul of what we would seek to share with you in this hour: It is not your doing that can establish you in the Kingdom. It is not your accomplishment that evolves you into the consciousness of God. It is first and foremost in your willingness to receive the reality of the Kingdom, which is the experience of Love flowing through you.

This is what I meant when I once said, ‘Seek first the Kingdom within and all these things shall be added unto you.’ For in every striving that the mind enters into, based on its forgetting of who it truly is, what is sought is not money, not fame, not what you call your soulmates, not the accomplishment of great tasks; what the mind is looking for is Love. That is the only thing the mind can seek, for that is the only thing it was designed to give.

Know then, that in all tasks you choose to undertake you will be motivated by only one of two things: Love or fear. Fear can come with many masks, it can even wear a smile. Fear is born, and accesses your matrix or conduit which propels your activity, when you have forgotten to seek first the Kingdom. When you have forgotten to open and receive the Love that is forever present for you, in every moment and under all conditions.

As you choose then to cultivate the decision to seek first the Kingdom, the tasks that you enjoin can be flooded with the Love that would flow through you, as That Voice guides your creativity, your choices, your decisions. And yet Love colors things a little differently than does fear. And this is a very important distinction. Fear will seek the results of the task, for fear believes that by the accomplishment of the task something will be received that the egoic mind believes is lacking. Love will extend itself into the task, knowing that the true treasures are the moments of relationship that arise along the journey, that become those moments in which souls can heal through learning the practice of forgiveness—of looking with innocence, of looking the shadow in the eye and choosing Love instead.

So Love is not results-oriented, Love is Love-oriented. Fear is results-oriented. This can only mean that when you enjoin any task and you find yourself depressed, frustrated that the result has not been achieved, the mind or your awareness has slipped over into the territory of fear.

Fear is an energy that believes Love is lacking, that union with God is lacking. It is run by the beliefs such as

I must earn my union with God. Performance is what will bring it to me,

and all of the rest. What would it be like then, if you learned to look upon each of your days through new eyes? What would it be like if you looked upon each of your days as merely the opportunity to discern and distinguish which of those two camps your awareness is falling into:

Is it fear that is propelling me, or is it truly Love?

How again to know the difference? If you are feeling frustrated, anxious, depressed and all of the rest and you notice finally that the mind is fixated on the results you have decided should be achieved are not being achieved, and therefore a feeling state emerges, you know that you have entered into that task from fear.

Now, what then do you do? Well, it is very, very simple.You get one of those whips and you take off the shirt and then you beat yourself with it. You take out an ad in your newspapers with your picture, saying,

Behold, an unworthy one!

You have all taken out those ads in your papers, you know.

In truth, because Love does not condemn, and because Love makes all things new, even as what would be birthed from fear is arising, all you need do is stop and seek first the Kingdom and abide there until you feel restored—until you are sober, you are in your right Mind, you have received Love for yourself for no other reason than that it is good to do so. And then, as you bring your mind to the task, simply ask that Love guide the way. That Love restore your mind and awareness to the reality that the great jewels that will be presented is not so much in the result that the mind would picture, but the moments of relationship in which Love can change a pattern of perception that has been running that mind: yours, or your brother’s or sister’s.

Those moments are referred to as Holy Instances, and they are the crown jewel of creation. For only in such moments—and they always occur in relationship—in those moments does the reality of Love come to be more solidly established as the basis of your consciousness. And this can be nothing more than a return to what is true.

The message then, that we would seek to share with you in this hour, is a message that can transform your life. Even if it is flowing beautifully, it can flow more deeply, for there can be no limit or bottom to the depth of God. Paradoxically then, because you are the created and not the Creator, you—just like I once had the opportunity when I walked your planet as a man—you have the opportunity to translate how you see time, what you perceive its value is and utilize it to deepen your direct remembrance of the Presence of God . . . by cultivating the choice for Love, the remembrance of Love, the dedication to Love, the surrender to Love, by learning to seek first the Kingdom and allowing each of your tasks to flow from that choice.

When you awaken in the morning, there is a task before you. You are going to have to lift the head from the pillow, you are going to have to put your feet on your floor and you are going to have to decide which direction those feet are going to carry the body. Is that not true? And yet, how often have you awakened in the morning and immediately the mind has gotten busy with all of your to-do lists and unbeknown to you, at times the voice for fear has been the main magnet that lifts your head from the pillow, puts your feet on the floor and you’re off, running scared. Hm.

If I don’t get this done, what will they think? Oh my God, what about that? Oh!

And it goes on and on and on.

Once, many years ago, I spoke to this, my beloved brother, that one of the greatest things he could ever learn to do was to ‘wait on the Lord’, which means to seek first the Kingdom before the eyes opened fully. Just in that moment when you know you have awakened from your slumber, something is going to be activating the body—a thought, an impulse—and in that moment, before the eyes open, to remember God. To choose Love. To cultivate feeling it as it penetrates your soul, your mind, your emotions, your personality, and even the tissues and cells of the body. To make sure you are not bringing with you anything that you took to sleep with you, that is a judgment of a brother or a sister. To make sure that what is going to move the body that day will not be fear but Love.

Now that sounds rather simple, doesn’t it? Hm. I would then challenge you to keep a list, a calendar by your bed and when you have gotten up in the morning, and you have taken your shower or done whatever you have done, or made your coffee, or made your fourteen phone calls before you eat—before you leave the house, pause and ask yourself,

Did I remember to abide in Love before I opened my eyes this morning?

Keep track! It will be most humbling, for this simple act is the most difficult to achieve. To learn to choose for Love at the most subtle moment, as consciousness is beginning to focus into the physical domain every morning. To remember Love then, is indeed a difficult task and yet the mind can be trained more and more to make that choice.

Would you be willing to enjoin such a challenge? Remember, we will be watching!

{Audience laughter}

And always, beloved friends, without judgment, without condemnation.

The mind that has awakened comes to each moment anew. The mind that has been fully established in the remembrance of the Truth that is true always, comes to each moment fresh and anew. It is not possible for such a mind to lose patience with a brother or a sister, for lack of patience can only arise from fear. From a mind that has forgotten the Kingdom and therefore is keeping score, adding up the past, it has the results about what it thinks the future should be, and this other one obviously isn’t fitting in quite right.

But Love looks with innocence upon each created being, for Love sees that they look not upon another but upon themselves. This can only mean that you are your brother and sister’s keeper because you are your brother and your sister. This is why I have often said that your greatest saviors are those that really push your buttons. For do they not call you to the task of patience? Do they not call you to the task to uncover more deeply within what must be preventing Love from showing up? For Love also provides you the wisdom to know what to do with each moment. Luckily, and by grace, it is not given you to know what your brother or sister needs. Luckily, by grace, it is not given for you to be the caretaker of another but the keeper of another. And what could that mean?

To keep another means to hold in your consciousness the image and remembrance of them as the perfection of the truth that they truly are. And within each soul is the spark of Light, which is the Christ Mind, which is that Mind, whole and complete, made in the image of God. To keep another is to be the friend of that one. And a friend indeed is one who sees the other as Christ in the journey of remembering Christ and holds them in that Light until they can hold it for themselves.

A friend is one who does not condemn or judge. Therefore, the greatest state of consciousness is to be a friend to the world. But because it is not given to you to know what your brother or sister needs, you are released from the burden of believing that you must know. And in any moment, as you cultivate the ability to remember first the Kingdom, to receive Love, to abide in that place, where Grace can speak to you, the Holy Spirit—that part of the mind that remains perfectly united with God and is heard when all the other dimensions of your being are at peace (and peace requires non-attachment to the world)—in that moment, the Holy Spirit will guide your words, your gestures, your choices and decisions. You might find yourself speaking, you might find yourself being silent. There is no handbook, you would say, for each moment arises fresh and pure.

Seek then, seek within your own consciousness to desire the Kingdom more than anything else. More than any result you have ever imagined. More than any richness or fame or what have you. Above all created things, seek to nurture within yourself the passionate desire to have released from your consciousness anything that impedes it from being entrained to seek first the Kingdom. So that more and more and more with each moment, even as you live in this physical dimension and the body moves about on your planet, and decisions and bills to pay and all the rest arises, but the mind goes

Oh, I think I’ll just receive Love. I think I’ll just receive Love. I think I’ll just abide in the remembrance that only Love is real.

Ah, drink that sweet, sweet, clear water, if you will, and then enjoin the task before you. For in that way you’ll begin to access more and more clearly the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

But what might arise in the mind that could prevent it from wanting the Holy Spirit to hold authority over the mind? Fear. Fear. For the guidance of the Holy Spirit is not circumvented by the rules of the world. It is not contained in the guidelines that you have learned from the world. In this sense then, wisdom is radically free. To be guided then by the Holy Spirit is to grow into a state of being, which could be called ‘radical freedom’, in which no part of the mind is caught up in fearing what the perceptions of the world might be. The body-mind itself, the personality, the soul itself, becomes fully the servant of something invisible, something quiet, and yet something which in its wisdom knows how Love can serve this moment, whatever that moment may be.

To embody such a state of consciousness is the true goal that you are all seeking. It is the true result that the soul wants. It is the result for which the fearful mind creates substitutes or idols, by translating the results of its plans, its endeavors, forgetting that only Love is real. That the very purpose of time and creation is but the creation of contexts in which Holy Instances can arise and Love can be remembered and restored to the minds and hearts of friends.

Peace then comes into your life and into your relationships, into your nations, and eventually into the world when only friendship exists—true friendship—whether it be between political leader and one casting a ballot, whether it be between husband and wife, man-man, woman-woman, man-dog, cat-dog, it doesn’t really matter, all forms of relationships—when they are established in friendship—then is peace restored. Then can Heaven come to earth.

As you learn then to want Love alone to be your guide, as you learn then to recognize that it is only in those moments, when Love has successfully (shall we say) out-shouted the voice of fear—and you know you have had thousands of those moments, in which

Love has been enacted through you and you are left with the sweetest, most sublime feeling of fulfillment—when you want more and more those moments, until those moments are established as the ocean from which the waves of your life emerge, you become the gift to this world that can transform this world and is transforming it. Rest assured, indeed, beloved friends, each and every one of you in those moments, when through your desire, your cultivation, your practice, if you will, you have remembered Love—you have already begun to transform this world. You have taken up the cross of crucifixion, which is a symbol of the burdens of this world, and you have demonstrated that there is another way. You have literally become the embodiment that models to each brother and sister that behold, we don’t need to spin in the same circles. There is another way and that way is Love.

Take a moment then—and I would indeed ask this of all who would hear these words now—to take this moment and turn your awareness within and imagine that you are speaking to yourself, to your very soul. Pause right now, and give yourself deep appreciation, deep gratitude, honor yourself for every single moment when only Love has led your way, when only Love has been extended. And then ask of yourself this simple question,

Would I desire more of such moments or fewer of such moments?

If the answer is ‘more’, simply say, “Yes,” to that desire. Invite the Holy Spirit to become increasingly the authority of your consciousness. Ask It to become the magnet that pulls your attention to It before each decision. For the Holy Spirit can only come to you to the degree that you invite It in.

You are beginning to near a certain time upon your calendar, called the Christmas Season. As I have shared with you many times before, rest assured it was not the month of my birth into the world, but it became a symbol, a symbol for the birth of Light into the world, even as my life has become the most universal symbol in the human psyche for what must occur within each created mind. For that which alone can truly fulfill the journey of the soul, the remembrance that only the truth can be true, the recognition that Christ—which is simply a word for the purity of consciousness untainted by fear, resting in the remembrance that only Love is real—the symbol, then, of my life, celebrated at this time of Christmas should be enjoined with prayer, with silence, with celebration with true friends of the Heart, those who would be willing to join with you in celebration of every loving thought that the two of you, or the four of you, or the hundred of you, have experienced in your lives.

Imagine a Christmas celebration in which you tell stories, one to the other, of the moments in which you knew that Love had acted through you. You have in your phrase, where you are living here on this speck of earth, the ‘talking of the story’— ‘talk story’? What wonder stories those would be! If you would come together at that time of Christmas and listen to each other share the moments in which they know in their heart and soul that God, Who is but Love, moved through them and spoke or gestured out into the world. Would that not be a Christmas to enjoy? Would it not be a time of great celebration as you honor the great courage of each and every one of you in that group, to have chosen the courageous act of enacting Love instead of the products of fear? In which you set aside all remembrance or trace of thought of the moments in which you think you failed and did only one thing, to celebrate those moments of Love—for in those moments, you were enacting the incarnation of Christ. You were literally living what the symbol of my life is all about. The moment in which Christ came to earth, to the body and to the mind, and was birthed into the world. For each Holy Instant is Christmas.

Would you be willing to have such a gathering? Does it not create within you a tickle of excitement and enjoyment? What indeed if you wrapped your presents of your gifts to one another and placed only in them a piece of paper, or several pages, in which you write to the other all the moments you can remember in which you were the recipient of love through that other? Hm. Would that not be to give a precious gift?—to help remind your brother and sister that they have indeed succeeded, probably far often than they even know.

Would you be willing to do that? Does that sound as like it would be a good gift to give to another? What could you possibly give from the material plane that could possibly create such a permanent gifting? What could possibly match the gift to another’s consciousness that you have experienced the gift of Love through them? What could inspire that soul to know the truth of who they really are, to be inspired, to cultivate even more moments in which they have been the birther of Christ?

Therefore, we would leave it up to you, everyone hearing these words, to set about, to take what you call the initiative, to experiment with this whole new approach to your Christmas Season. Rest assured, it will not look good on your gross national product but is it not time for the national product to cease being so gross?

Is it not time for it to shine with the brilliance that can heal the wounds and the fears, the distrust, the judgments? Is it not time for Christ to be birthed into the world? To truly celebrate, to be celebrated, to be praised? And how can you praise Christ? Certainly not by attending your functions in which all attention is put on me. But rather that you create those functions in which the attention and praise of Love is offered to the brothers and sisters through which Love has touched your soul. This is to truly honor the Christ that must come cosmically.

I am indeed one who looks forward to the day when the life of Jeshua ben Joseph has been entirely forgotten by everyone, for they are too busy being that one, celebrating the living Presence of the Christ Mind amongst themselves. So that if my name comes up, someone says,

Oh yes, that was a brother. I think he was here a long time ago. Let’s get back on with what we are doing.

That would be different indeed.

I have looked upon that which is called the religion based in my name. And rest assured, it has brought sadness to my heart and soul, for my message has not been heard and received. They have projected their praise onto the messenger and not the message.

In your Christmas Season, when so many gather in their buildings to remember me, to turn their attention to a historical event that occurred so long ago, what I see occurring in their souls is the attempt of fear to project the Christ Mind outside of themselves, to keep it at a safe distance; and when they leave those buildings, no transformation has occurred. If you would remember me on that day, please remember me only as a friend of the world, a brother equal to each and everyone of you and not above you in any way. If you would honor me in any way whatsoever, please remind your brothers and sisters of the times in which they have been the bearers and gifters of Christ to you, the times that your soul has been uplifted and inspired, the times that you have been healed and transformed in their presence as they took the courageous act to let Love be given through them. In this way, my heart will indeed be gladdened.This is the transformation that must come to your planet and to your human consciousness.

Only fear projects the essence of truth outside of you and keeps it at an arm’s length. There is not anything that this world has to offer that you need. There is no material thing that can fulfill you. Indeed there is no relationship that can fulfill you. There is nothing that can fulfill you. You are already fulfilled in your perfect union with God. Your only task is to cultivate more and more the remembrance of that, for it is again in those moments, when Love has flowed through you, that you have experienced your deepest peace, your greatest joy, and your deepest certainty of who you are. That is the sublime state, that is the sublime drug that you are seeking with every results-based picture, dream, endeavor. Does that make sense for you?

Christmas, the mass of the Christ. Why not be a mass of Christs, celebrating each other? Hm? And then some day a critical mass will be reached and no more criticism will be necessary.

Indeed beloved friends, there are times when many of us would wish indeed, to merely find the way that we could blow what you call the veils of ignorance, or forgetting, away from you. We see when you suffer, we feel when you suffer, because we are one with you, because you are an aspect of the Christ Mind, the one and Holy Son or offspring of God. And yet in your sovereignty, there is no one who can remove those veils for you. They remain in place only because you choose them. Look well then to see, with great innocence, what must be at work when you choose to move from fear and not Love. For everything that arises, arises only within the sovereignty of your own awareness. And you can only see outside, what you have chosen to see inside. And you can only place a judgment on what is outside because you have already placed it on yourself.

When you experience impatience with a brother or a sister, it is because there is a place within you that has been impatient with yourself. There is a place within you that is calling for your own forgiveness and love. And as you find that place within and bring it to Light within, and extend that Love to that part of you, you will suddenly find yourself feeling only patience with another. Any time you look upon anyone or anything with judgment it can only be a projection of that reflection within you, that you have judged.

When you perceive lack in the world, it is because in that moment, you have chosen a perception that lack lives within you. What then restores consciousness to holy sight? By now you should know—the decision to choose for the Kingdom, to simply stop and to remember. To drink that Love for yourself, to drink it well into yourself and then, as you open your eyes again, suddenly, the world you see has changed. For Love indeed does change and heal all things. And this is the one and only purpose that time and space can have. There is nothing here to be accomplished, save this: The restoration of the memory of God in the seat of the soul, so that it becomes perfectly centred as the conduit through which Love creates.

Then indeed, as you enjoin your plans, you’ll know that you are merely creating contexts in which Holy Instances can arise. Reasons to celebrate! Reasons to dance! Reason to give praise! Reason to give thankfulness! You are looking for moments as excuses to have a party. You are not solving world hunger. You are not ending child abuse. You are looking in all the contexts you enter into for the moments of relationship in which Love is restored to the minds of those, in that moment of relationship. And of course, that is what ends world hunger, that is what ends child abuse, that is what ends everything that is not Love.

Look then, in all of your endeavors, not to achieve a result that you have decided, but rather allow Love to be the stream that carries you and energizes you for that journey within that context. And be vigilant for the moments of connection with another, playing with you in that context, in which the remembrance of Love can occur.

We would end then this simple message with one more exercise, if you will. When you rest your head upon your pillow at night, and you notice that the body’s tiredness is beginning to call your attention to fuzziness—as indeed the soul begins to retract its focus on the physical domain and journey into other dimensions while the body sleeps—in just that transition time, just before you drift off to sleep, ask yourself this,

How many Holy Instances did I give myself permission to experience this day?

Rest assured there will be times when a big fat zero is the answer. Know you those days? Doesn’t it look then like the world is very bleak? {Jeshua chuckles} You can only see on the outside what you have seen already within.

That indeed is a very, very powerful exercise and I do not give it lightly for, hear me well, that very question was given to me by one of my Essene teachers when I was but fourteen years of age. And it was given to me, to my fourteen year old mind, every day for two years! “Have you remembered, last night when you went to sleep, young Jeshua ben Joseph, you who think you know all the answers? Did you remember to count the moments of your Holy Instances?” And as you well know at fourteen, there are often many zeros and many ‘No, I forgot again!’

And yet, as finally I began to taste the transformative power of that remembrance, I began to realize the wisdom of my teacher and more and more, each evening, I relished that time, just before consciousness slips away, the remembrance of the Holy Instances I had experienced that day.Those moments became the sweetest of candies, they became the most valuable moments in my consciousness. And from about the time of fifteen and a half or so onward, it became the foundation of my purpose for rising from my sleep each morning. To cultivate contexts in which Holy Instances could arise. That is what fueled my entire ministry, as it has been called, that is what fueled my entire field of desire until it was so established, so deeply established, that I couldn’t shake it off. And everything in my field of consciousness, the sovereignty of my own soul, just as you have your own field of sovereignty, became fully enjoined, aligned with, dedicated to, committed to one thing—the taste of the Holy Instant. Everything in my mind, everything in my gesturing became willingly transformed to serve the experience of the Holy Instant.

Let me give you a little proof of that. Have you ever wondered why I have ceaselessly sought to join with minds, such as this my beloved brother, in order to find contexts in which I might communicate with and join with my brothers and sisters? Is it because I see you as, shall we say, deluded? In need of fixing? Hardly! The impetus of all the work that I do to reach into the field of human consciousness is born of the taste and the knowledge that the Holy Instant is as a pearl beyond all price. For in the Holy Instant is the perfect remembrance of God.

So now the cat is out of the bag!

Imagine this… Imagine that you are walking this earth of yours, associated with a bag of molecules you call the body, for the last time. And everything in you is oriented only to the creation of contexts in which the Holy Instant can be experienced between yourself and your brothers and sisters—that is the only thing that lifts your head from your pillow each morning. What would such a life be like? Hm. Something worth pondering, is it not? And it is perfectly okay that you have had occasional moments when you wanted something else. {Jeshua chuckles} Proof of your guilt, proof of your depravity, proof of your failure, proof that the world really is a bad place—and all of the rest. Those are just movies in a theatre—you know, those theatres you have, where you go and watch the movie and there are ten or twelve different screens and you get to select which images are going to vibrate in your nervous system? All of those choices in the mind are just movies. Just movies. Just movies. Sooner or later you get tired of looking at the screen and you put down the popcorn thing that you have been eating out of. You dump your napkin on the floor and you leave the theatre and you go outside, back to Reality.

And Reality is the Presence of Love. The great joy of relationship. Those moments in which two have come together—and this is of course the great, great height of possibilities you have—when any two or more have come together in my Name. What did that mean? In the vibration of recognizing that only the Holy Instant could possibly hold any value at all, as a means to justify celebration and praise. The reality of the Presence of God.

Between the time of now and the day of Christmas, you have a certain number of days, in which you are going to be lifting your head from the pillow and placing it on your pillow again that night. What if you were to dedicate the time between now and that day of Christmas to enjoin the practices I have suggested for you in this hour, in which you learn to relish and desire with great passion the cultivation of attention on the making of Holy Instances with your brothers and sisters. Might it not carry you into a celebration of Christmas unlike any other, in which you will be able to relish the degree of wisdom and the depth of joy that you have allowed to grow within your consciousness, as you have trained it to not settle for movies?

This then in truth completes the message that I would seek to extend to you, those of you that are here present, and those of you that will be present when you hear these spoken words.

Christmas is indeed a precious gift—if it is held in the right frame of mind. If it is utilized for its right purpose: the Mass of Christ. To join with brothers and sisters in celebration of every Holy Instant that has shined through you into the darkness of this insane world. For remember, the world was birthed in the desire to try to create something that is opposite of the Kingdom. And from that very moment Love has worked to transform that dream, to restore reality.

Celebrate your successes, celebrate your Holy Instances, by celebrating each other’s loving thoughts, loving gestures, the moments in which each of you has birthed and expressed Christ.

And so to those of you who are present in this hour, how are all of you doing?


Hm. Hm. Good!

Would any of you then be willing to commit publicly to becoming an addict of Holy Instances? You can have what you call your support groups.

And who would want recovery? See how much more addicted you can support each other to become! Indeed.

And with that, actually, a suggestion has been given you not by accident, though it sounded a bit ‘tongue in cheek’, I believe you say. This is only a phrase I can use; I have neither tongue nor cheek.

What would it be like to transform the purpose of your friendships, your relationships, so that the primary goal was to support one another in remembering to cultivate Holy Instances? Hm. Would that transform your business meetings? For this is truly the power and the gift of your relationships and your friendships. To find and seek out, to attract to yourself and to settle for nothing less than relationships based in the holy desire to cultivate the ability to remember Love, so that Holy Instances can be increasingly experienced in the moments of your coming together. Would that be a worthy goal?

Well, it’s up to you! It’s up to you!

Heed well, then, what was just said. That you would seek out, that you would desire to attract to yourself, and that you would be willing to settle no longer for less than relationships based in that commitment.

Well, there goes my grandfather.

It does not mean that you reject another. It means you look wisely at where you place your time and energy. Which relationships that you know in your life now really begin to (what you call) fit that bill? Which ones could fit that bill if only you extended yourself a little bit and set up a ‘business meeting’ for the business of talking about how your relationship can be transformed and cultivated into one that helps grow each other’s capacity for experiencing Holy Instances. Rest assured, if you let your attention even now begin to sift through all the relationships you have, you’ll see right away which ones perhaps you should be giving less time and energy to, and those that could indeed bear much good fruit with just a little bit of exertion on your part. Would you be willing to do that?

And so, there are a few among you who have questions being held in the mind. In fact, a few of those questions have been held so much in the mind that what was being shared at times was bouncing off the questions. {Jeshua chuckles.}

Which of you would then would like to ask a question that can be explored? Hm. Not going to ask it then, huh? Hm. And is it not because there is a part of you that knows the answer has already been given? This can only mean that there is really never a time that the questions being held in your mind are really ‘private’. Did you know that when something is going on in your life and you have a question turning over in your mind and you walk into a room of a party, everybody instantly already knows what’s going on in your consciousness? Now, through social training, they will pretend they don’t. There is no such thing as privacy, for all minds are but fragments of one Mind. There is nothing unknown by everyone. Ha!… Hardly then worth the effort trying to hide.


So, how are all of you doing? Has it been worth your time to be gathered together for this hour?

I am afraid that I must report to you that it has not been worth mine—I have none! I can only hope that it has been worth my brother’s time for allowing me to use both mind and body.

Know then, as we bring this brief time to a close, please know this: I love you. I love you in a preciousness and to a depth that it is not possible to understand until your consciousness is so fully established in the desire for Holy Instances, that those moments are woven together like beads tightly on a string, so much so that time itself dissolves and there is only one continuous Holy Instant. For in that moment you will have become so fully established in the Christ Mind that you will know me perfectly, for you will have known yourself; and together we will have known the Father and we will have been known of the Father; and our journey into dreams will have been transformed into the celebration of the Kingdom of Heaven, knowing neither birth nor death nor limitation.

I am but your friend and your brother and rest assured, please, I am not apart from where you are. And in the quiet of your heart and mind you can join with me whenever you want, for you will have no difficulty in convincing me to utilize relationship for creating the Holy Instant. I am always willing to play! This can only mean that it is not possible for you to be alone. It is not possible for you to have nowhere to go in which you are not seen and heard and recognized and restored to the gift and power of Love. Please, then, remember that I am but friend and brother to the world, calling all that would but listen to the glorious celebration of the Mass of Christ.

And with that then indeed, merry Christmas to each and everyone of you.


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