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Hang on a sec…


The question has arisen about the Shanti Christo membership, and the comment was that it was ‘exclusive’ to have tapes only go to members. And the question is—what is the question? For those not able to manifest the means to become a member right now, whether the Shanti Christo play in that role to open up and extend tapes to those? What’s your view on that?


Not able to manifest the means?! Beloved friend, well have you asked the question for it states a universality in human consciousness to deny the simple truth of all that we’ve said in this hour: There is never a time that any soul is limited; it chooses to manifest and experience exactly what it’s experiencing.

No one has a dollar bill in their pocket unless they have chosen that experience. There is absolutely no one who is without power to manifest the means of manifestation if they are willing to take responsibility for their miscreations. And they smile and say,

Well, if I created that, I can start anew.

Exclusivity is the most interesting word in your language. Listen well. When one views something as being exclusive, they have literally chosen to place themselves on the outside of what they see as being exclusive. It is not the thing in itself, whether it be an organization, a group, a relationship. That is not what causes exclusivity. Perception creates experience—always, always, always. And if anyone would view anything and judge it as being exclusive, then there is an opportunity for them to stop and see how they literally created the feeling of being excluded. Does that make sense for you?

Free will choice is never taken away. I have never excluded anyone from me, and yet many, many, many have judged my work, both at the time I walked upon this earth, as being highly exclusive. Why did you only selected those disciples? Why are there more women than men? I didn’t choose them. They chose themselves. The same is true now. Does that help you in that regard?

Uh-huh, yes.

Now. You have an interesting phenomenon in your culture where there are many clubs that are created. Men have clubs and exclude women. Women have clubs and exclude men. Whites have clubs and exclude blacks. Blacks have clubs and exclude whites, and reds, and everything else on the planet. Yet I say this unto you: all that matters is what do you truly want. If you look upon anything occurring in your society and see it as some form of exclusivity, stop and look and check your own energy. You are feeling excluded from something, and that is why you have called to yourself the experience that reflects the quality of exclusivity. There is something you are excluding yourself from in your own consciousness. It may not be that club: that is a symbol of the energy that is going on within your beingness. Therefore, if one says, well, this is exclusive, the wise student pauses, reminds themself that what they experience, they have created. And if they are seeing exclusivity, they need to begin to ask the clear question: what am I excluding from myself? How am I shutting up energies of exclusion? Does that make sense to you?


So are there any more questions? [Pause]

So to each and every one of you that has heard these words, remember that it is a stepping stone. Begin to look at each and every one of your days and all of your experiences, as you being the literal and only creator of your experience. And it can be anything that you want. God doesn’t care. You see, God is content to create you. What you do with the power that She has given unto you is your business. But part of God’s creation is to extend complete freedom to his creations. It doesn’t matter to God because He knows that you’re going to come home, when you choose to. And your throne awaits you: the throne of mastery over your creations.

We begin then, now, to weave a blending that will create a vibration and frequency through this ‘family’. Hmm. A family which is limited because we’re excluding others!

[Laughs] It is an open invitation. And any are free to join in the dance, if they have heard truthfully the desire to awaken within themselves.

In closing, then, in this hour, my peace do I give unto you—and not as the world gives, give I unto you. Why would I want to give as the world gives? Surely that is the height of insanity. For the world gives only to take away. The world gives only that you might recognize the world and its greatness. But I give as my Father once gave to me—freely, unconditionally, as the overflow of love.

Therefore, peace be unto you always, creators of heavens and hells, who are free at any time to choose anew. And because I am without time, I can wait forever for you to choose with me.


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