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Jeshua, what is like to live the Christ vibration in 3-D?


It’s a lot of fun. It is the wonder of wonders. It is so sublime and so grand that no words can contain it. It is to be in the world but not of the world. It is to be so filled with wisdom and compassion and love and power and capability, and at the same time to know that you are literally nothing. Of myself, I do nothing. And many sought to make me their god. And, yet, I was telling them, don’t look at me. I’m not the maker and the doer. I am the witness of grand mystery that I now allow to flow through me. And each so-called miracle was a miracle unto me. It brought a freshness in each moment, to step with a foot upon the warm earth at mid day, and to be in total awe that that experience could arise, that by placing one foot in front of the other, I could end up at a well having a conversation with a woman that changed her life, that the holy spirit could speak through me to wonder how I even arrived at the well in the first place. It wasn’t my intention. It was only my intention to be in a state of awe and wonder and allowing.

To be Christ in the third dimension is a very unique experience. It lasts only the twinkling of an eye, but that’s how long the body lasts. But while it lasts, I can tell you this, nothing you can imagine or ever create, nothing any mind has ever pondered can match the sublime fullness and fulfillment that comes as the result of asking the question you have asked. For each question must be answered. And the answer is always the experience of the fulfillment of the question. Continue, then, to ask that question.

There’s one that goes with it for me, and that is, if being the Christ vibration in 3-D is as sublime as you just described, then being co-creating Christ in 3-D must be a blast. And I wonder if that’s ever happened in the 3-D history that we’ve known of before?

The answer is no. It has never occurred upon this plane. There have been many grand civilizations, but each, no matter how far removed and even beyond the one you know, as we stated earlier, by comparison yours is extremely primitive in relation to some that have existed. But in each one of them, the thought was held that some could be Christ, but not everyone. They just held that perception that there had to be this hierarchy. Does that make sense to you?

Therefore, the thought that is penetrating or descending is the thought of a world in which all body minds manifest the fullness of the Christed consciousness. Second coming, indeed. No, it has never occurred, but it will.

So that’s one of the real opportunities we have in Shanti Christo.

It is not just one of the opportunities, it is the only opportunity. Everything serves that, or can serve it. Everything grows out of whether or not there will be minds willing to ask that question with you and be committed to receiving, which means to become, the answer. For my two cents, if I had cents, I would say there could be no grander adventure than the field of time. Does that help you in regard to the question?

Yes, thanks.

Oh. Then the answer is already being received.

What an adventure. I feel like I’m waking up in the conversation we’re having.

Ah. Wonder of wonders. Hmm.

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