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Hang on a sec…


It’s the first time in feeling the sense of wonder that you’re inviting me and us into, that I’m approaching—I usually experience goals and desires as kind of burdensome, but it’s the first time I’m feeling a certain goal that I really like is something that I can approach in the spirit of fun. And I don’t even really know what my question is, but I know that’s what I want to talk to you about.


Now, listen well to what you’ve just said, and contemplate what was said a moment ago to you. There was a reason for it.

If you would indeed draw to yourself the clarity of a certain answer, make sure that you ask a clear question. Therefore, allow yourself, beloved friend, to just relax for a moment. It does not come from the mind, it comes into the mind from a relaxed state of being, a relaxed emotional body. Merely begin within yourself to say,

What question would clearly attract to me the answer that I seek to discover?

So we will pause, while you allow the question to be birthed.


You almost had it.

How can I discern Love’s questions from fear’s questions?

It is actually very simple. Love’s questions literally create within the physical body a sense of joy. It may be subtle. A sense of excitement, a sense of wonder, a sense of well-being, a sense of expansion. You can learn to discern the quality of this feeling in the cellular structure of the body itself. Fear’s questions create exactly the opposite: a loss of aliveness, a sense of foreboding, a contraction, a coldness, a darkness. A very good practice, then, for you as well as for many (and luckily your question can serve more than just yourself)…

As you sit in your meditation and allow questions to come, as you begin to become disciplined in your awareness that you’re watching what’s going on in the mind from moment to moment, when questions come up in your mind, pause and look at it, and ask yourself,

Is this a question from Love or from fear?

And then ask yourself,

What do I notice in my beingness that is associated with the arising of the question? Is it a feeling of fun and wonder, a bit of an excitement, a sense of expansion? Or is it a contraction, a coldness, a foreboding, a dissonance instead of a resonance?

Does that make sense for you?

Yes, it does.

It would be very good for you to practice with that. For you see, everything is a matter of vibration. Thought is a frequency of energy. God’s thoughts are the highest form of energy—Love unimpeded, meeting no obstacles. Love is a state in which fear cannot be present.

Therefore, look well and learn now to feel the quality of energy that you are abiding in, as different questions arise in your mind. You will come to see very, very clearly that the qualities of energy revolving around and emanating from questions being birthed through and in the vibration of Love are completely and totally different from the feeling and vibratory quality of the questions arising in and around the energy of fear. In fact, they are as far from one another as the East from the West, and have literally no similarities. One specific quality that comes from questions of Love is a feeling of relaxation, so there is not a sense of urgency and impatience. Hmm. Just a thought to think about, to wonder about.

Beloved friend, because you have chosen to take the time to allow the clear formulation of the question, now that ‘unseen something’ can begin to direct a much clearer answer to you. And the clarity of the answer is what moves you from who you are toward what you wish to be. And, of course, what you’re wishing to be is who you really are.



Thank you, Jeshua.

Do you know why this work occurs? Because I was willing to ask a clear question of myself when I was a man who walked upon this plane and saw the incredible limitations of physical form, and dared to think new thoughts. How could I possibly find a way to communicate with all minds in all dimensions of creation? What would I have to become? How would I need to change in order to experience unlimited communication? The answer was the process of crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, Christed Consciousness. So the answer taught me, because it became my experience—all based on the desire of finding an answer to a clearly asked question.

Where there are no questions, you already have your answer. And how many in your world never ask new questions, and then wonder why nothing changes?

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