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Now we begin.

Indeed greetings unto you, beloved and holy children of Light divine, indeed offspring of the One Who has been called God. And if you are that offspring, indeed you are created in your Father’s image and in you remains the power to heal every false perception, to leave the world of split-mindedness behind you, and to indeed perceive the real world and to abide within it. And what can that real world be if not the extension of love that need not be sent through a filter of fear. For, indeed, it is that filter that keeps the mind split and the heart at least partially yet concealed. And when you choose wholly to remember the Truth of your being, then you hold the power and the freedom to give all things over to the Holy Spirit. You can throw open the shutters of the heart and even of the cells of the body and ask—and know you will receive—that every last trace of shadow shall be released from you.

For those of you that believe that healing can come only to the mind, is it not wise to ask where the mind is? And as I have sought to teach you—the body arises within the mind, not the other way around. And, therefore, what you see as these lumps of flesh express quite exquisitely the patterns of belief that you have held in the mind. For the body can only serve the thoughts you choose to hold, and it will do so to perfection.

Therefore, if there has been a thought or a belief grounded in the misperception that you are separate from God, and therefore in the soil of fear you have perceived an inequality between yourself and your brother and believe that you live in a fearful world, understand well that that creates reaction in the very cells of the body; and the cells themselves become like holding tanks and you hold on quite deeply and quite strongly to ancient wounds and ancient hurts.

And though you hold the thought in the mind,

I am the arisen Christ,

until you are truly willing to throw open the shutters of even the cells of the body and to let all of those little dark shadows fly away, you are still holding on to one small dark belief, choosing to claim it as your own, and you have not released all things to the Holy Spirit for healing.

You cannot know what will transpire when truly you release the hold on that last little corner of your mind that you would hold on to and claim to be your own. But you can, with great faith, trust the process that the Holy Spirit would use to release every shadow—so that even the body becomes capable of radiance.

What is radiance? It is only the Light you are without anything creating an obstacle to its expression. Therefore, precious friends, fear not the release of the chronic hold you have had even within the cells of the body. For the body is only an extension of your thought.

If you are loved wholly and in your Father’s eyes you have never sinned, what then is there to fear? To fear healing? To fear release? Indeed, to fear tears? Tears and laughter are your grandest of healers and your greatest of teachers. And I confess they are far greater than I, for all I can do is come and talk to you. I can come and bring my countenance upon you, and I can stand by your side as your friend and your brother—and I certainly don’t mean just momentarily as I borrow the mind and body of my beloved brother here—but whenever you turn to me, I can be with you; for indeed I am with you always.

But what your laughter and tears can bring to you cannot be measured. Therefore, fear them not and judge them not. Do not create an inequality, saying,

Well, I much prefer laughter over tears.

If you have made the choice to choose healing, then embrace your tears as much as your laughter, and give thanks when they arise. Throw open the shutters of the body and let the tears create shaking in the body. It cannot destroy you because you are not the body. You are that which utilizes it as a vehicle of communication. And when you therefore hold on in the palm of your hand to that shadow, it creates constriction in the body out of fear, and you are choosing to limit what this beautiful vehicle can do. And it will do precisely what you command it to do.

There is no one here who could not walk on water. There is no one here who could not extend healing through the body. And what prevents it? That small little corner that you have been holding on to for an awfully long time.

The message that I would bring you in this hour is this: fear not healing. Yes, it feels like change, and thank God for that. Because if there has been depression, there have been old wounds from which you have been acting out and acting out and acting out, as it is called in your language. Is it not time to release it? If you would indeed be the arisen Christ, then truly have the courage to throw open the cells of the body.

Now, how to you do that? You don’t. But abiding in faith and asking the Holy Spirit for the help you need, indeed helpers will come because they have been assigned to you. And it will not be by accident that certain ones will come into your life; and in Truth if you are desirous of healing, be vigilant to see who it is that comes into your life. And understand that they are sent to you because you have asked of the one Teacher, Whose guidance never errs, for healing and for completion.

Healing, then, can often feel like death because, of course, it is. It is the death of a false illusion that you have held and clung to in error. And if you would be the servant of your Father—and I say this not in a serious vein but in a very light vein, because to be a servant of the Father is to be one who expresses love and joy and laughter and play and certainty and strength and humility and compassion and patience and vision— and if indeed you would be the servant of your Father, let that death occur down to the tips of your toes. You will not taste death, but an illusion will dissolve away.

Many of you are yet hoping, fervently hoping, that you can achieve awakening by holding the thought in the mind,

I am the arisen Christ.

That is a great place—and the only place—to start. You cannot approach healing as long as you hold the attitude that you are separate from God, because you will create a veil of fear and you will go through process after process after process, but you will never get to the nub of it—because you don’t want to.

Therefore, when you understand in the mind, in the heart, the Truth of who you are, that becomes the very foundation and the strength and the faith to allow the Holy Spirit to completely remake even the cells of the body. Notice that I said the cells of “the” body, not the cells of “your” body, because the arisen Christ knows he is not the body and does not possess it, that he does not begin where the body starts and he will not end when the body is returned to this Earth. He knows that the body is given of the Holy Mother for nothing save the extension of the unconditional Love of God.

And from that foundation you will find your strength to allow the complete and radical transformation of every aspect of your being: it is called the personality, which is just a mask made up of fear that can be translated into a vehicle of communication; the emotional body, which is the core where you have held all of those ancient wounds; and even the cells of the body. Therefore, your Kingdom shall be made new again.

Precious friends, fear not the complete healing of every trace of illusion that you have harbored within your being. And if it feels like death, then embrace it. It is the only death that truly counts, you see.

What, then, prolongs the process of healing? Resistance to it, born out of the chronic holding on to nothing more than illusions. And when that illusion has truly been laid down, the body will arise, the emotions will arise, the mind, the personality will arise—but will be made new. The dreamer will have been laid to rest and the arisen Christ will finally live through you.

And I ask you to join with me in the willingness to allow that healing to occur: to embrace your laughter and to embrace your tears and to embrace every opportunity to let go of the shadows that bind you.

How, then, can you ask the Holy Spirit to heal you if there are dark comers which you have refused to look at, or how can you hand to the Holy Spirit what you have not yet embraced?

Illusions remain powerful when you refuse to acknowledge them. And many yet hold the fear:

What will happen if I truly look my illusions squarely in the eye and acknowledge that, by God, they have been controlling me? Will they be the demons that master me?

Herein lies the purpose of faith: to know that you are the arisen Christ, that you abide in perfect union with God in the real world, and that you are given and sent to translate this unreal world of illusions and insanity into the real world; and you do it by acknowledging that yes, you have been living there all along and it is time to heal it.

Healing really does not take effort. It takes allowing. Allowing, allowing, allowing, every day and with every breath. So that your illusion—this unreal world—becomes translated and becomes the perfect reflection of the real world. And it can be painless when your perception changes, that healing is not frightful, that it is okay to cry in front of a friend. It is okay to pick up the phone and say,

Lordy, do I need you tonight.

It’s okay to say,

There is something going on that I don’t understand, but I am not going to constrict. I am going to throw the body open. And if I convulse and if I vomit and if I cry and if I scream, who cares? It’s just the release of old shadows that have no place in the body and the mind and the emotions of the only begotten child of God.

It is well and good to recite certain words,

I am the arisen Christ. I live in joy and I live in Light.

But if you have not looked to be sure that you have embraced every shadow, it remains in the realm of a thought and it has not yet manifested as your living reality.

That is why so many become frustrated. They do all the metaphysical games. They even come and listen to me and say,

Jeshua said I am the arisen Christ. Therefore, ah, I can avoid the process of healing.

If you are the arisen Christ—and I assure you that you are—you will want to embrace the very process of insuring that no trace of illusion remains within you. You will not deceive yourself. You will not lie to yourself. And when those shadows are made present to your consciousness, you will give thanks to the Holy Spirit and to the brothers and sisters that have thrown them into your face, because they are messengers of God. They are saying,

Here, look at this, so that you can embrace it and release it.

Fear not shadows, because you are made of Light, a Light so powerful that it can dissolve shadows in the instant you truly choose to embrace them and acknowledge them. That is how powerful each of you truly is. And the day comes when you no longer need helpers to dissolve those shadows, because with their help you have learned it’s safe to embrace them, that they hold no power of mastery over you.

The only reason there are such things as healers or teachers or masters is because yet within the drama you believe you need them; and not understanding the strength within you, you need to reach out for the strength of another. By all means do so. One who is truly awakening to the Christ within them recognizes how worthy they are of the help of the universe.

And yet, how many times—and be honest—how many times have each of you felt that you are not really worthy of seeking and reaching out for help?

I better just stuff this. After all, I don’t want to bother anybody today.

Anyone know that energy?

God has created you as a Thought of perfect Love in form. And when you choose to manifest that reality, do you think He sits by idly and goes,

Well, I don’t know if you are really worthy of what I can bring to you.

It is just the opposite. You are the one to whom the universe is given. You—you—are the beloved of God.

Therefore, when you know you need help, reach out for it. To do so is an act of power. It says that you understand your worth and you will do anything to let Christ be born in you.

The time comes quickly upon this Earth when you are going to need to have made sure that you’ve healed every wound and every false perception. And the wounds can only be healed to the degree that you are willing to open up and allow that healing. Not to use the power of the mind to deceive yourself, but to understand the Truth of the long journey you’ve been making, because it’s been very complex. You are never going to really be able to look back and pinpoint the moments when a certain perception started. It’s not really necessary, but you will at times be able to access certain memories that exhibit the power of that false perception. And as those moments are healed, you have healed all of them.

And isn’t that a lucky thing? It would be a rather long journey if you had to heal every moment in which you let a false perception lead you astray. But in each of those moments, they are really all the same. So to heal one is to heal them all. And whether healing comes because one taps into a past life, or healing comes because they have realized that yesterday they exhibited something that was not loving and they bring the Light of the Spirit to it because they have embraced it, the healing is the same, and they have healed the whole of their past. It is not necessary to hold the belief in reincarnation and it is not necessary to go forth a thousand lifetimes backward to find what needs to be healed. Because if it needs to be healed, it is with you right where you are.

Learn to look upon all of your thoughts and all of your actions and all of your dreams and all of your perceptions and ask of yourself,

Is this truly the will of God? Or is there a trace of fear in it? Is there a trace of limitation? Is this something that I’ve seen cropping up over and over again?

If it crops up over and over, you know it is in need of healing.

Healing has been grossly misunderstood. It’s really not the fixing of anything, because to do that assumes that it is already real and that there is someone who can fix it. Healing is the mastery of allowing. Healing is the mastery of allowing: to allow all things, so that they can be embraced and loved and thereby transcended. Never use the mind to minimize your behavior, your thoughts. Never use the mind to do that, because to do that you will only ensure that you will repeat that perception, that behavior, ad nauseam.

You are worthy of the depth of your healing. You are worthy of seeing that in Truth the journey has already been completed, and your Father is just waiting for you to truly throw open the shutters and allow the fullness of the power of Christ to be lived through you. And that is fearful to the small little shadow you have been clinging to.

You have heard it said in your world that many fear failure. The fear of failure ensures it. But a far greater fear is the fear of success. And in this term, in the use of this term, I am not talking about success in worldly terms. I am talking about the success of living as Christ, wholly, without obstacle or block. It is that fear that leads you to hold on to the small, powerless, weak and insane shadow that you have believed yourself to be since before time began. It takes courage to release that. It takes courage to ask for help. It takes courage to die.

The whole purpose of the crucifixion is not that it saved anybody from their sins. It never did that. The purpose of the crucifixion was to demonstrate where you will continue to be throughout all of eternity until you are willing to truly let that small little shadow die and to claim your power, not just as a thought or a belief—although that’s where it starts—but to allow that power to transform the emotions and every cell of the body. Then, indeed, the resurrection has been realized.

And if I can raise the body and ascend unto my Father, so can you. I am not saying that you have to be able to be nailed to a cross so that the body dies and then resurrected in three days and ascend before your disciples. Of course not. I am saying that that was a demonstration of what has to happen to your perceptions of yourself, which is that which makes up the ego.

A true healer knows that they heal nothing. A true healer knows that they fix nothing. The truest among them simply makes themself available and learns to speak a language that the one who perceives themselves as sick or diseased can understand. And they will abide with them and they will speak that language and they will use their modalities that they have learned, but all the while they know Who It is that will effect the healing. It actually comes from the communication of that soul or that person with the Holy Spirit in whatever form they choose to think of it. And an agreement is made that healing will come because that soul has finally chosen to allow it. And often all they need is the safety of being with a healer.

The greatest of healers are those that have understood that they have needed to allow correction to come to their own mind and their own emotions and their own bodies. And, indeed, the greatest of healers never cease in that process. That is what keeps them in the line of power, if you want to call it that, so that the Holy Spirit can work through them.

A true healer is one who has, in a sense, made a grand sacrifice of their life. They no longer are anxious to get to the end of healing but they enact the act of healing daily, throwing themselves open always so that they remain in communication with those that come to them, and never forget what it means to be in the process of healing.

Now that is very paradoxical, and I hope you will take some time to contemplate it. Because in the act of, in a sense, donning the cloak of one who is constantly working on their healing, they are actually liberated. And out of their liberation they take on the form of one involved in healing, so that they can be with their brothers and sisters and be an effective channel of healing. Does that make sense? It is very important. Very important. If ever you come across a healer that says,

I have already got it all licked; now let me fix you,

please turn around and leave, because that is an unhealed healer.

There are many of you in this room who are making shifts in consciousness, and your compassion has opened. Your understanding that there is nothing outside of you has begun to open, and you have thus begun to see that your brother and sister is not outside of you and cannot be outside of you. And out of your compassion, you want to help them heal. You will be effective to the degree that you allow, in every day, healing to come to you; and to never shut your heart to that process. And if it means that you think you may cry tears in every day of your life for the next two hundred and forty-seven years, you will gladly do it—because that keeps you in that line of power so that the Holy Spirit can work through your humble heart, and extend the healing to the one who has asked for it but needs you as an intermediary because their strength is not yet certain enough to come to the throne of God directly.

And the greatest of days will come when all of the healers that understand what it means to truly be healers are out of work. And then they, too, will rejoice because their work will have been finished.

Please do not fear healing. But I have come to speak about that specific subject tonight because there are some among you who are creating a dichotomy within yourself. You are actually widening the split while holding on to the illusion, created with the power of the mind, that you have already gotten it finished. Hmm. Anyone feel like that? You are worthy of being healed, so you might as well get on with it. The Kingdom needs you to be healed.

Will you know when it is completed? Here’s the rub: when in Truth healing has been completed, you won’t even care if it’s been completed because your life will become, we will use the word here, sacrificed—but I don’t mean it in your normal sense of loss. It is a gift given freely by you. It is like looking at your brothers and sisters and saying,

Gosh, they sure are enjoying groveling in the muck and mire. Because I love them I am going to get down on my hands and knees and grovel, too. And just maybe one of them will look at me, and if they look at me at the right time, the Holy Spirit might be able to work through me. But the Holy Spirit will never be able to work through me if I don’t get down on my hands and knees.

Enlightenment, salvation, is not about keeping the mud off of your knees. It is the freedom to be in the mud without identifying with it, but allowing yourself to be there as long as the Sonship still needs you.

Now, if that were not true, when I ascended to my Father I would have waved goodbye and I would have wished you well, but you would have never heard from me again.

Understand what I mean when I say that I have never really left this world and that I work without ceasing. I can only do so because I completed my part in the atonement as a man who walked upon this plane. Therefore, that is the path you, too, must take: to let yourself complete the process of healing, so that out of your freedom you can take on the cloaks of this world and look like everybody else until they learn that they are not separate from God.

I am only a temporary mediation-bringer to you, and the grandest of days that will come to me is when you look past me and need me no longer. But until that day I will work without ceasing because I love you. And every genuine healer understands the Heart from which those words are spoken, because they are spoken from the Heart of Christ. That is more than any one embodiment could ever contain. I am merely one who is like you but has become identified with the Christ, and I call you to do the same.

The water is fine. Jump in. But to jump in, you see, you have to remove your bathing suit of your wounds that you have refused to embrace so that they might be healed. There can’t be any dust on your body when you jump into the water of eternity.

So many of you are standing on the platform constantly repeating that prayer,

Holy Father, let there be Light. However, I want to keep this little smudge on myself. I want to hold on to it as my own because I put a lot of energy into creating it. My God, I’ve spent lifetimes becoming as wretched as I could be and now You want me to let it go? I’ve spent lifetimes convincing myself that I am weak and frail and now You want me to let it go? How dare You. I have used the power You have given me, Father, to create unlike You and I have been rather proud of it. I have even created the sense that I am separate from You and that took a lot of doing. And now, You want me to let it go before I jump into that lake of eternity?

Unfortunately, yes.

Let your life be a sacrifice. Not a painful sacrifice—that’s been done a thousand times. It is not a lot of fun. Let your life be a sacrifice in the sense that you realize that you are just walking around pretending like you are a body, pretending like you are just a person so that you can make yourself available to those who still believe they need an intermediary.

A teacher of God is nothing but a temporary device. Please, I beg of you, contemplate well what I have shared with you. It is very important because it is really the journey of everyone, not just a special class of species that are called “healers.” You are all healers, every one of you. Learn all you can about it. Apply it to yourself. Become one who loves to heal, not by groveling in your past, but just by noticing the nuances that come when certain circumstances seem to elicit reactions. Don’t pretend it isn’t happening or it will only continue. And that one veil, though subtle as it may seem, may be the very veil that keeps you eternally on the wheel of birth and death in the drama of separation.

If you want to see the planet healed, then be very fervently involved in your own healing. Not by picking yourself up by your bootstraps, but by asking for help and noticing what comes into your life. It’s there for a reason. If indeed nothing arises by accident, then it must be there for a reason.

Now, does that mean that you need to take upon yourself great humility and seriousness, and say,

God, I’m such a wretched, sinful creature after all and I’ve been fooling myself. I have got to dig deep. Boy, do I have work to do.

No, it means to embrace it and move into healing with joy and with strength and with certainty. Have fun with it.

Have you ever spent an hour seeing how deeply you can cry? It has been said by another teacher that some of you are familiar with, that every tear releases a thousand years.

Well, what would one hour of true gut-wrenching crying do?

Get into it, because just the other side of those tears, divine laughter comes. Some of you have experienced that—when you are truly into it, something seems to shift. Anybody experience that?

Then, why would you fear tears? Why would you fear what you have been taught to perceive as gut-wrenching pain? That is just an illusion of perception. When the body shakes with tears, you have been taught to believe it is because you are weak and wretched. Those that can allow tears exhibit great strength.

I hope it all makes sense. Some of you in this room while I have been speaking about this, rather forcefully, have felt a little contraction like,

Oh, God, do I really have to do this?

Yes. And your delight rests just on the other side of doing it. When you are in pain, don’t deny it. Own it. It does not mean that you take on the perception that you are anything other than Christ. Even in your pain, even if memories are coming up, you can still keep your attention on the Light of Christ and bring that Light to it without blocking it, without cutting it off. It is indeed most empowering to know and to experience that you can be wailing and at the very same moment directing the healing Light of Christ right into the wailings, because those wailings are lifting the lid; and what’s bubbling up out of it can then be healed by the Light that is coming to it.

The healer is just one that helps to do that for you until you figure out that you can do it for yourself. And a genuine healer will always rejoice when they perceive and see,

Thank God, they don’t need me any longer. Now I can go on to the next person.

So, I know that was all of a bit of a lengthy greeting but sometimes it’s necessary. I love you. I love you so much that I gave my life for you. Will you love yourself with that intensity that you are willing to lay down your life for yourself? Because you are worth it.



Well, I was crying today in the presence of a friend but I felt myself holding back because I felt that this person was uncomfortable with it. And it seems to happen more often that way.

Precious friend, if you hold back the process of those tears because you sense that the other is uncomfortable, what you are really choosing to say is that their perceptions hold more reality than yours and you must acquiesce and conform yourself to them. That person who seems to resist the tears of a friend may actually need you to truly let the power of your tears come out—so that they learn that they don’t have to be uncomfortable with one who is releasing and healing, that they have the strength to be present.

Never hold back your tears. Never hold the belief that someone else’s need to resist those tears and to be uncomfortable with yours . . . never hold the perception that their insanity is more important that your healing. That is to take power away from yourself.

Now, therefore, first, in such a situation really let them come out, and if that one is so uncomfortable that they have to leave you, send them love and go find another friend until you find one that can be with you. That’s only claiming what you are worth. And until you claim what you are worth, your healing can’t truly come to its completion.

Does that make sense to you?

Yes, I hope I can remember that.

Will you choose to remember it?


Good. That makes all the difference: not that you hope, but that you choose with all of your power to always remember that you have a right to be healed. You don’t know the hour or the day when these things are going to be released. But allow them, because when you hold back in order to be conformed to the perceptions of another, you are denying yourself the opportunity to be rid of who-knows-what that may have been held for an awfully long time. And when will the conditions arise again that allow that opportunity to be handed to you?

Know you that saying, “Seize the day?”

Yes, the opportunity.

Yes. Time is given to you so that you learn to use it constructively. And if there is a shadow or weight upon the heart and an opportunity comes, through time, for you to release it and you don’t take advantage of it, have you used time constructively?

Many in your world have learned to use a simple device to avoid healing. It has usually a little knob on it, and you turn it and a bunch of little dots create images on the screen. You know what I am talking about? How many times have you when you have been feeling alone, a little depressed, a little sad and confused, how many times have you turned it on? Or sought other ways to distract yourself?

That is not a very constructive use of time, and it only ensures that you are going to have to face certain conditions that must arise and to prod that stuff up again.

I am going to shove it back down, turn on the television, or find some other distraction.

So, is one of the purposes of “special” relationships to stuff our guilt?

Yes, “special” relationships are rather interesting. Most of the time the ego will convince you that you are really looking for that one heartfelt relationship when indeed what you are really doing is looking for someone who can play your game with you and keep you from truly getting on with it:

Ah, we are going to have so much fun. We’ll do this and this and that and that.

And there is nothing wrong with having fun, but a special relationship is actually designed by the ego to serve the ego, and you all know what that means.

A holy relationship is founded within two souls that have chosen to come together because they are sick and tired of not getting on with it. They don’t come together to drown themselves out with all the devices of distraction of the world. They come together and are willing to allow the uniting of their energies to bring it all up and get rid of it. A holy relationship is for healing and service, not for satisfying egos.

A holy relationship is what you can offer your brother or sister every time you see them, if you would but first make the choice within yourself not to use them to fill you, certainly not to use them so that you can hold on to opinions and judgments, but to be with them openly and honestly and completely. And if they choose to be with you in the same way, you indeed experience a Holy Instant. And no matter what seems to have been going on, there is a feeling of peace that comes, and the value of that encounter makes it timeless and eternal and precious, and it will always be remembered because ultimately the Son of God will remember only loving thoughts.

Holy relationship is everything in the real world. Special relationships are everything in the unreal world that you have created in error.

Choose then, choose to be one so humbled by this vast journey that all you want is holy relationship—not relationship that serves you or gratifies you, but relationship through which the Holy Spirit can awaken both you and your brother or sister right where you are, so that you can experience that Holy Instant of perfect sacred intimacy in which you have looked beyond all illusions and have seen the equality of the Love of Christ in the one before you, and therefore have recognized it in yourself.

The habit of special relationships runs deep and it needs to be interrupted constantly. When you go to see your brother or sister, take just a moment and pause,

Why am I really doing this? Is it out of distraction? Is there something I am trying to glean from them? Can I choose to just be with them, to love them? And to open the place in me so that their love can be received, to create the opportunity for the Holy Instant?

When a master walks upon this Earth—and they have many names and many of you know of many masters—what is it, what is it in them that leads those that follow them, or their disciples, or their friends, or those that study with them, to feel such depth of gratitude? Is it their teaching? That helps. But what it is truly is that a master always looks through the eyes of Christ and extends the opportunity for a Holy Instant to everyone that he contacts or she contacts. And what makes the master loved by the student (to use that term) is that the student has experienced an instant in which they, too, chose to see the master through the eyes of Christ and there was an experience of a Holy Instant.

Now, initially they will think the master did a grand thing for them. Eventually they will learn that it was their power, too, and their choice to join in sacred intimacy.

Practice, then, being masters. Not because you believe you are, but because you have the power to do so. Make a little game of it. When you rest your head on your pillow at the end of your day, go back over your day and count the times you remembered to enter into encounters—or relationships, because every encounter is relationship— how many times did you do so from the standpoint of holiness? And how many times did you forget?

At first you will be rather amazed how small the count is, but it will grow as you practice it. You have simply practiced forgetting holiness; and if you have therefore learned specialness, you can unlearn it. Time is given to you that you might learn to use it constructively. And yet, still, so many of you that have heard this same message for a year are allowing many of your days to go by in unconsciousness. Why? Why would you want to continue doing it?

Well… habit.

Holy relationship is everything, and you are the one who can bring it and give it to your brother and your sister. Now, the mind will tell you that there seems to be a dichotomy here:

How can I be involved with healing and yet extend holy relationship?

Contemplate it because they work together perfectly. The one who is truly open to healing and who will hold on to no dark shadow within them, one who is willing to spend the rest of their incarnation allowing healing to occur is one who already has the power to extend the opportunity for holy relationship because there is no pretense left in them.

Makes sense?

So, have a lot of fun getting together with your friends and talking about your healing journeys and how many times you have extended the opportunity for holy relationship. See, masters can get together and can have a great time rejoicing at all the times they blow it. Hmm.

False holiness says,

I am perfect and I am healed.

True holiness says,

Oh, my goodness gracious, did I blow that one today. Yikes! Father, I still need Your help.

False holiness says,

I’ve got it all figured out now, Father. Goodbye.

True holiness says,

Of myself I do nothing but the Father through me does all things.

It requires a lot of humility of seeing that you’ve never been able to heal yourself. You don’t know what a single thing is for and none of your perceptions have ever been wholly true. So why cling to them?

And when an insight comes for a moment and you extend it to your brother or sister, you might as well let go of it, because you don’t really know where it came from. You don’t know the purpose it’s going to serve, and you can never be sure of it. But the Holy Spirit knows how to use it.

Do you know how to recognize a false teacher or a false healer?

Well, I see that you’ve got this real serious problem here and I can fix it here, and oh, yes…

And tomorrow they will still remember telling you those things because they need to cling to their perception of themselves as a healer. A genuine healer allows healing to be done and whatever happens, happens; and then it is gone, so that they are empty and ready for the next opportunity. And they never allow the insights to come from crystallized pictures or metaphysical beliefs about how the universe is structured. That takes great arrogance.

Once I said to you that certain words that seem to come through me and have been written down a million times called the Sermon on the Mount, I said unto you that when those words poured through me, when that hour was over and certain of my friends said,

Boy, you were really on,

I said to them,

What did I say?

I couldn’t even remember it and I couldn’t have cared less. I was moving on to the next moment in which I might have an opportunity to extend a chance for holy relationship, and that is all.

Be, therefore, healers of the world by clinging to nothing, not even your old wounds and your old pain, and certainly never cling to the belief that you have got it all together. You are here to take on the form of your brothers and sisters who are groveling in the muck and mire of false perceptions, to take on the appearance so that they can look upon you as one of their own, and you never know how the Spirit will work through you. And when it’s done, it’s done. Let it go. Release the illusion that to awaken means that you get to go somewhere else and never get your hands dirty again. It’s just the opposite.

How will you know, then, when you are truly awake? When you can’t wait to find ways to serve and to be available always to serve your brother and sister. When you cry out to God,

Give me more opportunities. I’m dying sitting here in my living room.

Then you’ll know you have really begun to awaken.

Bring them to me, Father. I don’t care. I know I can do this. I’ll just be there. Bring them to me. You can do it all through me. I know you can. Bring them to me. What avenues can I use to heal this world?

Knowing, of course, that you are not the healer; you are just the messenger. Then you will know that you have really awakened.

When you don’t care if you are exhausted every day, when you no longer care whether your ego is being gratified, when you no longer care about anything but finding ways to help others heal and being available to do it, and if the Holy Spirit says:

Get on a plane and go here for one day and then get on another plane and travel halfway across the world to another place, and you will only see one client.

—and you know that that is perfect, then you will know that a miracle has been worked through you and has happened to you.

I have said that awakening comes as a thief in the night, stealing the cobwebs of shadows outgrown. And I have also said that salvation comes by your extending love to your brother and sister because salvation can only be realized by sharing it. Therefore, when you find yourself so passionately involved in not being able to do anything but find someone to extend love to, whatever modalities seem to work, and when you see miracles happening in others, then when you rest your head on the pillow, you will be able to remember that the thief has come in the night and begun to steal your own cobwebs, because if miracles are worked through you, they must have occurred to you. And then you will give thanks, and you will laugh and rejoice at how healing truly occurs. Indeed.

Precious friends, if I come and blend with the mind and body of this my beloved brother—who finally got so sick and tired of trying to figure it out that he just threw his hands up in the air and said, “What the hell. I don’t understand it. You do it.”—if by coming for these three short years, just one of you hears something or receives something that moves you one inch, it will have been a work well served, because when any one of you moves just a smidgen, you will have uplifted the whole of creation. And that is powerful indeed. That is a miracle. And ultimately again you will come to see that your choice for healing, the ability to take the risk for healing, comes from the power of the Christ in you because you always awaken to your own call. You have been calling to yourself. Hear your call and allow it. And in that alone you are already the Light of the world.

Now, if you really understand all of that, then, you see, there is no more time for frowns upon the face, heaviness upon the shoulders. Now, you may experience those as you are releasing and allowing healing to occur, but the rest of the time you are going to be singing and dancing because you are going to see that you are healing out of the power of Christ Himself. And if you are healing out of the power of Christ, you can rest assured that the end is inevitable. But as long as you try to heal out of your smallness, the end is not inevitable. Claim the power of Christ as yourself and open to your healing and allow it.

And then sing and dance and play because you have finally figured out there is nothing else to do and isn’t it great? All of those demons are just little pussy cats. You might as well pet them.



I am listening to you say “of the world” and “in the world” and I have a memory of that written in the Bible, and I also am sensing that when that was spoken, it is resonating something in me that I am not aware of why. But it is important to me to ask this question.

Beloved friend, I want you to first understand that often what I talk about in these groups, while of course it is for everyone in general, it is often given specifically for one or two or five who are at a certain place in their journey, and certain words are going to resonate as an energy that gets things moving. I am not here going to address with words the answer to your question, but I am going to ask you to keep that feeling that you noticed, and as you rest your head on your pillow, ask yourself the question you just asked me—not with a rigidity of mind, but with a relaxed body and heart, letting the angel of air move deeply through the body. Ask, not trying to hear the answer, but to feel it, because what is at work here is not a concept at all. There is an energy at work that you have allowed to touch your soul, and it is going to release and heal something that you have held on to for some time. Willing to do that?


Do you think it will be worth it?

Everything so far is.

Ah, thank you.

Even when l am over my head.

Count it as a blessing when you think you are over your head, because you will stop trying to grasp it with the mind and you will begin to allow it with the heart.

Thank you for you.

Thank you for you.

You are welcome.

And thank you for your “Thank you.”

It’s actually a lot of fun to sit down with a friend and just do that.

Thank you for you. Thank you for you.

Thank you for your thank you. Thank you for your thank you.

Thank you for your thank you, thank you.

Spend an hour doing that.

Jeshua, I want to thank you for something. Two and a half days ago I found myself in a situation that I found very, very painful and confusing and upsetting. It took me until today and with a little help from Jon Marc to sort things out; and once they were sorted out I was really elated all afternoon, like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. And then I found, driving over here tonight, that I was getting depressed because I was disappointed that it took me so long to practice what you have been teaching. But while I have been sitting here listening to you tonight, I definitely got the message that I– and we– need to be patient with ourselves So that’s something that I heard from you that has put me back in a relaxed state.

I am sorry to have affected your tension!

So, precious friend, indeed, be patient. As I have shared with you, I learned from the lips of a very holy teacher that I worked with when I was a child. Some of you are aware of this one who is named in certain ancient scripts, called the Teacher of Righteousness. The Teacher of Righteousness was never born of a woman but manifested a physical form to serve as a teacher. And one thing he said to me always remained with me. He said,

Jeshua ben Joseph, patience is to make power slowly and certainly.

So don’t be impatient. You are worth the best you can offer yourself. Therefore, be patient with yourself. Now, on your way over here, yes, you decided to whip yourself.

Right. That’s so right.

When you notice you are whipping yourself, go,

Ah yes, there I am whipping myself. That’s a beautiful one.

And then embrace it and love it and it will fade away because the Holy Spirit will come as the thief and will steal that cobweb from you and you won’t even notice it until you look back and it will have been a week or two or three, six months or a year, and you will say,

Gosh, I haven’t really whipped myself since, I can’t even remember when. Where did it go?

A little miracle.

That will be wonderful.

Not that that will be wonderful. It is wonderful.

That’s in the present tense.

Yes. So, how are we all doing?

Fine. Good.

Thank you for allowing me to deliver that message. It was rather important, in some degree for all of you, but specifically for just a handful because of some things that are going on in your own processes.

Jeshua, would you repeat one more time what your teacher told you to do—build something slowly?

Beloved friend, I don’t have time.

Well, actually that’s true: I don’t have any time.

Patience is to make power slowly and certainly.

The grandest of your artists have never hurried through their creations. And you are a great creation indeed, worthy of meticulous reshaping.

You see, when you have truly learned to master time—to use it constructively always—time ceases for you even if others perceive that the same body and personality is still dwelling in it. For you it has ceased. And when time ceases, all of the long journey and all of the wounds and all of the heaviness is gone. It’s a rather nice feeling, by the way. But, paradoxically, then you become totally free to do what has been called, in your Christian terminology “to take on the sins of the world”—that is to take on the appearance of time and to be in it as long as it takes for the whole of the Sonship to have mastered the constructive use of time.

On the constructive use of time… When I told you that I had a chance to go and stay at a friend’s home on a beautiful lake, you recommended that I go, even though I had free will and could choose to do what whatever. And I chose to go, and at the time I was asking you about it, you cautioned me to use my time wisely. Now, I have been up there for the better part of two weeks, with two trips to town, and I am learning that I am not quite sure what to do with time. I have always had so many things to do with time, it feels very strange. I don’t know if I need to kind of structure my time. I think I have a tendency to do that too much and yet, when I just sort of hang out, l am a little uncomfortable with that. What do you think I should do?

Does it matter?

Well, I would like to make lots of progress, more or less.

Then, do so. But understand, precious friend, that you hold the power in every moment to stop the whirlings of the mind, to set them aside and say,

Holy Spirit, what is the most constructive use of time that I can now employ?

He will not hide it from you. For when you want specific answers, the Holy Spirit will give them.

For me to say,

Well, the constructive use of time would be not to structure it at all,

would not be wholly true. And if I said unto you,

The constructive use of time is to structure all of it,

that would not be wholly true.

The constructive use of time requires your decision to turn to the one Teacher Whose guidance is always unerring, and to trust what you hear. Although you may not hear words, you might have a feeling or an intuition. That is the constructive use of time.

What other use is there?

Ah, you’ve let the cat out of the bag.

I keep thinking I should hear a voice within myself.

Ah. Coming from the clouds of Heaven?

Well, at least something that is distinctly other than me.

Beloved friend, that is the illusion of separation.

I have been having such a problem with that. Sometimes it’s good to say things out loud just to hear how erroneous it sounds.

The Holy Spirit is closer to you than your own breath. Now, it is important…

It is what you know in your deepest heart.

Your deepest heart is the union of the Father and Son.

I’ve got it!


Now, some of you that can see energies that are not usually seen with the physical eyes, if you were watching in that moment, you saw a shift in the change of the color of light around this one, and what you saw would or could be perceived or described as the weight of a thousand lifetimes being lifted. Now we will find out if she lets it remain there.

Oh, I want to. I will.

Know that I love you always and I come always as your servant. I can’t be anything else. I simply can’t be anything else, and I don’t want to be. I love you and I will love you until the whole of the Sonship has its “Aha.” And those of you that choose to join with me, and understand that because I am your friend and your brother, in whatever way you choose to serve, all you have to do is ask and I will come running. When you open the door, I will join with you and together we will assist our brothers and sisters in their own process of awakening. I am available to any of you all of the time. Some of you know that.

Peace be unto you and we will see you soon. Amen.

Beloved friends, what is in Truth the whole heart and essence of healing?

To share with one another from a point of equality, of seeing no one as above you and no one as below you, and seeing not yourself as more perfect than another. But to see that you are one another, and to realize that it is in the sharing of your journey, the willingness to listen and to love, that brings healing to the heart and to the soul. And forever the soul, which is the Son of God, is one. Though there be many bodies and personalities attached, you are but one Mind and one Heart. And when you choose to join together, you have chosen the creation of holy relationship, and even in these few moments you have extended the Holy Instant unto one another.

Therefore, always remember that there is but one thing taking place: the awakening of the holy Son of God—or Daughter, if you prefer. It makes little difference; it’s all words. But you are that one, and the language that I use is used only as a point of identification so that you can recognize me.

Beloved and holy Son of God, great is my love for you, for indeed you are already all that I am. Therefore, the one known as Jeshua, that which I am that came and walked among you, could be no other but yourself. The entire drama is yours and there is nothing outside of you. Every pain felt by a brother or sister is your pain, and it is only through your extension of love that you can heal yourself of that pain. To judge another’s pain or another’s thought or another’s behavior is to ensure that it will continue within you. Perhaps in a different form, but it will continue. Therefore, indeed, it is only love that heals. It is love that I am and it is love that you are. Everything else is the result of an illusion and a mistaken perception.

That is why a master greets anger with love. That is why a master greets attack with love. For when you believe you are attacked and therefore become defensive, you have asserted with the power of Christ that attack is real, and you have made sure that you will continue to experience attack.

Meet all things with love. Greet all things with love. See in the eye of even a blade of grass, yourself. Indeed, I am the holy Son of God given to the world of my Father because He loves you. Where have I come from? The Heart of God. Where have you come from? The Heart of God. We are one and the same.

Therefore, when I come forth and create a demonstration or an appearance of being Jeshua ben Joseph, it is only to animate a physical form because you have believed yourself to be the body, to teach you that you are Spirit and that you are One. The only reality that in Truth can be, is that the holy Son of God is one, united always with all that God is. And salvation is complete on Earth as it is in Heaven when the Sonship awakens to the Truth of its reality.

That is why I have asked you to join with me to extend the Kingdom to your brother and to your sister. And when you see them in error or in pain, embrace them. Offer them through holy relationship the opportunity for the Holy Instant that heals all things. You are the ones; you are the bringers of Light into this world.

I ask you only to let me walk with you. And what does that mean but to recognize that the heart and essence of your being is Jeshua is Christ is the offspring of Light divine by whatever name you choose to call it. God is Love and therefore I love you. You are the Grace of God in form. That is who you are. Embrace your brother and your sister. Embrace them with all of your being, not just your mind, not just your heart. Use the arms your Holy Mother has given you.

I am going to ask each and every one of you this week in each of your days to call someone you haven’t spoken with lately and tell them how much you appreciate their being, because their being in your life has been serving your awakening. Let them know from the bottom of your heart how much you love them for that. Encourage them to be the Truth of who they are and to never deviate from listening to the voice of Spirit that speaks not in the mind of the ego, but in the quietness and the gentleness of the heart. Encourage them to follow the path that they feel they must follow, because there is a reason for it. And the reason serves the atonement of the Sonship.

Indeed, if you could look through the eyes of the Christ—and, of course, you can because that’s who you are—and you would never again lament anything that unfolds in your experience or your drama because you would see the exquisite perfection that those moments are serving. Nothing happens by accident and not one of you holds an experience in isolation from the whole of the Sonship. Everything you taste and feel and think and experience is felt and touches the entire community of Christ the Sonship. Everything.

Love every moment that comes to you. Embrace it and honor it. If it means that you cry a thousand tears, then let your tears be a way in which you honor that moment. And if your brother or sister is in pain, embrace them. Don’t tell them,

Why are you doing this? You are creating your own reality.

That is nonsense and it is hurtful. For well have I seen that idea being misused in your metaphysical circles. When your brother and sister is in pain, embrace them and feel it with them and allow it to be felt by them. When they are ready to think about it, you will know. Let them feel it. Tell them you know what it feels like. It is called empathy, not judgment.

Ah, beloved and holy child of God, you are one with me. You are one with me. Embrace me. Claim me as the reality of your own being. Claim me. Will I disappear from you? No. I am your brother and I am your friend and I am all that you are, and I choose to be what you are in the fullness that you have yet, for a little while, chosen to resist; and I will never cease in coming to you, because I love you, until finally you decide it’s time. Then all healing will occur, and you will be brought rapidly through miracle after miracle after miracle to swiftly be all that I represent to mankind.

You shall be the worker of miracles. And that is given unto you even now. And in this hour as I stood nearby, and stood in the midst of you, you extended miracles one unto another, because in this hour and in this place you have come and you choose to set aside the perceptions taught you of your world that are wholly insane, and you choose to come together to allow love to heal.

And if not a word is said to you in the whole hour or the whole evening and you would sit there quietly, understand that you participate actively in the healing of every mind and every heart that chooses to come to these gatherings. That is how powerful you are and how precious your presence is. You can be on the floor with your best friend and still be involved in the healing of every mind and heart. Therefore, when another is speaking, let not the mind wander, but just sit there and embrace them with love. Miracles happen naturally and effortlessly to minds and hearts that choose only love.

Love and judgment can never abide in the same moment. Love is of the Kingdom; judgment is of hell. What will your choice be? You are the Light of the world. You are the Light of the world. You are the Light of this world, and it needs it so desperately.

Be love. Teach love. And therefore you will learn that you are love. Don’t just expect miracles. Know that you are the one that is sent to allow miracles to be given through you. It just happens when you choose to love.

Short is the time that is given me to join with you in this rather unusual way. And when I walked upon this plane, I would have never guessed that I would be doing this work with this, my beloved brother. My Father hadn’t let me in on it yet. It’s probably a good thing He didn’t. Hmm. Can you know what is around the corner for you? Do you need to know? The mind that is fearful looks ahead and wonders. The mind that is awake lives in this moment and it is enough, because that mind knows that it is sustained by the Love of God, and if it is true in this moment, it certainly won’t change in the next.

Be at peace, then, in all things and give no thought for tomorrow, what you shall eat and what you shall wear and what career you might have five years from now. But own the presence of Love now and the future will very easily take care of itself. And you shall be more then than you think you are today.

I love you. Please do me but one favor: love your brothers and sisters, though you don’t even know their names, as you believe I have loved you. And if you have felt that love, please give it away. In so doing you have honored the Son that dwells within you, and by honoring the Son that dwells in you, you have indeed honored me, and I give thanks for every moment you choose to extend your love to another.

I shall never leave you; and when this brief work is done, think not that I will go away from you. But I call you to quicken your choice to hear me and to abide with me always as your friend and as your brother.

I love you and I want you to be my friend. And even though you are in a body, think not that that body can be an obstacle to our communion, our communication and our celebration that we are as our Father has created us to be: the Thought of perfect Love in form. And if you seem to have the form of a body while I seem not to, what difference does it make?

There are no obstacles to minds that join in love. Forgive your brother and sister. Forgive yourself for ever having thought that you were separate one from another, that the world was a place in which you needed to be fearful. For perfect love casts out fear, which has been your only enemy. Fear blocks the knowledge of the Kingdom. Let that perfect Love, therefore, be in you, even as it is in me, given to you.

I love you, holy Son of God. Pray not to die, but to live eternally and to let your Light heal this world. Give your love away and you will never be without it. Peace be unto you. Peace be unto the only begotten offspring of God, created changeless and perfect. That is who you are. And let that power of that perfection heal every illusion ever held within your mind and in your emotions and in your body. Honor your Holy Mother by letting that healing come to the cells of your body. Hmm.

Yes, indeed, that indeed the Kingdom of Heaven might be wed with the Kingdom of this Earth, that Spirit and matter might be united as one and the love of Christ be extended as far as from the East unto the West, until it embraces the whole of the creation and all of us return home as one. Give your peace away and you will never lose it.

And what I said will eternally remain true: I am with you always. I can hardly be anywhere else. I love you, and I thank you for being willing to entertain the thought that just maybe Jeshua can borrow a body and a mind long enough to communicate with words.

But unto each and every one of you—and I speak of when you return to your abodes and rest your head upon your pillow—I will come to each and every one of you. Will you open the door and allow me in?

Peace be unto you. Remember, call someone each day of your following week that you haven’t spoken with for a while and share from your heart what I have asked you to share. You don’t have to. Don’t do it begrudgingly. Do it with a lot of lightness and fun. Get into feeling how powerful the love is that is in you that longs to be given away, and it will transform the whole of your week.

Yet a little while and I will be with you no more. Cherish, then, these few moments given us, for when the form of this work is gone, it is gone. But I hope you will have used it as a bridge to come wholly to where I am, for I wait to truly embrace you without an inch of distance between us. Yet we shall work together to serve the atonement of the Sonship. We shall love every brother and sister that the Holy Spirit brings to us, and though you may not yet see the form of the work you will be doing, it will be revealed to you.

And I will join with you as your friend and your brother, and together—as one—we shall embrace the whole of creation and offer it, on the platter of the awakened Heart of Christ, back to the Father. What else is there to do?

Peace be unto you.


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