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The Way of Mastery

Hang on a sec…

Now, we begin.

And greetings unto you, beloved and holy Children of Light Divine. In truth it is with great joy that I come forth to abide with you in this hour, even as you have chosen to come forth and abide with me. Know then, that always I come forth with great joy and I come forth from that place that is of Light and of Truth and of Joy, a place of unconditional Love beyond all boundary, beyond all limitations. I come forth from the place that is already prepared for all of us, given lovingly by the One Who has sent us forth, and that One I have called Abba, or Father, and that One – and that One alone – knows you and holds you, embraces you and feels thankfulness for you, because you are indeed the Creation of God.

You are the offspring of Light Divine, and if you are that offspring, and I assure you that you are, the reality of the essence of who you are is but Love. For if you are made in the image of our Father, Who Is but Love, then surely you too are that Light and are that Truth and are that Presence, and you are therefore the Word made Flesh that has come to dwell among mankind­– not to judge mankind, but to look lovingly upon all illusions, and by taking the hand of your brother and sister, to gently lead them from darkness to Light. Not because you know where Light is, but because you have become willing to allow life to be lived through you with every word and every breath, with every action – so that life becomes translated from a struggle to survive, from an attempt to work out your salvation, or what some would call your karma (I believe the word is), and to begin to embrace that life is given unto you freely and completely and wholly, and if it were not given in this way, in this moment you would cease to exist.

Therefore, if you find yourself listening and hearing words spoken now, rest assured, it is because life is given to you – not earned, but given – given with perfect freedom from a Love beyond comprehension, a Love that knows no boundaries, a Love that was there before time began and will be there with you long after time has ceased to be. Here and now, as we gather in this moment, the same opportunity is given unto us that is given unto the creation of God – His Children, His Son – in each and every moment. In each and every moment of experience, the same opportunity is given to you as was given to me then, when I once walked upon this Earth, and is continually given unto me.

What is that opportunity? Is it not to set aside the perceptions born of the illusions of this world, born of fear and doubt and guilt and judgment, and to embrace with great simplicity the only Truth and only Reality that has ever been? And what is Real cannot be threatened and what is unreal does not exist. And that which alone is Real is the Love that God Is, and the Love that brings you forth as a great Ray of Light that would shine in what could be called darkness, which is only a temporary forgetting of Truth. Therefore, understand well that while we gather in this one little building, in this one little town, on this one speck of earth, which is but a small spinning sphere in a grand universe (and this grand universe is but one of many upon many, upon many, in a multitude of dimensions) – here we have an opportunity to choose to set aside all judgment and to hear only the Voice of Love that unites us as One, as brother and brother, as brother and sister, as sister and sister, as the only begotten Child of God.

That is the opportunity that I came, then, to extend unto mankind. It is the opportunity that I ceaselessly extend to every mind that would but turn from the roar and the din of the world for just one Holy Instant: to seek the place of quiet and calm inside in which there is laid upon the altar of the Heart your judgments, your fears, your ideas of what the world is and what it is for; to surrender all things and to throw open the shutters of the Heart to once again become vulnerable and open and to merely ask of me,

I have prepared a place, come and enter therein.

And indeed I will do so, not as a saviour above you, but always and only as your brother and as your friend.

I am your friend, because a friend in ancient times was not a word, you see, taken lightly. A friend was one who was committed to seeing past any illusions, any doubts, any fears; not to not see them, but to see through them and beyond them to the great ray of Light that shines forth from the mind of Christ that dwells within you as your only Reality, and to abide with you and to hold you in that Light until you have the strength to hold yourself in it as well. Therefore when I say I come as your brother and as your friend, rest assured, I come to celebrate the reality of your Beauty, your Joy, your Truth, your Radiance, your Wisdom. I come forth to join with you, never to be apart from you and never, certainly, to be above you. And those of you who have felt some kinship with me, some devotion to me, rest assured that I am worthy of it only to the degree that I am devoted to you. I am devoted to you always and eternally.

I love you. I love you because I know who you are. I know that within you that great Ray of Light shines eternally and has never been dimmed by the experiences of the world. I love you because in you do I know that which I am; and when I look upon you and see naught but the face of Christ, I realize that Christ is the essence of my own being.

I came into this world as a Light unto the world. Does this make me different than you? Some of you in your religions have been taught that I came forth from the Mind of God to save you, that I was the only begotten Son of God – and I guess that makes you His adoptees if you choose Him.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I came forth from the Mind of God exactly as you have come forth, and the life that I lived then, in all essential details, is the same as yours – for in the field of space and time, given a body that knew hunger, that had to deal with cold and all of the rest of it, I experienced everything that you have ever experienced, just as each of you have experienced everything that the one sitting next to you has experienced. You all know the same fears, you all know the same doubts, you all know the same visions, the same dreams. All of you know that somewhere within you there is a Grand Being who rests in perfect innocence.

I came forth to celebrate the Truth and to demonstrate it to a world that had seemed to have forgotten it; to demonstrate that life is eternal and that death is unreal; to demonstrate that in all situations – all situations – all power is given unto the Holy Son of God to choose the Voice for Love over judgment and fear; that there is a place within all of us, a place of purity and innocence, a place that remains perfectly guiltless, for God creates only in His image and what He creates reflects the purity of His eternal Love forever. I came forth to extend my hand and to say,

“Come. Come to where I am. Join with me in becoming the demonstration that there’s another way of looking at everything. Join with me in the demonstration that Love heals all things. Join with me in being willing to be in the field of space and time and yet to hold vigilance over the mind so that you do not allow it to become absorbed by the energies, the frequencies, the thought patterns, the perceptions that make up this world… To instead, through vigilance, to learn the power of choice can never be taken from you and that no matter the circumstances, you hold the Light in you to choose the Voice for Love, to choose peace instead of turmoil, safety instead of fear and insecurity and doubt that within you lies a wisdom so deep that already it outshines all worlds and looks far beyond this mere body, and that there is indeed within you the Light that knows that you’ve not come to suffer the world, you’ve come to be joyous, to express the joyousness that Love is, to look into the eyes of your brother and sister and to see that they are your savior! They are the ones who have brought to you the opportunity to look past the thoughts of the world and to see the face of Christ. And the great thing is, of course, that it takes one to know one.”

And many of you, many of you in your journeys through space and time – and tonight we won’t resort to talk of what you would know by the term of reincarnation (it’s really not essential to the process of waking up) but all of you, even in this life, know the feeling of feeling separate from God, all of you know the feeling of searching,

Perhaps if I go just to that other workshop over there,

and then when a group of friends come and say it was the most incredible experience, you feel lost, you go,

My God, I should have gone, when’s the next time?

Is that really much unlike friends who come and say, “Have you been to the new pizza diner down the road yet? It was so incredible.”

Oh my God, I have to go and have that pizza…

All of you know that energy of seeking, and doubting that you have the power to find. But always and forever, the truth remains this: The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Will you then dissect the body to find it? Of course not. For if you would well receive it, the body you seem to carry does not house you; you house the body. It arises from within you and within the choices you have made in your access to the infinite Mind that Christ is. You have chosen, therefore, the body, this time frame; you have chosen it. It has not been forced upon you by any means.

The Kingdom of Heaven is indeed within you. It lies as a jewel, placed gently on the altar of the Heart – with a capital H – the Heart whose first beat came from the breath that God breathed into it, long before there were ever such a thing as a body. The Kingdom lies within the ‘you’ that you have constructed out of your experiences and out of all of the beliefs and ideas that you have garnered in your journey through time and space. Within all perceptions, within all constructs that the mind holds, the Kingdom is found. Silence is the threshold to this Truth Divine.

How then to come to silence? Some of you know well what it means to master the flow of the breath, to chant little words in your mind. Some of you know what it means to take substances called drugs to try to make yourself silent, or perhaps enough food and television might do it. Hm?

The Soul yearns for silence, because the Soul knows that silence is the doorway, the threshold, that merges you with the Kingdom of Heaven. Silence is the threshold in which the voice, the guidance of the Holy Spirit comes, perhaps as a voice, loud and clear, perhaps as an intuitive nudge, perhaps as a quiet knowingness – and you all know that place.

But how to come to silence? In the end there is no technique that accomplishes it; that would make silence conditional. Does that make sense to you? If it takes a technique to become silent, it means that without the technique silence is impossible, and therefore silence is conditional; and what is conditional has no part in the Kingdom.

Silence waits, just as Love does, on our welcome.

It is a silence that is not artificial. It does not simply mean that the heart slows down, and the breath slows down and you don’t move a muscle. It doesn’t mean just turning off the television or putting the book away. Silence, the silence that speaks of the Divine and whispers it gently to the part of you that has always remained Divine, that silence requires only your willingness to lay upon the altar of the Heart every perception you have ever held about anyone or about the world, every perception and belief that you cling so rigidly unto, thinking that it’s going to keep you safe, that it’s going to show you how to get through this life. Silence comes when the mind is truly willing to relinquish its attachment to the world that it has made, the world of its experience, the world of its thoughts. Silence comes, then, always as the result of a simple choice, and the more often that choice is made, the simpler it becomes, and in the end, silence becomes what you could call pervasive in the mind, so that although you walk and talk seemingly in this world, there is a core within of Perfect Silence, of Perfect Light, and though you speak and hear others speak to you, though you get up in the morning and make your breakfast so you can feed the body, though you do all things, there is a place of perfect Peace and it comes as the result of being willing, over and over again, to relinquish your beliefs and your perceptions about the world, to look upon the body and say,

I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what it’s for! I’ve certainly known how to misuse it, but I don’t know what it is.

I look about and I see this world with buildings and what you call your automobiles. I must admit, they’re a little better than walking on foot and riding on donkeys. But do you really know what these things are, and where they’ve come from, and what purpose they can serve? You know well what the world would ask them to serve but what purpose can all these things that have been manifested, what can they serve?

I say unto you that those very questions are not unlike the questions that I, too, as a man, had need of coming unto – to look upon my brothers and sisters, to look upon the great teachers and the friends that I was blessed with, upon even the parents that I was blessed with, to look upon the tumult of the time frame in which I walked upon this earth, to journey into the desert, to get away from all the noise, even the noise of my own thoughts, and to ask of my Father,

What’s it for? How would you have me use it? What purpose would you extend unto me?

And I was taught that the body itself has been created in error. It is – in a sense – it has been created to house the ego, to create and to give forth the symbol, and therefore the belief, that separation exists, because (everybody knows it) that if you look upon another one as a body, you know there’s a distance between you. That is evident, through the body’s eyes.

But there is another eye, another way of seeing that looks well beyond the body and sees that all minds are joined eternally and that you’ve never looked upon a thing called a stranger. Know you that word? Eliminate it from your vocabulary because it is a lie. You have never looked upon a stranger, for you see reflected only yourself. And as you see your brother or sister, you will see yourself and as you know them, you will know yourself. To look upon another with judgment means that you have judged yourself and created separation from God. To look upon another with forgiveness, with softness, with gentleness, and with love means that you are willing to look upon that truth in yourself. The body, then, becomes translated into this and this alone. The body becomes translated through the choice of relinquishing your own perceptions of the world into only this: a means for communicating Love, and that is all.

Now, that’s a little different than what the world would teach you. Your world would teach you that the body is something that you can gather to yourself joy, pleasure, fulfillment, you name it. I want to share with you this night that if you take but one thought with you and make it your own, carry this thought:

The body can bring you nothing. The body cannot bring you what you seek, because it is not found there. It cannot bring you intimacy, it cannot bring you union, it cannot bring you Joy with a capital J. It will bring what the body calls pleasure, perhaps. The pleasure arises in time, and what starts in time ends in time – and you all know what that feels like. The ice cream is delicious until you realize that the container is empty.

The body… The body can bring nothing to you. But thank God, through Grace, the body can become the means through which you learn to extend what you possess eternally – Love. So that each gesture, each touch, each smile, is a very conscious and deliberate choice to be the one who allows Light to shine forth and to enlighten the world, to allow your brother and sister to become your savior and your salvation, to begin the practice of realizing that every opportunity you see is given to you so that the Holy Spirit can ask you,

Well, what choice are you going to make this time? Love or fear, peace or judgment, extension or contraction, giving or the insane attempt to take?

The body, the body is either the symbol of separation and pain or it becomes the temple of the living Spirit. And that is all that little phrase once meant. It’s where the body becomes solely the means for communicating Love, and nothing else; it becomes the servant of the awakened Heart and the enlightened Mind. Now I know it’s probably true that no one in this room has ever misused the body…

Would you be willing to lay even the body down upon the altar of the Heart, to surrender it back to the Source of your creation, and to hold the thought,

You know, I really never have known what this thing is or what it’s for. I pamper it, I feed it, I do what I think is going to get me some pleasure through it. I clothe it in the winter and I unclothe it in the hot heat of the summer. But I’ve never known how to truly use it, how to bring peace to the cells of the body, how to allow an integration of the body, the emotions, and the mind. Perhaps there’s another way of looking at the body itself.

And there is. The body will reflect for you always the choice you are making between Love and fear, between joining and separating, between forgiveness and judgment.

Know you that experience where you walk into a room of perfect strangers and something somewhere in the room just doesn’t feel very good? It’s like you’re picking up a little vibration and you turn around and there’s someone standing on the other side of the room. You’ve never laid your physical eyes on them but somehow you know that you’d just as soon avoid them? Have you had that kind of experience, feeling the energy of someone and feeling repelled by it somewhat? They haven’t said a word, they haven’t even looked at you yet, but there’s a knowingness–remember, you never look upon a stranger! And have you not also had the experience of being around someone who seems to radiate light so much that, no matter what’s going on, just to think about them seems to enlighten your spirit, to bring you a sense of joy, and when you lay your physical eyes on them, somehow the weight of your daily life is suspended and you feel joy. Have you had that experience?

To the degree that one’s mind has become corrected so that the body is not used to house old judgments and old fears and old angers, and it is not used to look upon other bodies as something perhaps that they have something that this body can gain, but as correction comes to the mind and the mind becomes enlightened, so too must the body follow. The cells of the body begin to vibrate in a different way; emotional and even physical toxicity is released; the body becomes clearer and clearer and clearer. It becomes a vehicle that radiates Light to various degrees, and that is what you’re feeling. What you’re feeling through the body of that one is really the reflection of what has occurred in the mind. And the body of one who, shall we say, is what you might call a master is simply the body that has become so perfected that it becomes as Light because there’s no trace in the mind left of judgment or fear or doubt, there is only the unconditional Love that God Is.

And what I want to share with you is – as you look down at your thighs and your feet and your hands – that bag of dust that you have identified with as being you, is not you. It comes from the dust of the ground, it is given to you by your Holy Mother, this precious Earth, and its one purpose and function – its only purpose and function – has been to be the vehicle through which Christ extends Light and Love; that’s all. It has never been designed to bring pleasure or joy to the mind who thinks it is separate from God.

So you see, that is why I said: If you just take one thought home with you tonight and make it your own, you’ll find that it will present a pathway for you of much learning and much revelation. If you hold the thought, as you wake up in the morning, and you raise your hands up and look at them, go,

These are only for giving Love and extending Light.

… and as you walk with your feet upon this Earth, each step you take, you simply hold the thought,

I step so I that can carry this body in its journey in which Light and Love are extended, and that is all.

… what you’ll find is that a myriad of things will begin to crop up in your awareness, and you’ll see how the mind has been utilizing the body, at least at times, in error. And as those conflicts come up, your awareness brings Light to the conflict and correction comes.

To give you an example: You might be feeling just a bit depressed, or down or lonely or whatever, and so you call your best friend and say, “Let’s go to that pizza diner down the road.”

And of course what you’re really wanting to do is to escape the feeling of conflict that’s going on in you. And so you call your friend and they say, “Well, really I was kind of busy, right…”

“Oh no, please. Please come, please come!”

What you’re really saying is: “Look, I need you to come fill my hole, okay?”

So you call your friend and they go, out of guilt they say, “Well okay, I’ll come, I’m not really hungry. I just got done eating, but oh what the heck, what’s another pizza?”

Because you see, you’ve also learned in this world that you always have to accommodate. It’s not okay just to say no and stand in your own truth. So you get together and you go to the pizza diner and you’re feeling better because now you’ve been able to kind of cover up that inner feeling, and after three or four slices of pizza, you’re becoming numb to the whole thing anyway, and you raise a bunch of conversation with the friend.

And then you remember,

Wait a minute, when I got up this morning, I held the thought that this body is only for the extension of Light and Love.

And if you’re quite clear and honest and innocent with yourself, without judgment, you look and you see the whole pattern of thought that brought you to the diner, sitting across from your friend, ostensibly wanting to be with them when you know darn well that there was a conflict, something going on in you, an energy that you didn’t want to feel, didn’t want to deal with, and you needed it to be masked. And you look upon your friend and you realize,

I’ve just abused them.

And you look in their eye and you say, “You know, I need your forgiveness. I didn’t come here to be with you. I asked you to come here to save me from something that’s going on in me. I just was feeling really restless and out of touch and alone. Help me.”

Now, two things have just happened. You’ve allowed correction to come back to your mind; you’ve brought honesty to what’s really going on. And that’s good, because you can’t transcend what you fail to embrace; it goes on and on and on forever. And the other thing that happens is this: You’ve relinquished the pattern or the energy in the mind, you’ve laid it out on the table, you’re not hiding anything; you’ve made yourself vulnerable to your friend.

And now something very special can happen, because you have provided your brother or sister with exactly what they’re looking for, whether they know it or not: the opportunity to join with you in Holy Relationship. For you have extended unto them the opportunity to give forgiveness, to relinquish any feelings or judgments or resentments (because, remember, they were already full anyway) – to set it all aside, to smile, to join with you sitting across the table in a pizza diner of all places, it becomes a sacred temple in which the Holy Children of God join together and look innocently upon one another and laugh at the ego. And perhaps you extend your hands to one another, and you clasp your hands and you look into their eyes; and suddenly the very energy that was going on within you, that seemed to compel you into the whole series of events that got you and your friend at the diner, that conflict dissolves.

What’s occurred? A miracle’s occurred, the miracle of a Holy Instant that corrects all things. And you realize that your brother and your sister is indeed the means to your salvation. And in each moment that you are willing to set aside the masks, the ideas of yourself, the fears, the judgments – all the momentums of the mind trying to find its own way in this world and just lay it at their altar, and join with them, and see only Love – to become wholly vulnerable, you begin to see that,

My God, this isn’t just my friend who I happened to meet three weeks ago. Christ is in front of me! For Christ’s sake!

And you see in that moment the miracle of the Atonement has occurred, you have been lifted out of the perceptions of the world and a very ordinary occurrence has become extraordinary and blessed forever. And you have joined with your friend in a way that no physical intimacy has ever gotten anybody. And all it took was the willingness to look with the eyes of Christ, the willingness to be vulnerable, to set aside all perceptions and judgments, to just be straight and honest.

It’s very much like saying, “You know, I keep having to face the fact that I don’t know who I am or what the world is for.”

And your friend says, “Oh thank God, I can relax now! ‘Cause you see, I don’t know either!”

And then you can join together, and then you can ask, in your momentary prayer – and if you don’t quite have the courage to be outrageous, you won’t stand on the table at the diner yet – you’ll just sit there quietly looking at each other and you’ll simply ask the Holy Spirit to bring that correction to the mind so that it becomes more firmly established.

And in this way, almost unbeknownst to you, miracles come to replace the struggle and the strife of life. You become very, very humble because you realize none of your perceptions have ever been true or accurate, except the ones inspired by the gentleness of Love that is totally inclusive of all of Life and embraces unconditionally everyone and everything.

In that moment­– and you’ve all experienced at least a few of those moments – Peace comes. Peace, a peace that passes all understanding and could never hope to be explained in the languages of this world. And that Peace bespeaks a way of living that is available to everyone at all times, a way of living that requires no planning in the way the world would think of this, no striving, no doubt, no anxiety; a way of living that flows gently, in which you smile a little bit more often, in which you talk a little bit less; a way of living that is marked by Grace. And Grace that is lived will reveal to you your true reality. Grace, when fully lived, reveals to you that you are the only begotten of God, Christ Eternal, unbounded forever, and that you participate in that Mind, in that Energy, in that Love – call it what you will – with me and with every mind, every brother and sister who’s ever chosen to set aside the world and to allow the Kingdom to be lived from within.

Grace. The word itself is so powerful. It speaks of something that comes, it is wholly given, and can never hopefully be earned. No dance you could ever dance could ever earn you a smidgen more of Grace, and Grace descends gently upon you even now, fully in every moment. Grace is available to every mind and every heart that would but choose to receive it, to remember the truth of the Kingdom and to set aside the beliefs of the world:

Love is the nature of my being; Father, I receive it. Do with me what You will; I’ve never known what to do with me anyway!

Grace. Grace brings a gentleness to all of your activities. Grace brings a peace. Grace brings that Light that can flow through you in this moment, if you would but allow it. Grace, given fully by God unto His only creation: you! You are the one in whom the Father remains well pleased. You are the one – you are the one – who has come forth into this time frame, just as I came forth into a different one, for only one purpose: to demonstrate the truth that the world is not real and holds no power over God’s creation; that the world that would try to get you to judge, try to get you to hold on to ideas and beliefs about what is and what should be and what shouldn’t be and what ought never have been, all of that stuff, the world will try to get you to believe that judgment is justified, that forgiveness must be given cautiously. Hm! It is not forgiveness when it’s given cautiously. Grace is the truth that will completely reverse the ideas that you have held in the mind and bring correction completely unto you. It cannot be earned, you cannot strive for it, you can only be willing to allow it…To allow it.

I’ve said before that there’s really only one curriculum that anybody ever needs to learn, and quite frankly, you don’t have the freedom to decide not to learn it. You do have the freedom – and this is the freedom given unto you since before time is – you have the perfect freedom to decide when to learn it. Does that make sense to you?

Ha! Well, not today, Father. You see I have this gripe to pick with my brother. I’ll get back to the curriculum tomorrow.

And the Holy Spirit stands just on the other side and goes,

Huh, I thought you wanted to learn the curriculum, so I helped set up this whole affair so that you could extend Love to your brother with whom you think you have a gripe. Oh well, I’ll just bring another one.

Do you know that experience? Something’s repeating in my life – what is going on here? What have you not brought forgiveness to? What fear do you still hold on to? What judgment or perception are you unwilling to let go of, so that correction can come and you can be taught anew?

Ah, the curriculum. I and my Father are One, the Kingdom of Heaven is within, that which is real cannot be threatened and that which is unreal does not exist. The ego, which is my drama that I’ve been playing out and out and out, is nothing more than an illusory thought; it is like a gnat floating in the vastness of space. It holds no power, no function and no reality, but each time I listen to its voice I have left the Kingdom.

That fast! And so the only curriculum, you see, is to choose to hear the Voice for Love, to be the vehicle of forgiveness.

The curriculum ends where the dream of separation began: as a thought. Now, think about this, as a thought held in the mind of the Son of God, one thought,

What would it be like to experience myself as separate from my Father?

Voilà, the world!

Hm! And you thought you had no power to create? Hm! I’ll share another little thought, just to plant a seed, something to think about: God creates only what is changeless and right now, look around and see if you can see one thing with the physical eyes that is changeless. Hmm. Come up with anything?

What have you ever experienced through the body’s senses, through the thoughts of the world, through all of your worldly experiences, what have you experienced that is changeless? Isn’t that part of the frustration of the world – just when you think you’ve got it, it slips through your grasp? You meet the grand lover at a dance and three weeks later, they don’t know your name.

You sit down to the most scrumptious dinner you could imagine only to wake up the next day with a stomach ache, constipation or what have you, a headache. Or you embark on a career that you know:

This one’s really going to give it to me. I know exactly what I want and this is gonna do it.

And every time, or every so often down the journey, you realize somehow it’s not quite taking you where you thought it was and other things are popping up instead; and sooner or later the career ends. The mate leaves, the cat or the dog dies, you all know these experiences, you’ve known them countless times. How often, when you’ve been met with that frustration that somehow you’ve tried to make something work and it hasn’t worked, how often have you just run out and tried all over again?

That must have been the wrong choice. It must be this tree over here; I’ll eat the fruit of this tree.

Hm! Know you that experience? Some of you have done that very well with what you call your significant other relationships. You would change them as often as you would change your socks.

All of it – and do continue to laugh, because all of it is an illusion. All of it emanates, if you would well receive it, from one thought held in the Mind of the Holy Son of God:

What would it be like to experience separation from God?

With that thought, a dream began. And why is it a dream and not real? Because God only creates what is changeless and it is not possible that the Holy Son of God ever be separate from God – except in your perceptions and in your feelings and beliefs; it’s the only place. Likewise, only in the thought held lovingly in the mind can your union be restored.

And with that one thought – of course this is a bit of a metaphor but it’s rather effective – imagine a Light, shining forth from all eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end and you cannot see its boundaries or its end, And into this radiant Light, one mad idea crept: separation from God! And the Holy Son of God forgot to laugh and took on seriousness, and seriousness empowers thought. Know you when you think a negative thought? When you take it seriously, you are empowering that thought to manifest its reality. It is called fear.

The Holy Son of God chose not to laugh and in that moment [snaps fingers] what your scientists would call the Big Bang occurred and in which that Light exploded into seemingly an infinite number of points of light, all quite identical under the cosmic microscope but seemingly separate one from another. And each of those points of light, out of fear, and out of holding that one thought within itself, began to proliferate the fields of experience. It created unlike God, creating things that are forever changing, that forever slip through the grasp, and the most prime example is the body. It begins to sag no matter what you do. No matter how often you fast, you still need to eat. You can’t seem to overcome the body’s desire, the need for food; hunger always seems to come to it. It shudders when the temperature becomes too cold. It sweats when it gets too hot, it gets dirty and smelly. Know you those feelings, those experiences? The body is a prime example of a creation that is unlike God’s.

And so it continued, dimension upon dimension. Time began, and out of the field of time continued density, and density is separation – the appearance of it – and eventually this physical world was made manifest. And upon it you’ve enacted countless journeys. Huh, my goodness gracious, the dramas that have been acted out! You’ve all been crucified a thousand times, you’ve all been the crucifier a thousand times – and why? Because you never look upon anybody but yourself, and if you look into the past of your history and you see a grand tyrant, rest assured that you are looking upon an aspect of that mind that was fragmented at the beginning of time. You are therefore looking upon an aspect of your own dream. Not a pleasant thought, is it? But it is very true. And that is why only Love heals. It is only Love that restores the Son to His rightful place. It is only Love that corrects the misperception of separation. It is only Love that corrects the uses of the body. When you look upon this world, and you see mirrored to you what can be called ego – but it’s just called the ego as the perception of separation from God – when you look upon it in any of its aspects, when you look at, ahh what was the one… Saddam, hm? Now there’s an aspect of ego, no sense denying it. When you look upon it with judgment, you have only ensured that it will continue. And you are all quite free and quite capable of thinking up a million other examples of expressions of the ego mind’s living in separation. If you’re really honest, I’m sure you can look inside yourself and come up with a few examples.

Love alone heals, and the way the ego, the way the dream, begins to dissolve is through the relinquishing of the power that you’ve given unto it, And when you look upon Saddam and feel angry with him, when you feel fear at what tyrants seem to be causing in the world, you have just decided to take it seriously and you believe that something in the field of ego – in my day it was called the ‘evil one’ – you believe that there are demons out there that can get you. And you are empowering them to continue, because all minds are joined. You have told them that their experience is real. Love heals and Love is extended through forgiveness, in the choice the mind makes to look past appearances and to see only the Light that shines there, waiting to be remembered and restored in the one before you.

Now, that sounds like a nice lofty thought, but is it true? I once chose, as a man, not because I was ordered by God – God doesn’t order anyone to do anything – I chose to bring upon myself a demonstration that death is unreal, as a way of teaching my brothers and sisters that if you think of the most extreme circumstance you can, the opportunity to choose Love is always available. Rest assured, and I know perfectly well, that even if a tyrant ordered someone to strap you to a heavy wooden beam and to pound nails into your hands and feet, the power within you to choose Love has not been taken from you, in any stretch of the imagination.

And paradoxically, in the midst of even your most painful circumstances, when you make the choice to allow Love to descend first into your own being so that it can radiate out to everyone else concerned, you will feel the nails as though they were being withdrawn from your hands and feet. All of you know what it is like to be crucified in some way or another. All of you have felt that. All of you have had glimpses of the power of forgiveness and Love. When you just relinquished your beliefs, your anger, everything about a situation, what comes? Peace comes back. There have been times in some of your lives when some rather dramatic things have happened and it’s got your kettle boiling, and all of a sudden you said,

Oh, the heck with it!

And you changed your attitude and you actually laughed! What happened? You used the power of choice given unto you to remember the Truth.

Grace. Grace descends gently, like a soft spring rain, so gently that you don’t even feel or hear the drops. There’s no breeze, it just falls gently, so gently that you don’t see it, and yet you are bathed in it constantly. Grace waits, as Love does, to be received by a heart that is finally willing to say,

You know, no matter how hard I’ve tried, I still find myself judging my brother, judging my sister. I still think I know what the world if for and how it ought to be. And I admit that – you know something? – I’m really not happy yet.

Do you know that feeling? Something underneath that tells you:

Happiness is really not established in me yet. What still needs to change? Ah! A different relationship, a different career, a different pizza!

The world – all things that begin in time and end in time and are therefore changing – the world has never, ever, ever offered you anything that can restore you to the happiness that is rightfully yours. What would it mean if you were to go and sit on the corner of your street and just look at this town as a symbol of the world, look at the buildings, look at the automobiles, and just say,

This world means nothing. It gives me nothing, it takes nothing from me.

It would begin to bring about discernment, the discernment between Truth and falsehood. And as you relinquish the value that you’ve placed upon the things you hoped would bring you happiness and safety, you will discover that the place of safety is still within you and has been there since the moment when the Holy Son of God first held the thought,

What would it be like to be separate from my Father?

Correction comes with relinquishing the world. Relinquishing the world does not have anything to do with living in caves and eating a grain of rice a day. It has everything to do with relinquishing your perceptions of what the world is for and allowing it just to be as it is, while you focus on choosing Peace, so that you become the center of Light that seems to walk around in a body. Do you know what begins to happen when you do that? You will quite literally open up what can be called an inner eye, and perception will be healed, and it feels like a very literal physical shift. You are taken away, if you will, from identifying as the body, and you literally see the body for what it is: a nothing, a momentary device through which the Light of Christ can extend Love; it’s not even yours any more!

Yes, you’ll continue to feed it, do the little things you need to do so that it can function as long as it lasts, but something quite literally shifts: it’s not you any longer. And you’ll look upon your relationships and upon your careers and they’ll all be different! The world will have been swept clean from your mind. That will be replaced by the perception that you’re the Holy Son of God, and you’re here for a very short time, and each opportunity, each moment, is given unto you because the world is crying out for your blessings. Not the ego’s blessings, “Yes, I bless you, my child.” Hm. The world cries out for the blessings that you can extend to it by choosing peace, by smiling at the ego and the ways of the world, by being the demonstration that there is another choice, another way, another path.

Ahhh, Grace! Does Grace set the mind and the heart free? Oh yes! It has already done so. Salvation has already been completed and the Son is already restored, and time becomes translated. It becomes translated from your insane attempt to seek the happiness, the union with God. It becomes translated into the gentle explanation, if you will, the gentle demonstration that peace has been restored to you – and how do you know? Each time you extend peace to another, you must then understand that peace must have already been restored to you, for you cannot give what you do not possess. And so, by giving we receive.

I learned, just as each and every one of you are learning, to give all that you have received by Grace; and when you know that you are giving all, you will know that you have received all, and you will know that your Redeemer has awakened and arisen within you. And right where you are, Heaven is. For Heaven is not a place and it is not a condition. Heaven is the Real World in which the Son abides eternally with all that God Is–and God Is but Love.

Hmmm. Grace… Grace. There is a choice that each mind, each soul in its journey comes to, and I’ve called this coming to the threshold of the Kingdom. How do you cross into it? Not by accepting me as your saviour, though I would be honoured if you accepted me as your friend and your brother, who would walk with you to God; frankly, because I see no point in walking any other place. Each of you has come to the threshold of the Kingdom of Heaven a million times – a million times. If you’ve chosen to set aside learning the curriculum, you’ve taken a detour. Hm? You said,

Oh yes, there’s the pizza diner I want to get to…

and you made a right turn.

The way that the threshold is crossed is by laying aside your perception of yourself as a separate one who is seeking God, along with every other perception of yourself you’ve ever held, in which you become finally willing to acknowledge that you have found. Think about it. To acknowledge in your own mind,

No. No more games, I know the truth. I am the Son of God, I am therefore here only for the extension of Love and the world’s games mean nothing.

Think what it would mean to acknowledge that within yourself:

My God, I have set up a drama so that I can pretend to be a seeker again and again and again, so that I can avoid finding.

And some of you like the game! That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with liking it, and I hope you enjoy it. But in the end, seeking becomes like a weight upon the heart, and the soul in its weariness drops to its metaphorical knees – because obviously it doesn’t have any – and it just says:

I’m tired.

And it sets aside the weight of the world, and a Light begins to be remembered. Hmm. The echo of an ancient melody, at once so familiar but seemed to be forgotten, begins to arise in the soul that has relinquished the world and returned to silence. And the thought comes to replace the one thought of separation – for upon it all worlds have been built, and all subsequent thoughts and dramas are nothing more than expressions of that one thought of separation – and an inner voice speaks these words:

You are my Beloved Son in whom I remain well pleased. Arise, for you are Christ.

And then perception is healed and for the first time a major shift has occurred in your mind. And you know that it’s time, and before the altar of God that rests in the silent sanctuary of your Heart, you have the audacity in the eyes of the world to finally exclaim the truth,

I and my Father are One and of myself I’ve never done anything, but now through me my Father will do all things. I am home and I am at peace. Truth is restored and I will go out no more from this holy place, for the light of day has come and all darkness is vanquished. I and my Father are One and it’s never been any other way.

Does that bring responsibility as long as you seem to live in time? Of course it does! It is a responsibility that the world has taught you not to take on. The world has actually taught you that I’m the only one who had the strength to assume that responsibility. Now isn’t that a clever device of separation?

All power is given unto you, as the Holy Son of God, all power under Heaven and Earth to hear only the Voice for Love. It’s a delightful voice, it speaks gently and it shows you the humour of your illusions. And if you would hear only that voice and acknowledge that you are One with God, that you’re not sent to suffer the world – to live in lack, to live in poverty, to judge the world – you are sent to be a Light to the world, to show the world that its perceptions and beliefs don’t cut it, to allow miracle-mindedness to descend upon you so that miracles can be lived and extended through you, given unto your brothers and sisters who have been given unto you that they might look upon the face of Christ and remember that they see only themselves.

Who, then, has ever honored me? Only those who have honored the Son that dwells in their own heart. Who honors me is the one who chooses to be joyous at all times. Who honors me? The one who laughs and sings and dances and plays and brings a new vision to this plane: a vision of one family under God, healed and restored, in which no one is left outside. Who honors me? You do, each time you choose to acknowledge,

Yeah, I know the truth. I hear you Jeshua, I know, I know, yeah. Okay, alright already – I get it!

And then you see, I do become your brother and your friend – because all minds are joined and that means I am not unavailable to anyone in any situation. I’m not limited in who I come and talk with. I’m one who likes to have a lot of friends and I will come into any mind and unto any heart that prepares the place for me. Does it take ten thousand lifetimes of flogging the body and fasting it, beating yourself up with guilt? No! It takes a simple choice:

Look, Jeshua, I too am the Son of God… uh, let’s be friends!

That’s how the place in the heart is prepared: by acknowledging the truth! And when the door has been opened, just a crack, I will no longer need to knock upon the door but I will enter therein and take up my place with you – not as your savior, but as your friend and your brother who would only play with you joyously – and join with you in your willingness to teach only Love, because that is what you are. Each time the mind brings up a thought of judgment, you have separated yourself from God, pure and simple! There’s no gray area there at all. Each time you look upon a judgmental thought and say,

Ha! Voice of the ego. Let it go. Look at your brother and extend only Love,

you have chosen to demonstrate that you are in union with God.

So the choice seems simple – and it is. Do you know that energy that comes now and then in which you feel like it’s a real struggle to remember Love? Hold this thought: The difficulty is never anything but your unwillingness to choose the Voice for Love. Resistance and difficulty is nothing more than a symptom that you’ve chosen, quite willingly, to hear a different voice. I know that’s befuddling because the mind wants to say,

Well, I – but I’m doing so well, but then this situation arose and if this person hadn’t done this, then I would still have chosen Love. If they would just get it straight, I could be straight.

That’s what keeps the world spinning! You thought it was Love – it’s denial! Somebody has to do it differently. And you are that one. You are the one. It has not been given of me of my Father to be in this time frame as you are. I do not have what appears to be a body. And yet I have gone nowhere. I said once that I am with you always and I meant it literally. I am not absent to you at any time and I can be no further away than the width or distance of a thought, a simple choice. But it is given unto you to abide in a world that yet believes in separation and therefore sees the body as reality and time as the great authority. You are the ones that with every breath you breathe – you are the ones unto whom the power has been given to demonstrate the Real World. You! No special preparation, you don’t have to stand on your head for half an hour every morning, you need only be willing to choose not to tolerate error in your own mindnever! No such thing as an idle thought! Each thought generates a world. Choose only the thought of Love and you become all that I ever was. You become the Word made Flesh, you become the Bearer of Light. Beloved friends, Grace is our only shared reality – Grace, and that alone.

You are not separate one from another, and you are not separate from me. Would you choose then, choose to allow this hour and this evening to be the point at which you decide to learn the curriculum? Right here and right now in your own beingness to say,

Okay, what the heck, I know I’ve got a few perceptions that seem to be blocking me from peace. I’ve held onto them for a long time; they haven’t gotten me there yet. What have I got to lose? Maybe I should just set them aside.

And allow – allow correction to come to the mind, to trust the safety of the Heart’s vulnerability, to become filled with humility:

Of myself I do nothing. I don’t know what a single thing is, but thank God my Father does! I don’t even know what this situation is for, so I’m just going to be here as the Presence of Love, trust and allow it to unfold, knowing that there is one Teacher that has been given unto the world, the one that I have called the Comforter, who knows how to take everything that unfolds and weave it into the tapestry that awakens the Holy Son of God.

Look lovingly upon every experience you have, for there is a purpose to it for you as well as for others. And every experience is the opportunity, the blessing to remember to choose Love, just like you did when you were sitting across from your friend in the pizza diner: “Oh, wait a minute! I brought you out here under false pretenses. I thought I needed something from you so I could hide from this conflict. But now that you’re here I just want to love you!” And in that choice the conflict dissolves. And that moment, that moment is the Atonement! It’s the moment that corrects the conflict that was set up in the beginning of time in which you seem to have been cast from the garden.

Can you begin to feel what I am seeking to share with you, then? That you do not experience ordinary moments! – there are no such things as ordinary moments, unless you forget they’re extraordinary. That’s what makes them ordinary: forgetting. Every moment, my God, is such a blessing! The one before you brings you your salvation if you would but love them instead of judge them. Haaah. If that doesn’t bring Light to the world, what can? To see that it doesn’t mean what the world thinks it means. It’s a dance and an illusion. It’s a tapestry woven by One who would but bring the Peace of God back to your heart. You don’t go to school to get a career so you can have a job! The soul is choosing to attract situations so that it can learn where it has failed to extend Love and to live from unlimitedness. That’s all!

Just as you created your thought of separation, you as a soul are creating your pathway home. Nothing can arise by accident. And if you seem stuck right now for a while, it just means you’re taking a break, a summer vacation. It’s not that you have to take a break, it’s that you’re choosing to take a break.

Within you lies so much power! In the twinkling of an eye, the Holy Son of God could radically transform this world into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, but that can’t occur until you allow that transition to occur within you, because, you see, the world, it’s like a (what do you call those races where everybody thinks that if they can run thirty-five miles that it’s a great feat of strength or something, so thousands of them gather in their senior cities straining to get to their…) marathon! Well, the world does seem like a marathon. All the crushing masses of humanity, straining at the starting line, waiting for somebody to pull the trigger to release all of this Divine Creative Energy! How long have you been waiting for someone to pull the trigger and tell you it’s okay to get on with living an unlimited and joyous life?

Well I will as soon as everybody else does! What will they think of me if I give up pain and suffering and judgment and choose laughter and dance and play and joy? Will they think I’m crazy if I tell them, “Look! Hunger is old now, nobody on this planet needs to be hungry any more!”

And they’ll look at you and say, “Well it’s always been that way, what are you talking, nonsense?”

Hm, no you’re talking with great sense. Don’t wait any longer. Look lovingly upon your own life. Look at your circumstances as something you’ve attracted to yourself and therefore it presents a blessing. Embrace it, honor it and then ask within and be really honest: Is this truly the life that the Son of God would choose to live if the Son of God was thoroughly awake? Hm! Interesting question! For you see it might be, and it might not be. It requires your willingness to surrender your perceptions of yourself and the world. And if in your circumstances you can go inside and say,

I am at peace. I am where my Father is asking me to be. I don’t complain about it; I don’t make judgments; I’m just at peace. And there is a lightness to my step and there’s a joy in my eyes no matter what the bank account says. I know I live in unlimitedness and if I only have a dollar today that’s perfectly okay, because if I need ten thousand tomorrow, they’ll be there!

And if you get in touch and inwardly you finally admit,

Who am I trying to fool? Who am I trying to be? Am I trying to pretend like I’m more spiritual than somebody else because I’m broke? Hm! Am I trying to believe or to express to someone that my suffering somehow is building me up? Do I look into the face of my brother and say, “Yeah, I’m really content,” and then go home at night and inwardly feel something gnawing at me?

Can you become so honest and just admit that you’re living a lie? Can you say to yourself,

No, I’m not happy. There’s something in me that wants to be lived and I’m pushing it down.

Fear it no longer, for what you are pushing down is the Radiance of Christ that comes to enlighten and heal the world and to establish the Kingdom of Heaven upon it.

Is any of this making sense to you?

Of course it is. I cannot say that I come as a grand teacher, I cannot come and say that I have much to give you that is going to make your life work marvelously, because, you see, I know that I cannot give you anything that you do not already possess. I admit it wholly, up front. I come only as your brother and your friend, to reflect to you the truth that you know in the depth of your being – in the depth of your being where the Real World resides and where the world can never possibly touch, and there is only safety to be found in being willing to let the power of the Mind of Christ to be lived through you, to no longer tolerate the errors of the thinking of the world and to demonstrate to your brothers and sisters through Love that there’s always another way, always another choice, and that nothing–nothing – limits you, save the thoughts that you would choose to hold onto.

I said earlier that I do not have a body, but you do! And I know how to join with you. You don’t have to know how, you only need to be willing. And because I love you, because I know that we walk to God together, I will come to you and I will walk with you, and I say this unto you not from a place above you but from a deep compassion and a love for you, whom my Father has created out of Love.

There is not a moment when, in your experience as you unlearn the perceptions of the world and reclaim the perceptions of Truth, there is not a moment in which you might feel that your strength is lacking, there is not a moment that I will refrain from giving you mine. All you have to do is ask! And I will give you my strength until yours is as certain as mine – and my strength is perfectly certain because, like you, I lived once in this world and I chose to teach only Love. I chose the outrageous idea that death is not real, and to believe that no circumstances could separate me from my decision to choose Love. And I found that what my Father had taught me was true: Death is not real; this world is illusion. And the world dropped away from me as gently as does a dream dissolve from your mind when your eyes open in the morning and you remember where you really are. The world tried to get rid of me and in its insane attempt it simply allowed me the freedom to join with anybody I want!

Hm! And you, I’m asking you in your own hearts to be willing to become the hands, the feet, the eyes, the expression and the Heart of Christ. Because, you see, the world believes in the body and if I come and whisper in one’s ear as they walk down the street, they say it’s just their imagination, “Oh, I’ve just had this sudden thought of Jeshua - pah, he wouldn’t talk to me!” And on they go!

And I’m still standing, going, “It is me! What do I have to do?”

“No it can’t be, it’s my imagination. First of all I’m a sinful creature, therefore he would never come to me anyway. Secondly, voices heard that aren’t associated with the body, they must be somebody’s, uh, insanity…”

I need you as much as the world has ever tried to tell you that you need me. Many of you have rebelled against that,

Oh God, they’re telling me I have to worship this Jeshua fellow. Yuck!

It has never felt quite right to many of you, thank God!

But I need you, because my one purpose and my one task is to embrace the whole of the Sonship with the Love that my Father has given unto me. Because my Father embraced me and brought me into that remembrance, my only purpose and function is to give that remembrance to anyone who would receive it. And I can’t do that without you–without you.

And in the most ordinary of moments, you can choose to remember the extraordinariness of the blessing of that eternal moment. You have the power, even if the one in front of you doesn’t know what’s going on, to take a deep breath and go,

Ah, only Christ is here,

and to radiate Light and Love, to choose forgiveness, so they begin to look at you and they go, “I don’t quite understand, you don’t seem to be concerned about the things we’re concerned with… Oh no, and yet somehow you’re always there, you’re always the same, and sometimes through you all this wisdom pours forth.”

And then you go, “Whoa, what did I say?’

And they say, “God, you know what you said last night? It was the most incredible thing. Thank you, thank you!”

And you scratch your head and you go, “What? Did we talk last night?”


Yes, on the phone for just a moment and you were getting ready to go somewhere and suddenly you said something that seemed off the wall, and then you said, ‘Well I have to go, bye.’”

You go, “I said that?”

You’ve just been willing to let the Holy Spirit reach your brother through you. And that occurs because you have opened the place for miracles to be extended through you by acknowledging,

I and my Father are One, and I relinquish my perceptions of what the world is, and I will go gently through my day, remembering the Grace that has set me free. And I will look upon my brother, not believing I know what they need – there is One who knows.

That’s how the mind begins to be opened so that what you channel is no longer the thoughts of the world – and by the way, everything in this world is channeled, everything inspired either by the voice of fear or the Voice for Love. Every moment of every day you are choosing what frequency to channel, what quality of thought to channel, what dimension of feelingness to channel – every second, it never changes. Hmm.

In relinquishing your own ideas and acknowledging that you cannot save yourself, the Light of Truth begins to descend and to be re-awakened in you, and you will quite literally find that miracles become the stepping stones upon which your life is lived, upon which you step. And you will come and go as the wind, not knowing where it comes from or where it’s going, but somehow you’re in the right place at the right time, and everything’s okay.

Miracles. Miracles occur naturally to minds that teach only Love. So you see, it gets to the point where if miracles aren’t happening you won’t even dare to get out of bed… because you know something is amiss in your own mind:

Where am I doubting, where am I fearful, where am I failing to extend Love? My God, I didn’t laugh yesterday. It’s been two weeks since I danced! Aah, now I know where to begin!

… to bring lightness and laughter and the sense of play and safety back into the mind, and then the flow can continue.

Hmm. I know you’re holding the thought, “Is he looking at me?”


But not with this body. For you see, I do not come into this body, I do not take my beloved brother and kick him out. All that happens is that an ancient resonance is allowed to be made manifest and there is a blending at the level of mind – and mind far transcends the body; remember I said the body arises within the field of mind, it’s really an illusion, just an apparition – and at the level of mind, I merely blend my energy with this particular mindset filled with concepts, filled with ideas, made up out of experiences much like your own, and I simply activate it in a different way. I bring a different level of integration and understanding, that’s all. And if I can blend with this mind, rest assured, I can blend with any mind. And I can blend with yours. And no I am not going to acknowledge that you are the one I’m speaking to, not in this way, I’m going to ask that you acknowledge it in the depth of your own being, for when I turned this body in this way, a thought came, a thought of knowingness,

He’s aware of me. Gulp.

The time for gulping has passed. I am aware of you because I know how beautiful you are. I see your light and your radiance and your purity and there is no guilt upon you. You have not failed me and you have failed no one, and the Radiance and the Power and the Light and the Truth with which you were created and are sustained is in you now in its purity. Be you therefore wholly joyous for in this hour a miracle does occur. And you will see the fruits of it unfolding in your life. Precious friend, you came doubting your own worthiness and as an ancient friend, I say unto you, your worthiness is established by God and the world has never taken it from you. I love you. Hmm. Hmm. There!

So how are all of you doing?


My beloved brother has asked me many times: “Jeshua, what are you going to talk about?”

And I’ve always given him one answer: “My friend, your task is only to be available.” Because, you see, I never know what’s going to be said. I come and abide with you just as you abide with each other as friends. You get together and you sit around in your living room, nothing to do and nowhere to go – you just hang out. I come and abide with you and I read what is in your heart, and what is spoken is not deliberately chosen by me but it flows forth through my mind, then through the mind field of this my beloved brother. You seem to hear it as words spoken and picked up by your physical ears, but what is spoken is being generated from the Source of Oneness in which we abide – One Mind, together; that is what creates all experience, all of it.

Does that make sense to you? The gathering together of minds that choose to resonate at a certain frequency, that’s what generates experience. If there were a tall skyscraper, an apartment building, and all of you got together on a Saturday and said, “Let’s hang out on the bottom floor!” Isn’t it true that you would look out the window and you would see certain things? And then the next Saturday you would say, “Let’s go up to the fifteenth floor and hang out!” And you open the curtains and wouldn’t the view be different? That’s all that happens in your experience. You choose to come together with minds and the interplay of that energy generates what you call your experience of that moment. And wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them. When any two come together and choose to go to the penthouse, the view is unlimited. The table is spread, the finest linens, the finest china, and you sit down to a feast prepared by the Father for the Son whom He loves above all things and Who welcomes home the prodigal son no longer, but the one who has chosen to return.

There has been, by and large, an agreement by all of you, a desire just to hang out together in a frequency of Peace, of Love, to have echoed back to the mind the Truth the mind already knows. So by and large, we’ve gotten together in the penthouse, and in your daily experience, you have the power to bring the energy of the penthouse into your situations. Now, of course, that means that tomorrow morning when you get up and go to your job or wherever you go, you’re having a very high elevated feeling and you go to work and everybody’s doing what they call the ‘bitching’ or whatever it is they do…

… and the complaining and all of the rest. A disappointment comes to the mind:

Oh, I thought I could change all this!

Don’t give in to it. That’s the trick, you see. Just because somebody else is being miserable doesn’t mean you have to accommodate them by joining them. It doesn’t mean you look on them and say, “Well you’ve created it, get out of it!”

It means that you look upon them and go,

Aah, I’m seeing dimensions of ego, I’m seeing choices for separation, but I know that’s not the Truth.

You look upon them lovingly and if they need your arm put around them, you do so, or you feed them with the love that they’re capable of receiving, but the whole time, you remember what the Truth is. You hold the frequency of the penthouse. And the more often you do that, the easier it gets. And one day, you walk into that circle of friends or co-workers who are trying to drag you down into their state of being, and you realize something has changed:

It’s not affecting me. I feel totally calm and at peace.

And no matter what they say, you just smile and go, “Oh come on, you know there’s another way. Would you choose it with me?”

“No, I refuse!”

“Okay! There will be another opportunity. As for me, I choose to wait only on the Lord, which simply means to wait, to abide in, Christ Consciousness. I choose only peace. Now let’s get on with our day.”

And you will wait for them to choose with you if it takes ten thousand lifetimes, a millenium, it doesn’t matter, you’re hanging out in eternity! Hm. It’s very, very important. When the whole world is seeking to drag itself down, the world needs just one to make a different choice, and you can be that one in every moment. Isn’t that true? Hm! Indeed.

So there you have it. Grace as Reality comes when you consciously choose to accept what is always the case:

This illusion isn’t true, these feelings of lack are not true, this need to make judgments isn’t true – that’s all the voice of the ego; it’s an illusion. My Father’s Grace pervades my being. I choose to be wholly joyous and at peace, and each time I seem to forget I’ll just choose to remember, and thereby the world is restored and healed.

Grace as Reality is the only Reality – and please listen to this, and we’ll be done here in a moment – Grace as Reality is the only Reality that is available to anyone at any time. What is real cannot be threatened and exists eternally. What is unreal exists not. And if the mind holds a thought that it does, it is only because you’ve allowed the mind to choose illusions over Truth, that’s all. Grace is your Reality and it means that you can go gently in this world. There is indeed a way of living in which there are no laments of the past, no anxiety over the future. A sense of the eternal comes to fill your days, so that even as you wash your dish, there’s something that is eternal that is felt and known, and a peace descends gently upon you. There is a way of being in the world without strife and without suffering, and the way to that is to embrace honestly every illusion that you insist on carrying and see that it is untrue. Every judgment, every thought that would seem to limit the Holy Son of God, is unreal. And just beyond the drama of the world is the Peace of the Kingdom of Heaven, waiting only for you to grant it welcome by making the choice to be a finder and not a seeker:

I and my Father are One. I might as well admit it and love it!

Grace. I offer this unto you. In any situation from this hour in which you are tempted to think with the thoughts of the world and you notice that it doesn’t feel very good, remember that simple word: Grace. Gently let it come to the mind and it will be your willingness to send me a telegram, it will be your willingness to open up the place of the heart – and I will not fail to come to you. And as you gently abide with it, certain things that have been said in this evening are going to come to you as if you are hearing them for the first time and you will swear that didn’t get said then! And a feeling will come, a certain little resonance, much like that which has touched many of you in this hour, for remember I’m not in this body – for all you know, I’m right behind you.

And with that thought, a different vibration, a different frequency will again begin to come to you. Some of you will have times when, as you begin that, all of a sudden it will be like the pot’s really been stirred, and the mind will be going, “I know it didn’t work, I know it doesn’t work, these bad feelings really are here, I know it, I know it, I know it!” That’s just the same thought of denial! But,

Oh! Grace… Grace… Grace…

until the voice of the ego begins to realize, “Wait a minute you’ve always listened to me before, I guess it’s not going to work this time.” And the voice of the ego withdraws from your Holy Mind and Peace is restored.

So please be willing not to look beyond the simplicity of what was just offered. It will work, and work beautifully. It will lead you upon revelation and revelation and revelation – and revelation is really nothing more than the unwinding, the unlearning of concepts and perceptions that have imprisoned the mind and kept you away from the peace that you seek. Hmm.

For a moment now, just turn and look at someone next to you. Just turn enough so that the eyes can meet. Now it doesn’t matter if you believe this is true or not, just do it anyway. Each of you, one unto the other, take just a moment­– and you can decide who gets to go first – look at your brother or your sister, your eternal friend who has journeyed with you throughout all of time and space and has shared every world with you in one form or another…

… and say to them that “I promise to live my life for you as one who has found and acknowledges the Truth, so that no matter if we ever see each other again, wherever I am, I promise to keep my promise.” So in your own words, go right ahead.

So how does that feel?

What seems sane to the world is wholly insane to the Mind of Christ and all beliefs of the world are diametrically opposed to the Truth of the Kingdom, so how then to use a bit of a measurement for knowing which voice you’re listening to?

If you’re not standing out as just a little crazy, you have conformed yourself to the world. Hmm. I taught certain friends many things in secret, that simply meant that, umm, it wasn’t meant to be broadcast to minds that really weren’t interested in learning anyway, but the essence of what I taught my closest friends was the simplicity of the great power of choosing laughter, dancing, play and singing in each and every day until that frequency permeates every decision you make and every experience you’re having. For you see, it is lightness that enlightens the mind and lightness carries the mind out of density, out of seriousness. So if you’re feeling a bit heavy and a bit down, ask yourself, “Did I laugh, did I sing, did I dance, did I play this day?” If not, and it’s eleven o’clock and you’re laying in bed and you’re dog tired and you’re feeling depressed… Get up!

And if you’re with your spouse and you suddenly jump out of bed and you begin to dance around the bedroom, they’ll say, “What are you doing, dear?”

“I’m remembering!”


Is it not time to release seriousness from what you call spirituality? Is it not time to transcend religiousness and to know that Spirit dwells within you as the voice and the whisper of God’s Love that brings you into being?

Do I exist? I sure do! It must mean that God still loves me and that God’s Love is in me. Haaah!

So … I extend unto you my thanks for your willingness, because you see, think that just on this little evening you’ve opted to come to this place, perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps because they haven’t changed the movies downtown yet, whatever the reason is on the outside, that’s not what matters. You are always compelled by what the soul is choosing to attract to itself as experience. I thank you because – please don’t minimize this – in this evening, you chose as a soul, no matter what the mind was saying, you chose as a soul to come together and set aside all of the millions of other things you could have been doing in the world, and you came to simply abide, as much with one another as with me.

And when you leave here… No matter what the mind is doing, you are always going to know, you are always going to know that the one who walked this plane as a man is like unto yourself. The one the world has tried to get rid of, first through crucifixion and then by making him into a grand savior so far removed and above every other human being, that he is untouchable and unreachable anyway, so why try? All attempts to continue the illusion. You are going to know that what I said then is true: “I am with you always, even unto the end of this age.” And when you fully understand who I am and have become – that is, in shifting identification from a man in space and time to identification with the Mind of Christ – when you come to that place in yourself, you are going to laugh like you’ve never laughed before, for you will understand then that, for God’s sake, I couldn’t be anywhere else but where you are, because we are One, always. I am you, and that lifetime is wholly yours. Separation does not exist; it does not exist.

Am I the Christ? Oh yes, along with you and never apart from you. And I love you. Not as the world gives give I unto you, and not as the world gives can you give unto one another, and that is the glory of Grace. Peace therefore be unto you. Those of you that would like to leave, you’re feeling quite nice now, whatever it is, or you just want to get home to the late movie, whatever it is, go always with my blessings. If you choose in this hour to say, “No I’m not ready to learn the curriculum,” it’s fine with me. I can wait! I’ve waited a long time and because I live in that which is eternal, rest assured, I will outwait you!

And not one thing you say and not one thing you do will ever, even for an instant, turn me from you. My Love for you is as unshakable as our Father’s Love is for each of us, and in loving you in that way I know the Love of the Father for me. And when I said, “Go you therefore and teach all nations,” I was not talking about walking around with a Bible under your arm! To teach is to teach only Love. And to go therefore and to teach all nations means to go to everyone you see and to realize that right there, you can be the one who brings the gentleness of Peace and the warmth of Love to that situation, that moment. Teach well. Teach well by being what you would desire to learn; and by teaching it you do become it; and as you give you have received, in all ways and always.

Peace therefore be unto the only begotten of God, being neither male nor female but Light, and Light alone: the Light that lights all worlds and brings Creation back to God.

Peace be unto you always, for the things of Heaven are indeed united with the things of Earth, and the Peace of God is extended as far as from the East to the West, held lovingly in the arms of Christ – your arms.


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