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Now we begin.

Greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. Always notice that it is with great joy that I come forth to abide with you, as you’ve chosen in this hour to come forth and abide with me.

We come together tonight as indeed we come together always — to share with one another — but above all to abide with one another, by choosing to set aside the perceptions of the world that seem to press against the mind and against the heart and even against the body, to set them aside and to choose in this hour — if just in this hour — to be but the presence of peace, to throw open the shutters of the heart, to receive not something that comes from outside of us but something that is already contained in its fullness within each of us. Something that is given and never earned. Something that is eternally present. Something that cannot be created because it has always been. Something that when remembered allows the mind, the heart and even the body to rest at peace, to look beyond the surface appearances of things and to see that peace is the fundamental nature of all things that arise and pass away. Something that allows us to remember. And that something indeed is but the presence of Love. Love that rests as the essence of all things, Love that rests as the essence of our beingness, and Love therefore that can be shared one unto another, at all times, in all places and in all circumstances.

I come forth to abide in that place where we share the Love from which we have come forth. I come forth from Love because it is the essence of all that I am, and I come forth from Love to abide with you because Love is necessarily the essence of all that you are. And yet, the place that I come forth from is never outside of you. I do not come from some dimension that is four million light years away, and I do not come as the result of any incantations or any magical techniques. I come forth because I cannot help being where you are. But I do come forth in many different ways, through whatever mind might allow me access to it so that I can gain your attention.

Forever, the Truth remains but this: you are the one that you have eternally sought throughout lifetimes. You are the one who abides already in the peace that you seek, and you are the one who can allow healing to come to every dimension of your life, and you are the one who can see the fruits of that alliance.

And, of course, if you are that one and you certainly don’t need anybody else, you certainly don’t need to ask for advice. You certainly don’t need to plop the bag of dust down in this building in this hour, for who outside of you can say anything or do anything that can give you a deeper wisdom than you already contain within yourself? Who indeed?

I have said often that there is really only one lesson that ever needs to be learned and it is but this: “There is nothing outside of me.” If that is true — and I assure you that it is — it means that from the moment when you arise in the morning to the time you rest the head of the body on your pillow at night, seemingly saying goodbye to your day, you never look upon another; you never see a perfect stranger. You see only yourself mirrored back to you. And it means that all things that would be spoken unto you carry within them seeds of wisdom if you would attend to them.

It means that my coming to this kind of place and this kind of an hour you can join with someone who is not above you, not with someone who is wiser than you, but with a brother and a friend. Someone who sees you as you are. Someone, who, if you choose right now — if you choose — someone with whom you can be the Truth of who you are without fear, without judgment, without concern.

I am merely one who was once upon this planet, and as a man I indeed completed my part in what I have chosen to call the Atonement. Is the Atonement anything but the cessation, if you will, of any perception that you have ever been separate from God? My completion merely spoke to the establishment of a quality of being in which no thought arose in my mind of separation. And when you choose to abide with me — not just in this hour, but whenever you choose — to simply think on me and join with me in the quiet of your mind, you are choosing to join with a friend who sees you as an equal.

And, therefore, when you abide with me, all that you are really doing is making a fully conscious choice to abide with the Truth and essence of yourself — that through such abiding there can come remembrance, remembrance that within you lies the power to choose peace in all circumstances, and within you lies the power to know that guidance is never further than a choice away.

I once said that “I am with you always” and I meant it. I have never truly left this plane, though I did release any thought or belief that having a body was necessary. And yes, I have transcended space and time and, therefore, am not limited to the rules, to the perceptions, to the paradigm that seems at times to control your minds.

But because this has been accomplished and completed in me, it means that it must necessarily come to pass that it is also completed in you. For the life that you live so seemingly different, one from another, is not different at all and, if you would receive it, it is not different from the life that was given unto me in this world.

For your life holds but one purpose and that is indeed to awaken from every last trace of perception that you have ever have been or could be separate from God. To awaken from the dream that you could be less than the presence and the reality of Love. To awaken from the dream that there is anything in the world that can harm you or take a single thing around you from you. To awaken from a mind conflicted with doubt and fear and perhaps self-loathing. To awaken to the simplicity that in reality you can only be the presence of Love. And conflict in the mind ends when you truly understand that being the presence of Love is the only thing that in reality you are capable of being and doing.

The surrender, then, or a relinquishment of the attempt to be anything else but Love opens within you a sense of peace and a place of great power. A place of power that will no longer allow you to tolerate error within the mind again. It will no longer allow you to tolerate what could be called the abuse thrown upon you by an insane mind or an insane world, and you will know that you are as free as the wind, free indeed to pick up your things and make haste and go to another location because the heart says so.

Free indeed to have created a career and after twenty years wake up one morning and say, “Oops, none of this. Goodbye.” Free indeed and powerful enough indeed to look at the insanity of the world as it manifests seemingly around you or even as it manifests within your own mind and laugh at it — not in derision, not in putting it down, but laughing at it because it is harmless.

Indeed, beloved friends, I have come in this hour to abide with you, in this particular way, for no other reason than to love you in a way that you can see and understand and, hopefully, accept. But, in Truth, I am no more within this body than you are within yours. And the only difference between us is that I know that is true while you at times tend to forget and fall into the habit of believing that surely you must only be here, you must be limited to the space and volume of a body. And every time you do that, you have known fear. Every single time that you have chosen to identify with just what starts at the crown of the head and ends with the soles of the feet and extends outward as far as the tips of the fingers, you have known fear and you have felt distance and separation from your brothers and sisters. Even in the best of moments that fear has been there.

And as long as identification with the body remains, you have and will continue to seek out all manner of ways in which you can keep the body safe and fulfill your needs according to its perceptions. Does that make sense to you?

If you value the body above all things, your entire experience will revolve around satisfying the things that you believe can keep the body — and its attendant ego — safe and secure. And, therefore, walls of fear will come. The wall of fear that says, “Well, I’ve had my job for fifteen years. I can’t just drop it and go because some little voice inside says to do so. That’s totally illogical and insane. Besides, what will happen to me?”

Do you know that fear? What if I were to say to you that nothing will happen to you? What if I were to say to you something that sounds so insane? What if I were to say to you that nothing has ever happened to you? What if I were to say to you that everything you’ve experienced and known and believed and perceived has been simply by your choice? You are like a grand and great artist. You have painted the canvas of possibilities for yourself and yet, in Truth, nothing has ever happened to you. For if it has happened to you, you must first believe that there is something outside of you, and so we come back to that one simple lesson. And when it is learned, the world is transformed and transcended.

It is very pivotal, I believe your word would be. “There is nothing outside of me. I am the dreamer of all worlds. I am the creator and the sustainer, and all that I perceive and feel within myself in this very moment is by my choice. And that which seems to perpetuate itself in my experience comes only because I’ve not yet been willing to relinquish the value that I have placed upon it: a belief that perhaps something has control over me, that I must stay in one place and be conformed to some certain way of being or some calamity will ensue.” And yet, all such thoughts come from your misidentification of yourself as this limited third dimensional being, when, in fact, right now, you are as I am. And if I am but a great ray of Light held in the Mind of God, a great ray of Light that shines in the perfection of Love and touches the vast reaches of all universes, the same thing is true for you. The same thing is true for you.

What then could that bridge be? For it is fine — and what you call “dandy” — to hear such insane thoughts be thrown at you through some body, but what must that bridge be that carries the mind from its habitual perceptions of itself into a place where such thoughts are self-evident? What is that bridge that carries you from doubt, from fear, from limitation, from hesitancy, from pulling back, from believing that you are separate, and even you can lose or things can at least be lost to you?

What is that bridge that carries you into a space or a place in which the kinds of ideas that I’m sharing with you are naturally self-evident? What is that bridge that can carry the mind unto a place of perfect peace, in which the walls of fear no longer arise? In which you can throw off the shackles of the perceptions and beliefs of this world and allow yourself to become as the wind, freely going, following what is called the heart, following what is called your deepest joy? What is that bridge that carries the mind to a place where you are willing to trust, trust the gentle Voice that is not your own?

Someone said that such a bridge is simply to choose being insane. Rest assured, there were many who said that about me. “Why would you listen to this one? He’s wholly insane. I remember him when he was but a child, learning to be a carpenter in his father’s little shop. Yes, he would disappear for weeks on end, go off to meet those oddballs, those called the Essenes, and he would come back and do some rather interesting and odd things, but I tell you, he’s just a child like everybody else and don’t listen to him. He’s wholly insane. Yes, I am well aware he’s been talking about his Father Who lives with him always, and I tell you I just saw Joseph yesterday in the city and he wasn’t anywhere near Jeshua. And he talks about this Kingdom of Heaven and that you are not separate at any time in any way, shape or form, and what he says to you, death is unreal. Don’t believe him. Look around you. Life will tell you what is true and what is real.”

Oh, yes, I was called insane. And so the bridge that carries the mind from where it seems to be to the place of peace, into the place in which the shutters are thrown off of the inner spiritual side, thrown off the heart, the bridge begins to be built with your choice to be willing to allow it to be built for you. And that willingness comes as a gentle thought within your own mind and within your own heart, in which, in your own way, you say to God — in whatever way you want to conceive of God — “I want freedom and I want peace, and above all things I am willing to relinquish my own thoughts and perceptions of who I am and what the world is for. I am willing to return myself, to start anew and to relinquish all value that I have placed upon the perceptions that I have come to identify with, and I am willing and ready to be taught anew.”

Willingness is the first step of creating that bridge that must necessarily carry the soul from where it dwells, in its sense of separation, into its reality that has never changed: the reality of being one with God, unlimited forever, having no birth and never tasting death, the remembrance of yourself as a great ray of Light held lovingly in the Mind of all that God is, a remembrance that begins to outshine for you and through you every perception of limitation that you seem to see through the eyes of the body.

Willingness — your willingness — and that willingness rests on your choice to entertain the thought of being insane in the eyes of the world, having the audacity, the outrageousness, the courage to say, “I’m going to allow myself to be taught a new way. From this moment I am going to act as if I am not the body and I am not its attendant ego at all. Any such feelings or thoughts that arise within the body and the ego are not mine at all. They are just a movie.” And if nine million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine of your friends and your family believe otherwise, so what? “I’m going to become so outrageous that if I’m the only one on the planet to entertain the thought that “I and my Father are One”, I’m going to do it and allow that thought to restructure all of my perceptions. And if that means that all of my experience needs to change radically, if I need to give up what I perceive to be the comfort of my life and my career and my everything, if I need to live penniless in the streets, what the heck, I’m going to do it anyway. I’m going to withdraw the value I have placed on the things of the world.” That’s not the same thing as immediately cutting yourself off from the world and running away from it. That’s not what I mean. But, internally, in the mind and heart, you choose to withdraw the value you have placed upon all the experiences you have known and believed must continue to keep you safe.

When you choose to be the one to do that, you open the door. And the door that you open is to the hallowed temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells, closer to you than your own breath, more certain than any dream you have ever had or the experience you’ve ever known in this world. And because you have opened that door, that shutter, there is a place within your own mind that begins to be capable of hearing a Voice that is not your own, a Voice that might speak with a twang of intuition, a Voice that might seem to pull you one day in one direction and then one day in the next. But you will begin to discern that its pull and that its Voice, and that its included little hits, always come from a place of peace and never conflict, unless you choose to continue in your insanity. Your ability to hear that Voice grows.

It’s like looking through a fog and seeing a distant light. At first you see it; you recognize it; something about it is attractive, but then you try to focus on it and the fog seems to obliterate it. But sit in the midst of what you think that fog is — whatever is going on in your mind — and remind yourself, “I am not separate from the One Who has created me as the thought of Love in form. God is with me, now, and I choose anew. I look upon the body and the conflicts that arise in the thoughts of the ego and I choose to see them as not my own, and I relinquish them and I place them upon the altar of the heart, and I ask again only to hear the sweet and gentle Voice that speaks from and for peace. And I ask that Voice, and that Voice alone, to be my guide.”

Now all of that sounds nice, but I want you to know that if you have listened carefully, if you are willing to absorb it and take it within yourself, you will understand that all that I teach you I teach only because I once learned it, and the ideas and the thoughts that I have shared with you are the very same ideas and thoughts that were taught to me. And because I learned them I can share them with you. And I can say unto you that from where I am, that way of listening and following that gentle Voice that speaks from and for peace, that way, following that way, leads with perfect certainty to peace, to fulfillment, to salvation, to Atonement. It leads you gently across the bridge that you have allowed to be constructed for you. When you create a place for it within you, it will lead you beyond all limitations of this world finally, completely and most certainly. It will lead you in each moment and in each set of circumstances from conflict to peace, from war to peace, from self-doubt to self-love, from anger to gentleness, and perhaps above all, from separation to union with God. And it may occur now.

There cannot be a set of circumstances that can ever steal from you the power to choose which voice you will listen to and value. For both voices are within you. The Holy Spirit is that bridge already placed within you, given wholly by the beloved grace of God unto you, His precious Child and His only creation, who once choose to dream the dream of separation. You see, you do not really create the bridge at all but through your willingness you begin to recognize that it already exists. And at first it seems ephemeral and “What will happen if I step upon this bridge? Will it collapse? Will it dissolve like mist rising from a valley because the sun is come? Will I fall into some of this?” Many of you here know deeply that fear of letting go and stepping upon a bridge that doesn’t quite seem real yet. But its lack of reality only comes because you’ve forgotten for a long period of time that the bridge is already there.

“And if I step upon it, will I fall?” And I would suggest that if we were all perfectly honest with ourselves now, we would have to admit that, “My goodness gracious, I’ve already fallen a thousand times about as far as one could possibly fall.” Is there anything to be lost by choosing to entertain the thought that there is a perfect bridge within you now and a Voice Whose guidance will never err when your intention is peace? What do you think? Willing to take the step, take the leap, as you call it?

Some of you already have. Some of you here already know through your experience that no matter what seems to be occurring in the world around you, it is perfectly safe to have stepped upon that bridge and to have begun the practice of learning how to listen to the still and quiet Voice that speaks for peace. If we teach you a new way of looking at who you are and what the world is for, that would ask you to relinquish everything you’ve ever valued so that it can teach you the one thing that holds a value that is priceless. And some of you still stand with your toes perhaps upon the bridge, but yet perhaps a little reluctant to step boldly.

I have come in this hour for all of you, but especially for those of you that have been called here in this hour to hear again that the bridge exists within you, to hear again of the great safety in stepping upon it. And that which can propel you to that is forgiveness.

Have you ever had a thought of anyone or anything and valued your anger and valued your judgment of another being, another event that occurred yesterday or, quite often is the case, many, many years ago? Have you ever noticed that now and then the thought of the judgment that you have placed upon that event or upon the choice of that person, whatever it is, can come in the midst of the most peaceful of your moments and disturb that peace instantly? Have you ever looked closer to see how part of the mind that I have called the ego, likes to bring those things up?

You find the mind saying, “If only my parents would have done things differently. If only somebody else would have been elected President. If only I would have gotten that promotion. If only I hadn’t eaten that ice cream. If only something… then I would be whole, happy and in peace.” Know you that voice?

That voice is the voice of the world. That is the voice of the ego. And each time you notice that it has arisen within you, right there is the time to make a new choice and to choose to hear only the Voice for peace. And the way that choice can happen and become strengthened and accelerated is that in any such time a thought arises, a thought of anger, an ancient memory — and from my perspective, anything that happened five minutes ago back is an ancient memory — understand that you have the power to extend forgiveness to that memory. Not just to the being who was involved or the beings involved, but to the memory itself as it holds as if it were a movie within you, to extend forgiveness to it, to wrap it in your Love. And if you want to change it, go back to that event that didn’t quite seem to work out. Go back to the time that your spouse or your boyfriend or your girlfriend packed up and left and, by the way, they packed your things with theirs, go back to that moment when they left you out of their own fears and of their own insanities without honoring all that you are, and change the event.

See them as having come to you and sat down with you and said, “You know, I really feel in my heart I need to go. May I have your permission?” And you say, “Yes, I love you. Of course you can go and do whatever you want. I can’t be separate from you because minds are never separate one from another, and time and space don’t really exist anyway, so just go and have a good time. Send me a postcard — not the physical kind, but come to me in my dreams and my meditations, between the space of the thoughts that arise in my mind, and just say, ‘Hello’ now and then. I love you so much I give you total freedom to do whatever you want.”

Feel yourself change that event within your own memory and you will change the energetic state of what you’ve been holding onto. And extend forgiveness to yourself for unwittingly holding onto a perception that has never hurt the other person but has hurt you because it has limited you, and separated you from the Love that you are and the sense of peace and safety that was placed there in you when you were created in the Mind of God.

Forgiveness is the great need of this world. And if it is the great need of this world, it means that it is the great need within each and every mind. Forgiveness… forgiveness is that which allows the heart and the mind to become untethered to the past. Forgiveness will allow you to embrace the present and to move boldly into what you call the future, knowing that wherever you are, all power under Heaven and Earth is given unto you, because given unto you is the inherent and infinite power of your mind to choose: the power to choose to set aside anything you believe you dislike, anything you are hesitant about; the power to recognize that everything can be made new again, here and now. And if you are lacking monies, then all you need do is accept the fact that the attitudes and perceptions you have held obviously have never worked and you are free to choose anew. And if you are without what you call “love”, obviously somewhere you chose wrongly.

Now, there are two ways to change that: thirty-three years of psychotherapy might do it and you’ll make somebody very wealthy or you can look at the choice you made by looking at what your present experience is and go, “My goodness gracious, the joke is on me. Perhaps it’s time to choose anew.”

Become again as a little child who in their innocence is willing to learn anew and to adopt a new perspective and a new perception, so that the experience that you’ve had that has seemed to limit you, the experiences that you are now withdrawing your value from, can be replaced by that which will teach you that all things can come to you when you accept your worthiness as a Child of God.

Forgiveness, forgiveness because, if you would well receive it, there has never been an experience that you have ever known in this world or another that has not been anything but….

{End of tape}

Yes, I heard your thought that the tape was about to end.

It was better than when we started. What did you do then?

We really blew it.

Did I?

Jon Marc did. Somebody did it.

Now, we’ll take a little aside here to share something with you — and that is why I asked you the question: so you would share that thought. When this work begins, there is a point at which you could say the stage is set, the wiring is done, and I say unto this my beloved brother, “We can begin now.” When he is in a space of wholly trusting, immediately we begin. At the same time, the thought has been shared with this one, “Time to start the machine.” When she is wholly trusting, she starts it. What occurred tonight was that as this blending occurred — which does not take place within the body at all — and I blended with a frequency of mind that this, my beloved brother, is, and said, “All things are in place and we can begin now,” he hesitated. That hesitation is a hesitation that all of you know well. Is that not true? You want so much to hear the quiet and gentle Voice that comes and speaks for peace and for Love. You want to trust that guidance. And the guidance comes and you go, “Well, I’m not quite sure. Give it to me one more time. Oh, in a different form will be nice, too. Would you have flowers delivered with it?” There is a hesitancy and the moment is lost.

So, it’s an aside, but something worth pointing out. Why? Because it speaks to some of you quite directly, and it’s going to speak to certain minds that are going to do what you call reading the transcription about three months from now when they get it in the mail. And when they hear that part, it’s going to trigger something and they are going to get something very deeply they’ve been asking for. So, thank you for your patience.

So, how are you all doing?

Good. Great.

Are you sure you are doing good?

Well then, we’ll find out, for, you see, you have the power of choice at any moment at any time to radically change everything about you: your thoughts, your energy state, everything. You know that that is true. Well then, in your own way, whether it means just moving onto your knees or — if you were to really cut loose — leaping to the feet, you have three seconds to let energy course through every cell of the body. Leap to your knees or up to your feet or out of your chair and just shout, “Yes!” as loud as you can. Are you ready? Now.


Very good. Now, how did that feel?


Ah, you’re beginning to get it. If you can do that here, you can do it anywhere. When heaviness comes upon the mind and doubts begin to swirl…do you know that feeling? 

And then you think, “If only I could understand these thoughts, maybe I could make this conflict in this world stop,” and you add more thoughts to try to understand them, and pretty soon you’ve added more forces into the ring and instead of two or three, you’ve got fifty or sixty running or chasing each others’ tails, and “It’s really getting out of hand, so maybe I’ll just entertain a few more.” Know you that feeling?

All you need do is interrupt the energy, the frequency of the momentum of what is occurring. And the simplest way of doing that is what we just did. Change the body and you will change the energy. Change the thought that you are entertaining. And there is no greater thought than “yes” because “yes” is affirmative. “Yes” is accepting. “Yes” is allowing. “Yes” is a declaration. Did you notice how even the state of the body changed? How do you feel inside? Did you notice that?


So when you go home, take all of your books on what you call the psychotherapies, spirituality, religion and philosophy and throw them out of the window. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write “Yes”, and put it on your bookshelf. Could it be that simple? Yes.

It’s really the same thing as saying, “I and my Father are One. Separation does not exist and, therefore, I have every right to choose joy. I have a right to look beyond all appearances that seem to be going on in this myriad, imaginary world around me and relinquish the value that I’ve placed upon it and say ‘Yes’ to the presence of peace, in which all power and all guidance is restored to the mind because the mind has chosen wholeness, and wholeness is the bridge along which it is safe to walk.” I would say “Yes” to that.

Forgiveness. If there is but one shadow or one thought or one ancient memory that seems yet to crop up within you, that seems to disturb your peace and still control you, know it is because you have chosen not to extend your forgiveness to it. And the part of you that is doing that is the ego — the part that speaks from conflict, from fragmentation and separation. When you notice that, be bold enough to choose anew so that you hold not back one shadow for yourself that the ego would use to say, “Do you see? I knew it. No matter what I do I can’t quite be happy.”

It is as if someone came along and said, “If you want to be happy, just unclench the fist so that the palm is open, so that it can receive.” And you go, “Very well. It didn’t work. See, I did it and it didn’t work.” But you still had two fingers clenched. “No, no, but you see, I have to keep these clenched. Because what they are holding onto is really real. I let go of the stuff that was only semi-real, but this is really real, and you don’t understand. It’s not like anything you’ve ever experienced. This is really real.”

Can there be degrees to what is unreal? No, and each dream of guilt or shame or pain or hurt, each dream carries an equality with all the rest, and the equality is based on the fact that they are wholly unreal.

Not to the ego that experiences them, but they are unreal because they do not truly touch and harm that infinite place of Light that dwells as you even within the dream as it occurs.

That is why forgiveness is so important: because forgiveness needs to be extended with equality unto all dreams to which the mind will yet cling. For some confuse forgiveness with the hope that once it is extended, the memory will disappear. In time it will. It will disappear in the very same way that the dream of being a body in space and time will fade away. And that is not unlike the most powerful dreams you have when you sleep, and yet when you awaken in the night, it may linger with you over your morning coffee — or whatever it is you have. It may linger with you as you take yourself to your place of employment or to the park for a walk — whatever it is you do. You’ve all had that experience. Sometimes the dream lingers, maybe for days. There comes a point when it’s gone.

In just the same way even the dream of space and time will come to be forgotten as if it had never been. And that is true for everything that you believe yet controls you. “If I relinquish what I’m clinging to because it’s all I have known and all I have believed, what would befall me?” Growth and peace. And that which you have decided to value as having a greater sense of reality seems to be the hardest thing to forgive or let go of, and they become as weights upon the heart that seem to keep the soul stuck.

Do you know what it feels like to be stuck? It is called being in a rut and a rut is what hell is. Something that keeps you pinned, that doesn’t seem to change no matter how much effort you put into it. No matter how far away you seem to go, it’s always with you, and certain patterns keep getting repeated over and over. It’s because you haven’t forgiven the source of it. Forgiveness untethers the mind and the heart from the past, and it brings you the Truth that sets you free.

You are loved wholly and you have never sinned. Nothing you have ever said or done has ever caused failure in this universe. Nothing you’ve ever said or done has ever separated you from the Love that God is. And try as you might, nothing you could ever say or do will ever separate you from the Love that lives in and is the essence of your being. And in the end, the Atonement is completed in you, even as it was completed and then demonstrated in me, by your willingness to relinquish every last trace of perception of separation from God. To have the audacity to accept a new idea: “There’s nothing outside of me. I look not upon a stranger. I see only myself. I am free to extend Love and to choose peace. I am free now because, no matter what, now I choose to hear only the Voice for peace, calming the insane world that I have chosen.”

And from that moment, you are on the bridge that must necessarily lead you beyond all worlds. The bridge that carries the holy Child of God home again. The bridge that reveals to you that you do not live in space and time — only the body and ego do because they are the dream of separation. The bridge that reveals to you that you are eternal and changeless and unchanging forever. The bridge that brings you into the knowingness that you, the essence of who you are, has been brought into existence for no other reason than to be and express and extend the perfect Love that is the presence of God. There is no other purpose. The bridge that illuminates your heart and your mind with the recognition that you live, yet not you but that Christ lives as you and that this alone has always been the Truth and the sole essence of your only reality.

Forgiveness carries you from this world to where I am and where only passion is: in every brother and sister that God has created and given unto me who would come wholly to where I am — because you are already there. And coming home, then, is but the recognition of the Truth that has never changed and cannot change.

The bridge, then, reveals to you that the world you would believe in is so wholly insane that, as you drive down the road in your automobile, you can remember the Truth and say with me, “My presence blesses this world.”

“Oh, how dare you say such a thing? That is sacrilegious.” Some have told you that the only person that has ever had the right to say that is me, because I was created by God and sent to the world and you were created as a figment of somebody’s imagination or the fruit of some unholy union between the devil or some such thing. You are an error in the universe. You are a mistake on the drawing board. You have no right to be here. Poor sinful creatures.

My holiness blesses this room and this gathering. Your holiness blesses me. Hear, then, these words as though you were speaking them for yourself in the depth of your being: “My presence blesses all that I look upon and my presence is my holiness. I am whole and complete. I am but Love.”

And I am going to suggest to you that you let not a morning go by — not one single morning — that when you first open your eyes, you take just enough time to look around at all things that you see and say to yourself, “My holiness blesses all that I see. I bring to these things my perfect peace.” And in each evening when the body is worn out, as it is wont to be, before you close the physical eyes, allow your attention to withdraw from the body so you have what you call out-of-body experiences and dreams and all of that, and think upon the day that you have just lived. Look upon the events and the people, the friends that came into it, and see the wholeness of it, saying, “My holiness has blessed this world given unto me in this day.” And then just simply say, “Thank you” to the Source of your creation.

This isn’t just a ritual. It is something that is quite practical. The power of doing this kind of thing is the same power that can move mountains — first, out of your own mind, and then out of your experience, and finally out of the world altogether. It is to link yourself with the power of the Holy Spirit. It is to link yourself with the power of forgiveness. It is to link yourself with the remembrance that Christ dwells in you. It is to link yourself with the reality of your own power to choose. And it will lay the foundation for all healing that will begin to propel you upon a wholly new journey.

So the taxicab awaits and it has been delivered to your front door, and because you are free at all times, it is entirely up to you whether or not you will leave the home — that is, the perceptions, the paradigm, the framework that your mind has been living in — and to step into this taxicab, and the little, short, overweight man, smoking the cigar, sitting behind the steering wheel. It’s the Holy Spirit and He will guide you and take you across the bridge that you have built through your willingness and your forgiveness, and He will deliver you in each moment, in each day in your lifetime, to the place of peace, in which perfect union is restored forever.

And to those of you that at times have forgotten, you can rest assured that I am available to you. Whenever you simply hold a thought of me, I am with you. This world of space and time, this world of your own thoughts of shame and guilt and failure, these things are as nothing to me. But the Light and the Love that you are, these things are as everything to me. Therefore, I perceive only these things in you. And if a ring of fear seems too strong to leap through, just give it to me and use my strength until yours is as certain as mine.

I love you because when I look upon you I see naught but myself — radiant, eternal, shining brightly, held lovingly in the Mind of my Father. And I will never leave you.

So, much, therefore, has been given unto you so far this evening, and if you would receive it and truly take it within, even if the mind is going, “No, I need something else” — that voice is the voice of the ego that would keep you from stepping onto the bridge — if you are willing to receive all that has been shared and to take it deeply within yourself, the end of the journey becomes immediately certain. Immediately. And miracles will come unto you: the miracles of healing and the miracle of perfect peace. Yes.

So, with that, I have shared what I came to share, so what I want to do is but this: I want to ask each and every one of you to take just a few moments to go into your own heart, to abide in the silence and at first ask yourself, “Am I willing to hear only the Voice for peace no matter what? Am I willing to take the words that I have heard and to allow them to be recognized as my own?” — because all wisdom is already within you.

And having done that, then simply ask of yourself, “Am I complete with what has transpired in this evening?” And if the answer is “No, I am going to hang around awhile,” if there are questions that you feel that you want to ask, then give yourself permission to remain and I will remain with you as long as you choose to be here. So do these things in silence for just a moment and then take a little break with the bodies. And if you feel like it is appropriate for you to leave, by all means do so and have a blessed evening. If you choose to want to remain, take what you call “about five minutes” and then plop the bag of dust down again and we will continue.

If you do choose to leave, know that all you are really doing is moving the body to a different location in the dream of space and time but you are not leaving me because I will never leave you. I’m your servant. I didn’t set it up that way. God did.

Therefore, be at peace in all things. And to those of you that choose to remain, I will again blend with this body in about five of your minutes and if there are questions that desire to be asked, we will see if there is any such thing as an answer for you. Be, then, at peace in all things, precious friends, great rays of Light shining eternally in the Mind of my Father. Be at peace. Amen.

Now, again, we begin.

So, I have shared with you that I’ve completed and shared with you all that I came to bring to you this evening. And I do hope that you choose to take it within, utilize it, since ultimately there is no purpose or value to time if one does not choose to use it wisely. And the ultimate wise use of time is to awaken from separation. And if you will take that which was shared with you and allow it to become as your own, put it into practice, it will indeed effect what are called miracles in your own life and the end of the journey will come to pass for you.

So, with that, I would assume then since you’ve chosen to leave the bodies hanging around in this room, it is because the minds have questions. So let us begin.

I’m looking particularly to my husband who’s sick, and I’m just wondering, you know, does he have a plan to die and can you change that?

First, beloved friend, what matters the most for you in this is to remember that death is not real. Can you change it? Yes, but again what matters for you is the remembrance that death of a body is not death at all and there cannot be separation between minds that are joined in Love.

Now, are there events — dreams, I would call them — that are predestined? In the sense that the complete freedom of the mind has chosen, because it has had experiences, or because of its choices, to draw together to itself the elements that can create a certain kind of an experience, because the mind has chosen to do this and holds a value for that — perhaps not what you would call consciously but at a very deep level — yes, things that evolve and occur can be called predestined. But from a larger perspective, nothing is nor needs to be predestined, and all things can, in fact, be changed. If they could not be changed, it would mean that there is some power outside of you that can control and dictate to you the nature of your experience. I can assure you that there is nothing and no one outside of the mind that dictates or controls the nature of its experience.

This one who is your mate in this life is one whom you have known before, and you are one who in your own journey has been seeking to truly learn — not just as a thought, but as a living, breathing knowingness — to learn the reality that death is unreal and that separation can in no wise exist, and minds that are joined in Love are available to one another at all times.

This, coupled with a basic perception that yet remains held in the mind of the mate, works together to create the situation in which the possibility of what you would call his death, and therefore, separation from your life, can possibly unfold. What is held within the mind of the one who is your mate is held deeply, as what could be a called a root perception, if you will, that goes much, much deeper than ideas that you would strive to believe in and hope for.

He has carried for a very long time a basic feeling or idea that some way in life — and even the best of times — that there is a weight, a discomfort, in what you would call being here, and this weight creates a conflict that then expresses itself in the body itself. Can you change that? In one way of looking at it, I would say, yes, he can, but it comes really in his willingness to allow it to be changed for him, and that would require within him, shall we say, a stepping to a level of trust and relinquishing a perception of himself as a controller or maker or a doer — a level of that trust and knowingness that he’s been hesitant to do. It would require of him that he truly surrender all perceptions of himself and what the world is about, just to surrender all of them to the Holy Spirit — that part of the universal Intelligence that he shares. Then the correction can begin to take place at the level of mind from which the disease in the body has come.

As a soul, he has not wholly made that choice to allow that correction in the mind to come. And at this point it is undecided whether or not he will.

You see, such a choice cannot really be made in the hopes that it will bring about the outcome of healing because the fear of death, or the desire for outcome, comes from the very perception held in the mind that is in need of healing. While certain thoughts and beliefs are adhered to in this one’s, what we call here, conscious mind, at a very deep level he has not yet quite been willing to truly accept himself as infinitely free and, therefore, free to wholly be within the experience of living.

The essence, then, of the question can be answered. The importance of the answer rests on your willingness to see that the experience arises, we could call it, in tandem creation. That is, the two of your souls have chosen to come together to, in a sense, act out something that could be called predestined: the event. How you each choose to deal with this speaks to your willingness to allow certain deep perceptions to truly be healed by change. For you, again, it is to truly learn the reality that death does not exist at any time, and for him, the opportunity to choose at a very deep level, healing to come to the mind.

In either case, the death of the body is chosen and allowed. It will present a continuance of an opportunity to grow together because you would not in anywise be separated by death. Healing can come at any time. That would require what you would perceive as a miracle — but miracles can occur naturally to minds that have chosen to be the presence of Love at all levels and to allow the correction to come to even the depths of the mind.

I would suggest, then, that you share this answer with the mate, and remember that, as you do that, there is not one thing you can do to coerce or hope that this deep level of choice would be made. You can only present the answer given and allow him to do with it what he will. But if he chooses to truly listen to the answer, he will find in the words chosen what could be called a stairway to a deeper understanding about this source of the disease itself. And if he chooses to relinquish certain perceptions, I will indeed come and abide with him and help to work to bring the correction back to the depth of the mind that can then allow a manifestation of a body that has been healed.

Does that help you understand that?

Yes, it helps me a lot.

Beloved friend, I love you greatly, and great have been the shifts — the healings — that have occurred within you. Allow them to continue. Choose always to remember who you are and where you abide eternally.

It’s going to be a very valuable experience no matter what you call the Earthly outcome. It provides both of you continually with incredible opportunities to learn to be the presence of Love that is perfectly pure, unattached to any outcomes that lie in the world of space and time. And, ultimately, the meaning and purpose of all relationships is but to learn how to love.

I have a question in regard to the voices that speak, and the question is, that for a longtime I have listened and been guided by interior voices and seem to act quickly when they speak, but this June I heard a voice that told me to move to New Hampshire, and I have hesitated because I’m really not clear yet and I’ve been clear before. I’m not clear yet whether this voice is coming to disturb what I’m involved in now, or whether, in fact, it’s really the voice of the Spirit that I am being freed to listen to at some point. So my reason for sharing this is for your response to what I’m saying.

Already earlier, I sense the answer has been given you. The voice that speaks for the Holy Spirit always comes from a deep place of peace within you and speaks to the place of peace that is within you. That quality of peace is something that you have learned to discern, and because you have been aware of it, you have then been able to listen to that voice for guidance and quite often to act on it without even a trace of hesitation.

But now you are being taken to a deeper level, shall we say, a deeper refinement of that ability to hear and to know immediately which voice speaks. And part of the reason for that is, what could be called here, a preparation that is going on within you for some work that you will be asked to do a little later down the road in this life.

When the voice came initially, when the thought came about moving to what you call the New Hampshire, there was hesitancy for two reasons: the first was because of the perceived value that you have placed on what you are involved in now. It is a value, by the way, most appropriately placed. And often when that voice speaks to you and what you are involved with is held as valuable for you — and it can be anything; it can just be a sense of, “But I’m really comfortable now” — there can then be hesitancy to listen. But at a deeper level there was hesitancy within you that continues to be, because you have not been able to discern that same quality of peace. It seems to be there but something keeps nudging you within that makes you wonder, “Is it really coming from that voice for peace?”

Now, the perception held in your mind has been when that voice speaks that would create change, it should do so, hopefully, at times that do not create what is perceived as disturbance in the flow of life on this plane. That is, it should come at a time when it is most appropriate and happen with great ease without a sense of sacrifice or doubt.

A deepening level of refinement of hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit requires a deepening of the ability to relinquish what one is involved with even when your perception tells you that it is good and appropriate and valuable, because it requires an even deeper level of trust in how the bigger picture of healing is coming to the minds of mankind.

Therefore, this conflict is presenting for you the opportunity to deepen and refine your ability to discern the quality of peace from which the Voice, or the thought, of the guidance comes. All things that begin in time, end in time, when their purpose has been completed for you as an awakening soul.

Therefore, what you are involved with here and now, because it has been birthed by a body, you must necessarily know it will end in time, but your safety remains with you forever. And when, in Truth, that refinement has been deepened and guidance comes, you can rest assured when you listen to it and follow it — I am not necessarily speaking of the voice that would say, “Move to the New Hampshire,” but the guidance that comes from the Holy Spirit at this deeper level of refinement — when it comes and you discern the quality of peace from which it comes and to which it speaks anew, any change at this level of life that ensues because of it always serves the highest and best for everyone and everything you are currently involved in. It may not appear to be that way at the surface, but at a deeper level — which is the level at which correction and healing and awakening is coming to all minds — at that level it will serve the highest and the best for everyone and everything involved.

I want to suggest to you again — heed well — all that has been shared in this hour, and to just realize for right now that this process that is going on is actually refining and deepening your ability to discern the sense of peace that speaks for healing, for awakening, and it may begin to require you to deepen your faith in your ability to serve what I have chosen to call the Atonement, the awakening process, and yes, at times will ask you to give up everything that you thought was appropriate for you.

This conflict will not be continuing much longer. It is not given unto me in this hour to tell you the answer in terms of “Yes, I go” or “No, I don’t.” That will come out of the refinement of the choice spoken, and that process that has been going on for a while is nearly completed. Most probably before what you call the Spring of your year comes — and it’s not too far from now — this process will have been completed in you. At that point, when next that voice comes, you will know whether you need to heed it or not. It will flower quite naturally. Does that help you with that?

Yes, because I don’t mind waiting. But my mind is refusing to…

Yes, you are not. Just trust that for right now your waiting process is not a refusal. It is but a deepening or a refinement of your ability to hear guidance. You are, by the way, quite deep already but it will become deeper.

Remember always that patience does indeed mean “to make power slowly.” What do you like in New Hampshire?

I think I like it. I’ve never been there in my body.

I’m glad you threw that in. In about sixty days of your time, begin the simple meditation in which you see that place, perceive it within the mind, and this place in all that you are involved with now, and as if you are placing them one in the left hand and one in the right, and holding them before your heart, and then merely ask that that which is being asked of you reveal itself to you clearly as a brightening or an enlightening of what you are seeing in the mind — as if someone were shining a spotlight upon it. Do this daily for about a week’s time and just observe the experience that arises. At the end of that time clarity will come quite naturally to you. The appropriate decision will be made by you. Fair enough?

I think so.

Did you understand the little meditation?

I do. I think it’s already happening in one sense, for I already have images of what it would be like in New Hampshire and I have some sense of… well, I know who the… what I’m going to is quiet and what I would be leaving would be a tremendous amount of activity. And creating some hermit time for a while, that’s really what I want to do, and this is a time to prepare to leave.

In the time of sixty days and one little seven-day period in which you quite deliberately go into your meditation with that kind of intent, it will become perfectly clear for you in everything that needs to unfold very easily…

Okay, I understand that. Thank you.

Thank you. You have been one — not only in this life but in several — who has carried the intent of learning to listen only for the Voice of peace and to follow that which you would be guided to follow, that serves not just yourself but the whole, and that is why I say, “Thank you.”

Jeshua, thank you for speaking to our hearts and for staying to indulge our minds a bit here. I appreciated it. About five years ago I was told that if I could remember or gain more information about my connection to my being in the Andromeda Galaxy, that my spiritual life in this lifetime would be greatly enhanced, and during this past five years I haven’t given it a lot of attention because I’ve certainly been busy moving and growing spiritually. But it’s up again in my consciousness big-time and won’t go away. Now, I’ve opened my heart and I’ve opened my mind and have prayed for memories to come back and whatever technique I need to use to pull out more information to come, and I just get this emptiness…a stone wall, yet I can’t seem to let go of it. So, I wondered if you could shed some light on it?

You have what we will call here some old friends that are ringing you up. You’ve been living in a distant place, and there are certainly no telephone lines between here and there but they know your number. What you call “the coming up big-time”, that is when your switchboard within is lighting up with various incoming calls. Do you see?

There is desire on their part to begin communication. I should say, re-establish communication with you. What is creating the wall is the efforting that you bring to the process of wanting to remember…it is like wanting to see so badly that you’ve tightened the muscles in your forehead and around your eyes and wanting it so badly, that the eyes are actually closed and they don’t know it, waiting, trying so hard, wanting to see and not noticing that the intensity of the way you are efforting is actually creating the block to what could be seen quite easily.

This squinting that is taking place within your soul comes because there is a little wall of fear. Imagine one who is told, “Well, I’m going to come round and pick you up in about two months’ time when the weather and everything is just perfect. We are going to have a bit of an adventure. I’m going to take you out to the country and we’re to climb a very high mountain together. It may appear to be a little dangerous and something you have not done, but don’t worry; you’ll be okay.” And so you say, “Why, yes, of course. No problem. I’ll just wait.” And then a time frame passes and one day you look at your calendar and you go, “Oh, my God, I’m supposed to be picked up tomorrow. I’m not so sure I’m ready for this. I’ve never climbed a mountain.” And it creates a rigidity, a veil, an interference, and so you begin to look out your window on the day that your friend is to come and pick you up, and your mind begins to race with thoughts, actually hoping that perhaps the car is stalled or that he has forgotten to write it down on his own calendar.

Something like that has been going on within you for some time simply because there are some old friends who have some information to bring forth to and through you. And it will require that you take a step into what could be called being a bit more public and being a source of what is called, the leading role, the channel — that’s an oddity since everything is channeled anyway.

There is a bit of a hesitancy born of a fear that tends to override that, and your friends cannot really truly give to you… shall we say, show their faces, until that sense of fear is gone. So, how to do that?

Give up striving for the memories to come by acknowledging that you do not need them because they only represent what was true anyway. That is, this experience is real and these friends that come seemingly from a place or universe, come from that place you call your home. And begin to acknowledge that you don’t need the memories because you know the Truth and it is, therefore, safe to allow the communication to take place. But these are ones you can trust perfectly. They come with great Love and great wisdom.

So I am asking you just to shift the perspective slightly so that you see the memory as not being of great significance, but being okay if it occurs, and placing your primary focus on the reality of this Truth: you have come here to assist in bringing some communications through to this world and to others, which is, in a sense, set up and the contract signed, and you beamed yourself down. The connection has never really been broken. The time frame for your communication is now coming into place and you hold the ability to, shall we say, tune to their frequency and to hear them, and you will hear them as thoughts in the mind before you begin to, shall we say, see them with your internal eyes. The point when you can begin to see them as well, then memories will begin to come back very gently and easily, because a little wall of fear will have been dissolved.

First, then, relax. Don’t strain so much or effort so much. And above all, do not carry the thought that you are somehow failing — because you are not. But when a thought arises about all of this, take a nice deep breath and say to yourself, “Of course.” That’s all. “Of course. I allow it.” Then if you can, in the right environment sit down with a pad of paper and pen, and you will begin to feel a movement or a desire just to write. Just do so. Don’t worry about what it says for now. Just let yourself write because this will be the initial and primary way that they will communicate with you. Those with whom they need to communicate will have an uncanny way of simply finding you, and you, them. So you’ve come to do a little bit of what is called channeling. It’s simply part of a grander design. But begin in the way that I have suggested so that the seeds are planted well. They are quite anxious to begin the process. In that simple shift of energy, through the process of growing..…and just sitting down with pen and paper, already will greatly accelerate the time in which you can both see and hear and communicate with them at ease, whenever it’s safe. Going to give it a try?


And also, be very good to yourself. You can no longer afford to entertain thoughts that somehow you are getting in the way or that you don’t have the ability to do that. Remember, “Of course.”

Say “Hello” to them.

Thank you very, very much.

You are very, very welcome.

Beloved friend, have you not chosen this incarnation to truly feel the weights that have been upon the heart for some time? To again draw to yourself, in this life, certain experiences and certain energies so that this time you can choose not to allow that to be as your master, the emotions that come with that. This incarnation, then, primarily has been one of very deep healing for you. We both know that it hasn’t been easy at times, but you could say you’ve chosen to take a condensed version.

Primarily, then, the energy you brought to this incarnation is one of being willing to put up with some things and some experiences and some energies so that it brings up for you the opportunity to draw on a deeper power — forgiveness — so that you can move beyond these things.

Remember always that no matter what the form is, ultimately the purpose of all experience is to learn to love purely and to experience and renew your recognition that you are unlimited forever and that you are the Thought of Love in form. That recognition and remembrance can occur upon this little tiny Earth in this time frame or in a completely distant world and a seemingly totally different dimension of experience. Awakening is awakening no matter what form you seem to be in when it occurs.

I say this only to you, beloved friend, because I want you to begin to set aside wholly the thought that there is something that you’ve failed to do, something that you must look for outside of yourself. There are many things you can do but, remember, the primary purpose is your healing, through your forgiveness and the remembrance of the power you have to choose peace and joy at all times. That is why you are here.

You carry a great beautiful Light and that Light — there are times you don’t want to see it—is shining more and more brightly as each minute passes, and nothing will stop that Light from extending itself and its radiance. You are, indeed, worthy of wanting the weights that have been upon the heart to be dissolved… now. Remember always that you are loved wholly and you are never alone.

The completion of what you have chosen will come to pass. Continue well, friend, to love yourself above all things and all memories. Know that the Light is in you, now.

You see, this life for you is much like one who wants to have a nice garden and looks out and sees, “Well, winter has gone. Oh, my God, I have some work to do. A lot of weeds. Clear out the blackberries.” Much like that, you’ve chosen this incarnation, which is like choosing to step out of the house and go to the garden plot, put on the work gloves and go at it — instead of staying in the house by the warm fire and a cup of tea, and put it off until tomorrow. You have not put off the final process of your being. But that is why the end is certain.

Did you not feel more than hear, did you not feel the heart and essence of what I have just shared with you?


Trust always what you feel at that level. Does that help you?

I think so.

In the coming weeks, if you contemplate what has been shared with you, certain rather sudden shifts are going to begin to occur. Imagine being in a room when suddenly the shade that has been pulled releases itself — as they are wont to do — rolls itself up very, very quickly, so that the ray of light shines through the window. This is the kind of shade I am talking about. There will be some illumination; some “Ah ha’s” will occur. Are you ready for that?

Yeah, I think so.

Don’t spend so much time thinking.

Jeshua. I have a question about forgiveness. I know how important forgiveness is. I’ve been thinking about forgiving myself but I feel like I’m missing something, like intellectually I say I need to do this and then I don’t feel it on an emotional level. So I feel like there is something missing, and I want to know why, or some information that…

One thing: that which is called the fireworks and the brass bands.


Yes, that is what you are missing. Missing it not because you don’t have it, but because you believe in the need for it. When you choose truly to allow healing to come, it comes of itself and in its own way. And you have not been able to understand what that would look like or feel like because if you had, you would have done it a long time ago. Do you see?

You are doing quite well in extending forgiveness, especially to yourself. Beloved friend, all that has been unfolding for you in these past few months actually has come about because of a radical shift you made in the depth of your soul in which you truly chose to release judgment of yourself.

Now, I want to share with you that you must witness and experience the miracles that the Holy Spirit can bring about through you — which means not here just in things that you do to others, but things that unfold in your own life, these things that occur — so that you can begin to see and acknowledge that the miracle must have already occurred within you. It is like if there is no foundation, the house can’t be built, but you look and say, “Well, where there was no house now there is a new house. That must mean that someone constructed the foundation.” Do you see?

You gave forth that little bit of willingness and chose to relinquish your judgment of yourself. You, in your own way, stood up and said, “Yes.” And what has been unfolding for you rather rapidly since then is the demonstration that the workers are building the house — which means that those that came prior and built the foundation, now unseen, have already completed their work. You haven’t missed anything save to wholly enjoy the house that is being built by appreciating that it represents that the miracle has occurred within you.

Therefore, merely say to yourself daily, “It is finished in me”, and give thanks to the One Who steals in while you are sleeping and gathers the cobwebs of shadows outgrown and removes them from you — the One called the Holy Spirit. And since that has already occurred, there is really little left for you to do then save have a rollicking good time at the time — as you have been doing, as I have observed.

Does that help you understand your question about forgiveness?


You see, it is not in your expectations of what it ought to feel like or should feel like. It is in the witnessing of how what you would call your outer life begins to shift and change almost without any effort or attention on your part at all.

Surprises and miracles that teach you, “My God, I’m not the doer and maker after all. Something must have changed because I’m sure not the one making all this happen.”

So keep enjoying.

Thank you.

I’m going to North Carolina and I was wondering, do I have a purpose or a reason to go there?

Ultimately, you have the same purpose that you have had in every dream and drama you have ever created from the standpoint of separation from God. I’m not saying that this journey is one coming forth from that same perception, but that in all the dreams you have ever made in the field of space and time your only purpose has been to awaken, to be the presence of Love and to be wholly joyous.

Do you have a purpose in this journey? It is the same: to take with you your knowingness that you are not apart from God at any time and you cannot help but be in the right place at the right time. With that understanding, with the desire to be wholly joyous, having recognized that the miracle has occurred within you, what you are going to be asked to do there quite naturally unfolds for you. A few surprises, by the way, but pleasant ones.

Thank you.

In your journey don’t forget to ring me up now and then.

I certainty will.

I was recently in this bazaar and since then I feel something is haunting me,… a lot of time at night, I can’t quite describe it, but it feels like other energies are coming into my house, I would say entities. And I’m feeling powerless, like there’s something wrong with me and I don’t know what to do about these energies.

Well, it’s all quite hopeless. You might as well throw-in the towel. I’ll tell my Father that He has made a mistake in creating you and somehow forgot to place the same power in you as He placed within me. He will look upon you and say, “Defective.”


Beloved friend, remember that what you fear, you attract. The intensity of fearing consistently over a period of time attracts some form of the experience here. It is one reason that even your therapists know that your self-talk is rather important.

Now, there is no entity outside of you that can harm you at any time — at any time — and cannot even begin to communicate with you unless you leave the back door open. I will indeed assist you in the ending of this fear. I cannot do it wholly for you because that would be to usurp your freewill. It would also be to disempower you by convincing yourself that you are right, you don’t have the power. You see? So that even if I could come to you and eradicate the fear, it would not prove valuable because the thought would remain with you. That is never the goal.

Now, this therefore requires your participation and I am going to suggest to you that the greatest of ways to conquer any monster is by kissing it on its lips. How to kiss this presence? When you are in your apartment at night and it’s soon time to be going to bed, so that the distractions are gone — the telephone calls are put off, the television is off, the radio is off, the stereo is off, the refrigerator door is closed, all of the distractions are gone — and you are but with yourself in that silence, before you enter your bed, I want you to sit in a chair and I want you to have one candle that you will light. And I want you to place it before you on a table, on the edge of a chair, something, so that it’s close to eye level — whatever works best for you — and I want you to look at that light and I want you to feel that light as though it were within you. With your physical eyes I want you to see the glow of light that that flame casts as its aura that you can see around the flame, and feel that light as being within yourself, casting that kind of radiance, moving out in all directions.

Do this until you feel as though there were a radiant, golden light cocoon, caused by the radiance of this light, that moves so far out of it that it envelops the whole of your body and your mind, your emotional field. As you do that then, as you come to that point, as you look at the flame, allow there to be in your inner eyes — your physical eyes are looking at the flame — an image of me. Don’t get too critical about it; just let it be there.

When you see the image of me, say to me, “Abide with me this night and I am safe.” That is all. And just say “Thank you” to me, and as you blow the flame of the candle out, so that darkness comes to your room, as you blow the candle out, feel the light of the flame that is within you and the golden cocoon, and simply lay yourself in your bed and your head upon your pillow, and then say, “Jeshua is indeed with me now and I am safe.” Rest assured, you will be quite safe. You could say I know how to guard the fort well and there will not be a penetration, if you will, of limiting or unhealthy or hurtful thoughts — grey thoughts, let us call them — that will come to you in your sleep, and your sleep will be safe and sound.

If you will but do this, it will not take long for you to notice that that sense of presence is no longer in your home. Willing to give it a try?

Uh huh. Definitely.

Now, I could have said to you that if you would call upon me, you will simply exorcise the demon, but you wouldn’t have quite bought it that way. And yet, this process I have given you really is, in a sense, a form of exorcism because a certain quality of fear that has been within you, at the unconscious level, has created a bit of an opening where there is indeed a presence hanging around. I would not call it evil. I would just say, a little dense. Do you see? So the process itself is actually going to help heal. That’s the part you do. The part that I do is, because of your willingness, I will be able to come to a deep place in your mind and help eradicate the source of the fear that left the back door open a little bit. Fair enough?

So, I will be seeing you in the flame of your candle. How are you all doing?

Okay. Good.

So, with that, let us bring this evening to a close. As we do that, I want to ask you something. I want to ask you to join with me for just a few moments. Move the body around just a little bit. Allow the breath to flow. And rest now into a deep sense of silence. Not just the silence that is heard with the physical ears because nobody is talking, but hear with the heart the silence that is always present and available. And choose to join with me now, to actually know that you can join Jeshua ben Joseph or with anyone in that place of sacred silence in which we remember the Truth that sets us free.

We are not apart from the loving Mind of God, and where we are, we are joined together eternally. All praise, then, be given unto the One Who is but Love and Who lives in each of us and makes Himself known with every loving thought that you choose to think, and every smile and every embrace, and every moment of forgiveness that we extend to the world. For in Love is the Source of Love remembered.

Feel that peace both descend upon you and radiate from you until it seems to expand out and embrace everyone in this room. You are the bringer of Light. You are the bringer of peace. You are the one who can extend the Love that will heal the heart of your brother and of your sister. The Light is in you now.

Peace be, therefore, unto you, my precious friends, whom I have loved from the foundations of all worlds. Peace be unto you in all things. Peace be unto you in all things.


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