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The Way of Mastery

Hang on a sec…

Remain in quietness. Let the eyes be closed. Feel then the peace that must forever pass all understanding, opening the heart, giving up the false perceptions held in the mind, and asking even the temple provided you of the Holy Mother to truly open and receive that peace given unto the Holy Son of God from before time is. Ask for and receive that which is the abundance of our Father’s table. Receive it deeply into the very depth of your being, for indeed to receive that peace is to give it to the whole of the Sonship.

And indeed, Holy Father, I have come now this day, having thrown off the shackles of false perceptions that have been my world, and I have placed them on the altar of my heart and indeed I have arisen this day and am returned to You in the simplicity and the purity with which You first created me. The past that I have made in error is gone now and I shall go out no more from Thy holy place.

You are the Lord and the Giver of life and I, Thy Son, who shall extend it unto all worlds, and I serve that Light beyond all lights that seeks only to return creation to its purpose and its function. And You have replaced what I have laid on that altar with Thy Love and Thy grace and Thy peace. For of myself I do nothing, but through me, Father, it is You Who shall be the Worker of all miracles that I choose from this moment to bring into this world.

I am the peace that passes all understanding. And the understanding past is the world, and now the journey has ended and the dream that truly never needed to be brought into being, the dream of many, many worlds and many sojourns, all has ended, and here and now I have returned, having crossed the threshold between the world and the Kingdom. And I abide only in that place of perfect Light and I shall leave it never again.

I am, therefore, the Light of the world, and in joy shall I walk the remainder of the days given unto me to be in this world, that not one day shall be one in which I fail to extend Thy perfect Love to my brothers and sisters. I am as you are, and from this moment I look out no more and see other. I behold only the radiance of my Self, choosing only to see the Love that lies beneath and as the foundation of everything that I see. And because I see the face of Christ, I consecrate all things.

Peace be unto the only begotten Child of God. Feel that Light then descend upon you. Feel it flow through you. Be glad within your heart for this day, for it is yours, and the past is crucified, dead and buried, and the Truth of your only reality is indeed resurrected. Claim it then that you might again be it.

And unto you, Holy Father, we, Your Children, give our blessings and our thanks. And each day is spent in gratitude and joyful extension of Your Love. For only in the extension of it do we receive it, and we seek only to receive the abundance of Your table. And that abundance is infinite, eternal, unending, and we receive what You have prepared for us. No longer shall the past rise to be a burden to my peace, for I choose only the reality of my union with God.

So indeed, then, let the eyes open. Not a bad way to start the afternoon.

Is peace then a difficult thing? Hardly. Is confusion and the lack of peace difficult? Oh, yes. But that is gone now, and if you would well receive it, and that simple prayer, you can return to it whenever for just a moment it seems that the pull of the world would destroy your peace and ask you to turn the attention of your mind from the Kingdom to the world. It is ever present within you. You could say it has been activated a little bit, and if you did not hear bells ring, good. Because the peace that passes all understanding must also pass that understanding that believes that to achieve reunion — or remembrance of union with God — must be such a grand and glorious affair that it simply blows your socks off. And yet, the grandest of miracles comes gently and easily to a quiet mind and an open heart: The recognition that you are who in fact you are.

And seeing that, you cannot help but rejoice that in this day and in this hour and in this moment, whatever day or hour or moment it could be, you are choosing to be the one who has arisen from the past, the one who has chosen to arise from all fears: fear of lack, fear of loss, fear of loss of predictability — do you know that one?

“Well, how could I be at peace if I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow?” How can you be at peace if you are constantly trying to predict what’s going to happen tomorrow? For to do that you must leave the glory of this present moment, and here the Kingdom of Heaven is spread before your eyes, and every blade of grass and every wisp of breeze, in the beating of the heart, in your brother or sister. Here is the only moment and the only place you can extend your Love, and indeed the arisen Christ knows that to extend Love is more than enough.

And what needs to be predicted, save that which you distrust. And if you distrust what might arise tomorrow, are you not saying that God cannot be trusted? Interesting logical quandary, isn’t it?

So the journey has indeed been long. Innumerable worlds have arisen. And what soil have they come from? The holy Mind of Christ that chose to dream for but a moment, to dream a dream of separation, to wander through fields that are strewn with the corpses of that which is dead and dying. For all illusions begin in time and therefore must end in time. What salvation then can you gain from what arises and passes away? What body can bring you peace? What career can do it for you? There is not one thing in this world — not one thing — that has ever brought you the peace that you seek. And that is because it is not outside of you.

And not one thing in this world obstructs that peace from being known, for the only veil that has ever existed was the veil of the thought you choose to hold: “I am separate from God.” That brings contraction and fear. It brings separation and doubt and anxiety. But that is gone now, and it can remain gone forever if you choose with every breath you breathe to have it be gone, to look out upon a world transformed, a world that no longer can take anything from you because you recognize that you can gain nothing from it.

But that which you have and possess was given to you before the drama began. That cup has been overflowing throughout all of eternity, and you have sipped from it from time to time, only to put it back on the altar and say, “I must be about my own business rather than my Father’s. I must seek still to create unlike God, and therefore will give my Love to my brother, and the best way to do that, of course, is to make sure that I deny it to myself. For if I be not worthy of Love, how can I give it to another?”

Therefore, he who receives the depth of the Father’s Love cannot help but become free of the illusion of separation and sees quite clearly that the only task that remains is to give the Love of God unto everyone, fully and without measure, not making some special and some not. Look around you. Who do you see that you would hold as more special within your heart than another? And the habit of doing that, you see, puts you right back into the world of separation and anxiety. “I will love you, but I am not about to love you until you get your act together.”

What that creates is what has been called split-mindedness, and when you say that “I will love ‘you’ but not ‘you’,” you are effectively saying, “I will love a certain part of myself while I deny the other.” And you cannot indeed come to where I am until you love the whole of your being. Indeed, to embrace.

Can you imagine how many worlds you have created? How many journeys you have taken? They are as innumerable as the grains of sand on the beaches of this planet. And you can embrace each and every one of them. You can embrace those times when you have been the murderer. You can embrace each time that you have been “evil ones” as easily as you embrace every loving thought you have ever had. And in embracing what you know in your world as the shadow — every devious deed, every hurtful thought that you perceive you had — in embracing them you can release them, because you have embraced them with the Love of Christ, a Light that shines away all darkness. And when you can look upon every such thought and every world you have ever created out of error and laugh about it, then indeed you are free to receive the real world and to set aside and to forget every unloving thought. For, you see, you have never created anything but thought. And the worlds that you have seen on the screens of your minds are nothing but a thought, and it is you who chooses the quality of that thought. It creates a lens through which you perceive.

Would you not choose with me to see a world arisen in glory, in which the Sonship is being guided to full wakefulness, and that every event that occurs serves that awakening? And though the world would think you crazy, you can look upon trauma and calamity and jump up and down and rejoice and say, “Thank you, Father. I accept this moment and I am going to bring my Love to it.”

Can you see that you are already free of the world? You are already free of the world, and not one thing needs to be corrected within you, save to see yourself as I am. And when truly you have come to that place of seeing yourself as I am, you will need me no longer and I will shuffle off to the closet of Heaven.

Or better yet, I might come and dance with you.

It is given unto you, precious and holy Son of God, it is given unto you to dance with yourself in each and every relationship. Whether they last a moment or a lifetime is really not of great concern, but in each relationship you can see yourself, and you can also acknowledge that within the drama of the Sonship’s awakening, comings and goings are okay, because in Truth you go nowhere. You walk with your holy brother and you walk together to God. Nothing else is taking place on this planet. Nothing else is taking place save the awakening of the Son of God.

For what hurtful act truly brings pleasure to the perpetrator? Know you the one called Saddam Hussein? In his mad attempt to prove that he is guilty, he only accelerates his own journey back to the face of God. And his own journey will bring him face to face with Love, and then he will indeed fall upon his knees, and he will regret for a moment every hurtful act that he has ever done and he will ask for forgiveness. And he will receive it because it has already been given. And the one who has been the murderer shall become as a saint.

Then come to see that when your brother or sister has done something that has been hurtful unto you, that you hold the power to give thanks for it and to look them in the eye and see only Christ. For if you receive that hurt, it tells you that you are yet clinging to the insane perception that the Son of God can be hurt. You must identify with the illusion of separation before you can receive and cling to and remember hurt. And hurt can only be overcome with Love. And yet the world would teach you to fear it, and when it comes, to bury it deep within the cells of the body and deep within the psyche and do your best not to look at it again.

And in this day and in this precious and most holy of days, beloved friends, precious dancers in Light, it is given unto you to uncover every ancient hurt you believe you have ever received, to bring them up in the palms of your hand and to look upon them with Love and let them be gone. Healing is not difficult and it takes not a thousand years to heal a wound. It takes the simplicity of a single choice to let them be gone because you brought the Light and the Love of God to them. And if there are those that have come into your life only to turn and leave again, and you feel hurt, it is because you have been hoping to get something from them. And when they take their body and go elsewhere, you believe you have lost the source of what you feel you need, and that is an illusion. You need only what you have received this day: the peace of God that passes all understanding.

Can there then be a day in which we fail to rejoice together? For I have said unto you that I am with you always and I meant it. It was not just a flowery figment of speech. I meant it. Indeed, I am with you always, even unto the end of this Earth and this world and this creation. Would you not then join with me and celebrate each day henceforth as the day of resurrection? Indeed, to arise before you lift your head from your pillow and say, “Yes, Jeshua, I am with you. Let’s dance awhile.” To celebrate the Truth of our only reality and to let that reality be the foundation from which you act and think and breathe throughout the whole of your day.

And when that day is ended, give it up. Erase it from yourself. Take not one error of perception with you into your sleep. For as you begin each day as a celebration of your resurrection, so too, end each day by giving thanks to the Love that has lifted you from the world. Your world would teach you to hold on to everything unfinished, every ancient hurt and carry it with you, but you are released of that burden every time you say, “I am but the holy Son of God Himself and I claim my Kingdom,” not with great seriousness but with joy, with a joy so unbounded that you cannot hope to contain it within the cells of this body.

And if you cannot contain it, it must flow out from you and it must touch your brothers and sisters. It must bowl them over.

Do you know you hold the power to wave your hand and to send so much radiance through the room that it cannot help but be felt by those in the room?

See this body then as but a symbol. See it as the temple that contains all things. And when you lift your hands, can you see that it symbolizes your choice to embrace the whole of creation? To realize there cannot be separation between you and another? That which seems to be distance between bodies is just an optical delusion, because you do not reside within it. It arises within you.

Therefore, when you lift your hands, you can embrace the whole of creation and bring it to your heart. There to touch it with the Love of Christ and to heal it. Make no doubt about that, for what you are going to see transpire in this world rather rapidly — for indeed there is a grand quickening taking place; the Son of God is going to be popping up all over the place — you are going to see miracles of healing, even of the physical body, and it will be done by those who could never have imagined that they had the power to do so. It is called the meek that inherit the Earth.

And you are the meek that inherit the Earth. You hold the power of healing. You hold the power to extend Love because you can’t help but give it to yourself, and if you would speak unto your brother and sister and be fearful, “What might they think of what I say?” remember that you are only talking to yourself. And if you would not judge yourself, what judgment can they place upon you? Do you see how that works?

Are you willing to put it into practice? But when you get the nudge, perhaps a little twitching of the eye, fear not, and speak what the Holy Spirit would say through you. For the gift that you thus give brings a miracle, and a miracle enlivens and enlightens the world, and because of what is extended through you the whole of creation comes that much closer to its Creator.

Withhold not a single impulse to express Love. But know that that Love is not yours, for Love cannot be possessed; it can only be given away. And it is in the giving that you receive. Not one hurtful thing can be done unto you. Oh, yes indeed, the body might be assaulted. It is the dust of the ground that feels nothing. It knows nothing save that which you think through it. It is your perfect servant.

Know you those things called traumas that some people take lifetimes to work through? It is because they have told the body to hold on to every hurtful thought and diminish or dismiss every loving thought. And those among you in this world… perhaps you know some that work as what are called ‘therapists’. They need to come to see that that which creates the difficulty of healing is not the trauma at all. It has never been the trauma. It has been the choice of the mind to hold on to it because it believes it is only worth hurtful thoughts.

Many of you know what it means to have forgotten the loving thoughts that have been extended unto you throughout the whole of your life. And when you are in depression or in loneliness, it is because you are choosing only to remember the hurtful thoughts, the thoughts and the drama of separation. And yet, you are using your infinite freedom to do so and you can just as well choose loving thoughts. It’s a lot more fun and a lot more powerful, because it heals.

The body indeed will store whatever you choose to send to it as your thought. And there are many in your world called doctors, healers, body workers who spend a lot of time trying to get the body to release those old patterns. But they have been taught perhaps wrongly, seeing the body as only a mechanical device and a disease as simply a function of a computer gone awry — and if we can rewire the wires, then the computer should get healthy. But the body only reflects the quality of thought sent to it.

Therefore, the greatest of healings come when you choose to join with the mind of the one who comes for healing and to see them as awakened and arisen and as healed. And if they will permit it — and you will know if it’s okay to speak with words to them that it is okay to choose healing now — and when they understand the power of their own mind because they see it demonstrated in you — are they seeing it being demonstrated in you? — when they see it demonstrated in you, they will have the faith and the courage to proclaim that they are the Son of God, that they are loved wholly and they have never sinned. They have been created in Love and that they remain in Love. And then they shall say to even the cells of the body, “Be you therefore now transformed into the perfect vehicle of Love. For it is Love now that I choose, and I release every hurtful thought and retain only loving ones.”

And then, you see, things called miracles happen, and those in your healing profession scratch their head and wonder what happened. That is why in therapy no one can explain what happens, because nothing does. There is only abiding of time and hopefully a friend in the guise of a therapist who keeps loving the patient patiently, until the patient decides to choose anew. Then healing happens.

Therefore, be patient with your brother and sisters even as I have been patient with some of you.

This day is a glorious day. Remember always to keep it holy. Remember it by thinking on it in each morning before you lift your head from your pillow. Every day is the day of Easter and you can bring yourself only lilies — the symbol: the white of the lily that symbolizes your guiltlessness, your purity and your perfection that lies within you like an ocean that has been dammed up for far too long. You are the ones that extend love to the world, and unto you I give my peace and my Love and my certainty and confidence in you because I know you are exactly as I am, and if my Father could work miracles through me, then He can do the same through you.

The only difference between us, you see, has been your belief in a false perception that I am other than you, that somehow there is an inequality. “Well, that one called Jesus got it right. Well, after all, he is pretty holy. He came directly from God. Didn’t have to go through the muck and mire like I did. And I screwed up. He never screwed up; therefore, God can work miracles through him. But me, oh, my goodness gracious, I have failed so often that there is such a wall between me and God that it is going to take me all of eternity to dig my way out of this pit, and once I am out of it, I’m going to throw myself before the altar of God and say, “Do you remember me?” Some of you know that feeling.

Guilt is hell, pure and simple. Guilt is hell, and it is not a lot of fun unless you like hell. Some believe they do.

And yet, what you perceive as having been your sins have already been forgiven. It’s what you call a wash. Nothing’s happened. Nothing has happened. And Easter symbolizes your remembrance that your sins have already been forgiven, that you have already arisen because the grace of the Father has insured it. And though you slept and dreamt for a little while, you already knew the day and the hour in which you would be as the patient with the therapist, and say, “Now I choose anew, and the drama is behind me. I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me. No one here but the Son of God.” And if others need to have a name attached to your body, so be it. You know what it says on your true driver’s license? It would be good to have one of those made up and carry it with you.

“Son of God. Address: Everywhere that Love is.”

That would be worth getting a ticket for.

Your world has taught you not to play with your spirituality, but I have suggested to you in each of your days to do something wholly outrageous and never fail to sing and dance and laugh and play. Never let a day go by in which you fail to do those things, for it brings joy to the cells of the body, enlivens this temple. It clears out the muck and the mire so that through it can radiate the peace of God.

Are you willing in Truth to join with me this day and say, “I am arisen. I, the only begotten Son of God, have arisen this day. The past is no more, and I live in joy and I dance in Light and I live in power, and I extend the grace of the gentle compassion unto everyone I see, and I never fail to bless a flower as I walk by it. I never fail to receive the smile of a child and to give thanks for the miracles that surround me and live through me.” To walk down one of your streets and to know that you are a miracle worker. “Who can I give my Love to? Oh, boy, oh boy, another one to give my Love to.”

That is what it is all about.

Know you that character in your fables called ‘Robin and His Merry Band?’

The one who first brought forth that story is one who held an ancient memory of one who was known as Jeshua ben Joseph, who traveled the countryside with his very merry band of friends — not disciples — who tried to speak to a world enmeshed in seriousness and insanity: “Come, come dance with us.”

Often they couldn’t even see us because it didn’t fit into their perspective, and so, often I spoke a language they could hear and I would go into the temple and take on the role of rabbi and indeed I would preach. And hopefully, one or two would get the message, and they would come to me later and say, “I think I’m getting it. Would you teach me some more?” I would take them by the hand and say, “Come, we are having a feast tonight. We are going to laugh and dance and sing and make a lot of music, and then you will know what I am seeking to teach you: that the Son of God is free and is not in need of salvation.” But because you have believed you were sinful, salvation and the means to it have been given you.

My ‘Course In Miracles’ is but one such tool that you can walk through, only to teach yourself to remember that you have already received it. It is already etched in your heart. There is not one of you that has ever studied that work that doesn’t understand every word in it.

What creates then the difficulty? The difficulty is that you strive with the mind to understand it instead of allowing the heart to feel it.

Precious friend, I love you.

Thank you.

Now unto you, I want you to do this: in each of your days for the next seven days, in five minutes in each of your hours — I don’t care where you are; it doesn’t matter because you are not in the world, because it is an illusion anyway. Right?


Ah, good. Then there won’t be any problem with this. I want you to throw your arms up in this manner and shout at the top of your lungs, “I receive the abundance of the peace of my Father. This day I am arisen.” Now, watch. She is going to lock herself in the closet for seven days.


“Oops, can’t go to the store today. I might not get back here in fifty-five minutes.”

And on the seventh day go unto a place of great vistas where you can stand alone and shout at the top of your lungs that statement seven times, and indeed I will come to you in a way that you could never imagine possible and you will feel my countenance upon you as an energy that seems to move from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet, and that which seems to have separated us for two thousand years will be vanquished. We have been working on it for awhile, as you know, and that is how close you are. The body will then not present a problem again, and you will know what direction to take, and you know what I am talking about.


Feel the wind as it caresses you on that day and think not it is just a breeze kicked up by atmosphere conditions. Have fun.

I will.

Beloved friend, understand it is time to cut loose.

I know that in my heart. I have been searching for the courage to do that.

Do you know how you find it?

By letting go.

By doing it.

Beloved friend, when first you chose to take that body that was in the guise of a small child and to lift it from your hands and knees so that you could stand on your feet and take your first step, you had to walk through a ring of fear in order to do that. Everything that has taken you into a new dimension or experience has presented you with a ring of fear to be walked through, and now you come to that which is the final ring and it is paper-thin and utterly harmless. From where you are in this moment you believe that that ring is still a bit strong and thick and therefore, “If I can only find enough courage, then I might be able to get through it.” But it is paper-thin and holds no power, and on the other side is nothing more than an illusory world that you have taught yourself to fear.

Therefore, you have conformed yourself to the perceptions of the world. And what I have extended unto you is what I suggested a little while ago, for I said that when next we met, I would bring something to you, and I have placed it in the palm of your hand. The long, long journey stands at its end for you and you are but seven days of outrageousness from it. Think what that must mean — a thousand journeys and a million days feeling separate from God, feeling separate from an old friend named Jeshua, whom you loved, separate from yourself. And now only seven remain and you can walk through them by understanding that on the other side of that ring of fear is nothing to be feared.

The world means nothing. The Kingdom means everything, and I urge you to come to where I am that I might, once again, place your hand in mine and touch our hearts together and understand that the journey has ended.

Now, you can’t cheat.

What do you mean, cheat?

“Well, I skipped that hour. I was a bit too busy.”

Then you have to start all over.

Beloved friend, I stand here just on the other side of a dream that you dreamt and brought into being so long ago. In Truth, I have never left you. I have had to do a little bit of creative work to bring you and the body you are now into a place where you could receive me. Like looking for a needle in a haystack? Hardly. I’ve always known where you are. Seven days, one short journey of a week and you will journey no more out from our Father’s holy place, and we will be joined together in the work that we will do together, which is that which the Father extends unto us.

That close you stand, with your fingertips half-an-inch from mine, and that little ring of fear is all that stands between us. Know you the story of the walls of Jericho that came tumbling down?


Time to let them tumble.

Shall I shout them down?


So then, old friend, are you glad you came today?


Did you not know? Were you not feeling there was a special urgency in being here?

Absolutely. I’ve been trying to get hold of you for lifetimes. No more trying.

When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, take just a moment and truly understand the significance of this hour. Not in fear but in a sense to look back and to allow images to come that will show you the pictures of innumerable worlds in which you have walked. They are not just your imagination. And realize it is time to turn from them, to turn from the weight of their effects that have been upon your heart and to step boldly to the threshold of the Kingdom, and on that seventh day as you shout down the walls, in Truth, I will come and I will be with you and together we will allow our Father to take the final step for us. That indeed is called surrender and the receiving of grace.

Now, of course, after that, you are going to need to shave your head and wear white.

Oh, good. My favorite color.

Put a neon sign around your neck: “I am arisen today.”

It is rather enjoyable when I’m allowed and asked to sneak such things in.

So, how are we all doing?

Some of you are feeling a shifting of energy occur. Is that not true?

Some of you are not quite sure, and it is only because you are not sure yet that you want to. That is why the greatest of keys to the Kingdom is the key of allowing. Having desired the Kingdom and having carried an uncompromising intention, whether it takes a week or ten thousand lifetimes is really not much to be concerned with. But when you come thus to the key of allowing, you realize it is time to open up and receive. That is why the soul is always depicted as female in nature. Not as male, but as female. It is just a metaphor. It means that it is time to open to receive rather than to strive to gain, to become passive rather than active. And yet this passivity is not an unconsciousness. It is a passivity of heightened awareness, heightened receptivity, heightened clarity of understanding and seeing.

The choice to allow yourself to be vulnerable to the Holy Spirit, Who would come and breathe into you again the breath of life that was given to you once when your Father created you, and you have been blocking that breath — that’s what the drama is like: it’s like holding your breath. Your Father has given it unto you and said, “Breathe it out,” and you went, “.….” and while you held your breath, you dreamed up a million worlds, and indeed it is time to, “Whewwww,” the breath of God.

Every time you abide with your breath, you can remember that it is not yours. You can remember to soften the cells of the body, and with each inhale to understand that you are receiving the breath of life. And with each complete exhale, you are simply sending that breath - which is Love — out into creation.

How many of you know what it feels like when you walk in and meet your boss and he is not in a good mood? Or you come home from a day’s work and your spouse is not tickled pink with you? Or any of a thousand other situations? How many of you know what it feels like to feel the contraction in your solar plexus that tightens in your chest?

You are denying life to yourself, and that in turn tells the mind that all hell must be breaking loose and there is something to fear. And because you have created that thought, the body goes, “Oh, my Lord,” and stress comes — as it is called now. Little blood vessels contract and the blood cells within them don’t know what to do, and the organs of the body get all out of whack and then disease comes. All because of a perception that led you to block the breath of life through you. And it is blocked because you believe that the world outside of you holds authority over you, and that if another is angry, you must take on guilt. And does that mean that if one is angry with you because you left the iron plugged in, that it is not appropriate to say, “You are absolutely right. You are right. I forgot. I could have burned the whole house down, and I ask for your forgiveness?”

That’s perfectly okay, but you can do it while you breathe, and you can say unto them, “Thank you. Thank you so much for caring enough to point it out to me,” instead of slinking off to your bedroom going, “Why is she always so mean to me?”

All of you have done that, have you not? Felt that energy of judgment upon you? And instead of giving thanks, you take it upon yourself as a burden. When another points out what seems to be an error, give thanks to them for it. Be one who rejoices in wanting to relearn every habit that has ever been hurtful, and freedom will come quickly and gently and easily.

That is why when another judges you, you don’t need to react. You need only receive what they are saying and to see Christ in them, to see the beauty of the moment, for your moment to moment experience is the pathway of your enlightenment. It wouldn’t even be happening if it didn’t have a lesson and a gem to give you. To think otherwise is to believe you are a victim and there is nothing more disempowering than the attitude of being a victim. It is actually a most powerful statement — “I declare that I have no power.” That takes a great deal of power — to throw yourself away, to say that you are a victim. You are not.

Know you the phrase, “Being a victim of circumstance”?

What is a circumstance but the outcome of thought, your thought? Wherever you are is perfect. You may experience an energy that says, “I don’t like where I am right now.” That is good if you look upon the situation and realize it is not expressing the fullness of the Love within you. It’s okay to be a little uncomfortable, but don’t judge it and don’t try to turn away from it. Embrace it. Look it square in the eye and say, “There is a reason for this. This circumstance is a gift of my Father and it brings to me a jewel, and I am going to discover it.” And then simply sit quietly and allow the breath to flow through the body until the emotions become calm as the ocean when the wind ceases blowing across it, and then ask of the Holy Spirit to reveal the gem of that experience and He will not hide it from you.

The problem, you see, is with the ego that only wants to receive the gems it likes. Know you that feeling? “I didn’t deserve that, but I deserve this.” Everything that comes to you is a gift of equal value. Everything has been a gift unto you, hasn’t it?

For it might even be bringing you to the final week of your drama of separation from God. If you knew that you hold the power to look upon every moment of experience and see it as a perfect stepping-stone that is placing you face to face with God, that it has brought you again to the threshold of the Kingdom, would you judge it? Would you deny it? Would you be angry over it? Hardly.

What would have happened if after all of the work I did in your world - I came into Jerusalem in the midst of a big celebration and it turned a bit chaotic, and I was given over to the hands of the authorities to be crucified - what would have happened if I would have thought, “Now, wait a minute. I’ve been working so hard. I don’t deserve this”? The whole point of the demonstration would have been lost — all of it — and the miracles that have come to the minds of the Sonship through countless generations because of that demonstration would never have occurred, if I would have held one thought that I didn’t deserve this.

But by grace I remember always to extend Love. Even when a certain nail was placed through my hand, I extended Love, and that, you see, both for me and for many, has made all of the difference in the world.

And when your brother or sister seems to be driving a nail through your hand, extend Love. It is the only way that the nail can be removed. And when your brother or sister seems to be pounding a nail into the hand, please remember that what you are experiencing you have experienced countless times in different forms, always to give you the opportunity, yet again, to remember to choose Love instead of judgment. Love instead of fear. That is how powerful the gift of every moment is to you. Ah, it is so powerful. Right where you are, to choose to be able to extend Love in the midst of what seems to be the worst of circumstances is that doorway that insures that for you it will never need to be repeated. Isn’t that rather powerful?

Isn’t Easter a lot of fun?

The stone has been rolled away and the tomb is empty now. Each of you holds the power and the choice, even now, to simply turn your attention and to look within yourself to the past you thought was there, the past you dreamed up in error, and to look and behold, it’s empty. It’s totally empty, and the linens have no blood upon them. They are folded neatly upon a bed that once held the body of separation, the body of guilt you thought you were. You have arisen and you have left that tomb. You have left darkness and come to Light, and that Light is yours every time you remember you are one with God.

How powerful then is every thought you think? Would you know joy? Then give only joy. Would you know peace? Then extend only peace. Would you be forgiven? Then extend your forgiveness without ceasing. Would you know union with God? Then be one who resides in prayer without ceasing — and prayer is not so much lamenting and shouting at the heavens. Prayer is the silence of remembrance. Prayer is the art of having listened to the only Voice that knows reality, the Voice of God given as the Holy Spirit to His precious and beloved Child.

No circumstance can ever take that from you. You could say that a circumstance is nothing but the arising of a world, and in the next moment it is going to pass away. So who cares? You can if you are the one that chooses to extend your Love unto it. Become then with me not serious in your spirituality, but totally off the wall. Become a bit crazy. Become a bit goofy.

Do you know that when I changed a certain water into wine at a wedding, I had no idea it was going to work. But I knew one thing: of myself I do nothing, but my Father through me can do anything He wants. And who wants water at a wedding?

That is the barrier, you see, with seriousness. “Can I heal? It must be difficult. Maybe fourteen more workshops and I’ll learn how.” You can’t learn what’s already been given you, though you can learn modalities through which to allow it to be expressed — not confusing the modality with the healing. It’s like learning to speak a language that your brother or sister can understand. “Ah, go to a doctor’s office. Very good. Come in. Lie down. I’m going to pretend that I know how to fix you, and I’ll go through a lot of rituals, and if we can join in the Mind of Christ, a miracle will happen. Then you will get up and give me your golden coins.” And you will say, “Thank you, doctor.” And that’s all okay if the one who is the doctor remembers that healing comes not from him, but through him or her.

You hold the power to lay your hand upon the heart of your brother or your sister and to look into their eyes and though they are lamenting the loss of a parent, the loss of a mate, the loss of their wealth on Wall Street, to look into their eye and while they lament and carry on to see only the peace of Christ in them, and they will feel a warmth here and they will feel a Light coming in here, and those two shall join and create a circuit, if you will, and the whirling of their mind will begin to cease, and for a moment they will join you in a Holy Instant when all things are made new. And suddenly in that instant they will remember, “What can I lose in this world?”

Now in the next moment they might choose to enact the drama again. That’s okay. That’s their path. Your path is to be the one who, when the eye twitches, you open your mouth and speak, and when you feel moved to lay your hand on the heart of another, you don’t hold back, fearing, “What will they think if I do such an odd thing? Where is Jeshua when you need him?”

That is the outrageousness that I call you to join me in. For the whole of my life only demonstrated one who had decided, “What the heck. What have I got to lose? It says here in the Scripture that ‘I and my Father are One.’ I think I’ll try living it and see what happens.” I didn’t know what was going to happen. When it all started, contrary to popular belief, I initially did not know that that would include the demonstration of a crucifixion. But, in faith, it didn’t matter to me. I only wanted to live the demonstration of a Truth that has been given in curriculums to mankind in many languages since mankind dreamed up this whole drama — they are called revelations — the simple Truth that “I and my Father are One.” What could that possibly mean? Are you willing to live it?

Treat each day as an experiment, and experiment in enlightened living — not by seeking the Kingdom, but by acknowledging that you are already in it. And then watch what happens. “You mean I could heal the sick?” Oh, yes, by placing your hand on the heart of your brother or sister. If you need to, pretend you are Jeshua ben Joseph. Learn a little Aramaic — just to throw in some color — and ask your Father to heal the one in front of you. He will not withhold it, though you might yet choose to block it by doubting the process.

So, I have a question for all of you. As I have been blabbing on, how many of you have been having a bit of an experience of feeling a certain shifting of energy, especially around the heart, almost as if somebody were attaching to you there?

Speak up a little louder.


Now, some of you know perfectly well that it has been me coming to you. Some of you have seen me. Some of you have gotten familiar with my presence.

What barriers truly exist because there seem to be bodies in space? None. When you choose to remember that you cannot be separate from anyone, you become free to go to anyone at any time, and you don’t need to get the body out of the chair to go and see them. Now, some of you know that, but you really haven’t allowed yourself to receive the profundity of that Truth. The world is contained in you. Yes, you have taken on the perception that “I am just this body, and therefore to embrace my sister and my brother I must get in my automobile, drive to New York and see my friend that I haven’t seen in thirty-two years” — or you could fly there {snapping fingers} that fast.

Those abilities are given to you to be practiced with Love. All minds are joined because all minds are infinite. There are no boundaries where your mind stops and mine begins. You believe that your mind is equal to the space and volume of your brain and sits inside a skull attached to some carcass. The brain is not where the mind exists at all. It is just a transmitter and receiver. It’s like a rather meticulously-made crystal. The mind does not exist in the body. The body exists within the mind, and there is no boundary to where your mind stops — unless, of course, you want to create one.

Would you not play at remembering that you embrace the whole of creation? What is called imagination… when you close your eyes and think on a friend and you see an image as though you were walking in a room with them, think it not to be your imagination. It is taking place. It is taking place, and you can communicate with any one at any time. Now, how are you going to know if they heard you?

By listening. To say what you have to say, and ask them what they think, and to listen. When that barrier begins to break down, it then becomes possible to call your friend physically on the phone and say, “Did you catch me last night?” And the friend will say, “Yeah, yeah, I did.” Some of you know what that is like.

How liberating is it to do that? It’s very liberating. Does it not teach you that the body is not a boundary? That is liberating, indeed. This thing {pointing to the body} was created in error, but it was translated into a vehicle to communicate and to extend Love — only as a momentary correction until the Sonship recognizes that there is really very little need for them. Then, you see, you can take the mountains of dust that you have taken from the Earth and give it back to Her. You know - soil depletion.

Indeed. And those realms and worlds are available to all of you now by trusting your knowingness and releasing your fears. All power is given unto you to know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven and to use them and extend them and live with them until they are not needed any longer because your brother and sister have also mastered them.

Be you not conformed therefore to this world, but be you conformed to the Truth of your only reality: you are the arisen and holy Son of God and nothing is impossible to you — nothing. Indeed.

So then, what I want you to do now is just to sit comfortably. If you like, let the eyes close, and allow yourself to bring into your mind the image, the feeling, even the voice of someone you have known and loved in your past, someone not in this room — that’s too simple. It might even be a very ancient past.

Let the mind relax. It is not by striving that this occurs. And now look upon that one you have loved, and perhaps that one has left your life under not such nice circumstances, who knows why. And those of you that carry an ancient scar, or feel an old hurt, you can heal it now. Perhaps there is just the joy of reunion.

Feel the Light of your Love enveloping that one until you feel that Light penetrating what you perceive as their body. See it penetrate all the way to their spine, until their whole body becomes that Light. And just say unto them seven times: “How I love you.”

Begin to notice how when you say that how your own countenance begins to change. Let the heart relax and open. Feel the joy that comes with the extension of Love. If you are paying close attention, you can even notice and discern and feel how that one’s countenance is changing.

And if you have held the perception that they have extended to you an ancient hurt, in joy let them know you have long since forgiven it.

Now look into that one’s eyes so closely that you see your own reflection in his or her pupils. Truly allow yourself to see that reflection. Do you see how radiant it is?

And as you come so close, feel that Light of your Love that is shared between you in that place beyond and prior to time. Feel it envelop you as well and penetrate you at the core of your spine. Become willing to be vulnerable and just allow that Light to be felt.

And then acknowledge, “We are but One.”

And now simply allow yourself to recede back from that one. Begin to let your attention come back to where you are now and realize how simple it is.

Before you open your eyes, expand your awareness to take in the whole of this room and notice the peace that has descended upon it because it is being extended to every heart and mind within it.

And now, still without opening the eyes, I want you to join me in this. The one who has been sitting on the floor who is but a week away from the ending of the drama, hold that one’s image within you. Surround her in the Light of your Love. And again, seven easy times, “Oh, how I love you.”

And come so close to her within your mind that you see your own reflection in her eyes, and let that love envelop both of you and acknowledge with her, “We are but One.”

And now gently again begin to move back, bringing your attention back to the body that has been loaned to you by the Earth for a short time to be as a conduit for Love.

And take your attention upon yourself and feel what has changed for you. For some it will be easily recognizable, and that is how easy it is to shift any mood at any time. By intimately giving Love.

And then as you are ready, allow the eyes to open. But as you do so, promise yourself not to see the world of your past, but to see a world reborn and renewed in which you see nothing but a field in which miracles are occurring. And all that you look upon with your physical eyes, let the peace of your Love descend upon it — whether it be a body or the carpeting, it matters not.

And now I would say but this to you: “Do this often in remembrance of me.” Because to remember me is to remember yourself. And to honor me, first honor the Son that dwells within your own heart.

Is not peace a nice thing to feel? Did you not all notice how peaceful this room became? You have just taken what could be called the disturbances like radio waves flashing through the air and you have brought the ocean home. That’s rather powerful because you didn’t have to lift a finger. You just extended Love. Now, this one to whom you joined, who sits in our midst, when you began that, she was first a bit startled and even blocked the breath. Felt a little, for a moment, undeserving and then finally decided just to relax. Is that not true?


Good guess.

Indeed, felt rather nice, didn’t it?

It was wonderful. Thank you all.

Now, in this, you see, you have chosen to join with me as I have been asking you for far more than two thousand years, in the salvation of the world and the healing and the awakening of your brothers and sisters. I need you as much as any of you have ever needed me, and our Father needs all of us as much as we need Him. And that is how simple it is, and I’m going to ask each and every one of you to create a habit in your life. If even in just ten minutes, wherever you are when you remember, to sit and say, “Well, Jeshua, who shall we heal today?” An image will come to your mind, and you may not even know that person. Trust it and put this little thing into practice.

What do you think? Would it be worth it?

You see, I want to have a lot of friends that I work with, and I really don’t want to have to buy a telephone and create a body in order to call you and ask you to join me. Tune in on the wireless. This is how simple it is, and it is as simple as it has always been. I am with you always. What could that mean but that I am closer than your own breath. If you but turn your attention to me, you can come and play with me, and we can join together and we can heal our brothers and sisters. Two is far more powerful than one, and ten more powerful than two, and a thousand more powerful than ten, and a million more powerful than a thousand, and then the whole of the Sonship awakens in the twinkling of an eye. Wait not for another to show you the way but be you the one who leads your brother and your sister. Thank you for joining with me. You have helped to insure the strong foundation of what can only be called the miracle of grace. Does it seem just a bit “hokey”?

From my perspective, the world you dreamed into being with all of the complexities and impossibilities, now that is “hokey”. That’s why I chose not to be here again with a body. Yuck!

Well, it does have its moments, I guess.

Indeed. How are we all doing?

We have bodies.

Know you not how to control them?

Not the bladders.

Very well, then, render unto the body that which is the body’s. Now, my suggestion is this: as you take your break, make sure that you exchange your hug with everyone in this room with great delight. Shake the body a bit. And if you want to, twirl a few circles and dance and then — and listen to me well — let us have a bit of a feast together, for think not that I shall be apart from you. I don’t have a mouth so it won’t water over the foods that you have brought and prepared with Love. But indeed I will be with you. I’ll let my beloved brother do the eating.

Now, simply abide with that as long as you want to as a group together, and then if you feel in your own heart that it is appropriate for you to leave this place, by all means do so. You are free. No one can encumber you. I am not an authority over you. For those of you that wish to remain, and when the energy seems to be appropriate to end the sociabilties and the feasting, indeed I will return even through this rather odd way and we will continue for yet a little while. What do you think? Sound good enough to you?


Some of you have come with questions. And yet in this you have already begun to experience where you can answer them. And I long for the day when I am out of work.

“Jeshua, would you please go away. I don’t need you. I have God right in front of me.” And then I can lay myself down for the final time and simply dissolve as a Light, to disappear in the mists that seem to enshroud a valley — the mists that have been in your heart — and I shall dissolve into that Light and you shall know that I am a part of you and that you cannot be apart from me. Indeed, I look forward to that day when the Sonship has awakened as One and even my demonstration can be forgotten.

Peace be unto the holy and only begotten Child of God — begotten, not made, in the one substance eternally with all that our Father is. Rejoice then. Rejoice and dance and play with one another, for indeed in this day Christ is arisen in you and the whole of this creation celebrates with you. You have the power to hear how the blades of grass are happy and how the trees are rejoicing with you. They are your brothers and sisters as well. Remember them, always. Have a nice feast. Let every bite be a bite in which you receive the Love with which your brother or sister has prepared that substance.

Remember to shake the bodies with your hugs. I love you and indeed, so be it. Amen.


So, everybody is full enough just to fall asleep now? Now we begin. Welcome back.

Would you not choose to join with me in this moment to again return to that place where we began? Indeed, to allow yourself in this moment in but a few short breaths to receive that energy and that Light. Allow it to pour down upon you. Feel it to the soles of your feet. In Truth, you hold the power to learn how with but one thought and one breath to open and to receive and deepen the reception of the energy that you are, which is Christ. To enliven every cell of the body, to bring it into perfect balance and radiant health if you wish. And is not radiant health but an expression of joy? And cannot joy come from the simplicity of understanding that you are the only begotten Child of God?

Nothing can be taken from you. Nothing can be lost to you. Choose then the joy of the resurrection, and with but one breath you can restore your kingdoms — the mind, the emotions and the body. For they are given unto you to be held lovingly, so that nothing is done with them save the extension of Love. Nothing is done with them save the extension of Love.

But I think we’ve gotten that point across tonight. Did you enjoy your feast?

Great. Yes.

Ah, very good.

Did you fill the belly until you felt like it was going to burst?


Would you not allow yourselves with each moment to let the heart be filled so that it feels it’s going to burst with joy and lightness and laughter and Love? You hold that power to let that Light radiate through you so brightly and strongly that no set of circumstances that arises in your life or in this world can ever dim your joy. Because the Light of Christ always transcends the illusions of drama of your world.

And that is the power that you must come to claim as your own. I cannot do it for you. I can guide you perhaps a little way, but eventually you must look in the mirror and choose to be the one to claim that power, to always live in a state of joy. Now that does not mean that you do not out of compassion feel another’s hurt, not that you perhaps grow a little weary from time to time, and yet underneath it all, a quiet joy that speaks to you of peace and from peace. It reminds you that forever you abide in the Kingdom of Heaven, and that you have come into this world not to suffer but to heal it.

And if you are the one who has chosen to take on the form everybody else believes in, just so they will recognize you long enough for you to extend your perfect Love to them, you can become a magician in this world. Unlimited, with all power given you. And if ever you believe that you need a single thing, you need only open your palms heavenward and ask of the Father with certainty given His only begotten Son and it will not be denied of you. For already before you ask, your Father knows you have need of these things. And actually your asking is a mechanism for you to return to your certainty.

The mind that chooses peace and the heart that opens to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all things, at all times, becomes indeed like one who is guided by the wind. You cannot see from where it comes or where it is going, but you will be guided by that invisible Intelligence, that perfect guidance of the Holy Spirit that blows gently into your heart and into your mind and lets you know where to be and when to be and what to do.

And if you can well receive this, you have the power to give away each and every one of your possessions now, to release all of the golden coins in your banks, to tell your employer that you have other things to do and to simply arise in the morning and say, “Father, I am here to extend Your Love. Let’s get on with it. I will not tolerate any longer looking out upon a world made in error, and I cannot stand for one more moment to see one of my brothers or sisters in lack in any way. I know You will provide for me because that’s what You’re there to do.” No more false piety. And to set about your Father’s work, and He will provide all that you need. And the more you give away, the more you will receive.

But your world has taught you that you must work and acquire and preserve so that those things will keep you safe. They cannot do so. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with possessions when you understand they are given to you freely to be used for just a little while. And when their purpose has ended, give them away. It is with great curiosity that many of us in what you might perceive as other realms, watch how, especially in your country that is supposed to be so rich and so plentiful, how everyone builds these little boxes called storage units, and when they are done with things, they store them in those storage units for fear of letting them go. That is an oddity.

For when your cup is filled, how can you receive? And if there is something that you know you haven’t used for the last three months, go and give it to somebody else. “What? But I will be giving away a part of my identity.” Hardly.

You only give away your true identity when you extend Love unconditionally. One of the greatest things you can do indeed is go and clean your closets.

When I walked upon this Earth, in Truth I owned nothing. And some of your theologians have taken that to mean that one needs to live in poverty. I possessed nothing but I did not live in poverty. Because I did nothing but my Father’s work, all was provided for me. And indeed, I had very beautiful homes to stay in at times. I ate the finest of foods and often wore the finest of raiments — not gaudy, but of simple elegance. It does not mean that I did not also sleep under the stars when I chose to. But when you are so busy giving your Love away, you will create a lot of friends who will take you under their roof and feed you and clothe you with joy just because of the Love you give them.

That is why I say unto you: your world has taught you falsely. There is not one thing you need to acquire to secure your future, but there is everything to be given away — and it is called Love. And when you are busy doing that, you will find that you will never lack for anything you need.

It might come miraculously. It might not even come from the work you seem to be led to do, but it will come because the Father always supplies His Son with what is needed to do His work — which is only the extension of Love.

And one of the greatest things you can do is, when you receive any amount of golden coins, rapidly find somebody to give at least ten percent of it to. And if another gives you a gift of golden coins, take at least half of it and give it away. It will be replenished tenfold. Your world has taught you to hold on to it out of fear of lack, and it is the fear of lack that prevents you from opening to receive the infinite abundance that is available to you.

Now, while your world has some rather odd habits of storing everything they have ever possessed out of fear of losing it, paradoxically it provides to each and every one of you the opportunity for great wealth if you would receive it. What is given in your world is to actually be paid for extending Love. Now that’s not a bad idea, and there is nothing wrong with it.

I want to help correct for you the illusion that “money is the root of all evil.” Separation is the root of all evil, and what you call your money is nothing more than a form of energy. It is no different than the food you eat or a handshake or a hug. It’s just a form of energy, and yet it is an energy in the form of a language that your world understands, and if you would go and communicate with one in a foreign land, would you not take it upon yourself to learn how to speak their language? It rather makes sense.

Fear not your golden coins. They hold no power to affect you in any way. But if you would well receive them into your life, how much more could you extend your Love unto others. There is not one of you in this room who has not held the dream at least once of having so many golden coins that you could walk down the street and give bushel baskets of them away. And yet, some of you when you have had that dream have also felt an energy of guilt arise. “No, I couldn’t do that. What will people think of me? I might be judged. I might lose my spirituality.” You cannot lose it because you are it.

To understand if you know lack in your life, it is because you have feared lack and you have feared abundance. How would your life change if indeed you could turn on the spigots and have unlimited wealth pouring through your life? Indeed, it would take you to a whole different level of experience, would it not?

And yet, the Son of God holds the power to be a master over all things. And if the Holy Spirit would help you acquire many golden coins, do you think He would not also guide you in how to use them? To serve the awakening of the Sonship — it is the only purpose of wealth, the only purpose. Think it not an evil thing and think not that poverty is a sign of great spirituality — because it is not. Spirituality is a sign of spirituality, and whether one knows lack or knows poverty or knows great wealth, if there is indeed a freedom within the soul, there will be a deep and total peace.

Some of you have blocked from yourself wealth or greater abundance of materiality not because you are at peace where you are, but because you fear it. Fear cannot exist in the Kingdom of Heaven. Fear not your golden coins. Fear not the process of wealth. It is a language your world speaks, and you are perfectly authorized to give away as much as you create, to feed your brother and sister, to clothe them, to create housing for the homeless, to educate children who would not receive it otherwise. Those are grand and noble dreams. They require somebody to do it.

The day will come when you will no longer be able to rely on your government, for its hands will be tied and its vaults will be emptied and the people will have to finally take power back into their own hands, to begin to be willing to live in vision again. To dare to dream, not dreams that serve the ego, but dreams that come from an open and compassionate heart, realizing that all things are given unto you and nothing is impossible to you. And that if you would dream of a world in which every child learns how to read a simple book and every child can be raised without sickness and disease, what makes you think that you can’t bring it about?

Nothing limits your potential, and one heart and mind that decides to live only as Christ can make a world of difference, if you throw open the shutters and allow the Holy Spirit to use all means available to bring it about. Power can seem fearful, and I ask you in this evening not to fear the power that resides within you. What is it that makes your eyes blink? What pumps the blood through the body? Power. An infinite power that can bring all worlds into being — and you are that power. Fear not power.

The only thing to be feared, as you well know, is fear itself. Would you not receive then the power given unto you to know and to use the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven? You could say that your Father, in the day He created you, looked you in the eye and said, “You know, I am going to give you my bag of tricks. I am going to show you how to create out of nothing.” Do you know what it’s like to have nothing?

How many of you think you have nothing? How many of you at times have felt you had nothing? Perhaps the world has had a calamity and it has taken everything from you and you thought you had nothing. You are never without. Now, God was once without. Before there was a single thing, there was but the Father and out of nothing He created His only creation: you. You, the changeless and perfect and eternal and unbounded and unlimited and powerful Son of God. And He said, “Go and do likewise,” and then you held the thought, “Hmm, perhaps I’ll create unlike my Father. Might be fun.” And from that has come forth all of the worlds of your complexities, with all of its limitations and all of its self-doubts.

Wash them from you. Indeed, receive that Light and that power and brush them from you — every doubt — and trust that power and that Light. It can come to the point where you feel as though it were literally picking you up and putting you where you needed to be, like a wind behind your back pushing into the sail of your body, carrying the boat of your life first here and then there. And when you choose first to abide in the Kingdom of Heaven and declare unto the Father that you are ready to receive His abundance, He will not hide it from you.

And that wind that pushes will be guided perfectly. It will not be chaotic at all, and you will find that everything you touch can turn to gold in one way or another. And you shall become one through whom nothing but miracles come forth — miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle — and people will say, “How did that happen in your life?” And you will look at them and say, “I don’t know. My Father did it for me. I gave up all my jobs and just went to work for Dad.” It’s not a bad job. The hours can be long. The worlds can seem long, and yet everything is provided. You might even end up feeding five thousand people with a few loaves of bread and a few fishes. And when you are done doing that, you will say, “Wow! My Father is amazing.” You will not beat your own chest and say, “Ah, I’ve learned to do that.” Do you see the difference? To become again as an innocent child who just allows miracles to happen through them, without even needing to know how they happen, but only choosing to recognize that they do and can happen and should happen. So that the day will arrive in which you see that “My God, a miracle hasn’t happened in the last hour. I must be really off base. Have I let an idle negative thought creep into my mind?”

That is what cuts off the flow. Never think that there is such a thing as an idle thought. For what has given birth to the whole of your world can hardly be said to be idle.

Therefore, be vigilant. Choose well the thoughts you think, and think only in terms of Light and Love and unlimitedness and miracles will happen through you. And please promise me always — those of you that really heard what I said in the first half and will choose to allow me to join with them effortlessly as they go through their life, that together we might serve the awakening of our brothers and sisters — please do me one favor: never in any way, shape or form limit the miracles that I can do through you. For when you see those miracles occur through you, you will have to acknowledge that they have already been done to you. And the miracles that you see, will teach you the Truth of the miracle — the miracle shortens the need for time. And miracles accelerate the shortening of time.

It’s like a magnet that draws the whole process of creation in what some have called the evolution and the playing out of all of these dramas. It shortens it, and the shorter it gets, the faster it moves. Some of you are experiencing that in your life. “Everything’s picking up speed. Oh, my head is spinning.” Let it. Let your head spin until you realize you can’t figure it out with your mind, but you can allow it through your heart.

Indeed. And the day will come when the final miracle is performed within this drama, and the drama shall cease and the whole of the Sonship will open its eyes and say, “Ha. It was all but a dream, and now I am home with my Father.” And then for a short moment there will be but the perfection of a happy dream seen upon this plane, and when it is recognized, even that dream will serve its purpose.

What then can be said of that moment? When the need for bodies, when the need for physical forms is finished? How can you use language to talk about such a thing? Poetry might work the best. And then the Sonship returns to the Father, and one sees not where the Sonship ends and the Father begins. And everywhere there is but the perfect Light of Love. It is not the erasing of awareness, but it is the transcendence of all limitation, and the dream of suffering and pain is erased forever and there is but the peace of God. Not as a reflection, but in itself and as itself.

Some of you in your dreams and in your prayers and in your meditations have been shown that vision or a reflection of it, and it has touched you so deeply that your whole life has been changed. And you have been awakened by a miracle and you have sought to awaken even more deeply, and day by day you have learned to give your life over to that Intelligence and that Love that seems to be invisible, seems to be beyond you. And with each passing day a lightness comes. A joy begins to come. You smile a little bit more often. You read fewer books. You debate things an awful lot less. You become a little quieter perhaps, and you dance a little more. You feel, in a way, that you are becoming ignorant — at least in the sense of the world. Divine stupidity.

Something has touched you. A dream perhaps, sent to you by God? Yes indeed, but a part of your own mind has awakened to what it has always known, because you were there with me in the beginning before the one thought of separation was held in the Mind of Christ that seems to fragment into many parts. And from that moment I have worked without ceasing to use whatever you chose to create as the means to serve your own awakening. To bring you back, in a sense, to seeing that the Mind of Christ has never in Truth been fragmented at all. That it has been but a dream.

Now, that does not mean that dreams do not have a power to keep you entranced and lead you to beat your head against the wall. Of course they do. You all awaken in your mornings having had what you call your nightmares or your bad dreams, but then you look and you see, “Oh, it was just a dream,” and you let it go. And so, too, is awakening, when you stop trying to figure out why you’ve had to suffer so much. When you stop trying to figure out what your karma is. When you stop trying to find perfection in the body rather than letting the body extend perfection. When you have just given it all up. Then you understand it has been but a dream.

All of your striving and all of your suffering and all of your doubt has been a dream. And from the moment you chose to sleep, the bridge that the Father has created for us - called the Holy Spirit - has looked upon the world of your dream but has never bought into it, but has learned to speak your language out of compassion and Love to serve as a bridge that brings you from dreams to wakefulness.

That is why I have said: enlightenment or salvation is no more difficult than opening your eyes and seeing not through the prisms of the perceptions of your mind, but with the unconditional Love that resides in its fullness and has never been changed, who resides in its fullness in your own heart. You are the Son of God. Let yourself be able to know it. It will feel like a miracle at first, perhaps as a gift not rightly earned. But what could the meaning of grace be, save that you do not have to earn it?

The gift of grace cannot be earned. There is not one thing you can do in all of your techniques to earn the right to your Father’s grace. So relax. Give up the struggle of trying to be perfect and realize you already are. It is Love that heals, and Love brings about a deep sense of perfect relaxation. You will actually be able to walk down your street and not have your mind spinning in whirlwinds. Know you that feeling?

So much so, that you get across town and you don’t even know how you got there. Your mind has been on your relationship, on your career, on your childhood, on the problems of the world, spinning, spinning, spinning.

It is possible to walk in your world when nothing arises in the mind save that which serves the extension of Love, so that when you are not actively doing that, you are perfectly at peace.

Now, how does that come about? You must sit in meditation and sternly concentrate twenty hours a day and put great effort into it.


You must seek out every guru and teacher that this world knows. Never eat more than two morsels of rice in a given day, and by all means, don’t engage in sex.


Can you begin to see how every such teaching or belief must be based on the insistence that salvation has to be earned and that you must be other than a Son of God? It’s all from the ego. It has nothing to do with the Kingdom, nothing to do with it at all. How then is that achieved? By allowing it. By choosing Love instead of fear. So that when you walk down your street, you already know where you are going and you already know why. It will take care of itself when you get there.

Choose Love and abide at peace. Just feel the soles of your shoes touching your concrete — or preferably your Earth. Smell the smells. Feel the breath as it moves through your body and feel the miracle of it all. Don’t analyze it. Just be with it. And the mind will become as placid as a lake. And when you arrive at your destination, you will know what to say. And when you leave that destination and return home, leave the experience behind you. It has served its purpose. Why would you want to cling to it?

Some of you have had what are called lovers, and fifteen years later you are still carrying them with you, aren’t you? Well, maybe it was that good.


And you haven’t found anything to replace it.

Let peace replace it.

Now, this is a subtle point. I am not saying never to have the memory, because there is nothing wrong with remembering loving thoughts. And what created that experience with that great lover if not the coming together of two minds, who for a moment realized that perhaps the body could just be a vehicle of communication through innocence and Love, before you got enmeshed in personality, before you got enmeshed in trying to possess and own one another, before your ego got involved with wondering what you would get from the other person.

Often you have looked to find again that state of innocence in which there was no seeking to get, as much as to give the simple delight of abiding in a miracle — the joining of hearts and minds communicating through the body for a few moments - and then you clung to it and you insisted that the other give that to you again and again. That is what brings pain. That is what brings attachment.

Every loving experience you have ever had is etched within you and you need not bring it back to yourself, nor do you need to replace it. Nor do you need to look for another source of it. Come to abide with me in peace and know that everything serves its purpose, and even the communication through the body that seems to extend such a blissful Love, that arises in time, will end in time. That is certain. Count it then as a blessing and release it. For it is only when you are continually emptying your cup that your Father can replace it and refill it with something even grander.

There are many upon your world that live in hell. It is called depression. It is simply because they have trained the mind to run in a small circle around something out of the past and they have lost touch with the present — which is the only place Light can be found. And if you would receive Love, you must extend Love. It is simply an axiom of this universe. You received Love once in some ancient beautiful “Love affair” because you were busy extending it. The whole world went away and all you wanted to do was extend Love to your beloved, and now that body or that form has been removed from you and you lament it. And yet, all around you your beloved waits for your extension of Love because though there be many bodies, there is but one beloved. There is but one beloved: Christ eternal.

Therefore, depression in Truth never needs to occur. It never needs to occur. Simply busy yourself with finding someone to give your Love to. That’s all there is to it. And become so busy in the extension of Love that you don’t have time to let the mind reach back to the past and pull it back to you.

Oh, precious friends, the arisen Christ only extends Love and never laments the past. It has served its purpose. Perhaps it has taught you a lesson. Perhaps it showed you the contrast through its pain of what it means to choose fear instead of Love, to choose self-contraction instead of self-giving. And if you have looked and have been pained by what you see in your past, count it as a blessing because it teaches you what you can do now, where you are.

The guilt of the past cannot come with you. It is not a burden to you at any time because your Father has already forgiven it. The slate is clean in every moment, if you would but receive it. Love then, indeed, the one who stands right before your eyes. Learn, please learn, that any moment in a relationship, when one stands in front of you, to have your attention wholly on them and they will feel the Love of Christ. They might even think that you are the one doing it. You’re just the one allowing it to be done.

It’s so important. If you would in your meditation arise above this Earth and watch a busy scene in one of your office complexes or on your streets or in your malls — pick any scene, although they all do the same thing — and watch how minds are with one another. “Hello, John, nice to see you today. Uh huh.” The whole time their mind is wholly somewhere else or they are thinking, “I’ve got to get John to agree to this business deal.”

“Yes, John, how are the kids, uh huh.” What a bunch of nonsense. Learn to be present, wholly present. My God, the miracle is that Christ is standing in front of you, and what you experienced with that lover so many years ago you can experience at the level of mind and perception — I am not asking you to grope their body — but you can join with anyone and look deeply into their eyes and see the Light of Christ, and be so present that the whole rest of your world no longer exists.

And they will feel the power of that Love, and they will feel gratitude for it because you will feel like a master gardener who has just placed the most delicious water into the soils of their garden and they will feel renewed, and you won’t have had to say a single thing. That’s how powerful your glance can become. When one speaks to you, by all means listen. Hear not the words themselves, but also feel the energy behind the words. Feel and hear every subtle nuance of the way the sentence is formed. Feel the melody of the voice. Be present with your holy brother and sister.

If you want a technique to practice, there is probably not a greater one than that — to truly be present. Oh, the miracles that can come from your Love when you choose to be that way. You cannot begin to imagine that. It is the miracle that heals your world and shortens the need for time.

Look well, then, upon one another. Hear well one another. Love well one another by being the one who chooses to see only Christ — and Christ is seen only in the present. Not in the past and not in the future, but now — here and now.

Some of you in that moment are playing a tape of seeing all of the times in which you failed to do that. “Oh, I could have done it then. Yes, then too. Oh, there’s another one.”

Know you that movie making? That’s perfectly okay, but don’t judge yourself for it because it is already healed and forgotten. When you extend Love wholly to the one who you are with, if even it is just for a moment, you have already corrected every failure that you believe existed in your past. Do you understand what I am saying to you then?

Every time you choose to be so fully present that you extend the Love of Christ and see Christ in the one before you, you have healed every past error. Do you know why? Because the one standing in front of you is the one that you failed with ten years ago. The body is different but there is only one of us really here.

If all minds are joined — and I assure you that they are — to love the one in front of you is to have loved the one that once you had chosen to hate because your perception was cloudy. That’s how healing comes — through the extension of Love. You cannot fix the past because it is gone. It has already been fixed by Somebody Who doesn’t know how to make errors. Can’t you trust your Father to fix the past?

Never lament it, but look where you are in this moment. Here, here before you, right now in this room, here together you can extend Love and heal the Sonship. My goodness, if you really understand that concept you will know that you are free, free to be the Love you were created to be, now. Every moment that you failed in the past the Father just threw over your shoulder and gave you a new moment. He said, “Here. Here, do it again. Try it again. Look, you can get it right. Oops, throw that one away. Bring on another one.”

That is something to rejoice in, and it is something that has been missed in all of your theologies and all of your religions, especially Christianity. Especially Christianity. That is a religion born out of guilt, that insists on seeing the crucifixion and not the resurrection. It’s why even I was crucified — because those minds did not want to see the resurrection.

Would you choose to see it? Would you choose to live it? Not just in this most holy of days when some miracles have occurred for most of you, but to understand that every day is Easter when you choose it. Every day is a day to celebrate the opportunity that your Father has just given you to extend the perfect and unlimited Love of God.

I don’t know about you, but that always has amazed me, and it makes everything new again. In every moment everything is new. Some of you know perfectly well that right now there is not a single cell in your body that was there a few short years ago. Where did it go? It’s gone, and you have been remade and renewed by a Light and a Love and a perfection that far transcends the ability of the mind to comprehend.

Those of you that have mates you have been with for say, seven years, you still think you are still looking at the same body? There is nothing there that was there seven years ago except what is changeless — the Child of God, who asks only to be loved.

Now, if you contemplate what I am saying, it will release all seriousness from the mind and you will be going, “Yippee! A chance to love!” And that’s what it is all about. Every problem you encounter in your life is because of a lack of Love. Somewhere an idle thought, negative thought, has crept into your mind and created a bit of a turning about of energies with a certain consequence, because everything mirrors to you how well you are extending Love, and that is all.

Now, does that mean if your house burns down you haven’t been extending Love? It’s not quite the same thing. But if you pay attention, you will notice that when you are beginning to get into a downward spiral, the energy begins to dissipate, the will to perhaps sit and pray seems to be vanishing. It happens insidiously — a little negative thought. Perhaps you have believed you have been wronged by your brother or sister, and instead of stopping immediately and enshrouding them in the Light and Love of Christ so that you can be released of it, you hold on to it. “Well, I’ll keep this with me for just a week or two. I feel like being a bit angry anyway.” And you hold on to it and it becomes like a disease, and six weeks or six months or a year later you can’t understand why the body has become sick, why your boss has fired you, why the car keeps breaking down. All of those things. “What’s going on in my life? What happened to it?” A small negative thought came into the mind and you held on to it.

When you understand that, don’t go back to try to find the thought, but look upon the calamities as a grand blessing. If it is the car that is breaking down, enshroud it with your Light and love it and give it thanks and let it go. If it is the relationship that has ended, and you wonder, “What did I ever do wrong?” enshroud it in your Light and let it go, because just around the corner there is somebody who is crying out for your Love.

Always look this way and not that way. You never know, you might become a pillar of salt.


That’s all that story ever meant. A pillar of salt holds no life. It’s perfectly rigid, and the winds of time dissolve it into dust. Why would you want to be a pillar of salt? But every time you look behind you, you are actually playing with not fire, but salt. The possibility that you might become entranced with the past and forget the life that is right in front of your eyes. If you come to understand that everyone, every one of your brothers and sisters, is the face of Christ presented to you for your recognition, you will never again look behind you.

There is no body and personality that can be lost to you because they hold no reality. Only the Heart and Mind of Christ holds reality. Therefore, look forward. That’s why, you see, you created the body in a moment of sanity to have eyes in front of the head and not in the back.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Yes.

Look forward. Look into the present and love what you see, and as you love what you see, even though just two minutes ago you thought it was a calamity — you thought, “Oh, it’s so ugly. I don’t like it there” — if you love what you see, you will transcend it. Ask your Father to stretch open your heart as wide as possible. Tell Him you are ready and willing and capable of doing any manner of miracles He asks. Tell Him you are willing to receive an abundance of energy and laughter and friends and joy and contribution and service and all of the rest of the things that are positive. Tell Him there is nothing in you that is limited anymore because you have chosen this day to awaken to the Truth that you are the resurrected Christ, so that space and time will never be a limit to you again. And if you want to go sit on a mountain top under a tree and pray twenty hours a day, what’s stopping you?

What is it that ever stops you, save fear. And just as this, my ancient friend, has a very small and pale and weak ring of fear to walk through this week — I know it doesn’t look that way from your perspective, but it’s getting weaker — so, too, do each of you have your own ring of fear, and it is an illusion.

If there is a dream that has been in you as a fire burning, go and begin it. Go and begin it. Don’t wait for five more years to pass, hoping that you will have all of your ducks in order. The only way to get them in order is to follow what is being birthed through your heart.

Where does vision come from? Vision that seeks to serve to make a contribution, to make a difference? All of those things that are loving and good, where does it come from if not from the Mind of Christ? Why would you delay enacting it? It is only fear and that is all, and fear is of the world and not of the Kingdom. So what choice do you want to make?

I chose a long time ago to complete my part of the Atonement because I loved my brothers and sisters so much that I couldn’t delay it any longer. Because to delay it was to do disservice to you. Are you willing to understand and willing to have the courage to do this: to understand that the whole of the salvation of the Atonement rests and waits on you? Your brothers and sisters need you to be Christ. They need you desperately. And they cry out unto you in their sleep and in their dreams, “Would somebody show me the way? I’m lost.”

You are the one that can show the way by being the way. Please, I ask of you to pick up your cross and follow me. Let it not lie by the side of the road any longer. It is not heavy. It’s made of Light and you can carry it with one finger.

It is radiant. And when you see that cross, and whenever you need strength, understand the Truth of what it is, for the cross again represents the perfect marriage of Heaven and Earth, extended as far as from the East to the West, and it is you who resides where those lines intersect. That is where your Heart is. And that cross is made of Light divine, and it is given to you to access it and use it whenever you wish.

You can energize the body. You can draw to yourself new friends who resonate with the Truth you are awakening to. You can attract a new career, a new location to live in, not out of greed from the ego but out of the desire to serve God. That cross is powerful, not because it is a symbol of death but because it is a symbol of the resurrection.

You see, what the world sought to do was to make the cross heavy and wooden and to be a symbol of death, and so they hung a carcass upon it and thought they could get rid of me. They failed. Just as the world has always failed to get rid of you. The world cannot kill you and it cannot keep you down, and it never will, though you have enacted a drama of feeling like it has accomplished its goal. But you always come back kicking and screaming, don’t you?

Therefore, seek not to die, O Holy Son of God, but seek to live forever because that is what you are going to do anyway. So you might as well do it with power and joy and certainty — and a little bit of flair never hurt.

Does all of that make sense to you?

I ask you this day to join me in the resurrection. And some of you have had rather interesting experiences today, beginning this morning. It’s not just a show. It’s your reality, and I need you. I need you to help me to love my brothers and sisters into waking, to join with me so that the dance contains all of us, not just a few of us. I need you to pick up your cross and follow me. Follow me into unlimitedness. Follow me into mastery of the keys of the Kingdom. Follow me into the perfect demonstration that this world of death and insanity can never hold down the Son of God. Tell your Father you are ready to let your life become a demonstration.

I can only give you this as a certainty: nobody again is going to be asked to be crucified, so when you tell your Father you are ready to be a demonstration, don’t worry.

You see, in this world, though you see it not, every mind is so close - and every mind is crying out for a saviour. And those of you that want to share in celebration of this most holy of days, think you not that you are anything but those that have chosen to be Light bearers. That is who you are. You chose the contract and you signed the paper. It’s been etched in Light in the “Book of Life”. And is it not time? Is it not time to look in the mirror tonight before you go to bed and say, “You know, it really is time. I’ve always known there is a power in me, a creativity in me, waiting to burst out and be given to the world. And for God’s sake, it’s about time I opened the floodgates.”

Indeed. And your Love will be the Love that saves this world. You are the ones. You are the ones. It is not up to me anymore. It is up to you.

In Truth, you could say that the work I do through this my beloved brother and through countless others even in this hour on this day in many locations, I’ve just come as your cheerleader, to say, “Yeah, you can do it. Get the ball across the goal line. You can do it.” That’s why you chose to be here in this time frame.

There is no greater time that has ever been upon the face of this Earth in the experience of humanity than is happening right now. And the next few years are the most momentous ever. The most momentous. It’s incredible. And you have chosen to come to this Earth in the guise of a body and to finish up a few lessons of understanding all of the insanities of the world, and you have chosen the day and the hour in which to awaken and get on with it.

And I say unto you: that hour is nigh at hand. I need you now to awaken from sleep. The bell has rung. It’s time for recess. Time for play. No more classroom in the world stuff. You have arisen today. There are no more lessons to learn. There is only the extension of Love. If you want to call that a form of learning, fine, but it is learned through allowing. It is learned through doing. It is learned through trusting. It is learned through knowing. It’s learned through doing it.

You can heal this world in ways that you can’t even begin to comprehend yet. And why not? Or — I suppose you could watch television.

It’s an interesting pastime. You see, you use the power of Christ to turn a little knob that you created anyway and you watch a lot of little electrical dots form illusions. It is a metaphor for what you have been doing with your worlds. How many times have you turned the channel and gone into a different world? Some of you call those lifetimes.

“Well, that drama wasn’t as much fun as I thought. I think I’ll switch the channel.” Why not switch the channel to a world that is healed? A world in which there is no lack for any Child of God, no need for government, a planet of peace that has been healed and restored, its waters purified? Nothing is impossible if each of you choose wholly to be willing to fulfill your part in the Atonement. It may seem like a small part. It may seem like a large part. But they all go together to make one beautiful picture.

If all of you chose to do that, and then went to your friends and said, “Why don’t you join us and fulfill your part of the Atonement, too?” indeed, two will become a thousand that will become a million, and in the twinkling of an eye the Kingdom of Heaven can be re-established upon this Earth.

Those of you that have been studying my ‘Course in Miracles’ understand well that it is not an end-all and be-all. It is a specific teaching device to bring you to peace. And when you know you are at peace, isn’t it time to do something with it?

It rather makes sense, doesn’t it? Because in the end you come to see clearly that you cannot wholly be at peace until your brother is at peace, because you are your brother.

No one has ever achieved enlightenment and then slipped off into God’s hip pocket going, “Ah, I’m done with that one. Have fun down there. I know it’s a mess, but you’ll get it together sooner or later.” Every master that has awakened has looked upon the world with great compassion, and out of exuberance and joy has worked ceaselessly to awaken his or her brothers and sisters, and our numbers are growing daily. And those numbers include you because now you know and you know that you know, and there is no time left for dawdling by holding on to illusory thoughts.

Be, therefore, the peace that you are and you are the Light of the world. And indeed in this day I have come only to share with you my Love, to embrace you with my arms, not of this body but the arms of my heart that have stretched out to include the whole of creation. You are the one I love. You are the one that I have come for. You, each of you, are the ones that I love above all of creation. You are the ones that I have extended myself for since before the beginning of time, and I have called out unto you. I have knocked upon the door of your heart without ceasing because you are the one that I love, and I want you to come to where I am because I need you. Because your brothers and sisters need us. They need our joy and our laughter and our play and our certainty and our abundance and our wisdom. They need our gaiety. They need our smiles. They need our Love.

Yes. So, indeed.

We are indeed of one Spirit and one Heart and one Mind, and in this day our unity is restored on Earth as it is in Heaven. And I don’t know about you, but I am not going to stop until the whole of this world reflects the unity of Heaven. What other game in town is there worth playing?

There isn’t one. There has never really been one. But you tried to create some to replace it.

I love you, and yet it is only for a short time that I am given to come unto you. Short is the time for you to finally hear the Gospel and receive it. It can be rather entrancing to sit around and listen to the Gospel. And it can be a bit fearful to put it into practice, to become the Gospel so that wherever you are and wherever you walk, the Gospel is being radiated to other minds. Not by preaching on street corners but by extending Love. Indeed.

I have enjoyed this day in a way and to a depth that some of you can’t comprehend, but there is no one here in this hour that I have not personally come to and asked to join me.

Some of you have come from farther distances. Some of you thought, “Why am I going? I thought I had something else to do.” And yet, something in you grabbed you here and pulled you. It wasn’t me. It was you. It was the certainty in your soul that has always known the Truth. And that pulling was your soul yanking your mind and making it behave.

Great is my Love for you that have suffered so much. Great is my admiration for your courage in choosing to come into this most complex and insane world, because it has taken that insanity as far as it can go, and the pendulum is beginning to swing and you have come to help it pick up speed.

Great is my admiration for the Light of Christ that dwells in each of you, and I know that you will go forth with great confidence and great gaiety and laughter above all things, and you will fulfill your function in the Atonement. Your Father will not hide it from you. You need only ask with an open heart and a quiet mind and the willingness to have set aside and to allow it to be crucified: the illusion of yourself that you thought you were — weak and frail and tired and confused. No more.

You are worth to me all of eternity, and all the worlds that have arisen and pass away, I would not cling to one of them if it meant giving up one of you.

I will never be able to embrace you, as I long to, until you have completed your part in the Atonement and you have joined me above time and bodies. And never, in the language of your world, could I ever hope to find a way to express to you that depth of my Love for the perfection of the Light you are. When I look upon you… there are no words. But as you know, I keep trying to find at least a few to point the way.

Each of you can allow me to come to you in your prayer and meditation and let me embrace you above time, and you can embrace me. I am not on a pedestal. I never understood why in your cathedrals they put the crosses so high up toward the ceiling, as if I was lording it over you. Such insanity.

There is indeed a picture of me that has always been one I have been fond of. It comes close to depicting me. It shows me with my head back, laughing uproariously. That is the way that I would have you remember me. Indeed. And join me with that laughter always. Join with me every day in laughter. Sing and dance and laugh and play, and always do one thing that is wholly outrageous. That is my only discipline. I am afraid I wouldn’t make it in the holy teacher market.

And you won’t find my name in the ‘Who’s Who’ of holy men. I’ll never own a single ‘Rolls-Royce’. But if you want to own one, that’s fine with me. I’ll come and take a spin with you.

They’re a little faster than a donkey.

I love you, and I love you, and I love you, and I love you, and I love you, and I love all of you, and I am never going to cease so you might as well wholly open up and get used to it. Pretend like I’m a lover that can’t be put off any longer.

Peace be unto you, precious friends. You are the Light of the world and you bring a smile to me always. Always, always, whenever I look upon each and every one of you, I smile a lot. Please remember that, and if ever you think your strength seems to be waning, by all means get out your shovel and dig into mine. Store up the barn of your soul with my strength until yours is certain. And don’t do it with false piety, going, “Jeshua, I’m really having a hard day. If you’ve got a dime’s worth of strength, you know, could you please…” Shout at me, “Jeshua, give me your strength, now! You told me I am here to serve my brothers and sisters. I need it now. Not tomorrow. NOW! I declare it and I receive it.” Use it up and then say, “Thank you.”

Be at peace in all things. Be at peace in all things because all things arise and pass away in time. But the Kingdom of Heaven abides eternally. And if you would but receive it, the veil is paper-thin and the ring of fear is broken now. Walk, therefore, with confidence through what you thought were your final obstacles and see that they have never held any power over you, and then indeed your laughter shall shake this universe.

Peace be unto the only begotten Offspring of Light divine.


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