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Hang on a sec…

Now we begin.

And indeed, once again greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. As always, I come forth to abide with you, not from a place that is apart from you, but in truth from that place that forever we share as one. For the mind of Christ is one. And only that mind is perfectly sane. Only that mind is perfectly awake.

Understand, then, that I come forth to you not from a great distance. I come forth to abide with you because we are already one. I come forth because I love you. For you are indeed the firstborn of the Father. You are indeed the firstborn of the Father.

You are, as I am, Christ eternal.

The only difference then that can seem to remain is that, occasionally, you use the very power of the one mind that we share, in order to dream that you are something other than who I am, other than who you are.

I have trained my part of the Sonship, my part of the mind, to remain steadfast and vigilant for the Kingdom. I have trained my mind - what you might think of as the soul - that spark of light that shines forth as a great ray of light in the mind of God. I have trained that part of the mind to remain steadfast, in and as, the sanity that Christ is.

I have no choice but to come onto you in whatever way you will allow. I have no choice, for where Love has truly been awakened as the essence of all that the self is, that mind no longer dwells in authority over itself, but it serves first the Will of the Father, that which I have termed as Abba. That Will is that the Son of God be returned to perfect wakefulness in the mind of God.

I come then not freely, as you would perceive freedom. I come forth as a choiceless choice, which is the only freedom. And again, when any mind has truly chosen to awaken and embrace the truth of its only reality, there is nothing left but the extension of Love.

And Love heals all things. Love embraces all things. Love forever transcends all things, and returns all things into the hands of a perfectly loving God.

When I look upon you, and rest assured I can do that at any moment - no sense in closing the blinds - when I look upon you, from the place in which I dwell, and from the place that I never journey forth, that place which is so intimate with your soul that I can hear your thoughts, that I can feel your feelings - when I look upon you from that place, I know Love.

For the recognition of Love comes when you look upon another and see God’s only creation. And when I look upon you, regardless of how you may be choosing to look upon yourself, I see the firstborn of my Father. I see the radiance of light that Christ is, dwelling ever perfect within you.

Yes, I see the temporary illusions with which you are choosing to remain identified for yet a little while. I cannot take those illusions from you, for healing truly comes forth from the depth of the soul, for if it did not, then the perfect freedom given of the Father to the Son would be a lie.

I cannot give you the healing that you seek. But I can Love you, until you choose it for yourself. I can express it to you. And I will do so in whatever way that I can find, in whatever way that I can devise, to bridge the gap between where you are as Christ, and where you think you dwell as a separate self, because of an ancient thought of guilt.

I am indeed only your brother and your friend. I know no limitation. In truth, neither do you. It is only the thoughts that you choose to be identified with that create the perception that shapes what you call the world, the experiences that you have, that seem to mirror back to you that you are not yet one with God.

The retraining of the mind is all that there is, until the mind thinks perfectly with God. And God is but Love.

Love does not punish. And Love does not condemn.

Love allows all things. Love trusts all things.

Love rests in perfect quiet.

Imagine then, if you will, in a distant meadow on a beautiful spring day, a small tiny flower opens itself to the rays of the sun. No one is around to notice. And not a sound has been made. The petals of the flower open, and willingly receive the light that is there to nourish it.

Such is Love. Such is the Love of the soul that releases its illusions, and opens its petals to simply receive the light that is always there. And even in the midst of your world, or yet you seem to be identified with a body that passes through many, many changes, and seems to express the very epitome of limitation, even there. Even there. You can be as the petals of the flower in the meadow, unseen and unheard.

You are that one with the power to open your petals, to let the heart open, to be the one who will choose to be the presence of Love. You have that power, to open to the rays of light coming streaming forth eternally without measure from the mind of the One that has sent you forth in Her image, in His image, as the thought of Love in form. You are that one that can open the petals of the heart and say Father, “What is your Will in this moment? What needs to be spoken? What course of action would you have me take so that you, through me, awaken the Sonship?”

You are that one who is the gentle flower, living in the most beautiful of meadows. You have been placed there by Love itself. You are the one with all power under Heaven and earth to open the petals of your own heart to receive the rays of light shining upon you from the One who loves you.

And then to allow Love to guide your words, your gestures, the movements of the body, the place that you will live, the work that you will do. All is provided for the one - all is provided for the one - who will open the petals of the heart and be nourished by the light of a perfect Love.

There is indeed no power, created from the illusion of separation, that can begin for even an instant, to take that power from you. There is no one that you have ever known, that has had the power to cause the petals of your heart to contract and to wither. For it is indeed in the very choice for Love that healing is restored.

I would not say these things unto you if I did not know that they were true. I learned that these things are indeed true, when as a man I walked upon your earth and chose to take my Father at His Word. I am His beloved Son, and in Him do I dwell.

And my life became my way of coming home, even unto what was called the crucifixion. Yet again, although I’ve said this to you many times, rest assured I have gone nowhere. And those that sought once to get rid of me, have only discovered that in the very attempt they merely created a resonance between themselves and me, and I have become the guest that came for dinner and never left.

What then did my life teach me, if not that God is Love? God is not judgment. God is not spite. God is not punishment. God is Love.

And each time you dwell in a perfectly loving thought, you are the presence of God. You are the presence of Love. That very thought is sent as a blessing that shines forth from the heart of your flower as the petals have opened and received the light of truth. That truth radiates out and touches the farthest of stars. And each time you love, the whole of creation has been uplifted to the open arms of God. The whole of creation has journeyed forth in its remembrance of what is true.

Are you then powerful? Oh yes, beyond measure. For from you comes forth whatever you choose. Nothing can arise by accident. Each event that you experience can come to you only because you have called forth for it. It is indeed in answer to your very prayer for a perfect and consummate awakening.

It is the answer you seek, as you make the transition from one who is journeying to the Kingdom to one who journeys within it. Please listen well. The egoic mind would have you truly believe that the only purpose is to journey to the Kingdom. But rest assured, beloved friends, that journey is an illusion.

That journey to the Kingdom has already been taken care of by the grace of Love that restored you to perfect union in the very moment that you dared to dream the dream of separation. It’s already over. There is only the process whereby you give yourself permission to receive the truth that is true always.

But the journey to the Kingdom, the remembrance that the journey is complete, is not the end. It is a return to an ancient beginning, for you were birthed to create. Not to make, not to do. To create. Because you were birthed in the image of God, you will step into the Kingdom, wherefrom you will create without end the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

And each time you smile upon your brother or sister, each time in the temple of your own heart you extend forgiveness, each time you rest in the perfect appreciation that your brother or sister has brought to you a gift, even if it’s a memory from 3000 years ago, when you abide in a loving thought, you are creating. You are extending your perfect treasure. And in its extension, you are remembering ever more deeply the truth that is true always.

The journey within the Kingdom is a journey without end. The journey to the Kingdom has an end. And that end is perfectly certain.

Within your holy mind, you have the power to delay the completion of your journey to the Kingdom. But you have no power to renounce it. You have no power to usurp the Will of your Father. It failed in an ancient past. And it fails now.

In the journey within the Kingdom, there is ceaseless creation. And yet that mind that abides awake within the Kingdom merely comes and goes, thus that one is like the wind indeed. And when the past is gone, it is not carried forward. And the future has not come, and it is not of a concern. For that one abides in the holy and perfect eternal now, resting in union with all that God is. And it no longer matters where you find yourself, for you can be found nowhere but within the Kingdom. And the Kingdom is joy. And the Kingdom is creation and creativity. The Kingdom is compassion. The Kingdom is Love. The Kingdom is about this much willingness. That’s all. A pinch of willingness can work miracles.

And indeed, I say unto you, you have heard and answered the call. And though some of you have not yet totally received it, your journey is indeed over. And from the depth of your own being, from the depth of your own perfect union with God, you are calling forth precisely the events and the moments and the experiences that are growing the soul of Christ within you. You are therefore the Light that lights this world.

Never - in fact, I would ask you to make a promise - never from this moment, allow the mind to compare your journey to another’s. For only the egoic part of the mind compares and contrasts.

Does that makes sense for you?

How many times have you suffered and not realized that the only reason you’re suffering is because you’ve used the power of the mind to compare yourself to another so that you could have the experience of believing that you were less than. Cleverly done! Nip that one in the bud. Never compare your journey to that of another.

Your journey is in God. Your journey is with God. Your one relationship is with your Creator. That’s the one that matters. And as you cultivate that as being your soul, your primary, your only value, you will discover that your cup shall overflow. And you will discover many brothers and sisters, with whom you can have the most loving, the most holy, the most pure relationships that the mind could possibly comprehend. It comes forth not because you seek it, not because you try to grab another and bring them into your sphere, but because you love God above all created things.

There is no quality of relationship like a holy relationship. And the holy relationship is one in which two minds, two souls, two beings have truly looked within - truly looked within - and acknowledged that there is no lack. Those two then choose freely to join together for one purpose only - to create. To extend the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

And if at any moment, there is a fear that someone in your sphere might leave you, rest assured that there is yet a small kernel of specialness waiting to be healed within you. How do you heal it? With love. With self love. By simply being vigilant for the Kingdom, and re-committing yourself to your relationship with your Creator.

What freedom then awaits you! What joy awaits you! What power and light and truth awaits you to flood forth from the petals of your flower, for all true things that are coming from God - the good, the holy, and the beautiful - come forth not from the mind that analyzes and plans and compares and contrasts, but from the awakened heart that rests in perfect meekness and knows of its perfect union, that it is indeed nurtured in each moment by the rays of golden light descending upon it from the mind of God Herself.

It is from the heart that all good things issue forth. It is from the heart purified of one thing - fear, contraction - through which the Father extends Himself. What freedom then awaits you! It is closer than the palms of your hands, waiting on your welcome for you to close your petals around this great gift of perfect freedom in which fear holds no power.

Perfect freedom in which you look upon your brothers and sisters, and your Love for the Christ in them is so great, so overwhelmingly great, that you know that there’s no place they can go and achieve separation from you. That your love, the perfection of your desire to love as your Creator loves you, has become so grand and so great that it reaches out to embrace all - all! - of creation. Every illusion, every hurt, every fear, every planet, every universe, every dimension. Your love is so grand, that it embraces all things and knows - knows! - that separation is not possible. That death is unreal. And that only what God creates is true.

You are free. You are free now! You are free to live even this life that you seem to be having on your planet, in such a state of knowledge. And that is what knowledge is. It has nothing to do with belief. It has nothing to do with hope. It has nothing to do with theology. It has nothing to do with spirituality. Those are words, those are ideas, and the grandest of ideas do but one thing. They point to that knowledge that transcends all ideas. And the grandest of words that mankind has ever come up with, that can somehow signify that mystery, that truth, that knowledge, is Love.

God is a four letter word. Love.

The simplicity of making a decision to want love, and learning that there is nowhere you can go to seek it. There is absolutely nothing you can do to bring love to you. Nothing. No amount of accomplishment restores the Son to the Father. No amount of manipulation or seduction with the body brings love to you. In truth, the body can never be used to get. It fails miserably.

It can be used to give. And as you give, you do receive. And as you give perfect Love, the remembrance of the perfect Love that you are is restored in your soul. Give you therefore without measure, without ceasing, and you will receive ceaselessly that which you truly desire.

I once made a decision as a man, and rest assured that is the only reason that I come forth to communicate with you. For if I have not experienced all that you have experienced, nothing I say to you holds any value or meaning. There is no substance to the words of one who speaks without having experienced.

Because I, too, took on the sins of the world, the misperceptions of the world. I came to learn all that I could learn of this dimension, which is merely a temporary thought. And I learned it because I love my Father. And I wanted to discover the way to bring the truth of my Father’s presence into the deepest and darkest pits of hell, might be one way of describing it. To bring light into darkness. There is no greater, no greater task for Christ, but to bring light to darkness. That’s what you were created for. To bring light to darkness, to extend the Father into illusions, thereby transforming them. And returning the energy that makes up illusions into the sanity of the radiance of the union of Father and Son, the Christ Light.

Nothing then prevents you, in any moment, from choosing for love. Nothing is unworthy of your love.

And as I say that I watch many minds immediately begin to think of things that seem to appear outside of themselves. But rest assured, nothing is outside of you. Every memory that you have, every choice that you have ever made, for which you yet feel ashamed or guilty is worthy of your love. And that is the only thing that will heal the burden that perhaps yet weighs upon you.

Seek therefore for that which is birthed from illusions of fear. Search your own mind, search your own beingness. Discover the corners of the basement, so to speak, and bring the radiance of your love to it. Look upon each and every experience that you have ever had that seems to create the petals contracting in your heart. Bring the light of that heart and say within the mind, “No! I will not deny love here.” Bring forth that memory. Wrap it in the petals of your own self love.

See it as having been absolutely perfect, for I say this unto you - each experience that you have called unto yourself, you have done from your greatness. You have done it because you, as a soul, have come into this dimension to discover what it is that got so crazy. You are the one that has stepped forth out of compassion, to understand and know the sins of the world in order to bring the light and love of Christ, that illusions might be healed.

Look therefore not outside of yourself. For the journey to the Kingdom takes you eternally within, ever deeper and ever deeper. Hold nothing back. Hold not one illusion back from the greatness of the Love that dwells within you, as the heart and soul of your true Self. For God, who is but Love, He is the essence of your Self. And if you think for one moment, that there’s anything too grand in your experience for that One not to heal, please choose again.

Time can indeed be wasted. And all of you have known the experience of how much time can waste. And yet given unto you time is, that it might be used constructively. And there is no greater, more constructive use of time, than to look within and bring light and love to anything yet dwelling within you that has been devoid of it.

Nothing in your illusions is true. You have never sinned, and you have never failed. Never have you failed. You have in truth hurt no one at any time. For nothing can come to any soul that it does not call unto itself out of its belief about what it is worth, or out of its desire to learn.

Although you are Christ, please hear this well. You are powerless to usurp the power and freedom of another. And any drama that you may have been in, rest assured it was by agreement.

“You play Romeo, I’ll play Juliet.”

“Okay. Excuse me, as we go into this incarnation, do I need to be what you call in your language the bad ass? I had that role last time. Must I do it again?”


To which your friend says, “Well yes, I haven’t quite learned the lesson I want to learn. I just can’t get it! I want to really learn what it means to feel like I’m a victim!”

Love allows all things. Love is the willingness to show up in the way that can best serve the growth of another soul. And the wise teacher learns the language of the student. What is the language? Not the words. It is the predilections, the patterns within the soul. The vibratory quality, if you will. And Love adapts itself endlessly and ceaselessly through you and as you, to serve one another.

That service may be nothing more than finally helping to get your brother or sister to the point where they’re sick and tired of what they’ve been trying to create, to do - to make, that is. You may be serving a function by being such the “bad ass” that it forces another to relinquish control of the soul and cry out for God. “Surely there must be another way, and I am determined to find it.”

Have you ever noticed that when you really release your illusions, the other players in your drama seem to change? Have you noticed that? Suddenly, they seem much softer than they were before.

There’s been no communication in the third dimensional way. It is because communication is ongoing, and it never ceases at the level of the soul. And each and every one of your moments - each and every one of your moments - is not unplanned by you. And you have heard it said, and it is a simple but very true analogy, you are the director of the play. You are the actors of the play. You are the script writer, the choreographer, and you are that critic who writes the review.


Oh, you know that role. So the next time you are critical of yourself, go ahead, be critical. And then appreciate yourself for doing it so well. Love yourself for judging and loathing yourself. It is only love that heals.

How do you get out of the awful feeling that self judgment brings? By loving yourself for being so capable of doing it so well. Indeed, beloved friends, it is your own love of self that heals you. It is your own love of self that heals you. No one can do it for you. For no one has ever had the power to take your self love away from you. You have called certain players to yourself in order to give it away, and they have been your saviors. Self love then indeed is the doorway to wisdom Divine.

Bring love then to each moment. Learn to cultivate your ability while yet you remain in this plane to feel love of self prior to every breath, and with each and every step. As you make your tea in the morning, love yourself for the very experience that you are creating.

When you rile a brother or a sister, love yourself for it. For they have merely agreed to play a role that you have asked for, because your deepest desire - understand this well, desire is the root of all things, without desire you would not be in existence - for the Love that God is desired to extend Itself eternally. And what is your term? - The voila, there you are.

Love. There is no other message. There is no other truth. There is no magic whereby you can get it right. There is only the decision to love. And yet the mind has been trained, “Oh, if I’m going to love, I better run out there into the world and find somebody to give the love to.” That’s not up to you. The only one you are required to give your love to, is yourself.

And as you choose to do so, your cup begins to overflow. And rest assured, that One that created you, who sees you choosing again to receive the light that touches the heart of the flower that you are, looks upon you and is well pleased, and then says unto you, “By the way, I could use a little help. Would you love that one there? Ah, very good now. How about making a right hand turn, there’s another one at the end of the next street.”

And you show up wherever you are in the dimensions of creation, to be the extension of Love, but only only only to the degree that you have allowed yourself to love yourself. No amount of sacrifice, no amount of doing, no amount of anything, restores the Son to the Father, but self love. “I and my Father are one” is an extremely powerful expression of self love.

Your world will teach you that such love is blasphemy against God. Your world would teach you and try to have you believe that such love is arrogant and selfish. But that’s how God loves you. And you cannot know the Father without loving his creation. No attempt has ever worked to restore your union with God while holding some small part of yourself away from your own love. That is like tying weights around your ankles and then trying to jump to the moon. Even if you succeed in getting the feet and the weights up off the ground for one little moment of freedom - {claps hands} - You know the crashing feeling?

If you’re crashing at any moment, stop and ask only this question. What within myself am I refusing to love in this moment? Stop what you’re doing. Discover what it is and bring love to it. You will feel the headache go away, the eyes clear up, the stuffy nose be fixed, if you will. You will feel your energy of your auric field be restored to perfect balance. Colors of the trees will be brighter. You will be returned to peace, for love heals. Self love.

You are Christ. And the one being that some of you have yet refused to love, through all of your practices of forgiveness, through all of your great community service, and all of the rest - these are good things by the way, when they flow out of the perfection of self love. But no one can bring peace to the planet who is not at peace within themselves. And no one can bring that love that heals all things to the planet unless they have first loved themselves.

I was looked upon as a miracle worker. I’m still looked upon as a great teacher. And yet I say unto you, all that has flowed forth and will continue to flow forth without ceasing and without end, does so because I chose to love my Father’s child. Myself, Jeshua ben Joseph. That’s all. I dared to receive the truth and give it to myself. It was the height of perfect selfishness, but that has made all the difference.

If you so desire, and I say those words carefully, for rest assured no one can desire for you, you are the one that must decide what you will desire above all things, what you will value above all things. And if you desire - and many of you have this experience anyway, I’m not telling you anything new - if you desire it, I am indeed available as your friend and as your brother, not as your Savior, not as the firstborn of the Father sent out of the clouds to save all of you wretched fools that were somehow birthed from an unloving universe. No.

But you are free to invite me to enter into the mind, and to the depth of your own soul. And to help gently bring back to your conscious mind what is yet crying out for your self love. Do you see? I don’t bring it up so that I can reach in and get rid of it for you, that terrible thorn in your side. I merely bring it back to your consciousness, where you are free to choose again, with love. This means that your perfect Christedness is never outside of your reach. Love waits on your welcome.

Ah, Love! God is Love. And when you open the petals of your heart to receive self love, you have said unto your Father, “Come forth, and re-enter my soul. Make my being your dwelling place.” And you become the most high. And you are free. And you are awake. And you are one with God. And you have indeed completed the journey to the Kingdom, and are living now the journey within it. You are free, as the result of your decision to receive and love yourself. Nothing else works.

Nothing else works. Everything else that can be used by the Holy Spirit will be used to gently move you in the direction of discovering that the doorway to the Kingdom is self love. Then, and only then, will you love all of creation as your Father loves you. And often the great pain, the great loneliness that you feel still within the heart - indeed at all times when you feel it - is the soul’s longing to love as God loves. That’s what you want.

That’s what all of your seeking has been about. To love as God loves. For such love is perfectly free. It will never happen - for you have the power to delay it indefinitely - it will never happen until you have turned to love yourself.

Let you be your priority. Learn then well, to love the Holy Child of God, that happens to be right where you are.

Well there, once again I have said something to you that is not new. What can be new? Illusions can appear new, but they’re merely the same old stuff playing out in a temporary different form.

Love is not new. Love simply is. I love you, because I am eternally in love with myself. And I know that I am the firstborn of the Father. And I know that you too are that one. And in our relationship, there can only be one who doesn’t know that. And it’s not me.


So in any moment that you think you lack, in any moment that you actually believe that God doesn’t support you, in any moment when you think that you are alone, any moment where you think you’re confused, simply ask, what is it that I’m thinking about myself that Jeshua never thinks? Oh, now I remember!

And choose again. Stop what you’re doing. Don’t try to fix the problem. What you think is the problem is merely a lack of self love. That’s all. Bring your attention back to self. Wrap yourself in the petals of your own love, where they have been warmed by the rays of light descending from the mind of God.

Those petals’ warmth, brought back in and wrapped around yourself, will bring the soothing touch that you so desperately desire, and so often seek in the touch of another. It is truly only the self-loving who can enjoy loving another, even in your physical dimension of what you call the groping of the bodies.

Who can enjoy that save that one that loves him or herself? And where can such communication find its perfection, save in the joining within holy relationship, where there is no trying to get, for there is no lack. There is only the celebration of God’s Beloved. And then you merely get to romp for a while trying to outdo one another in loving the Beloved of God, without one thought of needing to get.

This may sound sacrilegious, but I would say give it a try sometime. Or perhaps a holy hug will suffice for you.

So, it has been but a simple message of this hour. It is a message I never tire of giving. And I will continue to give it, in whatever way I can and through whatever mind will open itself to me. In whatever creative way I can reach across the gap that seems to exist in another mind between itself and myself, between itself and God.

My desire is that the Sonship be restored. And I will not cease until that moment occurs. My offering to you is simply this… Would you therefore choose to join with me in healing the Sonship by accepting that healing fully for yourself?

In that moment, you are returned to an ancient beginning. You become free to extend your treasure. Your cup will overflow in ways that you cannot comprehend. And the support of many brothers and sisters and friends, unseen by physical eyes, will be there to surround you, to uplift you, to carry you, and not one thing will be left in your pathway. That is how powerful Love is.

You can be moving full steam ahead, right at a brick wall. And where you rest in knowing that God is but Love, that you have one function to serve, that wall will vanish just before you reach it, and not one obstacle will be left for you to trip on, to fall over. You cannot fail to accomplish what the Father gives unto you to do. And the only thing worth doing is what that One gives you.

And what that One gives you is Love, that through you might be extended the good, the holy, and the beautiful. And what is that but a reflection of yourself? You are the good, you are the holy, and you are the beautiful.


So. I have a plane to catch.


There are times I have been what you would perceive as sitting on the wing and looked in the windows to see what everyone was doing in there.

Why do you eat that food?


Ask for a few figs or dates, you’ll be just fine.

You are indeed unlimited forever. The greatest use of your perfect freedom is to embrace the place that you are and bless it with the Love of Christ. Rest assured, if you need to be somewhere else in the next moment, the Holy Spirit will let you know. The tickets will be given. The bags will be packed. The limousine will arrive, and you will not fail to be taken to the place where the Father asks you to go. And all will be provided, for you are loved above all things. And the Father’s great joy is to extend unto the Son the whole of his Kingdom.

Why settle for a crumb, when you can have the whole cake?

When will you make the decision? When will you make the decision to love yourself, that all things might come unto you. That through you they might pour forth to embrace the whole of creation and restore it to perfect union with God.

Now is a very good time.

And so tonight we will entertain no questions, for questions are only entertainment.

And I look forward to that moment when, because of your decision we come together, and I speak not just of this temporary way of coming together - this is but one small ripple on the wave. There is nothing that obstructs my coming unto you or your coming unto me in perfect immediacy, when you choose it.

I look forward to the day when you come unto me and say “I have no questions. Only knowledge.”

So with that indeed, beloved friends, love you one another as you have first loved yourself. Close the gap between one another by loving away the gap between yourself and yourself.

Indeed. Be you therefore at peace this day and always. Be you in perfect knowledge that Love lights your way. Be you in perfect knowledge that I am but your brother and your friend, and I am indeed with you always for I Love you. And there’s no gap.

Peace then be with you always.


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