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Hang on a sec…


Jeshua I’d like for you to address two sentences that I keep hearing in my mind as we go through this, directly out of your Course in Miracles. The first sentence is: “Never tell your brother that he is what you would not want to be”. And the second one is: “Words are but symbols of symbols and therefore twice removed from reality.” Would you elaborate on those two?


Certainly, I never said that. Words are indeed symbols of symbols, since they represent an idea; and when a word is spoken it again gives the message that this is the idea that you are valuing. Hm?

Now that is why, by the way, I asked you when we began: Do you live in a world where words are not necessary? Since you abide here, it must be your Father’s Will that you be the one who finds a way to communicate Love here. And the wise teacher speaks the language of the student. Therefore, words are necessary in this dimension as a way of pointing beyond themselves to the symbols they represent and even beyond the ideas to the direct experience of the revelation of Love’s presence.

Now, when you communicate to a brother or a sister in a way that indicates to them that you believe they are less than Christ, because of the power of thought and words, you have immediately placed yourself in a position less than Christ. So that sentence refers to the divine selfishness that we have spoke of in this hour.

Do you want to be less than Christ? If not, then communicate in such a way that honours the truth of your brother or sister regardless of the degree of insanity they may temporarily be choosing. Honour that place first. We do not mean by that that you overlook the behaviour of insanity but that you see through it and offer first the truth.

Does that make sense for you?


Does it help in regard to those two sentences that ‘somebody’ must have stuck in there by accident?

It’s nice to know you have a sense of humour.

Beloved friend, the further you go into God the more you have to just laugh.

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