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The Way of Mastery

Hang on a sec…

Jeshua: So, James, you have no question?


Yeah, I have a question. I’m not sure. Okay, I’ll ask.

Jeshua: This one used to always want to take me aside and ask privately…

Okay, I’m wanting to ask about this 12/12 stuff. So I’ve already listened to all these other questions, you see, and then I decide what’s the point of asking any questions? The answer is already given.

Jeshua: So what’s the answer?


So I’m still curious, that “there’s nothing special.” I understand that, and yet the mind in me goes, there’s this dimension that we operate on and many other dimensions, and energy coming forth in waves…

From where?

From within us.

And so then, what is this 12/12? Speak from the Truth that is within the depth of your being.

The desire for freedom to be made manifest upon the planet, that’s coming forth, pouring forth, from a lot of our hearts.

From the One Heart. Indeed, beloved brother, beloved friend, well have you spoken – for in truth, that which is being called 12/12 symbolizes an expression of the desire of the One Mind to awaken from its dream. And have we not said that there are four Keys to the Kingdom? And is not the first Desire? Therefore, you see, you did get it, right from the very core of the deepest Truth. It is an expression of the desire of the Mind of Christ to give up the dream of the dreamer. So, you see, you knew after all.

Beloved friend, there is only a small trace left of the deep pattern or tendency you’ve been dissolving through many lifetimes – the pattern and tendency not to trust yourself. And that, then, causes the mind to project onto others a better connection with God than your own. Always have I loved you, and always shall I. And the day comes quickly when you will look through the eyes of your heart upon me, and no longer see me as above you. You will see in me the shining radiance of your perfect equality with me. And then, indeed, the dance can begin.

Yay. Yay!

Yet another timely question. So, how are you all doing?

These, what you call, gatherings of the family will now commence; and will grow. And remember – with patience, without doubt, trusting and allowing the perfect unfoldment. And if you think it’s not unfolding perfectly, don’t look outside yourself – go back to the question:

Did I love myself today? How many times did I express forgiveness to the world? Am I, pardon the vernacular, cleaning up my own act?

Because remember, this world is nothing more than a grand act.

So, with that, we can bring this time to a close. For what was needed to be shared has been shared; and the questions asked are the questions also, not necessarily the same words but the same essence, that are carried in many of your brothers and sisters. And, therefore, accept my blessings as my equal. Please take the cloak from my shoulders and the crown from my head, and adorn yourself. And, then, go and do likewise for your brother and your sister.

Be you therefore at peace in this moment and always. Be you therefore the Light that lights this world in simplicity and grace and a gentle smile. Be you therefore awakened in this moment to the Truth of your only Reality. Be you therefore of good courage, for I have overcome the world, and in that moment so did you. If it is completed in me, it must be completed in you because there is only One of us here. Can you, then, accept that you’ve already faced Crucifixion? You don’t have to repeat the process. Can you accept that the Ascension is already done? Can you be – will you be–the embodiment of the Truth that sets all things free? Can there be any other use of time?

Blessings then be upon the One who shines brightly forever in the Mind of God, who has created us we know not when or how. And that truth is inescapable.

My love to each and every one of you, for in you I see the reflection of myself and know the Grandeur and the Radiance and Beauty and Love that my Father is. And I praise my Father without ceasing.


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