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Hang on a sec…


In regard to the land we call Shanti Christo, there are many friends coming to this area to participate, and many of us have in our hearts the desire to live more closely to each other, in sharing our growth processes, our loving each other, our understanding of your teachings, and so on. There seem to be many unanswered questions and desires of people who want to come together more closely, quickly, and I wondered if you would address this?


Beloved friend, unanswered questions are always a form of doubt. Unanswered questions reflect the quality of mind birthed not in God but in the world. The attempt to hope that someone else will create the energies necessary in the third dimension to allow you (not necessarily ‘you’ but the general you) to get what it thinks it needs, closer proximity to other bodies in space, yet being in denial of stepping into the role of what you might call leadership to bring that about. Therefore, understand well, there are many that are being called, and some seem to have answered that call a little sooner than others.

The call to Shanti Christo is the call to awaken first from every obstacle to the presence of Power and Love and Light within their being. To no longer tolerate anything in your consciousness that creates the barriers to the manifestation of the vision that seems to be calling you, and the willingness to take complete responsibility for being the one that manifests it.

For you see, that vibration is a very refined vibration. There is no room for gamesmanship. There is no room for riding on the energies of others. There is no room for denying the power of Christ within yourself. This level of purity is absolutely necessary to bring forth in the field of time, patiently, with quality, the vibrational field into which even more can be called, who will experience what you call spontaneous healings of mind, emotion and body.

For if you would view that which is a communion or a coming together of souls in the third dimension, and some are relying on others to carry the frequency, you have inequality; you have conflict; you have dissonance. Dissonance weakens the field of energy and the note that would come through the instrument does not carry the power you would wish to behold. That, then, creates resentment in the minds of those who are wanting others to really take responsibility, and resentment simply creates in–fighting and death. Therefore, mark these words well: Shanti Christo is the responsibility of everyone who genuinely feels called to its manifestation. Pure and simple. For it is a grand experiment to bring forth the unified field, which is the Christ Mind.

Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does.

Therefore, where there is impatience or unanswered questions, help those with that type of energy to remember that they are already looking outside of themselves. They need to come back to right where they are in the moment, and allow the process of purification of their own consciousness through forgiveness, through accepting the great power you hold to take care of anything you think looks like a problem around you, or a limitation or a lack –– and to handle that first. That is, to seek the Kingdom first, from which all things can be added.

That was a rather good question. And, again, we must ponder its source.

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