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Hang on a sec…


Jeshua, as we enter this very profound time of year, is there anything that you would recommend that we hold in our hearts?


A request for winning lottery numbers would be nice.

Beloved friend, you asked a question that must be filled with levity, so therefore I answered the question with levity.

For listen well to your words: “as we enter this profound time of year.” What makes it any more profound than any other time of year? There’s nothing special about your month of December. There are symbols written in the stars that indicate a process of consciousness that’s going on in you all the time.

Therefore, rather than ask what should we hold in our hearts now as we enter this profound time of year, ask what you can hold in your mind to create the profundity in every moment of your experience, until there’s no difference between any day of the year – so that every day is the Mass of Christ.

Hm. Got you!

Always, always! But it makes a lot of room for other people to ask their questions.

A profound sacrifice you have made.

Thank you. I love being your bull’s eye.

So does that answer help with you question?

Yes it does, of course. Thank you.

You see, the tendency of the mind that has become enamored with the thinking of the world will carry the egoic pattern of wanting to shift its frequency by making something more special than something else, even a time frame. And that attempt to create specialness is the attempt to create inequality. And inequality, as you obviously know, is the opposite of equality. If you seek unity, give up the need for specialness. Therefore, this Christmas season, ask not what you can do to bring a profound experience to this time, but reflect on what you must be doing in your consciousness the rest of the year to not experience the profound mystery of life.

That’s a very good question. I wonder where it came from?

The One of us, yes?


So the one of us on this side of the horse race window asked a question, and the one of us on the other side with the green visor (Hmm… I never did like the crown of thorns, I changed it for a green visor) simply raced about and plucked the answer out of the Heart that we all share and has given it to ourselves.

There are two forms of busyness. One is based in fear, the other is based in Love. Which energy is fueling your busyness? For the one generates the extension of the Kingdom, and the other denies it. Hmm.

Hmm. I believe we have done well with that one. So, any more questions?

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