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The Fourth Dimension is present to be perceived, experienced, and explored! The endeavors to explore three-dimensional space to its outer reaches must be replaced by the investigation and exploration of “Fourth-dimensional space,” because this is the most direct and efficient means by which the perceived universe can be successfully explored.

The exploration of outer space, as mankind is presently proceeding, will not be successful because three-dimensional means are being used as the exclusive means. Since there is no way to achieve the speed of light, there will be no way to explore the full extent of the universe within a reasonable amount of time, and extreme frustration will set in. However, there is no need to go through the steps necessary to find that this is true.

Man can come to the point where movement in space is accomplished by the shifting of attention, by a movement of consciousness, rather than a movement of form. This will only be accomplished as he willingly gives up his perception of himself as the form he appears to be—which apparently exists within three-dimensional space—and begins to identify and experience himself as the Consciousness in which all experience of form, space, and time is occurring.

The movement into “Fourth-dimensional space” is a movement into your Center. It constitutes a process of Self-discovery which spontaneously and inexorably requires the allowing of a new self-image to replace the one with which you presently define yourself. It constitutes a process of accessing your greater capacity to be aware. It constitutes the movement into the experience of the infinite Nature and Actuality of your Being, in which you have the capacity to move as desired to any point within that infinity. This literally means your ability to be at any point in what you call the three-dimensional universe, without any physical process in involved. The most direct route to the Pleiades or the farthest galaxy is right through the Center of your Being.

This book is not of exclusive value. It is not a definitive exposition of anything. It will not lead you from one point, through a logical structure, to a conclusion. It will be frustrating to the intellect. You will not find ultimate answers in it which you may then simply be obedient to on a surface level and manifest the appearance of growth. It is a series of triggers which, if you will allow them, will spontaneously snap you out of traditional theories, concepts, and beliefs which presently bind you to the three-dimensional-only frame of reference.

The degree of frustration you might experience will indicate only the degree to which you insist upon requiring that Reality unfold within the framework of your present belief structures. Your demands that this book be more than it is, or that it accomplish more than it apparently does, will constitute the degree of control you insist on employing and will tell you something of your own methods of confining yourself to your limiting beliefs.

To the degree that you read this volume without making requirements of it, to the degree that you are open to the transformational and triggering effects it will have, to that degree you will find yourself slowly escaping from the bondages of your present, limited belief structures. I warn you that you will grow, and that growth means change. Change means the release of things which were once of value, but are no longer—like a pair of shoes outgrown, or training wheels.

This is the first in a series of books which will do nothing more than trigger your remembrance of Who and What You Are. It will thus put you in the position of experiencing your world and your universe as some aspect of the infinitude of your Being. It is only through the experience of your Oneness with everything that social, political, and business Harmony can emerge, imbued with Love as its underlying essence.

Three-dimensionally speaking, Paul’s life is little different from yours. This book captures a period of six months in his life, when circumstances not far different from those you might experience, were occurring. The details are different but the problems are fundamentally the same.

For approximately six months prior to the first conversation on February 7, 1982, Paul was experiencing the collapse of a business he had. It was extremely difficult to deal with, because he had put a lot of his energy and faith in his ability into the business. The collapse of the business seemed to reflect a collapse of his worth, of his validity. It prompted him to grasp beyond his human reasoning and intellectual abilities.

In this process, he was informed by a new acquaintance that each individual has help available through a spiritual Guide—an Individuality free of the ego—whose purpose it is to help him escape the bondage and punishment of his own limited beliefs, of his objective conceptualizations about himself, his life, and his world.

This was not enough to cause him to immediately extend his interest or attention in that direction. He continued through the month of January 1982 attempting to deal as best he could with his situation on the basis of his intellect and intelligence.

Finally, during the last half of January, he decided he needed help, that he was, indeed, incapable of dealing with these dynamics on the basis of his then present ability. Because he was convinced of his personal inability to resolve the situation, and as a result of daily taking time to reach out to his Guide, it was possible for us to open communication. On February 7 of that year, we had our first conversation.

This book is constituted of the conversations which occurred between February 7 and June 21, 1982. There have been many dialogues since. However, I have instructed Paul to publish these conversations separately—not only because of their sheer volume, but also because their value is not to be gained in their totality. Their value is to be found in the conscious movement which is generated in you as a result of your reading them, no matter where or when you might be reading in the volume!

Again, the value is not to be found in the book at all! There is no “knowledge” in the book that is appropriate for you to acquire. Neither the book nor its contents are the focal point. It is you who are the focal point. It is your process of Awakening that is the focal point.

It is Paul’s hope that this volume might encourage you and others to reach out, to become aware of the loving guidance which is ever presently available to you. It is further his hope that through your discovery of your relationship one has with one’s Guide, together with the absolute lack of need for any defensiveness—the fact that this relationship is experienced from one’s own Center—will begin to reveal that this is where all relationships occur in their Reality, rather than through three-dimensional space from body to body.

Again, the most direct route to your fellow man is right through the Center of your Being. This is where the Brotherhood of Man exists as Fact. This is where it exists experientially rather than theoretically. And this is where each one must eventually come to live every event of his daily life.

Enjoy the book, but remember that I have warned you that you are likely to grow!

Rajpur Bellingham, Washington January 8, 1985

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