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Hang on a sec…

Thus, a journey has begun. Not just Paul’s, but yours—not a journey in space or time, not even an inner journey toward something which you are not yet. Rather, it is a journey of undoing, of stopping the movement away from What You Are—into a personal, private, individualistic sense of yourself. It is an inevitable journey because you cannot ignore your Self indefinitely. Who and What You Are will keep stepping up and confronting you, slapping you in the face to get your attention, because it is insane to function as through you are out of your Mind—the conscious experience of your Fullness.

The “journey” constitutes a return to the primitive and ultimate conscious experience of your Being, and therefore constitutes an “unjourney”. In its simplicity, it is effortless. Indeed, all effort is ego and constitutes the act of separation. Thus, you must allow yourself into the Kingdom of Heaven—the unadulterated, undistorted Conscious experience of Being.

To have an ending to this book would be to give you the answer, when the fact is that you are the answer, and you will write your own book in the language of your own conscious experience. It is your Self which you must come face to face with and agree to be. It will not be easy, but it need not be hard; and, as I said, it is inevitable.

You are not, and will not be alone in this journey, although it will be absolutely individual. You are on it, whether you are consciously engaged in it or not, because of What You Really Are. Your success is assured because you began your journey from your destination, and Actually never left it except in the illusory ego sense.

It is so simple!

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